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April’s ITS Tournament AAR

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I almost unintentionally overslept, but I woke up just in time to make it as the tournament was supposed to start. With everyone else already there and waiting, we got the tables all laid out in record time, and got underway quick enough to finish on t…

Epic : Armageddon – Tournament in Berlin

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Hey guys, has been a while since my last proper update here. The reason was an insane amount of painting for a tournament here in Berlin last Weekend. I found myself getting all the Infantry and cavalry for my DKOK … Weiterlesen →

New Games Workshop Website Live!

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After the mysterious activities on the Games Workshop website yesterday, presumably just to build tension (given that these days there is no technical reason to take a site offline for a whole day to launch a web site!) it’s back, it’s new and, er, well is same but different. It’s still just Games Workshop No […]

2014 February HARDCORE Steamroller Tournament results…

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Better late than never! I thought I would post something I have been slacking on in all it’s painted glory. I ran a 25 point HARDCORE Steamroller (using normal Scenarios) event to help motivate the locals to get more paint … Continue reading

Flames of War Tournament 2014

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Popped by PI last weekend to pick up some airbrush paints and ran into a tournament that was going on. The terrain was excellent and created a strong sense of narrative. I’ll let the pics do the talking. Storm the village! Connecting the tabl…

BatRepPat: Gamersaurus Rex – Singapore 40K ETC Team Tournament

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Introducing our newest correspondent, Pat. Our gaming days goes back to WarmaHordes before I relocated to Hong Kong for work and he was my regular sparring partner. Always a competitive player, Pat continued the chase in 40k. He knows the 40k rules rea…

CincyCon Tournament Results

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CincyCon was this Saturday and I played in the Warhammer Fantasy tournament. I ended up 1-2 and place 12th out of 26. I won the first round against Dwarfs, then lost against Empire and all Nurgle Demons. The Empire player I lost to won overall. Everyon…

March’s Local Tournament Results

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Another month, another Infinity tournament over at Victory Comics in Falls Church (on the 2nd Sunday of each month). This time around we skipped scenarios and went mainly by killpoints – with overall standings determined by the sum of what units you ki…

Corsairs Complete!

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At last, my Corsairs are done! Painted, Quickshaded, matte sprayed, and based.Next step: The Bloodwrack Shrine. I already have some preliminary work done on it. Still trying to figure out what colors I want the chariot to be. In the mean time, here’s a…

Battle Review: 1,250 Tournament with CSM

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Yesterday was a 1,250 Warhammer 40K tournament at an LGS and I brought along my Chaos Marines, Disciples of Twilight. I have been working out the list I want to bring to Fratris Salutem, a 40K event in a few months, so I wanted to try a scaled down ver…

Irish Warmachine/Hordes Masters 2014 – Day 2 Photo Dump

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Again – no editing and no filtering!

Until next time,

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Irish Warmachine/Hordes Masters 2014 – Day 1 Photo D…

Irish Warmachine/Hordes Masters 2014 – Day 1 Photo Dump

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Unedited and unfiltered …


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Getting Tournament Ready – Working on Corsairs

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So, I have finally started on my Dark Elves for the Tournament coming up on March, 22nd. I have a lot to paint. A. Lot. To. Paint. However, I finished 7 Dark Elves today, so that’s a good thing. Well… “finished”. They are base coated and ready for Qu…

X Wing 2014 Store Championships – Singapore

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Yesterday was probably one of the largest turnout of players for X Wing the Tournament in a long time. Granted I have only been to 3, but it was massive. So large that we had a Swiss format at the end. We had to play 3 qualifiers, 1 at Quarter Finals a…

Disciples of Twilight: 1,000pt 40K Tournament List

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I’m getting ready to head out to a 1,000pt 40K tournament at my LGS this morning and thought I would share the list I’m trying out. I don’t normally post my lists, though I do occasionally in my Battle Reviews, but I’m pretty ex…

Battle Review: My First Kill Team

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Last night at my LGS we played a Kill Team tournament. This was my first experience with it so I was excited to see how the new system played out. I brought a really simple list. Hell, any list is really simple I guess when you have 200pts and restrict…

Army Showcase – Tau with Daemon Allies

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This is the first in the series called Army Showcase. In this series, I have asked each of the boys in the ABO Crew to come up with a 1850 list. This list can be either competitive or fluffy as each player has his preference of playstyle. Most of the b…

Dropzone Commander Invasion 2014

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For a change this weekend I ventured out of my house and went to a gaming tournament. Dropzone Commander has been one of my favourite games for some time now and as Invasion 2014 was only a hour or so … Continue reading →

X-Wing Tournament

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I did not manage to get in a game of 40k this week but instead took part in the local X-Wing 100 Point Tourney held over at Gamersaurus Rex. Brought a list I flown twice so did not really expect to do that well. Ended finishing either 5th or 6th but go…

Steamroller 2014 Scenario Cards…

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I’ve come across two different sets of SR2014 Scenario Cards and put them on up in the  Downloads page. Also be sure to check out the custom SR Player Record Sheet. They are a bit more efficient since you won’t … Continue reading

Tournament Report: Disciples of Twilight @ 1,500

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This past Saturday was a 1,500 40K tournament. I decided to try something different and bring along a Khorne heavy force. The list is here but bear in mind it was built for fun, not optimized competitive play. I wanted to get a Land Raider in my list t…

YAMS "Share 4, Keep 2" Tournament Results – January 12th, 2014

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Infinity – Separating the men from the boys.My monthly tournament at Victory Comics was this past Sunday, and – BOOM! We finally managed to hit 8 participants. It’s actually a bit lucky we didn’t get more ’cause apparently Sundays are starting to get c…

Set Phasers to FUN

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“qoH ‘Iv ngor legh HIv tel vup jIH!”Evening allMyself and the boys spent an entertaining day down in Hockley at TableTop Nation for some Attack Wing action. Rich was running the tourney with Mr C, Ian and Shado playing and myself making up numbers, whi…

Post Tournament look back (40k)

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So last weekend as you will know I attended my first ever 40K tournament, at The Outpost. For those that missed here is my LIST.. So quick run down of the event set-up. One day event with 3 games following 3 different scenarios (for interest you can re…

Standish Standoff 3: Tournament Hangover

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The day after these big events I feel like I’m hung over. It’s well worth it though. The day was awesome. It began at 9am with entry into the Bronze Spawn, the painting competition, and by the time I managed to pack up and head out it was 9…