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Star Wars Armada Prep game for Jan 2017

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I started off pulling all the ships out and putting the unmade ones together then sorted all the cards out. Looking at the points values I decided that 300 points a side would look right and would suit 4 players. I always try to get a game to cope with…

Star Wars Imperial Assault Batrep

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I started playing Star Wars Imperial Assault around two years ago with a couple of friends at my local club. We mainly run the campaign […]

Fighters, Lancers and Layabouts

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This post originally appeared on the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.Like many of you, I jump from project to project and this week’s entries represent miniatures from three of my current projects.Star Wars ArmadaOne of my goals for the Challe…

Teekay-421 20th Anniversary Day

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The Star Wars fanclub Teekay-421 held it`s 20th anniversary in Jeugdcentrum Bouckenborgh in Merksem.Which is like, almost in my backyard…So I popped by today and have a look around at the event.  The venue was one of the small and cozy “houses” …

54mm British and Lego Star Wars

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Life continues to conspire to keep me from the club but I did some painting this week. First up were four 54mm British light infantry to round out the figures I need for Tricorne.I think the original I used as a guide is on the right. More or less clos…

What’s New With WuhSawBe?

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This week’s “HOTNESS” for me….Been a bit busy the last week or so, hobby wise….NO disintegrations… On the modeling front, I picked up Boba Fett and IG-88 for my daughter, and although I asked if she wanted to help me paint them, she decided …

Bantha Pudu!

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Hoi,Yup you guessed it! Another post is up at the Challenge blog, go overTHEREand have a look!Cheers Sander

Build Report: 75127 The Ghost

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This week I`m tackling one of the Star Wars microfighters, whom I only bought for the minifigure to be honest.Star Wars isn`t really my favorite theme, but the Hera minifigure looked great and these 10 euro sets are an easy way as such to obtain her.Op…

Star Wars BB-8 – Bandai 1/12 Scale Plastic Model Kit [Completed]

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Unlike in most other fields where artists can start from a blank canvas, we miniature painters and modellers are beholden to the quality and detail of a sculpture or model kit for the end result. That make us more akin to a renderer rather than creator…

Star Wars BB-8 [WIP – Head]

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What became clear from the very beginning when working on the Bandai BB-8 plastic model kit was that I wasn’t going to use any of the decals provided. Instead I decided to paint the sections for which decals were provided, most notably the coloured sec…

The Home of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru

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I was flipping through a book on famous movie sets the other day and came across a section on the Tunisian film location for Luke Skywalker’s home on Tatooine. I immediately felt nostalgic on seeing the iconic domed habitat, the moisture vapourator…

Star Wars BB-8 & R2-D2 – Bandai 1/12 Scale Model Kit [Unboxing and Pre-Assembly Review]

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Known for its impressive details, the Bandai Star Wars product line did not disappoint in this regard when producing the BB-8 and R2-D2 model kits. Strangely enough, despite being a fan since the very beginning I’ve never owned any of collectible of th…

STAR WARS Armada Video Battle Report

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More Star Wars Armada! This time Garm Bel Iblis’ fleet comprised mainly of three Assault Frigate Mk IIs squares off against Darth Vader’s rapid response force. The game winds up being incredibly close- we weren’t sure who won until the points were adde…

Hasbro Princess Leia [Repaint Completed]

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Eyes are the scariest part of the miniature painting process. Hours of hard work can be rendered immaterial if one botched up the painting of the eyes. That I have stopped using any form of magnification for my miniature painting sessions didn’t help. …

The Haul Report # 67

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Hello everyone and welcome to another lovely week of stuff I managed to obtain for my various projects.Starting off, it’s a bit of a Harley-centric haul this week, as my “headliner” are these two gems:The LEDlite keychain AND the clock of the new The L…

Star Wars Armada: Corellian Campaign in a Weekend

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With the release of the excellent new Corellian Conflict campaign for Star Wars Armada, my buddy Craig and I tried to play the entire thing through in a weekend. While we didn’t quite finish, we got 9 awesome games of Armada in under the awesome campai…

Painting Challenge: Star Wars Amada Z-95s and Havoc

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This post originally appeared on the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.Despite painting furiously over the last week, I still have lots of figures that aren’t quite ready to be posted. I did manage to finish off some more itty bitty spaceships f…

Imperial Assault: Painted Core Box Models!

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Fully painted and ready for a fight!Recently, I’ve been playing a bit of Imperial Assault (Skirmish mode) with my daughter, and I also just finished up all the models from the Core Box set!  Personally, the game itself (skirmish mode at least) is …

Hasbro Princess Leia [WIP – General Skin Tone]

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With the Lunar New Year celebrations ongoing, it’s that time of the year where I get to spent precious "us-time" with my family. An eagerly awaited holiday period when each family member’s free time falls in sync with one another. Of course, it goes without saying that I haven’t had the opportunity to do much painting during this time. Nonetheless, I did do enough to finish painting Hasbro

Intensify Forward Firepower XXVII

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Download Mp3 hereSubscribe via iTunesSubscribe via PodBeanLike us on Facebook!Follow us on Twitter!The FSD is entertained by a traveling flautist, as the boys talk about they’re recent Armada experiences. Steven talks about the Corellian Conflict, whil…

Kablooey! Exploding ‘Star Wars’ Rebel Starships – 7th Submission to AHPC VII

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Ever since seeing ‘Rogue One’ over the holiday break I’ve been having a wonderful renaissance delving into all things ‘Star Wars’. I feel like I’m eleven all over again (if only my hair follicles would follow suit)!This resurgent interest made me di…

Star Wars Armada: Dodonna’s Raid

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Part of our 2nd run of the Corellian Conflict

The holodisplay sputtered then came to life. General Jan Dodonna blinked twice, before processing what he saw. The hyperlane near Raider’s Pointe was supposed to be filled with Imperial freighters and independent merchant ships fat with supplies and raw resources. Instead, he saw a combat fleet lying in wait. Was it a trap? Bad luck? He didn’t have time to consider the possibilities before a young lieutenant turned to him:

“Sir? What are your orders?” the woman, no older than 20, was calm, but a slight tremor in her voice betrayed the fear she suppressed.

Jan thought for one moment. He knew his Strike Force was ready. He surveyed the enemy fleet: an aging Victory class Star Destroyer, and a handful of cruisers and corvettes. They were spilling forth fighters now, but they didn’t concern him. Captain Ors had assembled the fighter wing, and organized it into two groups. The X-wing escorts under the leadership of Biggs Darklighter, and the bomber group under Norra Wexley. He knew they could best the Imperial fighters given the chance, and his own ships were more than a match for the Imperial vessels, likely doomed to endless patrols. Aging equipment and bored, un-motivated crews. Jan liked his odds. He leaned forward and thumbed a button on his console.


“Squadron leaders report in.” His voice echoed through his command ship. Responses came swiftly but calmly.

“Blue Squadron, standing by”, Biggs was the first to respond.

“Green Squadron, ready”, Norra barely contained her excitement.

“Lock S-Foils in attack positions”, now Jan Ors spoke, her command sounding more like a victory declaration than an order.

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The Star Wars Armada Fleets

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My megalomania is currently sated until the next releases. I now need to pick 300 points for the game on Sunday.

Hasbro Princess Leia [WIP – Hair Buns]

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Just a quick update on my Hasbro 3.75" Princess Leia action figure repaint project; her famous hair buns are done. For an action figure, Leia’s hair was surprisingly well sculpted and that aided me in painting in the necessary details in order to achieve volume and depth to the hair.   

Hasbro Princess Leia action figure repaint work-in-progress: Hair buns

In terms of colour scheme, Leia’s

Hasbro Princess Leia [WIP – Diplomatic Gown]

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Nondescript yet elegant in its simplicity. That about sums up Princess Leia Organa’s iconic white robes aka diplomatic gown in Star Wars A New Hope. Painting whites can be tricky because using just pure white results in a flat look lacking depth and vo…