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Armies on Parade board 2014 – Project X continues [just a little bit]

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It seems my embryonic Armies on Parade board is worthy of a few extra views. Now if I’m honest I’ve taken far more pictures than I’ll be showing but it doesn’t do to show all my cards at this point. What I will do is show you that the base is now compl…

Adventures in Airbrushing V – Jedi Starships

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The results of more airbrush practise this week. A couple of converted Jedi Starfighters and some Ainsty containers.Read more »


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As I’ve been ill for the last few days it’s given me a great opportunity to make plans for a couple of new gaming boards I’ve been wanting to make for some time. One of these is going to be … Continue reading →

Armies on Parade board 2014 – Project X is go!

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Moving on from Saturday’s doom laden post we are down the rabbit hole now folks! Armies on Parade is a go, despite my fear-mongering to the contrary. I hope anyone reading this blog, in particular my gaming buddies, enters a board. I see it as a showc…

Six-D-Six 2014-07-16 06:36:33

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Sally 4th have a new range of 10mm Sci-Fi buildings for Dropzone Commander. They look nice but are incredibly expensive in my opinion. Check them out for yourself, but I’ll be sticking to Blotz for the time being.

Even More Ruins

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Just finished the biggest building yet and another medium sized one. After making these two  I thought about storage for everything I’ve done for the village.  I managed to fit […]

Support your local blogger –

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Back when I was looking at creating some transparent walls for my Tyranid Skyshield Landing Pad there was one website that was providing most of the inspiration for how I could achieve my goal. Sadly, I was not as adventurous as and i…

Quick Hint #77

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Filler is one of those things that most modellers wouldn’t be found dead without. From texturing buildings and model bases (I’ve even used it to actually fill gaps when making terrain boards) it has many uses to suit our modelling … C…

Stone Walling

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Today I thought I’d share with you a nice quick technique for modelling exposed brickwork onto your buildings. For this you need to be using Foamcore for your walls as we are going to be sculpting into the foam to … Continue reading →

More scratchbuilding

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A week of scratch-building and I got to use all the runis I’ve been working on in a game of Chain of Command at the South East Scotland Wargames Club.  […]

Deadzone and scenery – more resources and inspiration

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I’ll admit, when it comes to the hobby, I’m most interested in scenery – there is something to me about setting and terrain that I really enjoy.  I think it might be the writer in me. So, today, I thought I’d share some of the stuff that first attracted me to Mantic – the Battlezones […]

Scratch-building Shutters

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One common theme of all the buildings I’ve been modifying and scratch-building for my 15mm Normandy project is the shutters.  They are such a distinctive feature of Normandy architecture that […]


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Having painted loads of resin buildings I decided to try scratch-building some of my own.  The walls of the building are made from foamcore stuck together with a hot glue […]

Terrain is everything – Hail the Omnissiah a new Print & Play building

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It’s been a good few months since my last   ‘Print & Play’ terrain template so it was about time I added the wide version of the black building. If you’ve made the first beige building then it’s exactly the same wider footprint with ex…

Sulaco Revisited

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As some of you may be aware I have a Wild West town that I’ve been building over the last year or so. It’s not been a concerted effort to get it finished, rather just an accumulation of things as … Continue reading →

A malema of Benouville Bridges

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On the eve of the 70th Anniversary of D-Day, it is perhaps fitting to advertise Pegasus Bridge, where the first shots of D-Day were fired on the ground. Perhaps one of the most iconic landmarks of World War 2, up until recently it was difficult to get …

old toy new life WIP part 2

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well, technically part 2 at any rate, it just needed a catchier title…Ok, the rooms within the base unit are done, walls thickened up slightly, some card down to hide various out of scale bits removed. All of the walls are at a slight angle, which ma…

A closer look at the Ruins Sprues

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The number one question I heard when talking to people at the UK Expo, and at our own Open Day about Battlezones Ruins Sprues was ‘what do they look like’.   So I thought today we could look at what the ruins are, and talk about why ruins are so importnat in the landscape of scenery. I […]

Ruined Battlezones spring up across the Galaxy

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Towards the end of last month we previewed the Ruins for the Battlezones range of Wargames Scenery – a new terrain kit that allows you build a dystopian, broken landscape for your sci-fi battles, whether it’s for an intense skirmish in the depths of shelled city, or the setting for a massive invasion across an […]

Community round up – the Uk Games Expo Edition

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Hi guys.  What a weekend! Mantic was at the UK Games Expo with Titan Games, and we had a blast.  From sharing the game with people visiting the stall, to showing off some amazing scenery pieces, the stall was busy for the whole convention.  Let us know if you stopped by, and whether you grabbed […]

More Scenery

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Finished this week, more stuff from Goldfinger models.  First some pieces from their range of entrenchments. R26 Remblais de Combat – these will come in handy as  Entrenchments  for Chain […]

How to Make Rope

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So here I am again with another how to tutorial. This time I though I’d show you a simple way to make lengths of rope suitable for almost any scale. If you’ve ever looked closely at a piece of rope … Continue reading →

panelled gates and doors

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the doors and gates I’ve done for my Manor House build are now available for sale from Fenris Games. Click on the pictures if you have a use for them:

Quick Hint #71

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One of the biggest problems with making terrain is the fact that it tends to eat paint in large quantities, well at least in comparison to figure painting. Even a small building or hill can seriously deplete a pot of … Continue reading →

Action Force Tactical Battle Platform

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 I picked this old Action Force playset up ages ago for about £8 if memory serves…- it wasn’t complete, the flip out platform was missing, as was the gun rack, but that was fine, as I originally intended to use it as an oil rig… but that ha…