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MDF Terrain Review: Normand House in Ruins by XOLK

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Recently I reviewed the first piece of Terrain that I bought by XOLK. That product was their Cottage in Ruins. That is a nice piece at a very affordable price. Since buying that piece, XOLK has sent Must Contain Minis a few products for Review purposes…

Showcase: Rogal Dorn, Primarch of the Imperial Fists (Conversion)

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Hi all! Now, here is my finished Rogal Dorn in his golden armour. Just a fun project that came to my mind, based on the model of Roboute Guilliman. What do you think? Leave a comment below…

Showcase: Nurgle Harbinger of Decay Conversion

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Hey everyone, I’m really happy to show you the latest addition to my Nurgle Rotbringers army, my converted Harbinger of Decay. I wasn’t a big fan of the original model and wanted him to stand out a bit more on the battlefield, so I converted one. Click to see more and learn how I built and painted this!

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Runewars Miniatures Game Scale Comparison (Part 1)

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A few weeks ago, Asmodee sent Must Contain Minis a copy of Runewars the Miniatures Game by Fantasy Flight Games. This is a game that I have been excited about for a while so I was really pleased when there was a surprise copy waiting for me when I…

Showcase: Legio Custodes Protector

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Hi all! Here you can see a Custodes Guard Protector I converted a little bit with spare parts that Ii had left from the Custodes sprue. He belongs to the command group I am working on for my slowly growing Custodes army. What do you think?

-STEP BY STEP- Astra Militarum Command Chimera Pt.2

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In the previous post (Astra Militarum Command Chimera Pt.1) i’ve shown how i converted the tank…

Now i  want to show you a brief step-by-step on how i’ve painted it 😁

Obviously, i primed with Citadel Chaos Black.
I prefer priming my nimiatures with black primer because it helps with shadows…

Then i’ve painted base colors, with a oblique camo pattern, and i’ve painted all details using masking tape where needed…

At this point is very important to protect the whole model with transparent glossy because it helps with decals and weathering (as described in this post)

After deployed all decals, the chimera is ready for weathering…
PS: Remember to seal the whole model again before weathering! 😉

Now we’re ready to whash the model with oil paints…
I prefer oil paints over standard washes because you have more “control” and they fill the recesses much better and because they dry very slowly, you can add or remove color easily…

 (I’ll explain how to use oil paints on future post 😉)

Now the step i love…. WEATHERING!!!!

In the GRIM DARK FUTURE of 40K there are destroyed cities, radiations, acid rains etc etc… so i love to represent the erosion of those environments over the vehicles…

Before start with weatering i searched for images of radiations erosion…

So i took from the drawer my “magic rust kit” 😂…

…and i started with heavy rust and with sponge weathering tecnique…

After the weathering process was finished, i sealed the whole model with Vallejo Matt Varnish, i’ve painted the tank commander and that’s the final result! 😁

I hope you enjoyed this brief tutorial and don’t hesitate to ask me info on “how to do”

See you soon!!!!!! 😉

Spotlight on Wiz-Kids unpainted D&D Miniatures

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I am constantly on the hunt for new and affordable miniature products. Recently I came across some unpainted D&D minis by Wiz-Kids at one of my FLGSs (Friendly Local Gaming Stores). Immediately, I thought that these guys would look great for F…

Showcase: Space Wolves Wolf Guard Terminator Squad

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There is something nice about finishing the first squad for a new army. Feels like it’s the first step done and I’m ready for more.  After the jump check out the close ups. 

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XOLK Cottage in Ruins Review

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The first XOLK product that ever caught my attention was their Cottage in Ruins. This product runs for $10.99 Canadian ($8.25 American in Today’s dollar) and is fairly impressive for that price point. Below is a picture of how the ruins paint up.Above:…

Showcase: Nurgle Putrid Blightkings

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Hey guys, I’ve just finished a unit of Putrid Blightkings for my Nurgle, these are amazing miniatures and I had so much fun painting them. Check after the jump to see more photos and how I painted them.

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Showcase: Carmine Blades Scout Squad with Sniper Rifles by Lecoqadoodledo

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Greetings all, Lecoqadoodledo back with part two of the beginning of an ambitious Space Marine project. Not necessarily part of a Battle Company, I added the Scouts with Snipers just because I like the models so much, and it allowed me to work out the …

Flames of War Showcase: Brenden’s Panzer IVs

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Today, we are going back to Flames of War and looking at some more of Brenden’s Painted Models. Here we have his collection of Panzer IVs. Like me, Brenden often runs Grenadier Armies, but we have quite different tastes in tanks. My forces rely on StuG…

Showcase: Legio Custodes Standardbearer

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Hi all! Here is a quick look at my standard bearer of the Legio Custodes. I used a standard from Forge World’s MkIII Horus Heresy range, and a head from a Deathwatch Veteran. I also added a transfer from Forge World’s Legio Custodes transfers sheet, re…

Showcase: Carmine Blades Tactical Squad by Lecoqadoodledo

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Greetings all, Lecoqadoodledo here, back with the beginning of an ambitious Space Marine project. Last November, I made the decision that I wanted a Battle Company worth of marines. The inspiration came from Garfy’s Ultramarine collection and Stahly’s Blood Angels, Ultramarines and Eldar. Those collections are incredible examples of neat, above average painted armies that look gorgeous on the tabletop, and are a sight to behold when viewed en masse.
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Showcase: Nurgle Lord of Plagues

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I’ve finished the Nurgle hero for my Chaos undivided army, the Lord of Plagues. This is a fantastic miniature, it’s always been one of my favourites and I loved painting it!

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Showcase: World Eaters Spartan Assault Tank

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Hey all, today I’m showing a recently completed World Eaters Spartan Assault Tank.
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Showcase: Nurgle Plaguebearers

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Hi everyone, I’m pleased to show you my finished unit of Plaguebearers. They are the first battleline unit for a fun 2000 point army I’ve started. Check out after the jump to see more photos and the list.

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Chat: Garfy’s Hobby Update

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You might be wondering why I’m sharing an image of my Army of the Imperium… but what I’m actually sharing is what is missing. Can you guess? Answer after the jump.
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Review: TerraTiles Battle Pack by RAINN Studios

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A while ago, Must Contain Minis reviewed the TerraTiles: The Misty Moorlands by RAINN Studios. Today, I will review another product sent to Must Contain Minis by that company – The TerraTiles: Battle Pack. TerraTiles Battle Pack by RAINN Stud…

Showcase: Roboute Guilliman Primarch of the Ultramarines

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Hi all! Here he is: Roboute Guilliman in all of his Armour of Fate glory. I decided to paint his helmet in white like a veteran. Check out another picture (without helmet) after the jump.More after the jump

Showcase: Harlequin Troupe by Uruk

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Hi guys, Uruk here yet again with more pointy eared crazies.More after the jump

Showcase: Dark Eldar Lelith Hesparax and Wyches by Uruk

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Hey folks, Uruk again with some more Dark Eldar goodies! Click the button to see what’s inside.
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Heaps of Star Wars Imperial Assault Miniatures

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This is the last of my catch up posts. After this all the posts will be coming in as the commissions are completed. This commission containined the Star Wars Rebel Assault core game, Battle of Hoth expansion and few character expansions from Fantasy Flight Games. These miniatures were painted to […]

Showcase: Dark Angels Ezekiel,Librarian and Drop Pods

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Hey all, a real quick one today with a few models I painted for a Dark Angel army. The models are Ezekiel, a Librarian and three Drop Pods.More after the jump

Showcase: Chaos Space Marines World Eaters Rhinos

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Hey all, about a week ago I showed the beginnings of a World Eater army I was working on. So I thought I’d show the finished World Eaters Rhinos.

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