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Last Cat Standing Kickstarter Preview

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Cats are the cutest and most popular animals around the world! We all love them and now we have the board game about them. Yes, we all remember about the “Exploding Kittens” but the game we are going to present is totally different! Meet the “Last Cat Standing”! It is an easy to learn and […]

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Best Play Recommends: Twilight Imperium

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TL;DR What: unbelievably epic sci fi civilisational royal rumble Players: 3-6 How long: a colossal 6-10 hours Who: only the […]

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Agricola Strategy Tips: Do’s and Don’ts

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Agricola can feel pretty daunting because farming should never be difficult, but the Middle Ages never makes anything easy. The

Interview with Lior Keinan and Sharon Katz – developers of Final Act

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Hello, people! Couple of days ago we had a Skype conference with Lior Keinan and Sharon Katz. These guys created a game called “Final Act” which is based on the experience of Sharon Katz who was a real tank commander of Israel army. This project looks quite attractive because of its simplicity and realism. So, […]

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Final Act Kickstarter Preview

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Can you imagine a woman who is able to drive a real tank? Moreover, she designed a boardgame dedicated to tank battles and this game is a revolution for sure! Today we present you a very special boardgame called “Final Act” by Lior Keinan & Sharon Katz. “Final Act” was born in order to create […]

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Freedom: The Underground Railroad Review

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In our Freedom: The Underground Railroad review, we take a look at a very thematic cooperative game in which players take on the roles of abolitionists.
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Call to Arms 2016 Warhammer: AOS Tournament Review

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A review of the results and general awesomeness of the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar event at the Wellington Warlord’s Call To Arms convention.We had 11 entrants and one ringer player, making it one of the biggest events at Call To Arms.Unfortunately my tou…

Call To Arms 2016 – Warhammer: AOS Army Lists

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The Wellington Warlord’s annual gaming event Call To Arms is this weekend, and they were kind enough to let us run Warhammer as one of the events on offer. We ended up with 11 entrants (plus one ringer player), and it has been great to meet with all th…

Warhammer: AOS Tips and Tricks for Tournament Players

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The new edition of Warhammer has had a great increase in event attendance around New Zealand in the last six months. For many of the entrants, this is has been their first tournament experience – and even their first ever games of Age of Sigmar!As some…