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Adepticon Coverage Part 5: Zone Mortalis Tournament (with lists)

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I really need to finish covering Adepticon don’t I? Sorry, life is crazy busy sometimes.Having played Necromunda on Thursday night and waiting for the 40k team tournament on Saturday and Sunday, I had to fill up a Friday. I thought about the 40k friend…

Veteran Instincts

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Hello people,I went up to Lost Arc in Stevenage yesterday for the first time in a while for an X-Wing Spring Kit. There was another Spring Kit at Warboar with a bigger, more challenging field but I knew Lost Arc would be more relaxed with plenty of guy…

Trials and Tribulations

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Hello people,I’ve got rather out of the habit here. I shall make amends, to myself at the very least. You have been warned :)Yesterday was the X-Wing Regional up at Milton Keynes run by the eve excellent Gaurdians of Tyr. As previously mentioned this o…

Habemus Rumble!

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        Este é um artigo bilíngue. a versão em português está mais abaixo no texto. +++ Hello Reader.   Today’s article is just to finally, and properly, announce we are having another “Rumble in the Jungle” this year.   “Rumble in the Jungle II – The Mission” is happening on the 23rd […]

Battle Report: Astra Militarum and Grey Knights vs. Salamanders

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Round three! Yet again I was using my 1000 pts list, and this time I was teamed up with Grey Knights and pitted against Salamanders.
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Event Report: Adepticon 2016 Battlefleet Gothic Tournament

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Greetings! This is a little bit later than I had intended, but hey, it’s only been two weeks, right? Anyway, back on 3 April, I played in the Battlefleet Gothic tournament at Adepticon. This event has been something I’ve wanted … Continue reading

Kingdom of Men vs. Kin KoW Battle Report #03

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My Kingdom of Men take on some Kin in a tournament practice game!

Adepticon Coverage Part Two: Top 8 Lessons Learned

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A quick rundown on the 7 most important thing my team mates and I learned at Adepticon this year.8- If you are making a display board, make it light. Unless you are going for best display, just keep it light and simple. (see coverage part one to see wh…

Event Report: 2nd Schaumburg Prime Offensive

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One week ago, I had the honor and privilege of playing in the 2nd Schaumburg Prime Offensive, which was the Firestorm Armada tournament held at Adepticon 2016. Format The tournament consisted of 4 rounds. Players were permitted to bring two … Continue reading

Battle Report: Astra Militarum and Craftworld/Dark Eldar vs. Tyranids

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The second round of the tournament saw me pitted against my Tyranid ally from the first round, alongside a new ally fielding blended Craftworld and Dark Eldar.
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Battle Report: Astra Militarum & Tyranids vs. Black Templars & Knights

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I recently attended a small invitational tournament with an unusual format: each player had to bring both a 1000 pts and 2000 pts army list with the same Primary Faction, and each game was a three-player battle with a single 2000 pts player battling two 1000 pts players. Read on for the first of three battle reports for this event.
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Tournament Report – AusComp 1850

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I recently went to an 1850pt tournament with my Harlequins army, and brought the following list.Masque Detachment3 x Lvl 2 Shadowseers3 x Harlequins troupes with one Dedicated Starweaver2 x FA starweavers1 x VoidweaverFaolchu’s Blade Formation2 x 4 Sky…

Byes Don’t Count

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Hello people,Now I’m not religious, stay with me, more vaguely spiritual in a karmic sort of way. The reason mention this is because it’s a fitting segway from my last post about being up in the nosebleeds.Yesterday a bunch if us headed down to Warboar…