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Modelling New Zealand Bush

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I was searching for information on scenic material (scatter and flock and such) and stumbled across this (NZ 1:120  TT scale) New Zealand model railroad blog. It features some photos of Grant Morrel’s Kerosine Creek layout from the Masterton …

Quick Hint #64

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Rocks are always a common theme when it comes to figure bases and used correctly they can add a great sense of scale and drama to a figure or diorama. While there are numerous tutorials out there showing you how … Continue reading →

28mm Normandy Bunkers – Part 5

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So here we are at the last part of this series showing how I’ve build my first Bolt Action bunker. The build was completed in part 4 and now I’m going to be showing you how I’ve painted the bunker. … Continue reading →

Mantic Battlezones Announced

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Mantic are back with another release but this time it isn’t a new team for Dreadball! They are instead launching their new futuristic scenery range: Battlezones which they are saying will allow you to easily build a truly 3D gaming space at a genuinely affordable price. If this is the case then I am very […]

28mm Normandy Bunkers – Part 4

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Welcome back or just welcome if this is the first part of this article you have read. So lets recap on where the project has got to so far (you can find part 1, part 2 and part 3 at … Continue reading →

Battlefield in a Box Asteroids – A Review

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There’s been a distinct inter-planetary flavour to our gaming activities at Shell Case Towers. X-Wing miniatures and warships of the 41st Millennium have been taking to gaming boards and, as is often the case, my mind turned to scenery. I’d already taken a look at the Gale Force 9 Space Game Mat and used it for […]

Playground bark into rocky scatter terrain!

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With the semi decent weather now coming back to the UK, I dragged the GC down the park to escape cabin fever and stretch my legs,As I was running around with isla I picked up a bit of bark…this got my creative juices going as I wasn’t some more broke…

28mm Normandy Bunkers – Part 3

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In part 2 of this series I built the main bunker building from layers of Foamcard. This time I’m going to move on to creating the area surrounding the bunker including a Flak nest and some earth banks to give … Continue reading →

gatehouse WIP 2 – gates

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 gates for the gatehouse, scratchbuilt using the Tudor Wall Panelling from Fenris, they still need hinges fitting, but are pretty much done… as I was at it I did a 2nd left side gate with a wicket door just for variety – I say left side, but the…

Support your local blogger – Fenrisian Studios

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I may be a little biased about this but I had to share Fenrisian Studios blog, it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact Javier created the ruins below from my very own STCsI love the pale colours, I really need to have some cream/bonewhite buildin…

Quick Hint #61

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As anyone who has ever tried to join two pieces of foam or foamcard (foamcore) will know trying to make a strong joint can sometimes be a challenge, much less the difficulties of holding the pieces together while the glue … Continue reading →

28mm Normandy Bunkers – Part 2

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Following on from last weeks thoughts on building bunkers for Bolt Action (part 1), this week I’ve made a start on the first of what will hopefully be three bunkers. This one is going to be a Flak bunker and … Continue reading →

‘nids part 133 – PROJECT Y Scratchbuilt Tyranid Skyshield Landing Pad pt10.

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In a bid to stave off the mind numbing nature of painting the Tervigon I’m also cracking on with the Skyshield walls – no mean feat in themsleves. I actually don’t want to be doing these, I’m going against the flow of my creativity, I’m bored of it and…

Quick Hint #60

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At some time or another all of us will get the urge to make some rocks out of polystyrene or a similar foam material. Of course we all know what rocks look like so it should be simple to just … Continue reading →

A Dockside Crane for Gierburg

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The 1:72 scale medieval crane from Green Line is the latest addition to the docks of my Gierbug gaming board.I bought the kit at this year’s Tactica show, where I saw the assembled model in the flesh and was immediately convinced. It is available from …

1500pt battle report – nids vs Orks – Escalating Stronghold Assault

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Ben and I wanted to have a run out with our potential ToS lists. He’s got his Void Shield Generator made now and was trying out his Stompa, which he has doubts over. I on the other hand am all about surviving the attack of a Lord of War, so it’s Skyshi…

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Tabletop Taverns Kickstarter

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While my rather poor internet connection allows and I’m on a roll, I want to tell you about the third installment of the successful Tabletop towns range of folding card scenery. I’m a huge fan of paper models for wargaming, so this new camp…

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Wargames Bakery Stencilis

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You might remember Wargames Bakery and their last KS campaign, with their base stamps and their groovy name, and this time they are back with another new addition to the many stencils that are available on the market. Even so there are quite a lot of s…

adding to the jungle…

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With the recent announcement from Prodos that wave two kickstarters will be sorted out soon, I figured I should round off the jungle table.I was unsure what was needed so as usual I went on gut instinct and ordered a box of Dust quonset huts, price was…

Support you local blogger –

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How do I get to blogging for so long without ever coming across this website. Germy has been creating free terrain tmeplates for years and I was completely oblivious. His awesome buildings for 40k are all FREE to download, which I obviously love and th…

Battlefleet Gothic Scratch Build – Space Dock

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All the fun Phil and Matt have been having with their X-Wing adventures has inspired me to do something of my own relating to star ships and space battles, although rather than Star Wars being my theatre of war I returned to one of my favourite games – Battle Fleet Gothic. I’m lucky enough to […]

Epic : Armageddon – Scenery completed

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Hey guys, Here are the pics from my new ruins. Rubble was added, as well as some pigments and decals. Every ruin is telling a story. In one ruin there is a little office room on the highest level, or … Weiterlesen →

Terrain is everything – Hail the Omnissiah a new Print & Play building

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As is the tradition on my birthday it’s time to give a gift to the community, sorry it’s just another terrain template but you could look at it as a gift horse, just don’t look it in the mouth! ;) Therefore I give you the tall tower version for my new …

gatehouse WIP

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a bit of a build for February… a gatehouse to go alongside the manor house to help vary it up a bit and as a start to a coaching inn type courtyard… I had hoped to be further along with this one, but a bug swept the office and I’ve been playing alo…

‘nids part 130 – PROJECT Y Scratchbuilt Tyranid Skyshield Landing Pad pt9.

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I’m struggling a little bit to juggle the projects I have with how to blog them, mainly because I’m trying to multi-task. I appreciate as a man that’s impossible but we should all have aspirational goals, wot! So this is the small but significant progr…