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Salute 2018

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Yesterday was Salute at the Excel in London, the biggest UK wargames show of the year. Once again we headed down, this year there really was not much I was intending to buy. But then again I always say that… As it is the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War, there were … Continue reading Salute 2018

The Salute 2018 Page

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So, with exactly two weeks to go until the doors to Salute are thrown open, it’s high time we set up our Salute releases page for this year. This page is where you’ll find the definitive list of confirmed releases at the show, including pri…

Bolton 2018 Show!!

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New year with the start of new Shows!!Come have a look at what was on offer.So this year the Bolton show was in a new venue at the Bolton stadium Not actual picture of the show only the room because did not know how to get upstairs if we coul…

Cavalier 2018

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Following on from ROBIN in Nottingham this last weekend, our next show is less than two weeks away – Cavalier in the Angel Centre, Tonbridge, is on Sunday 25th of February. As always, we are taking pre-orders for any of our ranges – you can…

Vapnartak 2018

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Up early and off to York for what has become my annual show, I have now dismissed Phalanx at St. Helen’s because I don’t like seeing everything through a yellow haze. Quite cold but an easy run and this year I took care to park on a gravel patch so tha…

ROBIN of Nottingham

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Our first show of the year is coming up fast – ROBIN, held at the Nottingham Tennis Centre, is on Sunday 11th of February. Hopefully this year will be a little warmer, as the heating failed last time ! As always, we are taking pre-orders for any …

Show Business 2018

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If you’re looking for this week’s new releases, they have been delayed by an unforeseen lack of Army Painter dip to finish off the painting … although I immediately ordered a new tin, it only arrived this morning so it’ll be a d…

Warfare No Show

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I was supposed to be going to Warfare today but I just can’t justify the expense or the expenditure, so it’s a no show for me this year. I’ve been to every Warfare for the last ten years or so and have the badges to prove it, so it’s a shame that I won…

Another Crisis

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Our final show outing of the year is our annual trip under the Channel to Antwerp for the Tin Soldier’s Crisis 2017 event. As always, we are taking pre-orders for any of our ranges – you can either place an order and pay in advance using the collect in person option on the website, or […]

Soon It’s SELWG

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Next on the show calendar, and our penultimate show of the year, is SELWG at Crystal Palace sports centre in South London. As always, we are taking pre-orders for any of our ranges – you can either place an order and pay in advance using the collect in person option on the website, or just […]

Carronade ’17

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Last Saturday was the FDWC annual show ‘Carronade’ and as usual, most of the bods from the club plus a few worthies all piled in to run another successful show.Number of attendee’s was up again this year from last, possibly helped by the not very …

Free Comic Book Day 2017

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FCBD  – Saturday 6th May 2017I am reporting this a week after the event, but better late than never I suppose?This is the second year I have attended this particular comics event. I have been following it for several years (getting  a single …

Colours 2016

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Well I’m back from the Colours 2016 show in Newbury and it was one of the best shows I’ve attended in a long time. This year was the first time I’ve been to this show and I initially had a … Continue reading →

Back from the wilderness

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Well it’s been a strange few weeks, a mixture of work and home life has made it almost impossible to blog, despite having tried on numerous occasions, but things are back on track now. That’s not to say I haven’t … Continue read…

The Other Partizan and SCW CoC

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I got a gaming double-header last Sunday, kicking off with a visit to The Other Partizan up at Newark. Nor a show I’d been to before, held (for the last time) at the gloomy and labyrinthine Kelham Hall.Unusually, I was completely uninspired around the …

Tewksbury Medieval Festival

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The summer does bring its advantages, like a big reenactment event this weekend, Tewksbury Medieval Festival. It marks the Battle of Tewksbury 1471, a decisive battle in the Wars of the Roses. The Yorkists, despite being outnumbered, defeated and route…