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Space marine rumours – The Burning Eye’s take

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Morning all, I realise I don’t address rumours all that often, but I figured as this one is particularly applicable to me (and has me pretty excited) I’d post up my thoughts.

Do Marines really need a new dex? Their current one isn’t 2 years old yet! Let’s have a look at the arguments from both sides shall we? What I’m not going to discuss here is the idea of a PDF update, we know GW don’t take that approach and quite frankly the fewer bits of paper I need to carry with me the better.

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Imperial Guard & Raven Guard Vs Salamanders Battle Report

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So its finally written up and online at The 40K Battle Directory! The lists are on my blog too Salamanders list

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New Years Resolution

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2015 is on and so far I’ve managed two games and two decent painting sessions on the Zagstruk model. This

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Space Marines, Flesh Tearers & Tyranids – Spreading My Wings/Talons

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With Christmas gone, 2014 gone and my 30th birthday fast approaching its time to start looking forward to the future

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Heresy Raven Guard

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Dave Paints on Facebook posted some beautiful Raven Guard images.I am a huge Raven Guard fan, so loved seeing a well executed Storm raven with Chapterhouse conversion.  Now where is Nykona Sharrowkyn?Loken

Winter is coming, time to dust off the Raven Guard!

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Yello! whats poppin?

Well, I have been so distracted with Infinity that my Raven Guard have pretty much been ditched. I was looking at the pics last night and realised I had some nice Forge World stuff. Now I’m not going to lie, I watched a few…

Phantom Ravens army

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Hello dear friends!Today I’ll show you Phantom Ravens. These gentlemen have a very nice colours, that makes them extraordinary! Now you see another one on level 4th project after yesterday Lizardmen army.They have a few nice details. For example: a fre…

How to Paint a City-Themed Scout Camouflage Cloaks

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I recently completed painting a Raven Guard Space Marines force. I painted the Camo-Cloaks of the scouts in an urban camouflage scheme that I present in this months painting tutorial. I think this camouflage scheme would also look great on other miniat…

Shadow Captain

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Hey Guys! So Robert poped up a really cool lvl 4 Captain Shrike. The man has got some skills! The goal was to make him really similar to the one on the GW page.  Ready for the claw power?Feed your Imagination,Brovatar.

Horus Heresy – Book 3: Extermination Teaser

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This looks completely awesome. But still no Ultramarines. ARGH!

How To Paint Black Space Marines Armour Plates

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This month – as I painted a lot of Ravenwing miniatures and will move on to painting Raven Guard Space Marines next week (!) – I decided to share my recipe for painting the black armour plates on a Ravenwing Land Speeder! Of course, this wo…

Monday update

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Hi all,I know it’s been a while since my last post, I had a week away from things last week, though it has meant I’ve made a lot more progress on models than previously. So in today’s bumper edition, I’ve got painting and modelling updates, a b…

Tutorial: Raven freehand

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Hi guys! I thought I’d show you how to paint raven guard shoulder freehand in a easy way. You can use this method when painting the whole squad/army (as I did ). The important part here is , in the beginning steps, not to paint the whole picture on eac…

Some more Raven Guard… and some Infinity…

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Good weekend of nerdery, got to love this bad weather!!

Pretty damn pleased with these fellas, tho I think I took the pic to close up…

Also built these fellas last night. Was supposed to do the whole starter, but I have to admit they were a…

This is sooooo awesome!

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When I first seen this I when crazy. I love stuff like this really much. The atmosphere that the whole scenery creates is just soo cool. Raven guard Kill team covering ground preparing for the finial assault. Just breathtaking. I really have to give my…

Raven Guard Deployed!

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The Raven Guard in all it’s glory. Full army shots. You can find more photos on our flicker page and on the previous blog posts. Feed your Imagination,Brovatar.

Shrike and the Ravens

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The title sounds like a name of some rock band ^^ I would buy there album if they ever made one. Really like the conversion part here those scourges wings make those vanguards look super awesome. We can’t overloook the cool camo work on scouts. Very ni…

White Raven on his back.

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Ok let’s say something about this because I cant ignore the elephant in the room, and I’m not talking about Michael. The freehand on the Stormtalon is just sooooo cool. Paulina did some really great work on it.Feed your Imagination,Brovatar.Check out o…

Swooping Death

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Raven Guard Assoult Squads.Feed your Imagination,Brovatar.Check out our TYRANID SPECIAL OFFERS.Also Take a look at our Studio Update.

Ravens Troops.

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Thirty Tactical Marines. Now that’s a Flock of Ravens if I ever seen one. Standard cool Squad numbers and I know no albino again but they still look cool. The white elements on the power fists makes those Srg. stand out of the squad. Cool details.Feed …

Ravenus Machine

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Raven Guard Vehicles on the move… Those are some really cool models. I like the black shading with dark blue colors. Makes them look like night fighters.Feed your Imagination,Brovatar.Check out our TYRANID SPECIAL OFFERS.

I present Corvane Valar – Shadow Captain of 5th Company, Raven Guard

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I have been busy with this guy. Basically i saw The Lord Executioner model and thought he would make an awesome lightening claw captain. My list uses Korvydae, but once I had the idea I had to build it! He is a counts as Shrike for my 5th company. The…

More pics on the way!

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YoI have been busy,Pretty pleased with this guy, still got some improvents on the whites. I need to be braver with a darker shade of grey to give some it more ummph. I have actually got more to show – a whole a squad no less! I’m pleased with the flesh…

Fear the Alien – Book Review

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A slightly older book from Black Library, Fear the Alien is a short-story anthology with stories about … wait for it … aliens! Like the game of Warhammer 40K, Black Library is heavily Imperium (and Space Marine) biased in their publications…

VIDEO UPDATE #girls painting #lost temple diorama

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