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Crashed Shuttle, Part One

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Doing a bit of cleaning up in my boxes of wargaming supplies I rediscovered a shuttle I built at least ten years ago. It was nominally for 15mm science fiction gaming, but was built without visible windows or any other really obvious scale indicators, and it’s big enough to look like a small craft in … Continue reading Crashed Shuttle, Part One

Mixed Bag 3 – Time Bandits, Trolls and Terrain

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“You see, to be quite frank, Kevin, the fabric of the universe is far from perfect. It was a bit of botched job. We only had seven days to make it. And that’s where this comes in. This is the only map of all the holes. Well, why repair them? Why not us…

Yet Another Hill

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I mentioned in the last post that I’ve been working on a third large hill, with a roughly 12″x15″ footprint, that being the maximum interior size of a banker’s box. This one is a more complex outline than the previous two and was a fair bit more work to assemble, as I wound up using … Continue reading Yet Another Hill

A Pair of Hills, Part Two

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I’ve finished the first two hills I started a while back, and built a third large hill to finish up the set for now. After the first coat of glue/sand/paint “goop” dried I added a second layer to a few areas of both hills, just to smooth out a few seams and such. I mentioned … Continue reading A Pair of Hills, Part Two

Bolt Action – Review: Knights of Dice Desert Building

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Hello again team, for this review I am taking a look at an MDF building kit produced by Knights Of Dice as part of their 28mm desert range. The particular one I am looking at today is called Desert Residence 2 from their Tabula Rasa range and is made from 3mm MDF. This is the first kit produced by Knights Of Dice that I have ever built so I thought it was a good chance to do a review for you guys. The Tabula Rasa range is promoted on the website as follows – ‘A range of simple shapes and shells designed for the scratch builders and terrain enthusiast to improve upon, these kits include no instructions so we suggest dry-fitting all the parts before applying glue. Add some bits from your ‘bits box’ and you can transform these buildings into something only limited by your imagination’

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Test Dungeon Terrain Section

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 Dungeon Terrain?  On a Historical Miniatures blog?  Blasphemy I say!Well, no, it’s not really blasphemy.  I just need a change of pace and am thinking about doing something a bit daft for next year’s Historicon game that may mix hi…

Building an ACW Blockhouse

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The current issue of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy magazine contains a very nice scenario for Sharp Practice featuring a fort, so naturally, I wanted to build one. For the ACW, a fortified blockhouse seemed to be the most appropriate version. During the American Civil War, blockhouses were widely used to secure lines of communication, such as … Continue reading Building an ACW Blockhouse

Building the arena part 2

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I hope the most laborious part of this build is now over. Upper and lower tiers, left and right are finished and I solemnly swear that I will never cut a sheet of foamcore in carefully measured curved rows ever again!I added covered entry points to bot…

Bridging the Gap

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I still want a church for my WWII terrain and that should do it unless I decide to move into town, but for now I have enough buildings for the Norman countryside, what I did not have was a bridge, not only would it look good but it would come in handy …

Modern Paved Roads – Cheap and Easy

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Thought I’d share this with you all.  As I continue to fill out my modern terrain, I am working through my paved roads this weekend.  I’ve seen all sorts of different approaches to paved roads over the years but there is one way to do it that…

Making a gaming mat pt2

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I got a great tip from a fellow wargamer (can’t find link so speak up if it was you) about these Eco-Rugs. $20 for a 8×6 outdoor carpet piece from Lowes. These are way different from grandma’s cheapo outdoor carpet. It’s not so “green you’ll never find…

Latest PDF releases from Grinning Skull Studios!!

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Just a quick post to let you know about the latest releases from Grinning Skull studios over on Wargame Vault. in a departure from the usual fantasy fare, I thought it was time to add to our back catalogue of publications with some real world historical stuff. It’s been over 100 years since the Great […]

Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Realm of the Dead; Necropolis Obelisk

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Ok, so finally I found the photos for this episode of Grim’s Dungeons of Doom; Realm of the dead. This article, we are going to make some Necropolis Obelisks or tomb marker type monuments, these will match the rest of the other dungeon set and work well as standalone pieces in their own right. As […]

Brigade Models – New Terrain

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Brigade Models has been hard at work with the Imperial Skies Kickstarter but as things are coming back to normalcy they have released a few wonderful bits for 15mm science fiction.

The release is a set of outbuildings for their Advanced Buildings. These are perfect for small habs, workshops, sheds or other light utility structures. The second set is a bunch of “widgets” for use on the tops of the Desert Buildings, though I see no reason they wouldn’t work on other structures. If you are like me, you love these sorts of add-ons for your own scratch built terrain.


B15-210 – Small Utility Building – £4.00
B15-139 – Building Detail Widgets – £3.00

Upgrade 2.0

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I received an email from Warlord Games yesterday inviting me to upgrade to Version 2 of the Bolt Action Rules for being a loyal customer, I have spent quite a bit of money with them since my decision to jump in with two feet. The whole thing confused me as when I went to the site to order the rules it said the price was £30 and in brackets the real price was £60, however on the BA page the rules were indeed available for pre order at £30. Perhaps the higher price tag included the free box of soldiers I am allowed with my secret code because surely wargame rules are not reaching the dizzy heights of £60.

The GW ethos of parting you with your money is certainly alive and well at WG, for instance the rules now favour cavalry, yes I kid you not, WWII and cavalry are the big thing at the moment and two armies vie for first place in the popularity stakes being top of the list for new stuff, Finns and Japanese, with the Japs edging ahead. I use that word deliberately because I know it is frowned upon on the BA Facebook groups, to the Allies in WWII they were Japs, to me growing up they were Japs so the Imperial Forces of Japan in 1945 are, Japs. Anyway I digress, WG’s newest vehicle is a German armoured car based on the Sdkfz 234 ‘Puma’ chassis for which they readily agree was probably a one off and they can only find one photograph of, it is a field conversion putting a tank turret on the vehicle, I know BA is a WWII game but this is slipping into World of Tanks territory.

Why am I moaning about a game I enjoy, well when did you ever start a period or use a set of rules or buy a figure where you didn’t moan about something, it’s part of being a dedicated wargamer, even with Johnny Reb, the best set of rules I have ever played with I shake my head at the rules covering woods, still do after nearly 30 years of playing them.

When I do a good deed and I do occasionally despite my reputation in certain circles, I say I will get my reward in heaven, well my reward came early last week, I asked where to get a machine gunner for my Hanomag on the Bolt Action forum and Eric Hillen of Airdrie offered to send me one free gratis. He posted it the next day and you can see a photo of the chap below, I also have the upper body of a second gunner and I hope to convert him for a second vehicle at some point. Thank you Eric.

Also in the photo are some Objective markers I made from some stuff which I ‘needed’ a few years ago and have now thankfully been able to use, I will try and base my BA games historically if possible but when time is of the essence then I shall fall back on some of the scenarios I have collected for which objective markers are needed.

I had two customers who fought in the Far East, both sadly passed away now and both nice men, ‘Jock’ who fought at Kohima who was in fact English but fought in a Scottish regiment and Laury. Laury gave me two very interesting books from WWII, the one below is an official US Army Infantry manual on their enemy, and subtlety is not a word to use on the contents.

I am approaching 50,000 hits for the blog, spoiled somewhat by Russian robots which latched on to me and pushed my stats up by nearly 2,000 hits last week but which now seem to have moved on to someone else. I always enjoyed looking at the stats to see where my audience comes from so for a more realistic view I joined Google Analytics and it is far better at giving you statistics, I also filtered out the Russians, but as I said, the ‘bots have moved on, not being interested in wargames I imagine.

I don’t think there will be time tomorrow for the weekly View, we are hitting the road early, but we will see.

Dark Angels – Crashed Aquila Lander the cinemtaic shots!

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Some phone shots of the Aquila Lander, thankfully not as blurred but they’re a little darker than I’d like.And the pilot “I’m sure I can buff this out”Gotta love hazard stripes”look it’s still working”Fingers crossed this project will help feed into my…

How to create great looking battlefields quickly with Cigar Box Battle terrain mats.

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The Gold Coast Gamers in Australia always have fantastic looking games! They often use Cigar Box Battle terrain mats and they when they do they always make them look great…

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The LGS’s River Terrain

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Last week’s table for my weekly gaming. Saw all a bunch of trees and those river sections back while scouting the store’s terrain for my Malifaux game and figured we should try to incorporate them into our Infinity games more as well. A bit funny as the guys seem to always mention wanting to use … Continue reading The LGS’s River Terrain

Dark Angels – Crashed Aquila Lander TO DONE!

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Firstly, I’ll apologise for the ‘good pics’ I was in a bit of a rush and subsequently noticed they’re a bit blurred. Still there should be sufficient to get you fix of my hobby goodness.I must admit I was unusually concerned about the Tamiya Clear Red …

Final Tweaks To My Systema Terrain (I hope)

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I pulled out my Systema terrain and have been staring at it for about the past week or so, pondering what minor improvements I’m willing to make before fielding it at NOVA. Kinda faint to but I did a little more airbrushing, adding a darker grey to both the recesses and edges, same with the … Continue reading Final Tweaks To My Systema Terrain (I hope)

Terrain for Tournaments

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A few years ago, I played in a tournament where the table was a tan bed sheet with some pillows underneath it to simulate large, gently sloping sand dunes. Not only was it difficult to decide what units were out of line-of-sight, but almost impossible to determine which ones were concealed by being hull down.  Players spent much of the game, bent over like two angry Quasimodos arguing about which units were visible and which had “sanctuary”. To make matters worse, the heavier Battlefront metal and resin models actually sank down into the terrain, allowing their hull-down position to follow them around the board, while lighter plastic models sat fully exposed. (Brand loyalty does have its rewards.) As the futility of playing on this table continued, we started debating if the heavier models needed a bog check to move, as they were constantly moving out of deep holes.  After a few hours of players’ complaints, the table was removed from play.

I spend far too much time carefully painting and basing my figs so they will look nice (hence the huge painting queue), so I want to have a table that looks as good as the armies that fight over it. This means making the terrain looking both good and realistic is important to me. Unfortunately, natural terrain does not always fall into the game categories defined in Flames of War, so it becomes necessary to diverge from realism when it begins to interfere with playability.

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A Pair of Hills

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Still quiet around here this summer, but wargaming has been taking place, as has figure painting, and finally, just for a change, a bit of scenery building! I broke out my stockpile of half-inch insulation board last week and spent and couple of hours with a razor knife, hot glue gun, and the styrofoam. I … Continue reading A Pair of Hills

Dark Angels – what next?!

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So you probably thought I’d be back on the Ravenwing Land Speeders… well by now you know better than that. Somehow the ‘crashed Aquila Lander’ pricked my interest. I thought this would be a one week job, get it all green and some simple metallics a f…

TERRAIN – Dark Deeds Demo Table – Part 2

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So, in the last post we went through the construction stage of the table, all fun stuff, and not without its trials and tribulations. Of course, good construction can only get you so far towards “Epic”, so I knew that most of my time needed to be focus…

Building the arena part 1

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So I agreed to build an arena as a terrain feature for a game of Sharp Practice.That may sound like an odd item for a 19th century black powder game, but it gets odder. This arena has a cricket pitch and a pavilion.Oh, and it’s on Mars.There is, of cou…