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Deep Cut Studios release more mats for Runewars Miniatures Game

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Over the past few weeks, you may have picked up the fact that I’m a bit of a fan of the new Runewars Miniatures Game from Fantasy Flight Games. One thing is typical, when it comes to the playing area of Runewars, FFG just had to go it’s own way. Not content with the ‘standard’ 6′ x 4′ tables of so many large battle miniatures games, FFG chose 6′ x 3′ as its default table size, which I suppose was in keeping with X-Wing and Armada. Which leads us to the age old question – do you simply stick with your existing 6′ x 4′ table/cloth, and either fold over the last 12″, or ignore the outside 6″ of the playing area… …or do you buy a custom 6′ x 3′ cloth? Well, one of my favourite gaming mat company – Deep Cut Studios – have just released five new 6′ x 3′ mats, just to make that decision all the more difficult to say “no” to. These include: Plains Winter Muddy Field Medieval Ruins Cobblestone Streets The mats are available in PVC, Cloth and Mousepad material, and are priced at 44.90 EUR, 47.90 EUR and 53.90 EUR respectively. Deep […]

6mm Checkpoint

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I recently realised that I didn’t have any gates or checkpoints for my Italian Airfield collection of buildings. I looked online and found a couple of suitable models but I would have had to import them, they were prohibitively expensive, and more impo…

Terrain Tutorial: Sectional Mountains Part 3 – Carving Rock Faces & Post #750!

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 Tonights project was to carve the “rock faces” on the pink foam.  I managed to get 2 of the six section done in about an hour.  I used a new technique from model rail roader David Frary which I’ll explain below. The first step was …

ScratchBuild Log Part 4: Painting the 1915 Curiasse "Fortin" Aubriot-Gabet

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So on to the actual paint! Started with a quick shot of Stynylrez. This primer by Badger is the best I’ve ever used, though **SPOILER ALERT** Ammo of Mig’s new one shot primer is the same formulation made by Badger for Mig!!! Partnerships are something…

Roll on Phalanx

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What a long day yesterday was, it never seemed to end and I was reduced to playing DOW III on several occasions, I did however manage to finish a terrain tile I was working on, a shattered house. I have again done it on the cheap and used what I had ly…

Hirst Arts- Timber Frame Building

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Its been awhile, Its seems more of struggle of to keep the blog updated these days than I remember even thou, I’ve painted close to a dozen figures , finished the castle and built this since the last update.this from the “project files” on the Hirst Ar…

Stone Outbuilding Finished

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Glued down the towel thatching, slapped a coat of paint over the small stone building, added the door, and declared it done! The towel got cut into a rough rectangle, big enough to hang an inch or so over the edges of the cardboard roof on all sides. I used a hot glue gun to … Continue reading Stone Outbuilding Finished

ScratchBuild Log Part 3: Basing for the 1915 Curiasse "Fortin" Aubriot-Gabet

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So now that I had the proto-tank built and riveted, it was time to start working on the presentation base. I started by laying out some rough ideas with scrap pieces of balsa foam and once I had a clear idea in my head I started piecing together the pi…

Cheap Ancient Terrain Source

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I had to run into a pet supply store to kit some cat food and wandered by the aquarium section and saw some interesting “Egyptian” ruins in a tank and got an idea.After returning home, I fired up the PC and hopped on Amazon and presto-change-o found ou…

Terrain Tutorial: Sectional Mountains part 2

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 With all six frames finished the next step was to rough in some EPS (pink foam).  I’ve got enough on hand to finish 3 maybe 4 sections.Pretty simple process, but time consuming.  Jut cut to fit and glue/tack down. I’ll trim everyth…

Tutorial: How to paint a Manufactorum from Cities of Death

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In this tutorial I’ll explain how I painted the Manufactorum above from Games Workshop’s Cities of Death scenery range. It’s the same paint scheme I used for painting the Promethium Relay Pipes I posted a while ago. It’s a quick technique that yields great results and works perfectly for Shadow War: Armageddon terrain. Find out more after the jump.
More after the jump

Terrain Tutorial – Sectional Mountains

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 What does a gaming geek do on a rainy spring day – make terrain, of course!  I need some mountain ranges to break up the playing area for my Historicon game and finally figured a way to build them with the materials on hand.  Actually t…

Stone Outbuilding/Hovel

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With the farmhouse and dovecote progressing well, I wanted to move on to a few smaller buildings to the mix. This little stone outbuilding is the first of those. It’s a few random scrap pieces of pink insulation styrofoam, hot glue, and a chunk of corrugated cardboard so far. Footprint is about 2″ wide by … Continue reading Stone Outbuilding/Hovel

FIW Fences

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I wanted to add some linear type obstacles to our FIW games, so this week I made some fences.  Two packs of Renedra Cross Rail fencing to be precise.  The kits are really great kit, but its like constructing a mechano set with lots of bits to…

Blotz – Gateway/Wall review and Paint

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This time I’m going to be looking at some Feudal period MDF terrain by Blotz, perhaps a company not as well know as a few […]

Half-Timber ECW Buildings, 11 May

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I’ve been painting the dovecote and farmhouse together, so rather than separate updates I’ll just do combined “state of the ECW scenery” update today! Both buildings have had most of their painting finished, with touchup and work on the bases the main things left to do, along with the roof of the farmhouse. I’ve also … Continue reading Half-Timber ECW Buildings, 11 May

More Palm Trees!

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Today’s terrain project is what happens when you let a wargamer loose in the aquarium section of a pet shop! The ‘palm’ ferns are taken from a pack of fish tank plants that I bought some time ago. The plastic fronds were taken apart and the ‘fern’ part…

Learning Curve: MAD Gaming Terrain / Failing to Plan is…

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MAD gaming terrain are now well into phase II of their hab-block Kickstarter and it’s going better than expected.  The reason it’s going really well […]

Half-Timber Farmhouse, Part One

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After getting the dovecote constructed (although not yet painted) I decided the next building would be a bit more substantial, and that a farmhouse would be the obvious counterpart to the dovecote. It’s not quite a manor house, except maybe in some rather backwoods shire, but it’s a substantial two storey building with a big … Continue reading Half-Timber Farmhouse, Part One

Shadow War Scenery

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Shadow War Armageddon ready to rumble.Over the course of this week, I assembled and painted up the scenery that comes with GW’s Shadow War Armageddon set. Its really cracking stuff – highly detailed and able to be assembled in a myriad of ways. The onl…

Wadi Wadi

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Today has been a day for repainting terrain. As I’ve mentioned before I often buy pre-made terrain but I have been repainting it so that everything works well together. Some time ago I bought several packs of Wadi terrain from S&A Scenics and it wa…

[Terrain Thursday] a few random pieces

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Today, I am posting a few small pieces today. They include a large japanese-style drum. It was scratch-built using an old pill bottle, paper, and a little bit of balsa wood. The next two pieces are punishment pieces: The first one is a punished ban…

KA-BOOM!! Explosion Markers

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The countdown to the Rejects demo game at Broadside has begun and as I’m putting the game together that means I have a long list of little jobs to do before the day. 90% of the game and models are done and ready so I’m trying to use the next few weeks …

Half-Timber Dovecote, Part Two

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When we last saw the dovecote, the halftimber detailing on the walls was done, the roof was just started, and it lacked paint. Here’s the current state of the beast! The roof got cardboard tiles to look like slate on both the main roof and the top of the tower. The capping along the ridges … Continue reading Half-Timber Dovecote, Part Two

Prep for Historicon: The "To-Do" list

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Historicon will be held on July 12-16th, which is just 10 weeks from now.  I’m good on the miniature front (only 10 or so 28mm figures to paint) but am falling way behind on terrain so need to step up my game.Rather than make terrain boards, which…