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Fimir – Swampy Pools

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Mr Saturday

I decided to take a little tiny break from the cult in order to paint up some fimir themed scenery. Partially for my army display board, and partially for the fimir terrain set. I had ordered a pile of these from Wargamma, where they are listed as lava…

Early Medieval Buildings

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First up I there’s this watch-tower.  I built it for use in the Raiding  a Border Tower scenario in Dux Britanniarum.   The watchtower itself comes from Warbases, but it’s not […]

WWX table, get on the love train!

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So as part of my 2014 goal I wanted to get a 4×4 wild west board do for WWX/deadmans hand,A while back I picked up a couple of train sets from pound stretcher around Christmas time last year and in the usual wargaming hording fashion they have been sit…

Battle Systems: You had me at “Sewers”

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On Friday I posted about the new Battle Systems Fantasy Dungeon Kickstarter Over the weekend they posted their next Stretch Goal, which was a sewer system upgrade.(Available at £106,000) This looks really good, and is enormously versatile – sewe…

Spotlight on…Battle Systems Fantasy Dungeon Terrain Kickstarter

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Last year I backed a Kickstarter project from UK Company Battle Systems to produce a set of high quality card stock modular terrain suitable for Sci-Fi gaming: The result, which was delivered a few weeks ago, was very well produced indeed, and allows y…

Blotz is back

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Good news for all you Dropzone players. Blotz is definitely back as their range is showing on their website again and my latest order dropped through my letter box this morning. Also good news is they are now doing ruined … Continue reading →

Quick Hint #85

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Next time you are out shopping take a look out for shops that sell Dolls Houses. They don’t just sell model furniture and can be a great source of all sorts of accessories suitable for scenery making in a number … Continue reading →

Steampunk House – part 2

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So welcome to part 2 of my articles showing how to build a steampunk house, if you missed part 1 you can find it here. Since last time I’ve finished off a few details on the ground floor, such as … Continue reading →

Quick Hint #84

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One of the most useful (and cheap) tools that and modeller or painter can have in their box of tricks is a pack of toothpicks. These great little pieces of wood can be used for all manner of things, here … Continue reading →

Steampunk House

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In this series of articles I’m going to show how I scratch build a period building and then jazz it up to fit in with a Steampunk genre. Luckily where I live there are lots of old buildings from which … Continue reading →

Blowing up the House

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Hello people,Something of busy week elsewhere has meant that not a lot of hobby-love has come my way with only a couple of games of Boss Monster to keep me going (cue smallest violin in the world).I have however previously finished off a scenery projec…

Terrain is everything – Hail the Omnissiah a new Print & Play building

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It’s been a good few months since my last ‘Print & Play’ terrain template and as the loft conversion is beginning my hobby and blogging exploits will take a back seat. Therefore, to tide you over I thought I’d release a new building skin. This tim…

Unboxing the Battle Systems Kickstarter…Part 1

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I had a rather heavy box arrive last week, which turned out to be my fulfilled order from the Battle Systems Sci-Fi Terrain Kickstarter Project (it’s amazing just how heavy cardboard can be!) With one thing and another, I didn’t get chance …

My Blood Bowl Stadium All Laid Out

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Brian Burger

Still loads of things to finish on the project, but after doing the crocodile head logo in the centre of the pitch this evening I just had to lay everything out on the dining room table and see it all … Continue reading

Quick Hint #81

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One of the most boring aspects of making a model building is measuring out standard items like doors and windows. A great way to speed this up is to cut out templates from an offcut of card. Then whenever you … Continue reading →

Bloodbowl Dugout Temple Decoration

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Brian Burger

IN the local Bloodbowl league I’m currently involved in, there’s a pair of Lizardman teams, one using the regular GW figures for the team and my crocodile dudes from Impact Miniatures. Our League Commissioner is also playing with an Orc … Continue reading

New Dropzone Buildings

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Sally 4th have some new 10mm buildings in their range for Dropzone Commander. Sally 4th 10mm Buildings They come pre coloured and Sally 4th also do some 10mm road sections. Personally I think they are overpriced compared to what you … Continue re…


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Next up in the scenery campaign, walls – intact and damaged. Pictured with some 15mm Figures – Peter Pig 15mm French.  At 1:100 those walls are a scale 3 meters […]

Armies on Parade board 2014 – Project X continues [just a little bit]

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It seems my embryonic Armies on Parade board is worthy of a few extra views. Now if I’m honest I’ve taken far more pictures than I’ll be showing but it doesn’t do to show all my cards at this point. What I will do is show you that the base is now compl…

To INFINITY and Beyond?

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Just recently I’ve noticed the INFINITY starter set and I’m highly tempted…..Wayland are doing 20% off pre-order by the end of the month to go along with the exclusive pre-order figure.Operation Icestorm The new, and long awaited, 2 player starter bo…

Adventures in Airbrushing V – Jedi Starships

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The results of more airbrush practise this week. A couple of converted Jedi Starfighters and some Ainsty containers.Read more »


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As I’ve been ill for the last few days it’s given me a great opportunity to make plans for a couple of new gaming boards I’ve been wanting to make for some time. One of these is going to be … Continue reading →

Armies on Parade board 2014 – Project X is go!

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Moving on from Saturday’s doom laden post we are down the rabbit hole now folks! Armies on Parade is a go, despite my fear-mongering to the contrary. I hope anyone reading this blog, in particular my gaming buddies, enters a board. I see it as a showc…

Six-D-Six 2014-07-16 06:36:33

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Sally 4th have a new range of 10mm Sci-Fi buildings for Dropzone Commander. They look nice but are incredibly expensive in my opinion. Check them out for yourself, but I’ll be sticking to Blotz for the time being.

Even More Ruins

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Just finished the biggest building yet and another medium sized one. After making these two  I thought about storage for everything I’ve done for the village.  I managed to fit […]