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Building a 28mm Modular Tomb – part 1

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Over the weekend Mrs Shed decided that a trip to Ikea in Croydon was needed. For some strange reason we have mislaid all of our breakfast bowls and there was a need to buy some stackable shoe boxes for my daughter.So off we tripped early Saturday eveni…

Making Terrain Boards Part 1: Planning

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A portion of a beautiful terrain board from Wargames Illustrated Historicon 2014 displayI’ve always loved the diorama aspect of wargames,  but my focus always tends to drift towards painting up figures rather than making terrain. The fields, walls…

A typical day in Manchuria…..

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Another bank holiday over and a whole days painting…..2 Weeks before OML3 and time to finish up a couple of extra pieces for the all dayer.What every village needs – a few locals milling about these are from Black Hat Miniatures and will be perfect f…

A simple way to paint a Maori pa and other scenery

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I recently helped Printable Scenery to write and illustrate an article on how to paint their Maori pa palisade and buildings, using the ‘dry-brushing’ process. This is a fairly quick way of painting large lots of scenery. The results look … Continue reading

Sci Fi Interior Boards

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A while back I wanted interior terrain for quick and dirty guncrawls. Five years teaching TTGs as part of an After School Enrichment Program and running a Game Room impressed me with the need for durability, simplicity and playability. Thus these Interior Boards were fabricated out of insulation foam and MDF, with minimum fiddly, breakable … Continue reading

Terrain is everything – PeteB’s Eldar Scenery

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PeteB emailed me the other day with a batch of pcitures of his latest hobby enterprise so I thought I’d share with… Hi AllSeeing as I have once again succumbed to the disease known as plastic crack (or fast divorce) I reckoned it has a good time t…

Quindia Studios Guide to Modular Terrain Boards, Part One

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I have covered these techniques on this blog before, but had a request to publish the original articles as well so here goes. Again, I have added a specific tag, Modular Terrain Boards, to make it easy to pull up all of these posts at once…My short a…

Rocky Outcrops – from Aquarium Ornaments

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Hi Folks

Just a short posting today about Rocks. I am sure most of you who are interested in terrain have seen various wargame pieces sourced from materials used to furnish aquariums. If you have not then you are missing a great source of ready made pieces.

The problem with many of these pieces is that they come in a multitude of colours and don’t always work together on the table top. Never fear a quick coat of paint can create stunning effects and help to tie in all your terrain pieces.

Whilst building my desert landscapes I cam across a couple of these rocky pieces cheap on ebay and since then I have scoured the web for other items. They are all resin and fluctuate wildly on price – don’t just buy the first one you see and be sure to check out the auctions.

Two of the best pieces I have found look like these. They typically retail for around £11 but I have found them cheaper. They are about 25 cm long and c15cm tall. Their shapes are brilliant for 28mm figures.

You don’t have to paint them but as I said earlier a paint job does help them to blend in.

In the following series of photos you can see the process I adopted

Step 1: Paint using a cheap emulsion the base colour. Mine is a specially matched paint of the GW Steel Legion Drab…I have a big 5 litre tin of the stuff.

Step 2: Dry brush on a yellow ochre – for comparison you can see the front set has this first coat

Step 3: Dry brush a Titanium cream

Painting these two pieces excluding drying time took less than ten minutes

The following pictures show these and my other acquired rocks on one of the desert baseboards. They have all been given the same paint treatment.

I hope you agree the uniformity of the painting really helps to bring them all together

Until next time

More Smoke Markers

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I’m currently waiting for some more models to arrive (z scale railway track all the way from Japan!) but in the meantime I couldn’t just sit around and do nothing. My idle hands have therefore been employed making more smoke markers for my 6mm WWII gam…

Dressing Up Autumn Trees Part 2 Magnets!

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In this video Matt takes a look at using Magnets on his autumn  trees terrain piece from Gale Force 9.  I’m really glad that I did this with rare earth magnets, just make sure you use the slightly larger ones.     I still have some painting to do on this, but i would say […]

Board #2 – The Industrial District

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You may have noticed recently that this blog and my posts on Wayland have been a bit quiet.This is due to that ‘real life’ thing happening and not having much free hobby time over the past few weeks. Everything should be back on track by next week hope…

Scenes from the Cold War – The Village

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A while back I completed a fair amount of terrain peices for our campaign weekend.  Unfortunately, in the long run not all of it was really needed on the day – so only a few bits and peices made it onto the second table.So I decided to spend a bit…

Railway Cutting & some more Hills

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Following on from my last hill build (see link below) I decided that these were definitely the way to go to give my battle field some undulations and reduce the ‘flatness’ of my displays.…

Terrain is Everything – photo frame underhive

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I’m just throwing this out ther, my wife got this picture frame about five or six years ago [it could even be more] and I’ve never put the pictures in that she wanted. To say she’s miffed about it is an understatment so I finally stripped off the packaging and started to sort it out but as soon as i put it down on the table I just saw the perfect piece of terrain to base an Underhive or City Fight table on. There’s definitely scope to put all sorts of creating and mesh layers as walkways. Fill some of the openings with industrial waste or rubble then build up some of the other frames with GW building walls. Now the chance of getting this again is practically non-existent, but I’m sure there are similar examples. This was about £13 from Dunelm Mill [or the Range] it’s geat because you have three layers thanks to the stacked plastic framework. It’s also two identical rectangula pieces joined together to make the square, so there’s additional scope to look for something similar that may be rectangular.

Sadly I’ll not be able to create the vision that popped into my head as soon as I placed it flat on the table, but I had to share the concept in case anyone else would similarly inspired. I just found the whole epiphany of an item that has been loitering in my house for ages suddenly took on a whole new perspective.

Sectional Terrain: Hill sections done but…..

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 The basic scenting for the hill sections is done and you can see a few pic’s of the two sections put together.  There’s an obvious problem – the 1/4 inch gap, which seems to have occurred when the foam on the left section slide in while glue…

Furniture in 15mm

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To enliven my gaming table a bit I thought about adding some miniature furniture. Nothing fancy, a couple of tables and chairs in order to make nice objectives for skirmish games. However, it proved quite difficult to find manufacturers which produce that kind of stuff. While there is lots of furniture for 28mm out there, … Continue reading Furniture in 15mm

News From Brigade

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Brigade Models Releases Some Great 15mmBrigade has been steadily pushing out new elements for their own 15mm universe. Admittedly I have missed a lot of it, myself and thank the folks at Brigade for sending us an email to light a fire under us.So what’…

WW2 15mm 4×4′ city block

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Last weekend I jumped on the offer to purchase an incredible collection of WW2 terrain in 15mm from a fellow wargamer who was shifting his focus towards the Old West.The collection includes 11 bases with highly detailed buildings and ruins along with t…

Quindia Studios Guide to Desert Terrain Boards, Part Two

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Moving on to painting…After letting all of the texture dry, the next day, I dumped the excess sand off of the board, fixed a few patches I may have missed, and spray painted all three boards black. I used five layers over the black. Although I used q…

Multiverse Gaming releases new MDF Terrain ranges!

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Available at: new lasercut terrain ranges dedicated to 15mm Sci-Fi gaming have been released by Multiverse Gaming: Outpost 15 includes the pieces needed to build a military outpost on a remote p…

Sectional Terrain: More mountains and a river

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 A bit more progress on the “mountain” sections with the basic ground paint being applied.  I have noticed that the grout / white glue mix takes a very long time to dry when it’s more than 1/16 of an inch thick.  I may switch to using hy…

Of rivers, canals, pontoons and bridges

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Friend of the Blog Peter A has penned a really nice piece on the importance of rivers in the warfare of our period.
Rivers were crucial in 17th/18th century warfare. They provided the means of transporting supplies, troops, weapons, ammunition, artillery and livestock – the full panoply of war! With the un-metalled roads so poor and often only usable for the brief campaigning season of April to October, navigable rivers and canals allowed the year-round moving, supplying and resupplying of the troops.
The control of rivers, the crossing of rivers, the position and flow of rivers forming borders or providing invasion and defensive places dominated the thinking of all the great 9YW and WSS commanders.  Bridges had to be seized or defended – or if they had already been destroyed by enemy action – either repaired by the engineers or substituted with pontoons or identified fords…
In Europe we have the evocative names of the Scheldt, the Moselle, the Meuse, the Rhine and the Danube… and in Ireland think of the vital role played by the Shannon, the Boyne and the Foyle…
Rivers provide great opportunities for scenarios in tabletop games. Their capture and command and the area-dominance their control would provide, meant possessing them, or passing across them, was always a strategic goal in each season’s campaigning.  Bridging and pontoon trains were huge affairs and were regarded as vital to the army’s ability to manoeuvre and outwit the enemy.
 In 2004 for the 300th anniversary of the seminal battle of Blenheim, the local German authorities created an excellent small exhibition and produced a fully-illustrated guide in the castle of the small town of Hochstadt. Hochstadt is of course the German name they give to the battle of Blenheim 1704 and the small town sits in the rear of the French and Bavarian lines, a few miles from the battlefield.

One of the exhibits was this marvellous 1/72nd model of a troop transport barge with a Bavarian horse regiment – neatly carrying men and animals on a raft down the River Donau (Danube). 
What inspiration to create similar models using matchsticks to form the base and sides of your barge or raft… my own attempts at creating pontoons and river scenes are shown in the images that follow.
 Pontoniers, engineers and officers are busy constructing bridges and pontoons to get the army across the fast-flowing river before the enemy arrives. Not a job for the feint-hearted. Speed was vital – but also reliability. This was a specialist task and these enterprising individuals should be celebrated on the table…
 The bridge is almost ready… the waterways of Flanders, France, Germany and Ireland provide great opportunities for imaginative wargame scenarios.

As the sun sets in this scenario, a Polish army is desperately trying to get across the river Nieman on its way into Russia…

Sectional Terrain: Mountains of Foam

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Two more 2×2 foot sections have been started which are raised terrain.  The design goal is to build two mountain (Ok, hill) sections that when placed back to back create one large hill but when turned around can create a narrow pass for an ambush …

Chinese Village – Part 5

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Having pulled an all nighter on Election night the final building for the Chinese village is complete. The walling and stable is from John Jenkins Designs and are full of detail perfect for the run down look I was looking for.The front of the house all…

Sectional Terrain: Rocky Depression Section

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 A few “in-process” shots of the rocky “depression” terrain board.  The rock face has been dry brushed with 3 shades of progressively lighter grey.  The sandy area alongside the rocks has also been painted and I’m waiting for it to dry b…