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Project 1701 c01 & d01; Traveller Tomorrow’s War

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Every time I write 1701 I have a little chuckle, and now 1701c is just too auspicious… at least it …

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More Like Necro-FUN-da, Amirite?

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Hive gangers battle it out with a Genestealer CultNecromunda is one of those iconic Games Workshop products that takes me back to my college years and always brings a grin to my face. Its not to say the game doesn’t have a lot of warts, but by its very…

Links of Interest, 24 Feb 2017

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Last time I mentioned a couple of YouTube painters that had good series of to-the-point, well-edited painting videos. Victor Ques is another I should mention; his ongoing “Weekly Painting Tips” series just hit episode 100 and has lots of good content. For his 100th episode he did a really nice 15 minute video talking about … Continue reading Links of Interest, 24 Feb 2017

Over the Hills…

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As far as I know, Games Workshop (back in the day when they still used the Citadel brand) has produced three pieces of terrain that are useful even if you are not playing one of their games. There is the Gaming Mat, a large grass mat that goes for crazy prices on ebay. Going for … Continue reading Over the Hills…

Tactica 2017 – Back to the future?

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Our bare-naked tableAnd.. with the troops – The Swedish viewAnd the RussianWell, Toggy and I made it back to Wilhelmsburg this year via Bremen although we lost Mrs H missing in action with melted credit card in hand and crushed under an avalanche of sh…

New Circular Terrain Mats!

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Get out of the box! We are proud to release our circular terrain mats! These are fantastic, 60″ diameter, classic Cigar Box Battle mat designs printed on a durable and…

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A Not So Busy Day

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I never had high hopes for today. I was always going to have a lot on during the day and Monday evening is my gaming night. I have been after some wire drums and was struggling to find something that was the right size and fairly inexpensive. In the en…

Tutorial: How to make wargaming trees

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Look, I made some trees!More after the jump

Review: The Misty Moorlands TerraTile Set by RAINN Studios

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A while ago, RAINN Studios sent me their entire collection of TerraTiles to review. Some of my readers will recognize the products because Must Contain Minis has already written a quick initial thoughts article about the product line and a product by a…

White Dragon Miniatures – 15mm Sci-Fi & Shattered Void

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I wanted to give a shout out to White Dragon Miniatures. I first saw this company at Salute last year, when they were promoting the launch of their Kickstarter for starship combat game Shattered Void. It wasn’t until I saw that project that I became aware of the range of 15mm Sci-Fi figures that they also produce, which I have fallen in love with. I had a chance to take some photos whilst at the recent ROBIN show. To complement that range of miniatures, they are just releasing a range of 15mm scenery – again, these are really impressive. They also have a squad of the MTU miniatures in 28mm – though they are not on their webstore yet. These are a must buy. And of course, there are the ships from the Shattered Void range. All in all this is a fantastic range of miniatures – not bad for someone who runs his business from out of his bedroom! I’m pleased to say that we will be chatting to White Dragon on a future episode of Meeples & Miniatures Podcast.Filed under: Hobby News Tagged: 15mm Gaming, Sci-Fi Gaming, Terrain

More Jungle To Rumble In

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Scored another big paper towel roll from our recycling bin, so I decided to make a fallen tree instead of another upright one. Like the other trees, the fallen tree started with a paper towel roll, scrap cardboard, some CDs, and my hot glue gun. I made the root ridges lower so the tree would … Continue reading More Jungle To Rumble In

Another Busy Day

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Although I feel that I haven’t had that much time today, it seems that I have done a fair amount of work. Having had a terrible nights sleep it was really late when I got up. I woke up in the middle of the night and had a dizzy spell and almost fell ou…

Objectives And Stuff

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I wanted more objectives for my Steam Wars games but these things will also work for Rogue Stars and any other sci-fi game as well. The first lot were actually sold as custom sci-fi bases, but I thought they were so good that they would work as markers in their own right. The last two … Continue reading Objectives And Stuff

Lasercut Architect – new MDF scenery

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Whilst at the recent ROBIN show I came across a new company producing MDF scenery – Lasercut Architect, and had a great chat with owner Darrel Henson. What caught my eye were the buildings, which are he first releases from LCA. They are aimed at 10-15mm Sci-Fi, so are suitable for games such as Dropzone Commander and Planetfall. I was impressed by these – they have been added to my wish list. BTW – look at the ‘dial’ construction in the bottom photo – it’s an MDF accessory for tracking turns and victory points in Planetfall. How cool is that?  Filed under: Hobby News Tagged: 10mm Gaming, Sci-Fi Gaming, Terrain

Life Mocks Me

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Having had such a great day yesterday has meant that there had to be some payback. The low point being treading in a dog t%*d that fell off the dog as it walked in. Although I did get a shed load of stuff done this morning, my output has dwindled a lot…

Things Gone and Those to Come

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2016 was a year of considerable change for my family and I. Above all else, it was the year in which we finally ended our time in the Midwest and made our return to Colorado. This move had always been the 5-year plan for us, but it took us by surprise when we realized that we had actually achieved what we set out to do. Perhaps more unbelievable is the realization that the end of this month makes it 1 year since the move. The process has been somewhat jarring and it has been a whirlwind of a year. And so as our first year in Denver comes to a close, our focus turns from ‘getting here’ to really setting up a life here.

That’s to give you an idea of where my mind is but in reality, 2016 was a fairly productive year in terms of hobby. The year saw me paint more models than I have in a number of years  and while painting for me has always been a slow process, I’ve grown as an artist and I am constantly looking for new ways to improve. On the terrain end of my hobby, I’m continuing to create high quality terrain and maintain my ‘no compromises’ approach. But that’s enough ranting. Over the next few posts, I’m going to be catching up with the things I’ve been working on and then back to normal….or as close to normal as it gets these days.  

Visions of Confluence

As the larger structures and character of my Malifaux terrain project develop, I am constantly looking for ways to make the tables feel more real. Some time ago I had a chance to set up a full table and it gave me a chance to stand back, be impressed with the work I’ve done so far and evaluate what was missing.

While this is certainly a dense table, it was definitely missing something. The first add was the cacti I’ve talked about in a previous post. While they add a great deal of character to the table, they also change gameplay, as they are typically to be considered dangerous terrain. What I needed was something to make the world look a bit more alive, so I went back to my reference photos and found the answer.
In the reference pic, you can see these tall grasses and bushes and shrubs that liter the ground between structures. As many of the buildings on the table are little more than hovels, they have simply been built into the surrounding world, leaving only fragments of the once lush woods behind.
The ground cover started as several plastic-card base. In the end, these bases ended up being something of a hybrid of the cacti and my woods, built up with small stones and drywall compound. (My only warning with this process is that you need to be careful about making oblong shapes as they can bend slightly as the compound and eventually the glue, dries). As before, the initial texture was a fine sand mix, followed by increasingly larger pebbles to form a natural look. I then went back to some areas with a super fine dust to give the appearance of baked and wind-whipped dirt.

Once dry and primed black, it was time to paint. I have to admit I’ve been struggling with the paint scheme for the dirt around Confluence. With the rock outcroppings, I had a pretty decent orangey earth look going, which became more red when I worked on the woods. This was carried over to the cacti, but for the other ground cover, I wanted to head more towards a rich brown mix. I don’t think I’ve got it just yet, but I’m in orbit. 
Finally I began to add the life itself, first in patches of static grass, then in some small broken logs and twigs to litter the ground. Some patches of taller grass and a flower here and there added some color and then I finally dropped the larger shrubs and small trees. If you haven’t already tried them, I highly recommend Shadow’s Edge Miniatures for their grasses and flowers. I’ve used several and these have been the best so far.
For the larger bushes, I opted to use woodland scenic clump foliage. However, rather than just using the standard bag of foliage, I purchased a couple of ready-made trees. These are just plastic tree skeletons with clumps glued on, but the skeletons gave more rigidity than I’d be able to get from just the foliage and added some realism when you see an branch poking out here and there.

I have yet to set up another table now that the scatter terrain is built, but in some of my quick little pictures, I’m already much more impressed with the immersion this table will create.
As always, I thank you for taking the time to have a look and I love to see comments with your thoughts.

More to come.

With Added Stream Of Unconsciousness + Some Terrain

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I was feeling great. Less dizzy and running around getting things done despite a bit of a wobble earlier. For the first time in a while I am more or less being left around. Everyone is out or in their rooms. Time to get something done. In pretty short …

Fast Cars

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I have spent what little time I have had today cleaning the plastic police cars I got the other day. I now have a few more packs of them (five instead of one). There are two different cars, a four door pickup and a two door pickup. The plan is still to turn a few of them into wrecks and maybe modify a couple. Wrecks are always useful and the X-Com game and any prospect of a post-apocalypse game would find them useful.

I can see me putting a back in one of the sporty cars and a pickup truck and replacing the non-existent window. I am thinking about putting a box cab on the back of one of the pickups. When they are painted, I can put a bit of variety in the beds of the trucks. I have some spray paint but the plan is to get some more. Do a bit of highlighting on the seating and pick out some details, like lights an licence plates on the car bodies.

I have fancied doing a car wars type game for a very long time. The thought occurs that I can put some magnets in them for attaching weapons to the vehicles in the future. This might be a bit over the top but it would future proof them.  This might be a bit further down the line.

I have also managed to get hold of some more of the trucks. The ones with the skip is probably going to lose the skips. The vehicle cost £1 and I can’t find a 28mm skip for sale for less than £3. I will keep one as a skip transport, without the skip. I can see a stretched body with a flatbed or a container. The last one will end up as a wreck.

Still it’s half term next week. Hopefully this means that I will have a bit more time on my hands and I will be a little less shagged out so I might get a bit more done. I might have to work harder at getting them cleaned up as the glue is pretty robust.

The blog is doing okay. I have a managed a daily post for almost two months. The blog seems to be booming. Although there is a chunk of stuff I don’t understand like random referring sites and a lot of Russian hits, traffic does seem to be up.

Bollod Bowl Travel Case

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 For the “Home” themed terrain bonus round in this year’s Challenge, I decided to make a combination carry case and player board for Blood Bowl.  I’ll do a “how it was made post” in a few days.The board is 12 x 15 inches  in foot print. …

Have you ever heard of XOLK?

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Have you ever heard of XOLK? Before Saturday, I had not. I came across this company’s products while “Window Shopping” at one of my Friendly Local Gaming Stores (J&J Cards in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada). There I saw a shelf of MDF Terrain by a compa…

Treasure Chests And Stuff

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Hardly worth getting excited over, but while painting some figures recently, I finished some more treasure chests for a soon to be played game of Cutlass. There can never be enough treasure!

Even less exciting are some mdf crates that came with some T…

Mixed Bag 6 – Hivomunda Edition

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This has been a weird week for me hobby-wise. I’ve been “cleaning up” little projects on my desk while creating more stuff in my backlog. Every step forward seems to put me two steps back. First up, I finished 3 more Hive Scum for some 40k-themed skirm…

More On Scatter Terrain

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Not much time again today. It was 6pm before I even thought about getting started. I took my mum out for a bit. She was really happy to be getting out of the house. I forgot how tired I am after the bug the other week and game back home and slept on th…

Scatter Terrain

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I have done some actual physical gaming stuff. I’m still thinking about terrain. I have had a few ideas hanging around in my mind for a while for piles of stuff found on a building site. One of them was to use some plastic pipes that I got years ago at…

Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge VII – Day 49 (or is it 52?), or The Hot Zone

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Day 49 (OK Tamsin, Day 52, thank you so very much) of the Challenge, and I’m sorry to say that I’m not exactly setting the world on fire. But that’s OK, because the weather is doing a splendid job of that on its own here in Sydney. We’ve had a suc…