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Building Deadzone terrain

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The family was away yesterday so I took the opportunity to sit down and build terrain for the upcoming Deadzone summer campaign. About a year ago I did a trade that involved a box of unassembled Deadzone terrain. It was not an insubstantial box and I have been slowly chipping away at it. The day […]

Currently Reading

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For our Gettysburg Battle Day, I read a couple of books on the battle. One of them was Edwin B. Coddington’s The Gettysburg Campaign. A Study in Command from 1968. This is, in some ways, a book that shows its…

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More Tallarn Armour

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TWO more tanks rolled off the assembly line this past week. Both of these I picked up used, assembled and partly painted. I did a bit of converting and repainted them entirely.First we have #201 – The vanquisher belonging to the commander of 2 Squ…

Picking a faction

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Picking a faction in any game is often a problem. One can go with the faction that has the best looking models, the coolest in-game effects or just the one that grabs your attention. So lets take a look at the factions in Beyond the Gates of Antares and examine their strong points. My path […]

Deadzone Forge Fathers near completion

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I’ve been managing to get some work done on them from time to time and my Deadzone Forge Fathers are almost complete. I just need to finish the bases and then they will be ready to hit the table. I used the Army Painter Dragon Red as a base and then accented the models with […]

3 fun things about Gates of Antares

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At my local gaming store we are in the process of beginning a ‘slow grow’ league for Beyond the Gates of Antares. BtGA is a 30mm sci-fi miniature game from Warlord Games written by everyone’s favourite gaming uncle Rick Priestly. The game was released a few years ago with a small amount of fanfare and […]

Can you afford Adeptus Titanicus?

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You have to hand it to GW. They really know how to build up expectation for a product. The annual Warhammer Fest event is running and Games Workshop is using it to promote new releases for almost all of its games and also previewing the upcoming Adeptus Titanicus game. Twitter is awash with photos from […]

Whats On The Table?

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This resin Inquisitor Car from Wargame Exclusive is a great looking model, another I have been delaying in painting. Being of a Batmobile type design, I thought I would paint it black, but black is such a hard colour to do. So I decided on dark Panzer Grey instead…which is nearly black… Advertisements

Undercoating Nerves

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We have had some fantastic weather here in the UK over the May Bank Holiday, this provided the long awaited opportunity to undercoat the rather large GR-75 transport ship conversion. I have had a grainy undercoating experience in the past when it may have been too damp or cold spray paint. There were no excuses … Continue reading Undercoating Nerves

Final Touches

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After a long cold and damp winter, a window of opportunity to undercoat the beast was approaching. I still had a couple of last gasp decisions to make, I had been undecided on which sort of vertical thrust engine nozzles to use. In the end I went for the large type. I also added a … Continue reading Final Touches

Deadzone Forge Guard

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There are miniatures that are good looking and miniatures that are easy to build. Sometimes you are lucky and a set of models will be both. Such is not the case for the Deadline/Warpath Forge Guard minis. There is so much to like about them. They have great weapons, bags of character and look fearsome. […]

Star Wars Day

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I finally finished up the Shadowsword! I had picked it up on Boxing Day and started assembling shortly thereafter, but then, y’know, got distracted… Or, perhaps, realized I had other things that were higher priorities…?Shadowsword – from Games Work…

Some May the Fourth Pulp Alley

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I ran a Star Wars-themed game of Pulp Alley for May the 4th at the club this week. Scott has most recently seen a Star Trek episode (TOS no less) so got to choose gangs first. He picked Planet of the Apes. Craig selected Buffy and the Scooby Gang. Chen…

Pondering the Post-apocalyptic

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There are quite a few companies that make post-apocalyptic miniatures and vehicles. The main problem with them, for me, is that they are almost always near future. Civilization has fallen and sadly all anyone has to wear are old costumes from a second-rate Mad Max clone. The concept of trawling through the debris of a […]

Hammerhead 2018 – Flash Gordon

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Back from Hammerhead what is perhaps the best show on the circuit.We opted for something a little easier to pick up and play largely due to the boot being filled with stuff for the table sale.A simple four way fight between Flash, Vultan, Ming and the …

More Terminator Business

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The ongoing Terminator Genisys: Rise of the Resistance Kickstarter has kept my focus on the Terminator models I already have, and haven’t yet painted. It’s also kept me keen on playing the existing Terminator Genisys game, and led to a couple of g…

Space Hulk Genestealers

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After… What? Two-and-a-half years!? I have finally finished the Genestealers for Finnegan’s Space Hulk game. (Bad Gamer Dad! BAD!) Better late than never…? Luckily, he’s gone ahead an punched the game and been using the floor tiles for other advent…

Full Thrust at the club

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Bruce hosted a game of Full Thrust at the club this week. He used the newer Full Thrust rules which streamlined a few things and we started off using hidden movement.The first few turns saw red team’s light ships take a pounding from the white team. Th…

Pungari Pun Ross

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I make no apologies for that title.I’ve been back to my side project of “finally dealing with models I received as gifts years ago”, and this time I’ve opted for some Pungari Auxiliaries for my Shaltari Dropzone Commander force.Forty of the little blig…

Salute 2018 – Highlights

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After finally being able to sit down and relax in the comfort of my own home after a manic weekend, I hit an unsurprising realisation. […]

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I was over at Bruce’s place on Tuesday for another go at FUBAR. Bruce had reduced the ranges a bit and we wanted to see how that played versus last week’s game at the club.This was also my first look at Bruce’s new gaming table. This is one sweet table…

Sci-Fi plot generator

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  Need an idea for your next game of HARP-SF or Spacemaster? Look no further than this Sci-Fi plot generator from the good people at WIRED.   The sci-fi plot generator uses two James Gunn movies and two Ridley Scott … Continue reading

Paint Table Saturday 231 – Must stay focused

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Hi All,Well I had to take my Mulligan in March. The track meet and the Easter Holiday just sucked up my time and wore me out. Minimal progress this week, but closer to the end. I’m starting to feel the pull of other projects and got sucked into the ide…

FUBAR at the club

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We had six guys out at the club on Tuesday. Terry and Dan played a game of Shadows of Brimstone (no pictures turned out, alas). Bruce hosted Richard, Chen and myself in a game of FUBAR 2.The good guys (left) enter and must capture the white farmhouse o…