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Airbrush “EVOLUTION AL plus” – Harder&Steenbeck

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"EVOLUTION AL plus" from H&S is actual my favorite airbrush. After only a few painted models… love it. At first moment, the standard EVOLUTION differs mainly by weight. It's made of aluminum and because it weighs only 53g."EV…

New Regimental Fire and Fury Scenario Book Released!

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Rich Hasenauer has released the second Regimental Fire & Fury scenario book! This is a must buy for all RF&F players, and it would be easily convertible for players of other tactical ACW rules. It looks like another well researched and top q…

Review Book – Red God of War, Soviet Artillery and Rocket Forces

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Red God of War is not surprisingly a book that focuses on the history and development of the Russian/Soviet Artillery Arm. It was written in 1985 by  Chris Bellamy a Royal Artillery officer, it draws extensively on Russian language sources and is …

Skytrex’s Command Decision 15mm British AFVs

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Put a smile on Churchill’s face with Hobart’s Funnies!
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Warzone Unboxing: Cybertronic Eradicator Deathdroid

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The Mega Walker of Cybertronic is often fielded in Squads of 3, each is linked to the other via banned technology and controlled by a web of human dentretic cells and cybernetics.Text from Prodos ShopHere’s my second unboxing of a so called Heavy Vehic…

Vallejo – Game Air

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A few months ago, the company Vallejo, has launched a new set of paints – Game Air. This is a set dedicated to airbrush. Their colors have been specially selected for figures of fantasy and sf. That such colors, I always lacked. Let's take a close…

Broken Egg Games: Battlefield Water Feature Scenery Reviewed!

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Today we will take a closer look at the Battlefield Water Feature scenery made by the new American company Broken Egg Games. Broken Egg Games currently produces all sorts of interesting miniature wargame-related products such as miniature display trays…

Unboxing Warzone: Brotherhood Sacred Warriors

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Dedicated solely to fighting the forces of the Dark Soul, Sacred Warriors hold no fear of death. They live in cloistered isolation and rarely mix with outsiders. Those hours not spent training to the very highest possible levels of martial skill are de…

Rosemary & Co Brush Review – From Wolfsherz

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Thank you Wolfsherz for providing this Rosemary & Co brush review. I know that a few people from the #warmongers community on
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Impudent Mortal Paint Rack

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Brian Burger

I first heard of Impudent Mortal when Richard of TooFatLardies used two of their buildings to build himself a very nice brewery for WW2 gaming. Rich got his through Minibits in the UK but it turns out Impudent Mortal is … Continue reading

Mat of the Week – The desert mat

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Our featured mat of the week is our desert mat. It is extremely versatile and we use this currently for  our 28mm “Old West” skirmish games. We are also painting forces for WWII North Africa 28mm  Bolt Action at the moment and it looks l…

Army Painter – Mega Brush Set

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I have the impression that in the figure painters environment is continues debate about brushes. What to use? Which are the best? What to avoid? To be honest I never put my attention to this type of discussion. Do not guided by the current trends. I we…

Histoire & Collection’s D-Day Paratroopers: The British, Canadians & French: a video review

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Denison smocks causing you grief? Check out THE must have painting guide for your paras…
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Review: Kromlech Orky Bitz – Part One

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Let's have a look at some resin. Orky extra bits and pieces supplied by Kromlech Miniatures. Actually this is three bits packs and one full kit to the review is split into two parts. Today it's all about the bits.More after the jump »

Review – Model, Cromwell models, 1/72 MT-LBu (ACRV)

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The MT-LBu is an Artillery Command and Observation post varient of the MT-LB family of vehicles but with a raised and extended hull to facilitate its use as a Command Post.  It comes in a wide variety of fits variously covering communications, obs…

Unboxing Warzone: Bauhaus Juggernauts

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Unboxing time again, now it’s the new (after the the first Kickstarter versions) Juggernauts for the Bauhaus Mega Corporation in Warzone: Resurrection. Here’s what you get (no box as this is still KS version and not normal retail)Nice and crisp de…

Pro Painted #2

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I’ve been looking at eBay a lot lately. I would have thought my last Pro Painted post would have spelled the end of shitty models with the pro painted tag.Sadly, this trope continues to this day. And so must my ridicule of these creations.I will not le…

September Book Roundup

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I’ve managed to get myself organised this month and have found some time to read (and paint) after a very dry spell over the summer. I have only fully read one book this month, but have dipped into many others as my Desert Raiders side project gets int…

Warpainter’s Flockbox: a video review

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Model Dads charge up the generators to field test Warpainter’s Mark III Flockbox…
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Wave 2 Mats now available!

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We have been burning the midnight oil to bring you our second wave of terrain mats! We are really proud of these latest mats and think that there is something here for every table-top miniatures gamer! The new releases include the following: cut out te…

Midpoint of the Game of Thrones project reached and the next noble house is unbowed, unbent and unbroken

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With only eight Bretonnian Knights to work with, I have now reached the midpoint of my Game of Thrones paint-job conversion project. In keeping with my aim to continuously work with different colour schemes, the noble houses of Westeros I have complete…

Review – Web Resources, The Essentials of Cold War Soviet Doctrine and Organisation for free

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As a Change from my normal reviews of books I thought I would cover a number of the many Free ePublication resources available on the internet that can provide a comprehensive view of Soviet Ground forces from the 60s through to the 1980′s.  My pr…

Myths and Legends 5 Thor

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Thor Myths and Legends is a really good intro book who wants to learn about the mythology of Thor and other Nrose gods. If you’re only familiar with the Marvel version of Thor sit down before you read this books. There are several tales about Thor in this book, many are even complete. Graeme takes [...]

ADF – Scenarios for the War in the East

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John Hill and Osprey have an exciting release planned to support their new ACW rules “Across A Deadly Field”.  It will be a scenario book entitled “Across A Deadly Field – Scenarios for the War in the East”. We have re…

Review – Model 1/72, modelcollect TOS-1 Buratino

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The TOS-1 Buratino is a direct fire multiple rocket launcher used to deploy thermobaric munitions over an area of 400m x 200m or a very big flame thrower with a 4km range.  It was trailed by the Soviets in Afghanistan in the early 1980′s and deplo…