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Grumblin Gremlin Tournament Pre-Report

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So Sunday I will be going to the a malifaux tournament down at the Gird in Doncaster. As appears to be the norm we know the strategy and schemes prior going into the tournament. As I write this before the tournament I thought it would be interesting to have my thoughts about them and what […]

Death’s Heads Gallery

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I’ve taken some pictures of what I have finished so far for my Empire army and created a gallery here on the site. Only thing missing is 10 more knights who I didn’t take pictures as they wouldn’t all fit…

I Miss My Uncle Charles Y’all

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The Nerdhammer boys congregated in the frozen tundra of Horseheads, NY for the Xroads Spring Break GT 2015 this past weekend, and as always it was as interesting as it was fun. The whole crew made it out on Friday evening,…

X-Wing software tools part 2: tournament software & analysis

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This is part 2 of a multi-part series about software tools for FFG’s X-Wing miniatures game. Part 1 can be found here. Tournament software Running a tournament may sound like a simple thing to do, but computing standings and match-ups using the margin of victory (MOV) system FFG wants us to use isn’t trivial, especially…

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Tournaments, like a non-meta Boss

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If you are a regular here, you might have noticed I don’t really care for competiveness play. I prefer the Star Wars Theme. Still, there is something to be said about playing in a tournament. Especially, if the top squadrons don’t have the run-of-the-mill-copy-paste-from-the-interwebz-lists. I stumbled across a tournament played in the cold, dark city…

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Big Ships Rarely Tire

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Hello people,Yesterday myslef, Mr C, Dave T and Hadrian T rocked up at Lost Ark for thier X-Wing Store Championship.I’m a big fan of Lost Ark and have always had a good day out with them. With a field of 24 it was a more laid back event with a number o…

Dunkirk Spirit

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Hello people,Project Dunkirk, aka the miracle of the small ships, set out on a major offensive yesterday as myself and Mr C attended Dark Sphere’s Store Championship. The day consisted of 6 rounds amongst a field of 44 players.I was trepiditiously runn…

Let’s Paint! Episode 1

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Dark Side Points

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Hello people,Another weekend, another X-Wing tourney and myself and Mr C headed up to Chelmsford Bunker for four rounds of laser tag in space.I had been determined to get away from the souped up 360 meta and was looking to get some time in flying a min… Presents: The Blarney Brodown!

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St. Patty’s day is approaching, laddie, and that means The Blarney Brodown will be upon us! That’s right, another one-day event hosted by the crew, at The Adventurer’s Guild in Harrisburg. This time around, we’re throwing ETC comp into the…

Rob’s Bullet Points #06

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Got my Thanquol Book and model, along with the Skaven dice yesterday. I find it humorous that the Vermin Lords in the End Times are less expensive than the crap-tacular one we have in our actual Army Book. The story…

Kasual’s Kouncil ETC List V.1.0

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In no way is this an original list, but you may have heard me say or read an article about the Empire army I’ve been toying with for…way too long. It was always about the Death’s Heads halbardiers I’ve been…

Rob’s Bullet Points #05

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We only have about 12 spots left for The 2015 Keystone GT. Check it out on our events page! So formations are now a thing in WHFB, or so it seems. It was a battle scribe release, so I doubt…

Empire ETC List v2.0

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After some deliberation and some play testing, I have decided that Karl Franz is not worth his points. Ld 10 with 18″ inspiring presence and the D3 wound Runefang is great, but he still dies easily in combat. Here is…

Kasual’s Winter Wars Round 3

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My Daemons of Chaos vs. Phil’s Empire! NH Civil war!

Dwarf ETC List v1.0

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Hey all! Still undecided about ETC and which army to take. Was playing around with a list after discussing with Buehner. Here is what I came up with: Runesmith, Spelleater x 2, Rune of Furnace, Rune of Stone Runesmith, Spelleater…

Army List: Mechdar Tournament Retrospective

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So with another tournament behind me I thought I would recap some lessons learned and consider some possible improvements to my Mechdar army list. Given that my current hobby focus is on my Astra Militarum army, I will be looking to make improvements that do not require any expansion of my current collection.
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Kasual’s Winter Wars Round 2

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My Daemons of Chaos vs. Orcs and Goblins!

Battle Report: Mechdar vs. Footdar

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Round three, here we go! The final game of the day saw me matched against yet another Eldar army, this one a colourful mixed bag of units rather than an optimised onslaught of mechanised firepower. This mission was the most conventional one of the day, with VP for five Objectives (three Crusade and two Emperor’s Will), kill-point differential and the three standard Secondaries.

You can see my list in my round one battle report.
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Kasual’s Winter Wars Round 1

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Battle Report: Mechdar vs. Mechdar

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Round two saw me mirror-matched against another Mechdar army in a progressive scoring table quarters mission. Check out my previous posts for the short version and full version of my army list. With nine Wave Serpents in play, this game was going to be brutal!
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Battle Report: Mechdar vs. Triptide & Knight

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This weekend I attended a small invitational tournament with my Eldar. This was a 1750 pts tournament with minimal army list restrictions (no Unbound, points-limited Super Heavies) but some poorly designed custom missions that I believed warranted some list tailoring. The abridged version of my army list was:

Autarch with Jetbike and Mantle

Fire Dragons in Serpent

Dire Avengers in Serpent

Dire Avengers in Serpent

Dire Avengers in Serpent

Crimson Hunter

Crimson Hunter

Crimson Hunter

Night Spinner

Void Shield Generator

Pretty standard Mechdar for me, but with the addition of a Night Spinner that I thought might be useful in the tournament missions.
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BIG day out…..again

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Hello people,Today was yet another trip out with Mr C to play a bit of X-Wing. This time out it was down at Wayland Games / Tabletop Nation for a three round tourney followed by a 60 point big ship bash.Rocking up I decided to run my Lock-Jaw list:TIE …

Great Batman Articles on Cheaphammer and Crits Kill People

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Over the last few weeks there have been some great articles out there about the Batman Minis Game from Knight Models. Some of the best have been on two blogs. Cheaphammer and Crits Kill People.I thought I would share a few of my favourites on here.&nbs…

Army List: Mechdar Tournament Tailoring

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I’m taking my Mechdar to a 1750 pts tournament this weekend and I’m still yet to finalise my list. Contrary to popular belief, there is actually a little more to building a good Mechdar army than “spam Wave Serpentz and profit”. While multiple Serpents will obviously form the core of a competitive Mechdar list, the supporting elements and force multipliers you choose can make a big difference to the overall strength of the army. But even more important is how you tailor your generic list to the unique requirements and idiosyncrasies of a specific tournament format.
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