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Bolt Action: DAK converted Panzer III SPG

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15 cm sIG 33 auf fahrgestell Panzer III ausf. H

The 15 cm sIG 33 auf fahrgestell Panzer III ausf. H is a very interesting and unique vehicle. As far as I have been able to find there was only ever one of these frankensteins ever built. The conversion was done in the field by some resourceful German soldiers during the fighting in North Africa. The DAK’s need for mobile artillery was never really met by what it was sent from Germany, as such many diffrent ways were tried in order to make up this shortfall. The  sIG 33 auf fahrgestell Panzer III ausf. H was one such desperate measure, one of Rommels ”funnies”. It is believed that it was used by the German Afrika Korps Schützen-Regiment.200 (90 leichte Infanterie-Division) attached to the s.I.G Kompanie (Sfl.)708 between 1942-1943 and first saw action in September 1942.
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On The Desk – Creating a Lava Base Part 1

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Today I’m going to give a little step by step of making a display level lava themed base. As always with my project I use a mix of the knowledge I have gained from the community with some of my own flair by studying reference photos.I wanted a rock out…

Technique: Legion basing

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Along with the colour palette bases are one of the things that helps tie all of the units in an army together cohesively. For most of my 28mm gaming in the past I’ve generally followed the tried and tested approach of adding a texture, painting it a base colour then …