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“Fish Tank Phooey!” Tau vs Raven Guard 1500pts Battle Report

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“Fish Tank Phooey!” Tau vs Raven Guard 1500pts Battle Report

Hello there fellow warmongers!  Having been super busy with work recently, I have scaled back with the old wargaming a bit.  However I did manage to sneak in a battle with my Friend Simon and his rapscallion space marines last week.

Although they may look like Ultramarines, don’t be fooled! Oh no, those sneaky Raven Guard are up to their old tricks again, aiming to confuse the enemy by borrowing another chapters heraldry!  Composed of a Talon Strike Force, the Raven Guard in this detachment are looking to get right up in the enemy’s face asap and overwhelm them.  We are also playing Maelstrom, so the Drop Pods will give them a bit of objective control (provided they land on target of course!) while the jump pack troops, bikers and land speeder should give them a bit of maneuverability.

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Raven Guard Scouts

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Raven Guard Veteran Scout SergeantTo this day I still say I never should have started reading the Horus Heresy series because it has led me down a path to purchase for more 40k armies than I could ever paint and play with… I did though, and it has le…

Shadowstrike Kill Team Formation – Astra Militarum Ally

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I was really excited to be running the Raven Guard Shadowstrike Kill Team formation in my recent games. It’s only a simple formation but it brings a whole new element of play to the Astra Militarum. The Shadowstrike Kill Team formation has you bringing; 2-4 Scouts Squads. 1-3 Veteran Vanguard Squads. Their rules are as follows; You can choose when the Veteran Vanguard units arrive rather than rolling for Reserve. The Veteran Vanguard units can assault after Deep Striking. If a Veteran Vanguard unit Deep Strikes within 9″ of two or more Scout squads from this formation then they don’t scatter. What we have […]

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