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Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters?

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Following on from my Avengers Mansion, I thought that Arkham would also make a decent Xavier’s School for Gifted Younsters. Using the same parts of Arkham, I have set them out in a wider layout to give the impression of a large school instead of a…

Avengers Mansion board

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Any long term readers of this blog will know that often I like to grab a load of terrain and see what new boards I can come up with.As I have the KM Arkham Asylum but I am now in love with the new Marvel game (that I have wanted for years), I thought i…

Back to the Brushes 109

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Some more work in progress pics of both 6mm Rapier Miniatures Hypaspists and the ongoing rebasing of 15mm Essex ACW Confederates.Shown next to their finished comrades in arms to spur them on to greater things in the future; or something like that.Below…

Saga in 6mm – making terrain

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Per Broden has posted a new update on his 6mm Saga project blog for the Joy of Six show on July 17th 2016. In this entry, he discusses how he created all the scenery (including a use of spaghetti that I had never considered!)   – the tables he has produced are almost entirely hand-made, and look fantastic. This is an excellent an inspiring blog entry – well worth a look.Filed under: Gaming Blogs, Historical Gaming, Painting & Modelling, Shows / Conventions / Events Tagged: Dark Age, Saga, Scenery

X-men Tearing up a Sentinel in Genosha!

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A while back a fried (Ross) said h had seen some Sentinel parts on ebay that might make good terrain for X-men games.I looked them up and they were Build a Figure parts from Marvel Legends action figures. But then something else caught my eye. Broken S…

Avengers Statues? Good plan!

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Hey there,Now Knight Models are re-releasing the older Marvel figures with rules for the new game, I am left with a few doubles including the 4 core members of the Avengers.While I considered some alt colour schemes, I placed the models on the side and…

40 Scenery – Turbo Blaster Turret

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20160508-40k Scenery-200Something a little different here. A while back we painted a Forge World Imperial Redoubt board. This Turbo Blaster Turret was intended for that board (we didn’t receive it until some time afterwards). This turret was painted to Level 3 and had some weathering applied to it so that it […]

Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Realm of the dead; Cemetery Gateway

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Hello everyone, it’s me Grim. In my absence, I at least have been amassing a fair bit of material here to continue on with both this series and the blog. I hope you’ll forgive my leave, but shit happens. So, it’s been a while since posting the last dungeons of doom article. With that in […]

Infinity GrimDark – Aegis Defense line & bunkers

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Time to kick off with the first finished set of buildings. I started with painting up a bunch of wall sections, the two defense guns and two watch towers/bunkers. To keep the lot interchangeable between Infinity, Warpath/Deadzone and Warhammer 40k, I opted for not applying any decals, but creating setting specific adverts and posters one […]

New buildings from Najelwitz Modellbau

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One of the questions I was asked a lot last weekend was ‘What make are your buildings?’. In the small town we had set up, the two buildings on the bottom right are both from Tiger Terrain, whilst everything else comes from German company Najelwitz Modellbau. I thought that I would check their website, and I was very pleased to discover that they have recently released some new 15mm buildings, the most eye-catching of which was a new Industrial Complex. The Complex is available in both 15mm and 1:72 scale, with the 15mm version costing 62.00 EUR and the 1:72 version 90.00 EUR. Shipping is 10 EUR to Europe , or 15 EUR to the Rest of the World. This has immediately been added to my shopping list. By the way, they have also released a number of 15mm German buildings which are suitable for use with Team Yankee.Filed under: Accessories, Historical Gaming Tagged: 15mm Gaming, 20mm Gaming, Scenery

Infinity GrimDark – 28mm Scifi scenery

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Hay there, I hope you guys are doing well. Finally, after three years on the shelves, I spent a couple of days, building a massive lot of Mantic Games Scifi terrain. Playing Deadzone, Infinity and soon Horus Heresy, I intended to build some cityscape terrain, that should fit all settings. As shapes and look of the […]

Walking down Gaslamp Alley

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One of recent purchases was a couple of Sarissa Precision buildings, Victorian brick buildings, part of their Gaslamp Alley range. I had bought the terrached house and the terraced shop. Here is the model from the Sarissa website. The Sarissa Precision models are laser cut MDF and come plain. I do quite like how the […]

Age of Scenery Part 2

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Rounding out the better half or, good guys stuff, for the local shop.Next up, it’s big, it’s mean, it’s yellow!

Scenery of Sigmar!

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Sometimes it’s all about Where you fight and not who you fight… Something commissioned by the local shop, Flying Phoenix Games.First up we’ll have what you could call the bad guy stuff.More to come, Stay tuned! Something cool coming in a few posts. C…

Brigade Models – New Scenery and Weapons

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Some awesome new stuff from the folks at Brigade Models. Continuing with their growing 15mm science fiction scenery range they add a new, raised colonial housing structure along with some new weapon emplacements.

Here’s what they have to say about it….
Some houses in the desert wastelands are built up on high plinths to keep them safe from predators – this is one such design, accessed by a single stairway to a raised platform. This new 15mm building is available today.

I’ve also been tinkering with some of our recent releases, combining them with other parts to see what I could come up with. In particular, the new Fasolini tracked gun units have all sorts of possibilities. I’ve added a missile launcher and radar dish to the tracked base to create mobile anti-tank and comms systems, as well as a 5-barrel gatling weapon, known as the Lucane (Stag Beetle) family. I’ve also put the single-barrel gun on a ground mount to create a light AA gun (the quad gun was unfortunately a bit too big to fit the base and overbalances). These are listed under the EuroFed.

B15-130 – Plinth Dwelling – £10.00
SF15-416b – Lucane Tracked Missile System – £4.00
SF15-416c – Lucane Tracked Radar Unit – £3.75
SF15-416d – Lucane Tracked Gatling – £3.75
SF15-416e – Ground-mount AA Gun – £3.75

Cell Block-H

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From Brigade Models.
One of the most popular 15mm building sets we’ve come out with has been the Research Base. Possibly because it’s a very versatile design that will stand in as a military barracks, PoW or prison camp or general purpose civilian huts. Today we have a new addition to the base, a double hut connected by a central corridor – in other words, an H-Block. In its original guise as a cold weather research base it means that the occupants can move from hut to hut without stepping outside in the cold, which has to be a good thing !

B15-505 – H-Block – £10.00

Check out more – HERE 

Avengers and Guardians Board for Marvel

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I have finally had the chance to pick up a couple of bits to finish off my multi use Marvel board.Some sprays to match the GF9 rocks, more GF9 rocks and some textured paint.This was a combination of 3 different Army Painter sprays on top of some masonr…

The Workbench This Weekend, 7 May 2016

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My girlfriend is out of town with friends so I’ve had a bachelor/wargamer weekend and gotten a lot done on my Infinity figures. The planters are foamed PVC sheet and mat board offcuts, and the trees are from Games Workshop — at one point they produced a rather nice set of modular plastic “tropical trees” … Continue reading The Workbench This Weekend, 7 May 2016

Playingtheodds – Building your own Battle Mat

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Recently, a blog update from Playing The Odds showed how you could make your own flexible gaming mat. It’s a really interesting article which looks to give a great result, and very much appeals to the ‘DIY Wargamer’ part of me. Although we have a static 6′ x 4′ table, this gives me a few … Continue reading Playingtheodds – Building your own Battle Mat

PlastCraft Curved Modular Building

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While at Trumpeter Salute I picked up one of PlastCraft’s Designed-For-Infinity plastic pre-coloured buildings, the Curved Modular Building, from the awesome folks at Imperial Hobbies, BC’s greatest wargaming store, and the only reason I do anything in Richmond other than change buses… Anyway, the Curved Modular Building is a small building, with a footprint about … Continue reading PlastCraft Curved Modular Building

MOAR Vortex Templates

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Despite the arm pain I actually managed to do some bits. In fact because I took the day off to see the doctor I had some free time and in a moment of madness I just decided to knock out a couple more Vortex templates. Having enjoyed the fun of them in …

Finished! More Scenery for the Infinity City

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This little extension comes from the Reaper Miniatures Bones range. Which is super cheap. In case you missed it the first time around, here’s where the Infinity city began.I’ll definitely be adding to the city in the near future. Infinity requires a go…

Bring Me… A Shrubbery!

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Having moved at the start of this year I’ve been sorting and reorganizing gaming stuff, as one does, and working on actually using some of the stockpile of stuff I’ve accumulated. Part of the stockpile was a much wider array of greenery and model plant type material than I had thought I had. I also … Continue reading Bring Me… A Shrubbery!

Stone Walling

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Well it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve had time to get anything hobby related done (work/life balance totally screwed ) but I’ve had a chance to do some quick five minute tests with a toy I picked up … Continue reading

Building a bit more scenery…Part II

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You may remember last week I wrote a blog post about repurposing some old toy farm buildings as 15mm wargaming scenery. Well, I did manage to finish these off over the weekend… First off, the chicken coop: Is now a storage shed The boxes/barrels etc are from the Baeuda Battlefield Accessories pack. The wooden poles … Continue reading Building a bit more scenery…Part II