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Hope and Faith

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Hello People,There’s been a bit of gnashing and wailing at a number of X-Wing top tables recently due to a perceived narrowing of competitive build options. This has been off the back of the recent prominence of Rebel Regen lists that hit you…

Guild Ball: Butchers progress

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Just some painting progress, at the time of writing I’ve got 3 nights of painting left to get these guys done for Saturday’s tournament. Currently I have Ox, Princess, Boar, Brisket completed. Shank and Boiler are practically there too but they have a few last touch ups to be made. The more pressing issue is […]

Chaos Marches to War and Returns with Support

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Saturday my FLGS held a 1,650 Warhammer 40K tournament, and I had brought along my Chaos Space Marines, Disciples of Twilight. It’s a list I had been practicing with for the better part of the previous four weeks. I set myself the task of stickin…

Life on the NET # 9

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Hello people,It was the second double of the New Year as I pretty much moved into Warboar for the weekend with 6 games of X-Wing and 4 rounds of Netrunner today.After a long day and late finish yesterday I was putting the decks together before sunrise …

Road to Invitationals

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The GREX Invitationals are coming soon. Due to Christmas and travels, I was not able to participate in the recent 1000 Point tournament Rookie Rumble that Jason attended. But the tourney chat really got me pumped for the next one. While I am planning f…

Fear and Loathing in Nottingham

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It’s mid-October when a Gmail notification pops up on my white Galaxy s5 notifying the top eight members of the Northeast Warhammer players, congratulating us on qualifying for the annual Master’s tournament in the one and only sin city, Las…

1000pt Tournament Report – Rookie Rumble

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  Welcome, my friend. Sit yourself down,And meet the best Shadowseer in town. Seldom will you see, a tale that’s spun by me; A story of such glory, in which you’d want to be….. Took part in a 1000pt Open organised by Grex ove…

2016 Batman Tournament Cards Appearing

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Over the last few days, the 2016 set of Batman tournament cards have started to appear.You can see the first ones on and far we have Zur-En-Arrh Bat…

Disciples of Twilight (Chaos Space Marines): 1,650 Tournament List

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The January tournament at my FLGS will be 1,650. As we (the players), always tend to do, once we know the points limit we start…
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The Sprit of the Season

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Yesterday myself and Nigel squeezed in a final day out flying casual down inWoking.I pulled another respectable 3 and 2 with a vaguely experimental triple Black Sun Ace toting Crack Shot with TLT / Bossk Palob. It was fun to fly but really needed to wi…

The Tale of a Tournament – A Time of Legends

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Welcome my friends, come see a show that never ends. Step inside, step inside, do we have a tale for you tonight. Settle down by the fireside, and listen as we spin you a story of an era, with dashing heroes, victims and villains, and acts of uncommon valour. Ah what an age it was. A time of legends!

Our tale begins with a star crossed band of adventurers, finding kinship with a group of exiles from the Craftworlds. These adventurers on the Hero’s Path, A Solitaire, a Death Jester, and a Shadowseer, were accompanied by both living and dead, Farseer and Wraithknight. Look closer at the fire, and you may even see their faces in the sparks.

The Shadowseer had mastered a unique aspect of Phantasmancy, being able to summon images so real that unfriendly eyes experienced what they believed to be true with full force. Most commonly, he created images of the Great Devourer, for what race had no fear of such creatures? They came to call themselves the Phantasms, defenders of the defenceless, and avengers of the weak.
Attended my very first competitive tournament, and what an eye opener it was. Brought a list with many psykers, and for backup, there was a Wraithknight, along with two flyrants. It’s actually possible that the army was the smallest one at the tournament. Going into the tournament, I only hoped I wouldn’t get tabled.

The motley Troupe of the Phantasms, along with their conjured pets.
Our intrepid band first made landfall on the Maiden World of Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamatea­turipukakapikimaunga­horonukupokaiwhen­uakitanatahu, on a continent of fair green fields. 
Sadly, this paradise was despoiled by a group of invaders, clad in pitch black with heads wreathed in eldritch fire. Yes, you at the back there, I know you take issue with such a description of your finest warriors, but that was what they were. Our valiant heroes thus strode forth, with the Shadowseer weaving his magic and the Wraithknight making a glorious charge. 
With wrath burning in their hearts at the desolation brought by the Mon-keigh, Psychic Shrieks, the Ghostglaive, and the enemy’s imagination put paid to their force, with phantom brainleech worm devourers destroying tanks and warrior alike. The final blow was dealt by the Wraithknight that came to be known as “Virtue” destroying his Imperial counterpart with a single deathblow.

Yes, the name of the Maiden World is actually a real place (go Google it). My first game was against an interesting mass ObSec list, run by a really cool and friendly guy, Lum. With 3 Vindicators and a Knight Crusader, his list certainly wasn’t lacking firepower, though it did lack anti-air. Final score was 32-24, though he only had a Drop Pod and some scouts left. Highlight of the game: Lum’s assault marines flaming my Warlord’s squad, killing one, and making him run off the table after i rolled a double 6 for Leadership and 6, 5, and 2 for my fall back distance. Pfft. Aren’t Farseers supposed to be made of stronger stuff?

Lum’s army, with some really cool conversions.
Look at those helmets!
My army, with the Mucolids in DS reserve.

Interesting choice of bringing Assault marines with Flamers.

Not so interesting. He flames and kills off one bike, before making the entire squadron run off the table.

But predictably, the Wraithknight rampages through his battle line.

Well then, that was a suitably bloody first act, but the Phantasms remain relatively unscathed, thanks to the…. discretion of our bold leader, who chose to leave the field of battle. With the Maiden World secure, the itinerant wanderers moved on through the webway, reappearing on the desolate world of
Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch. Don’t ask me how I pronounced the name, human tongues could never replicate that. 
The cause of this desolation was obvious, the walking metallic dead known as the Necrons. Their vehicles in particular proved themselves impenetrable against all sorts of psychic shenanigans. Through the arcane technology of the Necrons, many of the Phantasms found themselves blinded and surprised when a sudden dark cloud heralded the appearance of a giant squad of Immortals, escorting their deadly leaders. 
Though Virtue the Wraithknight and the nameless Solitaire did their best, slaying both the enemy leaders in a glorious sweeping advance, both Farseers fell in battle that day, and had to be borne away to lick their wounds. This left an important waystone in the Necron hands, and nobody knows what fell intentions they had for that piece of magic rock. What’s that you say Mr. Phaeron? You are innocent of these charges? Who is the narrator here?! Audiences are so hard to please these days…
The world name above is again a real world one, go figure. The second game was against Daryl, who came down from Malaysia with his Necrons. In an interesting twist, he brought a Destroyer lord with an overlord and a large squad of immortals in a Decurion. Made a really stupid mistake here, I parked the Wraithknight on top of the 5VP relic, but when Daryl’s deathstar dropped in in my rear corner, I moved off it to chase that Deathstar! Brain fart. I should have just abandoned them in the corner with my superior mobility and run off to get linebreaker or something. Final score was 18-15, though getting beaten by an army this good looking is never a problem.
Deployed in Vanguard Strike, hiding from all that Gauss. The Relic is the blue counter in the centre.

Necron Deployment, pretty agressive. See that squad of Tomb Blades?

What Tomb Blades? First Blood to the Phantasms! A really bad set of rolls sees the Tomb Blades wiped out.

Daryl eventually tied for Best Appearance with our very own Rico, and you can see why he gave Rico a run for his money. Look at the converted D-Lord and Overlord!

They obviously don’t like Psykers very much.

And all in Rapid Fire range.

Terrible mistake, brought the Wraithknight back to kill off the Deathstar but gave up control of the Relic.

The combat that never ended, this Farseer held up 4 Tomb Blades till the WK came into clean up.

A weakness of my list is that I didn’t have anti-vehicle. Nothing could take down those Ghost Arks.
Retreating through the Webway, the Runes called our bedraggled heroes through to a final showdown on the Crone World of Pekwachnamaykoskwaskwaypinwanik, where interlopers had gathered, perhaps to steal Spirit Stones for themselves. Lo and behold, there stood dark reflections of their Craftworld Kin, perhaps the Warp was up to its usual tricks? The Phantasms quickly spread themselves out, the better to collect the glimmering Spirit Stones.
These Eldar were a mighty force, with Distortion weapons and scatter lasers aplenty. Dark times looked to be ahead for the brave souls that fought for the Phantasms. Nevertheless, like the heroes they were, each and everyone fought to the last.
The Seers tried hard to scare and rip at their opponents minds, while Virtue tried to cover ground as he found himself out of position. Twin beams of warp energy left the Wraithknight slumped on the ground, dragging itself back to the safety of the Webway, while the survivors scattered to the four winds. Three bikers heroically held on in close combat against a soulless abomination, only succumbing to the multitude of attacks when more of their warp-spawned reflections charged into the melee. 
The superior firepower eventually took its toll, and soon only one Farseer remained, to oversee the withdrawal of the reeling Phantasms. As he looked back, he reflected on what they had come to the Crone World to do, and permitted himself a slight smile. They had taken the enemy’s measure, and despite their losses, the brave bikers had managed to secure many of the precious spirit stones. With a final glance, the lone remaining Phantasm blinked out of existence into the Webway.
The final game was against Gerard, who brought Eldar with a too many scatter bikes to count, a lot of D-Weapons, and an Allied Culexus. Needless to say, this was going to be a painful matchup, given my reliance on the psychic phase and near total lack of shooting. 
I made a terrible mistake with deployment here, as the pictures will show. I was too far away to do anything with my Death Jester, Solitaire and Wraithknight, and despite getting First Blood and Slay the Warlord, I would not be able to do much else. In hindsight, knowing my lack of shooting, I should have charged across the field to get up close and personal. Final score was 11-12 loss for me, and if I had deployed better, I daresay I would have been able to pull at least a draw off. Still, it was a great game against a friendly player, and a fitting end to the tournament.

My deployment left my WK with the entire battlefield to cross. Bad idea.

Compensated by using my flyrants to kill off his jetbikes and Slay the Warlord!

A wild Culexus appears! The jetbikes manage to heroically hold him up for most of the game.

One flyrant dies to shooting and the grounding test.

Just chilling out chatting with ol’ Cully here. Why are those dark green tree trunks in the background moving towards us?

Oh. They’re not tree trunks.

My Wraithknight tries to get across the battlefield to do some damage.

But the deployment mistakes hurts me terribly. He gets hit by two D-shots and fails both saves, getting ingloriously wiped out without doing a single thing.

This would be all I had remaining at the end of the game. Those white bikers are about to die, as is the Flyrant.

Gerard would roll two 6s in a row to kill the Flyrant with a single D shot.

We come then, dear audience, to the finale, and I applaud you all for staying with us thus far. Heroic last stands and crazy charges abound, and our brave Phantasms now bid adieu, exiting stage left. It has been a pleasure performing for you tonight ladies and gentlemen, and I wish you all the very best.

Overall, I managed to sneak into 11th place out of a field of 26, which I considered pretty respectable for a newbie. Despite the two narrow losses, all three games were really exciting. Barring many bad decisions and some poor rolls, I could have gotten a couple more VPs and maybe sneaked in another win. Now to consider what else I could add my list, or whether to move away from all those leadership shenanigans.

Thanks to Grex for organizing the tournament!

Tournament: Choose Your Own Adventure

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As we are all painfully aware, GW does not support competitive play with any kind of sanctioned tournament system. And all too often, the attempts of amateur tournament organisers to ‘improve’ 40k with their own custom missions results in player confusion at best, and broken events at worst.

In this post, we’ll examine what we really want to achieve with tournament missions, and propose an alternative mission set for competitive play.

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Life on the NET # 5

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Hola!So, myself Rich and Alex headed over to Leisure Games on Sunday for our next step up in Netrunner tournament play. LG have a monthly tourney capped at 20 players so we were expecting something of an increase but still a pretty laid back event…

World Championships are over!

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It’s always difficult to write concerning big, premier tournaments. If you have been reading this blog, you might have noticed I’m not a tournament player. Far from it, and it makes it that more difficult to give your own opinion about lists that have been used. But, never the less, there are some pretty good…

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Baltimore Brawl 2015 Photo Dump and AAR

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The 2nd Annual Baltimore Brawl has come and gone, and much like the delicious catered BBQ lunch I couldn’t get enough. Well, actually, I didn’t get any BBQ, but I assume that’s just ’cause it was so delicious. And so, too, was the 40-man tournament a blast! A gallery of all the pictures I took … Continue reading Baltimore Brawl 2015 Photo Dump and AAR

Seeing RED

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Hello people. Yes, getting back into the habit now.

Yesterday was another trip up to Milton Keynes for the final round of Gaurdians of Tyr’s X-Wing 2015 calendar.

I took the Khiraz / Scyk list again, primarily as further playtesting, and was once again pleasently surprised to go 3-2 for tenth place :) I’ve now firmly established that formation flying and firepower is the way to go. Using a slow roll up one board edge I look to disrupt my opponent’s formation and try and force the engagement on my terms. Patience is key and when did look to force things, to establish what the list can’t do, recovery was difficult. Lesson learned!

One of these was the first game, which was always going to be a vicious joust as my opponent also had three PS2 Khiraz. I deviated from the target priority I knew I should have chosen and paid dearly for it. One way dice didn’t help but they had just been varnished the night before.

Prize support was excellent as always but I’m particularly pleased with my little Death Star tin that from now on will contain my Stress and Crit tokens :)

On that note I’ve also finished up a TIE Advanced and a pair of Punishers. Fora bit of variety I’ve gone for a reversed scheme that will also feature for my TIE FOs, especially as I now own a full dozen of the little buggers.

All together that’s another 12 Painting Points. I noticed the other day that I’m on for a very lean year in that regard. I think that’s more because of my shift in gaming over the last year, not only towards X-Wing and now Netrunner but also because I spend more time playing. I felt kind of sad but Infinity is going to be my main painting outlet and has only really been around since the summer. I want to clock up some more points but it’s time, I need to make better use of it 😉

For a further seemless segway I fully intentionally picked up a can of white spray yesterday. You can see it on the right next to my impulse purchases 😲

The store, Wargames Workshop has added a merchandise and comics section which were far too good to pass up. I could have been far far worse but resisted the Boba Fett shoulder bag and the more obvious Star Wars bobble heads.

I’d been tempted to pick up an Imperial Assault bantha rider for some time and I’m a long time Battlestar freak from my very early years. With this kind of stuff I often prefer the more niche stuff that you have to know about to understand. Slight geek snobbery I admit.

I’m also a part time comics geek. I’ve had a 2000AD subscription for many years now a days have a few trade paperback lines that I pick up regularly. I’m a big fan of the British scene so the pre Watchman mini series was always going to be leaving the store with me. Another blog topic is forming from the mists………

And there we are all caught up! It’s another busy geek week on the cards, plenty of Netrunner, but I’m setting an Infinity painting target of the Doctor and Engineer.

Little steps!

Chaos Space Marines: 1,850 Tournament List

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I apologize for kind of spamming lists lately. I get this way before a big tournament. The tournament, Standish Standoff, is in two weeks and…
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Last March of the Titans – Tournament Report

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This weekend was one wrought with ups and downs but thank goodness for 40k! Patrick organised a 1500 point tourney to herald the farewell to our gaming den, Titan Games. This would be a bittersweet tournament. The vibe was contagious. Everyone bro…

Khorne Daemonkin vs Word Bearers – 40K Battle Report

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Flesh Hounds in Combat

At my LGS we’re all getting ready for the 1,850 tournament next month. I brought my revision of my Khorne Daemonkin list I posted the…

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First Tournament impressions: Last March of the Titans

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I recently attended my very first tournament, the Last March of the Titans, and what a blast it was.The event was part of the closing down of the our regular gaming haunt, which is really a pity, but everyone of us arrived with the clear intent of havi…

Take Two – Khorne Daemonkin 1,850 List for the Standoff

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Khorne Berserker

I put up a list earlier in the week that I was considering taking to the Standoff, a 40K tournament in a few weeks. I…

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Infinity in the Jungle

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Somewhere along the way the default tabletop setting for a game of Infinity became “futuristic urban/quasi-urban environment”, which is as true of most of our tables locally as it is anywhere else, but the game does have a full and interesting set of terrain rules and even tries to include things like zero-g, hazardous environments, … Continue reading Infinity in the Jungle

Crossing the Streams

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Hello people,

Just a quick one. After a long week at work I made the ,as minute decision to head up to Lost Ark today with Alex for some casual Pew Pew action. A dozen of us turned out for four rounds. Other than one TLT spam and a Hilbots everyone was playing nicely and I took the opportunity to run something a bit different in 3 Khiraz, 2 Mangler Skyc aka 20 Second Squadron.

I’ve run it a couple of times and wanted to try the tactic of hugging a board edge to draw in my opponent before turning in on them to choose engagement. I also wanted to keep them all together as much as possible to maximise firepower and use their 5 K-Turns.

In short it, and I, performed better than I expected taking four strong wins to place second. The loss was against Super Poe Swarm which went undefeated when my otherwise hot dice went cold and I made the mistake of chasing Poe. Otherwise I flew well, especially against the TLT spam which was rather pleasing.

For my prize I chose a Netrunner Data Pack, The Universe of Tomorrow, as I’m pretty happy with the list. The Khiraz, not sure of the plural, have been undercoated and promoted to the head of the painting queue.

Result 😊

Permission to Land

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Hello people,Shock, horror yet more X-Wing on Sunday  but this time with something of a twist. Event supremos Gaurdians of Tyr ran the inaugural UK Team Championship. Enfield Gamers entered a team amongst a field of thirty two teams.The format was…

Batman UK Event – Winners, Charity Donation and BEST Photos (Image Heavy)

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Yes, more photos of the event. But also the winners, rankings, charity raffle total and best photos yet!
(Click photos to view larger)

On the day, a Bat-Raffle was held and some Bat-Cake was sold and this raised and AWESOME £150 for our Little Heroes Charity Fundraiser. Huge thanks to all involved for that! There’s still time to take part yourself as well if you want.

OK, Onto the winners.

1st – Liam Callebout
Titan Bane, Deadshot, Dallas, Mohawk, Smash, Prisioner 4, Prisoner (tube)

2nd – Martin Jennens
Harley Quinn (80), Mr Hammer, Deadshot, Worker, Punker, Bragg, Asker, Harley thug

Joint 3rd – Kris Burton
Batpod, James W Gordon, Alpha, Bravo, Delta, Gotham Policeman, Gotham Policewoman

Joint 3rd – Rob Smith
AK Joker, Riddler, Firefly, Sniggering, Contra-Auguste, Clown (shield), 3x Clown (knife), Paviliion A Subject

4th – Will Ward
Nightwing, Azrael, Huntress, Black Canary, Female cop, Alpha

All other players final standings-
Daniel Mashford
Kieren Swift
Andrew Hawkes
Sam Dale
Ian Alcock
Peter Bradley
James Balderstone
Jack Middleton
Peter Rees
Callum Richies
John Humpage
Martin Garbino
James Hinton
Kieron Mulholland
Christopher Bremner
Jack Glanfield
Steve Yates
Matthew Malcomson
Thomas Froh
Simon Glass
Pete French
Tom Williams
Robert Gibney
Richard Beever
Chris Ladson
Chris Norvall
Matthew Tillyer
Chris Sutherland
Warren Lee
Matthew Betts
Jane McKinnon
Richard Turner

Simon White

Finally, some amazing photos from Chilled Monkeybrains. Photographer for the day.