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Kasual’s Daemons of Chaos For Sale!

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I’m not leaving the great game of warhammer, I’m simply consolidating. I love this army, but I feel like it is complete and time to move on painting, hobbying, and competitively speaking. My loss is your gain! Come take a…

Summer Tournament Diet

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By Matt MacKenzie

With warmer weather, a growing list of things around the house that need your attention, do you have time for tournament war gaming?

Read on and find out how you can still get the most out of your competitive spirit during the summer!

There comes a point where sometimes you have to look at the busy life you lead and wonder if you have the time to fit it all in. Once the winter blahs are gone and the sun of Spring turns into Summer sweat, playing games indoors may not be on your radar. Playing tournaments present problems all on their own. Long weekends, vacation time, and spending time with family, it all plays a part in your ability to get away with your army and crush your opponent on the virtual felt.

Simple things in the winter, like painting and preparing your army might be a little harder to do once the warmer weather rolls around. Maybe you have a deck to stain or a tree fort to build instead!! Put down the brushes!

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Keystone Trophies!

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Just the two of us

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Hello people,

As a variation to the recent Infinity theme myself and Nigel G, aka The Dark Destroyer, took a trip to Dunstable for 5 rounds of flying casual. As a challenge we swapped regular roles Nigel runing a swarm while I went with a two ship build of Soontir Fell and Admiral Chirpy both loaded to the gills.

I’m more than happy with Soontir and have had previous success with the decimator. It’s a bit of a notorious net-list which I would normally generally avoid up curiosity won out. Despite having experience with both elements I felt shorn of my  customary swarm.

In short I ended up with a 100-nil win, a 100-nil loss, two close losses and a nil-nil draw which supports the belief that even net-lists need to be well flown.

Generally I know where I went wrong and what I forgot at times. I flew Soontir well but I kind of had to as I let Chirpy died too quickly too often, though dice did play their part at times. I’d been advised that with two ships ALWAYS play the safe option but a few moments of red mist proved crucial.

Overall it was good to give a two ship list a go. It increased my understanding playing with and against such lists, the day was pretty much dominated by them. I can see why Decimators have dropped down the meta list which itself makes me want to see what I can do with a similar list. Kenkirk has done well for me previously as has the Pope-Mobile so there are a few options

We can make it if we try ☺

Slowburn Month 2: 2v2 Games Day at ITE Central

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It is the end of Month 2 for the Slowburn League at Titan Games and this time we had the opportunity to participate in a Games Day. This was held in conjunction with the Campus Game Fest held over at ITE Central. Starting at 12PM, we broke off into groups of 2. Owing to the size of the venue, each 2v2 grouping only had 4×4 play space. It was a little cramp but overall it turned out excellent. 
Keeping the games simple, these were the rules we played to:
  1. 500 points per player. This army must be fully painted with completed bases.
  2. Armies should be composed using detachments or formations found in the main rulebook or faction specific books.
  3. Two Rounds of games with random pairing per round (i.e. you will be playing with a random player each Round). Pairing will be drawn out of a hat.
  4. You will be playing two of the six Maelstrom Missions from the main 40k Rulebook. The mission will be randomly determined on the actual Games Day itself.
  5. The pair will score and are treated as one individual throughout that pairing.
  6. The pair will nominate a Warlord for that Round and declare it to the opponent.
  7. For the duration of the pairing, both players share Maelstrom Mission Victory Objectives and Points.
  8. Faction restrictions remain the same (e.g. Come the Apocalypse remain Come the Apocalypse – all restrictions remain).
  9. Power Dice for the Psychic Phase will be determined based on 1D6 and this will be shared by the pair.
  10. For the purpose of the 2v2, the pair will use the Tactical Mission Objective cards instead of the faction specific cards.
  11. Win: 3 points, Lose: 1 point, Draw: 2 points. Tie breakers are determined using the difference in Maelstrom Mission Victory Points so do keep track of your round scores and report it to the Organizer. 

The Participants were:
1. Wei Ming
2. Samuel Kan
3. Mark Ong
4. Edward Goh
5. Austin
6. Timothy Dorville
7. XY
8. Charles Lee
9. Raymond Tan
10. Marshall Sim
11. Rico Chia
12. Melvin Cheng
13. Alan Maybury
14. Tze Min Lim

With 14 players, it meant 2 players had to duke it out as a 1v1 which turned out to be excellent. It created a scenario where you need to bring balanced lists! 
Here are some pics of the event and some of the games I played in. 
The first mission was Contact Lost, forcing us each to capture Objectives in order to generate more Tactical Objectives
My first match up was with Charles and he brought Grey Knights. Our opponents were Alan and Defeng who played Dark Eldar and Imperial Guard. It was a close game and at the end, we lost by 1 VP! If that Drop Pod had survived, we would have secured Line Breaker and drew the game! 

The table to my right had Rico (Necrons) and Sam (Nids) paired up against Marshall (IG) and Edward (Chaos)

More games at the back with White Scars by Zim vs Necrons by XY. Not too sure who were the others. 

Rico as always pulling out best painted stuff! So sickly sweet! 

We played on Table 1 and this was aptly named. We kept rolling ones.

Glorious last stand by Librarian Xavier (Charles Xavier, get it? X-Men reference right there)

After consolidating the results, YC (whom I have to thank for the excellent job of creating a powerful spreadsheet with Defeng to monitor the results) put us into our next pairs. I was teamed up with Tim and played against Alan (AGAIN!) and Marshall.

The second mission was The Spoils of War, where each side will “share” Secure Objective cards, effectively allowing you to “steal” the opponents’ Tactical Objectives.

Tim and I decided to play the Refused Flank strategy and went for the objectives from turn 1.

Behind me, Zim was playing with Melvin and Charles was teamed up with Defeng

First Turn

This game was extremely hard fought with the game going strong early. I have found a new hero in my list and he will be getting an Honour Roll for his armour. His name is Hiron and he will be promoted!

Brother Hiron’s unit disembarked from his Drop Pod together with Sergeant Gorro. It was deep in enemy territory and he had a desperate mission. Gorro opened fire on the Chimera hidden behind the ruins and managed to take it out with his Combo Melta. Subsequently, the Guardsmen realised the threat and opened up on the unit, taking everyone out except for Hiron. Brother Hiron threw himself through the wall, punching through the broken door and came face to face with the enemy Warlord. Picking himself up, he fired with his Bolt Pistol and let out a resounding shout to the Emperor and charged right in. Sanguinus was with him that day. He struck true and felled a Guardsmen. The enemy was caught surprised by the moment and having seen what the embodiment of the Emperor could do, quaked in their pants. The enemy Warlord would have no more of this and fled the battlefield. Brother Hiron picked himself up, leaped up to take cover in the ruins. Mission was a success. 

Brother Hiron’s actions managed to secure the Tactical Objective twice and scored my team 3VPs for Slaying the Warlord. A true hero.

Brother Calistus joined up with the Wolves to provide some good Feel (No Pain). 

After tabulating the scores, the top scoring players were Tze Min and Edward. Tze Min came out as numero uno due to VP scores while Edward came in 2nd. Marshall came in 3rd.

It was an awesome day. Not only we managed to play with different people, but the hall was full of other gaming goodness. I hope you guys all felt the same way too!

750 points for next month! I will be working my lists to play at the 1000 point Games Day we will be running at the end of Month 4 so stay tuned! 

Social Tournament Review

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Last sunday, a few amigo’s from the Netherlands fought three rounds of X-wing battles. It wasn’t a great official tournament, but for me, it was one of the most fun tournaments I’ve had. Even though I had to leave half way because of a family matter. The thing of this tournament, was that we didn’t…

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Beared-itorial – Summer Slapdown Tournament report

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Another tournament at the grid completed, another great 3 games played. Have to admit I was not looking forward to the event because I just didn’t like the mix of strategies and schemes on offer. But in the end my opponents made the day a great one so results/games didn’t matter in the end and […]

Lock & Load: Outpost Germany

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Last weekend the first Lock & Load event in Germany was hosted in Frankfurt. For me as Warmachine/Hordes noob this event was clearly positioned in another world. Both in costs and players level :) Nonetheless I followed the discussion on the german Warmachine/Hordes forum and it really sounded as if the German distributor and the especially the organisers put in a lot of heart-blood to make the first of its kind a big bang and show that it pays out to do something like this in Germany :)
If you are interested in the games, they made a playlist of the main games which they also streamed on Twitch:

To give you a little impression of the event, Dominic from Phantasos Studio made a short video:

And on the German Brückenkopf Online, you can also find an article with some impressions of the event.

The only thing I am a little bit sad about is that you couldn’t get the limited stuff on the shop from Privateer Press because as soon as they went online, the shop went down for 2 hours or so. Seems like too many people wanted to have this insane plush shredder:

As said, this is only collecting various stuff I found concerning the event, but I thought that maybe some of you missed it and are interested.

So long,

Summer Slapdown – Pre-tournament rundown

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So here are my pre-thoughts about the tournament I am attending on Sunday at the Gird. To all those attending this may or may not be a bluff on my part… Round 1 – Turf War, Standard Deployment Nice and easy start, get in the middle and stay there. I really enjoy Turf War mainly […]

Event Recap: Come As You Are

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Last weekend, I ran an event at Huzzah Hobbies where the players just showed up with dice and a tape measure, and played pre-set armies on pre-set tables with pre-set scenarios. The goal of the event was fun – get people playing with armies and toys that they don’t get to play with very often, and hopefully do something new.
To facilitate expanding up to 16 players (after last year’s 12), I enlisted the help of three invaluable “Bringers”, who provided a pair of armies. My sincere thanks goes out to Jon Baber (with the help of Wally Johns), Tim Grimmett, and Bob Evans who stepped up to that role.
First up we have Dirty Jon’s 29th Infantry attacking a German security force in a town in Hold the Line. Jon was not able to attend the event, but Wally Johns was nice enough to bring Jon’s armies up from Richmond. In this scenario, the Germans won all three games. It was later determined that the village the Germans defended, in addition to taking three strands of wire, made for a very tough attack for the trained Americans, although two of the American players were overheard saying “If I had only done XXX….”

The 29th had the support of a pair of 105 Shermans as well.

Most players opted for three barbed wire from the PSV, but one took the minefield option.

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Dead Man Walking

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So this weekend I decided it might be fun to wander down to one of my local games clubs for a Warmachine tournament. This was unusual in a number of ways; firstly I haven’t played in a tournament in about … Continue reading

To All the Tournaments Screwing with 40k Restrictions

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Not that I have a dog in the fight, ’cause I truly don’t. Just felt this meme to be of good use given the current anti-direction in 40k.

Strap in….it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

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Hello people,Bit of a busy week culminating with the X-Wing Regional tourney at Milton Keynes run by the rock solid guys at Guardians of Tyr.I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting too much from this one in terms of results. This was mainly because I w…

Beareditorial – Grumblin Gremlin Tournament Report

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So that was Grumblin Gremlin at the Grid. My first time at the Grid and its a fine little gaming area, I would imagine can be cold in winter as with all these industrial park units. But with the hosts being Scottish I doubt complaining would work ;) So how did I do? well in […]

Grumblin Gremlin Tournament Pre-Report

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So Sunday I will be going to the a malifaux tournament down at the Gird in Doncaster. As appears to be the norm we know the strategy and schemes prior going into the tournament. As I write this before the tournament I thought it would be interesting to have my thoughts about them and what […]

Death’s Heads Gallery

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I’ve taken some pictures of what I have finished so far for my Empire army and created a gallery here on the site. Only thing missing is 10 more knights who I didn’t take pictures as they wouldn’t all fit…

I Miss My Uncle Charles Y’all

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The Nerdhammer boys congregated in the frozen tundra of Horseheads, NY for the Xroads Spring Break GT 2015 this past weekend, and as always it was as interesting as it was fun. The whole crew made it out on Friday evening,…

X-Wing software tools part 2: tournament software & analysis

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This is part 2 of a multi-part series about software tools for FFG’s X-Wing miniatures game. Part 1 can be found here. Tournament software Running a tournament may sound like a simple thing to do, but computing standings and match-ups using the margin of victory (MOV) system FFG wants us to use isn’t trivial, especially…

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Tournaments, like a non-meta Boss

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If you are a regular here, you might have noticed I don’t really care for competiveness play. I prefer the Star Wars Theme. Still, there is something to be said about playing in a tournament. Especially, if the top squadrons don’t have the run-of-the-mill-copy-paste-from-the-interwebz-lists. I stumbled across a tournament played in the cold, dark city…

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Big Ships Rarely Tire

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Hello people,Yesterday myslef, Mr C, Dave T and Hadrian T rocked up at Lost Ark for thier X-Wing Store Championship.I’m a big fan of Lost Ark and have always had a good day out with them. With a field of 24 it was a more laid back event with a number o…

Dunkirk Spirit

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Hello people,Project Dunkirk, aka the miracle of the small ships, set out on a major offensive yesterday as myself and Mr C attended Dark Sphere’s Store Championship. The day consisted of 6 rounds amongst a field of 44 players.I was trepiditiously runn…

Let’s Paint! Episode 1

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Dark Side Points

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Hello people,Another weekend, another X-Wing tourney and myself and Mr C headed up to Chelmsford Bunker for four rounds of laser tag in space.I had been determined to get away from the souped up 360 meta and was looking to get some time in flying a min… Presents: The Blarney Brodown!

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St. Patty’s day is approaching, laddie, and that means The Blarney Brodown will be upon us! That’s right, another one-day event hosted by the crew, at The Adventurer’s Guild in Harrisburg. This time around, we’re throwing ETC comp into the…

Rob’s Bullet Points #06

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Got my Thanquol Book and model, along with the Skaven dice yesterday. I find it humorous that the Vermin Lords in the End Times are less expensive than the crap-tacular one we have in our actual Army Book. The story…