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Pulsar 2849 Review

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Space is one of my favorite themes for a board game. X-Wing Miniatures, Space Hulk, Armada…the list goes on. The excitement of facing down your opponent be it in a starfighter or onboard a derelict vessel, making strategic plans and rolling dice …

Master of Orion: Conquest Review

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[Insert witty anecdote about Master of Orion the computer game from 1993] [Insert comment about how there are a couple new games along with a new version of the computer game.] [Insert pun about “blasting” its way to tabletop.] Master of Orion: Conques…

Kepler-3042 Review

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If there is a theme that’s perhaps as overused as the zombie apocalypse, it’s terraforming space. In the last few years alone there have been a number of games that focus on establishing a new world in the outer reaches of the universe. The…

Alien Artifacts Review

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Alien ArtifactsI seem to enjoy the games released by Portal Games. Several of their games have taken up permanent residence in my collection. Year after year they release quality titles. 2017 is supposed to be the year of First Martians, a title they have admitted to being their biggest release yet. This reviewer, while appreciating the […]

The Expanse Review

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The ExpanseIn 2011, two novelists under the pseudonym James S.A. Corey published Leviathan Wakes, the first in the Expanse novels, a science fiction saga taking place in a future where humanity has colonized the Solar System, with Earth and Mars as the superpowers, and the disenfranchised and exploited Belt poised for a rise to rebellion. The […]