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Deathmaster Snikch Twins

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Warhammer Skaven Deathmaster Snikchs for Silver TowerWarhammer Skaven Deathmaster Snikchs for Silver TowerA child-aged Curis attempted to paint the single Skaven Clanrat from 3rd edition Talisman.  The paintjob went so badly it’s taken over twenty years before an adult-aged Curis returned to painting Skaven miniatures. Double Dragon Rat. This is classic Jes Goodwin Deathmaster…

Exhibit: Malifaux Hamelin Warheim FS: Szczurołap

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Warheim Fantasy Skirmish tournament is tomorrow and for this event I painted probably the best fitting Rat-catcher miniature with a dog and lots of rats – Malifaux Hamelin. Here you can find my review of this miniature =)I won’t be taking part in the p…