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Salute 2015 – Part One

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I’m sat on the train as I write this heading back somewhat tired and footsore from my first time at Salute. Wallet has taken a bit of a bruising despite best efforts to be reserved (I even took a small bag especially to limit what I could carry). Didn’t help. Although to be fair I […]

Eldar Codex Review Part Two: The Bad and The Ugly

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Earlier this week we talked about the good parts of the new Eldar codex. Some of the words I specifically avoided using “powerful” or “broken”. Most of the updates to the Eldar codex are pretty good, and bringing down the power level of the Wave Serpent was definitely a start. However, today we’re going to […]

Eldar Codex Review Part One: The Good

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The new Eldar codex has finally arrived, and there are a lot of changes to digest. It’s very interesting as right off the bat the codex does seem overpowered. There is a massive amount of D weapons and the Wraithknight can best be described as “silly”. There is the requisite dead weight in the book, […]

Review: Rubicon 1/56th, 28mm Panzer III Box

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I bought the Bolt Action rulebook a while ago from Book Depository out of curiosity. I haven’t played any more than a couple of simple squad based games to get the feel of the rules, but recently found out the TCOW club in West Auckland is on something of a Bolt Action bender. If you’ve … Continue reading Review: Rubicon 1/56th, 28mm Panzer III Box

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Will we pass on DeadFellas? Fugeddaboutit!!!

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What game lets you say in the regular flow of play, “Jimmy ‘Cheap Ass’ Ernesto, at the wheel of a Monster Truck, disguised in a Nurse’s Uniform whacks Charlie ‘The Cheese’ Casso with an RPG?”  If you answered DeadFellas from Ninja Division, you already know where this review is heading. And if you don’t, well,…

Pandemic Video Review

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Review: Car Wars Classic Box

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I’ve been playing a bit of Outrider recently and it reminded me of an earlier game of vehicular mayhem I used to enjoy decades ago as a spotty youth, along with such classic board games like Talisman. Purely out of nostalgia I looked up Steve Jackson Games and saw they sell a reprinted ‘Classic’ edition […]

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Review: Warlord Games/Italeri Wrecked House

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Today I would like to take a closer look at one of Warlord Games’ recent terrain releases. The pretty accurately named Wrecked House kit.

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Review: New Forge World Pre-Orders

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It’s been a busy few weeks for Forge World, and they just dropped another set of models on us. We’ve got a nice variety this week, with a new Realm of Battle board leading us off. Additionally, there’s a new entry in the Horus Heresy Character Series; This time it’s Armillus Dynat, Harrowmaster of the […]

AK-Interactive’s Splittermuster Uniform paint-set: a video review

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As if by magic the Shop-keeper appears. Inside, Mr Benn asks the fez-wearing shopkeeper if he can try on the Splittermuster Uniform… After a short break and with Spring in the air, Model Dads reconvenes at the workbench to try on AK-Interactive’s Splittermuster Uniform paint set:

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Review: New Terrain Pictures and Rules

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The blogosphere is exploding today with leaked images of the new terrain that Games Workshop is releasing. With the rumors of the Void Shield Generator from yesterday, it looks like a big terrain push is finally on it’s way. The pictures of the new models are at the end of this post. There are two […]

Unboxing Warzone: Resurrection – Cybertronic Enhanced Machinators

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Standing at over 12 feet tall and with a predatory instinct the cybernetic constructs are implemented in a ranger role where the excel at stealth tactics.

The completely redesigned and exquisitely engineered Enhanced Machinators are extremely expensive to produce, containing Cuirassier electronics and cutting edge engineering. As such they are currently a rarity on the battlefield. Scientists are investigating methods to both reduce manufacturing costs and to utilise the A.I. as squad commanders for the basic Machinators. By developing and investigating command loop protocols, it is hoped that instead of deploying the enhanced version in large units it can be deployed singly, with a command of the original Machinators, although such processes are far from finalised. Pavlaski’s Enhanced Machinators are nigh on indestructible; built with hardened alloys that are resistant to all but the most powerful of ballistic weaponry; the perfect tool for covert operations, with joints that move with an inhuman grace and silence. They are the masters of rapid assault with elongated legs and cybernetic tendons that give a gazelle-like leap and the ability to jump into and out of cover in near silence. Suffice to say, this contemporary take on the Machinator design is perfect for missions of assassination, reconnaissance and infiltration.

Text from the Prodos Shop

This is the unboxing of the new version of the Enhanced Machinators, the first version was made during for the Kickstarter. You will see an comparison in the end of this unboxing, and I think we all can agree the new versions looks much better. Anyway on to this then.

All the contents, three models, four arm configurations, three 40mm bases and one stat card.

Same card as before, showing the old KS design in the artwork. Still really nice though.

Back of the card showing you the rules of their special skills among the other things. These guys thrives on terrain  heavy boards with their jumping skills. [Card is actually wrong here saying the TSW4000 LMG, it should be SSW4200P ‘Suppressor’ HMG as seen in it’s rules text]

Sprue with the bodies of the models, you can build these guys without the use of glue (you just put the arms and the ball joints snaps into the sockets and stays there) not counting gluing them into the base.

The armor have lots of really tiny and delicate details.

You have all three with ‘Striker’ Assault Rifles or change one for the SSW4200P ‘Suppressor’ HMG.
Assembly is so easy, clip of the sprue and put them on. Take them of when you paint if you like and put them on again, or change weapons. You don’t even need magnets, love it!

Again here you can see the delicate and small details, lovely models.

Comparison with an old KS version. First of all the old ones are not bad models at all, I quite liked the look of them. But these new ones are so nice it blows them out of the water. But they blow many sci fi models out of the water if you ask me, Necrons would shit their pants if they met these guys in an dark alley. 

Big difference in details.
Big armored robots with skull masks? What not to like? All in all awesome looking models, these look like Terminator (Arnold you know) on steroids.  I have just started on my Cybertronic force, but soon I can’t stand the wait to paint these guys up. Really like their rules as well.

A to Z by Angel Giraldez

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   Earlier last month a copy of Angel Giraldez book on miniature painting turned up, which if you had been following any of the pre-release hype you would think heralded the second coming. As Corvus Belli’s star miniature painter, Angel’s book is unashamedly ‘Infinity’ centric and covers in some detail his signature technique of applying […]

Ristul’s Extraordinary Market: Food Supplies, Bonepiles and Bonfires Reviewed!

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I recently stumbled upon a new Polish wargame company named Ristul’s Extraordinary Market which sells a range of nice resin scenery pieces such as statues, food supplies, bone and skull piles, bonfires and also a range of science fiction/ fantasy miniatures. I got in touch with the kind owner Ristul and he agreed to let me review some of his resin terrain items. During this review we will take a closer look at the food supplies, bonfires, bone and skull piles and food supplies basing kit. 
“From an extraneous Plane of Existence, came Ristul. As he arrived to our time and space, he began to crave for understanding us. As the ways of human mind seemed different from his, the contact was hard to come into. Yet, Ristul noticed art, thus finding a link between the worlds. As a talented Being, as well as aesthetically aware one, the misterious Entity began creating objects. In time, he made a decision to share his creations with humans, bringing life to the Ristul’s Extraordinary Market!”

The packaging
The resin scenery is packed in sturdy plastic blister packs as seen in the picture. The smaller scenery pieces such as the bone and skull piles and the food supplies basing kit were also packed in separate ziplock bags avoiding the possibility to loose these small bits. The terrain was send in a padded envelope ensuring that nothing got smashed during shipment from Poland to Belgium.

The scenery

First of all we will take a look at the food supplies blister pack which contains 8 high-quality resin pieces including piles of crates, barrels and sacks. Next to this, these piles are also decorated with lots of detailled fruit and vegetables baskets, coils of ropes and small bottles adding even more detail to these supplies. What I especially like is that there are lots of different crate and barrel designs so you won’t be filling your table with identical looking supplies but a real mishmash!

As you can see in the pictures these pieces are very detailled and airbubbles are non-existent. As said the casting is superb and only very small amounts of flash film can be found between some of the smaller pieces. This flash can easily be removed with a sharp hobby knife. In the following picture you can see a picture of all the food supplies along with an 28mm Black Tree Design miniature. I can see these pieces being used in all sorts of fantasy and historical settings but they could also be easily used in low-tech science fiction settings. The food supplies blister currently retails at €12.50 which is extremely good value looking at the quality and detail of these castings.
The second terrain pieces  received were these nice bonfires and logpiles which are also cast in high-quality resin and supplied with no airbubbles or flash. As you can see in the pictures, this blister contains four bonfires ranging from big to small. Of these four bonfires, three are depicted burning. Each of these bonfires also comes with a suitable logpile of which four variants are supplied. These pieces can also be used in wide variety of games and provide enough bonfires for every normal sized terrain collection. The bonfire blister currently retails at €8.75 which is more than reasonable for the size of the pieces.

Then we take a look at the very useful bone and skull piles which are compased of humanoid skulls and bones. As you can see in the pictures these piles are very suitable for both heroic and non-heroic scaled miniatures. The skulls and bones piles blister contains 10 terrain pieces and currently retails for €6.25 as with the other scenic elements these pieces are very high-quality and no airbubbles or flash can be found. Being generic enough they can easily be used in every wargame ranging from historical wargames to some dungeon adventuring or even brutal conflicts set in a distant future.
The last but certainly not least terrain blister contained the food supplies basing kit. This kit is similar to the previously reviewed food supply piles but consists out of loose supplies. These market wares are supplied casted on thin strips of which the blister contains eight ranging from crates and barrels to baskets and sacks. These individual pieces are again decorated with a wide variety of goods such as lettuces, fish, apples, potatoes, … These pieces can easily be used to further decorate your food supply piles or can be used to decorate your miniature bases, market stalls, bagage carts or buildings. This set retails for €8.75 which gives you a stunning collection of 39 highly detailled scenic pieces.
The conclusion
If you have been looking for suitable market wares you certainly found the right company as the food supplies are simply stunning. They are extremely well-cast and also offer a wide range of different items including but not limited to crates, barrels, bottles, sacks, baskets, rope coils, buckets, vegetables, … Next to these pieces much more useful bits can be found such as the reviewed boneand skull piles and bonfires. I can heartily recommend these items due to the good service of Ristul and the very high-quality of the terrain pieces. Check these pieces and the other products in Ristul’s Extraordinary Market

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Scenic & Basing Kits (part 3)

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Over the last few months I paint mostly busts. However, I have started several projects with figures in the lead role. Still enlarges the set of elements useful for creating scenic bases. Today, another bunch of interesting products.
Przez ostatnie miesiące maluję głównie popiersia. Mam jednak rozpoczętych kilka projektów z figurkami w roli głównej. W dalszym ciągu powiększam również zbiór elementów przydatnych przy tworzeniu podstawek scenicznych. Dzisiaj kolejna porcja ciekawych produktów.


                             Finished Tatsumoto 

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It actually kind of hurts to finish this guy! i have never been so confused and intrigued by a model. The pose is beautiful and dominating but the weapon is extremely flimsy, the face has very very shallow detail and the flags are extremely fragile too! I hate to have to review him, but as is my policy, he leaves my desk he gets a review.  The Review KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE MISHIMA LEADER TASTUMOTOPrice: N/A Sculpt:5/5 (beatiful pose and great armor detailing) […]

Scyllax Guardian-Automata Rules Review

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Forge World released the Scyllax Guardian-Automata Covenant over last weekend. They helpfully also released the experimental rules for them on their web site. Today we’re going to pick through these rules and figure out if these guys are worth it. First and foremost, I want to complain about what I call “points packaging”. When you […]

Eureka’s Tachanka, Part One

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About ten days ago I made an order to Eureka USA for a few things, most importantly their Russian three horse Tachanka/crew in cap. What the heck, you ask, is a tachanka (also found spelled “tchanka”)? It’s a Russian vehicle developed during the Great War and used, in various forms, right through the Second World … Continue reading Eureka’s Tachanka, Part One

Dominion Video Review

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Race for the Galaxy Video Review

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Books for Bastards #5

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Continuing on with my recent book posts, I drop my most anticipated releases of 2015. This is a good year for sequels!  This is book 2 of the Chronicles of the Unhewn Throne and it actually dropped in January. I haven’t had a go at it yet, but I l…

Heroes Wanted Video Review

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Histoire & Collections’ (2014) ‘German Soldiers of WWII': a video review

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Taking a break from reviews still doesn’t stop me from butchering the German language. This time I’m spoiling a wonderful reference book, a one-stop shop for the wargamer with more than a passing interest in the Wehrmacht+:

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Sentinels of the Multiverse Video Review and added to Game Rating System

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Check out our video review of Sentinels of the Multiverse! It’s also been added to the Game Rating System. See how it’s rated for you!

REVIEW – Las Vegas Open 2015…

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The crew at Frontline Gaming once again hosted the Las Vegas Open. For only being in it’s infancy at two years old, the convention has grown a lot. It’s big game that draws the most players is Warhammer 40,000, but … Continue reading