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The hills have I – part 2

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Five hours of flocking has got me to this stage; all the hills now have a 50% covering of dark green flock and ballast.  The next stage is, once they are dry, to remove surplus material, and then I’ll apply a medium green flock, perhaps tonight, p…

The hills have I

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Today I shall mostly be flocking hills for the To the Strongest! World Championships at Chagrove in Oxfordshire on Saturday. By the time I have finished these should match the Deep-Cut plains mats that we will mostly be using.If you are in the area and…

The Battle of Pennyburn Mill, Part Five

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Clarence Harrison – Right! Now I’ve added some details and the initial painting, on the land areas anyway, is finished.There’s a lot of work left to do, but it’s all fun! I need to paint the streams and open expanse of river, which is probably up next,…

‘nids part 184 – Tyranid Void Shield Generator part 5.

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With these scratchbuilds there are a number of elements that I would consider ‘obstacle to progress’ but in reality are actually quite simple tasks that only require an evenings effort to achieve. As such that should be quite rewarding – I fill all the plastic out with PVA’s tissue paper and by the end of the night the job is done the next part begins and I should be happy.

Unfortunately I have to get through the tissue and PVA process, which is yucky and I don’t like it so it becomes a hurdle but in this case I was still motivated from overcoming the chitin plate obstacle and hopefully the momentum will carry me through the icing and sculpting stage too. As you can see I was a little creative with the tissue, using an old brush cleaning paper towel that really was only good for the bin but I’ve been using it for so long I thought it better to enshrine it within the structure.

I did use a load of tissues that came from a coffee shop which mashed up much better in the water and PVA. I guess there really is a difference between tissue and paper towel consistency [I know how obvious that sounds, but it’s worth noting].

You can really see the difference on the other side of the spine, this has become more like papier mâché than glued paper. I’m going to be covering it all up anyway so it doesn’t matter but if your sculpting skill aren’t great that’s two different option of how to detail your model. The paper towels make an effective musculature, I’m sure with a few successive coats of PVA you could easily just paint it red, cover it in Tamiya Clear Red X-27 and it’d look awesomely disgusting. Alternatively the tissue makes a different, more mineral looking finish that could be equally effective.

The smaller supports will also have fleshy joins to the main battlements. This is something I considered on the Bastion but never did, having the bone walls join directly to the Chitin towers, but for this I’m going to have exposed flesh between the armour plates and the walls.

And just because here’s a close up of the paper towels, that really looks like some fibrous meaty musculature. You probably could even get away with not painting it, it’s already got some crazy colours going on.

And again at this point I’m wondering should I have prepared the second one…? Next up – lets ice this sucker!

Say Goodbye to the 15mm Charger APC and Maginot Defence Tower

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Yes say goodbye to the popular HOF27 Maginot Defence Tower and the HOF28 Charger APC models in our HOF 15mm Science Fiction range. They will be withdrawn from sale at the end of February 2016. But wait you say! Why withdraw them when everyone loves …

Something about Wood and Trees

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This is a post that’s been a long time in the making.Two years ago, I got some Games Workshop vouchers for Christmas. I wasn’t sure what to do with them, but one thing I went for was the plastic wood (if you see what I mean).I meant to get them painted…

The Battle of Penny Burn Mill, Part Four

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Clarence Harrison – We are now going to get into the fun part – painting!Again, if you’ve just stumbled upon our site for the first time (welcome), this isn’t really a tutorial. You can find a twelve-part series detailing my techniques to use on your t…

Panzerfäuste: Mushroom Forest

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Having had a long hard think about why I was in a hobby funk I decided to blame it on my replacement brushes which were not as good as the old ones I used to get from Waylands Forge and the basing sand I was using, which was too fine compared to what I used for the previous few years.

This might sound silly but having now sourced some decent sable brushes very similar to what I previously used and a bag of recycled glass paving sand from B&Q (thanks to Ian for the suggestion) I now have some mojo back – so there!

First to see the benefits of the return of the mojo are a converted Panzerfäuste Dwarf and some rebased mushrooms I’ve had knocking around for over a decade having bought them off Oriental Art Studio (?) at a show in the Midlands. They were starting to look a bit fragile so I coated them in PVA to seal them and based them on two old CD’s using the paving sand to tie the bases in with all my other stuff. Terrain like this is great for fantasy games…

The Dwarf is an old Wessex figure who had his tunic extended with some spare Green Stuff to make a greatcoat. This was a simple enough conversion and I might do a few more soon…

‘nids part 183 – Tyranid Void Shield Generator part 4.

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Well this just happened! With all the mixed feelings about my other projects every time I enter the shed I’ve seen this thing languishing on the shelf. September was the last time it got any attention, although there were other things that definitely t…

Infinity Space Station Terrain First Outing

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Got my in-progress space station setup for Infinity games out on the table today, as one of two tables set up for a very small (four players!) local Infinity tournament. It was well received and the other folks had some good ideas for finishing it – breaking up the line of sight down the access … Continue reading Infinity Space Station Terrain First Outing

New Progress – Terrain & Miniatures

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As I mentioned before I’ve been working away on things and have had my painters also keeping busy.  Posting a mix of things here from new terrain to new miniatures.First up, 28mm shipping containers.  I had six of the plastic AT-43 shipping c…

The Battle of Penny Burn Mill, Part Three

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After the glue was dry on the grass mat, it was time to use the filler to seal all of the remaining exposed foam and blend the roads and river banks into the grass. I use DAP joint compound, but there are dozens of alternatives.I snuck in two older pic…

SoBH Terrain and Baddies

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So the reason posts have been so sparse lately is I plan on entering this year’s Last Painter Standing contest over at the Lead Adventure Forum. Trick is, none of the figs can have been shown on the internet prior to entering, and my latest brushwork has mostly been focused on entries.  I don’t harbor … Continue reading SoBH Terrain and Baddies

Infinity Space Station Hangar Walls

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I’ve posted a test print of some printed space station walls previously but after finding a nice batch of Sintra (1/8th foamed PVC plastic board) in the offcuts bin at my useful local plastic supplier I decided to start that project with some larger, more space-consuming pieces and started building a set of six big … Continue reading Infinity Space Station Hangar Walls

AHPV VI: Redoubt Tutorial

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 The 3rd bonus round of the AHPC was defensive terrain and I submitted the artillery redoubt pictured.  While based on some American Civil War artillery emplacements near DC the terrain piece is designed to be used  for any blackpowder e…

The Battle of Penny Burn Mill, Part Two

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Clarence Harrison – My grass mats finally arrived and I was able to get some major work in on the table for Historicon 2016 this weekend. I’ve written lots of articles on building terrain boards and you can find the details of using a felt mat as the f…

Modern and post apocalyptic terrains for 28mm wargames

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Just today Mantic Games started their Kickstarter for The Walking Dead miniature game, and just last week Warlord Games announced their very own zombie themed skirmish game… this looks like an excellent excuse to start collecting (or improving) our c…

Review: Impudent Mortal Near Future Elevators

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I picked up a pack of Impudent Mortal’s Near Future Elevator Set, as mentioned in a previous post, and thought I’d put a few pictures up and do a bit of a review. First, I have to say that Walt, the man behind Impudent Mortal, is awesome to deal with. He’s incredibly quick to reply … Continue reading Review: Impudent Mortal Near Future Elevators

So what about that 2015 eh…

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Looking back 12 months ago I can see a year filled with a measure of confidence and a hint of common sense. Did I manage to achieve anything from my plan?

Flames Of War 
Yeah, let’s cut to the chase there and say… no. Most, if not all of the items on my list did not progress very far at all. I still want to do my British Comets and got to see how good a list they can be when handled well at FlamesCon last year. The Masters were a wish that I never even came close to achieving after only heading out to a handful to tournaments. I feel a bit guilty about that given I work for the company but I do get to spend my days thinking about all sorts of Flames Of War goodness that it’s nice to have other things on the go.

Dust Tactics 
The hiatus continues on the Dust front. I have my extra Steel Guard units now (Thunderbolt and Lightning) but haven’t had the enthusiasm to get them primed and painted. I blame Victor for not organising some games for Andrew and I.

WarmaHordes – aka The Year (Decade) Of The Troll.
I actually did a decent amount of painting last year! I didn’t finish my 50 points but I made more progress on it than any preceding year. My friend Chris Baker gave me some wonderful pointers on airbrushing 28mm figures and I was able to do a pretty decent job of remembering some of his tricks. Certainly the army (half finished) looks really good and given a concerted effort I think I could push my way to 50 points for the next big tournament that I am likely to get too (in August/September). I also took the half-finished force out to Lords Of Ruin in Wellington last year and it was excellent. Almost every game ran the full time on the clock making for hard fought, exciting games where I felt like I had a chance to win – unlike most of my WarmaHordes games. The recent nerf to Warders has dented my enthusiasm a little, but being competitive in WarmaHordes is not a priority so I am sure I will bounce back.

X-Wing (and Armada)
Loving it. Having less hobby time now than in the past I am really enjoying the casual nature of the game and the low requirements (i.e. zero) on my hobby time. I took 3 Phantoms to the NZ Nationals last year and had a blast. It was not a very competitive list (could have been the Squadron Leader?) but it really surprised a few opponents. The NZ meta is quite variable with a good mix of lists, so vs low pilot skill hordes it was awesome, whereas elite high pilot skill squadrons it suffered. Taking such a wacky squadron made the day loads of fun. Looking forward to seeing what 2016 brings after the release of The Force Awakens.

Building Battlefields
Yet another year went by on this front… in the middle of 2015 BF moved offices and we lost our massive gaming/hobby space and I have not been organised (or incentivised?) enough to make a space at home where I can leave everything laid out for a while as I paint and flock up a pile of stuff. I still want to tackle all my Battlefield in a Box product though and get them all flocked up as the roads and forest bases (especially) look better with a little flock on them. I did spend some time on my Tablescapes Urban Tiles and the sample tiles are coming along nicely!

So What Happened?
I was sitting on the train heading home one night last year and found myself getting annoyed at how little gaming and “hobby stuff” I’d done over 2015 and I realised that there were a number of things getting in the way.

1.    “Life” –The average week day looks like this; Get up, shower etc, organise breakfast for my son, walk to train, catch train, walk to work, work, walk to train, catch train, walk home, have dinner, play with my son, bath (for my son), put him to bed/do dishes and tidy up, and bang, its 9pm at night, watch TV or play some World Of Warships to decompress after the days activities and it is off to bed. Another day done. Weekends have more time spare but 70% of the week looks like this.

2.    “Laziness” – Looking around my traditional gaming group (which goes back over 20+ years to university days) that instead of gaming we tend to sit round playing Clash Of Clans during our usual catchups. Instant gratification, no effort, and when you are all playing in the same Clan you get a similar feeling to tabletop gaming where you can discuss raids, plan for Clan Wars etc. Our “group” decision was that this year we will make much more of an effort to put down the tablets and play a game or two a month. So far it has worked.

3.    “Kids” – My son is three and a half and loves playing with dad so there is plenty of time kicking footballs, playing with lightsabers, watching Thomas the Tank Engine etc. We have also recently added another member to our family and as time passes I am sure he will want to do the same thing. Bottom line, less time and less energy for hobby stuff.

4.    “Work” – Some (or more than a usual amount) of my blog energy last year seemed to be directed towards stuff for work. Whilst there was no one project that consumed it all, it was a thing here, an article there, and some painting for that. 

I am envious of my friends that have similar constraints on their time but still seem to do it all. Guess I need to train up the kids to paint.

So Whats The Plan?
I’ll cover this in another post but I am heading into 2016 with a realistic take on things, but still deluding myself that I’ll get a lot done. Team Yankee, Terrain, Trollbloods, and US Marines are all on the schedule for this year and that’s taking into account an almost four week old baby at home.

However the one New Years resolution I plan on keeping is that this year there won’t be so many posts on the blog starting with “So its been a while since I posted anything…”

28mm Desert Terrain

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Hello everyone.I managed to finish up a bunch of desert terrain I’ve had for some time now.  These items will be used for North Africa and the middle east (rural/open desert).  All of the terrain is from Architects of War – which apparently i…

Desert Themed Gaming Board

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Ok so I’ve been stupidly busy running my Games Workshop store over Christmas, which is why there hasn’t been a post on here for such a long time!  I’ve been up to a few different things over January, I’ve built some models, painted a board, painted scenery, built some more models and ate cake on my Birthday!  First up the […]

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Cobblestone Gaming Mat from UrbanMatZ

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UrbanMatZ produces gaming mats for the tabletop. When I saw the cobblestone mat I immediately ordered one.Until quite recently I had never even considered using gaming mats. I am quite picky when it comes to terrain and building a gaming board. My pers…

Arkham Asylum Complex 2.0

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After trying out the Arkham Asylum kit on a road board the other day, I wondered if it would work on my angled board.I prefer roads at an angle as it draws away from games played straight across the board and people don’t always stick to the roads as i…

Some Infrastructure

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A new terrain piece for the capital city . 

Railroad Terrain

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Railroad terrain looks great on a Warmachine or Malifaux board and despite the fact I don’t play those games offline anymore I still want to get these pieces painted up. These railway pieces have been lying around in my cabinet for a long time and so …