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Marine Corps vs Andrayada 1500 pts FWC Battle Report

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So, after the testbattle from two weeks ago to more or less getting to refresh the rules (to no avail, I still forgot a heap of things), my Emperor’s Children took to the field to battle the cyborg Andrayada.Set at 1500 points, an average sized game, t…


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A little side project I’m working on. A cooperative game where players are jacked up Agents sent on corporate black ops. Guess who played way too much Syndicate back in the day… ***     An All-Nighter   Someone tipped off Han Chou Telemetrics.   04:17 in the Shunyi District, HCT Corporate Zone, you and … Continue reading “HARDWIRED”

The Cleash Tree – Post apocalyptic equipment/creature/threat

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Cleash pods when mature are roughly cricket ball sized, small pumpkin shaped seed pods that were genetically engineered to have …Continue reading →

Mantic Games Studio 2018

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As mentioned earlier, we combined Salute in London with a day trip to Nottingham. First stop on friday morning was Mantic Studio. As with the Warhammer World, this wasn’t the first time visiting Mantic. It was quite impressive to see, how Mantic has gr…

Salute 2018 Haul

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The concluding post to our Operation Sealion 2018, the haul, the loot, the gathered goodies and shiny stuff made from metal, plastic and resin. If you’re going by plane, make sure to have enough empty space in your luggage to cope with your buying. As …

Warhammer World 2018 – Exhibition Centre Part 2

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With the Old World covered in Part 1 of the Exhibition Centre article, this one focuses on the next two areas, with the (grim) dark Sci-Fi setting of the Warhammer 40,000 world, including the horus heresy and the main piece of the exhibition, Battle for Angelus Prime. And be sure, the grim dark future of […]

Warhammer World 2018 – Exhibition Centre Part 1

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The exhibition hall at Warhammer World has a long tradition and has been redone in a couple of variations. For a short amount of time before the last huge overhaul, it was a medium sized room with show cabinets on all walls, covering the different armies from the Warhammer Fantasy and 40,000 ranges. But that […]

Warhammer World 2018 – Hobby Centre, Gaming Area & Bugmans Bar

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As our “Operation Sealion 2018” was not only build up on visiting Salute on Saturday, we did a tour to the lead belt of Nottingham, and I was eager to see the renovated Warhammer World, the head quarter of Games Workshop. The entrance has been redone and the venue is now barrier free. The Rhino […]

Salute 2018 – Part 3

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As Salute being such an important event for the wargaming community, lots of companies schedule their announcements and releases for that particular saturday in April. Some of them are just teasered, some proudly announced in the newsletter before the show and others are huge surprises. And as a enthusiast you have your hopes, what will […]

Salute 2018 – Part 2

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Let us focus on the gaming tables and participation rounds at Salute in this part of the coverage. A table, that I was really looking forward to see, was the one by Andy Singleton and Kildaire Paintworks, it is a 20mm / 1:72 World War two Setting in the mediterranean. He documented the different kits […]

Salute 2018 – Part 1

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Salute began early for us, after the day-trip to Nottingham, we we’re ready and waiting at 7 a.m. at Cambridge Station. Taking the Great Northern towards London, we had some time on our hand. It takes roughly an hour and gets you to Kings Cross without a stop. Spending that time on going through our […]

Ready Player One

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Past friday Noshi and me went to the movie labelled as the summum of geekdom… Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One.Containing 138 easter eggs, that would be a trip to memory lane.PlotWade is a young man living in a desolate earth anno 2047.  The …

Sci-Fi plot generator

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  Need an idea for your next game of HARP-SF or Spacemaster? Look no further than this Sci-Fi plot generator from the good people at WIRED.   The sci-fi plot generator uses two James Gunn movies and two Ridley Scott … Continue reading

Black Library Celebration 2018

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A free book you received in Games Workshop stores during the last weekend of february, this 160+ page novel bundles 6 short stories in one volume.While not unique or new, the stories where mostly on e-pub available before, and now have found their way …

Star Wars The Last Jedi

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So finally Noshi and me saw the latest instalment in the Star Wars saga.Now, the comments I read about it told me it was like the previous film: a rehearsal of the Empire Strikes Back this time.  Well, it isn`t… it`s worse.Plot (from Wikipedia)R…

Guilty Crown: Lost Christmas

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Rounding out the anime series we watched last week, Lost Christmas is an OVA extension of the series.Now, I thought at first this would be an expanded version of the Lost Christmas event we saw in the series… but it is something totally different.Plo…

John Carter Kickstarter from Modiphius

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Modiphius Entertainment is a company I don’t know much about, to be honest.  After a little research I’ve discovered they were behind the successful Age of Conan kickstarter that I kick myself for not being part of.  I guess I’m … Continue reading

Book Release: Zombie Six – Enemy of my Enemy

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Thanks to those of you who followed along at the HSSJ blog. My latest Mil SF book, “Enemy of my Enemy” is now available at Amazon.
Print version HERE. eBook available 17 March. Pre-order HERE.
Thanks and Enjoy.

Guilty Crown

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The latest anime series I watched together with Noshi, Guilty Crown is a 22 episode long anime in the likes off… yeah… what actually.It combines the genres of mecha, high school harem and hardcore sci-fi together, making it a rather unique viewing …

Oceans of Venus – Isaac Asimov

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Reading a novel by the “grandmaster of sci-fi” Isaac Asimov, it’s something different these days.Especially since it was first published in 1954.Though there is a 1970s editorial at the front, explaining the differences and discoveries about Venus in t…

Black Mirror season 2

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After the enjoyment of the first season, Noshi and me sat down and went through the second one in the space of 1.5 night.Yeah, needless to say we kinda like the series…The second season has 4 episodes, one more then the first, and all are again entir…

Gladtown: 15mm sci-fi terrain pics

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In this post:Buildings and billboards: Mad Mecha GuyStreet furniture: Brigade ModelsMushrooms: unknown (they were a gift)Battle mat: Dave GraffamCrikey, I found the enthusiasm to do some painting this last week and a bit! After all my talk of ennui and…

de Seguiran, a lady, a silly kid… and more Dux troops

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Continuing with a project I started in the past bonus round, I`ll be trying to paint up one of the Crisis limited edition entrance figures for all of the remaining weeks of this challenge.And of course, some regular forces as well to go along with the …

Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale

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Earlier this week we watched the most recent instalment in the Sword Art Online franchise, where kids get stuck in videogames on life or death…Now, this movie comes after season 2, and I still haven`t watched an episode of it myself, but I told Noshi…

Fullmetal Alchemist (Netflix)

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This week saw the release on Netflix of the Fullmetal Alchemist real action movie, so that evening me and Noshi sat down and gave it a try.Now, we both need to watch the actual anime, so I don’t have a point of reference with the series to go by, which…