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Admit it.. we old gamers are just "Chasing the Dragon…"

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I recently attended Breakout Con in Toronto and noticed a large number of middle aged people attending, and even grey beards.  Lots had kids, and likely there to get kids into gaming. Lots of singles though, like me, walking around with that jaded…

Books that give a historical overview of tabletop RPGs

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I am too old to now enjoy tabletop RPGs. I don’t have it in me anymore to suspend disbelief and or even have the time and interest to devote to it. However, I remain interested in the hobby from a distance and can be, when I’m in the right mood, nostal…

Why… kids today are spoiled.. they do not have to wax in their dice :-)

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I got into a conversation with this owner of a large gaming store here in my city once, and he did not believe me when I said that in the early 80s, we had to wax in our own dice..Back then, I found d10s so.. futuristic! I’ve never saw anything like th…