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Almost like battle reports… /Prawie jak raporty bitewne…

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Modele służą do grania / Models are for playing games    

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2v2 Batrep – The Danse Macabre

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A storm was gathering above the planet Gerexus, making it hard to differentiate friend from foe. Many parties had previously fought over the bountiful rewards on offer, with few being able to claim absolute victory. As the walls of reality weakened, ar…

2v2 Tournament Part 1

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So after finally painting and working on my army for the past 2-3 weeks, it was time for the actual tournament. Daryl is my buddy and he brought a beautifully painted army. It’s a 2v2 tournament with no repeat formations.Here is my list:Skyhammer …

1945 LW FOW Tournament – Feb 18th "The Final Hour" – Kirwan’s Game Store

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The end of V3 is fast approaching, as many regular readers of this blog are aware.  And with it comes a possible end to many lists and models we held dear.  In an effort to say our final goodbyes to a version of the rules many of us loved dearly over the past 1/2 a decade, Chris Johnson (my arch enemy) helped put together a tournament up at Kirwan’s Game Store. 1945pts LW, 3 rounds, beginning at 11am.

Below – Chris Johnson and a raffled off German Panzer Army for EW.  Everyone started with one ticket, but each loss earned you another ticket. (very good idea)

My List: I debated a lot about what to bring.  I decided on something I could never get to work.  I had only played them once, at 1425 pts and they were the worst list I ever brought to a tournament.  I should have known better at the time, but there it is.  What is over pointed like crazy? What is a fast tank? What has the stink of the oddly non-synergistic British rules about them… guessed it.  Comets.

My List – Nachtjager
British Motor Company (which for some reason is an Infantry company)
HQ – 2 white scout cars with cmd and 2ic
1 – Motor Platoon (cmd MG team + 3 MG teams w/ piat and lt mortar) (6 stands)
2 – Motor Platoon (full)
3 – required scout platoon (3 UC’s)
4 – Wasp platoon
5 – AT guns 6pdrs
6 – mortar platoon
7 – 4 comets
8 – 4 comets

for a grand total of 1945 pts.

First Round – Joey Laderoute from Blackmoon Games in Lebanon NH

I missed the chance to play him last tournament so I was glad I got a shot this time around.  He brought American Tanks, Jumbos and Easy 8s, and an assortment of other trained armor. He reasoned that in V4, Easy 8s were dead, and Jumbos wouldn’t be nearly as good. He attacked, since I was an infantry company.

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Fulda in Fredericksburg: 2017 Team Yankee Nationals

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Now with Cold Wars 2017 behind us it is time to turn our attentions to Historicon 2017 and the first ever Team Yankee North American Nationals also known as “Fulda Gap in Fredericksburg”.
Here are the details
GMs: Mitch Reed ([email protected]) and Brian Sullivan
Cost: Free!!!
Date/Time: 14 July 10am – 8pm Arrive at 9:30am to register.  Players who do not check in by 9:45 may have their spots taken by a player on the stand by list.
Three 2.5 hour rounds.  100 Points. All official lists from Team Yankee (including Afghansty), Leopard (including Panzertruppen), Iron Maiden, and Volks-Armee will be allowed.  All forces will be fully painted.  We have spots for 120 players and we will make a stand-by list if the tournament fills up. Each participant will get the Wolfgang’s Bratty Wagon objective for free for playing in the tournament.

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North American Yeam Yankee Nationals; 14 July 2017

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With Brian Sullivan
First of all, let me fill you in on some big news; WWPD and Battlefront will be hosting the first ever Team Yankee North American Nationals on 14 July 2017! The event will take place during Historicon 2017 in Fredericksburg Virginia. So, this post serves as “save the date” for all of you that have been looking forward for a huge Team Yankee event and we will be posting a series of “Tournament Organizer” articles to keep you informed over the next few months.
We will be working with Brian Sullivan, who will be the POC from the Battlefront side of the house and I will be the POC from WWPD.
Right now, we have so many details to work out;
Points totals? Will 100 be too much? Is 80 the sweet spot?
Scoring? Do we use an alternative scoring system to have a definitive winner in 3 rounds?
Prize support? Well with Luke doing this I am sure it will be something great!
So, since we have more questions than answers right now please hold off any you have until we have firmed things up. Until we can get the event into the PEL for Historicon we will not be taking any sign-ups, so stay tuned to and we will drop more info as it becomes available.
We want to make this the biggest and best Team Yankee event ever! So come join us for “Fulda in Fredericksburg 2017!”

[email protected]

“Why We Fight” and “On the Road” Podcasts 

Steamroller in February…

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I started to run a monthly Steamroller Tournament that requires being fully painted and based. It’s been great putting some fire under people’s asses to finally paint up their models. It also helps create a mental deadline for themselves to … Continue reading

The Portal’s World at War Tournament – December 10th 2016

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So I begin by apologizing to Chris Kadish and My friend Karl, as well as the folks over at CT Valley Gamers for not getting this typed up sooner.  My laptop died a horrible death right after this tournament and then I waited for its replacement to arrive well into the new year.  After that, I had to chaperone 20 kids into NYC for a 4 day field trip….bottom line, this AAR dropped down on my list of priorities.  Moving forward however, I expect I will be a lot faster with these reports.  Since my new computer doesn’t randomly shut down and erase all I was working on.

Without Further ado….
The Portal in Manchester CT, has played host to a few FOW tournaments over the course of the past year.  and I’ve been lucky enough to attend two of them.  Chris Kadish, TO organizer and man about town, helped put this one together.  A doubles tournament with 2000 pts per team, and some restrictions on combinations. (no fortified companies for example) drew in quite a few teams.  Due to some friction over criteria for lists, a few teams from up North had to drop (when their ride decided against going.)  But we still wound up with 6 teams, and 12 players, which was more than enough to have fun moving our toys around the table.
Below, Chris, wondering why I am taking this picture.

Below: Some photos of the tournament area and some of the folks setting up.

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Episode 15

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In Episode 15, Andy and Greg are back INNNNN SPAAAACE! Joined by Damion from the Hot LZ podcast, in the first segment they take a look at the background history and factions for the Dropzone/Dropfleet universe, created by Hawk Wargames. … Continue reading

Tables From Last Weekend’s Infinity Tournament

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We had another one-day, three round Infinity tournament this last weekend, our first of 2017. We had two players come over from Vancouver on the ferry to play with us, which was awesome, and while we only had eight players total it was a good event overall. I did the terrain for two of the … Continue reading Tables From Last Weekend’s Infinity Tournament

Event Report: Dropfleet Tournament

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Greetings! Yesterday, I played in a Dropfleet Commander tournament that was held at Huzzah Hobbies in Northern Virginia. This was my first opportunity to play DFC, and I was eager to get my newly painted United Colonies of Mankind (UCM) … Continue reading

Organising a Guild Ball tournament

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At the moment I am organising and getting ready to run the Athena Spring Open ’17 so I thought I would do a piece about running a tournament, over the last four I have learnt quite a lot, both on the playing side and on the organising side of tournaments. Probably the most important part … Continue reading Organising a Guild Ball tournament

Kings of War Tournament Warm Up

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So with 52 days to go until the Clash of Kings Tournament in March I thought it might actually be a good time to get my head in gear in try playing a game of Kings of War, what did this game throw up, well firstly I am woefully unused to playing Kings of War […]

Clash Of Kings- Organised play Supplement for Kings of War

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Mantic now have on pre order a new supplement for Kings of War. The newest book will help you in setting up any Organised play games for Kings of War. This will be a must for any club members looking to run events with in their club, and I have mine on pre order. Mantic hope … Continue reading Clash Of Kings- Organised play Supplement for Kings of War

The Blood Angels list I would take to LVO (if I was going)

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I am not going to LVO, but if I were, here is what I would bring (and who knows… planning on NOVA…)BA CAD- 825HQ: Brother Corbulo- 120HQ: Techmarine- 95: Servo Arm, Auspex, Servitor (Servo Arm), Servitor (Plasma Cannon) (WARLORD)Troops: Tactical Sq…

Analysis: State of the Metagame 2016

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As the year draws to a close, let’s review the current health and trends in competitive 40k, and look ahead to 2017.

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