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BLOOD BOWL – The Black Gulf Buccaneers are now painted!

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It’s always a pretty cool moment when you can plonk your painted minis down in front of the camera and record that they are complete. This weekend I was able to do that with my Black Gulf Buccaneers, the third incarnation of my most favorite Blood Bowl…

Terrain is everything – Hail the Omnissiah new FREE Print & Play building template

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I know Christmas and New Year has been and gone but there are still presents to be had and the 40kaddict thinks you’ve all been very good this year so please accept this gift as 2016 begins…This design is over 3 years old now but it is an absolut n…

Terrain is everything – ‘Tis the season to pick up your trees

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A few years ago I picked up a bag of model trees from Dobbies, our local garden centre [and craft shop]. They only have them in the run up to Christmas as they’re for making your own Christmas scene with miniature revellers and holiday nik-naks. I’d noticed other online garden centres stocked them also and as I wasn’t getting to go to Dobbies I did a search and they were 50% off on one store but I was out shopping and decided to buy it when I got home only for the last set to be sold…

I couldn’t stand to have lost out and found them again on sale at Dawson’s Department Store again at just £6.50 with £3.95 postage, so I ordered 2 set just for best value. It says there are more than 10 left in stock and at that price I thought I’d share so everyone can get a chance at a bargain. The set I got was 21 pieces from a company called Lemax. Clearly there’s at least two that are just a bit too big, they’re the same size as my 40k outpost that got bigger! but great line of sight blockers for a Trygon!
Of course they weren’t going to fit with my table so I decided to paint them – undercoating them all in Red Oxide primer and then repainting them in shades of yellow.
And here’s the finished result:

Building the British Airborne – Part 1

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Chapter 1 – July 2016

“I’m awfully sorry, but I’m afraid we will need to occupy your house” – Col John Frost – A Bridge too Far

“This is….Everything, 2 .30 cal machine guns, 11 Hawkins Mines, 17 grenades, two bazookas but we only got 8 rounds left, and assorted small arms.  We had a 60mm mortar, but an arty round took it out.  Might as well be spit wads if we run into some tanks.” – Saving Private Ryan

I’ve always been fascinated by the British Airborne’s campaign during Operation Market Garden.  The ambition of it, the audacity, the courageousness it took to hang on that long.  All the books I’ve read, documentaries I’ve watched, have made it a life’s goal to visit the sites in Holland and see it some day.  And I know it is a relatively competitive force in Flames of War. So I went about collecting it all. But I didn’t want to start assembling it or painting it before I was ready to do it justice.

So to paraphrase the quote above….here is everything….

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The Shadow Empire – Painting Terracotta Warriors

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Now that my  horde of terracotta warriors are complete, I though it time to put up a tutorial for how I painted them for anyone else out there who fancies painting animated clay men, or simply want to paint clay statues/urns etc. All the paints us…

‘nids part 205 – Acid spray and weapon options

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A bit of a push and I’m done, except for varnishing. I did the claw highlights, fleshy bits and veins all in the same sitting.I also did the Crushing Claws too. Prior to painting I decided to drill out the Acid Spray fo if I decided to make the spray. …

‘nids part 204 – Acid spray and weapon options

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Moving on and it’s the second set of bone highlights. Once again I’m reminded just how easy nids are to paint, I’m even painting in texture that isn’t there to entertain myself!Pretty much the entire scheme is this:BonewhiteChitinFleshy bitsClaws and t…

FKB 26 – Mój sposób na… / My tutorial

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Foto-instrukcja montażu Guai-Lo /Guai-Lo Assembly Photo Manual. 9. Guai-Lo gotowy do malowania / Guai-Lo ready for painting phase Zapisz Zapisz Zapisz Zapisz Zapisz Zapisz Zapisz Zapisz Zapisz Zapisz Zapisz Zapisz Zapisz Zapisz Zapisz Zapisz Zapisz Zapisz Zapisz

30K: Iteration two

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Continuing with my (re)discovery of the Horus Heresy I spent the weekend adding a bit more flesh to the bones of my 30K collection plans. A few legions have now started to bubble to the top as I’ve been considering and discarding those that don’t appeal to me as much from either …

‘nids part 203 – Acid spray and weapon options

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Progress is relaxed at the moment, just some washes on the Acid Spray. The unfortunate byproduct of taking it slowly is there’s not much to share with you guys, sorry.Ironically I’ll do what I feel is sufficient for the evening and sitll stay up till p…