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Tannhäuser – Matriarchy Troops Arrive!

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I Feel Uchronic!



Tannhäuser Tuesday – Matriarchy Troops Released!

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Fantasy Flight Games has released the Matriarchy Troop Pack!

From the Press Release:

“Punish the enemies of the Matriarchy in a hail of bullets and a storm of fire with the Matriarchy Troop Pack for Tannhäuser. This expansion gives…

Tannhäuser Tuesday

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Fantasy Flight games has released the first chapter of the first Tannhäuser novel—Rising Sun, Falling Shadows. Here we find Tala Apone, Caitlin Lamsbury, and new guy, Takeshi “Taki” Takata on in infiltration mission in Japan. Things go s…

Tannhäuser Tuesday – Tannhäuser Novel Announced

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.. Fantasy Flight Games has finally announced the Tannhäuser novel Rising Sun, Falling Shadows. I say finally because the book has been on Amazon for months. The cover on AmazonHere is what Fantasy Flight has to say about the book:”Fantasy F…

Tannhäuser Tuesday – Operation Hinansho Released

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..Operation Hinansho is released and in stores now!!!Miah – where does TH18 fit into your list?I skipped over the parts of the rulebook that FFG put out as a PDF. Here are the 9 new scenarios.New stuff to spruce up your older maps!There is an entry poi…

Tannhäuser Tuesday – Natalya Kaminski

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..The newest release in the FFG Tannhäuser universe is a Russian that stomps around in power armor carrying a seriously righteous Lightning Cannon. Natalya Kaminski is a Matriarchy Epic Hero that worked with Oksana Gusarenko on restoring and enhancing…

Tannhäuser Tuesday – Incoming!

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..Here is your Tannhäuser upcoming product update…The Natalya Hero Pack is on the truck and headed to stores! You should be able to buy this in a week or two. Operation Hinansho is on the boat and should be in store before the end of the year.T…

Tannhäuser Tuesday – Operation Hinansho Detailed

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…Operation HinanshoThis expansion contains:Two-Sided Map :Kitamon Research Base in JapanUnion Airplane Crash Site on Okinawa IslandThe new maps have paths that follow a new basic rule – if the base of a character can fit in the space between two circ…

Tannhäuser Tuesday – Miah’s Blog

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..Work is eating into my gaming and creating time… So my Tannhäuser Tuesday is to send you to Miah’s Blog. He is getting a tremendous amount of cool stuff up during his contribute to the blog drive.Take a look – including an online play engine.Miah’…

Tannhäuser Tuesday – Summoner Wars Master Set

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..The ridiculously fun game Summoner Wars has just released an all new way to get in on the action. Plaid Hat games calls it the Master Set. The game has a massive amount of fun in the box for a good price, especially if you shop around.The Summon…

Tannhäuser Tuesday – Shogunate Itami and Mizu Report

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..Mizu and Itami, the final two figures in the initial Shogunate release are here and bring a few interesting wrinkles to the faction.ITAMI  Itami’s primal scream is so disturbing that he can cause his opponents to run away in terror. He can also …

Tannhäuser Tuesday – Shogunate Releases

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..The first new figure is Hellbo…err, Itami, a hoofed demon that the Shogunate  assigned to Iroh Minamoto’s 3rd Division.As the FFG press release says, “There, they hope he can make use of the strange powers he draws from Naraka, the Realm of …

Tannhäuser Tuesday – Upcoming Releases Update

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..Here is the current set of announced releases and their status.Rule Book Revised Edition – in for reprint.Matriarchy Troop Pack – 4th Q 2011 – At the factoryOperation Hinansho – Campaign Expansion – 4th Q 2011 – On the boatNatalya Figure Pack – 4th Q…

Tannhäuser Tuesday – Matriarchy Troop Pack

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.. Troops for the Matriarchy are here! This pack of two troops will retail for about twenty bucks and will be out before the end of the year! The Fantasy Flight Games press release includes a bit of new info. The first trooper is “The Boepripacy S…

Tannhäuser Tuesday – First Shogunate Figures Release

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..The first Shogunate figures (the ones pre-released at Gen-Con) are now available in stores…

Tannhäuser Tuesday – Uchronic Novel Announced!

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..I saw this first on Miah’s blog, but Amazon is pre-selling a Tannhäuser novel! I find it odd that I saw nothing at the FFG booth at GenCon, but it is up at Amazon with a Nov. 22 release date. Maybe it was part of the big FFG presentation at the show…

Tannhäuser Tuesday – The Shogunate Begins!

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 .. Fantasy Flight was selling the first two packs of units for the Shogunate faction at Gen Con 2011, so I had to buy them and here they are…As you may or may not know, the Shogunate faction introduces a new style of play called Allied Forces. …

Tannhauser Tuesday – Call for assistance – Yukio from CrossGen comics

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For my Eastern Provinces faction I am using the Indy Heroclix figure of Yukio from the CrossGen comics title, The Path. However, I am thus far unable to locate a satisfactory piece of art of this character. If any readers have any ideas…

Tannhäuser Tuesday – Michiko Tsuki Ken

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..Sorry for the delay, but here she is, fresh from photoshop…An updated bio will follow……

Tannhäuser Tuesday – NEW FACTION!!!

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UPDATE!Fantasy Flight has just today announced their new Japanese faction: Hiro Minamoto – The DaimyoThe Troop Pack – Shin Agent (left) and Ashigaru (right)This  last one is something of a surprise – normally these things say “This is a repri…

Tannhäuser Tuesday – Michiko Tsuki Ken

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 .. This is an abbreviated Tannhäuser Tuesday. I will fill in with the proper character sheet later, but here are Michiko’s powers…Michiko Tsuki KenMichiko may seem weak at the start of a fight, but once you draw blood, she goes off!Special Abi…

Tannhäuser Tuesday – Michiko Tsuki Ken

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…Michiko Tsuki Ken is a Hero recruited from a Japanese slum by the great Chinese Elementalist Wushi Zhu himself. He saw her ferocity and acrobatic skill as a nine year old runaway. When she tried to pick-pocket him on the street Zhu knew she was…

Tannhäuser Tuesday – Bushido Kenshi Tokens

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Tannhäuser Tuesday – Bushido Kenshi Pt 1

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The Rising Sun Troops part 2The two troopers in the Peoples Force One are both melee fighters, but they use radically different fighting styles to get their results.The Japanese Army recruits the best sword and hand to hand fighters into their elite co…

Tannhäuser Tuesday – Equipment Cards Arrive

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Tannhäuser Equipment CardsBox Contents What’s next from FFG? Here are my predictions:- Matriarchy Troop Pack – with any luck NOT Voivodes, but probably more of those.- Another Mercenary – Sneaky Sniper Woman (although she may be Reich).- Fourth Factio…