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The Portal’s World at War Tournament – December 10th 2016

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So I begin by apologizing to Chris Kadish and My friend Karl, as well as the folks over at CT Valley Gamers for not getting this typed up sooner.  My laptop died a horrible death right after this tournament and then I waited for its replacement to arrive well into the new year.  After that, I had to chaperone 20 kids into NYC for a 4 day field trip….bottom line, this AAR dropped down on my list of priorities.  Moving forward however, I expect I will be a lot faster with these reports.  Since my new computer doesn’t randomly shut down and erase all I was working on.

Without Further ado….
The Portal in Manchester CT, has played host to a few FOW tournaments over the course of the past year.  and I’ve been lucky enough to attend two of them.  Chris Kadish, TO organizer and man about town, helped put this one together.  A doubles tournament with 2000 pts per team, and some restrictions on combinations. (no fortified companies for example) drew in quite a few teams.  Due to some friction over criteria for lists, a few teams from up North had to drop (when their ride decided against going.)  But we still wound up with 6 teams, and 12 players, which was more than enough to have fun moving our toys around the table.
Below, Chris, wondering why I am taking this picture.

Below: Some photos of the tournament area and some of the folks setting up.

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Episode 15

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In Episode 15, Andy and Greg are back INNNNN SPAAAACE! Joined by Damion from the Hot LZ podcast, in the first segment they take a look at the background history and factions for the Dropzone/Dropfleet universe, created by Hawk Wargames. … Continue reading

Tables From Last Weekend’s Infinity Tournament

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We had another one-day, three round Infinity tournament this last weekend, our first of 2017. We had two players come over from Vancouver on the ferry to play with us, which was awesome, and while we only had eight players total it was a good event overall. I did the terrain for two of the … Continue reading Tables From Last Weekend’s Infinity Tournament

Event Report: Dropfleet Tournament

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Greetings! Yesterday, I played in a Dropfleet Commander tournament that was held at Huzzah Hobbies in Northern Virginia. This was my first opportunity to play DFC, and I was eager to get my newly painted United Colonies of Mankind (UCM) … Continue reading

Organising a Guild Ball tournament

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At the moment I am organising and getting ready to run the Athena Spring Open ’17 so I thought I would do a piece about running a tournament, over the last four I have learnt quite a lot, both on the playing side and on the organising side of tournaments. Probably the most important part … Continue reading Organising a Guild Ball tournament

Kings of War Tournament Warm Up

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So with 52 days to go until the Clash of Kings Tournament in March I thought it might actually be a good time to get my head in gear in try playing a game of Kings of War, what did this game throw up, well firstly I am woefully unused to playing Kings of War […]

Clash Of Kings- Organised play Supplement for Kings of War

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Mantic now have on pre order a new supplement for Kings of War. The newest book will help you in setting up any Organised play games for Kings of War. This will be a must for any club members looking to run events with in their club, and I have mine on pre order. Mantic hope … Continue reading Clash Of Kings- Organised play Supplement for Kings of War

The Blood Angels list I would take to LVO (if I was going)

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I am not going to LVO, but if I were, here is what I would bring (and who knows… planning on NOVA…)BA CAD- 825HQ: Brother Corbulo- 120HQ: Techmarine- 95: Servo Arm, Auspex, Servitor (Servo Arm), Servitor (Plasma Cannon) (WARLORD)Troops: Tactical Sq…

Analysis: State of the Metagame 2016

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As the year draws to a close, let’s review the current health and trends in competitive 40k, and look ahead to 2017.

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Deadzone Tournament 5th Feb @ Ivory Goat Games, Ipswich, Suffolk. “Feed The Goat!”

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At last, the details have been sorted, prizes found and we are going to run our first Deadzone tournament in my home town of Ipswich. The Rules pack is below but to highlight the details in brief it will be 150 points, three games, £6 for a ticket, spot prizes in each round and we … Continue reading Deadzone Tournament 5th Feb @ Ivory Goat Games, Ipswich, Suffolk. “Feed The Goat!”

T-83 days Tournament time

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So if you saw this post  you will know I am in the middle of a harebrained ideal of actually playing competitively in 2017 (2018 will depend on how I do in ’17). So the second tournament I will be attending is Aftermath’s Clash of Kings. In the previous post I discussed the list I was … Continue reading T-83 days Tournament time

Kings of War T-89 Days

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You may have seen a while ago I mentioned a certain harebrained idea I had of entering a tournament for Kings of War, you can read about this and other silly ideas here. So after trawling through what I have available and what I don’t have available, I have come to the conclusion that with … Continue reading Kings of War T-89 Days

Battle Report: Imperial Knights vs. Thousand Sons

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Time for my 1500 pts Imperial Knights list’s final battle of the tournament. Round three saw me facing a very nicely converted and painted Thousand Sons list that were taking advantage of their brand-new rules for the first time. The mission was a straightforward as it gets: good old Seize Ground.

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Battle Report: Imperial Knights vs. Necrons

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Round two! After being annihilated by Tau in round one, my second game saw my 1500 pts Imperial Knights list matched against a Necron Decurion in a progressively-scored table quarters mission.

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Battle Report: Imperial Knights vs. Tau Empire

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Alright, you’ve seen my 1500 pts Imperial Knights list, now it’s time for some battle reports. The first round of the tournament saw me matched up against Tau in a progressive-scoring missions with predetermined pseudo-Maelstrom Objectives.
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Army List: Imperial Knights 1500 pts

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As the end of the year approaches, I have received an invitation to the annual championship tournament in my area. It is a 1500 pts event with minimal list restrictions (just no Unbound) but using a custom set of not particularly well-designed missions. I have decided to take a triple-Knight list with a handful of Astra Militarum in support; here is how I have designed my list.

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Mid War at Fallin – Kurt Reese’s Midwar Extravaganza – Nov 5th 2016

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I finally made it down to Fall In! in Lancaster PA for the first time in my mini-gaming career.  I’ve made it to Historicon before, but never Fall in.  It was a well run really laid back convention, and I got a chance to meet a lot of people the WWPD crew has spoken so much about in podcast or article form.

I decided not to play in the Doubles on Friday, which in retrospect was a mistake, since I had my winter germans with me , and it looked like a blast. But I did jump into the Mid War tournament the following day.  I took a lot of pictures (with my good camera) and can honestly say that after a lot of travel and a lot of tournaments, I lucked out with the best 3 man panel of opponents I’ve ever had.  All were funny, gracious, and solid players.  I had a really hard time voting for favorite opponent.

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Tournaments next year

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Well yesterday I may have done something slightly crazy, in fact it was so crazy I didn’t realise just what I was letting myself in for, it takes biting off more than you can chew to a whole new level! The first thing I did was pencil in four dates for my Guild Ball tournaments … Continue reading Tournaments next year

2016 Warhammer 40k Invitationals Tournament Batrep – Fantastic Beasts

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The 2016 40K Gamersaurus Rex Invitationals. The penultimate tournament of the season before we enter 2017, and one of the most competitive tournaments in the local scene. Thanks to the support from the Tables and Dice Wargaming club, I managed to sneak…

Revenge of the Calander

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Tonight for a limited time the Tabletop Games UK Calender is back, hopefully it will be to stay but I had to remove it doue to some technical issues, what they were I’m not sure and how I fixed them I am even less sure! Needless to say hopefully over the next week I will … Continue reading Revenge of the Calander