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Star Wars AT-ST [WIP – Chicken Legs]

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As the AT-ST’s iconic ‘chicken legs’ underwent the same weathering process as its upper hull and mid-section, I saw no point in chronicling each every phase again in a series of posts. So without further delay, the following are photographs of the scou…

Wargame Wanderings 1: Thoughts on X-Wing Second Edition

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In the first ever episode of Wargame Wanderings Matt talks about X-wing second ed and how the changes might impact players. If all goes well I will be able to Gen Con FFG has invited me and several other creators a second ed party so I’m looking for ways to go.

On Solo, Rogue One and The Last Jedi

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On the 23rd I went to see Solo: A Star Wars Story, and I think it’s the most enjoyable since the original trilogy! Unfortunately it was only me and five other people on the nine o’clock at premiere day. Hopefully this will change.

But let’s go back for a bit. Let’s talk about what’s happened since The Force Awakens – a movie I quite liked. First there was Rogue One and this one I was looking

Star Wars AT-ST [WIP – Phase Four: Mid-section Metallics, Weapons & Assembly sans legs]

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Phase Four of the AT-ST weathering process is straightforward as it only involves applying ‘soot’ on the weapons and metallic paint on the mid-section’s flexible steel pipes. Then it was a case of putting it all together and touching up the paint and w…

Widgets and Wonders Ep 113 – Pre-Coloured Star Wars-ish MDF Terrain from Battle Kiwi

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  Battle Kiwi has a line of pre-coloured MDF Terrain for all your Star Wars or grimy far-far-away future Wargaming needs. Check it out HERE: Advertisements

Star Wars AT-ST [WIP – Phase Tthree of the Hull, Drive Engine & Gyro System; Micro Paint Chips]

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Painting micro paint chips has been one of the biggest tests of patience I’ve ever encountered in this hobby. While it’s not as difficult as painting eyes on a miniature figurine, the task of micro paint chipping is extremely laborious in its own right…

Star Wars Armada – Wargaming Recon #208

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Star Wars Armada is the not entirely new starship battle game set in the Star Wars universe.  We compare and contrast it with the Star Wars X-wing Miniatures game.  You’ll also discover our recommendation for if YOU should play Armada. HUZZAH Adr…


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For I number a touch more than you thought I did!So, as is blurrily apparent I built and base coated all of my Legion, barring the AT-ST and T47. It turns out to be a few more figures than I realised when they were all in separate piles around the plac…

Star Wars AT-ST [WIP – Phase Two of the Hull, Drive Engine & Gyro System; Oil Dot Filter Weathering]

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As a work-in-progress update it’s pretty hard to distinguish between Phase One and Phase Two of the weathering process. Firstly there the technical issue with photography which I’ll get into in more detail later. And secondly there’s the slightly overe…

Force Friday #3 Shriv Shurgav

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The next ‘Force Friday’ stream to get uploaded to the YouTube archive features Shriv Suurgav and more of the Rebels for Star Wars: Legion. Shriv is the Duros character from Battlefront II and was an immediate choice to give a painting nod to whilst doi…


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Some May the Fourth Pulp Alley

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I ran a Star Wars-themed game of Pulp Alley for May the 4th at the club this week. Scott has most recently seen a Star Trek episode (TOS no less) so got to choose gangs first. He picked Planet of the Apes. Craig selected Buffy and the Scooby Gang. Chen…

What’s in store from my project pipeline, optimistically speaking, in the coming months of 2018

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It was nearly three years ago when I last did a project pipeline update. As is my wont, other projects soon crept into the pipeline (i.e. Katana, a Snowspeeder, C-3PO, R2-D2, BB-8, Princess Leia, a T-55A tank, a Nurgle Rhino, a Bodhisattva, a Star Dest…

Star Wars Scenery Showcase: Hoth

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Fantasy Flight Games had commissioned be to build a Hoth-themed game board for the Star Wars: Legion miniatures game. If you were at Adepticon this year, you may have seen it in person. Now that it’s debuted at the show, I can show off some photos of the completed board and talk about the process I used to build everything.


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Star Wars AT-ST [WIP – Phase One of the Hull, Drive Engine & Gyro System; Basecoat, Wash & Panel Lining]

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There was once a time I would’ve stopped here. Weathering with washes and panel lining over a basecoat was all it took to momentarily scratch that ceaseless itch to paint up a monotone grey hued vehicle of the Galactic Empire’s Imperial Navy or Army. A…

Legion Stormtroopers

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They are the faceless foot soldiers of the Empire and as someone whose childhood was shaped by Star Wars and the image of white-armoured Stormtroopers patrolling Mos Eisley I love the design of these guys. Fantasy Flight has nailed the look of them in …

Star Wars AT-ST [WIP – Pilots seated in Cockpit Interior]

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Well duh but a model kit is always greater than the sum of its individual parts. So while both the AT-ST pilots/drivers looked bland on their own, the meh-factor lessened somewhat when they were both seated inside a fully assembled and painted cockpit …

Basic Miniature Assembly and Painting – Star Wars Legion

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 Star Wars miniature games have both the blessing and the curse of a very wide audience.  Most miniature games would like to steal from the Board Gamers, and maaaaybe target a couple of specific…

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Box Breaking 243: Star Wars Legion AT-RT from FFG

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In this Box Braking Matt takes a look at the Star Wars Legion AT-RT from Fantasy Flight Games. I can’t wait to blow this guy up.  It’s kind of funny in X-wing I prefer to rebel or be scum but in Legion I think I’m a clone all the way.

Star Wars AT-ST [WIP – Pilots / Drivers]

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What was Bandai thinking, molding a rigid looking pair of AT-ST pilots/drivers to accompany their 1/48 scale AT-ST model kit. Any form of dynamic pose – e.g. having one of them reach for a side control panel – would’ve made a lot more sense. The altern…

Force Friday #2 – The Rebellion

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My second ‘Force Friday’ got off to a great start after spending a day gaming over at the FLGS where the Imperial gang scooped up a couple of things for their barrack walls. A great days gaming which was finished off by me rushing back to stream the ne…

Abregado Fusiliers: Conversions

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I did some modelling yesterday and some fine young recruits have arrived to bolster the ranks of the Abregado Fusiliers (my Legion Rebels). All of the miniatures in my second squad are conversions since I want to avoid too many duplicates in my army. F…

Force Friday #1 – Painting Stormtroopers

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With the release of Star Wars: Legion by Fantasy Flight Games on the 23rd March, #ForceFriday has become my new ‘thing’. In the very first of my Star Wars Friday streams I cracked open the core box and immediately started on the Empire’s finest, or at …

Happy Easter!

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Star Wars AT-ST [WIP – Cockpit Interior]

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As with most Bandai Star Wars model kits, the interior parts are usually molded with close to movie accurate details. But also in most cases the details would’ve been covered up, sometimes completely, in the final build. For the AT-ST, I have the optio…