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GameMatz War Zone mat

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At this stage in my life, I’m fortunate to be able to game with some great guys. We enjoy different games, campaigns, different genres as well as each others’ company. It may sound weird, but it’s a genuine blessing. Because we play a lot of Post-Apoc and SF skirmish games, I took the plunge and … Continue reading GameMatz War Zone mat

Boot Hill

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I had hoped my small order of WWII British would have been here but I am still waiting so have not had much to do recently. I was going to do a bit of weathering to my WWII buildings but am uncertain whether to go ahead with this, I have lightly drybru…

Trees, trees, trees …

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If you go down to the woods today … I’ve been upgrading my wargames trees, to add to my existing rather shonky stock of greenery. My old homemade trees can be seen in the background of the photo below, the … Continue reading

School of Yeti 2016-07-11 17:00:00

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Most games have rules of one kind or another to cover hazardous terrain, that type of terrain that impedes movement and/or causes damage. For me, this has typically been the more difficult to create, as there are only so many options out there. Pools of Lava or some other caustic substance, holes or crevices, or barbed wire fences and sharp rocks. I’ve never really like examples I’ve seen of any of these, so up until now I’ve steered away from hazardous terrain on my boards.

For the Confluence project, however, I had a chance to try something new. Cactus patches. I’ve seen these done before many ways, but I wanted to apply the same mentality to creating hazardous terrain to the way I created the rest of my terrain. For my hazardous terrain, I chose Pegasus Hobbies Cactus models. These come in 2 different sets and if you pick them both up, you will have enough for all of the patches I’ve created as well as a large surplus for other terrain pieces or bases or what have you.

While I’ve seen these cacti used straight out of the box and they do work that way, I wanted to make sure they fit the rest of the tables and looked really good. To that end, I mounted clusters of cacti on thin plasticard bases taking care to make them as random and natural looking as possible. This worked well because cacti typically grow in clusters and clumps. I went on to add some of my usual fine mix of sand and then added some small stones and a few larger ones. In addition to the bases I made for the cacti, I made several more without cacti that I would use for other ground cover such as refuse, building material or smaller plant life.

Anyway, then it was time to paint the cacti. I decided to save some time and get a nice subtle look that I’d use my brand new Patriot 105 Extreme. I just recently received the airbrush, so I needed some practice in order to dial it in and the cacti would be the perfect opportunity.

The Pegasus sets come with two varieties of cacti and I opted to keep the varieties together and to paint them differently. For the longer, thinner cacti (these are typically known as San Pedro Cactus) I opted for a deeper and more cool green color scheme. For them, I undercoated black and them basecoated with Vallejo Model Air Olive Drab. From there, I added a highlight of VMA Field Green and then did a final highlight with a 50/50 mix of Field Green and Pale Green. To make them really pop, I then airbrushed a thin wash of Secret Weapon Amethyst Wash. This settled into the depths of the cactus patches and really made them look good.

Of course the other variety of cacti I had were the more traditional prickly pears. For these, I wanted something a little brighter and more green. I started then with a basecoat of VMA Medium Green and highlighted with Field Green and then Pale Green. To add just a bit of yellow and warmth, I also added a bit of Green Zinc Chromate to a final highlight. Again, I toned them down just a bit with an Amethyst wash, though I mixed this with Ruby to keep it warmer.

Finally, I took out the brushes and basecoated the ground, first in black and then steadily highlighting up to the soil mix I’ve been using for the rest of the table.

The final product is striking and I’m really looking forward to using my Belles to lure a whole
bunch of victims to their pokey depths.

As always comment and critiques are welcome. Thanks for stopping by.
More to Come.


Miniature Monday: Realmgate

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I have finished the first of the realmgates you get in the box. Went with a glowing magical effect, did most of it with the airbrush and in these cases it really speeds things up and it’s hard to get these effects like the osl without one.Quick tutoria…

Oggam Hut Paperkit & Oggam book re-released on Wargame Vault

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To cut down on the storage space here (so I can have more space for uploading pics) I’ve decided to re-release both the Book of the Oggam and The Oggam hut over on Wargame Vault. Not only will this help keep space down, but allow me to track the downloads better and have them all […]

Trees, part 3

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And, now for some experimentation with the trees.  I found an old plastic sign that looked perfect for a base:

The sign is approximately 8" x 11".  It is fairly thick, but can still be cut be scissors.

These are the trees that I am playing with first:

Little did I know that there would be a secret in the selection of these trees…

Here are a few pics taken as I tried to arrange the

Cobblestone City Kraken Mat – Unboxing the Kraken Wargames Kickstarter

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Last week I showed off the terrain I’d built but had to show it off on my Guild Ball mat as I was waiting for my mat from Kraken Wargames’ Kickstarter. Well I’m not waiting any more – it arrived this week!The campaign was run during November 2015 with …

28mm Vintage Movie Posters accessory paper modelling kit now available from Wargame Vault

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Still on the movie theme, we move onto the first of this months Grinning Skull Design Studios PDF releases from us on Wargames Vault: 28mm Vintage Movie Posters PDF. It contains loads of 28mm scaled old genre movie posters to print out and apply to your models, scenics and dioramas. It’s perfect for modern, horror […]

Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Realm of the Dead; Metal railed walls.

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This time in the realm of the dead themed terrain set, we are going to tackle some simple metal railed walls, using an easy to find and mostly free material, packaging foam. Sorry about the delay in the latest installment of Grim’s Dungeons of Doom, I must say that I have been taken up with […]

Historicon 2016 – Additional Scenery Items Completed

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 My departure for Historicon is one week away – Yikes!  I’m still making progress whittling down the “to-do” list and completed all the additional scenery items I need for the game: You’ve seen the shipyard before, this will serve as the…

Miniature Monday: Chaos terrain

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Finally put myself together and painted this old Chaos terrain piece up. Did a lot with the airbrush, and it really speeds up the process with these large terrain pieces.I really like this terrain piece and have thought long about painting it up and us…

Drzewko z terrarium | Terrarium tree

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Przy okazji jednej z ostatnich wizyt w sklepie z artykułami dla zwierząt domowych, czynionych regularnie z uwagi na konieczność opieki nad trzema kawiami i jednym jeżem pigmejskim, z przyzwyczajenia zajrzałem też do działu z rybkami i gadami. Staram się co jakiś czas zerknąć na półki w nadziei wypatrzenia czegoś przydatnego do hobby. Wcześniej kupiłem tam  kilka naprawdę fajnych, realistycznych skałek, które od pewnego czasu widać w tle części fotek, a moim ostatnim nabytkiem jest coś, co producent określa mianem “Large Bonsai” – drzewko, przeznaczone – jak mniemam – jako ozdoba do terrarium.
“Roślinka” wykonana jest z miękkiego, nieco gumowatego plastiku w kolorach ciemnego brązu (pień i gałęzie) i jasnozielonożółtym, z którego uformowano kolcowate “liście”. Pień i gałęzie łączą się w kilku miejscach, tworząc razem całkiem spore drzewko – spokojnie nadaje się na centralny punkt stołu do gry, jest może nawet nieco zbyt duże. Jest na tyle duże, że z trudnością zmieściło się do mojego całkiem sporego namiotu bezcieniowego. Ale – co jeszcze fajniejsze, poszczególne gałęzie w całości można wykorzystać przy odrobinie kreatywności albo jako oddzielne rośliny, albo – po rozcięciu – zrobić z nich rozmaite krzaczki i zarośla. Warto tylko zauważyć, że drzewko składa się, tak naprawdę, tylko w jeden sposób – mocowania i wpusty zaprojektowano tak, by dobrze pasowały tylko względem konkretnych części.
Plastik z którego wykonano “roślinkę” jest miękki i poddaje się lekkiemu wyginaniu – co prawda wraca wkrótce do niemal poprzedniego kształtu, niemniej jednak możliwe jest jego lekkie kształtowanie. Chętni mogą pobawić się jeszcze w malowanie pnia i gałęzie, nadając mu bardziej realistyczny kolor – problem w tym, że materiał, z którego wykonano “roślinkę” ma wszystkie cechy gumowatego plastiku znanego z figurek w skali 1:72 co pośledniejszej jakości – łącznie z trudnościami związanymi z malowaniem farbami. Podejrzewam jednak, że potraktowany drybrushem i jakąś odporną farbą akrylową podda się i przyjmie nowe barwy – a jako że to “realistyczne drzewo”, nie musi być pomalowane niezwykle starannie.
Producentem jest firma czeska firma JK Animals, produkt powstał w Chinach, a jego cena we wspomnianym sklepie wynosiła 20 PLN. Dla mnie bomba.
I frequently visit local pet shop – which is necessary having three guinea pigs and african hedgehog at home. Usually I visit part with fishes and reptiles too, looking for some things useful  for wargaming. I bought some realistic, painted small resin rocks, visible as a background in some photos here on the blog, some fish tank plants (which will become my jungle) and – recently – large terrarium plastic “plant” labelled as “Large Bonsai”.

“Plant” comes in several parts (roots, barks with foliage and a trunk). “Wooden” parts are made from soft, rubber-like dark-brown plastic, foliage is made from yellowish green soft plastic too. Roots, trunk and barks are to be connected and once they are snap-fitted, they make quite large tree. It is so large that it can be used as a table centrepiece for gaming and it barely fits inside my quite spacious photographic tent. But – and this is even more cool – barks may be used separately, as plants in their own rights. Alternatively, they may be cut up and used for making some bushes. It is worth to note though, that tree may be assembled in just one way – only then connections are smooth and strong.

Plastic which this “plant” is made of is soft and prone to bending – unfortunately it bends back relatively fast, but slight shape corrections are possible nonetheless. It may be painted too, but being so similar to rubber plastic used for making 1:72 toy soldiers, I’m pretty sure that it won’t be easy, as paint will tend to easily tear off. I suppose that drybrushing with some heavy duty paint will bring correct results though.

Plant was made in China for Czech company JK Animals and its price in my local shop was sligthly less then 4 GBP (about 6 USD, 4.5 EUR). Megacool for me.

Widgets and Wonders Ep 45 -Pre-Painted Resin Gothic Ruins from Game Mat

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Building a Better City – Terrain Time!

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Last week I had the opportunity to go to the Phoenix Lakeland Wargames Exhibition, which was the first wargames show in Cumbria. Along with a wander around, I took a load of photos, which can be found (hopefully) here on our Facebook page.

One thing that stood out for me was the quality of the boards on display for both the display games and the tournament boards for Batman. Pretty much as soon as I got home from the show, I started building some of my pile of MDF that I’ve acquired over the last few months. In just under a week, I’ve gone from nothing, to this.

The Guild Ball mat is a stand in until my cobbled mat arrives from Kraken Wargames’ Kickstarter, which should be soon as they’ve been dispatched from the packer in Germany sometime in the last couple of days.

There GB mat was chosen for setting things out as its the same size as a Batman board, or as close to it as I have – 3′ by 3′, while BMG typically plays on 90cm by 90cm.

As you can see, it’s a little bare still, but I do still have another small building and two larger ones that would probably dominate the board still to build. For now though, lets have a look at what I’ve actually spent this week’s painting time on.

First up is something that doesn’t belong in Gotham, but was something I just had to have when I saw it – a Star Gate from Dark Ops. It’ll likely sit in the corner of a board, but it could be used as an objective for a game – one of Joker’s mad cap designs perhaps.

Next is a Dino Gas station, which is from TT Combat. This one is the largest kit I’ve built so far, but probably the easiest to prep and build. The roof lifts off, as does the forecourt. On top of it is one of two Knight Models billboard signs, this one advertising the Vicky Vale show.

Also in the billboard set comes advertising for the Iceberg Lounge.

The remaining pieces are from the KM Container set and the KM Construction 1 set. Unfortunately half the construction set wasn’t fully cut through with the laser (the same with their SWAT van, which was next on my build list) but Knight are replacing the first one and I need to email them about the latter once I’ve written this!

It’s been really fun to see everything come together relatively quickly and lots of progress get made in the time I’d probably assign to half a miniature worth of paint job.

During these builds, particularly the Knight Models stuff which wasn’t fantasically easy to remove from the frames on even the fully lasered stuff, I found myself falling in love with my chisel blade for my X-Acto, which hadn’t previously had an outing.

I’ve also made use of something I picked up from a forthcoming Q&A answer that we got back – emery boards. This one is looking a bit tatty and broken, but it’s been the tool I’ve used to do all the shaving down and smoothing off of all of the pieces that have gone into the builds above. Not bad for one part of a 22 item pack that cost 89p!

A final handy hint – when using PVA glue for gluing buildings, use a kids glue spreader – I picked up 10 for £1.55 from Amazon – the clean edge on the spreader really helps with keeping the joins clean. Also, instead of putting PVA down on a palette, grab an old blister pack and use that. Once it dries, you can just peel it off and start from fresh again :)

The Impact of Terrain in North Africa 1940-43

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From Tobruk to Tunis: The Impact of Terrain on British operations and Doctrine in North Africa, 1940-43 is a new book by Neal Dando, published just recently by Helion & Co. The author/publisher states “This book focuses on the extent

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Ridotta Capuzzo (Fort Capuzzo, Libya)

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Within a few days of Italy declaring war on Britain in 1940, British forces attacked a number of forts along the Egyptian/Libyan border. RAF Gladiators and Blenheims provided support as the 7th Hussars and elements of the 1st RTR captured Fort Capuzzo near the town of Sullum, just inside the Libyan border. Over the next […]

On the bench – Epic Defense Lines

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Having been a bit motivated yesterday, I decided to tackle a project that has been on hold for a long time – Epic Defense Lines. There were some pretty bad casts, so the thought of having to sand everything down to get the pieces level was not somethin…

Grim’s Dungeons of Doom; The Arcane Library 28mm paperkit now available from Wargame Vault!

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Just a quick post to let you know that the Arcane Library paperkit is now available for download from our good friends over at Wargame Vault. Once again it is made available as a pay what you want product, so that means you can get it free if you like (but any donations are greatly […]

Bolt Action – DIY MG Emplacement

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By Dennis Berwick

Today I’ll be taking you through a step-by-step guide on how to make this simple machine gun emplacement for use as terrain in your games of Bolt Action.

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10mm Terrain

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Why I spend a lot of time painting up figures I do neglect the table top… I was looking around for 10mm terrain and was a little shocked at the cost of 10mm terrain, even seemingly simple things like hedges and walls.So I took some inspiration fo…

Coming Soon; Grim’s Dungeons of Doom Arcane library paper kit preview

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Hi everyone. If you were expecting the latest Grim’s Dungeons of Doom article this weekend, then I have to apologise and tell you that it will be coming up later this week. I have been side tracked by the work I’ve been doing on the latest PDF in my range, and I thought I’d share […]

Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters?

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Following on from my Avengers Mansion, I thought that Arkham would also make a decent Xavier’s School for Gifted Younsters. Using the same parts of Arkham, I have set them out in a wider layout to give the impression of a large school instead of a…

Pop-Up Objective Room

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First of the set. Kinda of a basic fold design but it works as needed. The center console was added to completely block LoF straight across the middle of the room, being bigger than those doors. However, the walls being literally paper-thin means that units hiding against a wall may still be seen at an … Continue reading Pop-Up Objective Room

Avengers Mansion board

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Any long term readers of this blog will know that often I like to grab a load of terrain and see what new boards I can come up with.As I have the KM Arkham Asylum but I am now in love with the new Marvel game (that I have wanted for years), I thought i…