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The Iron Curtain: Drop Pods Reign Supreme

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So the new Space Marine FAQ has opened a HUGE can of worms in the form of drop pods. Here is the FAQ.So to sum up1- You don’t ignore doors2- The model construction defines LoS.The implications of this1- All doors open, you get a 10″ diameter (is it big…

Army List: 1850 pts Four Faction Fast Firepower

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In response to the new FAQ, and a reader request for the best multi-Faction list I could write for the current state of the game, I present Four Faction Fast Firepower.
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Angels of Death Psychic Power Strategies (and Shenanigans)

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So I will resume my Adepticon coverage tomorrow or Friday, but I HAD to get in an article about the new Astartes Powers ASAP. A few of these are just cool combos or silly ideas, but my last point is game breaking, so reader beware. It is the kinda thin…

T90 Vs TOW

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T90 vs TOW