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Returning to the scene…. LoA at Partizan 2017

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Toggenhvud points out to Hiltonbock where the enemy are…..Regrettably, The League of Augsburg has been absent from the Partizan show(s) for a couple of years. This was due to lack of bodies and the over-facing effort of single-handedly lugging a demo…

GNW Swedish Brigadier vignettes

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I was very keen to experiment with some test masters of the new Swedish cavalry command. I tried them on the new horses (of which there are 5 variants) and on two of the existing horses.They were easy and fun to paint. The poses are dramatic and the lo…

Warfare GNW Russian releases for May 2017

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Delighted to say that we have now officially released four new codes for the ever expanding GNW Russian range.We have R12 – the long awaited musketeers marching which come with shouldered musket – bayonet fixed or bayonet sheathed.R13 The pikemen to ma…

Pike less in Falkirk .. LoA at Carronade 2017

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The LoA GNW game at Falkirk 2017I cannot say the our preparation for the Carronade show in Falkirk was faultless. I spent about 90 minutes the night before the show looking out all the various components from the game we had run at Tactica. Terrain – c…

Warfare Miniatures – new releases and sculpts

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Yep, I admit it, things have been pretty hectic over the last six to seven weeks. It may appear that we have not been doing anything here at Warfare Miniatures but a more accurate description of affairs is that we have not had time to tell anyone about…

Warfare Miniatures at Carronade and Partizan 2017

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Swedish battery appearing at Carronade and PartizanAs Toggy and I are working as a two man team with our demo game this Spring I have decided not to trade at Carronade and Partizan.Swedish infantry attackingI am happy to deliver pre orders to customers…

Russian GNW Dragoon flags now available

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We are delighted to announce the immediate availability of five superb sets of Russian Dragoons standards for the Great Northern War.

Sheets are £6 each ex postage. I will have a limited quantity at SALUTE 2017 next weekend

Polish Panzers – Pancerni

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Pancerni Green BannerAs part of the Eastern Expansion initiated by Toggy I received a large box containing 47 painted Polish cavalry from the brush of talented Rob Goodyer.Pancerni Red BannerPerry Brothers’ sculpting has come a long way form the 1990s …

Taking liberties with the Russians

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Garrison of?Is nothing sacred? Hilton bastardizes yet more conventions to get result…..Two years ago I got Clibinarium to create ten test sculpts for the GNW which have developed into a large and rapidly growing range. One of the first sculpts was a …

Inspired by Gunter and PC games

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Test base of Saxon cuirassiers – I used WLOA53 with tricornesI have grown fond of the Saxons but have not yet seriously started painting any. Gunter Heim’s mammoth Saxon Army of the GNW used almost exclusively Warfare Miniatures and I have had the plea…

Toggy’s Cossacks – a splash of colour

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Nothing quite like polish on the Polish! – Toggy’s winter work.A splash of colour in a dull world, no. I am not talking about Toggy Bob I am talking about his lovely unit of Cossacks!.. although, Toggy has his moments!In an effort to persuade him to sp…