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Battle Report – Scrappers – Palladium Athena vs. Freelancers ‘Hot Zone’

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  Greg returns with Sigma-6 to face the Recovery Agency in this game of Hot Zone from Osprey’s Scrappers! Advertisements

Future Savages

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These are more of the old Grenadier (Mirliton/Moonraker) Future Skirmish Savages. I have decided that I really like the aesthetic and thought about getting some more. When I worked out what this would cost (along with what I would order from Coppleston…

End Of The Week (That Was) – Good News/Bad News

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This has not been a bad week all round on the painting front. Along the way I have managed to get  ten sci-fi dwarf figures painted to a reasonably good tabletop standard. To my amazement this only took about three days.The plan after that had bee…

Battle Report – Scrappers – EP 01 – Palladium Athena vs. Freelancers

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  After a crushing defeat by the synth forces of Athena, the Ace Freelie Recovery Agency has heard tell of a rich find of tech in a former urban center. It’s time to run the jewels as Ace leads his crew against the cybernetic monsters in a mad dash for loot. Advertisements

Let’s Play! – Scrappers by Osprey Games

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  It’s time for a high-SciFi post apocalypse in the vein of Destiny; Scrappers. Greg and I take our crews out to the Omega Zone to salvage the technical wonders of the ancients in a world destroyed by Rogue AI. Grab whatever models you want and check it out HERE: Advertisements

Random Miniatures

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These two came out of a bits box at a recent show. I thought they would be useful in Rogue Stars and Scrappers. No idea who made them, but they are okay and only got very quick paint jobs. Advertisements


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Another cool model from CP Miniatures is this large bruiser type thug, another useful model for Rogue Stars and Scrappers. Advertisements

He Is Blue

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This is a nice figures from CP Miniatures with a rather impressive gun that can be pretty well profiled up as just about anything. I decided on blue skin as I really don’t have many models that have blue skin. I must try orange or purple sometime. Advertisements

Scrappers Gang

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Over the last couple of weeks, we have finally had a few games with the newish Scrappers rules. To try out the rules, I dug up my old Genestealer Cult models (a Necromunda gang) and gave them a quick touch up and inking. Even after such a quick bit of maintenance, they look much better … Continue reading Scrappers Gang