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White Dwarf 193

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It has been far too long since I wrote one of these (actually it’s been even longer than that, given that I started this post and then abandoned it in order to start again). To be honest, the principle reason I have been avoiding them is that I have to…

Review – Book, Janes Armour and Artillery systems 2002-2003

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These books are exceptional and are also exceptionally expensive, the trick is to pick up an out of date second hand version which can be done for relatively sensible quantities of mony. I have two one from the 80s and one from 2002. The later ones ten…

Mystic Spirits Review

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Welcome to today’s post, which is a review of the latest expansion book out for Freebooters Fate – Mystic Spirits. Carrying on with a similar theme from other FF reviews I will be looking at the  Fluff; Miniatures; Rules/Mechanics; Price and a Sum…

Unboxing: Dwarfs

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There are 10 days until the new Kings of War releases hit shelves – and the Mantic Dwarfs are getting a refreshed army set as part of the new wave! What is an Army Set? An Army Set is an affordable way of building the core of your army out of core infantry units, with […]

Wargaming Recon #112: HuzzahCon 2014

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HuzzahCon 2014 Special guest Dean Emmerson is a member of the Maine Historical Wargamers Association, which organizes HuzzahCon in Portland, Maine. He joins the episode to share why you need to attend HuzzahCon 2014. Some of the highlights are shared. …

Coup: The Resistance – A Review

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Coup is a bluffing card-game for 2 to 6 players. The game itself exists in several versions, including one themed around Renaissance Italy, though my version from Indie Boards and Cards is designed to match the dystopian setting of their&#160…

Vallejo – Painting Sets

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I waited a few months of writing this short review. It can, however, call it a presentation. We all know the paint company Acrylicos Vallejo. So I have no intention of their further tests, many of which can be found on the Internet. I want you just …

Tzolk’in: Tribes & Prophecies Review – A Must Have Board Game Expansion

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If you missed our review of Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar, you can find it here. I guess the question is – can you improve upon something that is (in my humble opinion) already almost perfect? How can a game as good as Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar get any better? Well my friends, it can. Now …

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Review – Web Resources, British Army Units Since 1945

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This is a MOD operated web site and does what it says on the tin pretty much. It lists every unit that has been part of the British Army since 1945. These are accessed through selecting the Arm of Service, you can then select from a list of unit titles…

Combat Camera by Christian Hill – Book Review

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Combat Camera by Christian Hill is his account of a 4-month tour as leader of a Combat Camera team from the British Media Operations Group. By virtue of his job, the author had an unmatched opportunity to witness, first-hand, the British military effor…

Wargamer Company: By Fire and Sword 15mm Cossack Rabble Reviewed!

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This is review was made as part of a cooperation between Mighty Miniatures and Wargames News and Terrain regarding the publishing of wargame related reviews. Mighty Miniatures is is a one-man wargaming venture consisting of a modelling and review site …

Review of Piquet Master Wargame Rules

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I am primarily a solo wargamer, so I am constantly on the lookout for rules sets that allow me to wargame on my lonesome. As you can see from my blog, I am a fan of Two Hour Wargames rules sets which are actually specifically designed to be played solo. I also love Too Fat […]

15mm Cossack Rabble by Wargamer

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Some time ago I bought models for By Fire and Sword cossack army made by Wargamer company from Poland. It took me some time to start assembling them, but it finally happened and some time later I finally got around … Continue reading

Review: Taurox and Militarum Tempestus Scions Unboxing

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A quick unboxing video for the new Taurox and Militarum Tempestus Scions. Have any of you picked up the new models and what do you think of them?

Lidl Goes Wargaming

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While wheeling my trolley around Lidl (don’t give me that look – I happen to like their mayonnaise… and their crisps… and their beer… and their, well you get the point) I made a most interesting find. Wait! This is not a blog post about my grocery preferences, but rather the fact that I found […]

Review of Spectrum Paint Rack

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So this is something that I have been dwelling on for a longtime. I had a huge pile of paints that collected on my desk, it has been this way for a long time. Leaving them on a desk was an upgrade from putting them all in a shoebox, forgetting where I put it, then […]

The new Guard are up!

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The New Imperial Guard are up for pre order on the GW website, it includes the normal and the fancy pants limited edition Codex.The orders card deck,  ye right get a deck for each officer, we play Guard how many would we need to buy!The Armoured f…

Lizards & Lunatics

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Brian Burger

Had two small orders come in last week. I have been saving money for an epic bike vacation to Europe in a few months (Vienna, Austria to Nantes, France over six weeks!) and not ordering much new stuff for wargaming … Continue reading

Battlefront’s Italy Battles supplement: A video review

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We take an early Easter Break and head for the Italian coast to quaff red wine and pretend to be cultured…

The Art of Ian Miller – A Review

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Ian Miller is a British fantasy illustrator and writer  known for his quirky etched gothic style and macabre sensibility. He worked as an illustrator of fantasy art since the mid-1970s. Ian Miller helped define the visual style of many early Games…

Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar Review – A Dynamic Worker Placement Board Game

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Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar is a tense race against time. As the teeth on each gear inch forward, you’re unavoidably drawn closer to the terrible fate that awaits you within just a few rotations. But with careful planning and acute attention paid to all the moving pieces, players will undoubtedly prevail. So if any casual, …

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New games added to Eclectic Game Rating System

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We’re continuing to add new games to The Eclectic Game Rating System. This past weekend, we added: Lord of the Rings: The Card Game (LCG) Roborally Munchkin Dixit Star Trek Expeditions We are going to continue to add more games, but we could use your help with the system even now. Go ahead and check […]

Devious Games: Cops and Robbers Card Game Reviewed!

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Today we will review the upcoming card game Cops and Robbers released by Devious Games. Devious Games is a new game company started by the two brothers Kieran and Neil Billings. This new card game will be funded through the crowdfunding website ki…

The Wolf of Ash and Fire by Graham McNeill – Review

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Until March 31st, Black Library is giving away the Graham McNeill short story The Wolf of Ash and Fire for free on iTunes. Set before the Heresy, before Ullanor, The Wolf of Ash and Fire picks up on an intriguing sentence from the Index Astartes White …

Review – Web Resources, Exercise Lionheart Videos on You Tube

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Exercise Lionhart took place in September 1984 and saw the deployment of significant elements of 1 BR Corps across Belgium, Holland and Germany. In addition it was also a major reinforcement exercise seeing some 151,000 troops deploy from the UK, as su…