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Trash Bash 2013 – The Computer Mouse Battle

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Full details and rules of this years Trash Bash competition are now available here. Last year I built an entry – the Imperial French Aeronef le Louis Daguerre, for full details see this post.I am still undecided as to whether I will enter thi…

The Imperial French Aeronef Le Louis Daguerre

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Over the last month I have chronicled the development and building of the large French Aeronef, Le Louis Daguerre, see;Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five and Part Six for the on-line modell…

TRASH BASH 2012 – The Results

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Roebeast’s TRASH BASH 2012 competition results are now out. See this linkMy own entry, The Imperial French Aeronef Le Louis Daguerre was not one of the three competition winners, but as you can see the entries were of a very high standard and I en…

TRASH BASH – part five

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Firstly – Happy St. David’s Day.  Today is the date when all entries should be in, see these rules for full details.  As stated earlier there is no reason why work-in-progress shots cannot be shown, but I feel teasers are best until…

TRASH BASH 2012 – part four

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This morning I e-mailed my entry to the Trash Bash 2012 modelling competition, see; this link for full details.The competition rules state that work-in-progress shots can be posted, but I feel that this would spoil the surprise! I have howeve…

Trash Bash 2012 – part three

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The French Imperial Aeronef Le Louis DaguerreUrgent MessageThe following telegraph message was intercepted and translated by HMAS Intrepid on February 6th at 0600.+LD 317 on routine patrol attacked by three uHCs STOP++No fatalities …

TRASH BASH 2012 – part two

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The French Imperial Aeronef Le Loius DaguerreA short historyPart two;The French inventor Loise Daguerre was instrumental in the discovery and development of what is today called photography. The Daguerreotype was a process of capturing black …


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I just couldn’t resist it!  With all the part painted miniatures and half-way completed projects on my workbench I have decided that I just have to enter the Roebeast TRASH BASH competition to build a ‘Scratch-Built’ model from a Sweet o…