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Eldar Synergy – Strategy Vs. Tactics Vs. Mindset in 7th Edition

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While this blog is mostly focused on the Dras’Volharr Craftworld project, once upon a time I played the game with vigor. This week I thought i’d take a little detour from the normal project stuff and move into the mind space of an Eldar General, discus…

Tactics You Should Be Using #02

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The Double Flee. The Double flee is a slick, effective, and easy tactic to pull off. I think this is an essential tactic for anyone who uses an army with fast cavalry. Finesse and planning can really make this a…

Tactics You Should Be Using #01

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I’m starting a series titled “Tactics you should be using” and will give readers an insight into strategy and tactics you will see, or should see, at all levels of competition within the game of warhammer. I will rate each…

Five Tribes Review

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There were a lot of great games released at Gen Con this year. Five Tribes, from Days of Wonder and Bruno Faidutti, was one of the most talked about – and hardest to get.Now that the game has finally hit distribution, does it live up to all that hype?N…

Last Starfleet Overview

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Last Starfleet is a thrilling and intensely strategic cooperative adventure card game – Wicked Grin Games’ first publication!   Last Starfleet is a card game that focuses on teamwork and communication.  The game takes about 60 minutes to play and has a small learning curve.     Currently on Kickstarter here.  Check back in a […]

Box Breaking 101 Last Starfleet

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In this Box Breaking Matt Takes a look at the card game Last Starfleet from Wicked Grin Games.  Last Starfleet puts the last of humanity in struggle to colonize a new planet.

Last Starfleet is currently on Kickstarter and will be available at your lo…

Galactic Strike Force from Greater Than Games

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Galactic Strike Force $39.95 Galactic Strike Force is a cooperative, tactical, deck-building game in which two to six players each take control of a ship and a crew in defense of the galaxy! Dangerous opposition forces threaten to overrun the entire galaxy, and the players must not only build up their ships, but also work […]

Box Breaking 96 Myth from Megacon Games

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In this Box Breaking Matt takes a look at the smash hit Myth from Megacon Games.  Myth is a semi-cooperative miniature board game.  It features highly detailed miniatures.  The rules incorporate an almost arcade like style of gaming on to the table.  Watch as Matt shares its contents.   You can learn more at Megacon […]

Strategies, Schemes and Mayhem!

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I had another great game last night. Phil continued his love affair with Molly and I again fielded Yan Lo. Despite losing 8:4 it was a close and fun game. As you can see from the screenshot the attrition rate … Continue reading

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Box Breaking 85 Compounded From Game Salute

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Take a look as Matt explores the contents of the game Compounded.  Compounded is a game of science that uses the Table of periodic elements as the board.  All I can tell without playing Compounded is that it is something like mixing friendships, er I mean making better friends through chemistry. You can find Compounded […]

Box Breaking 84 Dungeon Heroes from Game Salute

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Watch Matt delve into the Dungeon Heroes Board Game.  Dungeon Heroes is a tile dungeon exploring game for one or two players. Dungeon Heroes is made by Gamelyn Games and distributed by Game Salute.   My impression of Dungeon Heroes from the Box Breaking is that the game looks relatively easy learn.  I doubt it […]

The Dark Valley from GMT Games

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The Dark Valley: The East Front Campaign, 1941-45 $59.00 SRP   Although the game is a semi-monster, and covers the entirety of the conflict from the launch of Barbarossa to the end of the war, the game system emphasizes playability rather than rules overhead, allowing the players to concentrate on strategy choices rather than rules […]

Cheater’s Guide to Tabling Your Opponent

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Just diabolical.  

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Dungeon Twister: The Card Game

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Dungeon Twister: The Card Game $24.99 SRP You awaken to find yourself in a torch lit room. Moments ago you were on duty for the princess at the royal banquet. What or who has brought you to this place? A quick check reveals your paladin armor and sword still intact. You notice the obviously dwarven […]

The Truth About Cover Saves in 40K – 3++

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Matt at Three Plus Plus has done an amazing job breaking down some fundamental and advanced tactics with cover saves.  An excerpt of some of his tips below. If you found that helpful you should really read the entire article here. Great job Matt. And here’s one to bring a tear to the eye of […]

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Civilization: Wisdom and Warfare Expansion

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Civilization: Wisdom and Warfare Expansion $34.95 SRP     You have created towering wonders, built vast cities, and tamed sprawling wilderness. Now, prepare to guide your civilization to new heights of power and influence!   The Wisdom and Warfare expansion for Sid Meier’s Civilization: The Board Game introduces a new optional combat system, plus Social […]

Box Breaking 68 The Duke from Catalyst Game Labs

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The Duke is the newest “abstract” game I have seen.  It has a chess like feel to it – that is if chess can be a hyper squirrel doing back flips. Check  it out as Matt shares his box with you.     In a few days we hope to have some sample games up […]

Wargame Strategy vs Wargaming Tactics – The Differences

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It is a question I hear a lot: “What is the difference between strategy and tactics in wargaming?” Many people think that wargame strategy and wargaming tactics are actually the same thing. They use the terms interchangeably. However, there is … Continue reading

Arimaa Review

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A while back, I did a top ten abstract board games list. One of the comments spoke incredibly highly of an abstract that I hadn’t tried yet – Arimaa.  So, of course, I hunted down a copy and tried it out!In Arimaa, the goal of the game is to get …

Shrine of Knowledge – FAQ’s and Errata: Page 2 | Errata and FAQ Articles | Gaming and Collecting Articles | Games Workshop

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Heads up, GW just dropped a bunch of FAQ’s.  Looks like mostly flyer updates. Removal of Deep Strike across all armies for flyers. Added Storm Ravens to BT and SM…

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Ep 40 – FAQ’s, Building a Thunderhawk and more

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Welcome to Ep 40 of Screaming Heretic. Your best source for Warhammer 40k nonsense, laughs, sometimes news, and once in awhile good hobby advice.  WARNING IF YOUR ABLE TO BE…

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Anatomy of a Turn Part2

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Last time we looked at the first half of analyzing one turn of Warmachine. We looked at how to not lose the game by looking at potential assassination runs from the opponent as well as possible scenario wins. Then we turn it around and tried to find an assassination route for ourselves as well as […]

Anatomy of a Turn

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This week I decided to look at how to win. Thats right, how to WIN. It might seem like a very obvious objective in the game, but how do you actually accomplish this? Well lets take a look at a single turn and see if how I go about it makes any sense at all. […]

Kulami from FoxMind

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Kulami $ 29.95 Kulami is a fun, tactile game of strategy for two players. Ten wooden tiles are arranged to form an ever-changing board on which opponents compete to capture the largest number of tiles. Each player takes a turn placing their marbles. When placed cleverly they will limit their adversary’s possible moves and gain […]

Archipelago from Asmodee

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Archipelago Release Date: Nov 2012 $ 79.99 Are you ready to take-on your discovery mission to the archipelago? Each player takes on the role of an explorer and their team, mandated by a European nation to discover, colonize and profit from the archipelagos. These missions are supposed to happen diplomatically, by answering the needs of […]