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I made the call to go hairless as well, i think the model looks much creepier this way and sort of suits her.


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The man that started it all and made me love the dirty dirty ressers.

Lost Love

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Angry lady loved her man friend…..maybe a little too much


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An agry lady is not one to cross especailly if she can manifest said angry.


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These have to be my favourite scheme runners just because of cost and that jump. Great models also helps.


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You may remember I have one Hanged painted up for my Jack Daw crew, well made sense to have resser one as well 🙂

Mindless Zombies

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I was struggling with numbers for these guys and in the end I went with 6 and also used the mantic versions as I was feeling cheap 🙂


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More Angry ghosts

Rogue Necromancy

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Wanted to use the model and already had Cojo, so figured why not throw him in my Resser crew with some extra heads 🙂  

Carrion Emissary

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The Emissary model is a long time coming as I had started this conversion before the actual model was out but finally it is done and I do love it 🙂


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Always, always loved the back story to molly and the latest fluff and interactions with Kirai are just superb.