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Bat Rep – Adventures with Captain Nemo – Conclusion

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Part OneIt’s now the Deep Ones turn to act. The Leader recovers and the three warriors charge. The Nautilus Crew fires!Two go down but to enter melee.  One crew member goes Out of the Fight and the other Obviously Dead!Both sides take the Will ti …

Bat Rep – Adventures with Captain Nemo – Part One

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Adventures with Captain Nemo is a Steam Punkish/ Victorian Science Fiction game where you try and accomplish nine different Adventures and score enough Promotion Points to command the Nautilus. Here’s one of those adventures.***************************…

IHMN Dino Hunt!

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This weekend past, I set up the table in the man cave, worked up some basic dino rules for In Her Majesty’s Name and ran a quick dino-hunt for my friend Shane.View of the field from the dino endA basic road through the jungle. Brush is considered to ex…

TOR games survey

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Via Trouble at T’millTor games has a war gaming survey up which given their product lines has some VSF and Steampunk connections.  Go give it a look.