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Habemus Rumble!

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        Este é um artigo bilíngue. a versão em português está mais abaixo no texto. +++ Hello Reader.   Today’s article is just to finally, and properly, announce we are having another “Rumble in the Jungle” this year.   “Rumble in the Jungle II – The Mission” is happening on the 23rd […]

Battle Report: Astra Militarum and Grey Knights vs. Salamanders

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Round three! Yet again I was using my 1000 pts list, and this time I was teamed up with Grey Knights and pitted against Salamanders.
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Event Report: Adepticon 2016 Battlefleet Gothic Tournament

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Greetings! This is a little bit later than I had intended, but hey, it’s only been two weeks, right? Anyway, back on 3 April, I played in the Battlefleet Gothic tournament at Adepticon. This event has been something I’ve wanted … Continue reading

Kingdom of Men vs. Kin KoW Battle Report #03

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My Kingdom of Men take on some Kin in a tournament practice game!

Adepticon Coverage Part Two: Top 8 Lessons Learned

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A quick rundown on the 7 most important thing my team mates and I learned at Adepticon this year.8- If you are making a display board, make it light. Unless you are going for best display, just keep it light and simple. (see coverage part one to see wh…

Event Report: 2nd Schaumburg Prime Offensive

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One week ago, I had the honor and privilege of playing in the 2nd Schaumburg Prime Offensive, which was the Firestorm Armada tournament held at Adepticon 2016. Format The tournament consisted of 4 rounds. Players were permitted to bring two … Continue reading

Battle Report: Astra Militarum and Craftworld/Dark Eldar vs. Tyranids

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The second round of the tournament saw me pitted against my Tyranid ally from the first round, alongside a new ally fielding blended Craftworld and Dark Eldar.
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Battle Report: Astra Militarum & Tyranids vs. Black Templars & Knights

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I recently attended a small invitational tournament with an unusual format: each player had to bring both a 1000 pts and 2000 pts army list with the same Primary Faction, and each game was a three-player battle with a single 2000 pts player battling two 1000 pts players. Read on for the first of three battle reports for this event.
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Tournament Report – AusComp 1850

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I recently went to an 1850pt tournament with my Harlequins army, and brought the following list.Masque Detachment3 x Lvl 2 Shadowseers3 x Harlequins troupes with one Dedicated Starweaver2 x FA starweavers1 x VoidweaverFaolchu’s Blade Formation2 x 4 Sky…

Byes Don’t Count

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Hello people,Now I’m not religious, stay with me, more vaguely spiritual in a karmic sort of way. The reason mention this is because it’s a fitting segway from my last post about being up in the nosebleeds.Yesterday a bunch if us headed down to Warboar…

Life on the NET # 11

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Hello people,So, back down to Warboar yesterday for my third Store Championship and the best day of competition Netrunner that I’ve had to date. Running tweaked NBN Sparks and Criminal Ken I scored 7 Prestige across five rounds, only blanking in the fi…

Hero for a Day! A Warhammer 40K Marathon

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Roll up, roll up, crazy Warhammer 40,000 players of all ages, to (possibly) the greatest show on Earth!
Welcome once more, wargamers and hobbyists to Creative Twilight, where today I have decided to forego my usual philosophising on this hobby of ours,…

40K Narrative Event – Creating the Planet and Moon

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I had a couple requests from people to show how I turned a soccer ball into a planet for the 40k Narrative tournament I ran at Waaaghpaca.  Well, despite what people thought – it wasn’t a soccer ball…The planet was actually a half sphere from Ho…

Hope and Faith

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Hello People,There’s been a bit of gnashing and wailing at a number of X-Wing top tables recently due to a perceived narrowing of competitive build options. This has been off the back of the recent prominence of Rebel Regen lists that hit you…

ETC in Prague

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Last week ended for me quite surprisingly with watching the livestream of the European Team Championship event in Prague. The event consists of 3 team tournaments in Flames of War, Warhammer 40K and most likely the last time this year Warhammer Fantasy Battles. It is paired with the ESC (the Singleplayer Championship) which I didn’t follow.
“Bastion” or “Saper” had a really big bulk of equipment in Prague and made an awesome coverage of the event on Twitch. At the moment it looks like he is uploading the matches and stuff on his Youtube channel, so if you are interested please pay him a visit.

I was quite fascinated because I already lost interest in the GW games but the presentation of the event and the nice mixture in the reporting kept me looking and returning to the stream.

The Flames of War table which was shown was absolutely fantastic and looked more like a diorama than a gaming table. It is only shown partially on the picture stream of the events Facebook page but you can guess how the whole thing looked like:

Flames of War

The stream itself is full of random geekiness and tournament impressions so it is worth a look.

This year Germany dominated in Warhammer 40K and achieved a new points record and  took home the first place. Also in Warhammer Fantasy Battles the team placed first (after some unbelievable close final matches) and in Flames of War they achieved a respectable 9th place. Congrats to all of the players and also kudos for playing in those rough conditions. It was extremely loud and roughly 40°C without working AC.

For the next year there is already a discussion taking place what game they will take instead of WHFB. Kings of War is handled here as follow up, which would be quite cool.

Hope you enjoyed and have a good start into your week!

So long