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Army List: Harlequins 1850 pts MSU Mech

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Our next reader request army list is MSU Harlequins with Craftworlders. I want to design a list that employs lots of distributed S6 weapons, Leadership debuff shenanigans, and a handful of D weapons to deal with hard targets. Time to get creative with the Space Elf Clowns!
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Army List: Adepta Sororitas 1850 pts MSU

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In my post about MSU army list design, Elite 40,000 reader Adam requested a MSU army list for Adepta Sororitas (a.k.a. Sisters of Battle) that can compete in 7th Ed. Ask and ye shall receive, here we go!
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Tutorial: MSU Army List Design

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The MSU (Multiple Small Unit) approach to army list design was commonly understood and widely employed many years ago in the latter half of 5th Ed. It fell out of favour in 6th Ed, but strangely has not resurged in 7th Ed—even though it naturally synergises with Maelstrom missions and counters ‘titanhammer’ very nicely. With Codex Eldar Craftworlds sparking a new wave of D weapon proliferation, I expect MSU to quickly regain its rightful place as king of army list paradigms—if enough players understand how, and why, to do it.
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Analysis: Codex Eldar Craftworlds

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The new Eldar book has hit the streets, so it’s time to delve deep and see what the Craftworlds can do. I will try to minimise excessive comparisons between old and new books, and stay future-focussed. Here we go!
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Army List: Eldar 1850 pts Windriders & Lynx

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While I continue to write my full analysis of Codex Eldar Craftworlds, here is an 1850 pts army list to get you thinking about how to build the new Eldar.

Wild Host of Saim Hann

I want my first new Eldar list to be built around models that I like, and a recognisable theme, to demonstrate that the new codex is very good at making fluff-aligned lists competitively viable. I have chosen to build a ‘Wild Host of Saim Hann’ army based on Jetbikes, Grav-Tanks and Flyers—all the fast things! That said, it does have one static element (a Skyshield), but even the Wild Host has to land somewhere to refuel…

Combined Arms Detachment: Eldar Craftworlds


Autarch Skyrunner with Banshee Mask and Shard of Anaris [130]


5x Windriders with Scatter Lasers [135]

5x Windriders with Scatter Lasers [135]

5x Windriders with Scatter Lasers [135]

5x Windriders with Scatter Lasers [135]

Fast Attack

8x Shining Spears, Exarch with Star Lance [245]

Lord of War

Lynx with Pulsar and Shuriken Cannon [420]


Skyshield Landing Pad [75]

Crimson Death

Crimson Hunter Exarch [160]

Crimson Hunter [140]

Crimson Hunter [140]

1850 pts

The Autarch joins the Shining Spears to make them Fearless and immune to Overwatch. Shining Spears took a significant hit in the new codex by losing Hit & Run and Monster Hunter, but received a permanent 4++ cover save and AP3 in return. I think the old rules were slightly better, but they are still a fast and effective assault unit, and play an important ‘line-backer’ role in a shooty army with lots of juicy assault targets. Plus the models look badass when converted to ride the new Jetbike.

The Lynx sits on the Skyshield and nukes hard targets with its two D Large Blast shots. The new Wraithknight caused a lot of excitement with its two non-blast D shots for 295 pts, but I think the Lynx with its blasts is the superior choice for 125 pts more. Plus the Titan Holo-Fields of the Lynx (ignore 50% of hits, including D hits) give it an edge in D-duels with enemy Supers/Gargantuans.

Objective Secured Windriders are for claiming Objectives first, and shooting the enemy second. If you reverse this priority then you may kill a few more enemy models at the cost of VP—always stay on mission!

I have always played three Crimson Hunters in my competitive lists, and with a price drop and buff in the new codex I am very happy to continue this tradition. Crimson Hunters in Formation get a permanent 4++ cover save that they can reroll if they Jink—this is a massive boost to their resilience. I rarely lost my Flyers under the previous rules, and I expect even better things from them now. They also get Preferred Enemy against Flyers and Flying Monsters; combined with their standard Skyhunter rule, they are simply the best anti-air unit in the game. The Autarch allows them to arrive from Reserve on a 2+ so they can start pew-pewing as early as possible.


This list is capable of dealing with nearly any opposition:

  • 80 S6 shots to kill light armour and horde infantry
  • 12 S8 AP2 shots with optional Skyfire to kill Flyers, Flying Monsters, heavy armour and elite infantry
  • Two D Large Blast shots to kill heavy armour, Monsters/Gargantuans/Supers, and non-Invisible deathstars
  • A fast, Fearless, resilient counter-assault unit to protect all the shooters
  • Four fast Objective Secured units

It is obviously designed to simply blow away your enemy with superior firepower—but it is also capable of scoring VP throughout a Maelstrom mission thanks to the five Jetbike squads.


While I wouldn’t call it a ‘glass cannon’ in the same class as Dark Eldar, this list is not exactly tough either. The Lynx is probably the least resilient Super commonly encountered, with only AV11 and 6HP. This soft skin is mitigated by its Titan Holo-Fields and the Skyshield for stacking 4++ saves, but it also means that it is effectively a static target.

Everything else in the list is even less resilient—only T4/3+ or AV10. This list will play very differently to the good old ‘AV12 Wall’ Mechdar armies seen under the previous codex.

Very fast assault armies will give this list a lot of trouble; I’m thinking of Khorne Daemonkin with multiple Flesh Hound squads and Maulerfiends. There are no midfield blockers in this army list.

Hardcore alpha strike lists—like full Pods—will be a difficult match-up too. The Wild Host, like Han, likes to shoot first!


I continue to be impressed by the great rules-to-fluff alignment GW have achieved with the new Codex Eldar Craftworlds. And despite all the internet fear-mongering, remember that the universal moderator of army lists continues to apply: the points limit.

New Eldar have lots of nice toys, but they don’t come cheap. It’s all well and good to propose 60 Windrider armies with uncountable numbers of S6 shots, but by the time you buy anti-air, anti-hard target, and something to block midfield or counter-assault, there are just not enough points left over to max-out on Jetbikes. And if you don’t buy all those other essential elements of a balanced army, your uber-Windriders will find themselves hard-countered by AV13+ or Helldrakes. I continue to like the internal balance of the new book.

Now, back to writing that lengthy codex review!

Army List: Astra Militarum 1850 pts Anti-Eldar

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In my post about killing Wraithknights a comment was left requesting a non-Eldar, non-Necron army list that could go toe-to-toe with the new Codex Eldar Craftworlds and their dastardly Jetbikes and Wraiths. Ask and ye shall receive! Here is how I would build Astra Militarum to deal with Eldar.

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Analysis: To Kill a Wraithknight

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So much crying over the newest Gargantuan Creature on the block! But how hard really is it to kill a Wraithknight?

Ask yourself the question: “Can my army list reliably wreck three Wave Serpents?” If you answered “yes” then good news, you can kill a new Wraithknight! If you answered “no”, then stop telling the internet how much you suck and go redesign your army list instead.
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Analysis: Codex Eldar Craftworlds Preview

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Enough of the forthcoming Codex Eldar Craftworlds has been previewed or leaked to send the usual internet crybabies into a new frenzy of failing. Let’s take a look at what we know—or believe—at this point in time, with less hyperbole (but more sarcasm and arrogant disdain).
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Army List: Saim Hann and Harlequins

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Here is my first attempt at list building with the new Codex Eldar Harlequins. It is not intended to be an optimised tournament list (no Wave Serpents) but should be able to hold its own against most armies. My unit selection is primarily driven by the models I have on my workbench right now—Harlequins, lots of Jetbikes, and a Lynx—that are going to be painted up in Saim Hann colours as a change from my old Ulthwe army.
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Analysis: Codex Eldar Harlequins

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Over the last month we have seen the rules for the new Eldar Harlequins trickle out in four waves alongside a stunning new model range. Right back at the start of this month-long release, I started assessing the competitive viability of the newest 40k mini-Faction, and at first the verdict did not look positive. However, as more and more pieces of the puzzle were revealed, we have seen a subtly powerful new addition to the game emerge. With the Codex now in-hand, the time has finally come for a full, in-depth analysis of the new book.
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Analysis: Eldar Harlequins Fourth Wave

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With most of the Harlequins Codex now revealed/leaked, it’s time to assess if these last few puzzle pieces will improve the viability of the new Space Elf Clowns. Will you ever see the emissaries of the Black Library at a tournament?
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Analysis: Eldar Harlequins Third Wave

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More pieces of the puzzle emerge, and the picture is not looking any better from a competitive perspective… but at least the models are damn sexy!

We now have rules for the Starweaver transport and Voidweaver gunboat, the Harlequin Masque Detachment, and an outline of psychic options. All that’s really left unknown are the Relics, specific details of the Shadowseer and Death Jester, and a complete picture of the new Phantasmancy psychic discipline. Will those last few factors be enough to transform these expensive paper pussy cats into a credible new 40k mini-army?
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Analysis: Eldar Harlequins Second Wave

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After waiting 7+ years for the release of the Jes Goodwin Prototype Jetbike, and 20+ years for the return of Harlequin Jetbikers to the rules, GW have finally given us the Harlequin Skyweavers—but was it worth the wait?
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Analysis: Eldar Harlequins First Wave

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Wow, the new Harlequin models are amazing! I will definitely be adding some to my Eldar army—but will they be competitive, or reserved for social games only?
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This is a sourcebook for regular army and marines in the Traveller universe. A short history of warfare in the Imperium is provided, and overviews of the organization of the Unified Armies of the Imperium and the Imperial Marines. Military equipment, c…

Analysis: The Steel Host

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How do five Leman Russes with Preferred Enemy sound to you? “Nice, but too expensive” was my first reaction to the first Astra Militarum Formation in Sanctus Reach: The Red Waaagh. But an old gaming buddy of mine recently recommended the Steel Host Formation to me and then I really started thinking about it. After all, I already have a couple of Demolisher kits and a Hydra/Wyvern kit, and my infantry-building progress has been slow, so maybe blowing 900 pts on a handful of tanks isn’t such a bad idea?
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Analysis: Dante’s Avenging Host

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While the internet has been abuzz over the Angel’s Fury Spearhead Formation that allows Blood Angels to—with a substantial investment of points—assault off the Deep Strike, I haven’t noticed anyone talking about the other Blood Angels Formation that can Deep Strike without scattering and has Objective Secured on every single non-vehicle model.
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Army List: Mechdar Tournament Retrospective

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So with another tournament behind me I thought I would recap some lessons learned and consider some possible improvements to my Mechdar army list. Given that my current hobby focus is on my Astra Militarum army, I will be looking to make improvements that do not require any expansion of my current collection.
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Battle Report: Mechdar vs. Footdar

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Round three, here we go! The final game of the day saw me matched against yet another Eldar army, this one a colourful mixed bag of units rather than an optimised onslaught of mechanised firepower. This mission was the most conventional one of the day, with VP for five Objectives (three Crusade and two Emperor’s Will), kill-point differential and the three standard Secondaries.

You can see my list in my round one battle report.
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Battle Report: Mechdar vs. Mechdar

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Round two saw me mirror-matched against another Mechdar army in a progressive scoring table quarters mission. Check out my previous posts for the short version and full version of my army list. With nine Wave Serpents in play, this game was going to be brutal!
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Battle Report: Mechdar vs. Triptide & Knight

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This weekend I attended a small invitational tournament with my Eldar. This was a 1750 pts tournament with minimal army list restrictions (no Unbound, points-limited Super Heavies) but some poorly designed custom missions that I believed warranted some list tailoring. The abridged version of my army list was:

Autarch with Jetbike and Mantle

Fire Dragons in Serpent

Dire Avengers in Serpent

Dire Avengers in Serpent

Dire Avengers in Serpent

Crimson Hunter

Crimson Hunter

Crimson Hunter

Night Spinner

Void Shield Generator

Pretty standard Mechdar for me, but with the addition of a Night Spinner that I thought might be useful in the tournament missions.
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Army List: Mechdar Tournament Tailoring

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I’m taking my Mechdar to a 1750 pts tournament this weekend and I’m still yet to finalise my list. Contrary to popular belief, there is actually a little more to building a good Mechdar army than “spam Wave Serpentz and profit”. While multiple Serpents will obviously form the core of a competitive Mechdar list, the supporting elements and force multipliers you choose can make a big difference to the overall strength of the army. But even more important is how you tailor your generic list to the unique requirements and idiosyncrasies of a specific tournament format.
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Eldar Synergy – Strategy Vs. Tactics Vs. Mindset in 7th Edition

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While this blog is mostly focused on the Dras’Volharr Craftworld project, once upon a time I played the game with vigor. This week I thought i’d take a little detour from the normal project stuff and move into the mind space of an Eldar General, discus…

Review – Web Resources, The Essentials of Cold War Soviet Doctrine and Organisation for free

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As a Change from my normal reviews of books I thought I would cover a number of the many Free ePublication resources available on the internet that can provide a comprehensive view of Soviet Ground forces from the 60s through to the 1980’s.  My pr…

Bombs Away!

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Like Missiles, Rockets and Torpedoes, Bombs don’t see much action. I still see them as one of the coolest weapons in the Star Wars Galaxy. The first time I saw Episode 2: Attack of the Clones, I almost cried when I first heard the Seismic Charges. There are a few craft that can take these…

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