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From RossM: 28mm Desperados (20 points)

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From Ross:The pictures below are my final entry for this years Analogue Painting Challenge. The four figures are all 28mm in scale and are again from Artizan Design. A common source of figures for this year’s challenge and in keeping with your theme as…

From RossM: Old School Orcs, Pulp Villains & Mycenaeans (83 points)

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Things have been a little quiet from Ross these past few weeks but he comes back to us with a great selection of entries for us to enjoy.From Ross:First up are the last of the current batch of retro Orcs from Citadel and Ral Partha. These seven Orcs li…

From RossM: 28mm Citadel Orcs (70 points)

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Ross begins to build some steam with these excellent Citadel Orcs from the heady days of 1980s era Citadel Miniatures.From RossM:Here is my second entry for the Challenge, a bit behind schedule, but here none the less. The figures are all from the…

From RossM: 28mm Challenge Desperado (20 points)

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Ross enters the fray by submitting his Challenge Desperado.From Ross:This year so far has been a bit hectic. However, things are settling down now and hopefully there will be more pictures coming through shortly. So without any further ramblings t…

From RossM: 28mm Dark Age, Ancient Greeks, Myceneaens & 15mm WWII German Vehicles (145 points)

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From Ross:Here are the first of my final entries to this years competition. Before the pictures I would like to thank you again for organising and hosting this event. Whilst I may not reach the godly totals of some painters I do really enjoy the c…

From RossM: 28mm Ninjas! (45 points)

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From Ross:These Ninja models are from Dixon Miniatures. There are 9 in total. 25mm but on the smaller end of the scale. I not pleased with the finish from the varnish, so they will be getting another coat shortly.The features and posing of th…

From RossM: 28mm Vikings for SAGA (66 points)

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From Ross:First up are 2 points worth of Vikings for SAGA. The figures are 28mm from Gripping Beast and have been great to paint. The warrior base are shown mostly saboted for Impetus, but on this occasion will also be used for SAGA. The Ulfhednar…

From RossM: WWII German Wespe, Marder III & Anti-Tank Guns (62 points)

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From Ross:First up there are two self propelled guns from Britainia Miniatures. Both are 20mm in scale and if I am correct there is a Marder III and a Wespe – although I think the barrel of the gun is in correct for a Wespe. Could be wrong as I…

From RossM: 15mm WWII German Assault Guns, Infatntry Gun & 28mm Vikings (46 points)

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From Ross:These entries cover a range of scales and two very different periods. The first pictures are of a pair of Sturmtigers in 15mm from Battlefront Miniatures Great miniatures that paint up well and really catch the inherent power of these tanks. …

From RossM: 28mm Spartans, Dark Age Casualties & Ronin #36 (36 points)

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Another Old Sweat from last year’s Challenge makes his debut. Ross sends in these great Spartan skirmishers, Dark Age casualties and his Challenge Ronin.From Ross:Here are my first entries for the painting competition.First up we have a skirmisher stan…

From RossM: 28mm Hector and his Trojans (52 points)

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For Ross’ final Challenge entry he sends us this great stand of Trojan infantry with Hector in the midst of the fray.These 28mm models are from Redoubt Miniatures.Once again, Ross has done great work on the shieldsRoss tells me that Hect…

From RossM: 20mm WWII Germans & 28mm Vikings (45 points)

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Ross sends us several figures from two very disparate periods of history – The Dark Age and World War Two.From Ross:The 28mm are from Gripping Beast and will form the backbone of a SAGA Viking Hearthguard. These figures are from the older range of Grip…

From RossM: 28mm Trojan War Archers (40 points)

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Ross sends in these two bases of archers from the Trojan War.These are 28mm Redoubt Miniatures. I really like the groundwork Ross has done for these.These lads will give Ross 40 points to add to his tally.

From RossM: Hector’s Chariot, Waffen SS & Trenches (58 points)

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Ross sends in a great mix of figures for the Challenge. Fist up is a beautiful Trojan chariot depicting the hero Hector, rolling out with his posse at Troy. This chariot vignette is composed of figures from Redoubt Miniatures’ 28mm range of models…

From RossM: 28mm Mycenaean Spearmen & 20mm WWII British Entrenched Infantry (44 points)

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Ross sends is a very nice mixed entry of Mycenaean spearmen and two very cool stands of World War Two British infantry snug in their foxholes.The hide shields on the Mycenaeans are hand-painted and Ross did a wonderful job capturing the texture of them…

From RossM: 28mm Mycenaean Slingers (30 points)

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Ross sends in these excellent Mycenaean slingers which are new additions to his Ancients collection.These are 28mm castings from Redoubt Miniatures. Ross has done some really nice groundwork with these lads.Ross tells me he quite likes the models …