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Test of Honour boot camp – May 6th 2017

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 Fourteen gamers from across the land arrived on a somewhat damp May morning at the Headquarters of Warlord Games in the heart of Nottingham to attend the first Warlord Test of Honour boot camp. As the event hall normally used for these events was booked for a wedding reception, the day took place in the somewhat cosy surrounding of the Warlord shop and the area immediately outside. The area was a little cramped, but we all made the best of it during the day. Two of the tables were set up in the shop, which gave those players a little bit more room – by the end of the day I think we were all fighting over who would get to play on Tables 1 & 2. Due to my now well-documented mishap with a broken wrist, I found myself without a painted warband for this event. This was originally going to be solved by me borrowing some figures from Rich Jones – unfortunately, Rich was laid low with a stomach virus just before the event and so could not attend, which left my own participation in jeopardy. However, Martin (the Warlord shop and events manager) very kindly agreed to loan me one of […]

Unboxing Test of Honour – Core Box & Faction Boxes

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As you no doubt know by know, I have been in a state of excited anticipation ever since Warlord Games announced that they were releasing Test of Honour. Well, the time has come and everything has arrived – I ordered my copy from PE2 Collectibles, which meant that I didn’t get the Geisha Spy model, but the bundle was somewhat cheaper. Test of Honour – Core Box Lets start by opening the box and seeing what’s inside… First off are a couple of sheets of coloured card, containing 2D scenery and various counters, plus rulebooks and assembly instructions for the models. Under these are the model sprues, bases, dice and cards. The cardstock is good quality, and the addition of card terrain means that you can get going straight out of the box if you so wished – especially since the basic game does not have rules for entering buildings (I believe these are promised as advanced rules). The reverse side shows ruined buildings, and hedges rather than stone walls. Then we have the Rulebook & Battle Guide – both of these are fine, although it may have been nice to have them printed on better quality paper, as they […]