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Scatter terrain

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It has been quite a while since I’ve posted any new painting  and with the upcoming Analogue Challenge, I thought it was about time to get the brushes back out again and put paint to plastic (or MDF in some cases) to I wasn’t quite so rusty. The f…

A Goblin Scoreboard, Part Two

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The base of the new Blood Bowl scoreboard is now covered in sand, painted, and flocked. I might still add some additional foliage or other details to the base, but it’s perfectly usable as is and I’m willing to declare it finished and move on! Instead of puttying around the strip of plexi in the … Continue reading A Goblin Scoreboard, Part Two

Frost Grave Terrain Build – part 7

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So my Frostgrave City of Dragons has a few more statues…If you recall in my last post I decided to add a Dragon Feel to my city build. It really pays to search down these beasts on ebay in the collectables sections.Last post: http://shedwars.blogspot…

A Goblin Scoreboard, Part One

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Decided that my Blood Bowl Goblin team, currently glorying in the name of T.U.R.D. (what that stands for changes every single game they play…) needed a scoreboard, to use as substitute to my existing Lizardman temple BB setup. Goblins have an reputation for being clever but not smart, and for lunatic behaviour at the best … Continue reading A Goblin Scoreboard, Part One

More HO-scale buildings

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I finished up a pair of buildings on the weekend. First up was this brownstone. This was a lovely kit retrieved from the stash in Terry’s crawlspace. Lots of nice details.I particularly liked the laundry line for the roof-top. It makes the building loo…

Frost Grave Terrain Build – The Frozen City part 6

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Hi FolksLast Post was here…this was where I introduced the dragons decided to finish off the buildings this weekend rather than focus on the base boards – having been…

Tank and building

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A mixed post today. I started with a 1/72-scale Grant from Airfix. Arrived NIB (and bagged) with a part missing. Fortunately I managed to work around that! It turned out okay–wish the hatches opened and had crew. Fits in with the 8th Army well en…

Factories & Ruins….. Fieldworks.

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Over the years I have tried to make a concerted effort to only buy terrain that can fit a multitude of periods and these factories and ruins are no exception.
Fieldworks produce some excellent buildings for the money particularly if you like the buildings badly damaged and bombed out, perfect for the final days of Berlin or the great seige of London in the 1880 1st Martian War…..
Some of the casts look a bit rough around the edges and don’t take paint well but once complete really do look the part, these are painted by Furphy you can check out more of his work here.

Between £10.00 and £16.00 per building what’s not to like.

Fritz returns to Mordheim

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“Old Fritz” of MordheimMordheim has had a bit of local resurgence lately.  Although I’m not a participant in the current league/campaign, I was able to get in a “one off” game Thursday night.  I’ll try to post some pics of the game sometime n…

Frost Grave Terrain Build Part 5 – The Dragon City

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Previous Post on this project Starts here…

When I left you last I had just completed a number of foam core structures. Over the last few nights I have

  • Added Sand and grit to the exposed areas
  • Added Eva Foam Flagstones to all the plinths
  • Painted the whole lot black

Ready for black base coat…is that a dragon top right…read on

    Added an Octaganal tower – quick set of pictures on the build…

    Foamcore tower – remember to paint the inside before assembly !

    I added the EVA foam as brick work to cover the gaps. This was cut out in a zig zag pattern.

    Standard PVA works on these sheets


    The infill was painted with sand and then painted black

    The top is another piece of foamcore with a couple of hard plastic spheres glued in place. Again this was covered in sand and pva before painting.

    Remember all these buildings will be drybrushed grey like the bridge below.

    So as you can see the city is starting to take shape.


    Must do something about the base….
    The Amera pyramid flat surfaces have been clad in foam and the sides with sand. It looks much less plasticy

    What the City really needs is character and at the moment it all looks a bit bland.

    A moment of madness…this will become the Frozen City of Dragons

    A couple of chance cheap finds on ebay settled the question and in the coming days these will be added to. These are all Dragon Collectables found on ebay – they are resin, beautifully cast and will make fantastic giant statues.

    Can you see the 28mm figure on the steps…

    Lets add the Dragons yto the city scape

    Once these are also repainted it should tie all this stuff in together.

     In addition I have bought a number of cheap dragon pendants to add as features on the buildings – still waiting for these to arrive.

    The pictures laid out cover an area of about 4ft x 4ft so some more foamcore buildings will be needed to double this area. One of these will be the temple of dragons.

    Firstly however I need to address the gaming board..that will be the next task…

    Before I disappear one more piece currently being worked…

    This Kiddie tower will become a Wizards Tower – again using the flexible foam to clad the building

    Until next time

    Infinity Terrain, from Ikea (and big fish)

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    Getting a full 4′ x 4′ board together for Infinity is one of bigger challenges of playing this game. Everyone is happy to get their own armies built and painted, but most wargamers tend to consider terrain as a distant … Continue reading

    Trying to Get Back Into It

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    There’s a thing about maintaining a blog like this that, when you have taken a break for a while, it’s difficult to get back into the posting. This is partially because there’s so much you could cover, and partially because there’s always some “haven’t posted in a while” update you feel obligated to make in order to tell everyone you’re back and making content again. I’ve typed up probably a dozen of these by now and none of them have been worth reading, so I’ve decided to completely skip that, aside from this paragraph. Instead, I’m just going to get to what I’ve been working on lately.

    Several months ago, I decided to invest in several tables worth of Malifaux terrain. The first part of this project was the wilderness set including forests and rock outcroppings. The second part of the project is my own town, wild west style, which I’ve named Confluence.

    I don’t have too many pictures yet, but I’ll be adding them as I complete the final details on several of these pieces. I’ll also probably get into more detail about the processes I used a bit later on, but for now, I just wanted to post some initial photos. I hope you enjoy.

    More to Come.

    Maki Games Terrain – Review.

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      Hello Reader! I’ve published a few articles here on the blog authored by friends of mine, who either ask to have their stuff published here or who are invited by me to share their thoughts on the blog.   I’ve recently done so with the “A Tale of X Gamers” articles, and also with […]

    Frostgrave Terrain part 4

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    Hi Folks

    Part 1 can be found here

    Links at the end of each post take you to the next one

    Onto the terrain – a few more hours spent in the Shed over the weekend building my Frostgrave city – I have added more walkways, towers and added few bits.

    Started to sand up the various items and slap on the first coats of paint. But this is going to take time as you can see from the mess I am working in.

    As this develops it appears to be developing into a mishmash of Arabian, Indian, Gothic and Crusader styles. The city is only in part decay – many of the structures will be sound but empty. Those that have collapsed will feature but concentrated in key zones that were ravaged by fires, ice damage and magical storms.

    It is my considered thinking that our Frostgrave treasure hunters are going to head for the richer parts of the city – the temples, the palaces, the libraries and museums for their booty. Treasure is unlikely to be found in the slums or residential areas.

    The piccies

    A new walkway with towers and domes – sanded and part painted
    The Alter of Evil has a plinth (steps required) and I have added paving to the America Step Pyramid
    An Octagonal Tower – corner steps off first bridge now finished – awaiting drybrushing
    There’s the first bridge completed – the temple top left comes from aquarium pieces


    Another city shot – more steps and the towers


    A close up on one of the towers – part sanded
    Another city shot…plus mess in background
    The Octagonal tower (top sanded)
    The Ziterdes ruined tower painted black – all the pieces will be painted the same so they tie in together


    More aquarium pieces

    More coming soon…including the first painted minis

    Quindia Studios Guide to Modular Terrain Boards, Part Twelve

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    Whew! This is it! There are several different ways we could finish off the river. It doesn’t look bad now, but after all of the work we’ve done so far, why skimp on one of the most important features of these boards. You could just paint the river with…

    Terrain is everything – ‘Tis the season to pick up your trees

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    A few years ago I picked up a bag of model trees from Dobbies, our local garden centre [and craft shop]. They only have them in the run up to Christmas as they’re for making your own Christmas scene with miniature revelers and holiday nik-naks. I’ve not seen them the last couple of years but it might have reurned to my local store, or yours should you know of a Dobbies nearby.  I’ve noticed online other garden centres do stock them also.

    Now I haven’t had chance to go this year but I’m hoping they’re back in stock and just thought I’d remind folk about them. The set I got was 21 pieces from a company called Lemax for £13 which I think is good value. Clearly there’s at least two that are just a bit too big, they’re the same size as my 40k outpost that got bigger! but great line of sight blockers for a Trygon!
    Of course they weren’t going to fit with my table so I decided to paint them – undercoating them all in Red Oxide primer and then repainting them in shades of yellow.
    And here’s the finished result:

    Quindia Studios Guide to Modular Terrain Boards, Part Eleven

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    Time to paint the river! No point in buying quart tins of house paint for this step. I used artists acrylics. Water has no color of it’s own. It merely reflects the colors around it. The tendency of most folks is to paint model rivers blue, but the blu…

    Frostgrave Terrain part 3

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    The beginning of this Frostgave Terrain Project can be found here
    It would appear that my forays into the World of Frostgrave have captured the interest of a number of parties – over a thousand page views on the day I posted part 2 of the terrain build. It would appear that this particular game has fired up so many imaginations and created a vast community almost overnight.

    I believe the official forum is hosted on the Lead adventure Forum and the volume of threads appears to be growing daily. There is also a useful Rules FAQ on the top of the thread which I will no doubt review once I begin playing the game.

    I’ll be posting shortly about the figures I purchased for this game in another post but suffice to say that I have started painting the minis. Hopefully my first warband can be produced by the end of the month.

    However back to the terrain building.

    Whilst assembling the foam core stuff over the weekend I was all of a sudden struck by the thought as to the integrity of this city emerging from the ice. Is this a ruined city with buildings ripped away by a glacial advance leaving just the footprints of their foundations or is this an abandoned city made inhabitable by the onset of freezing temperatures and just fallen into disrepair. Thoughts please.

    Whilst travelling Hadrians wall a couple of years ago I was struck by the fact that the wall has disappeared in the lower coastal areas as a result of man dismantling the Stone structures and using them elsewhere whereas the parts still in the uplands still stand after almost 2000 years. My final thoughts are that Frostgrave will be a skeletal city, many of the stone structures will still be in place. Some may have partially collapsed and fallen into disrepair. Timber from roofs, doors and frames will have long since collapsed under the weight of snow and ice and what remained has been taken by foraging bands for firewood and their own structures.

    One of the questions I am regularly asked is do you plan these builds. The answer is simply no. I create a vision in mind of what I want (usually inspired by pictures and other tables) and then just start. The only real thought that goes into the process is the base materials and procuring sufficient (at the best price) before the build. This vision (I stress is in my mind) then helps me to select the possibilities of mixing scratchbuilt terrain with ‘off the shelf pieces’.

    The latest of which can be seen here…these three items were found on ebay for the princely sum of £40 and fit perfectly with my Frostgrave ambition. I’ll probably sell on the dragon altar (too ruined !) and it will off set my costs for the other two pieces. Since acquiring the larger piece I have discovered that it was produced by Ziterdes (there are a couple of other pieces that have caught my attention.)





    The Graveyard setting looks great and the ruined temple (?) is just wonderful. However both are too grey so these will get repainted into the colour scheme I am adopting for the city. My plan is to paint all the items black before I start the onerous task of drybrushing the whole city. This way it will keep all the pieces tied to the same colour scheme.

    So before I sign off from this post a couple of thoughts on table size. It would apprear from all the reports that I have read that this game is best played on a 3ft square table with lots of terrain. With a number of players interested in playing this in the shed I am going to need more than one set up.

    All my basic boards are 50cm x 50cm square. So therefore My tables will be built in modular sections on these sized boards (I’ll think about storage later on) – if I create 8 boards this will give me a degree of flexibility to create two 1mtre square tables or one larger version. That’s the thought at the moment but I am sure it will change ;-)


    Until next time


    The Big Base-O Review

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    It’s been a fun couple of days spent assembling all my Systema Gaming Base-O terrain, and then an ensuing week of just staring at and toying with it on my table. I’ll get to reviews on all the individual kits eventually, but thought I’d start with an overall review as much of this is applicable … Continue reading The Big Base-O Review

    ‘Strange Aeons’ Halloween Game – ‘The Spanish Cavern’

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    As it was Halloween this past weekend I decided to put on a ‘Strange Aeons’ game for the boys. Here’s the scenario I cooked up for them:Spring 1937, Spain. Your teams have been dispatched to war-torn Spain to investigate reports of a strange atmos…

    Judgement Day Post 28 – Undercity Terrain

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    This week, with minutes to spare, we have the beginnings of my under-city terrain set. Judge Williams will be along presently, but I want to take my time with him, especially after watching episode one of Ash vs Evil Dead, which was pretty damn great, …

    Frostgrave Terrain part 2

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    So Saturday saw the opportunity of spending some real time in the shed on my Frostgrave city project.

    Over the coming weeks you will see all the various components I have both to build this table but in this post I will talk about the structure of my town. The rulebook advises that you need loads of terrain and that suits me just fine. However what I don’t want is just a load of ruined buildings plonked on a battlemat. It just has to be better than that.

    My vision is lots of stairs, raised walkways, towers, bridges and temples all crowded into a small area. The structures on top of this undulating landscape will be ruined and the whole thing will be placed down loose to create variety of game play.

    The best material to built these stairs and structures is in my mind Foam core – this can be bought really cheaply on ebay/amazon ( I bought 10 x A1sheets – the big ones – for £22 inc postage). With a supply of dressing pins, white glue, steel rule and a very sharp blade you are good to go.

    The structures you can see in these pictures were knocked up in an afternoon.  I reckon this about a third of what Ill need in the end. All the units built are either 5 or 10cm high to allow for switching pieces around.

    The columned structure on top of this plinth is the Pegasus Alter of Evil – an acquisition off ebay for £9. To the left of this you can just make out the Gothic building set for Pegasus.

    In the foreground of the picture below you can see the Amera stepped pyramid and one of their ruined buildings. These have been primed and painted black.

    As part of this build I wanted to finish one piece to illustrate what the final project might look like. I took the three arched bridge in the top right of the picture as my test piece.

    Whilst browsing the local poundshop  came across these EVA sheets  – they are A5 in size and give 10 sheets in a pack.

    These are perfect for embossing flagstones and much cheaper than the 2mm blue foam I have used in the past. As you can see the bridge has had the flagstones added along with some buttresses to give it a much better 3d shape.

    The flagstones were drawn out in 3cm, squares and then cracked using a biro

    The structure was then coated in white glue and covered in sand.

    Once dry the whole structure (including the underside) was painted in cheap black acrylic paint.

    This was then drybrushed with a couple of shades of grey. The 28mm figure shows how big this piece actually is.

    I am quite pleased with the final effect and if all the pieces come out like this my city will look suitably grey. I am particularly encouraged by the flagstone finish.

    So the first piece is finished. I’ll now build up the rest of the foamcore structures before starting painting.

    Until next time

    Omaha Beach Project Update #1

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    Made some great progress today.  I stopped by Bob’s Foam Factory on Saturday and bought all the blue foam I needed to make my Omaha Beach table.  Today I hunkered down and was able to cut and shape all the foam and get the base table complete…

    Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Restore 2 Stamina; Miniature provision markers.

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    If you remember In most Fighting Fantasy books from the distant past, you always had the opportunity to heal your depleted Stamina score by munching on your provisions that you either had already, or simply found during the course of your adventure. So with this episode of Grim’s Dungeons of Doom, that’s what we’re going […]

    Bolt Action – Review: Warlord Factory and Warehouse Terrain Set

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    By Patch

        Terrain is a major part of our experience as tabletop war gamers and the best terrain is that which has a narrative and tells a story. This is generally found when instead of just randomly placing some buildings and trees down and leaving it there you add some of the more ordinary things that would be found in that environment. This brings your table to life and creates a much more spectacular and challenging environment to play over.

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