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A Pair of Hills, Part Two

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I’ve finished the first two hills I started a while back, and built a third large hill to finish up the set for now. After the first coat of glue/sand/paint “goop” dried I added a second layer to a few areas of both hills, just to smooth out a few seams and such. I mentioned … Continue reading A Pair of Hills, Part Two

Infinity GrimDark – Habitat unit 1

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Finally, scenery again. Today’s addition is the first of a bunch of Habitat buildings including a second neon-lighting module on top. It is one of a pair of buildings, that will be key for the walkways attachable to the buildings and creating the different height levels, crucial for games of Infinity, Necromunda or Deadzone. Mentioning […]

Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Realm of the Dead; Necropolis Obelisk

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Ok, so finally I found the photos for this episode of Grim’s Dungeons of Doom; Realm of the dead. This article, we are going to make some Necropolis Obelisks or tomb marker type monuments, these will match the rest of the other dungeon set and work well as standalone pieces in their own right. As […]

Building the Chicago Way

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Though I still have to paint some models for The Chicago Way and make up the Shotgun House I bought at a recent show, I have been thinking about other potential buildings. Looking over the film The Untouchables, which was the inspiration for the rules, has some nice shots of buildings. Zooming in (click the […]

Prastok Imperial City – New scenery for 40k

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Bit of an unusual post for me today since not only have I painted 14 pieces in a WE but I’ve painted scenery !
You’ve heard me whine about my total lack of any good scenery for quite a while for the most patient of you so I thought I had to use the opportunity to have the house for me alone to paint some buildings and ruins.
A little time ago (2 years at least), I realised I had plenty of bits from now old GW kits and thought it was high time to use them to make… SCENERY !

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Review: Cigar Box Battle Mats

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Rating:  In recent years, there has been a quantum leap in commercially available terrain for wargaming. One of the biggest areas of growth has been in terrain mats. It doesn’t seem that long ago that, unless you made a table yourself, your choice of terrain mat was limited to a single colour piece of felt cloth – usually in brown, green, blue or black – and if you were very lucky, you potentially had the option of having hexes printed on it. However, we now see a large and growing selection of printed terrain mats available on various different materials; vinyl, cloth and even neoprene (that’s the stuff they make mouse mats out of). One of these new companies is Cigar Box Battle. We were recently contacted by the guys at Cigar Box and asked if we wanted to review some of their mats – to be honest, we jumped at the chance. I’ve seen Cigar Box products around for a while, North Star import them in the UK, and whilst they look very nice, I have shied away from buying one sight unseen as they are at the expensive end of the terrain mat market: a 6′ x 4′ mat […]

A Pair of Hills

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Still quiet around here this summer, but wargaming has been taking place, as has figure painting, and finally, just for a change, a bit of scenery building! I broke out my stockpile of half-inch insulation board last week and spent and couple of hours with a razor knife, hot glue gun, and the styrofoam. I … Continue reading A Pair of Hills

Bamboo Bases

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As I’ve had a number of Bushido figures covering my desk over the last few weeks I thought I’d add a few minutes to each build to add some nice bases to the figures (the usual grass and rocks just didn’t … Continue reading

Infinity GrimDark – Watchtower and armoury

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Hey guys, hopefully, you are done with your work for this week and slowly on your way back home (you won’t be reading this at work, would you?!). This week’s update includes two buildings. One is a watchtower, which can be put on top of many buildings included in the lot to vary height levels and […]

Fine Furnishings Volume 1 Paper-kit, now available on Wargame Vault!

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Yet another shameless PDF plug for the latest Grinning Skull studios publication, Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Fine furnishings Volume 1 is now available from wargame vault and sister sites. This is yet another fine paper kit in the Dungeon Builder series and will add on more detail and use for your Arcane library set ups […]

Deep Cut Studio – Medieval Ruins Terrain Mat

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Those talent chaps at Deep Cut Studio have been at it again. Hard on the heels of their Muddy Field release, followed by a particularly squelchy-looking Alien Planet mat (sure to find a home amongst certain sci-fi horde army players, I’m sure) they have released a new Medieval Ancients Ruins mat. On first seeing it, my immediate thought was that it would make a great mat for playing Frostgrave, although DCS already produce a specific Frostgrave mat. Think of this as Frostgrave, minus the Frost. As with all their mats, it’s available in 3×3, 4×4 and 6×4 sizes, in PVC, Cloth and Mousemat materials. Deep Cut continue to expand their excellent range of products – as I was looking through their website I spotted their ‘Space Hulk’ mat which I don’t think I’ve seen before – that’s really nice too! Seriously, I could spend a lot of money with this company… Filed under: Accessories & Terrain Tagged: Scenery

Streetscape – 28mm MDF buildings with a difference on Kickstarter

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Whilst the growth of MDF lasercut buildings has revolutionised the wargames scenery market, there is a simple fact: unless you are prepared to use some modelling skills to make some amendments, the vast majority of MDF buildings all look the same look like MDF buildings – i.e. wood and not brick Philip Page has just launched a new Kickstarter project with the idea of changing that. Streetscape: 28mm Resin and MDF buildings has the idea of using an MDF shell for the building, but then using a thin resin sheet for detail. This detail can be used on the front, back and roof of the building to give you buildings that have the detail and finish of resin, without the weight, and at a reduced cost. The resin can be thin, as it’s not providing the structural integrity of the model. The upshot is that a number of buildings can be produced, using three basic MDF ‘frames’ and applying different facades, roof tiles and added extras such as skylights, dorma windows and chimneys. It’s a really interesting idea, and a neat solution to the ‘MDF look’ problem. The project is running until the 24th August, and is looking for a £4,000 funding target. […]

Dead Man’s Hand 7

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A few scenery pieces that have been completed lately for use in a variety of skirmish games including Dead Man’s Hand, Songs of Blades and Heroes, SAGA and anything else that suits.All of these are from Hovels and are 25/28mm in scale.Some work in prog…

Deadzone GrimDark – Reinforced city building

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Today we spent attention on the largest building in the lot: A battle damaged, large building, with plenty of space for snipers, troops of Imperial Guardsmen or Scitarii. The back of the building, including the destroyed walls, includes some rubble, which merges the building more authentically with the gaming table. This allows for creating a severely […]

Deep Cut Studios release Muddy Fields

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Deep Cut Studios have just released a new gaming mat – Muddy Fields. If you don’t fancy fighting over rolling meadows or plains, this could be the gaming surface for you: Here are some close-ups from the website. The mat is available in different sizes and materials, depending upon your need and preference: Filed under: Accessories & Terrain Tagged: Scenery

Bushido – Japanese Minka

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Bushido like any other tabletop game needs some terrain to vary the gaming area and make your games more interesting. I’ve always been a great fan of making or converting cheap terrain, not only does this save money but it … Continue reading

GameTerrain – new company launches via Kickstarter 

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The huge growth in the availability of MDF buildings for wargaming in recent years has definitely made scenery more affordable, especially in 28mm. However, they are not to everyones liking – I must admit that I much prefer using resin buildings for brick or stone structures. New company is launching on Kickstarter at the moment with this thought very much in mind.  They are looking to produce resin 28mm buildings suitable for fantasy gaming. Their aim is to eventually have a range of around 26 individual models to choose from, but they are starting their range by launching 3 – although this may increase should product funding allow.  The first two buildings are the Old Shed (above) and the Ramshackle Hovel (below).  The Shed is 50mm x 50mm x 75mm, whilst the Hovel is 100mm x 100mm x 100mm. The Hovel comes in two pieces, as it has a removable roof. They are priced at £9 and £24 respectively. These will be shipped in September 2016. In addition to this,  GameTerrain also has a much larger model on offer.  The Traveller’s Rest is a large construction, 300mm x 300mm x 250mm, which consists of two buildings: a stable and an […]

Infinity GrimDark – Market

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Consecutively to last week’s post, here the next fully painted a lot of the entire lot. This trading post with additional crates and boxes and some broken walls to the back adds a scenic piece to the terrain lot, which might function as central building of a trading district within the city terrain. Personally, I find […]

Ceri Design launch 2D terrain Kickstarter 

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Ceri Design, a small UK company that has previously run Kickstarter projects to produce gaming mats, is running a new Kickstarter project, this time producing 2D terrain. This terrain is produced from the same sublimated felt material as the game mats that Ceri Design produce. The material is hard wearing and crease resistant.  They are producing several different designs, including warehouse terrain (as seen above), buildings (basically top-down views of roofs), ruins and wild areas (below) The idea is to make affordable, good looking terrain for those gamers where space is at a premium – let’s face it, terrain can take up a lot of room. Each terrain pack is priced at £10. The Kickstarter is running until the 13th August, looking to raise £1000.Filed under: Accessories & Terrain Tagged: Crowdfunding, Scenery

The Scenic Route

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Recently I was shooting another tutorial video, this time involving some scenery and some hairspray. Here are the stills I shot of the finished piece..I’m kicking myself for coming across this scheme a little late into the game, having painted a large …

Infinity GrimDark – Industrial depot

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Today some industrial goods and low-level terrain. While assembling the scenery lot, I found the idea of having an industrial sector tempting. It consists of plenty of infantry cover, whilst denying passage for tanks and cover for TAGs. Thus some more wall sections and some triangular containers. Seeing usually ordinary box-shaped structures on the table, […]

Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Realm of the Dead; Metal railed walls.

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This time in the realm of the dead themed terrain set, we are going to tackle some simple metal railed walls, using an easy to find and mostly free material, packaging foam. Sorry about the delay in the latest installment of Grim’s Dungeons of Doom, I must say that I have been taken up with […]

Dead Man’s Hand 6

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Returning to the Wild West for a brief flurry with some small pieces of scenery. First up here is the the Wild West version of the “Cludgie” or outdoor loo.Painted as a test piece for more scenery, this time to be used for the American Civil War. This …

Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters?

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Following on from my Avengers Mansion, I thought that Arkham would also make a decent Xavier’s School for Gifted Younsters. Using the same parts of Arkham, I have set them out in a wider layout to give the impression of a large school instead of a…

Avengers Mansion board

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Any long term readers of this blog will know that often I like to grab a load of terrain and see what new boards I can come up with.As I have the KM Arkham Asylum but I am now in love with the new Marvel game (that I have wanted for years), I thought i…