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Slave to the Darkness?

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Evening All!So…4 games with 3 Z-95 Headhunters and 2 Y-Wings. Expecting to take a battering I somehow pulled three wins and ended up spending the final round on the top table. I did then take a bit of a pasting, despite giving a decent game, and drop…

Kasual’s Crossroads GT Fall 2014 Battle Report Round 4

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More High Elves!

Lessons Learned: My Chaos Space Marines

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Yesterday was a 1,650 tournament at my FLGS. As usual, I played my Chaos Space Marines, Disciples of Twilight. I had not managed to play in any monthly tournaments for a past few months so I was looking forward to it. Over the past few months I have sl…

Kasual’s Crossroads GT Fall 2014 Battle Report Round 3

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The blue warriors!

Kasual’s Crossroads GT Fall 2014 Battle Report Round 2

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We seem to have a pirate issue!

Labor Day Weekend – Rockwars Prep Tourney

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Panoramic view of my basement during the tourneyShows all 6 tablesSince Rockwars was such a unique comp system I decided that a prep tournament was in order.  My wife and child were planning on leaving for Labor Day weekend to visit in-laws so I f…

2014 Fall Crossroads GT: Army Gallery

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Here’s a collection of some of the great armies and models people brought along to Crossroads Fall GT this year. Some really great stuff and some really original ideas, conversions, display boards, and much more. This was a spectacle and…

Rob’s 2014 Crossroads GT Recap

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The Nerdhammer crew traveled to Elmira, NY for Crossroads GT this past weekend. This is a 120 player 2500 Point GT organized by Corey Reynolds, a USA Masters player. Corey does such a great job organizing this tournament. Everything runs…

Nationals Review: The Netherlands

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Sunday, the 7th of September the X-wing Regionals for The Netherlands were held within de Tafelridder in Leiden. I was on the scene, rolled some dice and shot some scum. Here are the lists that were used, the upgrades that were purchased and the positions every player with list held at the end of the day!…

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Star Wars X-Wing Tournament: Tough Choice

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Vick organised a 100 point tournament with an interesting twist. You bring two 100 point lists and your opponent gets to choose which one he wants to play against. You choose one of his lists as well. No duplicated unique pilots in either lists. You ca…

Building my GP Utrecht deck: Fanatic of Thraxes

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Well, in little over a week I`m off to go and battle in the GP Utrecht in The Netherlands, and the format is Standard, at the time I`m writing this.  But it will be a few more days before this actually pops up on this blog, as I needed to put it t…

40k Tournament of the Champions: An Imperial Knight Joust!

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So we had a big Imperial Knight Tournament, which was a custom 40k ruleset that created one of the most fun 40k Events I’ve ever been involved in.  The rules were fairly solid and I’m excited to do this again someday in the future.  I took as many pictures as I could, towards the end […]

Dropzone Commander Tournament Rules

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Hawk Wargames recently (July 1st) released a PDF with tournament rules support for DZC. It was a quiet release, only showing up in a news post on their forum. You check out the forum post which contains the link for the free PDF file. The PDF has scori…

Resistance is Futile….

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Evening all,A few of us from Enfield Gamers headed down to Marquee Models (MM) in Harlow for their first Star Trek: Attack Wing Organised Play (OP) event otherwise known as the Tholian Web. MM had 8 players booked in but only 5 rocked up. Between mysel…

Singapore X-Wing Regionals 2014

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So what have I been up the past few weeks? Besides work and real life, it was practicing for the Regionals. Held at Gamersaurus Rex, we had a small contingent of Malaysian players who turned up as well. Unfortunately I could not take many photos a…

June YAMS Tournament AAR

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After an almost overwhelming turn-out for last month’s tournament that stretched our little store to its limit, we shrank back down to our usual size this month, which is roughly the size of our regular gaming night plus a couple of others visiting fro…

Old Line Massacre – Apocalypse

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Thanks for your patience, here is a huge dump of photos from the final day of the Old Line Massacre, the Apocalypse game. Each player fielded roughly 3,000 points and the variety of infantry, vehicles, and super-heavies was very impressive!On the Trait…

Old Line Massacre – The Tournament

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Well, I’m glad so many of you enjoyed the look at the last post, Old Line Massacre – The Armies. Here are a few more shots from the Tournament. Most of these are from my games as it was tough to break away from the action and shoot other games, but I t…

Old Line Massacre – The Armies

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This weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Old Line Massacre, a Horus Heresy event arranged by a few friends of mine that brought gamers from Richmond, VA, to Providence, RI, all the way to Glen Burnie, MD. My FLGS, Dropzone Game…

davetaylorminiatures 2014-05-30 11:00:00

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Despite having built my Admekrepairrume almost 18 months ago, I didn’t really get started on painting it until the beginning of this month. This meant that a model that should of had countless hours lavished on it received only enough work to get it do…

Mechanicum – Krios Venator Tank Destroyer – Overhauled.

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So, I’m pretty sure I’ve decided to go with my own Krios Venator Tank Destroyer for the Old Line Massacre this coming weekend. Yes, it will be the only piece of armor in my arsenal, but apparently the big gun is quite nasty, so if I can get a round or …

Mechanicum – Thallax Special Weapons

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Continuing work for the Old Line Massacre : )When FW first released the Thallax warriors, I quickly ordered three pack of three, unsure of exactly how special weapons would integrate into the squads. Once I’d seen the rules for them I decided to paint …

"Eye of the Storm" New Edition Launch Tournament – 6/14

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Technical DetailsLocation: Games and Stuff, Glen Burnie, MDDate: June 14th, 2014Entry Fee: $10Prize Support: 150% of entries collected redistributed as prize support amongst first, second, best painted single unit, and a consolation prize given to the …

Mechanicum – Myrmidon Secutars stand ready.

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Preparations for the Old Line Massacre continue apace. This week I’ve finished off these kit-bashed Myrmidons that you may remember from this post HERE. I’ve also wrapped up a couple of other models too, but I’ll post about those later.The jury is stil…

CVC Bakersfield: Tournament Report

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This is a tournament report for a Steamroller I ran back in September of 2013, as well as a status update on what I’ve been up to lately.