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Review: Warhammer Quest – 1st Edition

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When I created my Hobby goals for 2016, I had no idea that Games Workshop would announce Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower just a few weeks after my original post. Needless to say, the resurgence of the 1995 classic dungeon crawler took the gaming community by storm and shot right to the top of my project list. Before … Continue reading Review: Warhammer Quest – 1st Edition

Power Grid – Review

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Power Grid Overview Game Genre: Economics Designer: Friedemann Friese Publisher: Rio Grande Games Number of Players: 2-6 Amazon Affiliate Link

Video Review: White Dwarf Issue 120 First thoughts on Warhammer Quest Silver Tower

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Haven’t reviewed a White Dwarf for quite some time, with the arrival of Warhammer Quest Silver Tower I just had to do a video review of the White Dwarf issue and give you my thoughts on the new game. Check out the video after the jump. 

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Warhammer Quest Review incoming!

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Andrew has an old copy of Warhammer Quest, and having never played it (but still excited for the upcoming Silver Tower release) we decided to crack it open and give it a shot, and then write reviews of both the old one and the new once we’ve played that to do a bit of comparison. … Continue reading Warhammer Quest Review incoming!

Review: Back 2 Bace-ix paint rack

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It’s the time for the first Chicago Dice review! Ben and I are making a push for a regular posting schedule starting with product reviews on Fridays. We will be looking at everything from hobby products to games. Read on for my review of the Back 2 Base-ix paint rack. I have been searching for … Continue reading “Review: Back 2 Bace-ix paint rack”

Reviewing Warzone Fenris: Deathwolves and Taxes

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The somewhat belated second installment of my Warzone Fenris review (apologies, life got in the way), this time covering the actual meat of the book – the rules themselves. Formations for […]

Review: Supremacy Tactical Objectives

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Maelstrom Missions are, without a doubt, my favorite way of playing 40K. I’ve found the games to be closer, more dynamic, and more engaging. They do add an element of […]

The Fall of Carthage

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Its been a long time since I did a book review as I never seem to have the time to start, let alone finish, books these days. My recent holiday gave me an opportunity to reverse this trend and I took a pile of paperbacks away with me. As it was I only had time to read one book and I think I probably picked one of the best out of the bunch. 
The Fall of Carthage by Adrian Goldsworthy covers all three of the Punic Wars with Rome showing how Carthage was utterly unprepared for the Roman way of making war. Even at the height of Punic success – when Hannibal ravaged the Italian countryside destroying legion after legion – the Romans never wavered in their resolve to win or die. For them this was a war that could only end in the total destruction and subjugation of one side or the other. Such implacable stubbornness was unthinkable in the Hellenistic world and after three clear battlefield victories Hannibal had every right to expect to conclude the war on terms favorable to Carthage. This was not to be the case. Instead the seeds of the complete destruction of Carthage over 60 years later were already being sown.
“He who conquers is not the victor unless the loser considers himself beaten” Ennius (a writer during the period of the Roman Republic and the Punic Wars)

One of the best things about this book is that its not overly academic. Goldsworthy does take the time to discuss the historical sources (the book is meticulously referenced) and he never shies away from discussing their reliability but this never interferes with his telling of the historical story. Polybius is described as a generally reliable source and is one of the closest contemporaries of the history he writes about. Livy, writing later, is less reliable and there is a suggestion that his approach is much more pro-Roman and therefore unreliable. Having said that the Author does make it clear that sometimes historians just have to work with the sources they have and where only one source is available then that account has to be used, albeit with caveats.

Goldsworthy concludes by describing the conflict with Carthage – and in particular the Second War – as Rome’s “Battle of Britain moment”. Despite huge battlefield losses and a seemingly unstoppable foe the Romans simply refused to concede defeat. In so doing they broke every convention of warfare in the ancient world and locked themselves into a life or death struggle that could only end in the utter annihilation of one side or the other. Carthage didn’t see the war in such stark proportions and consequently didn’t prosecute the war as vigorously or as ruthlessly as they could have, and in so doing they lost the war and, in the end, everything.

The Sack of Carthage in 146 BC – The final act of the Punic Wars

For me the things that makes this book stand out is the fact that all three Punic wars are discussed in one volume and that the links between each conflict are very clearly laid out. In effect the Author is arguing that the three wars that spanned over a century were effectively a single struggle with Rome growing stronger economically, politically and militarily with every encounter. The Roman mindset was not initially expansionist but the conflict with Carthage changed that outlook – partly as a necessity of war with such a deadly foe – and by the end of the period Rome was on the fast track to becoming the worlds first superpower.

A very enjoyable book and one of the best pieces of historical analysis that I have read in a long time. 

Series: Cassell Military Paperbacks

Paperback: 416 pages
Publisher: Cassell (April 1, 2007)
Language: English
Rating:      ★★★★

Star Wars Tie Fighter – Bandai 1/72 Scale Model Kit [Unboxing and Pre-Assembly Review]

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As a young kid in kindergarten trying to replicate the Star Wars universe as seen on the big screen onto the drawing pad, I quickly developed a deep appreciation for the Galactic Empire’s Twin Ion Engine Starfighter i.e. the Tie Fighter. Not only was i…

PlastCraft Curved Modular Building

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While at Trumpeter Salute I picked up one of PlastCraft’s Designed-For-Infinity plastic pre-coloured buildings, the Curved Modular Building, from the awesome folks at Imperial Hobbies, BC’s greatest wargaming store, and the only reason I do anything in Richmond other than change buses… Anyway, the Curved Modular Building is a small building, with a footprint about … Continue reading PlastCraft Curved Modular Building

Widgets and Wonders Ep 36 – Industrial Terrain by Wargames Tournaments

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Airbrush Station – Hobby Zone (HZ-as1)

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Today I’ll show you a review of a new product from Hobby Zone – Airbrush Station. For the release of this product I’ve been waiting for several months. I put my small contribution to the creation of working with the company Hobby Zone. I also saw he creation first prototype version. Below I’ll present you my fair and completely impartial opinion to this product.

Dzisiaj zaprezentuję Wam recenzję nowego produktu firmy Hobby Zone – Airbrush Station. Na wydanie tego produktu czekałem już od kilkunastu miesięcy. Włożyłem swój niewielki wkład w jego powstanie współpracując z firmą Hobby Zone. Byłem również świadkiem powstawanie pierwszej prototypowej wersji. Poniżej zaprezentuje Wam jednak uczciwą i całkowicie bezstronną opinię to tym produkcie.


Widgets and Wonders Ep 33 – Adhesive Basing stickers by Frikead/Warprint!

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Got to check out Frikead/Warprint’s Adhesive basing stickers for Infinity, and Owen and I rebase his entire Military Orders army.

Sushi Go! – Review

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Sushi Go! Overview Game Genre: Card Drafting Designer: Phil Walker-Harding Publisher: Gamewright Number of Players: 2-5 Amazon Affiliate Link Right

PSC’s 15mm Russian infantry and British paratroopers: a video review

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Time to look backwards, forwards and all around as we have a look at the evolution of The Plastic Soldier Company’s infantry range by comparing their Russian Infantry in Summer uniform with the more recent British paratroopers, 1944-5:

The post PSC’s 15mm Russian infantry and British paratroopers: a video review appeared first on Model Dads blog.

Review: Warcolours Paints

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Hey guys, a few weeks ago I stumbled upon a new range of paints from a Cyprus based company called Warcolours and I was impressed.More after the jump

Review: Osprey’s Dragon Rampant

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I own two ancient, half painted Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy armies, and if you’re an older war gamer, you probably do to. As Games Workshop have killed Warhammer Fantasy (and replaced it with an abomination I shall not name here), I’ve been shopping around for a war gaming ruleset that would let me exercise the […]

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Miniature Wargames with Battlegames 396

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I subscribe to Miniature Wargames with Battlegames (MWBG) and always look forward to receiving it in the post before it hits the shops. I subscribe to several magazines electronically but there is something quite enjoyable about getting a real life mag…

Reviewing Warzone Fenris: Curse of the Wulfen (Fluff and Aesthetics)

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Warzone Fenris. Just think about that for a moment. Not Damocles, Sanctus Reach, Damnos or Valdor. Fenris. That’s the home system of one of the Legions. Center of one of the […]

Training videos (DVD)

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This review I began preparing almost two years ago. But I’m publish this today. At some point of my hobby adventure I decided to try more advanced modeling techniques.  In gaining this knowledge helped me instructional DVDs. I wanted to introduce you three really recommendable DVDs . Three DVDs that its material cover three different areas related to scale models. Of course, all of these techniques will be useful when working with figures, dioramas and scenic bases.

Tą recenzję zacząłem przygotowywać prawie dwa lata temu. Dopiero dzisiaj doczekała się ona jednak publikacji. W pewnym momencie przygody z hobby postanowiłem spróbować bardziej zaawansowanych technik modelarskich. W zdobyciu tej wiedzy pomogły mi między innymi instruktażowe płyty DVD. Chciał bym przedstawić wam trzy płyty naprawdę godne polecenia. Trzy płyty, które swoim materiałem pokrywają trzy różne obszary związane z modelarstwem. Oczywiście wszytkie te techniki przydadzą się przy pracy z figurkami, dioramami i podstawkami scenicznymi.


Review: Wolf King

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It’s a rare thing for me to do an outright book review here on Variance Hammer – I figure there are likely other places that do that better. But I’m going […]

Widgets and Wonders Ep 30 – Neoprene mats from

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Art / Photography Book Review: Capturing Archetypes, 20 years of Sideshow Collectibles Art

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In a rare visit to the National Library, I found a gem in the form of a Sideshow Collectibles art cum photography book – Capturing Archetypes, Twenty Years of Sideshow Collectibles Art. Now I love everything and anything to do with art books and if I h…

Review of Mr.Cement S – A new way of applying glue

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When gluing two plastic parts together, I had always followed what I presumed to be an infallible and sacrosanct way which involved placing glue on one part, followed by pressing both parts together until the glue took hold. Simple right? Other than ad…

SDE: Forgotten King Capsule Review

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I took some time and did a short capsule review of Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King for Board Game Geek. Please click the link and let me know your thoughts. via SDE: Forgotten King Capsule Review | Super Dungeon Explore: … Continue reading