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Top 10 Board Game Artists

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One of my favorite aspects of board gaming is the ability for a game to pull you into a theme and world that only exists on your table. To this end, art plays a huge role in bridging the gap between a game’s mechanisms and theme. While art is very subj…

Top 10 Cthulhu Board Games

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Themes in tabletop gaming seem to come and go in popularity. For a while zombies were all the range, yet now they seem to have fallen out of favor with the masses. However, one theme that seems to eternally live in the hearts of gamers belongs to that …

Top 10 CMON Games

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My introduction to CMON Games was Xenoshyft, their first game that I backed on Kickstarter. I ended up not enjoying Xenoshyft (I sold it one month after receiving it), but while it was in production, CMON launched their campaign for Rum & Bones. Co…

Top 10 Egyptian Themed Board Games

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If readers have never been to Egypt, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime type of experience. The visible meld of ancient monuments, medieval farming and city structure, combined with modernity intruding onto a conservative culture beckons ages of anthropol…

Tahsin Shamma’s Top 10 Board Games

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This article is all Andrew’s fault. At Board Game Quest, we do our best to be pillars of the board gaming community. However, people need to know what those pillars are made of. Check out the games below that I think are the best of the best. If you’re…

Top 10 Board Games of 2017

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As is the tradition here at BGQ, we close out the year with my Top 10 Games of 2017. This is always a hard list to write because there are always so many games I want to include. Plus, there are the Essen releases still trying to make their way across …

Andrew Smith’s Top 10 Board Games

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Andrew Smith's Top 10 Board GamesI’ve taken on the task of trying to determine my favorite board games out of the entire hobby gaming world. It is a tough thing to do as which game I want to play depends a lot on just how I’m feeling that day. On any random day you could ask me for a top […]

Top 10 Trick Taking Games

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Top 10 Trick Taking GamesWhen it comes to game mechanisms, trick-taking is one that I’ve always enjoyed. I grew up playing many hundreds of games of Euchre with friends and family. Not to mention thousands of online games of Hearts and Spades. But with modern board gaming, trick-taking is just a tool of many available to designers. Today we […]

Top 10 Board Game Designers

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Top 10 Board Game DesignersWhen new games are announced I often take a look at who is the designer of the game to get an idea of what the game may be like. If it’s one of the designers on this list, I’m certainly going to be taking a very close look at their newest creations. As with everything, […]