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Making Sci-Fi Bases

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So I recently picked a set of new figures which were just too good to put onto a regular grit/sand base. Unfortunately a quick hunt through my mammoth box of bases didn’t turn up enough Sci-Fi bases of the right … Continue reading

Tutorial: Heat Staining Engines

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Tagline: Project Thunderbolt – build log part six and a half. 

Yeah, I know, it’s no "in space no-one can hear you scream" is it? Today, I present a mini-update because I realised that I had something that I could easily step-by-step and would take up a ton of room in another update. So a tutorial is born!

This is a surprisingly nippy technique, took about 15 minutes to do both

Rocky Beginnings – Part 3

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If you’ve been following parts 1 and 2 of this series you will know that I’m now into the final painting phase of my rocky outcrops. At the end of last week I had painted my rocks in a medium … Continue reading

Star Wars Armada: Painting the X-Wings

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After the success I had painting the tiny TIE Fighter squadrons for Armada, I figured I ought to have a go at the Rebel X-Wing squadrons as well. Whereas the TIE Fighters are pretty uniform and a simple monochrome palette of greys and black wash can bring them to life, …

Rocky Beginnings – Part 2

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If you saw part 1 of this post then you will know that I’ve been making some large rocks for my Dead Man’s Hand table (and others of course). This week I’ve been working on the rocks I carved previously … Continue reading

Laser Cut Shipping Container Build

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Last year I designed a shipping container kit so that I could build some terrain for my Across The Dead Earth games.I know there are already plenty of companies out there that produce shipping container kits, but none of them really worked for me. some…

Rocks Beginning – Part 1

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If you saw my last weekend post you will know that I’ve recently finished making a mine entrance for my Dead Man’s Hand board. This week I thought I’d make a start at some large rocks to give my board … Continue reading

NOCF 2015 – Drop Pod tutorial!

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A little while back I posted about assembling some Drop Pods for one of this year’s NOVA Open Charitable Foundation Charity Raffle armies – The Sons Of Orar Space Marines, to be exact. At the time I asked if anyone would be interested in a walk-through of my build and paint. There were a few who expressed interest, so here we are : )

After going through and cleaning all the parts for three Drop Pods, I started to create the sub-assemblies. You can see them above. They basically breakdown to:

• Engine and stormbolter
• Center console and harnesses
• Base and doors
• Five fins

Here’s what it all looks like when three sets of sub-assemblies are gathered in a pile. After this, all parts (except the fins) were primed black. More on the fins later.

The bases, engines, and consoles were all heavily dry brushed with VGC Tinny Tin.

Everything was then dry brushed with AP Gun Metal.

I then washed the parts with my “super secret wash”.

And drybrushed everything with VMA Aluminium.

I flipped over the base and repainted the armor panels black…

…and then masked off the engine base.

I sprayed the tips of the doors with Mephiston Red  (not pictured) and then I used a custom cut mask/sheet of styrene, and sprayed the rest of each door.

Here’s a shot of the doors before removing the masking tape.

I then painted the edges of edge internal door with Averland Sunset (shaded with Skrag Brown).

These hazard stripes were hand painted – nine per side, 90 per Pod, 270 in all.

Back to the fins. I primed them white, shaded then with some Mechanics Grey, painted the panels black, masked them off and finally sprayed them with Mephiston Red.

After some detailing on the parts, here’s a look at a set ready for assembly.

On each of the center consoles I painted a silhouette of an Eldar Craftworld, with three glowing points representing the three Drop Pods.

They Pods were then assembled; glue the consoles to the base then one fin in place; glue the engine to the fin then glue the remaining fins in place.

I then gave the Drop Pods a healthy dose of chipping and weathering.

And here they are. All ready to deliver Sons Of Orar directly to the heart of the Alaitoc Craftworld.

In the coming days we’ll finally have photos of two of the NOCF Charity Raffle armies ready to go up online. When we do I’ll be shouting it from the rooftops! : )


Tutorial: Painting the Herald of Nurgle

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Hi All, It’s Ksusha here. I’ve got a tutorial video for Herald of Nurgle. It’s probably my most thought through video to date. I really tried to make the steps logical and easy to follow, as well as the visuals and voice over in place. After all I’m far from pro at my editing. The tutorial covers a few useful techniques.

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Ready Play – Guide to Speeding Up Tournament Play

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Slow Play makes Steven sad.Tournaments need to move along for most people to have the most fun.  With the scoring in Flames of War the way it is, it is very hard to win a tournament dealing with a timeout, as both players lose.  If your play …

Star Wars Armada: Painting the TIE Fighters

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How to paint your tiny TIE Fighters for Star wars Armada. This is purely the method I came up with and isn’t any kind of definitive guide as there are probably lots of different ways you could go about it, they yield better or faster results and I certainly encourage experimentation. That said, this particular […]

Star Wars Armada: Painting the TIE Fighters

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How to paint your tiny TIE Fighters for Star wars Armada. This is purely the method I came up with and isn’t any kind of definitive guide as there are probably lots of different ways you could go about it, they yield better or faster results and I certainly encourage …

How to: Easy Fantasy Pedestal Mounted Stone Statues

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The first step of this fantasy pedestal mounted stone statues tutorial is to gather the needed supplies. To create the pedestal for the actual statue you will need some square and circle shapes of the desired measurements. These can be either cut from …

UCM Digital Camo for Dropzone Commander

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If there’s been a theme to this weekends painting it’s probably “multi-tasking”. With a number of projects needing curing time between priming or varnishing, I’ve been jumping back and forth between three different miniatures over the course of the two days. For Flames it’s been the Vietnam Huey “Hog” and …

Tutorial: MSU Army List Design

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The MSU (Multiple Small Unit) approach to army list design was commonly understood and widely employed many years ago in the latter half of 5th Ed. It fell out of favour in 6th Ed, but strangely has not resurged in 7th Ed—even though it naturally synergises with Maelstrom missions and counters ‘titanhammer’ very nicely. With Codex Eldar Craftworlds sparking a new wave of D weapon proliferation, I expect MSU to quickly regain its rightful place as king of army list paradigms—if enough players understand how, and why, to do it.
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LED Lampposts – part 2

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If you were reading part 1 of this article (if not why? but you can find it via this link part 1) you will know that I’m attempting to make illuminated lamppost models for the Batman Miniatures Game (it’s set … Continue reading

LED Lampposts

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Well I’m late posting again this week but it’s not my fault honest. Spent half a day in the garage getting my car repaired, followed by a long drive etc… So anyway this week I’ve been getting all frustrated trying … Continue reading

How to: Easy Snowy Pine Forest Bases

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The first step of this snowy pine forest base tutorial is cutting out the irregularly shaped wooden bases. The type of wood that I used to create these small bases is 3mm thick medium density fibreboard because it’s quite durable and yet easy enough to sand and saw using either a hand saw or electric jigsaw. As the aim is to create bases sufficient enough to contain several large and small pine trees I opted for roughly the following sizes and shapes as you can see in the picture. The squares on the cutting mat are one by one centimeters.
Using my trusty mounted electric jigsaw, I cut out five irregular shaped bases in no time. Then I sanded the edges of the wooden bases, you can easily skip this step but sanding the edges really makes the terrain blend into the tabletop. So I roughly sanded the edges using a wood file followed by some sanding using medium-coarse sandpaper. That done you can go on and add some texture to the bases.
To add some more character and texture to the bases I added some plaster rocks to break up the plain look. These plaster rocks are nothing more than a casted sheet of plaster, broken in small pieces. Dirt cheap and really useful as you can easily use them to make rough primitive stonewalls or use them to add a rocky finish to foamboard cliff edges. Just make sure to let them dry enough after casting, I made mine in bulk and they dried around three days before first use.
You can glue these rocks on the wooden bases in a random pattern using plenty of wood glue. After the glue has dried you can now use ready-made filler to create a gentle transition between the rock and the base. I generously apply the filler using a wooden craft stick or lollipop stick and smooth out the filler until satisfied with the look. Hard to explain this step but slap some filler between the rock and base and make sure to not entirely cover your rock!
When the filler is dry you can now add coarse sand and a variety of stones. To add these textures, I cover the entire base excluding the rocky side of the plaster rock with diluted wood glue. Then I add the large rocks (the golden ones in the pictures) followed by some smaller stones and after that I cover the entire base is a mix of rough sand. Before you take these steps make sure to cover your working area with old newspapers as texturing is a messy step! When dry you can start painting the bases.

I went for a rocky paintjob so I basecoated the entire base in a medium grey, it actually took two basecoats. When the basecoats are dry, I simply drybrushed the heavily textured base with a light grey to add some natural highlighting. And that’s it, paintjob already finished.
The next step is to add the snow to the snowy pine forest bases. To create snow there are many products available but I took the easy way and went for the baking soda approach. Some may already shiver of fear because of tales of yellowing snow and so on. These tales may be true but taken that in account, I still went this route as it’s cheap and easy to obtain the necessary materials. The materials I used for my method water, wood glue and baking soda. These materials where mixed to a paste like consistency using a wooden craft stick and applied with the same stick in random patches. I didn’t added the snow paste in areas where I intended to place the pine trees. When the paste was still wet, I generously applied a layer of baking soda over the paste and left it to dry over night. The following day I shook off the loose baking soda or snow if you prefer to name it that way. The result is a sturdy snow looking finish, you can then probably varnish the bases but I skipped this step. If the baking soda yellows over time, I can simply give it a white basecoat or two.
The last step is to add the snowy pine trees, these can be bought from a variety of suppliers but mine were bought very cheaply after last Christmas and were of the Lemax brand. I pulled them of their plastic bases and glued them in place using a hot glue gun. So when that’s done you’re finished and can use these nice snowy pine forest bases on the wintry tabletop! I hope you enjoyed this short tutorial and hope I have inspired you to build some cheap and easy terrain yourself! Stay tuned as more wintry tutorials will follow soon in preparation for Frostgrave, the upcoming wargame by Northstar Miniatures and Osprey Publishing.

More tutorials can be found here
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Citadel Painting Reference Scrapbook

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Hi all!Today I thought I would show you a little side project I have been pottering away with for a while.As I haven’t painted very much in the past, I want to learn different skills and styles to try and do justice to the Batman sculpts.My main set of…

Little Boxes

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As I’m still on my drive to make street scatter scenery for the Batman Miniatures Game I thought I’d try making some boxes as these seem to be an integral part of any urban street scape. Being me of course … Continue reading

Making Pallets

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As I’m busy making scenery for the Batman Miniature Game right now I though I’d add a few Pallets to the mix as they provide good cover and look the part for any semi modern street setting, in fact I … Continue reading

ClearHorizon Miniatures posts a video tutorial: How to paint a 15mm Sci-FI Miniature

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ClearHorizon Miniatures (MrHarold) writes:Hi everyone! I have put together a video showing every step I take painting a 15mm HADES Ghost Team Sniper Operative.I go over paint choices, brush choices and techniques. I hope you folks enjoy it and fin…

SCW Terrain – Vineyards Finished

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Evening all,It’s been quiet around here, but I’ve been beavering away on various bits and pieces. First to completion has been these vineyards, built in anticipation of some 28mm Chain if Command Espana games this year. I made eight strips to give me a…

‘nids part 167 – Malanthrope – TO DONE!

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Another model finished! It’s almost as if I have some mojo back! Well, almost. Anyway the Malanthrope is done.I actually lost my patience with this part way through, all those sacks and tentacles became a real chore so I splashed on the toxic glow effe…

The Helpful Hobby Guide – How to make a wet palette

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Probably the greatest tool in miniature painting history after the brush itself
Most of you must have heard of wet palettes before and many of you might already be using one or maybe some amongst you have tried and hated that.
If you haven’t heard of these or have but never got to try it, here’s how I made myself another one.
Now because I find my palette is my best friend, jus press play and see for yourself how life can be made so much easier :

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