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                                 IRON PAINTER 

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After nearly thirty great comments and compliments about the great waterfall i sadly got knocked out of Iron Painter. It was a worthy win as viruk presented a wonderful piece, albeit (cleverly) a Wyrd set. I Should have stocked up on Wyrd miniatures!Although i have been knocked out and it is a shame i won’t get a chance to compete any further i am glad to have entered and to have generated such interest in the bases that i sometimes build over here at EZPainter. Below are some m […]

How to… Make a Beach Mat

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No, not one of those mats you have to drag to the beach, rather a mat that brings the beach into your living room! Or at least a reasonable facsimile you can put tiny figures on. For a long time I’ve been collecting scenarios involving amphibious operations. Some may remember my attempt at scratch building … Continue reading How to… Make a Beach Mat

Furiously flocking

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Today I am furiously flocking my new terrain boards for the Cremona game at Salute on Saturday! Here I’m applying corn-stubble to a couple of fields and adding patches of long grass to break the flatness of the boards up.  It’s a lovely sunny day …

Knight Models Show Off Gotham at Barcelona Ficomic

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Knight Models were at Barcelona Ficomic last weekend with an AMAZING display.They have built large sections of Gotham City including some landmarks.This just looks fantastic. I don’t know if any of this will be entering the scenery range yet, but …

Sectional Terrain Planning

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The time between now and mid July will see me embarked upon a rather large sectional terrain making project – the building of 8 2’x4′ terrain sections and 5 2’x’2 sections (one of the smaller 2×2’s is picture to the left). I’d like these to be two side…

Eagerly anticipating Salute

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Sid and Nancy (above) are eagerly anticipating the Cremona 69AD at Salute. My game is just about the furthest game from the Salute entrance (see map below). When you come in, don’t get caught up in the crowds near the entrance- stroll purposefully alon…

Bushido: WIP Board Part 4 (Finishing)

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 Touch up and finishing the board’s sides isn’t as glamorous as a resin pour or making stands of bamboo but it is important and as you have probably seen by now, sometimes the materials fail even as materials succeed.My son Nate pulls off the corn…

Building a Volcano – The Results

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Hi FolksSo if you have been following the Volcano thread you will know that I was doing this for a competition on the Lead Adventure Forum. Well this has all now finished.There were some stunning entries and if you have not seen the thread on the Lead …

Batman Scenery Review – GCPD SWAT Van and Gotham Phone Booths

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With the Batman Game growing in popularity since the Rulebook release, a lot of people are asking online about building tables.
With that in mind, I thought it was about time I put together some reviews on the Gotham MDF Scenery now available from Knight Models.
First up are the GCPD SWAT Van and Gotham Phone Booths.

Both of these kits come in laser cut MDF sheets. These are packed in clear bags with a Batman logo topper.
They also both include instruction sheets so you know where all the bits go.

Each set consists of two sheets of MDF. The Phone Booths are one per sheet and also include a sheet of clear acrylic each but the SWAT van is much bigger so covers two sheets on its own.
When removing the pieces, each has small tabs holding it in so its worth running around the edge with a craft knife first.
Watch out for very thin sections on the front edge of the van sides and long parts of the Gotham Telephone parts. If you are a little heavy handed they could easily break.

Once all the parts are removed, its time for some building! PVA glue is the best for these.

Both of these kits are fairly simple builds. They will take a little time thought as you will want to wait for the PVA glue to hold before moving onto the next part.
There are a couple of bits to watch out for.
On the van you will need to clip off the bottom corner of each door as it sticks into the wheel arch and the door then won’t close fully.
For the Phone Booths, build the bottom and the sides first. Once dry, file down the pins on top as they are a tight fit. It would also be a good idea to paint it first before putting the glass in and gluing the top section on.

Once finished these both look great. The etched detail on the side of the van is fantastic and will make painting it a lot easier.
Above is a scale shot next to Origins Batman and Killer Croc. Neither piece is small!
On Wayland Games the Phone Booths cost £5.06 for the two and the SWAT van is £8.62.
With the size and detail I think they are more than reasonable prices.
Time for some scores.
SWAT Van – 9/10 Badger Points

Phone Booths – 7/10 Badger Points

Will you be picking up either of these kits?
- Hendybadger

Making Wargaming Buildings from Papier-mâché

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Here is an article that I wrote for Ravage Magazine US in 2013 and have decided to share here with Ravage’s blessing. It was originally published in Ravage US issue #10. Find Ravage at It’s a great magazine full of games, exclusive scenarios, and high end wargame modeling and miniature painting.

With my recent Trash Bash Bits Kickstarter wrapping up I thought it’d be cool to post some of my stuff to inspire you to make your own creations. This is the sort of project that inspired me to create Trash Bash Bits in the first place since I was tired of having to find doors and windows to work with my models.


Making Wargaming Buildings from Papier-mâché
by Brian S. Roe

Gangers from the Necro-Mags take on a cargo walker outside of a scientific research bunker. Miniatures by Reaper, Mongoose, and NotNorm.
Papier-mâché was an ubiquitous part of my elementary school years and something that I’ve always taken for granted.We used it for piñatas, masks, and all sorts of craft projects. Although I remember seeing some beautiful railroad layouts created with papier-mâché when I was a kid, I’ve never thought about using it for making buildings and terrain to play games on until a couple of years ago. 

I had found some cool plastic containers and wanted to use them for buildings. But the thin plastic was too weak to hold up to serious gaming so I thought of filling them with papier-mâché to strengthen them. Instead I ended up pulling the papier-mâché out of the molds and really liked the way that it looked, like rough, cast concrete. I then started collecting molds to create basic shapes that I could then enhance with other materials like model kit parts, bits of toys, and other more traditional terrain making supplies. Papier-mâché cast in this way resembles cast concrete and can be used for bunkers, defensive fortifications, and futuristic buildings.
Celluclay and various molds.
The type of papier-mâché that I use is a pre-made powder called Celluclay. It is made up of paper pulp and a powdered glue that activates when mixed with water. If you can’t find a pre-made type of papier-mâché you can make your own out of newspaper.

To mix Celluclay use a bucket or large bowl that is not overly precious as this stuff can make a real mess of family heirlooms. Add a handful of Celluclay to the bucket and slowly pour in a bit of water to moisten it. I’m always surprised by how little water I actually need to form useable papier-mâché. And the less water you use now the faster your finished piece will dry. 

Work outside if possible and wear a dust mask when pouring and mixing.
Stir the Celluclay slowly with your hand until the papier-mâché comes together. It should     be well mixed with no lumps and it should be fairly dry. If it feels too moist add a bit more powder and work it into the lump.

You can use various plastic items for molds. Food packaging like those used for meat, mushrooms, or noodles work well for bunker type buildings, domes like those from whipped cream topped coffee drinks make great hemispheres. One of my favorite molds is from a microwave Christmas pudding because it is slightly heat resistant and can be put into a very low oven to speed drying.

Once you’ve chosen your mold start working the papier-mâché into the corners and crannies of the mold. Use your thumb to push out any air bubbles that get caught. The more time you take with this step the fewer pits you’ll have in the final piece. Finally, smooth the inside of the piece so that all of the casting is the same thickness. This will help the piece to dry evenly and prevent warping.

Leave the piece to dry for at least twelve hours before you attempt to remove it. This will allow the inside to form a skin of drier papier-mâché and make the whole form more sturdy. Leaving it for a couple of days will guarantee that the piece is firm enough to de-mold. Now put the mold into your freezer for at least four hours. This will freeze the papier-mâché and allow you to de-mold. Now put the papier-mâché piece onto a piece of cardboard and put it back into the freezer without the mold. This will begin to dry the other side of the piece without allowing the piece to warp as it thaws. Leave it overnight.
Hard frozen papier-mâché just out of the freezer.

Now take the casting out of the freezer and let it thaw and dry. You can speed this up by placing it in a very low oven with the door slightly opened water vapor to escape. This can take several hours depending on how thick the piece is.

When the piece is totally bone dry you can sand it and add various extra bits to it. Cardboard, plaster and wooden additions can be glued on with wood glue. Use CA glue to prep the papier-mâché when adding plastic pieces. This creates a hard surface for the CA glue to adhere to and strengthens the bond.

First coat papier-mâché with CA glue and then when dry use more glue to adhere the plastic piece.

Additional parts from Hirst Arts molds, Black Cat Bases and Pegasus Hobbies Platformer sets.
You can use plaster or more papier-mâché to fill in holes or make additions to the basic shape. You can also glue together two or more finished shapes and then fill in the gaps with more papier-mâché. This can create very biological, organic shapes such as these Roger Dean inspired pod houses.

Pterro-Man from Forge of Ice. 

Glue the final piece to a piece of masonite with woodglue and texture this with sand to make a base. Give the whole piece a good primer coat of flat spray paint and paint like you would any other building. The texture works really well when drybrushed. A good coat of varnish will help to protect it, I usually use gloss first and then flat.

Primed in basic flat black.
The texture of papier-mâché is great for drybrushing.

The finished science bunker.
The contrast between different types of materials adds to the visual interest and realism.
Papier-mâché is a very versatile material and makes strong, lightweight pieces affordably but not necessarily quickly. But working with it is enjoyable and it’s a pretty forgiving material since part of its charm is the rough unfinished look it has when dry. Give it a shot and good luck!
 Even without a lot of extra bits this bunker looks heavy and solid. Elder Things attack UTC exo-troopers on Proxima Tau. Miniatures by Nameless Design.

WIP Wednesday: Manticore and terrain

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I have plenty of different painting projects laying around which I have just started on, but for today I wanted to show you these.First up is a Manticore for Warriors of Chaos. I wanted to try out my airbrush a bit more so I just started on this one an…

Review: Warlord Games/Italeri Wrecked House

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Today I would like to take a closer look at one of Warlord Games’ recent terrain releases. The pretty accurately named Wrecked House kit.

More after the jump

More Campaign Prep

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Well the campaign games are going to happen this weekend – so over the last week or so I’ve been building and painting things for the games.I’ve also been mildly chastised for not posting up more content – so here goes with a few more things to keep yo…

Bushido: WIP Board Part 2 (Resin River)

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In part 1 of this build I showed how I rehabbed an old board as a sketch for new water techniques through the assembly of a large river section. Now, in part 2, I wanted to show some WIP pics of the refinishing and painting of the riverbed and the prep…

More weekend progress

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This weekend saw the delivery of the cheapest hobby supply I think I’ve ever bought. So I needed a broom head for my ponds so that I could steal a handful of bristles to use as reeds.. right? Right.. well.. £2, free postage, I bought a new 12″ broom head off of ebay. It probably […]

Miscellaneous modelling projects

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I’ve moved a bunch of small modelling projects to completion this past week. I bought two Batmobiles on ebay, hoping they were the size of the old Matchbox dinky cars. These are a bit bigger, but do fine with Heroclix figures I own. I love the 1950s bu…

Via Postumia tombs

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My Bloody Cremona game at Salute is set along the line of the Via Postumia as it approaches to Cremona.I thought it would be nice to depict some of the characteristic Roman roadside tombs and monuments, so I made these up. And when I say that I ma…

What I’m Working On

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A palm tree.Area terrain.Chessmen.A hill.Stones.

Majestic cypresses

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I’ve had some issues recently with my camera and haven’t been able to photograph some of the models I’ve been making for my Salute Game “Bloody Cremona, 69 AD”.  Today, happily, that is resolved and I can start to catch up.Here are some new cypres…

Pond progress

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Just a little progress on the ponds, I dug out a tester pot of paint I forgot I had over the weekend and slapped it down on the black undercoated ponds. I think it may have been ‘double espresso’ something.. double something or other.. a homebase ‘own brand’ paint anyway. It dried a lot darker […]

Building a Dockside Board – Planning Stage

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Recently I decided I was going to build a second board for the Batman Minis Game to go with my City Board (that still isn’t finished).As something that is often seen and mentioned in stories from Gotham , I thought a dockside would be a good addition.T…

The mean streets of Gotham

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Finishing out this week’s flurry of superhero posts is some follow-up on the terrain. The buildings are all HO scale railway buildings from Woodland Scenics. I’ve added a mix of other scenics. The road signs and streetlights are railway items. The fire…

In the 4Ground

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It’s Easter weekend so that’s an extra two whole days I can sneak off into the man cave for as predictably in the UK the bank holiday weekend weather is dismal and grey. No surprises there then. With no BBQ in sight I’ve been pressing on with more units for Dropzone Commander, this time another […]

Forge World Release Primus Redoubt

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Forge World released their newest Realm of Battle board and it is pretty cool!

The Primus Redoubt is especially cool as it has a HUGE gun!  A Double Barrelled Turbo Laser Destructor, which is included.

From Forge World: 

Found on worlds across the Imperium since the days of the Great Crusade, the Primus Redoubt is one of a class of super-heavy emplacements built en-masse to defend the cities, foundries and other vital structures on newly Compliant worlds. Constructed with emplaced weaponry more often found on heavy void craft and battlecruisers, and powered by reactors buried deep beneath its visible structure, the Primus Redoubt is designed to eliminate vehicles at very long range, and has enough destructive force to take down super-heavy vehicles and even Titans. Its substantial walls are further protected by a projected force dome, shielding the redoubt from all but the heaviest of incoming fire and orbital bombardments.

The Realm of Battle Imperial Primus Redoubt consists of a 2′ x 2′ Realm of Battle tile that features a large bunker complex with multiple battlements and a double-barrelled turbo laser destructor turret. It is a fortification that can be taken by any Faction in Warhammer 40,000 and Horus Heresy games. Experimental rules for the Primus Redoubt can be found HERE.

This is a complete multi-part resin kit. It is available to pre-order today for despatch from Friday 10th April.

It goes perfectly with the Castellum Stronghold board.

The It costs £125 or $ 186.50.

I want one.  



Bad News on the Water Front

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Hi FolksDropped in to Homebase yesterday to buy some more Oxford blue tiles for a planned project.Aaaaarggggghh ! They no longer stock them. I even went on the internet site and the product has been delisted.These were the best tiles to make easy river…