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On the Workbench – Bolt Action Weapon Teams

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The Pirate Viking

Having got the Bolt Action bug quite hard now, I’ve started in on the Desert Rats I reviewed way back when. A few people who have seen them commented on the way I do the weapon team bases so I thought I’d share (given that I’d bought a machine gun to b…

The Port of Gierburg – Part 4: Dock Section II Ground Level WIP

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After completing the first section of my Port of Gierburg gaming table it is time to start with the second module. This one will be a lot more difficult and a lot more exciting. Due to its complexity I will handle the (under)ground level first and then…

‘nids part 153 – Project Z?! Gets some fixing

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With hobby time at a minimum thanks to my home improvements any progress is good news, although if I’m honest this is very little at all. It needs doing though. Project Z is requiring a lot of remedial action to fix certain elements together and cover …

Steampunk House – part 3

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If you’ve seen the previous two parts (part 1, part 2) of my Steampunk house build you will know that I’ve built the first two floors so far but not added anything that could be considered Steampunky. In this part … Continue reading &…

‘nids part 152 – MOAR Genestealers!

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Apologies again for the micro-blog but by now you know the reasons. Things are moving forwards but not in a productive sense. Instead I’m just ‘pushing peas around on my plate’. What i have done is get the Genestealers dipped ready for eventual paintin…

‘nids part 151 – Project Z?! Another mystery project

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Just a quick one. Project Z was one of my mystery projects on my Hobby Season To Do List, but what is Project Z – well, it’s a mystery! The funny thing is that although these very early magnetizing shots reveal very little no doubt there will be some w…

Painting Buddha Academy: PBCC released the first video in their series

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As you all know by now I am a pretty big fan of Painting Buddha and their DVDs. And they don’t stop surprising me! Michael, Ben and Mati did another masterstroke: They opened up their own painting academy and just promote it.If you want to know more ab…

Dark Angels – Techmarine – TO DONE!

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This is almost embarrassing, just a few days into my Hobby Season and I’ve completed something and already it’s ‘off list’. If I’m honest it was mainly done in 2013/14 season and in actual fact was completed 4 days before the new season rolled over but…

Tutorial: Easy Rubble Bases

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Hello all, This tutorial will show you how I make simple rubble bases.  The intent is to create something that looks like broken concrete or stone slab.  Other than the base there are three things you will need to create this base: Vinyl Composite Fl…

Tutorial: Easy Rubble Bases

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Hello all, This tutorial will show you how I make simple rubble bases.  The intent is to create something that looks like broken concrete or stone slab.  Other than the base there are three things you will need to create this base: Vinyl Composite Fl…

Dark Angels – 5th Company Ferron Task Force Deployment

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I now have 760pts of Dark Angels complete and despite the creative problems from the beginning with Dark Angels green I think I’ve managed to create a cohesive force. There’s all sorts going on colour wise but I think overall they’ve managed to at leas…

Steampunk House – part 2

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So welcome to part 2 of my articles showing how to build a steampunk house, if you missed part 1 you can find it here. Since last time I’ve finished off a few details on the ground floor, such as … Continue reading →

Ogre Kingdoms Commission Pt3

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Day three of the Ogre commission I’m working on! Can view the other parts here: Part 1 Part 2 Today I managed to get the fur done on both the Thundertusk and Stonehorn and also finish the Firebelly. Can see that my fire has improved a lot since t…

Ogre Kingdoms Commission Pt1

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So this week I’ll be mainly painting an Ogre Kingdoms are to go with The Empire army I painted as a commission last year. The Ogres will be in a similar scheme with the Reds, Yellows and Blues as prominent colours. They’ll be painted to my…

Dark Angels – Devastator Squad – TO DONE!

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Well that was a surprise, to finish these ahead of the new hobby season, still I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Of course the reason this happened is because I can’t really get on with anything else but it’s a win nontheless.Funnily enough I act…

Steampunk House

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In this series of articles I’m going to show how I scratch build a period building and then jazz it up to fit in with a Steampunk genre. Luckily where I live there are lots of old buildings from which … Continue reading →

Dark Angels – Devastator squad marking

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Day 1 of the loft conversion [last Thursday] brings with it all the scaffolding and having taken the day off to be ‘on site’ I do get to spend the rest of the day painting. I don’t think I’ll be able to justify that every day I’m home but it’s nice to …

Snow Basing Tutorial

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When I started my Chaos Space Marines army I did snow basing simple, using the Games Workshop snow flocked glued right to the base. It works, it’s not terrible but it’s not the most convincing snow either. I kept doing it that way until I s…

Terrain is everything – Hail the Omnissiah a new Print & Play building

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It’s been a good few months since my last ‘Print & Play’ terrain template and as the loft conversion is beginning my hobby and blogging exploits will take a back seat. Therefore, to tide you over I thought I’d release a new building skin. This tim…

GenCon Rerun! – Tutorials!

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We have over 1200 articles published, and it is very hard to pick just a few favorites.  But, you guys know I love a good tutorial!  So, while I am running around at GenCon, take a look back at some our best!Painting and Modeling Tidbits&nbsp…

Dark Angels – Watcher in the Dark – TO DONE!

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Aah, this wee little fella got done. Not sure why I was so keen to get him finished, he’s little to nothing in my army but I guess it just feels good to complete something.I went a little OTT on the yellow weed, just a tad more than I should have done …

Dark Angel Scouts Commission

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Quick small commission at the “Above Tabletop Standard”. A unit of 10 Space Marine Scouts of the Dark Angels chapter armed with Sniper Rifles and Camo Cloaks. I really like the Sniper scouts compared to the normal scouts. The models are a l…

Slaanesh Daemonettes Commission

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Well the facebook competition give-away is going strong with over 80 comments so far Also if you haven’t yet read it on the Facebook page, I’m now a full time commission painter. Hurrah! I have enough work booked for the following months t…

Scale Model Medic Chipping Effects

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This is an excellent introductory video from the Scale Model Medic.I must admit I have not spent much time developing my ageing effects for vehicles and scenics, but after watching this video I think I will have to give it a go…

Dark Angels – Mo’ missiles – Devastator squad missile launchers

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I’m actually really enjoying getting on with some Dark Angel action. What’s amazing is that I may well have 1,500pts done soon, after all my current units and the Aegis are complete. It won’t be a competitive list by any stretch of the imagination [the…