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Assorted 40k Minis

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Taking a break from the Imperial Knight, I finished up a few odd and assorted 40K minis today. Some of these are to use with Blessings Unheralded – the Wrath & Glory Free RPG Day quick-start rules and adventure I’ll be running on Friday. Others hav…

1750pts battle report – Genestealer Cult & Iron Hands v Death Guard & Ad Mech – game 1

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Double Trouble 3 and Alex From the Fang’s doubles tournament replacing Blog Wars. 875pts with random pairings but all match-ups are Battle Brothers. Once again my recollection is pretty hazy so for the most part enjoy the pictures, the commen…

Heavy Metal Thunder

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This week I knocked out my squad of Vindicators, finally putting to rest one of the longest running backlogs in my painting queue. Read more »

Five Random Things I’d Like To See Changed in the Horus Heresy

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When my hobby time is limited for one reason or another, I like to build army concepts in my mind, and lately, I’ve been on a Horus Heresy kick. But […]

Rogue Trader Crimson Fists Squad Onan

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Rogur Trader Crimson FistsRogur Trader Crimson FistsTime to collect a new Space Marine force!  Crimson Fists – the Rogue Trader poster boys.  These Fists are hand-picked from the 1987–1989 Imperial Space Marine ranges sculpted by Bob Naismith, Aly Morrison and Mark Copplestone.  I have a real soft spot…

Upgrading the Black Templars

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As I’ve been playing more 40K, I have been taking the opportunity to upgrade and finish some of my Black Templar units:


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Space Hulk Genestealers

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After… What? Two-and-a-half years!? I have finally finished the Genestealers for Finnegan’s Space Hulk game. (Bad Gamer Dad! BAD!) Better late than never…? Luckily, he’s gone ahead an punched the game and been using the floor tiles for other advent…

What’s in the Project Queue, April 2018

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This week’s post is a mixed bag of projects that I’m working on, including the recently finished squad of Space Marine scout snipers:



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Slaanesh Renegades

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I’m still painting more recruits for my renegade army and this month, I thought I could add some of the Slaaneshi. After all, I’ve already  spent some time on Slaanesh this past year so it was time for me to get the marines done !
And since I had to paint 400 points I thought I could just as well add that Dreadnought I unboxed a while ago

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Finished! Space Wolves Murderfang

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To Valhalla and back again! The Murderfang is ready to dance, be it axe and shield of scissorhands, meet your maker!Rock the vote and check out the Gallery View !

Resuming blogging

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It I about time I started writing stuff down. Sadly I missed the last few weeks of the APC this year and dropped in the rankings. I had grand plans to finish lots of different projects, but in the end got sidetracked with a number of new clients at wor…

Ultramarine Fellblade

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We recently completed this Forgeworld Falchion Legion tank for the Ultramarine Chapter. This was painted to our level 2 quality.

Deatwatch Overkill’in

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I finished all the Deathwatch Overkill boxset [except the 2 Purestrains] quite a while back but never had the chance to play since. Luckily I bullied Ben in to having a go, he really likes the Deathwatch Marines I did so I didn;t have to twist his arm …

Black Library – Newsletter

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Space Sharks to the rescue…courtesy of Robbie MacNiven and the Black Library…——————-View in web browser Coming SoonNew TitlesSeriesAuthorsCarcharodons: Outer DarkRobbie MacNivenWith tyranid hive fleets approaching, the Carcharodons…

Battle Report – Battlefleet Gothic – Throwback Thursdays Ep 133

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  Ben brings his Blood Angels to face my 13th Black Crusade fleet in a 1500pt clash! Advertisements

Dark Angels – Tanks – Razorback glazing

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With the Samurai complete this was the main project I have that’s outstanding, not entirely true as you’ll see but the most complete and therefore the easiest to finish. Glazing was the next task and once again I considered using the unmixed Valejo Dar…

Dark Angels – Tanks – Predator – Moar pics

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I occassionally question the validity of taking these ‘moar’ shots but the Veliva filter often helps create the pictures I use most often to share what I’ve done on forums and social media.I love the richness and high contrast, I can never quite tell w…

Dark Angels – Tanks – Predator – TO DONE!

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It’s extremely difficult to express the feeling I got from completing this original Predator. Interestingly it’s only really at the end that I felt so moved by the fact this 25+ year old model has finally been painted.I can’t recall whether it was late…

Warhammer World GT3 – Game 0 Tyranids v Nurgle Space Marines

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Game 0 of GT3 as we went early we arrived at Warhammer World at lunch time, ate and then had tables booked for two, half-two. I’d played Otty and Ben in the run up so it was only right I rocked up against Liam’s Nurgle Chaos Space Marines and DeamonsTh…

Warhammer World GT3 – Game 5 Tyranids v Chaos Space Marines

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Last game of GT3, game 5 and I’m facing Daniel Brennan and his Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marines. It’s been over a week since this game and I was pretty fatigued and out of it throughout, there were points were Daniel was actually reminding me of things…

Forge World – Newsletter

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Something for the Sons of Russ from Forge World…———————-View in web browserThe Chosen of RussThe Varagyr Wolf Guard are the most ferocious of the Space Wolves, marrying primal instinct to the very best their Legion’s armouries have to o…

Forge World – Newsletter

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Can’t say I ever really imagined him with a Chainsword…not sure about the face either to be honest…——————View in web browserRogal Dorn, Primarch of the Imperial FistsThe Praetorian of Terra is finally here. After years of waiting, Forge…

Dark Angels – Tanks – Predator and Razorback

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Just a quick one because I’m taking it gently with these so as not to slip back into inactivity. So all I did was the laser lenses. Sure I could have treated it as balck rubber but I thought this came out really well and would add a nice spot colour to…

Mega Space Hulk, it’s a thing

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So Garrett and I had opportunity to attend our second Second Saturday Scrum Club adventure, which is a rather high-falutin’ term for a bunch of older guys (and Gar) sitting around and jawing about games and stuff while we try … Continue reading

Dark Angels – Tanks – Predator battle damage

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As discussed progress has been less than forthcoming on the projects currently in the works. I imagine them like four planets in orbit that have aligned so you can no longer see through them. Ordinarily I might convince myself to tackle one of the oner…