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The Iron Man

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Being a Marvel fan, I thought I would borrow The Winter Child model from Dust range and paint him up in Iron Man colours for my Mechanica force. I removed the star from his chest and some other unnecessary Soviet iconography. He also has several choices of base, two flying bases and a nearly finished … Continue reading The Iron Man

Repair Drones

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I picked up these Crooked Dice drones at Salute a few months ago, which should be good as Repair Drones.

Literally painted silver with grey claws and a red dot, then inked.

Rogue Stars Crew

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I enjoyed using this Rogue Stars crew, a Golum, a Zoat, a robot, a Zykhee and an alien of some sort. There is still no substitute for good armour in Rogue Stars, once a model takes damage, its effectiveness reduces very quickly. Apart from armour, the Difficult Target ability is the best defensive protection against … Continue reading Rogue Stars Crew

Cornelius For Rogue Stars

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Yet another spare Karman model, in this case Cornelius, allowed me to convert another for use in Rogue Stars.

I have not worked out a profile for this chap yet, but I reckon he will work out as a lot of points.

Sci-Fi Trooper

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The Reaper range of figures covers just about every genre, I have a good few from most of the collections. Their sci-fi range includes some armoured troopers that I have used in several different game systems, most recently in a Grey Knights Retinue an…

Geezer And Arnuld

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I have long been a fan of Kev White’s models and I have had a small band of the Grymn knocking around for ages. They were painted many years ago and could do with being touched up and inked for Rogue Stars. The larger chap here is Geezer, armed with a rather substantial machine gun. … Continue reading Geezer And Arnuld

Space Marine Hero

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This is a random Dark Angels Space Marine that I picked up out of a bits box years ago with no real purpose other than I liked the figure. I have eventually painted him up to use in Rogue Stars. Armed with a massive two handed and a pistol on his holster, I reckon he … Continue reading Space Marine Hero

Rogue Stars Non-Human Crew

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The first few Rogue Stars games I have played have been using mainly human crews. This was leading me down the route of Space Marines in heavy armour and they all ended up being pretty much the same. I wanted to try a non-human crew and use a different species for each model. My first … Continue reading Rogue Stars Non-Human Crew

“Raven 4 is down!”

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Derek blew off our regular Tuesday game night to celebrate his birthday with his wife. *sheesh* So Matt, John, and I did another ‘one-of’ Rogue Stars game. Each of us controlled two characters. Each crew was secretly tasked with a mission goal regarding a downed recon drone. (variations on a theme: secure intact, destroy, or … Continue reading “Raven 4 is down!”

Zoat Hero

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I have been collecting Zoats for what seems like ages, keeping an eye out on eBay and buying if the price did not go to high. My plan had been twofold, firstly to make a No Limits army of Zoats and secondly to use them in a retro Tyranid army. What encouraged me to paint … Continue reading Zoat Hero

Dream Forge Conversion

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I have removed the whip from this model and replaced it with a sword, a much better weapon for any Rogue Stars scoundrel. The ranged weapon is a Hasslefree accessory which compliments the model nicely. The photo of the painted model does not really show very well that the armoured parts are gold. I like … Continue reading Dream Forge Conversion

Old 40K Robot

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Buried in the Loft Full Of Lead was this classic robot from the early days to Warhammer 40K.
It had been painted before, many years ago, but at some stage I have given it a Nitromorse bath to start again. So now it has been repainted to use in Rogue St…

Karman Conversion

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I have a few of these Karman models, so it only seems right to use one in a Rogue Stars crew.

All I have done is change the weapon and add an extra melee weapon.

Gun Drones

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Privateer Press obviously do a huge range of models, many of which are suitable to use in a more steampunk setting. These gun drones are yet more additions to my robotic Steam Wars army.

B4-P0 & AR-Two

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The R2-D2 model came off a McDondald’s Fatty Meal toy. Can’t remember who made the humanoid robot, it has been kicking around for years, I think it may be a Rackham model. I have a few uses for these models, mainly for my robotic Steam Wars army, but also for use in Rogue Stars. These … Continue reading B4-P0 & AR-Two


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Small, cute, hard target.

A couple of colours and then an ink wash. Done.

Dreamforge Alien

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Free sample models are great, especially when I eventually find a use for one. This Dreamforge Games alien chap was holding a lead with some sort of beastie on the other end. As one of my exotic Rogue Stars crews was expanding, this model would be ideal. I removed the lead and replaced it with … Continue reading Dreamforge Alien

Zykhee Soulless

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Getting into Rogue Stars has allowed me to dig up some old models from the Loft Full Of Lead that don’t get to come out very often. One such model for an alien crew was this Zykhee Soulless. I rebased it and gave it an ink wash as it was painted years ago and looked … Continue reading Zykhee Soulless


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The Golum were a range that never quite made it out in time before FASA and the Vor The Maelstrom game ceased to be. Luckily I was able to get a few of these Golum prototype models, a few of which have been painted up for use in various sci-fi games. In my latest Rogue … Continue reading Golum

Battle Report – Rogue Stars – Ep 03

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