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Romics – october 2017

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Two times every year, this is an appointment that I don’t want to miss. As the same I go here in the less overcrowded day of the convention. I find some comics that I didn’t pick up previously, a lot of gadgets (as Funko), and a day immersed in one of my principal interests. And […]

Romics – april 2017

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Time travel. There were two more Romics editions after this one. Always the same story about backlog of posts. However we had fun at time. It is the excuse to buy comics, gadgets. And to taste strange foods and drinks from Asia. And to watch beautiful female cosplayers. We visit Romics during an entire day […]

Lucca C&G 2016: Statuettes and gadgets [part07]

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Comic conventions are the reign of gadgets more than the reign of comics. Here some statuettes and gadgets that I saw around. And with a large participation of Funkyo puppets, the most popular gadget of these years. There is so many stuff that your hea…

Lucca C&G 2016: Sexy statuettes [part06]

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I like this kind of statuettes. You can find around a lot of models at very high prices. It is another world as miniature world, with its sculptors and people involved. I don’t know it deeply but I like this stuff. Even because I like female figures, obviously. However I am more inclined to buy […]

Lucca C&G 2016: Go Nagai [part04]

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Go Nagai work is still popular not only here in Italy. A lot of new models of the same giant robots are produced. And some are reshuffled versions. I can’t count how many Mazinga variations are around.
At the end even an Italian proposal of a gia…

Romics fall 2016: statuettes

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What was I saying? Oh, yes, gadgets. While I sipped a bottle of mango bubble tea (weird Asian food is usually sold in comic fairs), I could walk around to immortalise some statuettes. Here some of them for you.