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Shooting – Evolution versus Final Fade Out

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One of the ten Battle Boards for ATZ – Evolution.Shooting in Final Fade Out1 – Roll 1d6 for each Target Rating (shot) and add to Rep.2 – Look at Ranged Combat Table. 3 – 4 possible results – 7 modifiers to get there.4 – If miss, target takes Received F…

Evolution versus Final Fade Out

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Part OneEvolution streamlines game mechanics while keeping the same results. Here’s an example.In SightWhen two groups come into sight of each other.Final Fade Out1 – Each figure rolls 1d6 per point of Rep looking for successes – score of 1, 2 or 3. 2 …

Coming soon!

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Explore! A Swordplay 2018 AAR

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 Swordplay 2018 is about the Story; your Story. Instead of playing one game that takes the evening to play, Swordplay 2018 is about paying a series of games that link together where the result of one influences the next. This is an …

Swordplay 2018 Coming Soon! Why? Why?

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As times change so do we. Just like…  

5150; Bugs – No Retreat Now on Sale

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Book 2 of the stand alone Trilogy covering the Bug Wars is now on sale!Surrounded? So what!Word’s come down from the top. The Bugs are on a roll and moving fast towards us. We’re cut off from any support so we need to pull back to Fort 373. Once there,…

Distant Shores – The First of the Talomir Tales

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Coming soon!

5150: Bugs – No Retreat Coming this week!

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Book Two of the 5150: Bugs Trilogy.

Bat Rep – Adventures with Captain Nemo – Part One

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Adventures with Captain Nemo is a Steam Punkish/ Victorian Science Fiction game where you try and accomplish nine different Adventures and score enough Promotion Points to command the Nautilus. Here’s one of those adventures.***************************…

What is Adventures with Captain Nemo?

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Click on the pic, then open in a new tab to read the back cover.More to come.

25% Off Spring Sale Now Through the End of the Month!

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Enter the coupon code25offand get 25% off of your entire order. Great time to try something new or complete your collection. Offer good through March 31st.Check it out here.

Coming soon!

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More than an update….

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 …Blast Off! Missions of Tomorrow now on sale!

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Our first supplement for Future Tales, but with a little tweaking, it can be played with our free set of rules, Chain Reaction.Check out Missions of Tomorrow here.

95th AAR – Fast, Furious and Goes Bloody Badly Really Quick!

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It’s Billy Pink’s 2nd Mission, a Patrol. Objective is to resolve the PEFs, there are 3, rolled randomly. The 95th activate 1st and move into the center section of the table (section 5). This puts one PEF – Possible Enemy Force to the left and…

95th – Now on Sale!

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Includes 60 full color card stock counters to get you gaming ASAP.

95th – Adventuring in the Napoleonic Wars – Step by Step Bat Reps

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Here’s the first in a series of Bat Reps set in a Campaign in the Peninsula War 1808 for 95th – Adventuring in the Napoleonic Wars.Summer 1808 and the 95th has just landed in Portugal with Sir Arthur Wellesley.  Food, powder and shot is available …

95th – The Napoleonic Wars – This time it’s Personal.

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Following up on the last post. 95th covers small fights in large actions. In the following picture, here’s my 95th Rifles Star and four Grunts. In reality there’s more combatants in the units, all fighting their own battles, as the next pictu…

I Want to Take an Eagle!

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Like this.I don’t want to move a unit of 12 or so figures into another unit and roll to see if I capture the Eagle when their unit runs away. I want the units to fight, but I want to lead my five or six men of that unit into melee with the five or six …

95th – Adventuring in the Napoleonic Wars – More artwork

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Coming soon! Here’s some of the artwork for the card stock counters included with the game.  Just waiting on three more.

Missions of Tomorrow – Coming next week!

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Hers’s our first supplement for Future Tales. Already have it the  you’re ready for Missions of Tomorrow. Don’t have it? You can get it here.Want to play Missions of Tomorrow as a stand alone? Download Chain Reaction/2d6 Sci-Fi Combat fo…

95th – Adventuring in the Napoleonic Wars

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Coming soon – 95th – Adventuring in the Napoleonic Wars.We’ve updated the old 95th Chain Reaction Supplement and made it into a stand alone game using the latest game mechanics found in our new rules. We’ll be including some simple card stock…

Weird War Zed – Bat Rep Day One

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Weird War Zed“Run that by me again Sarge,” Randall asked.“Captain says we’re looking for a secret laboratory that may be housing a German scientist creating zombies.” Sarge replied “Zombies…undead creatures.”“Right… Maybe some vampires and werewolves …

Nazis, Werewolves and Zombies, oh my! Weird War Zed now on sale

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Weird War Zed is a fast play card game (but you can use minis) that puts you in the middle of a World War II nightmare. Things are going badly for the Reich, but Herr Doktor has the cure…Zombies and WerewolvesClick here to know more. Order here.

5150: Hammer & Anvil – Now on Sale!

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5150: Hammer and Anvil Includes 40 full color counters! What: Vehicle specific wargame/RPG rule Sci-Fi vehicle. combat Scale: Vehicle combat. 1 model/figure equals 1 vehicle.Your Role: Players can command from one vehicle …

Play Miniature Games without Minis?! Part 3 – 5150: Hammer & Anvil…Uh oh!

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Part TwoActivation dice are rolled for turn 2 and the PEF can move first. The 6 on my score means I won’t be moving this turn, but I can react so no worries.The PEF rolls for movement and comes over the hill and into LOS onto my flank. But this high te…