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This is a sourcebook for regular army and marines in the Traveller universe. A short history of warfare in the Imperium is provided, and overviews of the organization of the Unified Armies of the Imperium and the Imperial Marines. Military equipment, c…

Eldar Synergy – Strategy Vs. Tactics Vs. Mindset in 7th Edition

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While this blog is mostly focused on the Dras’Volharr Craftworld project, once upon a time I played the game with vigor. This week I thought i’d take a little detour from the normal project stuff and move into the mind space of an Eldar General, discus…

Review – Web Resources, The Essentials of Cold War Soviet Doctrine and Organisation for free

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As a Change from my normal reviews of books I thought I would cover a number of the many Free ePublication resources available on the internet that can provide a comprehensive view of Soviet Ground forces from the 60s through to the 1980’s.  My pr…

Bombs Away!

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Like Missiles, Rockets and Torpedoes, Bombs don’t see much action. I still see them as one of the coolest weapons in the Star Wars Galaxy. The first time I saw Episode 2: Attack of the Clones, I almost cried when I first heard the Seismic Charges. There are a few craft that can take these…

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Empire vs Khorne Tactica Part 2

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In Part 1 of this Tactica, we covered which units to take against the pure combat focus of a Khorne army and with an idea of what your list includes, let’s now look at deploying and using them effectively. I’m a firm believer in having a strong core at the heart of your army with […]

Empire vs Khorne Tactica Part 1

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  As we near the end of our ‘Tale of Two Armies’ series, I thought it would be helpful for those interested to put the lessons I have learnt into a Tactica article of sorts – but one that focuses on tackling a specific opponent. This is the first part of that article which will […]

Rebel-ution: Epic Play (II) – Upgrading the GR-75

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Last time, we looked at the rules for using the GR-75 in Epic Play. Now, we can build ourselves a Transport! I’ll walk through the unique titles and crew members that only huge ships can take. After that, I’ll also talk some more about the different Cargo en modification upgrades as well as some examples of a…

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Man your B-wing! Keyan and the E2

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With Rebel Aces approaching fast, soon you can field new pilots and upgrades. The new paint job on the models looks great and I can wait to get my hands on a few of those new pilots. Since it’s release, I’ve always included a B-wing in my squads and with the addition of Keyan Farlander, I

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Rexler Brath and the TIE-Defender

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It took me a while to get a new post online. I’ve been on honeymoon to the US of A and I wasn’t able to upload new articles. The good thing is, now that I’m back, I can jump right in to the new shiny toys that just hit the shelves! The very first things

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Getting ready for battle: Deployment

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There is little information about deployment for X-Wing and that makes sense because the deployment area is limited to 2 small ships behind each other and that does not give much room for an elaborate setup. Nevertheless deployment is crucial to maximize your options to win. It will not be rocket science, more common sense

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Torpedoes Away!

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Last week, I looked at all missiles available in the X-wing Miniatures game. Now, Torpedoes are up! Lock-n-load those puppies and let’s do some damage already! Torpedoes are self-propelled, mostly guided ordnance who have a very powerful, albeit very focused blast. It will deal a lot of damage, but in comparison to missiles on a

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7th Edition- Owning the Psychic Phase

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SO I will do a full review of 7th soon, but I wanted to discuss the biggest change yet first. The psychic phase. Specifically how to own (read BREAK) it…By introducing the phase to the game, GW has done a few things that will ripple through the meta …

Missiles away!

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Lots of options in missiles to add to your selection, but not all are used. Missiles seem pretty expensive for a one-shot weapon, but a well placed one can have a devastating effect on your games. We decided to take a look at the different missiles out there and what you can do with them.

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Astromech Droids. Bleep bloop bleep your way to victory!

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Droids. You can love them or adore them, but hatred is a word that cannot be reserved for these little mechanical wonders. Because the Rebel Transport is here and the E-wing on an approach vector, it seems time to take a good long look into Astromech Droids! Droids are an upgrade option for E-wings, X-wings

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Guest Article: WZR Deck Building Pt 1: Introduction

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Hello and welcome to the first part of my “Warzone Resurrection Deck Building” article series. What I will aim to do in this is explain both basic deck building techniques and some more advanced as I progress. This will probably be a long read, be prep…

Arvel Crynyd – Pilot Review

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Whenever I’m playing against rebels, I rarely see Arvel Crynyd on the field. And I cannot understand why! In all the Star Wars Lore, I’m pretty sure this guy has the most kills EVER! More then Wedge, more then Soontir, maybe even more then Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. If we may believe Rogue Squadron’s video

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X-Wing: Collecting a Rebel Fleet

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The addition of a second Y-Wing means my Rebel fleet for Fantasy Flight’s X-Wing Miniatures Game is starting to take shape. With a few games (and wins) under my belt I’ve started to get to grips with the tactics of fighting with a Rebel fleet. To be perfectly, brutally, honest you can pick up the […]

Tournament Review

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Last Saturday (the 29th of March), we had one of the larger Store Championships here in the beautiful city of The Hague in The Netherlands. I was there to participate in the action and to report on the stuff that’s going on at a tournament. I have played a lot of tournaments in the past,

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Epic : Armageddon – DKOK reinforcements

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Here just some small reinforcements. Having played with proxies throughout the last games I want to avoid further confusion with Thudd guns and heavy mortars. The conversions themselves are quite simple. Based on the original plastic chassis of the Squ…

How Good Are the New Tyranid Flyers?

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There was a time when, every time a new Codex was released, I first looking up the new Flyers that almost inevitably came with each new Warhammer 40K release. For the most part (Dark Angels, Tau Empire, etc….), they were rather lackluster entrie…

Blood Angels + Inquisition "Skull Bash" DoA (and 2k List)

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So the new Inquisition “Codex” has unleashed a whole realm of possibilities for Imperial Armies. Pieces of wargear such as the psyocculum and servo skulls open up some real potential, and at low costs. Looking through this I found a clever trick. Yes i…

A Matter of Tactics – Soldier’s Companion

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Oh’ktava’an reached into the bowel of roasted pier worms an plucked out a particularly plump one. He slid a thumbnail under the carapace an flipped off the shell revealing the smokey golden contents. He chewed contemplatively, savoured the chewy morsel…

Upgunning Strykers?

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Our Army infantry brigades need heavier firepower — that means the return of the light AVF and upgunned Stryker infantry carriers, say Maneuver Center of Excellence senior leaders recently.Stryker Brigade Combat …

DreadBall Tactics: Season 1 – The Forge Fathers

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Forge Fathers! The Dwarfs of DreadBall. Like the Goblin & Orx Marauders, Forge Fathers are often considered one of the weaker teams from DreadBall Season 1. I’ve seen a fair few tournaments around the UK Midlands that give Marauders and Forge…

Understanding Battleforce Recon… the finer points of 500 points

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Battleforce Recon differs from the core six missions of 40k in a number of subtle ways, creating a unique tactical challenge that’s not just a points restriction. After playing tons of games this way, it’s become evident that a good general will need…