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I am the Night.

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Did a test model for some BMG which is of course the Batman himself. Along with some bones shipping containers, which I must say are really good.

4Ground Rural Farm House

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This is the last part of the farm complex and it really is the center piece of the set.  This is Rural Farm House kit number 15S-EAW-115.  I am not sure what else to say so I will let the pictures do the talking.

Derry’s walls – building ‘em Part 1

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The original idea – jacked up Kallistra 10mm walls x 4 feetYou have got to be careful with titles like ‘Derry’s Walls’. It might attract the wrong kind of traffic. Needless to say, it was hard to keep certain ear worms from taking over during my constr…

28mm Flying Saucer/ UFO Part 1

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With almost four weeks off the hobby thought I would get back into the swing of things with a new build…

Having built my Dalek Army I realised that to truly bring their presence to life on my table would be the creation of a Spaceship – specifically a flying saucer. No doubt this can feature in other games.

This simple project will illustrate how some simple materials can create some wonderful out of world wonders.

So lets start on the materials for part 1…

First up the hull of the craft will be built using 14″ plastic hub caps  – I bought a pack of four of these on ebay for £15 (inc postage)

The second acquisition for the dome on the top was this disc from a poundstore – described as a lolly pop stand. It just happened to be the perfect size.

The third part was a £1 garden light from again the same pound store. The top is just perfect for the top part of the saucer.

Finally  – a lot of bamboo BBQ skewers.

In this build I have turned one of the hub caps upside down and stuck cut skewers over the open vents on the hub cap. Once glued (using super glue) they give a great impression of coils running around the inside of the craft. This job took around thirty minutes to do one piece. Both top an bottom of the craft were given the same treatment.


With the top and bottom complete I needed to join these together to complete the hull..the clips that fix the caps to the car wheel and the underside of the vents match up when the hulls are joined.

To get the two hub caps matched up and joined together I cut some long strips of foam core and glued these inside one of the hub cap rims – once dry I was able to place the top half onto these ‘walls’ and glue in place.

On the top I glued the lolly pop stand followed by the chrome affect top of the light fitting. This will be topped off with another disc when I find some thing the right size.

Part 2 coming soon…

ClearHorizon Miniatures releases the Standard Colony Transport Conex

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ClearHorizon Miniatures releases the Standard Colony Transport Conex

The Standard Colony Transport Conex©… perfect for populating everything from spaceports and colonies to industrial complexes!

Let CLEARHORIZON INTERSTELLAR TRANSPORT Handle all your transportation and storage needs!

Each Conex comes in three resin pieces, the middle and two ends, and can be combined to form larger conex boxes.

15mm Scale Multi-Part Resin Model

Available now for $5.99 at

Scatter Terrain – Scourer Hedges

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Some other bits to add to the terrain cupboard, just finished off, in the form of the ubiquitous scourer hedges.Turned out OK, involved quite a bit of work, but simple enough to do. Will probably have to make some more to make them really useful as the…

40k Terrain Splurge!

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Yes thats right folks, after nearly 5 years mouldering in my garage I finally got the motivation to take them all out and finish painting and basing them all. I was inspired to do this by fellow author here on objective secured, Arcade81, and his plan…

Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Books, Scrolls & Maps Vol 1, Free PDF Download!

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  Ok people! I thought long and hard about a decent way to tackle some material in this article series, and rather than the usual, I’ve opted for this. So, what is it? Well, I wanted to share with you how I made my books, scrolls and other small 28mm accessories for my mini dungeon, […]

WIP: Urban Display Board #2

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Update on my display board! I’ve added the texture and basecoated the board with cheap black acrylic paint from an arts and crafts store. To create a more interesting surface, I mixed some grey and brown into the black and added irregular patterns. Next up will be the dry brushing and flocking. See how the board looked like before I painted it after the jump.
More after the jump

MDF Terrain with Lights and Moving Parts on Kickstarter

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There seem to be 100s of new wargaming kickstarerters launched every month these days. But every now and then, one really stands out.
For me this time it’s Integrated Wargame Buildings by Wargame Model Mods.
Some very nice modern and near future terrain.

What makes these different from all the other MDF scenery ranges out there? Lights and movement!
These buildings will really make your table stand out.

Almost every kit in the campaign have built in LED lighting available in a range of colours. If that’s not enough, pieces like the Hydro Power Plant above and Satellite Dish below even have constantly moving parts.

Still not convinced? Check out the prices. The Hydro Plant and Dish look like they should be in the £50-60 bracket minimum. The Hydro Plant is £30 and the Dish only £27! These are the most expensive sets in the campaign as well!

On top of that, if you want 3 or more buildings they get even cheaper again!

Head over and check out the project HERE and let us know what you think.
Below are a few more of the kits available.

- Hendybagder

4Ground Stone Pig Stye & Chicken Coop

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What we have here is the most epic stone pig stye/chicken coop building of all time.  This is kit 15S-EAW-116.  This thing is only big enough for a single small stand but has nearly as many parts and steps as the much larger kits.  Certa…

Taking The Summer Off?

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Apparently I’ve basically taken most of the summer off from blogging and doing wargame-related things I felt the need to blog about… last post was June 10th! I’ve been playing a lot of Infinity and Blood Bowl, but doing basically no painting or terrain building at all until this weekend, when I’ve finally cleaned up … Continue reading Taking The Summer Off?

Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: If you choose to open the door, go to part 6…

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Back again with the next in my series of dungeon terrain building articles, if you missed the last episode, we dealt with my chunky basic door pieces, but this time we are going to go more advanced and create opening ones like thus: These are not hard to make, but are a little more involved […]

Review: WarMage MDF bases – Part I

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Yesterday the postman brought me a small package which surprised me because I didn’t expect one. As he gave me the package with the comment: “This is no package, this is a letter” i was really curious what is in there. But as soon as I opened it and smelled the odor of burnt wood, I did know immediately what awaited me there :)

So today I will show you the MDF leaflets from WarMage, a German company which somehow specialized in lasercut MDF pieces. I first saw the stuff on Brückenkopf and as it was not added to the shop after a week I got into contact with them. I got a very fast reply on my questions and Nils (the owner) seemed to be a nice guy. And since there was not only the small base version but also two other ones (as he told me, the salesman he seems to be), I opted for a bigger version, containing 3 leaflets and having place for roughly 31 pieces of  trees and rocks.
For me it is the first time that I have some lasercut stuff though I have already some experience with MDF pieces :) So I will describe my impressions I got from the product from here on.
The leaflets are bigger than a DIN A4 paper and the cuttings are very clean and as far as I have seen precise. There are no leftovers in the cuts, therefore the pieces are secured with crepe tape to hold everything in place.
The MDF is ~3mm thick and therefore sturdy enough for even the roughest gameplay. If you count in that the design is a layered one, where you have a base and glue on a second layer with the slots for your trees, that should be more than enough.
As you can see in the pictures, there are 3 types of bases and with my chosen pacakge you can build: 
- 2 times a big 5 slot base with 40mm slots
- 3 times a small 3 slot base with 40mm slots
- 4 times a small 3 slot base with 2x40mm and 1x30mm slot
I primarily bought the stuff for creating some nicer and more flexible wood pieces, but it looks as if I can play around a bit and do also some rough terrain with rocks or something completely different (since I only have 9 ugly old trees).
But that will be something for another part :)
Hope you liked the first impression.
So long,
Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by WarMage in any kind, I bought the stuff myself, it was not given to me for a review.

Making Terrain Boards Part 4: Building Hills

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I spent some more time on my terrain boards, adding hills and mapping out some roads. It took some time to get everything juuuuuust right. See my progress after the jump.This is the fourth stage of my terrain board build. Check out the earlier steps if…

Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: If you choose the basic door, go to part 5…

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Hello everyone, I’m back with the next part of the Dungeons of doom, a series of articles dealing with the creation of easy and cheap to make 28mm scenic dungeons. Still on the basic and integral parts of any dungeon are the doors that lead from room to room, encounter to encounter. I have all […]

Review: Battlefields in Miniature

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Pen & Sword Books are publishing a growing range of wargaming books. Some of them are rules – the latest being One Hour Wargames by Neil Thomas, more of which in another blog entry – while others cover more general topics, such as Wargaming on a Budget or Henry Hyde’s unrivalled Wargaming Compendium. Paul Davies’ Battlefields in Miniature belongs … Continue reading Review: Battlefields in Miniature

Loot Call: Resin Scenery Kickstarter Reward

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I received my Kickstarter rewards from the campaign run by TH Miniatures for their resin miniatures scenery. Come take a look.I was excited to see these two boxes on the porch today! Especially that bottom box. Some of you may know what that is. More o…

Hobby Update: Terrain and more

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Been doing a lot of work on my terrain lately, much of the terrain I had looked okey to begin with but wanted it to me more unified and look better together, especially for playing games for AoS.That and the time I spent on painting my Stormcast Eterna…

4Ground Stone Hay Loft with Cart Shed

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Building number three in the North West European Farm Complex is 15S-EAW-117 Stone Hay Loft with Cart Shed.  Not much to say that hasn’t already been said.  One thing I have notice with these kits is that just because a building is small it d…

WIP: Urban Display Board #1

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Hey guys, now for something completely different. For a while, I had the idea of creating a display board, a backdrop to take cool pictures and army shots like they do it in White Dwarf. This weekend, I finally made a trip to a DIY store and bought the…

Arkham Asylum Update – A Little More Done and Playable

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This may not be going too quickly, but it is getting there step by step.Arkham Asylum now has a finished board with added grass and bushes, some roof tiles, stone statues and a bit of metal work!Before I go any further, did you enter the Arkham Giveawa…

4Ground Stone Granary & Cart Shed

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This is the second kit included in the 4Ground North West European Farm Complex.  This is kit 15S-EAW-118 Stone Granary & Cart Shed.  This is another fabulous kit.  This is a really good sized two story building with lots of room for…

Historicon 2015, AT LAST!!

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Boy, oh boy, after 25+ years I finally got to go to Historicon!  Without further ado, on with the eye candy…Cool Naval Game1:144 scale planesModern Warfare skirmishing in 28mmBuildings supplied by Miniature Building Authority Scratch-built …

Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Another brick in the wall (Creating the wall structures)

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Part 4: Constructing the dungeon walls. Back again with the next part of the tutorial of Grim’s Dungeons of Doom, this time dealing with quick and easy, not to mention great looking modular 3d dungeon walls. I want to start by adding a little about how I came to the decision to construct the walls […]