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Unboxing Purgatory’s Moloch

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, so here’s a little something for your Monday evening – unboxing Moloch from Purgatory.Moloch is a member of Murder Inc, and is a hell-fueled mechanical monstrosity. That description is pretty apt for not on…

NDAK Tropical Loth/Loki Unboxing

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NDAK support In-the-box Quality and details Gallery / Galeria      

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Unboxing Zombicide: Black Plague by Cool Mini or Not

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Unboxings Games is one of the things that Must Contain Minis enjoys sharing with its readers. Zombicide: Black Plague is a game that I wanted since the Kickstarter Campaign started. For Christmas, one of my family members bought me the retail version o…

Review & Unboxing: MiniArt European Cart

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European Cart MiniArt unboxing
Wood Elves cart conversion with deers Warheim

I bought and converted this European Cart from MiniArt for Warheim Fantasy Skirmish “Escape from the Middle Mountains”, where I used it as a coach for my Wood Elves from Athel Loren. Below is my cart review and unboxing =)

European Cart od MiniArt kupiłem i skonwertowałem, by móc wziąć udział w turnieju Warheim Fantasy Skirmish “Ucieczka z Gór Środkowych”, gdzie używałem go jako powozu dla moich Leśnych Elfów z Athel Loren. Zapraszam do recenzji i unboxingu poniżej =)

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Icarus Miniatures Alliance Starter Set Unboxing

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I wasn’t expecting to be posting another Kickstarter unboxing so quickly after the last one, but I got a nice little box from Icarus Miniatures on Monday, containing their Alliance Starter Set. After having a quick peek at the figures, it would be rude…

Unboxing the Volks Armee

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Part of bringing you the Preview of a new book is writing about the toys that come with it. For the Volks-Armee book, Battlefront is releasing 6 new boxes and one blister of NVA goodies that I was fortunate to get my hands on. I also was able to get a copy of the new book and I picked up some of those very cool NVA tokens and decals as well. In my last article I detailed a fight between my Iron Maiden army and a T-72M list from VA. As I look to playing in my first real Team-Yankee tournament in February, I think the NVA will be the guys I pick to battle with.

The Book
I hate to start off with an excuse, however when we preview a book it is always a PDF draft and may differ from what comes out in the final version. This was true in VA where the final draft of the book does not have the Basic Stabilizer on the T-55AM2, so no +2 when you move and shoot, it’s just a +1 for being Slow Firing. I first saw the book at a tournament in December, and even now I am so impressed with the front cover and I think it may be the new wallpaper for my laptop. So you will just have to excuse me for giving you a false alarm about the T-55AM2.

The book comes with all of the “conversion cards” for previously released models that are used in VA. So you get cards for a T-72M force, and unit stat cards for the T-72M, BMP-1, BMP-1 Scout and OP, Shilka, Gopher, Carnation, Hind, Raktenwerer, and Hind. Let me tell you how much I like this and I think it opens up a lot of flexibility for Battlefront. Once the product lines are put in place for commonly used equipment, it makes adding other nations that much easier since they can come out with the book and the cards. So we may see Poles, Romanians, and Hungary one day in TY. Same can be done for a lot of the smaller NATO nations as well taking into account the lines put out for TY, Vietnam, and Fate of a Nation. I think this strategy grows the game’s appeal and of course will sell more models with those of us with OCD.
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Rathcore V3 Miniature Holders Kickstarter Unboxing

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I spent a large chunk of my work day yesterday wondering what subject to write today’s blog on. I didn’t fancy a lengthy wordy blog after last week article (which clocked in at over 2600 words when stuck into Word) and I don’t have any WIPs worth going…

Naturally Disastrous First Look

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Here you go, I just received the first production copy of Naturally Disastrous by Silver Lake Games. This is a recent funded Kickstarter. The premise, as promised by the designer, reads like so: Naturally Disastrous is a 1-6 player co-operative … Continue reading

Unboxing Conan by Monolith

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Now was this ever a treat. Recently Asmodee sent me a review copy of Conan and am I ever excited! This post is an unboxing of the product and focuses just on the contents of the game. This particular copy is the retail version and does not come with al…

Trollblood Battlegroup Unboxed!

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As I said last week I have a new Warmachine/Hordes project and I’m kicking off by unboxing the new Trollblood battlegroup!I’ve got the gaming bug back a bit lately, since I finished my Trollblood models, back in the spring, the game has gone through a …

Chrismas Inboxing – Iosef/Aleksandr SSU Tanks

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Achtung !!! SSU Panzerwagen Inside the box   Cards, Bonus, Assembling More photos / Jeszcze więcej fotek