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North West European Farm Complex Completed

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I finished by 15mm North West European Farm Complex (15S-EAW-S2).  I have a little more than 8 hours in this project.  Like the other 4Ground kits I have built, you really have to like building models as these can be pretty challenging. …

Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Starting at the bottom, Dungeon Floors.

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PART 3: The Base Board. As promised, here’s the next part of the dungeon build. This time we are going to be talking about making dungeon floors, more specifically a flagstone floor base board like the one in my own modular dungeon system. First off your going to need a large board as the base […]

Terrain Directory Updated and off on my Summer Holidays

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Hi FolksJust a short post today as I am finishing off work and heading off on the annual summer holidays…For some ghastly reason the Shed Kids have decided that we needed to go to Orlando ! With a short trip to New York it will be Theme Parks and Thu…

Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Errata??!!

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Just checking the last post, only to find the post lost back on the 20th of the month!! (For what reason, I really don’t know, since I wrote this today!) So if you’d like to read the first and latest installment of Dungeons of Doom, click the link and take a look! Grim’s Dungeons of […]

A Closer Look at Arkham Asylum

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Hi all!I did say I would give you a better look at the wonderful Arkham Asylum from Knight Models so here we are.I have set up a little sample game so you can see how big it is compared to the minis from the Batman Minis Game. I will also sta…

Making Terrain Boards Part 3: Cutting the River

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The key feature of the terrain boards I’m building is the river that winds its way across all three surfaces, providing a tactical challenge for figures that can’t cross it or needing to capture bridges and fords across it. See how I did it after the j…

Brigade releases 15mm Desert Domes!

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Brigade, already producing some of my favorite resin sci-fi buildings, have released their very cool 6mm desert buildings in 15mm.  I’m very happy to see this since I was very jealous of the 6mm gamers when I saw there released orginially!

From: Brigade

The recent Desert Dome buildings in 6mm have been very popular and we’ve had more than the odd request to produce them in 15mm. So that’s exactly what we’ve done, with the three smallest buildings now available in the larger scale. The buildings combine well with the existing Desert Buildings range to give you lots of options for your gaming board.

B15-403 – Small Cylindrical Building – £12.00
B15-404 – Small Multi-dome Dwelling – £9.00
B15-405 – Small Oval Dwelling – £9.00

Also, check out their Facebook page

Tutorial: The Making of a Fantasy/Medieval village

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In this article I would like to share with you some pictures of my Dark Ages/Medieval village, how I built it and so on. Hit the link for lotsa pictures and enlightenment through PVA glue.More after the jump


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A set of three GW woods done up for my LGS.

Army Tents

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Another batch of quick and easy ‘buildings’ from Leven Miniatures, this time simple army ridge tents.I’d never make it in the Army…. I really hate camping.There’s not much I can say about these really, they were so simple to paint. Base coat of Khaki…

Problems Making Papier Mâché Wargaming Hills

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papier mâché wargaming hills

I enjoy making objects out of papier mâché. Masks, hexagons, walls, hills. I made these two hills about 6 years ago. I like the way they look but unfortunately they don’t work well as hills in a wargame. They are 3,50 cm high and have a smooth surface. Figures slide down or fall off.

papier mâché wargaming hill

Now I’m working on a hill that’s much flatter. It’s 1,50 cm high. I can’t make it flatter, I think. Then it wouldn’t look like a hill any more. It would look like a piece of area terrain.

Making a hill from papier mâché might not be the best idea, but as I said I like the material. It’s my favorite material. It’s my intention to make a hill that lies flat on the tabletop board. Unfortunately, each time I apply a layer of paper to a papier mâché object with wallpaper paste, the object changes its form while the paper dries. So it takes a long time to make a papier mâché hill that lies flat on the floor, possibly forever if you want a perfect hill.

papier mâché wargaming hill work in progress

I started to make this hill 2 or 3 years ago. In January I said to myself: Ok, two years are a long time to make a papier mâché hill. I have to finish this project now. I have to change my technique.

papier mâché wargaming hill work in progress

So I thought about ways to stabilize the object and applied a layer of Milliput, a self-hardening modeling clay which can be carved and sanded. This works a bit better but the hill still changes its form when it dries.

papier mâché wargaming hill work in progress

Maybe you think: Whatever. These are hobby problems. Not really important in a time when our environment is changing rapidly, reminding some of us of the big changes that happened 65 million years ago and lead to the extinction of dinosaurs.

clay dino

Or you experienced problems making papier mâché hills yourself and can offer some advice on solving them?

I hope I can finish the hill soon. And start three more.

Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: The beginning…

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So, I thought I would start a little set of articles detailing my attempt to create a modular 28mm fantasy dungeon on a budget. This has been in the works since having the idea many moons ago, I just hadn’t decided a way to execute the project in the way I needed it. Sure I […]

Building My Desert Tabletop: Part 1

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In support of my North Africa WW2 and modern Iraq projects I need a 4×4 foot and 4×6 foot option for a desert/middle eastern table top.  I therefore set off to build three 2 foot by 4 foot sections that interlock using bolts.This is part 1 that co…

Building the Asylum

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As you may have seen the other day, the fantastic team over at Knight Models sent over this fantastic Arkham Asylum kit for me to test out.Before I cover it in more detail, I thought I would post up a few WIP pics.I do need to state though th…

Pizza, Pie or Escarpment

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Over the last week I have been working on my biggest terrain project yet. Its for a specific scenario I have in mind for a future Desert Raiders game so I won’t give the game away by stating where it is, all I’ll say is that it represents an escarpment somewhere in Libya. The inspiration for this project came from the Rejects glorious leader himself. Postie made a couple of hills for our Broadside demo game and we were all very impressed with the quality of the finished terrain. In fact I was so impressed that when Stuart offered to make something for me I jumped at the chance.

Rather than making a generic hill I asked if he could make me something specific and I quickly drew a rough design of what I was looking for. I wanted a corner hill representing the edge of an escarpment leading down to the plain on which the main battlefield will be situated. A couple of weeks later a sculpted and primed hill was handed over and all I have had to do was finish painting it and add detailing like grass and rocks.

My Daughter said it looked like a slice of Pie or piece of Pizza, so….

Postie made the hill from high density insulation foam and then coated the whole thing with tile grout. This sets hard and adheres to the foam really well. Then the whole model was painted with brown emulsion and allowed to dry thoroughly. I then used a small Tester Pot of sandstone emulsion (just £1 from ASDA) to drybrush the cliff edges and block paint the plateau areas on the top. When dry I coated the flat areas with PVA and added some sand coloured static grass that I bought from TSS (The same flock they use to cover their ‘desert’ hills). Unfortunately the static grass got up my nose and made me sneeze… right into the bag! Everything in a three foot radius was covered in sand coloured static grass and a week later I’m still cleaning it up (I am SO popular with the wife right now!!).

The last stage involved adding several packs of Silfor Grass Tufts and small stones to add detailing. The finished terrain fits in well with my existing TSS Hills and will make an excellent addition to the game I am planning. 

"Start the purple!" – Smoke Markers For "Hell’s Highway"

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For my upcoming Hell’s Highway game the British will be able to call in an allied air strike by marking their target with purple smoke.  I’ve also expanded my collection of telegraph/telephone poles to account for the longer table (14 more to add …

So You Want To Play 28mm Modern?

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This is a long post … but lots of cover … hopefully you all find it interesting if not straight out helpful in some way :-)Note:  I’ll be following up with another post to cover rule sets (Force-on-Force, Some Corner of a Foreign Field, Skirmi…

4 x 4 Game Board in Three Easy Steps

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I have been in need of a proper 4 x 4 gaming board for some time now. While there is nothing wrong with a roll away mat and my dining room table, I wanted something a bit more durable and larger for use with 15mm scifi games. So, I figured it was high …

Made A Train

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After three years since its release, I decided it was finally time to get a train for those scenarios (I don’t think that campaign will be updated for N3HS, what a shame). Also, in general, a train adds some nice flavor to a battlefield. But where to get one? Unfortunately, the battlemat for that set […]

The Hill // Wzgórze

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The hill project was prepared for a terrain contest in less than 5 days. It was done simultaneously with the cave presented in the last post. If you like you can check following posts describing the process of building the cave and the hill:
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

Kolejny gotowy element makiety przygotowany na konkurs  modelarski. Projekt został ukończony równolegle z jaskinią. Postępy budowy makiety możecie zobaczyć w poniższych postach:
Dzień 1
Dzień 2
Dzień 3
Dzień 4

Junction Box Bunker no. 3

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Gaming schedule is getting back on track next week. Here’s one of the new terrain pieces for the upcoming mini-campaign. Even if you don’t add detailing from your bitz box, Home Depot is an excellent source for inexpensive, interesting structures. A little spray paint, some drybrushing, and you’re good.

City of the future

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Just like IKEA only smaller. Getting into Infinity isn’t just about the miniatures, there’s terrain as well. Lots of terrain so I need to make a start on that too. Luckily some of these rather nice habitats from Micro Art Studio arrived so it’s all good.

Building a 28mm Modular Tomb part 2

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Hi FolksA few weeks back I started a project in which I was going to convert a number of IKEA boxes into a tomb complex. For the first part of this build head herePart 1 of this projectNow I have been reliably in formed that the IKEA Moppe boxes are no…

Visiting a Vauban Fortress

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We’ve been living near some of the most spectacular Vauban fortresses for years and never managed to make the trip. However, the fascinating series of articles on Gravelines by Henry Hyde in Miniature Wargames finally inspired me to rent a car. K. was willing to come along, so shortly before we moved house, we headed for Neuf-Brisach, which … Continue reading Visiting a Vauban Fortress

Multiverse Gaming Terrain Review by Steffen

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Today we have a guest post from my friend Steffen. A look at some of the Multiverse Gaming terrain. Click on the images to view at full size.
Steffen, over to you ……. (Hendybadger)

I have recently fallen in love with Multiverse GamingTerrain and their amazing products. I started off with their CornerApartment Building and loved it, so I decided to get some more of their stuff. Ian aka Hendybadger graciously allowed me to post a review of some of this stuff, so today I’m showing you my Old Diner and Aircon Ducts.
Old Diner
The diner is an amazing kit at its low, low price of just €17.99. It consists of three sheets of 1.5mm thick HDF and a sheet of “matte board” which is like laser cut card.

The details are very crisp, and everything I’ve ever bought from Multiverse Gaming Terrain has been ridiculously well cut. The parts need next to no cutting in order to remove them from the sprues, which is a huge plus from me. There’s nothing worse than an MDF kit that’s almost impossible to remove from the sprues.
It took me a little less than an hour to assemble this gorgeous kit. The roof and doors are removable for practical reasons, as this allows your models to enter the diner (though it’s unfurnished inside).

Something I really like is the choice you get with the corners. You get two lengths of matte board – a long one for making enclosed corners, and a short one for making windowed corners. Since I knew I wanted to put windows made from blister pack plastic in my diner, I decided to go with the enclosed corners.

Gorgeous, isn’t it? Next up I painted it (well, it took me a few weeks…). I decided to go with silver and blue for the main colors, inspired by my local diner in Minneapolis – the Nicollet Diner. I went with grey tones for the walls and roof.

I love the rooftop sign. I’m going to write “The Nicollet” on the white area when I find a suitable pen to do it with. I will also add a red “open/closed” sign in the window on the door. Looking back, I may have gone overboard with the dirt on the windows, but at least you can’t see that there’s no detail inside, not that it matters in my games of Batman Miniature Game.

Here’s a few action shots of Green Arrow, Mr. Zsasz, and a Bane henchman from the Batman Miniature Game duking it out.

Aircon Ducts
Unfortunately I somehow managed to not take any pictures of my aircon ducts before assembling them, but here’s an unpainted picture.

As you can see they consist about 50/50 of HDF and matte board, which keeps cost and weight down. They feel highly durable.
In this €9.99 kit you get two long straights sections, two short ones, two T-junctions, and eight corner sections.

All of the corner sections have a side with four peg holes (so you can turn them any way you want). Four of them have two peg holes, and the other four have two pegs. This allows you to create endless configurations of aircon duct systems.

Here’s an example setup where I’ve used almost all of the pieces.

Finally, here’s an action shot on top of a building just to give you a sense of the scale.

In keeping with Hendybadger’s tradition, I’m going to award both these kits a number of Badger points.
Diner – 10/10 Badger Points

Aircon Ducts – 9/10 Badger Points