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A Bus Stop 1930s style

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Now I know this isn’t the most exciting post ever posted but actually it is something that has been missing from my tables and terrain collection and it had to be rectified. So looking through warbases excellent range I noticed that they did a wood she…

4xD: But hey Mr Grim, I wanna’ game my dungeon in 15mm….

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So, outside of the Grim’s Dungeons of Doom tutorials, I think I needed to have yet another sub-set of brain fart articles to cover other aspects from time to time, so here is 4xD (which stands for Dungeon developments, discourse and dialogue) in which i’ll be babbling on about my gameworld Plexus (which I wouldn’t […]

Derry’s walls part 7 – things that occured to me

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300915 and below 011015stairwells just to be weathered. Basic shape of removable Armoury roofBuilding this project has taken quite a lot of time. One of the advantages of such a protracted construction has been the frequent ideas which have come to me …

Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Adventures in expanded foam, part 3; Cavern features

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Back again with the next part of Grim’s Dungeons of Doom, and more adventures in expanding foam, and how you can craft some decent scenics with this little used material. OK, for part three, we are going to deal with cavern features, mainly hazard pools and stalagmites. I’ve opted here to create pieces that illustrate […]

Tutorial: Cities of Death Manufactorum Modelling Workshop

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Today, I would like to not only share my progress on creating several terrain pieces with the Manufactorum from Cities of Death, but also tell you more about the materials and tools I’ve used. I’m by no means an expert in terrain making, but I would like to share my experiences nevertheless.
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28mm American Civil War Terrain

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I thought I would put together an article on all the various terrain I’m pulling together for my ACW gaming.  Admittedly some of it is hard to find but most it still available today. BuildingsI don’t have any need to have my troops enter buildings…

WIP: Promethium Relay Pipes #2

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As I mentioned before, I want to add some terrain pieces to my display board. I’ve bought Promethium Relay Pipes and a Manufactorum. By now I’ve started painting the pipes, which will also serve as test pieces for the paint scheme I have in mind for th…

Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Adventures in expanded foam, part 2: Cavern Doorways and Corners

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Before I begin with this weeks Grim’s Dungeons of Doom article, I would say that it would have been sooner,rather than now, all down to SD formatting blues, and that I had to try and both find some lost pic files, and recreate a good few to make these next two parts! Many Bothan spies […]

Underground Terrain III

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I have managed to repaint another aquarium decoration for my underground terrain project.

I picked this one up on eBay for just £3.53 (which included shipping from China).

Showcase: Eldar Army of Iybraesil on Urban Display Board

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You have asked for it (a lot). I’m glad that today I can finally present you an army shot of all the craftworld Iybraesil models I’ve painted so far, displayed on my recently built urban board. Find out more about this army and the board after the jump.
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Apocolypse 15mm: Newspaper & Magazine Debris PDFs collection now available Free from Wargame Vault!

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Hello there everyone, just a quick post (or shameless plug!) to tell you that the 15mm Newspapers and Magazines PDFs previously available from the download section here, have now been cleaned up and spliced together and are available for download directly from Wargames Vault. Now entitled Apocolypse 15mm: Newspapers & Magazine Debris, it contains all […]

Building the docks part 7 – The Refinery

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In my last post on the building of the docks I showed up the various components and how all these pieces were coming together. I was able to finish off the refinery this week so a few pictures…The pieces are all loose so various permutations can be c…

WIP: Promethium Relay Pipes

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With the Fire Dragons just finished and waiting to be varnished (stay tuned for the showcase post), it’s time for the next project. I thought it would be a good idea to add some more scenery to my display board, so I bought a box of Promethium Relay Pi…

Underground Terrain II

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I picked up some aquarium rocky outcrops off eBay to use as rock terrain items for my underground table. I was a little concerned about getting a reasonable colour match with the vinyl tiles, but the god of warmers smiled on me…Using the Army Painter…

This is Not a Test: Mantic Red Brick Stencilling

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I’ll admit it, I suck at airbrushing. It’s probably not helped by the fact I only own a cheap compressor without a regulator, and an even cheaper Chinese knock off airbrush. At any rate I very rarely airbrush because it’s always a fraught affair, with depressing watery looking results. However since I’m still assembling and […]

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A Tale of Six Gamers: A Kings of War Blog.

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Gamer #6: Alex Landing I’ve been cleaning mold lines and assembling models for most of the time. The old metal models and hybrids turn out really nice with a bit of extra care with green stuff. As well as contemplating bases and color schemes. I finished my first test models and really needed to see it on at least two different models to know for sure if I was happy. I’m glad to report I think I have a winner. Since I’m going for a fully petrified force I wanted to make each race a different type of rock. I love doing marble so my abyssal dwarves will all be marble. It is tough to get the idea across with one mini but as units I’m sure it will come across. I’ve got a few tricks planned for the basing as well that should sell the concept. Looking at the back of my dwarf tester I think the marble veining shines. The two consistent traits across the army will be the cool green inner glow and orangy red rusted weapons. With the two colors complimenting each other it will leave the rest of the model for me to push the […]

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A Tale of Six Gamers: A Kings of War Blog.

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Gamer #5: Rob Chandler Hello friends! Its update time again.  I’ve been busy the past 3 weeks finishing up my first regiment of Rangers. I must say. I have really enjoyed the 60% rule which has allowed me to create a very dynamic scenic base using only 12 miniatures. I feel for the more hobby minded players this option within the rules really gives me a chance to go all out. I feel it also give the look of the unit a little more flair. Below are the photos of my first Ranger unit. Over the next 4-6 weeks and next two updates. I will be working on a horde of Ironclad. Expect a much larger and even more dynamic layout. I’m aiming to include more than minimum 24 miniature to meet the 60% rule as well as make sure the layout of the caves line up with the Ranger base. My goal is to have all 3 units line up as one solid display when complete. Well I hope you have enjoyed this latest update. Until next time. Stay Mantic my friends!

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In Which Things Get Primered

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We have an Infinity weekend event coming up in just over a month (Facebook event link, if you’re in the area and interested) and I want to have both all my current buildings basically finished and the Haqqislam/Hassassin Bahram force I field fully painted. I’ve been concentrating on the buildings for the last week or … Continue reading In Which Things Get Primered

A Tale of Six Gamers: A Kings of War Blog.

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Gamer #4: Pat Lewis So peeps, we’re at the second installment for the little corner of the hobby world.  Last time I talked about my army and how I was going to organize the starter box.  I’ve since put everything together, primed and started on my test model to get my colors straight unfortunately I left for vacation right afterwards and I’m still at my test model stage. I decided to go forward with my Icekin theme.  I envision these elves to be at one with the snow and ice and their armor would have an ice like quality to them.  To try and achieve that, I went with a blue for the main armor and grays as second/contrast color. I happy with the results, I just need to tighten it up and get some blue washes for the spears to try and simulate actual ice and weapons and the scabbard for the sword. Next time I’ll be showing of my bases that I’m working on next as well as starting the spearmen regiment that will go on it.  See you next time!

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Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Adventures in expanding foam, part 1; Cavern Walls

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Today’s terrain building Grim’s Dungeons of Doom nonsense is going to tackle another type of wall piece that is found in many a fantasy dungeon scenario, the cavern. I touched upon this before in my brick modular wall article at the beginning, but this one is a slightly tricky make. It involves a can of […]

A Tale of Six Gamers: A Kings of War Blog.

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Gamer #2: Jon Peletis I just found out that I’m “Gamer #2”, sounds like a bathroom code. (Mallrats?) Alright with a plan set (see blog 1), let’s dive in and see what we got in the box. Ax sprue on the left. Trolls unassembled on the right. The Ax, along with the Greatax are hard plastic which means I can use Liquid Cement to assemble (and do some relatively easy conversion work). The Trolls are resin plastic which will require superglue. I’ve begun the assembly process of these but also need a couple other essentials. To do any type of speed painting, you want to start with a base coat, I use Army Painter sprays as they act as a primer and a base coat. I went with Goblin Green.             I also needed to start working on bases. I prefer to build units in Troop format, ie representing 10 models. This allows you to mix and match from using them as Troop, combine with another for a Regiment, or combine with 3 more for a Horde. Also, I can paint a Troop size set of models already glued on the base. I can’t do […]

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Space Rocks Nebulon B Escort Frigate for Star Wars X-Wing Review

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Mike from Space Rocks was awesome enough to send us the first Nebulon B Escort frigate off the production line in order to make it for our epic playthrough of the Heroes of the Aturi Cluster (Be sure to remember our code if you think you might order one! IFF2015 saves you 10%). When I cracked the box open, I literally “woo’d” at the top of my lungs due to sheer awesomeness. This thing is HUGE, and it’s ready to go in seconds.
The ship comes pre-painted (the painting is great!), and includes a 5 part stand. Also included, though not pictured: a very handy brochure detailing how to assemble it, and some suggested rules for use in X-Wing. The rules and additional information can be found on the official Nebulon B product page.

Look at that glorious beast. It’s just a hair over two feet long, and stands about a foot tall. Impressive. Most Impressive.
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A Tale of Six Gamers: A Kings of War Blog

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Gamer #1: Joe Neet It has been a few weeks and the excitement for Kings of War is growing each and every day. I don’t think I have enjoyed a project as much as I have been enjoying this so far. Since my last post I have jumped head long into getting my Ogres assembled, primed and painting under way. I wanted the army to be easy to paint yet still striking on the table top. The colors I went for were a mixture of red, silver and black. These colors work well with the dark shade that I would be applying on the miniatures and together captured the look I was after. The skin is also a big part of the Ogre miniatures but I didn’t want to do the studio color for them so I went for a dark rich brown that was highlighted with a flesh tone. As you can see from the bases I went with a rocky grassland style. I am a true believer that a great base can really help to increase to the overall look of a miniature. Since I was really looking to get this army done and battle ready, I needed […]

Tutorial: Post Apocalyptic Terrain with Mantic Red Brick

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This tutorial describes detailing and basing a set of Mantic “20th Century Red Brick” terrain. Mantic Games produce these plastic terrain kits for a variety of their games such as Deadzone and Mars Attacks, and Mighty Ape stock them locally. These kits are great value for money, and come with the pieces already removed from […]

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‘nids part 175 – Tyranid Void Shield Generator part 3.

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I could be showing you pictures of my updated Cerastus but I’m pretty sure you just want to see a Tyranid Void Shield Generator right now, am I right? Or am I right? Here’s the base, another spare piece of hardboard, this time from an old TV cabinet. I…