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Frostgrave Scenery Project 06

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Part 01, Part 02, Part 03, Part 04, Part 05 Nearly finished the detailing.I need to add a few more sets of ladders  to the tower and I haven’t decided how figures will get up to the first floor of one of the houses yet…The ladders are a bit fidd…

Frostgrave Scenery Project 05

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With the rubble pile finally set (the grout and PVA took a while to go off), I have given the base and rubble a coating of sand.I spread PVA glue evenly over the base, but added it in a much more patchy way over the rubble, hiding most of the grout but…

Star Trek Attack Wing Terrain Making

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While we prepare for our Fostgrave campaign we have been playing Star Trek: Attack Wing. It makes a good filler between bigger games and then pre-painted models make it even easier to get up and running.However, I still needed some terrain for the game…

Frostgrave Scenery Project 04

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 I am aiming for reasonably detailed  but playable, rather than highly detailed diorama quality. So this that in mind I have left the timber detailing and moved on to building the rubble piles around the ruined parts of the buildings.For most…

Frostgrave Scenery Project 03

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 Added a little more timber detail to the Wizard’s Tower.Beams underneath the floors…Some detailing around the doors. I also finished of the stairs to the main front door, hiding the sides of the foam core steps… Some simple framing for the wi…

On the Workbench: Bullet Holes and Broadsides

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Greetings one and all, today we get to riddle things with holes and set stuff on fire, ooooh yeah!

Y’see, I’ve been asked to do a trio of Broadside suits for a client and mercifully, he wanted them modelling distinctly "mid-battle". Dirt, grime, fired missiles and that can also mean, battle damage. Now this makes me very happy as grimy Tau are best Tau in my opinion. But it also made me

‘nids part 175 – Tyranid Void Shield Generator part 3.

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I could be showing you pictures of my updated Cerastus but I’m pretty sure you just want to see a Tyranid Void Shield Generator right now, am I right? Or am I right? Here’s the base, another spare piece of hardboard, this time from an old TV cabinet. I…

‘nids part 174 – Tyranid Void Shield Generator part 2.

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I really didn’t expect to do an update so soon but it turns out this bit was quite quick to do. The noodle pot handily has six little support struts underneath the rim. Although the VSG will only have 3 chitinous elements the battlements will have six …

Frostgrave Scenery Project 02

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Following on from Part 1.In my previous post I built the main structure of the the Wizards Tower. This time I am starting to add a little detail.I have used some spruce strips, they are stronger and more durable than balsawood, however balsa would be a…

‘nids part 173 – Tyranid Void Shield Generator part 1.

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 It seems the vaguaries of the Warp ate the first draft of this but I’ll persevere. My Tyranid Void Shield Generator concept has been around pretty much since Stronghold Assault came out and despite it being completely non-essential to my current …

Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: You’ve made your bed, now stick it in your dungeon! Making 28mm beds!

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Welcome to another Dungeons of Doom article, my attempt to cover pretty much every aspect of a modular dungeon build for 28mm dungeon crawling skirmishes and RPG. Further along with the furnishings of my dungeon build, as promised I’m taking on the subject of more 28mm furniture this time in the form of beds. Every […]

Frostgrave Scenery Project 01

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As I stated in my last post, over the next couple of months I am going to be building up a series of terrain pieces to use in our Frostgrave campaign.  I started by going through the rulebook and listing all the specific piece that are used in the…

Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Need storage? Help yours(h)elf! Creating Mini Shelves.

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Back again with more tiny furniture for your own Dungeons of Doom. This time we are going to tackle bookshelves. Again, this is not a hard thing to do, and does not require lots of time, money or effort. As well as the tables we talked about earlier, these beauties are ideal for showing off […]

Smoke and Flares

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This week I’ve been a bit busy so my gaming time has been a little short but I’ve found some time to make some flare markers for my Warzone Resurrection Bauhaus army. Of course you could use these for any … Continue reading

Battle for the Craftworld – Painting up the Librarian

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Well, it has been a little while since I plugged the NOCF 2015 Charity Army Raffles here on my blog, but today I get to do it and give you a couple of step-by-steps along the way : )If you want to buy tickets to win the Librarian pictured above (and th…

Vroom! Vroom! – Painting the Nux car (mini-tutorial)

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This week, as well as finishing off four other cars, I also painted up the Nux car. I was pretty excited to paint it, and was quite surprised how little time it took, even stopping between layers to take the photos.A few people have asked how I’ve been…

Otty’s scratchbuilt Tyranid Bastion

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You know me, I love Tyranid Fortifications and I obviously have strong views on them particularly those that claim they’re not something Tyranids would do – they absorb and mutate other life forms, steal their tactics and evolve to overcome them if you…

Warzone Sandbag Tokens

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In case anyone hasn’t noticed I’ve been playing a fair bit of Warzone Resurrection recently and in particular I’ve been fielding my Bauhaus army. One of the nice squad abilities for Bauhaus is Sandbag Equipment, which allows you to place … Continue reading

Over the hills…

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Continuing on the vaguely Napoleonic theme of my reading recently, I took advantage of the Warlord offer last month and picked up the Black Powder book with a free box of British Peninsular troops to have a go at painting as I’ve not ever tried paintin…

Halo: Painting the UNSC

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before I go any further, this is just one approach to painting the UNSC ships for Halo that I just personally prefer and shouldn’t be construed as being definitive as the end result is very much down to taste. I used a combination of airbrush base colours, brush highlights and …

Base Marking Jig

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I’m not sure about you but I find that an increasing number of games I play these days feature front and rear arcs. While it is all well and good to be gentlemanly about this, it’s usually a better idea … Continue reading

Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Starting at the bottom, Dungeon Floors.

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PART 3: The Base Board. As promised, here’s the next part of the dungeon build. This time we are going to be talking about making dungeon floors, more specifically a flagstone floor base board like the one in my own modular dungeon system. First off your going to need a large board as the base […]

Combat Weathering

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Well it’s been a busy couple of weeks and while I’ve managed to get a lot of gaming orientated things done they have all been little bits of different things and nothing has been finished. Despite that all I did … Continue reading

Hobbytipp: Wie ich Gesichter bemale

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Heute möchte ich Euch einen neuen Hobbytipp zeigen: wie ich Gesichter bemale.

Ich sage nicht, dass das hier die beste, einfachste, schnellste oder schönste Art ist, nach der man seine Gesichter bemalen soll, aber es ist die, die mir aktuell am besten gefällt.

Die Bilder habe ich versucht, extra so groß wie möglich zu halten, damit man den Farbauftrag auch erkennen kann.

Viel Spaß!

Also, fangen wir an. Wir brauchen zunächst mal ein paar Köpfe. Zur besseren Sichtbarkeit habe ich die jetzt mal auf Nägel geklebt, es geht natürlich aber auch direkt an der Miniatur. Die Köpfe wurden Grundiert, die Farbe ist eigentlich egal, in meinem Fall ist es Barbarian Flesh von Army Painter.

 Als erstes bekommen beide Gesichter zwei dünne Schichten mit Medium Fleshtone.

Wenn beide Schichten getrocknet sind, schattieren wir beide Gesichter mit Army Painter Strong Tone.

Das Wash ordentlich trocknen lassen, danach malen wir alles bis auf die aller tiefsten Vertiefungen wieder in der Grundfarbe nach. Ich achte hier darauf, die Unterlippe nicht wieder mit zu bemalen …

… denn diese bekommt gleich einen eigenen Anstrich. Hierzu mischen wir Rot und unsere Hautfarbe auf unserer Nasspalette.

Mit einem dünnen Strich verleihen wir der Unterlippe (und nur der Unterlippe) ein bisschen Farbe. Merke: auch bei weiblichen Gesichtern sieht es oft besser aus, wenn man nur die Unterlippe bemalt – dann auch gern in einem kräftigeren Ton.

Eines unserer Modelle hat einen Oberlippenbart, das andere soll einen leichten Bartschatten bekommen. Dazu mischen wir eine hellere Hautfarbe (die, die wir danach auch für die ersten Hightlights nehmen wollen – in meinem Fall Flat Flesh) mit einem hellen Grau, ich nehme gerne Medium Sea Grey dafür. Das ganze wird starkt verdünnt, damit die Farbe noch ein klein wenig Transparent bleibt.

Hier sehen wir dann das Ergebnis – ein gaaanz leicht Transparenter Bartschatten.

Als nächstes hellen wir die erhabenen Bereiche (Nase, Jochbein, Kinn, Ohren, etc.) mit Flat Flesh auf.

Danach machen wir weitere Highlights mit einem noch helleren Ton, ich nehme hier Basic Skintone. Man achte darauf, hier nur noch die aller erhabensten Stellen zu erwischen. Wenn man Augen malen will, ist jetzt ein guter Zeitpunkt, um die Augäpfel schon mal ein bisschen aufzuhellen, damit das Weiß besser deckt. Ich verzichte auch gerne mal auf Augen, aber der Vollständigkeit halber zeige ich das hier so gut es eben geht.

Jetzt geht es langsam dem Ende zu, das Kopftuch bekommt eine Grundierung mit British Red Coat Shade.

 Die Hautfarbe ist getrocknet, jetzt vorsichtig(!) die Augäpfel mit Matt White betonen.

Zum Abschluss setzen wir Pupillen, ich nehme dazu gerne Black Grey. Das Kopftuch bekommt erste Highlights mit British Red Coat.

Letzte Highlights und ein paar feine Striche für die Stoffstruktur mit British Red Coat Light und fertig ist das Kopftuch.

Den Schalenhelm grundiere ich erst mit Gun Metal und schattiere ihn danach mit Army Painter Dark Tone. Ich mag diese Helme und Rüstungsteile gern sehr dunkel, das erinnert mich an die dunklen aus dem Mittelalter und der Renaissance, was mir persönlich besser gefällt, als die Hollywood-Silberrüstungen, die man oft sieht. Aber das ist natürlich – wie alles im Leben – Geschmackssache.

So, das wars, fertig sind die beiden Gesichter.
War doch gar nicht so schwer, oder? :-)


Creating Objectives for Epic

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I originally published this article on Dropship in the 90’s and is part of the archives I brought across when the site was retired. As a result many of the images won’t be that high a quality by today’s standards. That’s progress for you ~ CW Objectives play a huge part …