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Start: the dungeon of Sagra-Bayar

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The modular dungeon of Sagra-Bayar, that is.   Completed the latest round of glass work this weekend and allowed the hobby to take over one of my shop tables for a couple days. Now this idea had been bouncing around my head for a while: 3D dungeon tiles using faux-stone vinyl tiles. Seemed like a … Continue reading “Start: the dungeon of Sagra-Bayar”

Call of Cthulhu RPG kampanja postaje radio drama

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Ia! Ia! Ftagn! Pozdravi, želje i srećan polazak Njarlatotepa u vojsku – čuveni RPG ćemo uskoro moći i da slušamo. H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society, organizacija koja od 80-ih godina prošlog veka proširuje Cthulhu mitos na filmove, muziku i radi…

Warhammer, Legend of 5 Rings, Vampire the Masquerade – povratak velikih RPG imena

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Stavite plašt i čarobnjački šešir, jer se ove godine vraća nekoliko roleplay igara. Fantazijska verzija Warhammera ovog leta dobija četvrto izdanje. Izdavač Cubicle 7 je nedavno najavio osvnovnu knjigu, Starter Set i veoma lepo (i veoma skupo izdanje z…

The Cleash Tree – Post apocalyptic equipment/creature/threat

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Cleash pods when mature are roughly cricket ball sized, small pumpkin shaped seed pods that were genetically engineered to have …Continue reading →

Giving Monsters AI in D&D

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One of the many things that shits me about my favourite game and pastime is that combat, arguably the point …Continue reading →

DnDice – Premium Price for Premium Rolling

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If you are anything like me, you have a few small clutches of various dice in your immediate vicinity. Be they a bag of d6 […]

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Suspicious circumstances at Stone Forest

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Necroposter This session took the elvish boys, agents of the Judiciary of Parsantium, to an outlying village known as Stone …Continue reading →

The great chariot race

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It was the day of the final race of the Spring Racing Carnival in Parsantium. All four teams would be …Continue reading →

N1 session wrap up – The Miracle of Trobridge

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The New Year has brought renewed focus on the campaign. We spent the better part of last year, and maybe …Continue reading →

Games that stick.

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I’ve been thinking about games that have durability, replay-ability, longevity. As anyone familiar with hobbyists and the hobby industry knows, “Shiny” comes and goes. Indeed the hobby industry is built on ‘shiny’ and every gamer worth his salt has a lead/plastic pile that bears mute witness to the fickle siren song of new figs, a … Continue reading “Games that stick.”

Missing Persons – Part 1

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New Kowloon. 2069 Shenghua Street, District 5. LNK The members of Blue Rose Import/Export were enjoying a meal in the back room of The Osaka Shuffle when a smartly dressed woman approached them. She apologized for interrupting, sat down and explained with great hesitation she needed their help to locate her missing daughter. “It’s been … Continue reading “Missing Persons – Part 1”

Blue Rose Import/Export

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Character figs for our upcoming Interface Zero 2.0 games set in New Kowloon 2069.   Blue Rose I/E is one of New Kowloon’s finest independent trade services, offering secure storage, fast transport, and outstanding turnaround time for all your goods and products. Stop by our warehouse at Dock 5H – 37. North Pier, Lower New … Continue reading “Blue Rose Import/Export”

Interface Zero 2.0 @ NK69

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More RPG game prep last Tuesday evening. We finished up Character Creation then read through a bit of game setting fluff on New Hong Kong in 2069. After, we ran through another simple scenario to hammer out the combat mechanics. (It’s taking me a bit to wrap my head around the granularity and pace of … Continue reading “Interface Zero 2.0 @ NK69”

Savage Worlds Test Drive

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Gave the Savage Worlds combat system a quick test drive last week. Broke out a couple of my scratch-built interior boards and had a salvage crew escort a technician through an abandoned research facility. Lights were out but of course the automated defenses were still online. Here are some quick shots   There were five … Continue reading “Savage Worlds Test Drive”

Top 10 Viking Board Games

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Favorite theme of many gamers is the mighty brave northern nation and Norse mythology. Games about Vikings are impregnated with courage and force of sea waves, eagle mind and speed of passing wind. According to many reviews, it’s safe to call the top 10 viking board games. 10. Midgard 3-5 Players • Ages 12+ • 60 minutes to play The […]

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Terrain for Interface Zero 2.0

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In preparation for our upcoming cyberpunk RPG games, (both Pathfinder and Savage Worlds iterations) the tabletop miniature gamer in me demanded suitable 3D terrain.  Can’t have chrome and mirrorshade minis blasting away on mere gridded map tiles, can we? So I went for a low cost, minimal labor 2 x 3 playing area using WorldWorks … Continue reading “Terrain for Interface Zero 2.0”

Dusk Wardens and a new Wizard

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Not a lot of photo ops from our recent DnD sessions, altho we last left our heroes carrying an injured old man with dementia to safety while his family farm burned  in the distance. (the goblin bard swears he had NOTHING to do with that. He only set the pig pen ablaze.) That was after … Continue reading “Dusk Wardens and a new Wizard”

N1. Lizard Cult. Session 7 – Orlane changes its name and ceases to exist

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After clearing out the dungeon of the defeated Naga queen the party limped back to the village and overwintered. Conscious …Continue reading →

Top 10 best fantasy board games

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There is no secret that fantasy genre is the most popular in the board games world because they can enlarge your horizons. Developers can’t restrict their imagination at all and players can assume the roles of unbelievable characters. People have alway…

N1. Reptile god. Session 6

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The elvish boys spent a fair amount of time recovering from the battle in the mud with the ghouls and …Continue reading →

Project 1701b – the pre-story from the ManDanin side

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ManDanin Security Intelligence Bureau (SIB) sector headquarters in the Accra subsector was located on Tsavo (1125). Almost all acts of …Continue reading →

Cheap Miniatures! Expanding the world of No Thank You, Evil!

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In case you haven’t heard, Monte Cook Games is about to release a new RPG. And, this one is for kids!

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MaricopaCon 2014 Report

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  This weekend I attended our local gaming convention. MaricopaCon is funded through Kickstarter and this is its second year.

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5E Dungeons and Dragons Miniature Announcements

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WizKids announced some new 5E licensed miniature products during a Reddit AMA that show WOTC is really going big on

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ExIllis Miniature Game Launches a Kickstarter–Would You Kickstart a Game that Already Failed?

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Exillis, a miniature skirmish game from Bastion Games (now bankrupt) won my “Best of Show at GTS in 2009. Exillis

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