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X-Wing: Collecting a Rebel Fleet

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The addition of a second Y-Wing means my Rebel fleet for Fantasy Flight’s X-Wing Miniatures Game is starting to take shape. With a few games (and wins) under my belt I’ve started to get to grips with the tactics of fighting with a Rebel fleet. To be perfectly, brutally, honest you can pick up the […]

Epic : Armageddon – DKOK reinforcements

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Here just some small reinforcements. Having played with proxies throughout the last games I want to avoid further confusion with Thudd guns and heavy mortars. The conversions themselves are quite simple. Based on the original plastic chassis of the Squ…

How Good Are the New Tyranid Flyers?

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There was a time when, every time a new Codex was released, I first looking up the new Flyers that almost inevitably came with each new Warhammer 40K release. For the most part (Dark Angels, Tau Empire, etc….), they were rather lackluster entrie…

Blood Angels + Inquisition "Skull Bash" DoA (and 2k List)

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So the new Inquisition “Codex” has unleashed a whole realm of possibilities for Imperial Armies. Pieces of wargear such as the psyocculum and servo skulls open up some real potential, and at low costs. Looking through this I found a clever trick. Yes i…

A Matter of Tactics – Soldier’s Companion

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Oh’ktava’an reached into the bowel of roasted pier worms an plucked out a particularly plump one. He slid a thumbnail under the carapace an flipped off the shell revealing the smokey golden contents. He chewed contemplatively, savoured the chewy morsel…

Upgunning Strykers?

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Our Army infantry brigades need heavier firepower — that means the return of the light AVF and upgunned Stryker infantry carriers, say Maneuver Center of Excellence senior leaders recently.Stryker Brigade Combat …

DreadBall Tactics: Season 1 – The Forge Fathers

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Forge Fathers! The Dwarfs of DreadBall. Like the Goblin & Orx Marauders, Forge Fathers are often considered one of the weaker teams from DreadBall Season 1. I’ve seen a fair few tournaments around the UK Midlands that give Marauders and Forge…

Understanding Battleforce Recon… the finer points of 500 points

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Battleforce Recon differs from the core six missions of 40k in a number of subtle ways, creating a unique tactical challenge that’s not just a points restriction. After playing tons of games this way, it’s become evident that a good general will need…

Field Guide: Trying Not To Get Killed

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As part of my challenge to practice with just three warcasters, I have started to use Lord Arcanist Ossyan, the Retribution of Scyrah warcaster introduced in the Wrath expansion. In fairness, I did try to use him a couple of … Continue reading &#…

Zombicide, strategising – C8 Belly of the Beast

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After playing for a few months now, and now that I got a lot more survivors to choose from, I think it is important to have a strategy even before the start of the game.  With more survivors to choose from I can pick exactly who would be best to e…

Zombicide game play session – C02 Under Siege

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The scenario require us to clean off all zombies, survive through all the spawn cards and kill off all the zombies that pops up.  By going through the deck it means no need to shuffle when the last card is drawn.  I cut the deck into smaller …

Zombicide game play session – S02 YZone

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Zombicide is actually a tactic heavy game, with a lot of turn and items management required to keep everyone alive.  This time I am playing two scenario one after another, so it calls for a lot of planning and tactical thinking to make sure that t…

Field Guide: The Bird Elf of Ios

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Over the last few months I have been getting Rahn killed continuously, so it seemed only natural to try something else. With the Hyperion already done, I decided to add Dawnlord Vyros as my fifth Iosan warcaster. Although much maligned … Continue reading

Three Warcasters

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Warmachine is a game where matchups between different casters/lists are really important. To account for this, most Warmachine tournament allow/require multiple army lists. This is quite a big difference coming from Warhammer 40000 tournaments where the trick is to produce … Continue reading

Warmachine: Tactics video game….

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The Warmachine: Tactics Kickstarter is now live. Check out the different pledge level for some goodies! WARMACHINE: TACTICS Kickstarter WARMACHINE: TACTICS Official Website STATS for the Kickstarter Warcasters Filed under: Blog, Hordes, News, Video Games, Warmachine Tagged: game, Hordes, IABN, … Continue reading

Was ist der Boogeyman?

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My last article gave rise to some questions about the concept of the boogeyman, and yes – for you readers in England we did add an extra O to the word! So, what is a boogeyman? In its most basic form a boogeyman is simply a shiny object used to attr…

This game is about fighting, right?

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Hi all, another random musing I’m afraid brought about by a personal tabletop epiphany I had last week.I was at my usual gaming club evening, refining a list I’ve been working on for tournament play, and had arranged a game against another member also …

Rock, Paper, Scissors

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In the last month I have managed to get in 5 games against 5 of my friends who all play very different lists with very different armies. Ork Speed Freaks, Necron flyer spam, Tyranid monstrous creature spam, Eldar Jet Bike spam and even an Eldar / Da…

Eldar Revew 1: Warlord Traits and Exarch Powers

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Hello Wargamer Hub community. I am Son
of Adam from Mastercraft Gaming, and by the request of your fearless
leader I will be doing a guest series on the new Eldar Codex (6th
ed). My hope is that it will generate some good discussion which
will in tu…

A Short Tau Tactica: Fire Warriors

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Continuing a look at units of the Tau Empire codex, I’m going to focus on a unit that actually represents the entire army very well, Tau Fire Warriors. They look deceptively simple and underpowered yet have so many synergies with the rest of the army list that it can put out a surprising level of […]

Wargame Strategy vs Wargaming Tactics – The Differences

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It is a question I hear a lot: “What is the difference between strategy and tactics in wargaming?” Many people think that wargame strategy and wargaming tactics are actually the same thing. They use the terms interchangeably. However, there is … Continue reading

A Short Tau Tactica: Stealth Suits

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Hello there. My names Reece and Phil has kindly let me be a contributor to The Shell Case (the poor, poor fool). I’ll mostly talk about topics in the wargaming industry that interest me, along with the odd review, interview or tactica. To get things off to a flying start, I’m going to post tacticas […]

Robotech® RPG Tactics on Kickstarter

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How I learned to stop worrying and love the Helldrake

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You can’t hunt what you can’t kill. Pretty simple concept really, if your opponent can’t do any damage to your unit – you are free to do what you want. What are we talking about? Why the Helldrake of course! Everyone’s favorite barbeque and v…

Helldrake Stage 5: Acceptance

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Let start out by saying this is not a rant about how Helldrake is broken, how it ruins the game, or how I crapped my pants and learned to like it when I see that God Forsaken critter on the other side of the table. If you are still anywhere in stages …