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Ruined Farm House

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You can never have enough ruins for your WWII games so awhile back I picked up Warlords ruined hamlet box set that contains 3 ruined farms and this is the first one I assembled and painted.The ruined hamlet is a nice box to have as they can easily be k…

Preparation is all

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Strike while the iron is hot comes to mind, the missus left for Glasgow yesterday and as you know I have some games organised for this weekend, I will also be chef for the weekend as well so I had a lot on my plate today. First thing was the Doctor, a …

Photos of the Cementry – 50% done // Zdjęcia z budowy i malowanie cmenatrzyska

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After two long evenings I have completed circa 50% of the scenery. I had a few extra bits so I decided to create several additions to the original GW design.  Right now I have to finish the painting and add some details to the bases. I am aiming to finish all the pieces next week. Have a look at my progress so far.

Dwa wieczory i cmentarzysko jest skończone już w 50 procentach. Miałem trochę dodatkowych bitsów więc postanowiłem dodać trochę elementów w podobnym klimacie do tych wyprodukowanych przez GW. Pozostało tylko malowanie i wykończenie podstawek. Na poniższych zdjęciach możecie spojrzeć na postęp moich prac nad tą wyjątkowo udaną scenerią od naszego ulubionego dostawcy zabawek. Całą zabawę mam nadzieję ukończyć w przyszłym tygodniu.

Some extra candles will be placed on the graves.
Jako jeden z detali przewidziałem świeczki wykonane z izolacji i wikolu.

I Aten’t Ded

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Well, it’s been a while. More than five months since my last post. But no need to worry – I’ve not fallen off the ends of the earth or been taken by dimensional horrors (yet). No, it’s just been a deeper summer lull than usual for me, with little minia…

More Smoke Columns

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As yet another distraction from painting my 6mm Celts I have been working on a new set of smoke columns for my North Africa project. I already have a load of these made to various designs (see here, here, here and especially here) but I reckon you…

Terrain Corner – Display Board

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With my other Terrain articles I’ve been aiming for an end product that has some use when gaming.  So the Trees and Asteroids have a purpose, the piece this time doesn’t really have a purpose in any game and it’s all for show. When your out doing demo’s it’s really nice to have something for the … Continue reading Terrain Corner – Display Board

Here’s for a better week

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A new dawn and let’s hope a better week with no hidden surprises.I now have time on my hands again of an evening and am looking at my Bolt Action terrain again, my friend Colin at Charlie Foxtrot Models threw a few little out buildings in with my last …

Deep Cut Wasteland Game Mat

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I had been thinking about picking up one of the vast array of game mats now currently available for some time and recently got around to doing something about it and picked up one of the Deep Cut Studio’s 6′ x 4′ mouse mat material game mats via Weylan…

Painting a 3D-printed Caribbean building

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‘Arrr, me ‘earty – that thar 3-D printin’ is sure makin’ inroads into wargamin’, ain’t it!’ And especially so for terrain, as shown by this exciting new model from Printable Scenery for my 28mm pirate gaming.   Matt from Printable … Continue reading

Unboxing the Garden of Morr \ Rzut okiem na cmentarzysko od GW

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Despite the fact that  I have problems with finding time for the hobby I purchased some new toys:)  This time it was Garden of Morr from Games Workshop. At that price from GW,  I have to say this set is a pretty good value. It has 4 easy to build structures and a decent amount of wall pieces.  You can either create a single graveyard or use them separately on you gaming table.  Have a look at the the photos I took just after I had finished unboxing this marvelous set.

Brak czasu na hobby powoduje, że nie mogę zakończyć moich rozgrzebanych projektów makietowych.  Pisząc te słowa myślę oczywiście o zamku, który zacząłem modelować na początku tego roku. W międzyczasie jak to ja, połasiłem się na zakup nowej zabawki – w tym wypadku zestawu od Games Workshop, który widzicie na tych zdjęciach. Muszę przyznać, że to chyba najbardziej opłacalne pudełko od tego producenta, który generalnie nie należy do najtańszych:) W zestawie znajdziecie  3 grobowce, pomnik, bramę i naprawdę długi mur, który wystarcza by otoczyć nim pozostałe budynki.

Wśród dodatków które można wykorzystać do innych projektów znajduje się kilka nagrobków, figurka kruka oraz gargulce.

The whole set in its full glory. I extended the bases with the plasticard and add sand to improve its look. 

Tak prezentuje się cały zestaw. Podstawki budynków nieznacznie powiększyłem i dodałem piasek w celu uatrakcyjnienia wyglądu.

[Commission] Kurzog’s Throne painting commission

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A few weeks back, I posted to a few local Facebook groups about my quest for a lizardfolk or troglodyte or draconian miniatures. Why did I need such a mini? You may remember that a few weeks ago, I ran a poll on the Legacies Facebook Group to find wh…

Rainy Weekend

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 This weekend was very rainy so that means means some quality painting time.  I finished up my GuildBall Hunters team.  I went with an article them for the team as it “felt” right and I’ve always wanted to try snow basing. OK – when…

Horizon Wars!!!

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Yes, Osprey’s new “skirmish+” scale Sci Fi rules have finally proved to be the justification for all of the mad mini-mechs and stuff you will have seen creeping, scuttling and hovering onto this website in recent months with no real purpose.As classic …

15mm Flames of War Trenchline System

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Included in the box:

• 2x ‘L’ trench sections. • 2x ‘R’ trench sections. 2x ‘I’ trench sections. • 2x ‘Y’ trench sections. • 1x Packet of GFS001 Green Grass GF9 Grass. • 1x Packet of GFS017 Meadow Blend GF9 Grass.

Suitable for use with 10 – 15mm.
Sculpted by Jason Buyaki
The GF9 Static Grasses Included in the Box Set


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I decided I needed more linear features for my Bolt Action table and had a look around the internet, I settled eventually on Warlord’s box of stone walls, although I have stuck to my guns and bought them from someone else, thus saving a few quid and ke…

Digging in with bandage barricades

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British artillery opening fire from within their gabion redoubt 

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Terrain Corner – Asteroids

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So I was more than a little surprised after my last article on Trees was so popular.  If you’ve not had a look at the article you can find it here. When I was asking the team about what i should do next Darren was pretty keen I do one on Asteroids.  I think he … Continue reading Terrain Corner – Asteroids

MOAB 2016

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Its the October long weekend here in Sydney, which means two things: Daylight Savings commences and its time for the annual Mother Of All Battles convention!

Its a relatively small Con, but its less than 45mins away so the boys didn’t need much of …

28mm Pulp Submarine

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Sometime ago I built a tramp steamer for my pulp games and and at the time thought it might be fun to build a pulp submarine. But I didn’t until now.So with BLAM ’16 rapidly approaching and the potential need for a submarine I set about the task. This …

Bolt Action – Review: Warlord Games’ Atlantik Wall Terrain Set

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I LOVE great looking terrain on a tabletop. There is nothing better in my mind than playing a close game against a good opponent on a table covered with beautiful scenery with fully painted models. It is the perfect combination. 
The problem is that I am stupidly busy and that I am a legendarily slow painter. This means that I am constantly battling my age-old nemesis… time… to get armies to the point that I feel comfortable putting them on the table. This leaves little time to build and paint terrain… This is why I am such a big fan of Gale Force Nine’s “Battlefield In A Box” range. Pre-painted, good looking durable terrain? Yes please! 
Over the years, Warlord Games has also released several excellent limited runs of pre-painted terrain like their “Battle Ready North African House” and this… Their “Atlantik Wall Terrain Set.”

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As I mentioned in the original post about my REGINA TRENCH! game for ToonCon 2016 I planned to keep you all up to date with the progress I was making on the terrain… well… rather then regular updates here are all the process pictures I took along the way with some commentary on what they hell I thought I was doing. Not-so-much a “how-to” but more of a peak into the mind of a madman (or maybe just an idiot…) and the silly things he gets up to  – which will hopefully provide some manner of inspiration to similarly afflicted madmen – or madwomen! – to create their own shell-holed terrainifications! (or scare off more sensible peoples)

For further inspiration I would HIGHLY recommend checking out Sidney Roundwood’s blog, click on the Trench Terrain label and bask in the glory of his magnificently beautiful miniature Great War battlefields!

The most time-consuming part of this whole process what simply cleaning up the War Room to a state where I could actually… you know… WORK on building some new terrain!

Three years ago we went through some extensive renovations to our house, during which all the stuff from the second floor was boxed up (rather haphazardly at times!) and crammed into the basement. The basement has yet to recover.

In fact that basement is rather like a Rubik’s Cube at this point. It is so full of stuff to put something somewhere requires displacing something else! So I needed to do some purging. And I did. A bit. I could do with some more. But I’ve cleared enough space that I could do some work – and some actual GAMING in the basement!

I also got to work on planning the terrain I was going to build.

I had two sort of concurrent goals with this terrain. I wanted to make the terrain that roughly represented the battlefield the Canadians fought across, but I also wanted to make it generic enough – and MODULAR – so it could be used for other things.

Not quite generic an modular enough to be used with the Vimy terrain… but…

This is kind of what I settled on for terrain – four boards roughly 2’x2’ (600mm x 600mm to be precise!)

Step One complete – a more or less clear table to work on (with more or less clear floor to move around it!)

I’d cut four 600mm x 600mm x 5m MDF boards for other terrain projects some time ago – which saved me having to go rummaging through the garage to find one of my larger sheets to cut up (or head off to the hardware store to get some more!). On these I started roughly marking out where the trenches were going to go.

The four boards from the north (German) side looking towards the Canadian jumping off line.

Setting out the Germans to see how many I’d need to defend these lines.

Setting out all the forces for a bit of a play-test on the boards – before I started actually making any of the actual terrain – to make sure it was going to work out.

There are a few more pictures of the play-test at the end of the September Challenge Part Two post.

The playtest being a success (in a way…) I started gluing up the boards – to the boards I affixed 30mm strips of  3/4” Finished Plywood. They were 30mm deep because I was using 2 layers of 15mm Extruded Polystyrene to fill them with and create the battlefield over which the miniatures would fight!

More gluing and starting to cut the polystyrene.

Now the problem I realized at this point was that it was all very good to have the trench lines drawn out nice and neatly on the boards – but how was I to transfer this to the polystyrene I needed to cut.

As luck would have it I went a rummaging through the rubbish in the basement and came out with some Staedler drafting vellum that I’ve had for… oh… 20+ years…? I used that to trace the lines I’d drawn on the boards and then – like a sewing pattern – marked those lines out in the polystyrene.

The hill was the trickiest bit – requiring steps within the trenches. Which means the WHOLE of the Vimy terrain is going to be rather tricky!

Started making shell holes by very slowly and carefully drilling through the top layer of polystyrene with various sized hole saws in my new-ish cordless drill.

Making a right big mess.

Sorry this one is out of focus (well, MORE out of focus than the rest) but it was the only one that illustrates that I was piling up heavy things on the layers of polystyrene as I glued them down in the bases. Meanwhile I was experimenting with extra bits of polystyrene and some self hardening clay-like product to creat piles of earth lifted out over the lip of the shell-holes. I didn’t end up doing this for ALL the shell holes as it got to be just too much work and I decided it looked okay with just some of them like this… 

More details of the shell holes.

The hill with its steps and stuff.

I’d really left this to the last minute – but over the last weekend I’d made a plan and I thought I’d be able to stick to it. Luckily I have a fairly flexible schedule and I was able to devote an entire week to doing pretty much nothing other than wokring on the terrain. I had gotten the battens glued up on the Saturday – before and after going out the the Saskatoon Comic and Entertainment Expo with The Boy. On Sunday I was to get all the cutting and gluing down of the Polystyrene done – which I did – I think I even started on a bit of the revetting and duck-boards Sunday evening. The plan was to complete the revetting and duckboards on Monday. Goop the whole mess on Tuesday. Make all the sandbags along the parapets on Wednesday. And have Thursday and Friday, if necessary, to finish up with the painting.

That didn’t quite work out. The making of the revetting and duckboards turned out to take a  LOT longer than I’d anticipated.

I got the two front line trenches done on Monday – but that was all…

Cutting up bits for duckboards.

I recruited The Girl to help out with the gluing of the duckboards while I worked ahead on the revetting. She LOVES working on crafty-projects of all sorts – especially modeling and terrain projects and jumped at the opportunity. I have to give her a big thatnks at this point, because there is no way I would have gotten it all done on time without her help!

End of the day Monday – front line trenches

Working on the hill on Tuesday.

How I was doing the revetting – I made it out of 1/8” strips of spruce I’d cut from scrap 2x4s on a tablesaw (the shavings produced by all this cutting I also use as grass on other terrain boards!). First I measure the section that I needed.

Then using a knife and a speed square I scored and cut the strip to length

Then I would score the strip with the pointy end of a fine file I had to make it look like individual boards once it was painted.

Then it was glued into place with Weldbond.

For areas that were adjacent to shellholes I would roughly measure out the area that would have been blasted out by the explosion and cut that out with a knife.

Then carefully pull apart and tear bits away to make it look like it had been blasted apart.

Then glued in next to the crater.

The girl helping with more duckboards on Wednesday as I finished up the last of the revetting.

Revetting complete – just a few more duckboards to go in.

So it was time to do some GOOPING. The goop was a mixture of Weldbond carpenter’s glue, some filler product, flat brown acrylic laytex paint and sand.

As I went on I used less and less of the filler product and just put in more sand – which is pretty much what I used to goop bases of miniatures. It creates a very hard – almost concrete like product when fully cured.

Gooping. This was probably Wednesday evening…?The week ended up being a bit of a blur!


And after it was all gooped I painted the whole trench with flat black acrylic latex paint.

And that’s apparently the last of the pictures I took. After the black paint I drybrushed on successive layers of dark brown, then lighter brown, then grey (for weathering) and then blotches of the muddy brown  on the duckboards – to look like mud tracked about by troops walking over them.

The ground I touched up with the same dark brown I used in the goop mmixture to cover anything that hadn’t been fully covered by the goop. Then drybrushed with successive layers of lighter browns.

I had hoped to add grassy areas between the trenches and shell holes – especially towards the rear of the defensive lines. But I just didn’t get to that… I had also hoped to line all the parapets – at least of the fire trenches – with sandbags and build up the areas around the MG emplacements and maybe model some bunker entrances into the sides of the trenches… but that just didn’t happen either.

For a bit I thought the goop might not cure in time and I ended up painting the final coats of paint Friday night – the night before the event – AFTER going out and playing the Friday night games at ToonCon.


What a lot of work.

You’ll have to wait to see the pictures of the fininshed project in the next post REGINA TRENCH: The Game!

I do plan to finish up these boards – and add some grassy areas and sandbags. (and I do hope to make use of them in the future!!)

A side note about other preparations for the event. I realized, sometime after I got back from Calgary, that I didn’t actually have any German machine-gunners! In the previous Vimy game I’d had them all in concrete bunkers and so didn’t actually need MG teams… having less than six weeks I quickly ordered some from North Star Figures as they distribute Great War Miniatures (which are fantastic miniatures!) and typically orders I have placed with them in the past took one and a half to two and a half weeks to arrive. But I guess there were busy at North Star because they only just arrived Friday afternoon. The day before the big event… So I ended up using and Early war team from Renegade Minaitures – which are prone and not even shooting over the gun emplacement –and a German Sailor team – which I borrowed from my East African collection!

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:


Building the arena part 3

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Well, I must apologise for rushing ahead and not reporting.You see, I was so excited to have finished my arena that I completely forgot to log what I was doing.Last time, I only had the outer wall to add.I had some thin cork sheets that were once IKEA …

What Next…?

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Well…We’ve had a busy week or so.When I last posted We’d just finished our second week of our 30 Games in 30 Days September Challenge, I’d play-tested my game for ToonCon, and was getting ready to do some serious terrain building. In the last 10 days…

2nd Hand Buildings Purchase

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I recently saw someone offloading a bunch of 15mm buildings which I thought would be a good addition to my building collection considering I was having trouble getting started on building some of my own or finding some to purchase that I would be happy…

Ascloha revisited…

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Hoi,Well Hugo is settling in fine and since he’s rather quick falling asleep in the evening I get a little downtime then. So here’s the promised post about the MDF buildings I am currently working on. I basically have two projects: one is a Dark Age pr…