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Review: £12.89 KMOON Dual Action Airbrush

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I was always taught by my elders (no, not the pointy eared ones) to spend the most money possible on tools. In the long run the cheap tools will break and you will be constantly replacing them and spending more money. I’ve owned around 6 airbrushes in the past decade. I’ve had failures ranging from clogged, to split nozzles to bent needles all of which are operator error. It’s the 180lb chimp hanging off the end of it that causes them to break. Each of these previous airbrushes has only cost me £30 to £40 and I do get a couple of years use out of each one. So when I saw an airbrush on eBay for less than £13 with free delivery, I thought what the heck. It’s worth a shot. Find out what I think of it after the jump.

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Unboxing/Review: Blood Bowl

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A lot of people have been waiting for the resurrection of this game for a long time. Myself actually have never played the old versions of the game. I have only been playing Blood Bowl 1 and 2 on the PC/Ps4. But I was really happy when GW announced the…

Review: Antediluvian Film-based Pirates

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*cough cough* Today I would like to present you with a few thoughts on an inconceivable set of miniatures which was released recently by Antediluvian Miniatures

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Traitor’s Hate and Angel’s Blade: A Quick Take

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This has been a somewhat belated article, as GW is writing faster than I am, and serious reviews are now…pretty behind schedule. The current plan is to approach the “State […]

Tutorial & Review: Different snow effects.. Figurkowy Karnawał Blogowy XXVII – Idzie zima..

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Carnival of Blog’s Minis is the initiative of polish miniatures bloggers. The idea is based
on monthly challenges on various topics about miniatures etc. This
month’s theme is Winter.

Trwa XXVII edycja Figurkowego Karnawału Blogowe…

Let’s Play! – Blood Bowl: 5th Edition – The Ongoing History of Fantasy Football

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The Ravens of Thri Sahashri Review

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In our The Ravens of Thri Sahashri review, we take a look at a two-player cooperative card game with a very unique theme.
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Warzone Atlanta: A View From the Tables

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Last weekend, I got the spend the better part of two days throwing down with complete strangers at Warzone Atlanta. An analysis of the tournament itself is coming when I […]

Review: Made to Order Steel Legion Commissar

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A couple of weeks ago, Games Workshop brought back classic Imperial Guard models, reissued under their new “Made to Order” label. I was very intrigued and ordered a Steel Legion Commissar, so check out what I received, after the jump.
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RDTN Episode 106: Great Western Trail, A Feast for Odin, and a conversation with FunAgain about Essen

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Episode 106 was a Beast of Burden for us, but it was a labor of love. We have played two of the newest games that are out now, A Feast […]

Cigar Box Battle releases new “Dungeon Floor” terrain mat!

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The Dungeon Floor mat (#420) works perfect for RPG’s and Frostgrave, or allow it transport you back in time to fight out battles from the middle-ages, all the way up…

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The Sound of Sisters of Silence

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Alliterative? Yes. But how strong are the Sisters of Silence on the battlefield? Is Null Maiden the new Black? Or are they just beautiful models that will sit on the […]

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Review

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In our Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective review, we take a look at a cooperative deduction game based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous stories.
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SAGA THORSDAY – Normans Battle board and Tactics! Part 2

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Sting of the Scorpion

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The story of the Long Range Desert Group has been written many times, often from a single perspective but rarely from the viewpoint of so many of its veterans. Sting of the Scorpion by Mike Morgan brings together the stories and recollections of dozens of former members of the LRDG that takes the reader from the units unlikely conception through to the end of the war.

Despite being a collection of many voices and many different styles the author has managed to bring them all together in a clear narrative that tells the inside story of the LRDG. This is not just the story as seen and narrated by the commanders but by the men of all ranks from Private upwards and is therefore a uniquely frank and complete tale of life as kings of the desert and beyond. This has been made possible by the incredibly strong bonds of comradeship that existed long after the war ended between the men of this elite unit.

“’The Long Range Desert Group caused us more damage than any other unit of their size” 
[Erwin Rommel]

Some of the stories are funny and irreverent truly reflecting the outward appearance of a lack of discipline that no doubt horrified officers from regular units. But these stories show that this impression was completely superficial and underneath the Arab headgear, dirty faces and beards were some of the toughest, most resourceful, highly trained and independent soldiers in the allied forces.

For me one of the attractions of this unit is the incredible glamour and romance of their private desert war. These soldiers were part explorer, part warrior and were literally venturing into the unknown with every mission. There are elements of the glamour of T.E.Lawrence in their desert exploits [a man who was an inspiration to some of the men who joined the unit in its early days] but this book also looks past North Africa into the units redeployment to Yugoslavia, Albania and Italy in the latter years of the war. Within months men who were desert specialists were accomplished mountaineers. The unit suffered heavy losses in the Dodecanese in an abortive attempt by British forces to take the Island of Leros. To their credit many of the LRDG men captured managed to escape and some went on to link up with local resistance fighters and continue a private war against the Germans until liberation in 1945.

This particular paperback edition crams in hundreds of individual tales of triumph, adventure, hardship and adversity and is a truly gripping read from cover to cover. I can give a whole hearted recommendation for this book for anyone interested in this unit.

Paperback: 304 pages

Publisher: The History Press; New Ed edition (9 Dec. 2003)
Language: English
Rating:      ★★★★★

Samurai Spirit Review

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In our Samurai Spirit review, we take a look at a cooperative fighting game from the designer of Ghost Stories.
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RDTN Episode 105: Arkham Horror – The Card Game Review and GTS Come and Play Day

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We heard about the new Arkham Horror: The Card Game earlier this year when an image was leaked. Well, it is a reality now and we begged, pleaded, gave up […]

HUSSAR 2016 miniature painting competition (video)

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This was a really Fantastic Miniature Weekend with Hussar 2016 (the 7th edition of great Polish miniature painting competition in Warsaw). There were more then 120 entries this year and you can find the official results here. Michał Pisarski won the Grand Prix with his large fantasy model "The Warrior", which I put on the first picture in the movie below.
Congratulations to the winners and

Let’s Play! – The Horus Heresy: The Burning of Prospero

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Check out the Unboxing of this new Horus Heresy game and the White Dwarf excerpts from The Horus Heresy: Inferno as well.

Series 7,30 months later…

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Back in February 2014, approximately 30 months ago, I wrote up my first impressions of the Windsor & Newton Series 7 paint brushes that my most excellent wife bought me for the Christmas before. These were not a cheap investment, … Continue reading

NEW Medieval City Fight Battle Mat from Cigar Box Battle

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Have you seen our beautiful  Medieval City Fight terrain mat? Perfect for Bolt Action, Blackpowder, Chain of Command, Role Playing games, and more! What would you use it for? Just…

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Widgets and Wonders Ep 53 – The Steady Hand Grip

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Review & Unboxing: Wood Elf Highborn with Great Weapon / Wandererers Waystrider Warheim: Szlachcic Leśnych Elfów z Athel Loren

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I’m preparing for Warheim Fantay Skirmish tournament in January and that’s way I had to add a hero to my Athel Loren Wood Elves squad – the Higborn. Choosing the right miniature wasn’t hard because I wanted to buy it for quite a while. In my opi…

Thank you!

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OK so this is a little off base from what you normally see but I think its well deserved, having started this site in June 2014 as a little side hobby project, tracking my progress away from Games Workshop, who are by the way now dragging me back into the fold,  it has grown into a … Continue reading Thank you!

Tutorial & Review: Snow Effect – Citadel texture Valhallan Blizzard

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bought Citadel texture Valhallan Blizzard during Armies on Parade 2016
(on Saturday) and tried it as soon as I got back home. I was very lucky to
have a perfect miniature to show the snow effect – Chaos Space Marines
Cultist of Tzeentch fr…