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BS2017: The Bloodyear Blomp, Part 4

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Good progress on the Blomp gondola this weekend, with all the major structural assembly finished, skinning done in styrene sheet, and the start of the lifting-gas engine and associated pipework. The bow and stern have “masts” (not sure what else to call them, really…) that will eventually have lines connecting to the envelope overhead, with … Continue reading BS2017: The Bloodyear Blomp, Part 4

BS2017: The Bloodyear Blomp, Part 3

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Blomping onward, in a classic goblin-engineering “make sh*t up as you go” fashion! The front half of the gondola has been skinned with styrene sheet, cut in one continuous strip for strength. I also glued in more styrene strip on the inner edges of the gunwale. The edges of the flying bridge received similar treatment; … Continue reading BS2017: The Bloodyear Blomp, Part 3

Hobby News Round-up: w/e 20th January 2017

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Here are a few of the pieces of news from around the hobby that caught my attention this week: Curteys Miniatures are releasing some new Romano British Heavy Cavalry. Pictures appeared on their Facebook page earlier this week. They are due to be released at the Vapnartak show or soon thereafter. That will be just in time for the new Aetius & Arthur supplement for Saga, which is currently available for pre-order from Gripping Beast (along with a new set of custom dice). This new Saga book is due for release in early February and is currently priced at £27.00 on the Gripping Beast website. ArmiesArmy have just released a couple of new AFVs for their Cold War 1980s range of 15mm miniatures. They have released the British Chieftain Main Battle Tank and the Abbot 105mm Self-Propelled Field Artillery. These are available to buy as single models, but can be bought as a troop or squadron/battery with a discount. The single models are priced at £8.00 and £7.00 respectively. Crusader Miniatures have just released a new range of 28mm French Dragons Portés (Motorcycle troops). There are seven packs in the range, which a couple of groups of riflemen, a pack of SMGs, […]

Build Something 2017: The Bloodyear Blomp, Part 2

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Progress on my Lead Adventure Forum Build Something 2017 entry, the goblin-crewed Bloodyear Blomp! I’d said previously I was going to finish covering the blimp envelope in fabric before moving on to the gondola, but in standard wargamer fashion I’ve been distracted into working on the gondola first. The basic skeleton of the gondola is … Continue reading Build Something 2017: The Bloodyear Blomp, Part 2

Calling Out to Miniature Terrain Companies

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Must Contain Minis is looking for companies to Sponsor its Game Tables. Specifically, the site is looking for companies that make or sell Wargames Terrain to send products for Reviews and Battle Reports. In exchange, the products will receive publicity…

Hobby News Round-up: w/e 15th January 2017

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Here is some of the news from around the hobby that has caught my eye this week: New tank battle game coming from Too Fat Lardies There has been an announcement made on the Too Fat Lardies Yahoo Group about their next game: “Nick has been working on some tank combat rules for some time now and over the past fortnight we have been plying those and refining his ideas. Anyway, I can now say that it is officially on-line to be the next rule set that TooFatLardies publish. We played two fantastic games last night, the first wth two Shermans facing two Panzer IVs, the second with three Shermans taking on a Panther. These are fun and frantic rules where each player commands his own tank (maybe two or three for big games) and will have an infantry elements to them, but very much viewed from the tanker’s perspective. A typical game lasts an hour or so. If you have twitter you can see last night’s game in living colour.” The Twitter account is @TooFatLardies. This takes me right back to when I started the hobby, as I first used the Operation Warboard rules to fight tank battles on […]

Treasures and objectives

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Here are a number of treasure/ objectives we use for Frostgrave. The following are a collection of chests, and barrels for a variety of sources: Privateer Press, DwarvenForge, and Oathsworn. These serve a variety of purposes in the game, in addition …

Misc IWM Buildings

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  It has been a while since I last visited GenCon, but the last time I went, I picked up a handful of these small buildings from Iron Wind Metals. Roughly hex-sized, these buildings could be warehouses, parts depot, or something simpler.  They work great on hex maps and are in good scale for a […]

Build Something 2017: The Bloodyear Blomp

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Every year or so over on Lead Adventure Forum they hold a friendly Build Something competition. There’s a theme that imposes some restrictions; one year it was “your scenery must be based on a CD”; we had “marine/watercraft” once, and this year the theme is “flight”. I’ve been a LAF member for years and it’s … Continue reading Build Something 2017: The Bloodyear Blomp

Kickstarter Round-up – w/c 9th January 2017

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It’s been two or three weeks since my last look at crowdfunding, so some of the projects here are nearing their end-date. Miniatures Darklands: Starter Hosts Mierce Miniatures are running a project so that backers can get Starter Hosts for their Darklands fantasy battle game. A host comprises of a Commander, a 10 model infantry unit and a 5 (or) model monstrous infantry unit, and are available in metal or resin. The kickstarter is just over halfway to its £10,000 funding goal, and finished on the 17th January. Delivery is due in February 2017. German Gebirgsjäger WWII 28mm German company Heer46 are looking create a new range of 28mm metal World War II miniatures, depicting the German Gebirgsjager (Mountain Troops – you know, the ones that Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood disguised themselves as in Where Eagles Dare) They have currently reach almost 400% of their 2,000 EUR funding goal, with the project due to finish on 30th January. Delivery is due in August 2017. Scenery Streetscape: 28mm wargaming buildings Phillip Page has relaunched his Kickstarter which was unsuccessful last year. Streetscape allows gamers to have 28mm scale houses at a lower cost. They use MDF building shell, clad with […]

Widgets and Wonders Ep 59 – Flat Pack terrain from Terra Tiles

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Home improvements to 4Ground’s Japanese shogunate houses

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A couple of novels I’ve been reading over the Christmas break have inspired me to do some home improvements to my 4Ground shogunate houses. You can see the result in the above photo, as some 28mm Perry Miniatures samurai warriors … Continue reading

Plan for the year ahead

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Hi All,I thought it might be useful to put thoughts to blog as I try and have a think about what I want to accomplish with my hobby in 2017.So the trick is, how to make an actionable list of things I want to accomplish?Promote Oldhammer in the New Worl…

Hab Module LV4-26 Finished

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First of all, Happy New Year, everyone! Hope your 2017 is full of excellent gaming, good friends, and completed projects! On the “completed projects” note, I get to move my first completed project of 2017 off my bench and into my scenery boxes. I’ve finished painting and adding signs to the habitat module facade I … Continue reading Hab Module LV4-26 Finished

Terrain is everything – Hail the Omnissiah new FREE Print & Play building template

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I know Christmas and New Year has been and gone but there are still presents to be had and the 40kaddict thinks you’ve all been very good this year so please accept this gift as 2016 begins…This design is over 3 years old now but it is an absolut n…

Terrain is everything – ‘Tis the season to pick up your trees

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A few years ago I picked up a bag of model trees from Dobbies, our local garden centre [and craft shop]. They only have them in the run up to Christmas as they’re for making your own Christmas scene with miniature revellers and holiday nik-naks. I’d noticed other online garden centres stocked them also and as I wasn’t getting to go to Dobbies I did a search and they were 50% off on one store but I was out shopping and decided to buy it when I got home only for the last set to be sold…

I couldn’t stand to have lost out and found them again on sale at Dawson’s Department Store again at just £6.50 with £3.95 postage, so I ordered 2 set just for best value. It says there are more than 10 left in stock and at that price I thought I’d share so everyone can get a chance at a bargain. The set I got was 21 pieces from a company called Lemax. Clearly there’s at least two that are just a bit too big, they’re the same size as my 40k outpost that got bigger! but great line of sight blockers for a Trygon!
Of course they weren’t going to fit with my table so I decided to paint them – undercoating them all in Red Oxide primer and then repainting them in shades of yellow.
And here’s the finished result:

Merry Christmas! (with an airlock!)

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Between the Christmas season and what appears to be the worst cold I’ve had in many, many years there’s not been a lot of wargaming activity here at Chez Wirelizard. I did manage to spend one sickie evening messing about with Inkscape and created a nice floor airlock piece to add some colour to the … Continue reading Merry Christmas! (with an airlock!)

Roman stone Watchtower

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When I first visited the Grand Manor web site many years ago I saw this building and knew I had to have it! This is my first of what will be many resin Grand Manor buildings I plan on doing. Personally I consider Grand Manor terrain to be the Rolls Roy…

Hogwarts in 1/4800(ish) scale

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I got a new 3D printer a few weeks ago. This one is a SLA/DLP model, meaning it uses a stereolithographic projector to create three dimensional forms, layer by layer, from a vat of photo-sensitive resin. Each layer is around 20-50 microns thin so the d…

Some holiday 54mm AWI

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Merry Christmas, gamers! Hopefully Santa left you a mountain of lead, rather than a lump of (“clean”) coal. I’ve been busy painting in my spare time, with the weak British pound helping expand my 54mm AWI forces. In retrospect, I should have done some …

Genestealer Coven Limo

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“Yo, Dawg! We heard you liked Genestealers, so we put a Genestealer in your… ALL HAIL THE HIVEMIND. GLORY

Back in November I posted some pictures of a taxi model I got from the crew over at Warex-minis. Having really enjoyed painting that kit and working on a burgeoning Genestealer Cult army, I decided to grab another of their sculpts – the Genetic Coven Limo. The model is based on the original limousines that Games Workshop made for the ‘Stealer Covens but never made commercially available. The moment I saw it, I knew that I wanted this kit.

Pimp that ride. This vehicle is a hover variant. 
That’s a helluva cow-catcher on the front of a luxury vehicle.
I really dig the whole 80’s Batmobile-esque engine on the back.

The sculpting and casting was really crisp and the whole thing arrived very quickly from across the globe to my house in Seattle. I can’t recommend this company and its models enough. Even if I don’t use the model in-game, it makes and awesome addition to my scenery collection. I can just imagine using it in an under-Hive scenario in Necromunda. Awesome stuff.


(DW) Terrain Project

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Greetings! As I posted a while back, I recently got some terrain for Dystopian Wars; their Industrial Complex Set, and a set of  “coastal rocks” which consists of a series of small islands and shoals. I’ve managed to get them all … Continue reading

Review: Miniature Keg and Barrels (28mm) by Six Squared Studios

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Today’s Review is well overdue and one that I have been excited about doing for a while now. As many of my readers will know, I have interests in many games and like to share that excitement. Today’s review piece is of 28mm Barrels and a 28mm Keg by Si…

Papercraft Spacecraft!

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I’ve been calling my Infinity space station table project a space station since I started planning it, but really it’s been a collection of big walls and random bits until recently. What does a space station really need to make it feel like a space station? How about some actual space craft? To that end … Continue reading Papercraft Spacecraft!

28mm Field Works

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I recently completed, well almost completed, a large terrain project for a big Black Powder ACW game my friends and I have planned for February.  We are planning the second day of the Battle of Chancellorsville which requires some field works. &nb…