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Finished Legion of the Damned squad!

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At last! And I promise, no more LotD until I get my commission bunch! So, picture carpet bombing time!

So what are the thoughts on these guys?

Old Nurgle and Scenery

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So here I was, about to take a group shot of my Legion of the Damned for my phones wallpaper when I decided I should really make a new bit of scenery for my photos, I always use my ruined polysterene city backdrop. Eg) And I figure its getting old, so, I went to my […]

Tale of a King: Clash of Kings Road Trip Part 8

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Clash of Kings Road Trip: Part 8– Goings on across the Pond Things have been a little quiet on the Kings of War front for me but I have big plans for the Easter weekend (along with the garden!) to get a load of my Basileans painted and ready for the Welsh Clash of Kings at […]

Deathwing Space Hulk

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This particular Space Hulk commission was quite different to the normal Space Hulk commissions that we normally do. The first thing that deviated was that the terminators were to be Deathwing terminators for the Dark Angel Chapter rather then the Blood Angels. The client had taken a lot of time and removed all Blood

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Battlefleet Gothic – Battle Report

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As promised here is the battle report of the second game fought last week Friday. We played 1500 points Imperial Navy versus Grey Knights. The game was nice to get back into this lovely game after a break of almost one year (?). Here are the lists: Space Marines 6x Grey Knight Strike Cruiser 1x Master plus 1whw…

Epic Armageddon – Dark Eldar Update

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H  ey folks, almost three weeks since my last update here. Meanwhile I was quite busy working and traveling, though there was also some progress with my Dark Eldar. Basic colours and metal parts are painted on most of the war engines and some infantry. The following pics were taken prior to a little test game…

Standard of the Damned

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Finished my LotD standard bearer, and I have to say, I’m super happy with him! Love this pose! Literally looks like he’s rallying the troops. Done the eyes the old fashioned way, I was told “paint ‘em white and do a blood letter wash!” But I didn’t like the result, so khorne red, mephiston red […]

ww2 American G.I.s Test miniature

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Since this ww2 project is a personal project i am using a slightly modified TROOP method to paint these guys as i have SIXT FOUR of them to get through as soon as possible! Last night i was eager to get some paint on my test mini :) Not a big fan of those mold lines, but i will keep my eyes peeled for them from now on!  (function(jQuery) {function init() { wSlideshow.render({elementID:”705541646948633377″,nav:”none”,navLocation:”bottom”,captionLocation:”bottom”,transition:”fade” […]

Foxy cunning…

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So I’ve been obsessed with LotD recently, and figured I needed variety on this blog, so I took a step towards it, I decided to try and get some more Romans done, I love my romans! Anyway, my Mrs notices me getting all my stuff out to paint up another 20 man cohort or republican […]

Ebay Project and New Weathering pigments 

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Today i went to town and grabbed myself a handful of new goodies! first thing i found was a discounted box of tamiya weathering pigments, but unopened :) i snapped this one up and then went looking for a new project to paint for sale. I chose ww2 as its always popular but i love the Valiant models and it was a pleasure, as much as it was a draaaggggggggg to glue up these 64….yes…..SIXTY FOUR models….for only £6! that’s almost less than $10! They’re good fun to glue but they are […]

Black & White Video Review

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War is in the air. Two feuding nations after a decade of a very fragile truce assemble their armies: Her Majesty Susanna from Thargaton with troops in black uniforms to the west and Cardinal Nicodemus from Vesani with white-robed religious fanatics to the east. Both leaders try to secure the most strategic parts of forty-kilometer-long …

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LotD SGT 2.0

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So I wasn’t very happy with my LotD sergeant that I made, mainly just the banner, that was such an old banner that the surface had become rough and horrible, the flames looked terrible, and his head, the half cyborg head just didn’t seem right, so I scrapped those parts and revisited him with some […]

Super Fantasy Rumble Video Review

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Super Fantasy Rumble is a tactical skirmish card game with a puzzle-like Battle mechanic. Your goal is to lead your randomly drawn Rumble Fighters to eliminate all your Opponent’s Rumble Fighters. The Rumble Fighters and art style is inspired by 80s Saturday Morning Cartoons and video games that we all love.
Players receives six Rumble Fighters …

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The start of something Terrible…

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So as you all know, I got myself a little too carried away with Legion of the Damned… My commission for them has not even started, and now I find myself with a fully converted 10 man tactical squad to paint… This is my favorite part of the whole hobby, pure butchery of professional sculptors […]

War of Kings Video Review

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It is a dark time. The once mighty empire of Arowyth has fractured, and the feudal lords have crowned themselves kings, each bent on expanding their realms and laying claim to the ancient imperial title. Alliances have worn thin, and the thirst for power has driven them to war with each other. But they are …

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Bell of lost Souls

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Let me start with a massive thankyou to Larry from BolS tech team for his speedy reply and solution for my problem! Cheers Larry! Well I’m extremely happy now! I’ve been a tad disappointed recently, as I’m a blog based on I couldn’t ever get the traffic I’ve always wanted (my visitor in a […]

Getting Carried away

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So the legion of the damned lark, I was supposed to do a single test model for model, then receive his first bunch of space marines, get paid, keep on Rollin’ through… Well nuts! Apparently I enjoy LotD so much that I couldn’t stay away, I’ve barely spoken to Paul, I still don’t even have […]

Forgotten Kingdom

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I recently received Forgotten Kingdom, the latest update of Super Dungeon Explore by Sode Pop Miniatures. This was their first Kickstarter project, and it went really well. First impressions are great! Great minis, good construction at the factory, really nice bright colours throughout, and the rule book is much simpler and better set out. I […]

            Finished Trojans and Medieval Monk

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Today i finished the Trojans and i had a blast doing so! this commission has caused me to totally re think the way i approach the troop method! i am glad to be introducing the new price rise soon so that i may be able to finally give EVERY MINIATURE that leaves my doors at least a minimum of 1 hour a miniature, which may not sound like a lot but the troops below got at least that each and it shows! its the little things…As this client has been so eager and loyal from the get go i have tak […]

More Legion of the Damned

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So I’m still waiting on a date for Paul to come and collect his battlewagon/drop off his Legio Damno troops, so I figured I’d crack out some old space marines and keep practising, done a minor conversion for a SGT figure. That’s my first ever attempt at OSL on the eyes there, got to start […]

Revised legion of the damned test

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Did anyone else notice I done the flames the wrong way round? With the yellows down the bottom instead of up the top? Talk about rookie mistake!! Also, I offered Paul with greenstuff conversions to make bones and spinal columns and what not but he has asked that I don’t use greenstuff, so I had […]

Star Wars Imperial Assault

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I finally got to paint some of the gorgeous Star Wars Imperial Assault miniatures from Fantasy Flight Games. When this game first came out I purchased a box set for myself but unfortunately I’ve not had the opportunity to even base coat mine yet.

Now I have two commission sets in front of me

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Now you see it, now you don’t

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Sorry if anyone has had problems seeing the site the last couple of days, seems to be a problem with the hosting provider. I’m looking into the problem

Legion of the Damned Test

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So I got all excited about this whole legion of the damned thing and got straight to painting! And here’s the result! Baring in mind this is a very quick paint up, on a very old model, this is something like the 7th coat of paint! Old trusty test marine! But all that aside, what […]

Legion of the Damned

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Well, surprisingly enough Paul has decided to go with a legion of Tue damned theme! After all that worrying about smart and orderly!
Expect a test model in the next 24 hours.