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Stupid Easy Bushido Areas of Control

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Here’s a really easy and dare I say, better-than-passable way to bang out the 6 circular Zones of control you need for your Bushido games, erring on the side of speed. Needed:The cobblestone PDF from Dave’s…

P3 Grandmaster Diorama – "Contract Renegotiation" Part 2

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Welcome back to my articles on building my P3 Grand Masters Competition Winning Diorama! Having gathered my plans and reference, and roughly laying out my key pieces to help me visualize  and plan the overall size/spacing of my elements the next s…

Pulp Tramp Steamer – The first coat of paint

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Hi FolksIf you want to read from the beginning of this project head here its been three days since my last post on the Pulp Steamer. Progress has been slow this week on …

Review – BB 185 Train Tracks Expansion

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By Tom Burgess,

Already owning a box Battlefront’s “Battlefield in a Box” BB 135 Train Tracks I was very happy to be able to add a bit more variety to my on table rail lines when Battlefront released BB 185 Train Track Expansion.

The Train Track Expansion is nicely packaged and well protected like most “Battlefield in a Box” terrain.
 The contents of the box are clearly described on the back of the box.

The box comes with four curve sections, two switch sections, two coal bunkers to go on terminal track ends and the usual two types of flocking.

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That little matter of varnishing

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My Realm of Battle board has been languishing in the garage for a couple of months now. Although I repaired the damage wrought by the Polyvine varnish I had not finished adding shading and painted the skulls. More alarmingly the garage is where we keep the tumble dryer so it’s been regularly exposed to warm, moist, fabric dust! I’ve covered it up but I’m well aware I’m not doing any favours to its future prospects. So I need to tackly the varnish issue. To that end I prepared this 6″ strip of MDF and painted it up.

As you can see it follows my standard Red Planet Basing and I can test out a suitable varnish instead of doing it on the boards and ruining it and having to start again. Although the grain is more pronounced than my boards I’m confident that if I can seal this neatly it’ll be more than OK for the smoother RoB board.

Now PeteB, Liam and Ben think I’m overly paranoid about protection*, Liam and Ben haven’t varnished their boards but this ‘ultra tough’ floor varnish seems to be ideal.

However, the milky/creamy consistency was worrying and there is a mention of it leaving a white finish on the tin which brings us back to Polyvine territory.

So I applied the varnish, foolishly to two thirds of the piece instead of half and I think you can see it’s not acceptable. Granted this was still wet but the varnish managed to ‘rehydrate’ [not sure if that’s the correct term] the top layer of the craft acrylic and mix with the varnish. This meant the varnish took on a slight orange tint and together with it’s thickness has obscured much of the deepest shaded recesses.

I was going to be much happier with a brush on varnish but at this stage I’m contemplating a spray lacquer, of course I now only have a small amount of my test strip to try it out on. The question is which brand do I go for. There are some cheap clear varnish sprays available and I know ‘cheap’ should have alarm bells ringing but I recently saw some forum posts saying they were very good. I’ve actually even got some from a purchase at a £1 shop a while back.

I wont’ be touching Purity Seal but there is Plastikote and there is even a supply of Rustoleum, which usually is only available in America.

I’ll hopefully pick up a Plastikote, test it and my £1 shop version if the results don’t stand up I’ll have to accept this isn’t going to be sealed. Meanwhile I might make another test piece just in case!


* Update, this is the reason I believe I need to varnish the boards:

These are just two of the five or six paint chips I discoverd on my Realm of Battle board which hasn’t even been used for gaming! It’s been sat in the garage, covered in bubble wrap for a weeks

I may have caught them bringing them into the house but that questions the durability of the paint a great deal. Anyway, I’ve got a Matt Plastikote Varnish Spray so I’ll give it a go, on the test piece first.

PicoArmor Industrial and Factory Buildings, Part 2

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Victorian Factories, English Farm Buildings and Railroad Yards Buildings from Brigade Models line from the PicoArmor site. These are to be used for an upcoming Stalingrad scenario in the Memoir 44 game system.(click on the pix to enlarge)There are enou…

Windmills on my Mind Part 2 – Painting and Glee

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Hi folks, remember this: Windmills… Part 1? Don’t blame you, it was back in October, granted, the very last day of October but still, that was a long time back. To be honest, it’s been a dry spell for hobby for me. It’s actually been two full months …

Pulp Tramp Steamer – Decking it out…

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Its Monday night, its freezing cold and as a result I have had to cancel the inaugural game of Lion Rampant in the shed. Bit p***ed off as I was looking forward to rolling a few dice and testing out the rules. Not too worry hopefully we can get th…

P3 Grandmaster Diorama – "Contract Renegotiation" Part 1

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So I competed last summer in the Privateer Press P3 Grandmaster Painting Competition and placed first in diorama. (YAY!) This was a pretty big moment for me as, despite my past golden demons etc,. this was my first outing with the P3 and to place on my first time out – especially against such amazing competition – was very exciting. It really motivates me to get back into competitive work and pursuing aspects of the hobby I love the most – notably in making dioramas and vignettes. (my Forgeworld best in show was a diorama, my first golden demon was in battle scene, as was my first silver demon etc, etc. – story telling with models is always a priority for me!)

I had a rough idea in mind for my “contract renegotiation” project centering around my spectacular Press Gang exclusive “Gorman Di Sea Wolf ” model (thank you Will Hungerford/Diane and all at Privateer Press!) having a less than civilized “discussion” with some five fingers low life types about his contract/pay. With the rough idea in mind I needed to hunt down some reference/inspiration for specific finishes and details. I started with some of my photos of the Fort on Citadel Hill in Halifax Nova Scotia.

I like the grey tones, the oxidation, the greenish cast to some areas – this I figured I could work with! (goes to show that having a file of reference pics can be some handy!)

I also liked this underground bunker picture that I kept from something that came across my facebook. I thought the door could be a good source of inspiration…

So, armed with a collection of parts, some reference pictures, a rough doodle and a vision in my head it was time to start building!! I actually started with the table my “criminal” types would be using for cover. 

I decided it  should be a metal table so that I could add rusting effects to it as well. I included a drawer with a wooden bottom, a brass handle and a “hold out” gun hidden underneath the table  with its barrel just poking through a tiny hole.

I used a brass strip to make the handle and balsa for the bottom of the drawer with plasticard and tubing and to make the rest of the table with a couple of Grandt Line plastic bolt heads for the feet of the table and a rifle from an Idrian with some brass and putty tie downs.

Once the Table was built I took many of the parts I planned to use as well as a few filler pieces from my bits box to do a rough layout on a sheet of plastic – this way I could better visualize my final size and model relationships.

Now that I was warmed up – the real building process was about to begin.

Stay Tuned!


Pulp Tramp Steamer – Starting to look Ship Shape

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So a couple of hours free this morning saw me braving the cold and spending time in my favourite place…the Shed. Once I get my teeth into a project my mind starts the build and I find that unless I actually start gluing and cutting I get very frustrated.

When I left you last night I had started on the hull…

Stage 1 is here

This morning the hull had completely dried so I was able to cut the sides to give some definition to the ship.

Now the pink foam base isn’t very practical from a deck point of view so to combat this I cut out deck pieces for the fore and aft and the centre deck from foam core. Onto these I drew the design of the superstructure.

All the superstructure would be built from 4mm foam core. It was critical to get enough space to move my based minis around the ship. So gangways etc would all be 3cm wide.

The first two pieces go in and are glued to the deck plate. In the picture below you can see one of my standard based figures has easy access up and down the side walking deck.

In the below picture I have now added the roof to the first floor of the superstructure and following the success of the card around the hull (see part 1) I repeated this for this deck. The side panel wraps all around and stands 2cm high.

With this base built and pinned I started on the bridge deck. In the below picture you can see the small bridge. Again its important for playability that the gangways etc are wide enough for bases.

In the picture below you can see this starting to come together. The funnel runs all the way through the decks helping to hold them together,  The  pencil is a temporary mast !

The steps you see in the pictures are from a modelling centre bought years ago. I finally found a use for them. There are stairs to all levels including the inside staircase from maindeck to bridge deck.

You can see from the above photo that the bridge deck superstructure is slightly off centre. This is deliberate as I plan to mount a lifeboat on the portside. It also means the superstructure covers the staircase.

So in the above and below pictures the boat is finally beginning to take shape.

All the decks are compartmentalised allowing for rooms !. The bridge deck will have the bridge, the map room, the wireless room and the gun locker.

A close up shot of the stairwell.. clearly more work needed with a sharp knife.

Main deck will have the Captains cabin, two passengers cabins and a ships locker.

You can see the funnel running through the deck and a better shot of the staircase.

More ‘space & playability shots’ with 28mm figure

So next up… finish the decks, the cargo doors and the fore & aft decks.

Come back soon…

Pulp Tramp Steamer – Full speed ahead

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Hi FolksHope you are all having a grand January and the cold is not getting to you too much.Managed to spend a good couple of hours painting my Arabs this morning on the early shift but I’ll be honest I am now getting bored. Only a few more hundred to …

Swamp Thing and Arkham Warning Signs Preview

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The team over at Beasts of War have a couple more previews for the Batman Minis game from Knight Models.First up is the avatar of the ‘green’ known as Swamp Thing!No sign of rules for him yet but I expect he will be linked to Poison Ivy’s crew in some …

I’ve seen the future of wargames terrain

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Recently my wife told me that she had just found out that a colleague’s partner was into wargaming and making his own scenery.  This of course piqued my interest, so I contacted him and arranged a visit.  Arriving in his … Continue reading

Terrain Project: Red Planet – Storage Tanks & Drilling Rig WIP

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Hello readers. Today I am back with some more terrain pieces for my Red Planet terrain project. The pieces I am sharing today are all made with resin sets from Armorcast.Triple Refinery TanksThis is a resin set made to fit 3 energy drink cans with a ba…

Empire Scenery- Windmill and Mansion

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A few months ago I worked on a few pieces of terrain for an Empire themed board.This windmill started out as a combination of laser cut kits. The tower section was sold as an individual windmill, and the large attached timber framed style section was o…

Top This!

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New Modular Terrain Top Mounts From The Ion AgeHello all you dropship passengers out there,The folks at The Ion Age have been at it again and have released a third set of op mounts for their successful modular terrain system. This new set brings five n…

Well I never…….

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That’s right folks I decided to build a well for my middle eastern setting. A nice simple build if a little fiddly.Only a few photos to show but I think you’ll get the picture.The base is hardboard about 10cm by 15cm long. The walls of the well were bu…

Some new additions for my Middle Eastern board

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Finally managed to get going on the terrain building for 2015 ! With so many Saracens to paint I just needed a break. The goods news is that the 36 HAT cavalry are almost finished so that will be a third of the mounted force completed.Back to the terra…

Italeri Church

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Following on from my last post (Italeri Country House With Porch) the other model I picked up from Kieran’s cancelled commission project was the Church (Italeri Kit 6129). This includes an attached (custom made) cemetery and is an outstanding model (if

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Italeri Country House With Porch

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Back at the start of 2013 I posted about my gaming buddy Kieran building some Italeri Kitsets for his WW2 Normandy Games – and that as he did such a great job I might need to get him to build

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Rope Bridge – perfect for Pulp games

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Over Christmas whilst hunting down suitable terrain pieces on ebay in the not so obvious places I came across this little piece…

the dimensions suggested that it might be perfect for 28mm and at a singular price of £4.99 including p&p and order was placed. To be honest I forgot all about until postie came knocking on the door.

By placing my desert cliffs in a gorge like pattern I can achieve a rather nice setting. Good thing I built 4 metres of them and if I can get the configuration right I should be abl;e to add a whole new dimension of elevation to my pulp planned games of 2015.

Whats even better is that the piece only needs some drybrushing !

So here are some intrepid 28mm adventurers crossing the gorge

and the link to the ebay site…


until next time

Black Scorpion Pirates, Part 4 DONE

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Happy New Year! Looking forward to another year of geeking out with miniature gaming.OK, Let’s get on with it shall we?On a nice Sunday morning, I laid out some terrain in preparation for some wacky gaming… (click on the pic to enlarge)A peacefu…

(S)No(w) Success

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I decided to try my idea of spraying a TSS terrain tile with white paint to create a snowy tile. The result wasn’t that successful and currently looks like some lightly snow swept tundra rather than frozen Finland.This may however be due to the low amo…

Ev’s Bijou Yearette In Review (Condensed)

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Having reviewed Mr Mills’ spectacular output for 2014, I decided to take stock of my own body of painting and modelling work for 2014.It’s slightly more modest; a mere 25 completed figs and one piece of terrain, but the upside is that it won’t take you…

TSS Come Good…

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You may remember back in November I cheered myself up by buying some terrain tiles in the TSS 15% Off Sale. They arrived soon after but unfortunately one of the sand tiles had been packed under some smaller green ones and had a nice green T-mark on it …