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Forge World Release Corax!

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Corax is here!

The Raven Lord has finally been released by Forge World and he is rocking!

From Forge World:
The master of stealth and rapid strikes, Corvus Corax wields the XII Legion with precision and guile. The Primarch of the Raven Guard presents a striking countenance with his alabaster skin and stark, black eyes. His sable armour is edged with fine, golden filigree and upon his back is mounted a jet pack formed into a pair of articulated pinions that he wields as a murderous, bloody-edged cutting weapon.

Like most of the Primarchs, Corax is blessed of an extensive armoury of artificer-wrought weapons but those he most often bears to war are a pair of metre-long lightning claws and a coiled whip at his belt. Though few even amongst his sons know of it, Corax is blessed with the ability to pass unnoticed should he will it, this preternatural ability allowing him to slip from the perception of his enemies even when standing in plain view.

Corvus Corax, Primarch of the Raven Guard is part of The Horus Heresy Character Series. His panoply of weapons includes an archaeotech pistol and a pair of unique lightning claws, with a holstered archaeotech pistol and a coiled whip at his belt. His unique armour and flight pack are extensively detailed. Corax is depicted landing among battlefield ruins and his detachable scenic base features an enemy Legionnaire being executed by the Raven Lord.

This is a complete, multi-part resin kit. It includes a 40mm gaming base and 60mm scenic base. It is presented in a black Horus Heresy Character Series box.

He costs £70 or $101.

I will be getting one for sure.


Forge World Teases Dark Furies and Model Masterclass!

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 The Dark Furies are coming!Forge World released this photo of the upcoming Dark Furies models.  Talk to any Raven Guard player and they will tell you this is one of the best units in the game.  And then there is the Horus Heresy Model M…

Corax is Coming!

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And he is bad ass!

Forge World revealed their holiday jogsaw and the image resolved to Corvus Corax!

From Forge World:

That’s right, Corvus Corax, Primarch of the Raven Guard Legion is unveiled. This amazing new model from The Horus Heresy Character Series will be available very soon! 

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy Festivus!


Raven Guard Mor Deythan Strike Squad has steep price!

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Raven Guard goodness, but rather pricey!

Forge World released the Raven Guard Mor Deythan Strike Squad.  But at £50 ($76.75 US) this is one of the more expensive 5 man units ever to come out of Forge World and fans are not happy.  Discussion on the Horus Heresy Forum here.

Now I am not one to complain about Forge World prices, so I will get two squads for my Raven Guard, but still pricey!

From Forge World:

Having fought at their Primarch’s side from the days before the coming of the Emperor, the Mor Deythan are among the most loyal and experienced of veterans. Through the endless procession of death they have overseen, the Mor Daythan have perfected hard won skills that surpass those of most Space Marines.

Masters of stealth, attacking from the shadows with almost preternatural skill, the Mor Deythan Strike Squads are the pre-eminent infiltration and execution units of the Raven Guard. Few who enter their sights survive.

This Mor Deytahn Strike Squad is made up of five models, armoured in modified MkVI ‘Corvus’ battleplate that bears the symbol of their Legion. Each wears a cloak and is equipped with a sniper rifle, holstered bolt pistol and a selection of grenades. The kit also includes an optional un-helmeted head.

This is a complete, multi part resin kit. It includes five 32mm round bases.

More info on the Forge World website:
 And there are also Raven Guard transfers!
 £16 or $25 a sheet.  Available here:
Good hunting!

Showcase: Raven Guard Tactical Squad by Fruitbearer

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Hi everyone, it’s Fruitbearer. It’s been a while since my last poste. I know I’ve said I will have some Ork Shoota boys up here but other projects have gotten in the way, especially this one. This Raven Guard Squad took me quite a long time to finish since I did only 5 marines and finished the other 5 a significantly long time after.
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Critique My List – 500 points of Raven Guard

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It’s that time again! Get your magical tactical wands out and put to shame my list. It’s a 500 point

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Showcase: Raven Guard Contemptor

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Hint: It’s the tall guy in the back, with the defiant look.

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Showcase: Raven Guard Scouts with Sniper Rifles

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Raven Guard Scouts! With sni- why, yes, you’ve seen 10 Raven Guard scouts with 10 sniper rifles last month, but they were different ones to those. So they’re good for an update. Raven Guard like having lots of scouts (or have to like them), what can I …

Showcase: Raven Guard Shadow Captain Korvydae

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Another smaller update, this time it’s just one mini actually, but a speshul one – it’s Shadow Captain Korvydae!Cool model. Quite the attitude and quite the hammer. I tried to keep the palette very restrained, as on all Raven Guard I paint for this pro…

Showcase: Raven Guard Assault Squad

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Raven Guard Assault Marines are da bomb, and here’s a squad (or ‘an Unkindness’ as Rev once very fittingly called a number of Raven Guard Marines) of the guys I painted. Straightforward stuff, I say, but they look cool in the end. Hope you like them as…

Showcase: Raven Guard Scouts (and a bonus bit!)

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Today I got some more Raven Wing Scouts for you, this time the classic kind with Boltguns. As always they’re kept rather dark and pale to keep with the theme.

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Showcase: Raven Guard Scouts with Sniper Rifles

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 Raven Guard Scouts! With Sniper Rifles!
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Space marine rumours – The Burning Eye’s take

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Morning all, I realise I don’t address rumours all that often, but I figured as this one is particularly applicable to me (and has me pretty excited) I’d post up my thoughts.

Do Marines really need a new dex? Their current one isn’t 2 years old yet! Let’s have a look at the arguments from both sides shall we? What I’m not going to discuss here is the idea of a PDF update, we know GW don’t take that approach and quite frankly the fewer bits of paper I need to carry with me the better.

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Imperial Guard & Raven Guard Vs Salamanders Battle Report

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So its finally written up and online at The 40K Battle Directory! The lists are on my blog too Salamanders list

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New Years Resolution

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2015 is on and so far I’ve managed two games and two decent painting sessions on the Zagstruk model. This

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Space Marines, Flesh Tearers & Tyranids – Spreading My Wings/Talons

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With Christmas gone, 2014 gone and my 30th birthday fast approaching its time to start looking forward to the future

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Heresy Raven Guard

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Dave Paints on Facebook posted some beautiful Raven Guard images.I am a huge Raven Guard fan, so loved seeing a well executed Storm raven with Chapterhouse conversion.  Now where is Nykona Sharrowkyn?Loken

Winter is coming, time to dust off the Raven Guard!

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Yello! whats poppin?

Well, I have been so distracted with Infinity that my Raven Guard have pretty much been ditched. I was looking at the pics last night and realised I had some nice Forge World stuff. Now I’m not going to lie, I watched a few…

Phantom Ravens army

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Hello dear friends!Today I’ll show you Phantom Ravens. These gentlemen have a very nice colours, that makes them extraordinary! Now you see another one on level 4th project after yesterday Lizardmen army.They have a few nice details. For example: a fre…

How to Paint a City-Themed Scout Camouflage Cloaks

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I recently completed painting a Raven Guard Space Marines force. I painted the Camo-Cloaks of the scouts in an urban camouflage scheme that I present in this months painting tutorial. I think this camouflage scheme would also look great on other miniat…

Shadow Captain

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Hey Guys! So Robert poped up a really cool lvl 4 Captain Shrike. The man has got some skills! The goal was to make him really similar to the one on the GW page.  Ready for the claw power?Feed your Imagination,Brovatar.

Horus Heresy – Book 3: Extermination Teaser

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This looks completely awesome. But still no Ultramarines. ARGH!

How To Paint Black Space Marines Armour Plates

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This month – as I painted a lot of Ravenwing miniatures and will move on to painting Raven Guard Space Marines next week (!) – I decided to share my recipe for painting the black armour plates on a Ravenwing Land Speeder! Of course, this wo…

Monday update

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Hi all,I know it’s been a while since my last post, I had a week away from things last week, though it has meant I’ve made a lot more progress on models than previously. So in today’s bumper edition, I’ve got painting and modelling updates, a b…

Tutorial: Raven freehand

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Hi guys! I thought I’d show you how to paint raven guard shoulder freehand in a easy way. You can use this method when painting the whole squad/army (as I did ). The important part here is , in the beginning steps, not to paint the whole picture on eac…