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Gargulce | Gargoyles

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Na warsztat trafił kolejny miniminiminiprojekcik, a mianowicie dwa gargulce na postumentach, które będę mógł wykorzystać albo jako, po prostu, ozdóbki na polu walki, albo w scenariuszach do Frostgrave. Miniaturki to stareńka Ral Partha, skala 25 mm z tego co pamiętam. Jednego z tych gargulców pokazywałem lata temu w innym, pierwotnym malowaniu. Postanowiłem jednak wydobyć to maleństwo z czeluści zapomnienia i dać mu drugą szansę na zaistnienie. Przykurczony kolega to druga część tego samego zestawu – tego od dziesięcioleci miałem w białym podkładzie.
Jeden ze scenariuszy gry Frostgrave wykorzystuje sześć żywych posągów, strzegących skarbów. Moje kamienne maszkarony będą dwoma z nich, teraz muszę jeszcze znaleźć cztery kolejne miniaturki, podobne w stylu. Dwie w zasadzie już mam, nad kolejnymi się waham… Ale możliwe, że ostatecznie zrobię je w tym tygodniu.
Kolumny to produkt Black Grom Studio, wersja prototypowa. Wkrótce prawdopodobnie trafią do sprzedaży. Dobrze odlane, proste, klasyczne kolumny doryckie, dostępne w odcinkach z podstawami i z kawałkami “po przejściach” – ukruszonymi i obitymi. Te trafią do planowanej zrujnowanej świątyni…
Gargulce przymocowałem do kolumn za pomocą magnesów. Dzięki temu mogę je zdejmować, jeśli w czasie gry zajdzie taka potrzeba.
I managed to paint another tinytinytiny project – two stone gargoyles standing on columns, which will be usable both as a stand alone mini-architecture on the game table or for Frostgrave scenarios. Figures are very old Ral Partha, 25 mm scale if I remember correctly. One of them was already shown here, on the blog, years before, in its original painting 23 years old. I decided to revive this little fellow and give him a second chance so to speak. His gnarled friend is from the same set – this one was undercoated white and left for the same amout of time.

One of Frostgrave scenarios calls for a six living statues guarding treasures. My stone gargoyles will be two of them, now I need to find another four miniatures similar in scale to make further statues. To be honest, I have two of them already, and I wonder over last two of them… I will try to make those four statues this week, if time will permit.

Columns come from Black Grom Studio company, both are from preproduction cast. They will be available soon I think. Cast is good, columns are classical doric ones, divided into sections and bases/capitals. Some of the sections are broken or crushed, adding to the variety. I will use them in forthcoming ruined small temple project…

Gargoyles are positioned over the top of columns with small earth magnets. They are easily detachable, if need arise.

A quick post about Frostgrave Terrain

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Continuing with the Frostgrave theme, here’s some recent structures I put together for Frostgrave or other skirmish games. Here are three ruined village buildings originally sold as Normandy scenery sold as “Bold Action 28mm Ruined Hamlet” by Warlord Games. These … Continue reading

Building an ACW Tollhouse

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During the Civil War, tollhouses were quite a common sight. There is even an anecdote about General Sheridan being held up by one Charlotte Hillman, the keeper of a tollhouse, who refused to let his army pass. Only after Sheridan promised to send the money the pike was raised. This already shows the potential of … Continue reading Building an ACW Tollhouse

Painting a Trash Bash Building Video

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Four months later and I finally managed to paint the observation tower/power plant.

Sarissa Precision Far East buildings

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 I went in on a whole Far East village from Sarissa Precision and completed two of the nine buildings in the set. So far, I am very impressed with the kits.  The woven palm style village house is my favorite so far. The building sits up on stilts which invoke a strong jungle village theme. The roofs can […]

Scratch built 1930s English petrol station & workshop Part III

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Things have progressed nicely over the last week or so and I’ve now just about completed everything I wanted to do. The last few days have seen me both build and paint both the office/shop to go with the matching workshop.I’ve also added a pair of scra…

PlastCraft Curved Modular Building

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While at Trumpeter Salute I picked up one of PlastCraft’s Designed-For-Infinity plastic pre-coloured buildings, the Curved Modular Building, from the awesome folks at Imperial Hobbies, BC’s greatest wargaming store, and the only reason I do anything in Richmond other than change buses… Anyway, the Curved Modular Building is a small building, with a footprint about … Continue reading PlastCraft Curved Modular Building

Tabletop World – stunning stuff

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For a couple of years, I have been eyeing up the model buildings from Tabletop World (clicky linky thing) and trying to decide whether I should buy some or not. If you haven’t seen their work before, then I strongly suggest you take a look – it’s simply gorgeous. A little while ago I coughed […]

Wallet Takes a Hit

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I am forging ahead getting things ready for Tuesday night, I received my little extras from Colin at Charlie Foxtrot Models so I managed to roof my last building along with completing the little outbuildings which I hope will enhance my wargaming experience. I swapped the roofs which came with the models for some corrugated tin from 4Ground, this stuff is great and looks even better with a rust wash, I think you will agree.

Shed, log store and WC’s.

Out building and those telegraph poles along with the extras.

That is it for my buildings at the moment, I do want to eventually get the beautiful school building from Colin and maybe get enough others to put a ‘street’ together but that is for the future. I want to concentrate on finishing off my British and German forces now, the plan being to get up to around 1000 – 1500 points for both. I now have the basic starting force for both sides, a platoon of three squads along with HMG, mortar, sniper and anti-tank support, I had forgotten the spotters for the mortars but have painted them up this morning, I also have a choice of recce vehicles for both sides although I am still waiting for the British armoured car from Blitzkrieg.

I now have to turn my attention to all the lovely vehicles I can get before beefing my infantry squads up to ten men and maybe adding one more. I am going to give my troops the choice of transport vehicles so that means mainly trucks with maybe one halftrack for each, M5 or M3 or SdKfz 251/1, now this sounds easy but the price of these things is frankly expensive. The cheapest truck I could find was £18, I eventually went with two at £21 because along with a couple of other things this got me free postage, £42 for two bog standard trucks!

Nearly all the motorised stuff comes in at these prices, even the tiny jeep is £15 on average. OK you don’t have to get all this for Bolt Action but being a wargamer you pretty much will want it to complete your forces. I am looking at up to three jeeps, three trucks/halftracks, an anti-tank gun and tow and a choice of tanks/SP guns or AA vehicles or maybe an SP howitzer or tank killer, and all this for both sides. Four hundred of your English quids at least. This suddenly looks like a long term project, birthdays, Father’s days and Christmas’ are now all sorted.

On the bright side I have the beginnings of two decent forces already and they can only be improved upon as time passes.

Army Camps for TtS!

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While I was at Salute I picked up a pre-order from Baccus that included tents and the other trappings of ancient battlefield camps. The To the Strongest! rules include the need for a camp for each army and this was the last thing I needed to paint up s…

Renedra’s Castle Review: The Wall

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In this second part of the review (the first is here) I’m going to write about the second kit that makes up the castle. Both the wall and the tower are available either as separate kit or as bundle, check the Renedra website for details.There aren’t ma…

Infinity / Next Plan / …

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I really enjoy homebrew campaigns and houserules. However it can be a lot of work so sometimes I like getting it all handed to me. I first got into Infinity because Sci Fi armoured guys are on the official Rough(WOTR) Wishlist. I stayed with the game w…

Wire Cutter Test Pieces

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With a ruined castle looming on the horizon of our SOBH campaign, I picked up a hot wire cutter off Amazon. I made two very simple  test pieces to get a feel for how it works. It’s a very handy tool with loads of terrain-building potential. Nasty fumes aside, it cuts  1″ and 2″ insulation foam … Continue reading Wire Cutter Test Pieces

Renedra’s Castle Review: The Tower

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Last week at Salute 2016 I was able to get my hand on the new plastic castle by Renedra, below you can find some details of the contents in the box:It’s made in hard plastic, it’s not quite like the one used for the miniatures but very similar.The cast…

Desert Terrain

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I am chairman of our local gaming club here in Shrewsbury UK, and we have been doing a revamp of our clubs terrain and boards following a venue change, which has significantly reduced the rates we have to pay, enabling us do a complete revamp of our ga…

Additional Warsenal Infinity Terrain – Walkways Complete

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 Recently I went to work on some additional Infinity Warsenal terrain.  In the picture below you can see the completed Walkway.  I followed the same recipe as I did in the first piece I completed.Really enjoying how this terrain paints u…

Terrain Boards Continued – Side 1

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Now, the ongoing saga of the quest to find the mystical Terrain Board continues….

With the failure of the first attempt to make up terrain tiles which I attempted earlier in MoreTerrain Board Trials, I looked at the Heroic Maps ‘Frost Ruins’ download and decided that as the 4′ x 4′ board that the downloaded sheets created was only really a one set up layout and that tiles would not be interchangeable, I was as well making up a 4′ x 4′ board rather than the tiles.

With this in mind and the useful suggestion from TamsinP that I should make the ’tiles’ double sided I purchased another download ’tile set’, this time trying a different vendor, namely PWork, and plumped for their Battleboard City Ruins set to use for a double sided board set.

A threesome of  2′ x 4′ 9mm MDF boards were also duly purchased and a can of spray adhesive which would be quicker, less messy hopefully and less prone to any warping or curling, though significantly dearer than more traditional glues.

I also made sure I had spare ink for my printer and an ample stock of 110grm card stock.

Perversely, I started on the City Ruins side of the boards and duly printed off 40 or so A4 sheets that comprise the set and proceeded to trim to suit and stick them to the boards.

The set does not quite cover the 6′ x 4′ board area so I intentionally left a 30mm border around the boards.

This Pwork tile set again only goes together in one layout, being a download version of their game mat. Unlike the Heroic Games dowload which includes a grided and ungrided version on the layout along with a full size graphic which you can play with if you have the appropriate software, the PWork file is a straight forward pdf card set. Each sheet printed, forms a part of the whole ‘mat’ area with no overlaps, again unlike the Heroic Maps file. 

It was quickly apparent though that the individual sheets do have a margin of error across the sheets. This error is marginal but significant enough to warrant having to try each sheet prior to gluing and despite careful trimming, adjacent sheets are slightly different sizes and often don’t quite line up with their neighbours. Slightly irritating. This I suspect may be more down to pdf graphic creep than any irregularity on the part of PWork but is an issue which should be noted by anyone thinking of utilising the download sets. Initial layout and trial fitting is essential and sheets will require slight trimming to fit.
Two Thirds done

The whole thing went together fairly quickly once in the groove of things and once all sheets were stuck down and reasonably dried, that it was then that the individual boards were once again seperated with the use of a sharp knife run down the board gaps.

Once all stuck and seperated I had decided to trim the board edges with a suitable hard wearing tape, both for the aesthetic look of the boards and also to add a bit of protection to the board edges.

The full 6′ x 4′ area took approximately the best part of a day to assemble and also took a whole can of spray adhesive to stick everything down.

From a cost point of view, the purchase of one of PWorks pre-made game mats will range from circa £48 to £58 depending on material of the map. The approx cost of material to make up this Heath Robinson version of the mat works out to be approximately £35 including glue, card and ink, but excluding the boards themselves (as the mat needs something for it to be put on). Add to this the time to assemble and the cost of the bought mat looks to be fairly reasonable and other mats from the various suppliers look to be of similar costs. I aim to cover the boards with a light coat (probably sprayed) of matt varnish to protect the surfaces and this will slightly add to the finished ‘cost’.

A fun enough project in it’s execution, which I will run to it’s conclusion, but I think for a play area without any multi layout use I will not be making up any others in this fashion, but would plump for the mat versions instead.

So having printed off the full set of the Heroic Maps Frost Ruins tile set I had to purchase additional adhesive so haven’t completed the reverse side as yet.

Frost Ruins sheets laid out to check size
Laying out the Frost Ruins sheets, which have significant overlaps, the overall area provided is significantly bigger than the advertised area, namely 53″ x 53″  a full 3″ bigger each way.
The surplus sheets which will not be cut and stuck to the boards, will be used to make up loose ‘blocks’ to match the terrain boards. These will be used to provide a some raised areas to add a bit of variety to the terrain layouts.
I will post the completed results to the reverse side once completed in a week or two.

Scratch built 1930s English petrol station & workshop Part II

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I’ve managed to get the paintwork and detailing finished on the workshop part of the project now.In the end I opted for blue timber details and a dirty red roof. I also Googled up some period posters and stuck a few to the walls and doors to add a litt…

Small Soliders – Fight! Win!: Battletech City Battlefield

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  Small Soliders – Fight! Win!: Battletech City Battlefield: If I could play only game for the rest of my life it would be Battletech.  This game captures my imagination like no other.  The background …

New Laser-cut Buildings from The Scene

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The Scene has released a range of 15mm city-scape buildings. These detailed kits, laser cut from MDF are part of a new modular building system and include store fronts, two office blocks and extra floors. They are stackable and you can add as many floo…

Angels of Death Psychic Power Strategies (and Shenanigans)

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So I will resume my Adepticon coverage tomorrow or Friday, but I HAD to get in an article about the new Astartes Powers ASAP. A few of these are just cool combos or silly ideas, but my last point is game breaking, so reader beware. It is the kinda thin…

Bring Me… A Shrubbery!

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Having moved at the start of this year I’ve been sorting and reorganizing gaming stuff, as one does, and working on actually using some of the stockpile of stuff I’ve accumulated. Part of the stockpile was a much wider array of greenery and model plant type material than I had thought I had. I also … Continue reading Bring Me… A Shrubbery!

Scratch built 1930s English petrol station & workshop

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With the finish of the 6th Annual AHPC and a new job piled on top I’ve had precious little time for modelling and what time I’ve had has been rather distracted and unfocused. Although I’ve done a little work with the brush on some Oldhammer chaos warri…

The Wachau Meeting House from GrandManner

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The Wachau Meeting House from GrandManner is finally painted up and ready for the battlefield.As I began to write this post I looked up my review of the buildings from GrandManner, which I wrote shortly after I received the order. This was almost four …

Adepticon Coverage Part One: My Completed Display Board!

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So after taking a week to calm down from Adepticon and reintegrate into real life, I am able to start sharing my Adepticon experience. First post: The display board I made.You can see the WIP post here!So the requirement is that I had to be able to bre…