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Infinity Panoceania Joan of Arc conversion

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Infinity Aleph Netrod #3

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This isn’t terribly exciting, but I’ve finished the third Netrod. I was looking for some low hanging fruit to get my painting pump primed, and this was it.Pretty much exactly like the last two.Though I didn’t look at the others on purpose when doing th…

Infinity Panoceania Pathfinder Dronbot

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SAGA THORSDAY BONUS – Adepticon Warbands Part 2

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Here are the images from the rest of the Adepticon Saga warbands.

Infinity Panoceania Pathfinder Dronbot Remote

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The Yellowjackets get a new remote!

More Infinity! Panoceania Croc Man

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Orctonnian Orc of the Realm Musician

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As a part of finishing up a bunch of half finished projects, I finished this bugger yesterday. I forgot how fun they were to work on!I’ve been trying to figure out what to use them as in-game, and am still not sold. That may put a halt on this project …

Bull Ogor Frostlord on Stonehorn (Hunter on Foot) Conversion

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After almost 42 hours of sculpting, converting, and kit-bashing, I’ve finished this behemoth. It’s the reason I haven’t been working on much else, as it got to be rather all encompassing by the end.The Bull Ogor Frostlord on Stonehorn:Here’s some more …