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Roller Blades

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These are made by Tor Gaming for the Relics game, but I have hijacked them to use in my Robotic Steam Wars army. Six in a pack was perfect and they don’t take much to paint up.

B4-P0 & AR-Two

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The R2-D2 model came off a McDondald’s Fatty Meal toy. Can’t remember who made the humanoid robot, it has been kicking around for years, I think it may be a Rackham model. I have a few uses for these models, mainly for my robotic Steam Wars army, but also for use in Rogue Stars. These … Continue reading B4-P0 & AR-Two


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Small, cute, hard target.

A couple of colours and then an ink wash. Done.

Arkanaut Frigate

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This is the first GW model I have seen in ages that I could be persuaded to purchase, especially with my steampunk fixation still running high. I say “could”, as at £50 (US$80) it is a significant amount of cash. It should be available with 10% off from an independent reseller, which would make it … Continue reading Arkanaut Frigate

Mechanica Artillery

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I have no idea what the weapon profile will be yet for this piece, but it does look quite good. Based on a Titan Forge Metal Beards bolt thrower model, I have just reversed the arms and covered up the bolt.

Aeroneff Landing Station

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With the recent reasonably nice weather, the mass undercoating of models is well underway of all those models put together over the winter. This has allowed me to finish some of the larger projects which have been taking up a lot of room. One of the biggest is the Aeroneff Landing Station for the flying … Continue reading Aeroneff Landing Station

Aberrant Hammerer

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A good friend at Aberrant Games very nicely let me have a few Rezolution CSO robot models for my Steam Wars Mechanica force. These are CSO Hammerer MIU (Mechanized Infantry Units) models which I will be using as medium support of the Mechanica infantry. I did a bit of trimming of one arm and attached … Continue reading Aberrant Hammerer

Clockwork Dragon Wings

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A few weeks ago, I started to put together my Reaper Bones Clockwork Dragon. I had to do some boiling water reshaping of the legs to get them all level, but I am getting quite good at that with plastic models. I was not happy with the position of the wings as they stuck straight … Continue reading Clockwork Dragon Wings

If I’m Lucky…

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The weather seems to have picked up and I may just get a chance to undercoat models this weekend. Today my car was telling me it was 16 degrees Celsius. Considering how cold it has been recently, that is positively tropical. I have been busy making sure everything is ready for an undercoating marathon, figures, … Continue reading If I’m Lucky…

Panzer Mech Kickstarter

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I had been doing a good job of keeping away from Kickstarters until a friend sent me a link this morning for one ending in a few hours… This is a West Wind Kickstarter for some great Weird War II Mechs and I can’t resist a good Mech, or three. I like the West Wind … Continue reading Panzer Mech Kickstarter

Reaper Clockwork Dragon

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One of the models I picked up on my visit to the USA last year was a Reaper Bones Clockwork Dragon. I had spotted online that a few people had added extra cogs which looked rather cool. So not wanting to let a good idea go uncopied, I decided to unashamedly rip it off. The … Continue reading Reaper Clockwork Dragon

Heavy Weapon Conversion

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I received this Titan Forge Metal Beards bolt thrower as part of a Kickstarter ages ago. It was part of their huge Dwarf army range that included the Ancestral Zeppelins that I painted up for my Prussian Scrunts. I decided I did not want to use it in a fantasy army so thought a steampunk … Continue reading Heavy Weapon Conversion

Objectives And Stuff

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I wanted more objectives for my Steam Wars games but these things will also work for Rogue Stars and any other sci-fi game as well. The first lot were actually sold as custom sci-fi bases, but I thought they were so good that they would work as markers in their own right. The last two … Continue reading Objectives And Stuff

Mechanica Gun Drones

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Another purchase for the Steampunk Mechanica army were some Privateer Press gun robots. These are for one of the newer funny named factions I can never remember, but there are some nice models in the range that I can be tempted with. I think there are meant to be some clear plastic flying supports in … Continue reading Mechanica Gun Drones

Mole Markers

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So far I have used bits of paper to mark where a tunneling model may be in games of Steam Wars. I wanted to make something a bit more interesting so made some sign posts using bits of sprue and plastic card.