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Review: Test of Honour Ronin

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Rating:  The Ronin box set for Test of Honour was one of the wave one expansions for the game. The box set allows players to field a force comprising fully of masterless Samurai, led by a special character – Tadashi ‘The Dishonoured’….

Review: Bad Squiddo Games Onna-bugeisha

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Rating: Bad Squiddo Games have released the first three packs of what promises to be an expanding range of Onna-bugeisha miniatures for Feudal Japan. The first pack contains three miniatures wielding katanas and is priced at £10 at time of writing. The…

The Painting Tally: January 2018

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Last weekend I finished painting my first figures of the new year. After tweeting a picture, one of my followers, @NeilHughes71, came back to me with the following question: Now, to explain, Neil has been keeping a log of what he has painted vs what he…

Review: Test of Honour Ninjas of Iga Warband

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Rating: Ninjas of Iga is the latest box set of miniatures to be released by Warlord Games for their Test of Honour Samurai skirmish game – it is the second box set they have released which includes all new metal miniatures. The box set includes 7…