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Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 215 – White Dragon Miniatures

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Download Episode 215 Welcome to Episode 215 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast   In this show the Meeples Crew are joined by guest Alan Crooks of White Dragon Miniatures. We discuss WDM’s two kickstarter projects: MTU & Shattered Void, along with their growing range of terrain and forthcoming Mech game. Along the way we chat about the pros and cons of Kickstarter, working with 3rd party companies and 3D printing. We hope you enjoy the show. White Dragon Miniatures Filed under: Meeples & Miniatures Tagged: Sci-Fi Gaming

The Drowned Earth Miniatures Game on Kickstarter

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If you listened to our Salute 2017: Interviews podcast, near the end you would have heard us chat to James Baldwin about The Drowned Earth Miniatures Game, which is currently being funded on Kickstarter. Some people may roll their eyes as we see ‘yet another warband skirmish game on a 3′ x 3′ table’ – however, James and his team are looking to do something a bit different with their miniatures and setting – I don’t think we’ve seen anything quite like this before, which is a very good thing in my opinion. The setting is most definitely science fiction – set in the land of Ulaya, a tropical world of flooded cities and ancient ruins. Simply looking at the factions shows us not just humans, but ape and reptilian characters and I find it refreshing that the races are mixed in the different factions, rather than being divided by species as they are in so many other games of this nature. The models are very good indeed – I managed to see them in the flesh at Salute and they live up to the pictures that are shown on the Kickstarter page. They are produced in metal, but are […]

Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 205 – The EPIC Show

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Download Episode 205 Welcome to Episode 205 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast   Mike Hobbs takes the reins of the podcast to present a show about one of his all-time favourite games – Space Marine/Epic from Games Workshop. We are joined by guests Peter Ramos, Teras Cassidy and Ken Whitehurst, not only to look back at all aspects of the game from Adeptus Titanicus through to Epic: Armageddon, but also to discuss what the gaming community can accomplish when their favourite game stops being supported by its publisher. We hope you enjoy the show. Show links NetEpic Net Epic Armageddon Tactical Command Vanguard Miniatures Onslaught Miniatures Polyversal  Filed under: Meeples & Miniatures Tagged: 6mm Gaming, Sci-Fi Gaming

Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 203 – Pig Iron Productions

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Download Episode 203 Welcome to Episode 203 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast   Once again the Meeples & Miniatures team get together to catch up with what they have been doing in the hobby over the past week. In this show we are joined by Alex Speight from Pig Iron Productions We chat about how Alex came to own Pig Iron Productions, and what plans are in store for the future of this company who produce some of the finest 28mm sci-fi miniatures on the market today Show Links Pig Iron Productions Vapnartak Wargames Show Filed under: Meeples & Miniatures Tagged: 28mm Gaming, Sci-Fi Gaming

Star Eagles launched on Kicktarter

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Ganesha Games have launched a new box game on Kickstarter – Star Eagles. This is a sci-fi game of space fighter combat using 1/285 scale miniatures, which are produced in resin. From the Kickstarter: Star Eagles is a science fiction action game of futuristic space fighter combat that allows you to play out the battles from your favorite books, movies, and TV shows. In a standard game, each player controls a squadron of 4-12 ships competing in exciting, objective-based missions in space, on moons, and in the atmosphere of planets. The game is easy to learn, yet tactically rich with many options that provide variety without bogging down the pace. Players build their squadron from a variety of small craft ranging from nimble, yet fragile, light fighters all the way up to larger gunboats and corvettes. Although Star Eagles may be used to play one-off missions, the game is intended to be played as a campaign where your pilots gain experience and you manage your squadron’s resources over a series of linked scenarios Although the game has it’s own universe, with it’s own models, it has an open source unit building system, which basically means you can use whatever models […]