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Houses of the city – Post-apoc/Sci-fi scenery

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In the last couple of weeks I had the chance to play a fair load of games and for the second part for the french Oldhammer event (posts HERE and HERE, I had decided to build and paint a bit more scenery to have a good table.
Now I’ve started these a few months ago but like often I did most of the job and then couldn’t get myself to do what was left.

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Terrain is everything – New display board – ‘bloody marbleous’

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I really didn’t expect to progress so quickly with my new display board but I had a puncture last week which meant I had to take a day off to get it replaced. This afforded me some time during the day to work on the board. In the hobby for me, some job…

Terrain is everything – New display board

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I started this display board the other week. This patterned sheet of hardboard was left at my Aunt’s house when we cleared it after she passed away. It has a glossy finish to look like tiles and I hoped the slightly embossed pattern might still be visi…

Western Cottages

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Friday’s scenery update: Western Cottages. These are laser cut models from Micro Art Studio which were released for the Wild Exodus game from Wayland Games. Although they’re supposed to be for Old West type games I think they can suit most games.Availa…

Starting on gaslands

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Succumbed to the Gaslands frenzy, I’m trying to build a series of car while working on some Post-Apocalypse scenery. Car in the picture is a converted Hot-Wheel . I’m using the Sector Mechanicus kit from GW to as scenery bits. It’s been a good way to p…

Terrain is everything – Sanctum Imperialis Big Build TO DONE!

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After my last Confession I’d assessed what was on my palette and distilled it down to the ‘Big 3’ which begs the question why I was suddenly building the Sanctum Imperialis from my Imperial Knight Renegade set… In fact, on the sprue this took up far …

Etheric Vortex: Gloomtide Shipwreck

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Etheric Vortex: Gloomtide Shipwreck from Games Workshop. Did a couple of these, one of them will make a nice addition to my swamp table set. It’s a very nice kit although the floating fishes are a bit weird if you’re using it as a shipwreck, will prob…

Scatter Terrain from Fogou !

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Here’s the second half of the Fogou scenery I did earlier. This time it’s all the scatter terrain and bits you can use to decorate the tabletop with.
Like for the rest of the Fogou pieces, it’s remarkably well cast, requires little to no preparation and the details are probably finer than on some of the models you’ll use it with.

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‘nids part 251 – Tyranid VSG

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Almost two years ago now, there was another one of my ‘honestly not’ diversionary tasks while the Dark Angel drop pods failed to motivate me. But what a task to get distracted inspired by – the Tyranid VSG. Although don’t get too excited I haven’t touc…

Mats by Mars – Product Review

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After Cold Wars, I decided to dress up my 7TV/Doctor Who game map with a mat, designed to simulate the concrete surfacing of an old WWII air base.Sadly, my normal source – Hotz Mats – has been developing a less-than-stellar reputation at The Miniatures…

‘nids part 250 – Tyranid Void Shield Generator – how to sculpt a chitin plate NSfW!

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To celebrate my 250th Tyranid post I thought I’d finally publish this ‘draft’ post officially to the world. I originally sculpted and filmed this almost 2 years ago but I know what it looks like and just couldn’t bring myself to share it publicly. I’ve…

Terrain is everything – Ferron Fire Firs

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The other week I had a day off, mainly to attend a funeral but afterwards I was productive in moving a lot of logs created from my mutant Sycamore tree I had to cut down – it was starting to move the foundations of my garden fence. Having put the wood …

Friday Scenery Update (20/04/18)

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Back to Friday scenery updates…Been a busy week and finished a few projects. Highlight is the Mausoleum diorama but includes Fountain of Dagon from Fenris Games that I got from Salute and some rocks for your gaming needs. All available in the shop.&n…

Sigmarite Mausoleum Again !

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I’ve not been very busy over Easter but did manage to finish some projects and went to Salute. I always find it very motivating to go there. I’ve found some stencils for airbrushing that I cannot wait to try and some scenery from Fenris Games that I’ve…

A farm for a battle – Fogou scenery

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Something a little different for us today, something I don’t do enough but I had the perfect occasion and targets to do so this time : scenery.
The excellent Chris from Fogou Models has offered a couple of friends and myself the possibility to paint some of his upcoming models and I have to say after painting the brilliant shacks he had done earlier, I was more than excited to put my brushes on more of his work !

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Grumpy Old Tin – Review

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So this review has been a long time coming and I have to say a huge apology to Nik/Brian at Grumpy Old Tin for not […]

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Warhammer 40k Scenery – Industrial Loaders

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Following up on our last post, here are some Industrial Loaders to go within the scenery. These are Forge World sentinels with some now no longer made loader arms.
These were painted to level 3 quality and painted in industrial yellow to match the indu…

Shipping Containers

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Scenery bits weekly update…Another week I didn’t do as much as I was suppose to. I nearly finished the Wizard Tower, definitly done by next Friday. I managed to finish another set of Azyrite ruins.I also painted some shipping containers. I’m trying t…

Lots of Warhammer 40k Scenery

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This time round we have lots of Warhammer 40k scenery completed. Unfortunately I don’t have a large enough photo booth to capture all the scenery in their glory, so I’ve taken the photos on the assembly table and the spray booth. The structures are from the new Warhammer 40k/Necromunda scenery […]

Azyrite Ruins

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Scenery update weekly…I’ve had about the least productive week of the last 10 years for various reasons.I managed to paint a full kit of the new “Azyrite Ruins” from GW. I have to say I like it a lot, very nice kit, will fit perfectly with the old “R…

Review: Age of Sigmar Realm of Battle Scenery – Blasted Hallowheart

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Having a kitted out game board/table space is no cheap endeavour. Anyone who knows their Shattered Domains from their Sector Imperialis boards can tell you […]

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Stable Genius

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After finishing the three little cottages on Saturday, I decided to do something slightly different on Sunday and made a building that could serve as a stable or other outbuilding for a manor farm on my ECW/English pulp tables. It’s 3″ deep and 4″ wide, so actually larger in footprint than the little hovels. Horse … Continue reading Stable Genius

Hovels & Gardens

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With the clock running on toward Trumpeter Salute 2018, I need to get serious about producing the new scenery the linked pair of games I’m running there need! I’ve got more than enough hedges, dirt roads, and other greenery bits from previous scenery projects, but the farmhouse/manor, dovecote, and barn I’ve built previously need more … Continue reading Hovels & Gardens

Dragon Temple Entrance + Beds

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Scenery bits of the week…I did another “Dungeon Entrance” type diorama and a few beds. All available in the shop 

Town Planning

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There is one thing that as miniature wargamers we cannot get away from – we all need terrain over which to fight. Luckily, we seem to be in a golden age for terrain. Gone are the days when we were forced to scratch build our battlefields from old…