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Review: White Dwarf Issue 75 – Age of Sigmar release

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With the arrival of Age of Sigmar (see our exclusive advance preview here) White Dwarf has delivered something special this week. Just like what we saw back in the early 90s (free Space Marine, Wizard and Necron models!) we now finally carry on that tr…

Review: Warhammer Age of Sigmar Starter Set

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Stop the press. We’ve got our hands on a copy of the new Age of Sigmar starter set, which isn’t out before next Saturday. We’ll take a close look at its contents, the miniatures, and the gaming materials. Click “more after the jump” for this exciting review which marks the beginning of a new era of Warhammer Fantasy.
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Review – Book, The Race to The Swift, R Simpkin 1985

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The Race to the Swift by Brigadier R Simpkin recieved rave reviews across a range of professional military journals in America and Britain, for good reason, its an excellent treatise on manouvre warfare, focusing more on the operational rather than the…

Plastic Soldier Company’s ‘The Great War’ boardgame: a video review

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We pack up our troubles by casting a strategic eye over The Plastic Soldier Company‘s new World War I board wargame, The Great War:

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Book Review: My Immortal – The Vampires of Berlin

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I’d been looking about for this book for ages (since 2011 – see here) but without success.  Then recently it popped up for free – or maybe I just found it – on my Kindle Unlimited account; got to be happy with that!
The book starts out in modern…

Painting Miniatures A to Z

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One of the reasons Infinity (the Game) has a repution of having some of the best minitures in the industry is down to one of their staff painters, an extremely talently gentleman by the name of Angel Giraldez. After producing … Continue reading

Review Model – ACE 1/72, AML 90 Armoured Car

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The AML -245 Armoured Car was developed in the late 50’s as a private venture, over 6,000 were produced and it has been fielded by over 50 Nations participating along the way in a range of Cold War conflicts including;South African Border War, Fal…

Gamers Grass Tufts – Review

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I purchased a selection of “tufts” from Gamer’s Grass a few months ago to try and spice up my desert bases. I’ve always been a bit wary of grass tufts after a bad experience with a crushed packet of unnatural looking grass from Army Painter. These tufts proved to be much better and in a […]

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Review: Forgeworld Warlord Titan Unboxing

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I am honoured to join the Tale of Painters as a contributor, and what better fitting way to do so than with the largest GW/FW model going… I welcome you to the Warlord Titan!

This  is a YouTube video I made of the grand unveiling of the model, from first tape rip to last component showing what comes in the box. Are you ready for resin goodness?!

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Review: New XL Ultramarines Transfer Sheet

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Hey guys, you probably all know how much I love transfers. So I couldn’t resist buying one of the new XL sized decal sheets for my Ultramarines. Read on to find out more about my thoughts about the new sheets, as well as size comparisons and large sized pictures.
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Review – Book, Soviet/Russian Armour and Artillery Design practice, 1945 to present

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This is frankly an outstanding reference work if you are interested in post war soviet military vehicles and artillery systems, sadly this is reflected in its price and availability.  Written by two of the worlds leading experts and drawing on a wide range of sources that became available at the end of the Cold War as the Russians sought to export their technology and needed to more widely publish its capabilities to the world.
The book covers;
  • Evolution of Soviet/Russian Tanks
  • Anti Armour Developments
  • Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicles
  • Armoured Airborne Vehicles
  • Self Propelled Artillery
  • Towed Artillery
The principal component of the book is the evolution of Soviet/Russian Tanks which covers its subject in significant detail looking at both the major production models and the main prototypes it includes their evolution through the various marks and provides good coverage of the enhancements introduced. Through it all runs the broad thread of the design strategy and vision.  The focus is very much on post war tanks and includes:
  • post war production of the T-34/85
  • early post war medium tank production T-54/55/62
  • Soviet Post War Heavy Tank Design
  • Soviet Post War Light Tanks
  • Second Generation Tank Development T-64/72/80

The sections on Anti Armour developments, Armoured Infantry Vehicles and Airborne vehicles traces a similar story through these sets of vehicles. Whilst the level of detail presented is extremly useful the breadth of Armoured vehicle types covered inevitably mean this is less than that provided within the tank story.
The section on artillery is both comprehensive and provides good coverage and technical detail on all the systems covered again tracing the evolution of the design concepts through the systems that were developed, the focus is delivered against system type looking at SPGs, Gun Mortars, MRLs, free flight rockets and ballistic missiles. Of note its not just about the delivery system.  The Soviets designed for end to end engagement concepts in artillery; target acquisition, delivery and supply so the book includes a range of specilist logistic and support vehicles as well as command and observation post vehicles.  The one noteable ommision under the artillery title to my mind is Air Defence systems although this may be more a reflection of the organisation of the the Soviet Armed forces, sadly this misses the oppourtunity to explore an area where the Soviets may well have outperformed the west.
At the end the authors provide an overview of the design philosophy which really highlights the technology push component of the Soviet approach and enables one to contrast this with the more requirements lead approaches of the western world. In Summary a superb book, that can be read cover to cover or dipped into as required, it contains a wealth of data that I have not come across elsewhere particularly in relation to the performance of armour. The sting in the tale is the price, at £130 on Amazon its not a cheap.  If you can afford it, its worth buying if you see it for less than £50 don’t even think about it, just buy it, great book.

Soviet/Russian Armour and Artillery Design practice, 1945 to present @ Amazon

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Space Marine Command Tank Rules

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I’m back from vacation! Sorry for the dearth of articles recently. The Space Marine’s Command Tanks rules have been leaked. Check out the two images below to see the rules. These are something Space Marine players have been asking for for a very long time, and it’s finally going to happen. Forge World released the […]

                     Lucid Eye simians – Review

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With miniature commissions you often get the chance to paint something that might have passed completely under your radar. This here is one of those examples, yet i am so glad it finally came to surface in my world! It has been a real joy to paint these simians with their dynamic poses and intuitive facial detail. I loved every minute and the creator should be proud of his sculpts and casts. Many people don’t realize that these independent cast […]

Review Book – Modern African Wars (3) South West Africa

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On the essential reading list for the SA Border War is the Osprey Modern African Wars (3) by Helmoed Romer Heitman a writer eminently qualified to pen the title.  Even without a set of useful Uniform Colour Plates covering a fairly wide range of SADF uniforms and a more limited coverage  of SWAPO/PLAN, UNITA and FAPLA uniform detail it contains a wealth of useful information that make it an ideal primer on the SA Border War this includes:
  • A broad timeline of the conflict which covers the main political and military events from the creation the occupation of German South West Africa by South African forces in 1915 through to the end of the conflict this names all the major South African external opperations together with commentary on the evolution of SWAPOs tactical doctrine and the numbers of Incidents, Kills and Terrorists operating in SWA per year. 
  • A Review of the Organisational Structure andd equipment of the various different elements of the SADF including:
    • 32 Bn
    • 61 Mech Bn Group
    • 1 Para Bn
    • Marienes
    • SAAF
    • SWATF
    • SWASpes
    • Modular Bns
    • Kovete
    • SWA Protection Unit
  • A Short Overview on the principal Angolan Forces covering at a high level UNITA and FAPLA
  • A Short overview of SWAPO/PLAN,
  • A Review of the Major external operations adding brief descriptive detail to that provided in the timeline
  • A  description of the Colour plates which includes a look at both Unit and Rank insignia
This book provides in a very consumable fashion enough of an over view of the conflict to get you started on the period with limited effort and is a good primer before engageing on further internet based research and reading of some of the more weighty tomes that cover the political and military History at a greater level of detail.  
This was recently reprinted, prior to that copies were reaching prices of £60 – £90 now its back in easy reach with a second hand copy on Amazon currently commanding a sum of £4.50 at this price it really is a steal, particularly if you are new to the period and the conflict and want to get your teeth into it in a hurry.

Modern African Wars (3) South West Africa @ Amazon
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Mini Wargaming – The Vault Review & More

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I love a bit of 40K YouTube content every now and again, by that I mean everyday. There’s four channels

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Zvezda’s 1/100th Panzer IV F2: a video review

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P4 F2 or G? – and no, I’m not talking mobile telecommunications technology. Just little tanks. Like this new one from Zvezda…

Ramshackle Games – Robots review

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Curtis at Ramshackle Games has been running another Kickstarter. This time we have a selection of robots and pieces that can be assembled in whatever way you fancy to create your desired robot(s). I got a few pieces early to put together a review for the Kickstarter. The amount of choice can leave you feeling […]

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Titanicus, What Reading A Book Told Me About Tabletop 40K

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At the time of writing I am just over half way through Titanicus by Dan Abnett. I am enjoying the
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Modulation & Light techniques: a video review

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I sense a disturbance in the Force…time to get all Dark Side as we flick through MIG Ammo’s recent softback ‘Modulation and Light Techniques':

Review: Rubicon 1/56th Stug III

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Goodness we haven’t actually played Bolt Action yet and I’m already putting together a second force. I’m building 750pts of German Late War Wehrmacht from two boxed sets. The Rubicon Stug III plastic kit, and the new Warlord Games German Grenadiers plastic box. That’s an entire Bolt Action force to at least 750pts for around […]

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Eldar Codex Mega-Review Part 7: Ghosts and Gods

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Rounding out the unit-centric part of the Eldar codex review, we now turn to the units we haven’t covered yet: Wraith-type units and the Avatar. It is the former that a […]

Eldar Codex Mega-Review Part 6: Tanks, Skimmers, Odds and Ends

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The multi-part Eldar codex review now turns to a part of the Eldar army that gets somewhat less attention (and definitely less attention with all the talk about the new […]

Review: Warlord Bolt Action German Grenadiers Plastic Box

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This arrived in the post today from England. Warlord Game’s new German Grenadier plastics box. This is enough plastics to make 30 German Late War Grenadiers in a lovely mix of weaponry. Opening the box you’ll find five copies of the same six man sprue, enough bases for them, an instruction sheet and a small […]

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Unboxing Warzone: Imperial Special Forces

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Here’s a new unboxing of one of the new units for the Imperial Corporation. This unit ‘Special Forces’ is really a generic term, because it can be tooled up and customized to be used many types of units either as a made up Special Force or one of the m…

Eldar Codex Mega-Review Part 5: Ride of the Aspects

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Continuing with the multi-part review of the new Codex: Craftworld Eldar, which has previously touched on fluff and aesthetics, HQ choices, the Wave Serpent changes, and the myriad Troops choices […]