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New Terrain Pieces

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I have been given some new toys. They were part of a departed friends estate. I am working out sharing out some of this largess with his friends to the best of my ability. One of the items that was present in the lot was a set of barb wire entanglem…

Ey Up (part 3)

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I just received a model of the ‘Velocitas’ in the post today from my good friends at Eureka Miniatures. I have to say, this is the oddest vehicle I’ve ever seen. Only Eureka would ever dream of producing such a model and I take my hat…

Let’s talk mats

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Mars Attacks is set in a specific district of Greenville, and the map we provided in box is premium paper. And many people have asked if there was any possibility of us creating rubber mats, such as the ones available in Deadzone.  We know how much our Deadzone players love them, so we’ve created some […]

Milestones, Memorials & MDF Buildings

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Hi FolksA few updates this morning wrapped up in one post.Some great news for my ego – last night I hit the 200k Hits Milestone ! Totally chuffed to bits. In simple terms I have now doubled traffic to the website in less than 8 months. The goal of 350k…

Egyptian Adventures – Rocky escarpments

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Hi FolksManaged to start the next element of my Egyptian Adventures project…not only did the Pharoahs get buried in pyramids they also got buried in tombs. The entrances were often in the sides of a rocky escarpment. In addition the desert landscape …

Review: Impudent Mortal Truss Bridge and Guard Towers

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The bridge at Arnhem.Photo from gang, right before Gencon, I received some new terrain in the mail: a 15mm truss bridge (this is the Ludendorf Bridge from Remagen) and…

Warbases Wednesday #28 – September special offer

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Well let me open this weeks edition with the news that every month one product from the ranges is going to be placed on a special offer. The first product to go on the new monthly specials is the Peel Tower.So if you have been contemplating a purchase …

Review: Hallowed Ground Terrain – Firebase Trench System

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By Craig BaxterA few months back Hallowed Ground Terrain launched an unsuccessful Kickstarter  for for vietnam terrain.  It included a Firebase, VC trenches, river boats, and village huts.  When the Kickstarter failed to get enough support to go th…

Abbey Project Update

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Just finished off another of the ‘accessory’ bits for the on going Abbey Terrain Project in the shape of the central courtyard Dias.Fairly self explanatory piece which can be used as is, or as the foundation for altars or other scenics or mis…

Gamecraft Miniatures: New 12" Sci-Fi City Tiles

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Available from: Miniatures has released a new set of city tiles for 15mm gaming!Ranging from $7.00 to $12.00 these 12″ tiles make it really easy to have a modular sci-fi city….

Roman Terrain and a tree

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I did manage to get some work done over the weekend. I built a Warbases Roman watch tower. I really like the model. It came together pretty quickly as far as that goes. But once assembled, It struck me that it did not look like the reconstructions …

A Few More Converted Mahdists

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Well I said I was a couple short, so out came the remnants of the Mahdist boxed set. Three more conversions to add to the horde:One chap hurling a throwing stick (I couldn’t resist!) and two with arm swaps with Warlord Games Zulus for variety. I’m look…

Ey Up (Part 1)

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Been doing a bit of research on the (now demolished) Angel Inn at Malton, and I think it’s safe to say there’s 2/3 of sod all info out there. This is what I know: It was built in 1711 and torn down in 1880 Situated on the corner of Saville …

Prosto z pudełka: budynki kartonowe z Baltazar Games | Straight from the box: Cardboard buildings from Baltazar Games

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Baltazar Games to niewielka polska firma, zajmująca się produkcją gier karcianych oraz kartonowych makiet budynków, przeznaczonych do gier bitewnych. Ze stroną wydawnictwa można zapoznać się tutaj.Producent był tak uprzejmy, że przesłał mi …

Warbases Wednesday #27 – Shows, an Ass and a nice Rack

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Welcome to this weeks edition of Warbases Wednesday, this weekend sees the Autumn show season come around and I will take this opportunity to remind you of the shows that Warbases will be attending until the year end.Border Reiver, Newcastle, 6 Sept&nb…

New Toys have Arrived

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Dean over at Battlefield Accessories USA has just delivered my last order. I had ordered some of his barb wire entanglements. These come unpainted and are short five inch sections with upright posts and a separate string of barbwire. The initial tho…

FoW Accessories

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I recently made an order through Kerr & King for some new terrain to add to my collection. What’s currently on the market is great, but there aren’t many ‘ruins’ readily available. Kerr & King’s range is exceptional and the quality of their sculpts is top notch. Kerr & King also ship rather promptly; it […]

Set the scene

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One of the things I’m continually amazed about in the community is the diverse range of scenery that crosses our Facebook feed or Twitter. It’s not surprising in the sense that our Battlezone scenery is used for that – what surprises me is how amazing some of the pieces are that people make with it. […]

Egyptian Adventures – Temple build part 4

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Only a short post this time. As Sunday was a warm day it was a perfect opportunity to paint up all the bits and bobs accumulated for this project. Earlier in the weekend I had been into B&Q and purchased some emulsion paint called Egyptian Sand. Al…

A Town on the Rise

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So,As I mentioned a few posts ago, I fell in love with the 4Ground Old West buildings at Adepticon I knew I had to have a set. So after I sold my remaining Arnica Buildings at last months Gamers Garage Sale I purchased the first four Old West buildings…

Sup up lad!

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I’ve been commissioned to make a building facade by my friend Nic Robson (Eureka Miniatures), to go with his pet project. The building is of a Georgian pub in a little Yorkshire village called Malton – the pub is called the Angel Inn (actua…

Renedra Gravestones – A small review

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For sometime now I have needed some gravestones to kit out my church. As luck would have it I found some on ebay for about £7.A few days later they arrived. You get two matching sprues looking like thisI cut these away from the sprues and then glued t…

CelestiCon 2014 Report

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Well, another CelestiCon has come and gone for me and I must say each year it keeps getting better and better.  A special thanks to Roy Scaife, John Lantz, Dan Kerrick, Les Marshall and Wade Shows for making my con going experiences always a fun t…

Market Stands and a Despatch Rider

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Finished up a few more things last night…(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):Market Stands and a Despatch RiderThese Market Stands came from Mega Miniatures – I’m not sure they’re available anymore. They came in a pack w…

Terrain: 1:48 Modern Civilian Vehicles

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Hey Folks, Quick post about my latest find: cheap as plastic 1:48 scale plastic toy cars :) These are cheap as (I paid $35 for all the vehicles except the Bus, which was $10) and are quite well detailed for the price. Hit with a light dusting of gr…