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Golden Age Supers: Liberty Legion vs the Emperor’s Swords

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Department 13 has intercepted Top Secret Radio transmissions that the Empire of Japan is trying to resurrect Operation Kaiju on the island of Mauwanu Tatu. Dispatch the Liberty Legion with all haste! Tengu takes to the skies. Raiden soon foll…

Super Battle in the Artic

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“When the mysterious alien known as the Despot arrived, his plans for Earth were unclear. Gathering the remnants of the defeated International Crime Syndicate, he began using them as pawns in a great scheme.Little did our heroes know, but the Despot ha…

2 more supers and yet another blog.

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Presented for your enjoyment: the Despot, ruler of a thousand worlds and Perma-Frost deadly creator of cold.On an unrelated subject, I started a blog to chronicle my musings on starting a new life and career, Here be Dragons.

Korgoth of Babbaria

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An homage to a great little cartoon and a new villain (or hero) for Supersystem.

The Best Super Hero Game Ever?

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Is Pulp City the best Super Hero tabletop game ever?The way the Kickstarter is going sure makes me think it is!There are so many awesome character appearing and there is still 12 days to go as I type this.The Pulp team are already working on …

Do You Want A Gorilla With A Minigun?

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Would you like a huge Gorilla with a massive minigun?Of course you would!!!!Well, for this weekend only, the Pulp City Kickstarter is giving them away for FREE!!!How cool does Guerrilla look?This update to one of the first ever Pulp City miniatures wou…

New Campaign for Super System

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NORAD reports the crash of an extraterrestrial object deep in the Appalacian mountains. The Guardians are dispatched to report on and recover any possible alien technology. They are not the only ones interested in the crash.Members of the All Southern …

New Supers

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Time to start a new SuperSystem campaign. Time for new blood. Here’s a few new onesThe All Southern Squadron, featuring left to right, Johnny Reb, Whistling Dixie (sonic powered whistle), and Texas Twister.Johnny was just a straight repaint of a Clix, …

The Pulp City Kickstarter is live …… and its a MASSIVE success.

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WIP of new book coverAs a lot of you know, I am  HUGE Pulp City fan and have been for quite a while.How could I not be a fan of a game packed full of Super Heroes, Villains, Aliens, Robots, Monsters, Apes and more? This meant that when the news ca…

Super System episode 13: The Null Ray

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With Emperor Ape behind bars, the criminal Syndicate is leaderless. Cackling with glee, Eggsterminator leaps into the role and hatches a plan to steal the newest potential super weapon from Veridian Dynamics. Along with Razorwing they break in late at …

Golden Age Supers – A Divine Wind

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I love Supersystem, particularly version 2, and particularly Golden Age. We’ve played for years and battles go one of two ways (much as battles do), nail-biters and complete blowouts. This game was the latter of the two, but didn’t make it any less fun…

Been a While…

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Well, dear readers, it’s been a while. I was going at a pretty good clip there, but spring finally sprung and the Rat Race is in full swing, so I have had Zero time for anything gaming related(almost). Just a few things and thoughts til I get back to i…

Clearance Pt2 – Carnevale, Deep Wars, Pulp City, Heroclix and Scenery must go!

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The clear out continues.
Why? There is another baby badger on the way and my wife (the Galley Wench) said we need some spare in the house for it! :)

If you like the look of anything below then feel free to email me here –  hendybadger (email l…

Pulp City Review – Ulthar Aquarius + Scorpio

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Pulp City. A place where super powered Heroes and Villains battle each other only a daily basis with their amazing gifts and talents.
But it isn’t only ‘Supremes’ that dwell in the city. There are vampires, gods, werewolves, talking apes, zombies, r…

Pulp City Review – Riposte + Arquero

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With the Pulp City Supreme Edition open beta still running, I thought it was about time I looked at some more of the PC range. With a MASSIVE and varied range of super powered beings, there are a lot of different things to look at.
Today we have


Hey! What’s that Badger doing?

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With the blog getting quieter at the moment, I thought I would update everybody on what I am working on.

The first 12 Pulp City models are prepared, built and undercoated. A nice range of models for me to try and learn how to paint without using …

Chronoscope Review: Super Heroines

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Continuing with my recent ‘supers’ coverage, today I will be checking out some of the fantastic Reaper Chronoscope models. If you haven’t seen it before, the Chronoscope range covers LOADS of different styles and genres from sci-fi to steampunk and …

Pulp City Review: Shadow Mask + Tanuki

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For part 2 of my Pulp City Reviews that show off some of the model for the new Supreme Edition Rules I will be looking at 2 members of the Jade Cult. The most recent team to enter the city.

Shadowmask and Tanuki

Shadowmask is one of the head…

Pulp City Review: Crimson Oni + Foxxy Blade

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With the new Pulp City Supreme Edition rules now out and in Open Beta I thought it was about time I looked over a few of the models on here.
Massive thanks to the guys at Pulp Monsters who have made this possible!

First up is –

Crimson Oni and Fo…

You Have Chosen That I Will Be Painting………………..

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Over the last couple of weeks I have asked readers to vote for 3 Pulp City models for me to start my new attempt at painting with.

The result are in!
3 models had 3 votes and several models had 2.
To keep things interested and varied I am going to …

Pulp City – Preview, New Releases and PAW Update

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The Pulp City Facebook Page has had some very interesting news on it today.
First up is the above picture. Guerilla 2!
This resculpt of one of the earliest Pulp City models (below) is stunning and in my opinion, a massive improvement!
It has been me…

Golden Age Supers

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A small hamlet in the English countryside is about to become a battlefield. This sleepy little village is actually an Allied secret base, home to numerous top secret technologies and currently the prison for the nefarious Axis scientist Faust.Guarding …

Pulp City Monsters Expansion – Rules Look and Review

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My favourite game of ALL TIME has gained an expansion! Pulp City Monsters
Whats it all about? Big ass things rampaging through a city with super powered beings trying to stop them!

If you take a look at most Marvel comics lines you will see an in…

Paint the City Pink Charity Auction!!!!!!!

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The weeks of preparation, painting, judging, chatting to the amazing donors and more have all led up to this.

The First Ever Paint the City Pink Auction!!!!

For those that haven’t seen PtCP yet, it all started a long time ago.
Last year we ran an …

Pulp City – First Info on the New ‘Supreme’ Edition

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Today Pulp City posted a great bit of news.
The first bits of info on the new Supreme Edition, including a picture of the new cards (above)

You can see the post on the Pulp City site >>HERE<<
I have also reposted it below