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Warcradle Studios obtain Spartan Games IP from Rebel Publishing

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Just in case you missed the announcement earlier this week, Warcradle Studios – the creative studio of Wayland Games, who are currently known for their game Wild West Exodus, have acquired the Spartan Games IP for Dystopian Wars, the Firestorm Universe (both Armada and Planetfall) and Uncharted Seas from Rebel Publishing, following their recent collapse. In a move that can only be applauded, Warcardle almost immediately issued a video explaining the situation, what they had bought and what they were not liable for, as there are obvious issues surrounding goods owned to kickstarter backers etc. Whilst it’s very sad to see the demise of Rebel Publishing, the fact that these game IPs are likely to survive is very good news for those gamers who have invested into them over the years. We look forward to seeing the direction that Warcradle take these games in future months.Filed under: Hobby News Tagged: Fantasy Gaming, Sci-Fi Gaming, Steampunk

X-Wing – Flying Casual

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  I’d noted in my first post about Dilution Theory that I hadn’t played the X-Wing Miniatures Game this year, despite very much enjoying the game. One of the main causes of this (other than breaking my wrist earlier this year and missing the Regional at Battlefield Hobbies) was the fact that my main opponent – my son Josh – moved away from home. He’s now back, which is a huge bonus as we play several games together, such as Runewars, Ninja All-Stars, Planetfall, Lord of the Rings LCG and, of course, X-Wing. We are now making a visit to the Friday club night at Battlefield Hobbies a regular part of our week, which has meant that we’ve been playing X-Wing for the last few weeks – primarily due to the fact that Josh had been inspired by watching trailers for the new Star Wars Battlefront 2 game. As I have previously written, I’m not a huge fan of meta-gaming in X-Wing, and actually avoid it if at all possible, so I haven’t read that much about squadron building – I’d much rather think about what I fancy flying and then throw something onto the table at the start of the evening, […]

3mm Sci-Fi forces coming from Vanguard Miniatures

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Vanguard Miniatures produce a range of sci-fi miniatures in various different scales. Their popular Defeat in Detail range is available in several different scales, probably most notably in 6mm. Whilst 6mm is a fairly standard scale for fighting large battles, what if you wanted to fight really huge battles? Well, Vanguard are planning to release their Defeat in Detail range in 3mm for those truly epic encounters. Examples of these were at Dr Mike’s Painting Clinic at The Other Partizan show a couple of weekends ago – pictures are from the Tusculum Nova range Whilst the 6mm miniatures are very tempting, I really like the diorama-style basing with the smaller scale (I’m thinking of the same sort of thing for Rommel). The new 3mm range is due for release in September 2017, and are definitely being added my shopping list. Hopefully the bases will also be available (the bases in the pictures are 75mm x 75mm).Filed under: Hobby News Tagged: 3mm Gaming, Sci-Fi Gaming

Imperial Assault Gunboat announced for X-Wing

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This was probably one of the first views I ever got of the Imperial Assault Gunboat. It was the mid-1990s, I was playing the Lucasarts X-Wing Space Combat Simulation Game game on my PC – still one of my all-time favourite computer games. The Lambda-class shuttle was always my favourite looking ship from the original Star Wars trilogy and so it was almost inevitable that I fell in love with the design of this new ship. It looked good, had shields, was tough to kill and packed a punch when attacking – what more could you want? Though probably overshadowed by the announcement of Star Wars: Legion, I was pretty excited when FFG announced that as part of the wave XII release for the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game, they were finally releasing the Imperial Alpha-Class Star Wing as an official model.     Ever since I started collecting ships for X-Wing, my goal has not been to play in tournaments, but rather to recreate the battles I remember playing using the X-Wing PC game. I’m hoping to recreate the scenarios from the PC game using the game engine from Heroes of the Aturi Cluster. The Assault Gunboat was one of the iconic Imperial spacecraft from […]

Spartan Games expands the Firestorm Galaxy via Kickstarter

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Spartan Games are looking to expand the Firestorm Galaxy, and have launched a Kickstarter project to that end. Firestorm Armada was originally launched back in 2009, and has evolved since then, adding more ships and moving through a couple of rules versions. This new Kickstarter launches version 3.0 of the rules, but also includes: A new 2-Player Starter Box New races, including the Saurians and Pathogen Expansion Fleets for existing core factions New Narrative Books which provide a complete background to the Firestorm galaxy New scenery and gaming aids The Kickstarter project has a funding target of £50,000 (it’s at just under 80% funded at time of writing) and is running until 10th September 2017, with a proposed delivery date of February 2018. We are hoping to catch up with Neil Fawcett from Spartan Games later this week to find out the background to this new project. Look out for the interview to be published before the end of August.Filed under: Crowdfunding Tagged: Firestorm Armada, Sci-Fi Gaming

Antenocitis Workshop launch new 15mm/28mm sci-fi vehicle range on Kickstarter

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I have always felt that there has been something of a hole in the 28mm sci-fi vehicles market since Old Crow Models essentially ceased trading. In recent years, there have been a few companies who have started to produce more vehicles in this scale, one of these is Antenocitis Workshop, who have a very nice range 28mm vehicles and terrain, including their Governance of Technology range, which is available both in 28mm and 15mm This week Antenocitis Workshop have launched a Kickstarter project to produce a new range of vehicles in both 28mm and 15mm to add to their existing Governance of Technology range – the United States Independent Military Force, or US-IMF. This range includes wheeled and tracked vehicles, walkers and a couple of superb flyers: The kickstarter project is running until the 16th August, and has already rwahced over 200% of its £6,000 funding goal. Delivery is due in July 2018.Filed under: Crowdfunding Tagged: 15mm Gaming, 28mm Gaming, Sci-Fi Gaming