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Unboxing Test of Honour – Core Box & Faction Boxes

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As you no doubt know by know, I have been in a state of excited anticipation ever since Warlord Games announced that they were releasing Test of Honour. Well, the time has come and everything has arrived – I ordered my copy from PE2 Collectibles, which meant that I didn’t get the Geisha Spy model, but the bundle was somewhat cheaper. Test of Honour – Core Box Lets start by opening the box and seeing what’s inside… First off are a couple of sheets of coloured card, containing 2D scenery and various counters, plus rulebooks and assembly instructions for the models. Under these are the model sprues, bases, dice and cards. The cardstock is good quality, and the addition of card terrain means that you can get going straight out of the box if you so wished – especially since the basic game does not have rules for entering buildings (I believe these are promised as advanced rules). The reverse side shows ruined buildings, and hedges rather than stone walls. Then we have the Rulebook & Battle Guide – both of these are fine, although it may have been nice to have them printed on better quality paper, as they […]

Review: Bushi No Yume

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Rating: Bushi No Yume (BNY) is a set of skirmish rules for fighting in ancient Japan, using either a historical of fantasy setting. They were written in 2010 by our friend Rich Jones. BNY uses the same basic rules engine as the ‘Song of Blades and Heroes’ rulesets from Ganesha Games, so if you are a fan of any of those rules you will find much that is familiar. To play Bushi No Yume, you will need several six-sided dice, a set of measuring sticks (size dependent upon miniature scale) 5-10 miniatures and area of play around 3′ x 3′ with some suitable scenery. You will also optionally need a set of Karma Cards. These cards can be found in the back of the rules – they will need to be removed, cut and placed in card prtocestors. The three measuring sticks are of the following sizes For 15-20mm Short – 2″ Medium – 3″ Long – 4″ F0r 25-40mm Short – 3″ Medium – 5″ Long – 7″ Models in the game have the following characteristics: Kyu Grade – Overall indicator of physical abilities – the lower the better Bujutsu – fighting ability Buki – weapon Noroku – abilities Players each set up a […]

Review: Daisho

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Rating: Daisho is a set of skirmish rules for warfare set in mythical Japan. The rules are written by Charles Murton and Craig Cartmell of The Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare, who have also authored In Her Majesty’s Name and Blood Eagle, and were published in 2015. They are available as a 90 page softcover book, or as an e-book. In Daisho, players build a Buntai, or warband, of somewhere between 5 and 20 models. Whilst it is perfectly possible to play a game using purely historical forces, Daisho is set in Nippon, a fantasy version of medieval Japan. In this world, not only does magic exist, but also the mythical monsters and creatures of Japanese myth: Oni, Bakemono, Shura, Tengu and Shuten-Doji, to name a few. You can choose what type of game you wish to play by which rules you exclude: Basic – this is a basic Samurai skirmish game, and does not include master-crafted or magical weapons and armour, magical creatures, ki powers or magical powers Heroic – includes master-crafted weapons and armour, plus ki powers, but nothing magical Legendary – everything is included In addition to models, players will need a measuring tape marked in inches and a few […]

Review: Ronin

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Rating: Ronin is a set of skirmish rules set in the Age of the Samurai, written by Craig Woodfield and published by Osprey Publishing as part of their Osprey Wargames series in 2013. Each player has a warband, known as a Buntai, of between 4 and 20 models. A game usually takes place on a battlefield between 24″ x 24″ and 36″ x 36″. In addition to a table and a warband, players will need: A tape measure which measures inches several six-sided dice roughly a dozen counters preside in two different colours wound markers half a dozen pieces of scenery To create a warband, players will have to choose one of several different types to play: Bushi – Professional soldiers: Samurai and Ashigaru Ikko-ikki – Rebellious religious movement Sohei – Buddhist Warrior Monks Koryu – Marial Arts school Bandits – Criminals, Pirates etc. Koreans – Allowing games to take place during the Imjin War. Ming Chinese Peasants – just in case you fancy recreating “The Seven Samurai” In addition, individuals such as Ronin, Warrior Monks, Shugyosha and Ninja are able to join a Buntai as swords-for-hire. Each model has several different attributes: Rank – relative worth of the model, […]

The best laid plans…

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With Test of Honour from Warlord Games due for release at the end of next week, I had been planning for a while to produce a series of articles in the coming week on collecting Samurai – reviews of miniatures, rules and terrain. And then, a couple of weeks ago, I managed to break my wrist. After resting it for the first week, I wondered if I had the manual dexterity to assemble some MDF kits, so I tried with a set of Original Laser Design buildings, which I managed OK (see here for more details). “Fantastic” I thought, “Shouldn’t be a problem to crack on with my plans”. However, I think I was being a little too ambitious. Whilst it was easy to assemble the OLD kits, these were very easy to put together and didn’t have any small pieces that required careful manual manipulation. My next attempt was with some kits from Sarissa Precision. These are very nice models, but they do contain many more small parts which require a certain amount of manual dexterity. Whilst I managed to assemble their Torii Gate without too much trouble, I hit a major issue when working on the Bridge – my cast restricted […]

Review: Banzai

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Rating: Banzai: Age of the Country at War is a set of wargaming rules written by Robert Fellows and published by 2D6 Wargaming in 2016. This game is written to be used with 6mm miniatures using 60mm x 30mm basing, though it should work for any scale miniatures as long as the basing has a 2:1 ratio in Base Width:Base Depth. It is designed to be played on a 6′ x 4′ table, though a smaller area can be used if required. There are a number of basic units in the game: Sohei Mounted Samurai (with General) Ronin Ashigaru archers Ashigaru nagae-yari Ashigaru teppo Foot Samurai yari With the exception on the Ikko-ikki, all armies in this game are made up of a combination of these bases. As well as two opposing armies and terrain, players will need a few six-sided dice, a measuring tool (one is printed in the back of the book, with options for 60mm wide and 40mm wide basing) and a number of tokens (also printed in the back of the book). The first thing is to determine the table layout and the weather. Whilst scenery can be determined by the players, the rules also contain […]

Review: Battles in the Age of War

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Rating: Battles in the Age of War (BAW) is a set of wargames rules designed for Samurai Warfare in the Sengoku period between 1467 – 1650. They were written in 2008 and are published by Peter Pig. The rules are 136 pages long, perfect bound and are black & white with a full colour soft cover. They are from the same RFCM (Rules For the Common Man) team that developed Bloody Barons, Regiment of Foote and Civil War Battles and share several commonalities with these other rules. The game is designed to be played with 15mm miniatures, mounted on bases as follows Infantry – 30mm x 30mm Cavalry – 30mm x 40mm General & Artillery – 40mm x 40mm Armies are formed from units. A unit consists of 6-10 bases for foot troops, and 4-7 bases for mounted troops. A Clan consists of at least 2 units, and an Army is formed from 2-3 Clans. Each Army usually has limitations on the number of units it can field. Units in the game consist of: Generals Messengers Signallers Hatamoto Bodyguard Samurai Ronin Armoured Ashigaru Levy Ashigaru Arquebus Bow Artillery Maku Screen (required) One of the interesting things is that Ashigaru units can […]

Review: Killer Katanas II

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Rating: Killer Katanas II is a mass battle wargame designed to recreate samurai warfare from the mid-16th – 17th century. The rules are written by Brian Bradford and were published by On Military Matters in 2011 as a 126 page, spiral bound black & white soft cover book. It’s worth noting from the start that these rules are designed with 15mm figures in mind to fight big battles – you know this when the author talks about playing games on a Ping-Pong table (That’s a 5′  x 9′ board), with games involving around 800 figures taking around 5 hours to play. It’s also worth noting that these rules are very much towards the simulation end of wargaming – this will become apparent as I describe them. All foot troops are based with four figures on a 1 1/2″ x 1/2″ base, whilst cavalry are based with two figures on a 1″ x 1″ base. Leaders and flagmen on foot are based individually on a 1/2″ x 1/2″ base, whilst mounted leaders are based on a 1″ x 1/2″ base. If using 28mm miniatures, it is advised that all distances and base sizes are doubled, whilst if using 6-10mm figures, all distances […]

Samurai – what scale of warfare?

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When it comes to gaming in the period of the Samurai, one thing is certain – we have a wide range of miniatures to choose from, whether it be large battles or small skirmishes.  I’ve tried to gather together a selection of ranges in a number of scales, so no matter what your preferred level of gaming, you should find a range of models to your liking (or perhaps, suddenly realise that this is a period you might want to game in multiple scales!) I’ve aimed this primarily at the Sengoku period, though some earlier periods are referenced. 6mm Baccus 6mm – Baccus have a relatively small but comprehensive range of Samurai miniatures. 8 packs in total, but they cover all the main troops you will need. Their ‘Medieval Samurai’ range also include miniatures suitable for Ronin and Warrior Monks, plus a pack of Pavises. Irregular Miniatures – Irregular also cover the main Samurai troop types (7 packs), although their range does include a light cannon for very late period battles 10mm Irregular Miniatures – Irregular have a small range of 10mm Samurai in addition to their 6mm range, though the poses and armaments are limited. Magister Militum – Another small […]

Joining the mainstream – Test of Honour

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I am not usually one for collecting what could be called ‘mainstream’ games.   OK, I played 40K a long time ago, and I’ve dabbled in X-Wing, but I’ve not really got involved in game system from a large manufacturer. Well, all that is probably about to change. Let me explain… …I love Samurai… Sengoku period Japan has always been a great interest of mine – I own lots of books on the subject, along with several sets of rules. However, I have always seemed to have been alone in this in any gaming group I have been in, so my model collection has remained small (plus the fact that, to put it simply, I’ve always been intimidated about painting Samurai armour). However, with Warlord Games about to release their Test of Honour Miniatures Game, I’m started to get really excited about actually gaming in the period. To that end, over the next couple of weeks I’m going to be featuring a number of articles including rules, miniatures and terrain reviews, all aimed at Sengoku Period Japan. The period is surprisingly well served around the wargaming community – hopefully I will be able to give you some extra ideas for gaming […]

Test of Honour – PDF of rulebook now available

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I’m a huge fan of Sengoku Period Japan, so ever since Warlord Games teased us with the initial box art of their new Samurai miniatures game – Test of Honour – I have been eagerly awaiting more news. This week, Warlord posted a large update about the game, giving insight into how the game works, and including a free PDF download of the rulebook. I’m pleased to say that having read through the rulebook, the game actually looks pretty good. Each player has a small warband, consisting of a Samurai Hero and up to two extra retainers, plus a number of Ashigaru armed with spears, bows or muskets. Recruitment of your warband is performed using cards, with each scenario deciding how large you force is. From the rulebook, it appears that your Samurai can gain new skills as you play more scenarios – it appears to be much like Frostgrave in this respect, where your Samurai can gain experience, but the reset of your warband are simply ‘grunts’. This actually fits the period really well, as Ashigaru were very much the common foot soldier of the time. Turn sequence is decided by drawing tokens from a bag, and there is always the chance […]