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Project Z Spec Ops

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This huge ‘Lock n Load’ offer cranks up the adrenaline as the Project Z spotlight falls on the Spec Ops: If you’ve never ventured the apocalyptic streets this is the set to grab before it’s gone! It includes all you need to play the original Project Z then adds a whole new focus for dealing … Continue reading Project Z Spec Ops

Hab Module LV4-26, Part One

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This shop front/apartment facade for my ongoing Infinity space station project has been inspired mostly by the depiction of some of the habitat levels of Ceres in the TV show The Expanse. If you haven’t watched The Expanse I highly recommend it, it’s good quality TV (not something I say regularly!) that depicts a hard … Continue reading Hab Module LV4-26, Part One

Infinity GrimDark & Mechanicum Complete

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Oh lucky day – if you have been following these posts for the last few months I have to thank you and announce, that I can not stand seeing red on either bases or models any longer😛 Nonetheless, I am pleased to finally present the entire scenery lot and my entire Mechanicum force – just […]

More Space Station Pieces

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One of the big wall modules I built for my Infinity space station tabletop set has a door three inches off the ground, intended to connect to catwalks or other elevated terrain. The problem with it has been that I have no catwalks or other elevated terrain, so most of the time that door just … Continue reading More Space Station Pieces

Adding Detail To The Space Station

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I’ve been using my big space station walls and the associated scatter terrain for over a year now, and while all the wall modules are fully painted and physically finished (doors and such) I’ve never considered that part of the project “finished” in the full sense of the word. I really wanted that full colour, … Continue reading Adding Detail To The Space Station

Tabletop Hex Terrain Toolkit Kickstarter – a closer look

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During last week’s Kickstarter round-up, one of the projects I highlighted was the Tabletop Hex Terrain Toolkit by Ross Kearns. This is a laser-cut toolkit for making hex terrain. I’ve been very interested in terrain making ever since we started making our own a couple of years ago, and hex terrain has always been of interest since I started playing Commands & Colors many years before that. This Kickstarter project looks to combine everything to give the everyday terrain-maker a tool kit that is relatively easy to use. The hexes created by this at 100mm wide, corner-to-corner, which works out at about 3.5″ flat-to-flat, which is an ideal size for creating a Commands & Colors board. Would this work out more cost effective than simply buying Hexon Terrain? Probably only if you made more than a single board, to be honest I’ve backed this project, as I really like the idea of creating this type of interlocking terrain system. I’m not really sure of how practical (or labour intensive) it will be in the long term, or whether this is better that simply buying terrain mats and using them over underlying features to create a rolling landscape. Pledge levels range from £8 for […]

Kickstarter Round-Up – 6th November 2016

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It seems that a HUGE number of Kickstarter projects have launched in the last week or so. Here are the ones that have caught my eye: Miniatures Heir’s Cousin Riders Spanish company Davale Miniatures are looking to produce 28mm resin miniatures – ‘Riders of the North’. Interestingly, they are looking to only produce figures that will be exclusive to Kickstarter backers, and will not be available after the campaign. Hmm, interesting. They are currently just over 20% of the way towards their 5,000 EUR funding target, with the project running until 1st December. Delivery is scheduled for April 2017. Miniature Wargames Flytrap Factory Presents ‘Caveman Vs Wild: The Big Chill’ OK, this is probably one of my favourite miniatures game Kickstarters of recent months. New Zealand company Flytrap Factory, who are probably best known for the 15mm figure packs they produce for Skirmish Sangin scenarios, have launched a project for a new range of 28mm figures, entitled Caveman vs Wild. This is a pre-historic hunting adventure survival game, with cartoon design seemingly inspired by films such as ‘Ice Age’. In short, this is lovely. The project has hit about 75% of its $6,000 NZD funding target, and is running until the […]

Heaps of 40k Buildings

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20161003-40k-buildings-333Over the past 6 months we have painted a lot of buildings for our local tournament organiser. There have been many buildings and some very large scenery pieces that have been completed (and a lot more still awaiting painting so keep tuned). All these miniatures were painted to Level 3 […]

Ruined house VII Finished!

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Warhammer fantasy, Mordheim (Empire in flames) and 1650 A capa y espada have a different game experience deploying sceneries on the tabletop. Finally we have finished our ruined house, we hope that you like it!
It was a very long way from t…

Ruined house VII Finished!

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Warhammer fantasy, Mordheim (Empire in flames) and 1650 A capa y espada have a different game experience deploying sceneries on the tabletop. Finally we have finished our ruined house, we hope that you like it!
It was a very long way from t…

Kickstarter Round-Up – 28th October 2016

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A short week, since I only posted the last one on Tuesday, but here is the next, relatively small, selection of Kickstarter projects that have caught my eye in the last few days: Miniatures Space Raiders 3 : The Chaos Raiders!! Giving off a very 1980’s Chaos vibe, this miniature range is the 3rd Kickstarter project from Diego Pinilla. In has currently raised 2177 EUR of a 4000EUR funding goal, and is running until 11th November 2016, with delivery due in January 2017. Terrain TileScape DUNGEONS The fabulously-named Rocket Pig Games are running a project to produce 3D Print files for Dungeons, caverns, sewers and all sorts of the stuff. They have smashed their modest $300 funding goal, having currently had over $11,000 pledged. The project is running until 29th November, and is due for delivery between January and June 2017. Boardgames The Edge: Dawnfall Dawnfall is a new miniatures boardgame from Awaken Realms, who previously made Neuroshima Hex. You can buy individual factions, Conflict Boxes (2 factions) or a Warchest, which contains 6 factions for the game. The project has already hit 450% of its £40,000 funding target, and is running until 14th November 2016. Delivery is due in […]

Infinity Grimdark – completing the lot

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Our focus for today is on a last addition to the scenery lot. That is another reinforced building with watchtower on top. It makes a great outpost and reminds me slightly at the command bunker(?) from the Warhammer 40k Rulebook of 3rd Edition. I think the scenario linked to it was called the farm or […]

Mantic plastic pipe terrain for Gorkamorka / This is not a Test

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A while back I managed to get hold of some of the plastic mantic pipework that was part of the deadzone 2nd edition kickstarter.This has been sitting a box for a while as most of my kickstarter stuff does, and had a “good idea” to use the pipework for …

Infinity GrimDark – City Lights and more

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Today just a short addition to the cityscape terrain – street lights because – why not. That aside the remaining doors for all the buildings. I’ve decided to put them on display, creating a big marketplace… just for fun. Guarded by some Enforcers… No one would be stupid enough to enter this are without permission, or […]

Weathering heights – How to clean your palette with mud

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Like often, I’ve engaged myself in a stupidly vast amount of projects at once… The good thing is that I’ll be able to show you plenty of cool stuff at some point and that things get done. The bad thing being it takes some guts every now and then to get started given the amount on the table. But hey, this is not me whining or anything, just explaining why I needed a little break.
One of my favourite ways of avoiding hobby burn outs is to actually paint. I mean paint something I don’t care much about and that can potentially provide rapid and high return on investment.
So here we are.

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Review: Armies on Parade 2016 – video

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Armies on Parade 2016 in Warsaw Poland – watch the video below from the event that took place on the 15th October.
The first place went to the Empire Castle "Tear for shadows past". It was a great and very harmonious display, although the bases didn’t fit.
Dark Eldar took the second place with equally large diorama. I was quite surprised with the colours of the miniatures – I’m not a fan of

Review – Futuristic scenery from ZEN TERRAIN [Part One]

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Hello! It`s a time to add something on blog after long absence 🙂 Today you may see review of futuristic scenery made by polish manufacture Zen Terrain. Here you can find first impressions, overall look and a lot of photos with unassembled sets. In second part of article (online in the middle of week) – photos of[…]

Infinity GrimDark – more Habitat units

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Time for more additions to the gaming table. One further skywalk and a small two cube apartment will enhance and enrich life in the Deadzone😛 The two cube buildings are especially important to fill gaps on a Deadzone mat, to create a dense cityscape with short fire lanes to give some bonus to Plague forces. Tagged: […]

The beginnings of a shanty town…….

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…… 15mm from Ironclad , Khurasan and Peter Pig!These were completed during the Analogue 2015 shenanigans but didn’t count due to some scenery bias from the judges, anyway the majority of scenery (fences/buildings) is Ironclad(they were having a…

Sarissa Scenery on Sale

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Roll up, roll up and get you battlefields ready for tournament season! Over at Warlord Games they’ve been working closely with Sarissa Precision to develop a growing range of scenics, catering for every historical and sci-fi battlefield. To celebrate this range Warlord are giving you the chance to build your battlefields and army displays with a huge 15% discount … Continue reading Sarissa Scenery on Sale

Scenery: Ruined house VI

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Our ruined house for Warhammer fantasy, Mordheim (Empie in flames) and 1650 A capa y espada is finished. But we added some extra details before to paint, a outdoor wooden shutters.
With the floor, walls, and second floor done our ruined house …

Ascloha revisited…

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Hoi,Well Hugo is settling in fine and since he’s rather quick falling asleep in the evening I get a little downtime then. So here’s the promised post about the MDF buildings I am currently working on. I basically have two projects: one is a Dark Age pr…

Rubbish…utter rubbish!

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Hoi,Today I’ll be putting up a few pictures of some of my modern scatter terrain. Most pieces are from the TTCombat resin scenery line. These are little gems even if they do suffer from some flash. The flames in the oil drum are rubbish, I know, but we…

Terrain Corner

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The big thing about wargaming is its a huge hobby.  Its not just spending time painting the amazing armies that we use, its also the field of battle we choose to fight on. I have to say I actually find painting the terrain to be a lot more fun that the miniatures.  I think its … Continue reading Terrain Corner

Infinity GrimDark – Walkways, Sensors and Crates

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Time for some details and the important walkway sections. A first walkway and some of the Crate wall sections create some decent cover for infantry and nice scenery for more merchant/ trading themed tables. Some Sensors will be objectives for Infinity and the lower wall section provides, even more, cover and adds some suburban favour […]