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Spartan Games expands the Firestorm Galaxy via Kickstarter

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Spartan Games are looking to expand the Firestorm Galaxy, and have launched a Kickstarter project to that end. Firestorm Armada was originally launched back in 2009, and has evolved since then, adding more ships and moving through a couple of rules versions. This new Kickstarter launches version 3.0 of the rules, but also includes: A new 2-Player Starter Box New races, including the Saurians and Pathogen Expansion Fleets for existing core factions New Narrative Books which provide a complete background to the Firestorm galaxy New scenery and gaming aids The Kickstarter project has a funding target of £50,000 (it’s at just under 80% funded at time of writing) and is running until 10th September 2017, with a proposed delivery date of February 2018. We are hoping to catch up with Neil Fawcett from Spartan Games later this week to find out the background to this new project. Look out for the interview to be published before the end of August.Filed under: Crowdfunding Tagged: Firestorm Armada, Sci-Fi Gaming

Antenocitis Workshop launch new 15mm/28mm sci-fi vehicle range on Kickstarter

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I have always felt that there has been something of a hole in the 28mm sci-fi vehicles market since Old Crow Models essentially ceased trading. In recent years, there have been a few companies who have started to produce more vehicles in this scale, one of these is Antenocitis Workshop, who have a very nice range 28mm vehicles and terrain, including their Governance of Technology range, which is available both in 28mm and 15mm This week Antenocitis Workshop have launched a Kickstarter project to produce a new range of vehicles in both 28mm and 15mm to add to their existing Governance of Technology range – the United States Independent Military Force, or US-IMF. This range includes wheeled and tracked vehicles, walkers and a couple of superb flyers: The kickstarter project is running until the 16th August, and has already rwahced over 200% of its £6,000 funding goal. Delivery is due in July 2018.Filed under: Crowdfunding Tagged: 15mm Gaming, 28mm Gaming, Sci-Fi Gaming

It’s 40K, but not as we know it

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A the start of June this year, Devil Pig Games made an announcement which may have come as something of a surprise – they were going to produce a new game based on their ‘Heroes System’, and that game was going to be set in the 40K universe. Whilst I managed to grab a few words with Clem from DPG at the UK Games Expo, he wasn’t able to say much about this game at the time (though I did get to see some of the preliminary artwork). This week, those people who were registered on the Devil Pig website received an e-mail, inviting us to pre-order Heroes of Black Reach. This game is being opened up to the public for pre-order in late September, but existing Devil Pig customers were being given the opportunity to pre-order early. One advantage of this is that we have also got to see some of the artwork that is likely to be used, as well as getting an idea of the price we can expect to pay for this game. The core box is priced at 65 EUR, with reinforcement boxes priced at 30 EUR each. They are also producing a couple of bundle […]

Star Wars: Rebellion – First impressions

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Fantasy Flight GamesLast weekend I played Star Wars: Rebellion from Fantasy Flight Games for the first time. Star Wars: Rebellion is a strategy board game which aims to recreate the Galactic Civil War between the forces of the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance, as portrayed in the original Star Wars trilogy of films. The game is designed with 2 players in mind, though there are rules for team play should 3 or 4 players wish to participate. The game is somewhat asymmetric in nature, as the victory conditions for the Empire and Rebels are very different. The Rebels are trying to achieve objectives which create sympathy and support for the Rebel cause – this can vary from achieving small victories in battle, having influence in various regions of the galaxy or even having systems destroyed by the Death Star. Meanwhile, the Empire simply has to find and destroy the Rebel base, thus destroying the Rebellion once and for all. However, the clock is ticking, and the Empire is in a race against time as the Rebels gain more support to overthrow the Emperor. The game board (which is pretty big) denotes 32 planetary systems, from Coruscant to Hoth, Kashyyyk […]

Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 215 – White Dragon Miniatures

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Download Episode 215 Welcome to Episode 215 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast   In this show the Meeples Crew are joined by guest Alan Crooks of White Dragon Miniatures. We discuss WDM’s two kickstarter projects: MTU & Shattered Void, along with their growing range of terrain and forthcoming Mech game. Along the way we chat about the pros and cons of Kickstarter, working with 3rd party companies and 3D printing. We hope you enjoy the show. White Dragon Miniatures Filed under: Meeples & Miniatures Tagged: Sci-Fi Gaming