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DIY Epic or Make Your Own Epic Necron Army!

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Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf Xenocidal’s Wargaming Blog:
Back with another quick blog post here. This time I wanted to share some really cool and easy DIY Epic Necron ideas that some of the members of our group have come up with. Its true; Epic Armageddon is no longer officially supported by GW. But…

Epic : Armageddon – Dark Eldar Barges Of Pleasure

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Last time I was writing about heavy assault Syndicates toughened by war engine transports. These undoubtably expensive units perform frequently key assaults on enemy formations, relocating after the assault and backing up a second large engagement as firefight. This tactic enables Dark Eldar armies to strike with enormous power. Additionally, seeing your opponents face when…

Harriet Tubman, Conductor on the Underground Railroad

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Harriet Tubman was born under the name of Arminta Ross as a slave to Southern farmer Edward Brodess around 1822. From childhood on she experienced the hardships of slavery: she was often hired out to other masters who mistreated her badly and her family was torn apart when her sisters were sold. When Brodess died, … Continue reading Harriet Tubman, Conductor on the Underground Railroad

Denizens of the Dark for Fifth Edition

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Can you remember the first time you and your companions lit torches and ventured underground? I can, it was 1975, I was sixteen and we were being DM’d by a Canadian AirForce brat (I was an RAF brat). We came … Continue reading

Uber, A Month Later

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It’s been about a month since I started driving for the popular rideshare app. The money aside, I do find all of the random people I drive around kinda fascinating. I’ve pretty much kept to my initial schedule of driving late nights to early mornings. Most shifts start with ferrying people home from work or […]

Epic : Armageddon – Dark Eldar Cabalite Warriors

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Today I would like to display some fresh painted additions to all the war engines of my Dark Eldar army. These lovely models are as most of my infantry proxies from Onslaught miniatures and have an insane amount of detail. If I wouldn’t have wanted to re create my long time sold 40k Dark Eldar…

Warhammer at Bernie’s

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“Warhammer fantasy is dead.” The words still lump up in my throat like the passing of a dear loved-one. For all the bluntness of this simple statement, the fact remains completely and utterly true. No matter how we dress it…

Shapeways Free Shipping

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It rained today … boy, did it rain !? The Brigade workshop was in danger of turning into the Brigade Ark at one point, as I started leading 15mm tanks in two-by-two However, despite the hammering on the roof I managed to clear the decks of orders and make a start on a restock for […]

A Tale of Six Gamers: A Kings of War Blog.

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Gamer #6: Alex Landing I’m excited to be involved in a Tale of Six Gamers where the six of us will be building a army starter set from Mantic’s Kings of War with the point value of 800 pts. Back when the first Dwarf Kings Hold came out I picked up the old dwarves vs […]

A Tale of Six Gamers: A Kings of War Blog.

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Gamer #5: Rob Chandler As Joe stated. I’m really looking forward to this project to showcase the endless possibilty of scenic basing using the 60% rule. I hope my choice of units helps me when we get the chance to throw some dice together. If not it will still be fun and I will have […]

A Tale of Six Gamers: A Kings of War Blog.

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Gamer #4: Pat Lewis So launches a Tale of Six Gamers!  The six of us will be spotlighting an army starter set with the point value of 800 pts. So for my army I choose elves.  Why elves?  I chose elves because I wanted to pick an army that is out of my comfort zone.  […]

A Tale of Six Gamers: A Kings of War Blog.

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Gamer #3: Todd Warren Dwarves!!!  Of all the armies I have painted over the years for all the many game systems I have played, never have I tackled a Dwarf army. So it’s about time. Given the opportunity to paint up one of Mantic’s Kings of War armies and then to brag, I mean blog, […]

Meet the Neighbours!

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We’ve settled well into the new city and apartment, although the heat is unbearable at the moment. Fortunately, I met fellow wargamers Sigur Skwarl and Virago, who took my mind off the weather by preparing a game set in good cold England. This was my first game of Dux Britanniarum, but as a longtime Lardies fan, … Continue reading Meet the Neighbours!

A Tale of Six Gamers: A Kings of War Blog.

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Gamer #2: Jon Peletis AN ORC GUY I’ve played fantasy and sci-fi miniature games for 20 years now.  I’ve NEVER been an Orc guy.  You know the Orc guys right?  Orc players are in their own club.  No matter what the system, or the universe, there is a bond that Orc players have.  I have […]

A Tale of Six Gamers: A Kings of War Blog.

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Gamer #1: Joe Neet With the excitement and anticipation for Kings of War 2nd Edition, I decided to work with fellow hobbyists and gamers to show just how easy, and affordable, getting into Kings of War can be. Kings of War offers a great way to play massed battles with fantasy miniatures in a way […]

IHMN Custom Company: Suicide Squad

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With the upcoming Suicide Squad film based on DC’s long Running comic-book series stirring up a lot of excitement in fans, myself included, and Craig’s great Dark Knight company over on the In Her Majesty’s Name blog I though some of … Continue reading

Review: Battlefields in Miniature

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Pen & Sword Books are publishing a growing range of wargaming books. Some of them are rules – the latest being One Hour Wargames by Neil Thomas, more of which in another blog entry – while others cover more general topics, such as Wargaming on a Budget or Henry Hyde’s unrivalled Wargaming Compendium. Paul Davies’ Battlefields in Miniature belongs … Continue reading Review: Battlefields in Miniature

Delays, Delays

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Well I did have a tutorial that I was going to post today or at least it was almost finished. Unfortunately between car hunting after a recent traffic accident wrote mine off and Windows 10 doing… (on second thoughts don’t … Continue reading

Frostgrave: A review

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The Nickstarter products from the new Frostgrave ruleset arrived a couple of weeks ago. The hardback rulebook published by Osprey contains everything you need to play the game and today we’ll have a look inside. What is Frostgrave? Frostgrave is … Continue reading

Epic : Armageddon – Nurgle Titan Legion bases wip

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Hello there, going to be one week abroad, I’d like to give you an update of my Nurgle Titan Legion. After applying base colours I found myself stuck in the process until this afternoon. I decided to rather do the bases first and proceeding on the Titans later in order to get at least some…

To Catch a Queen – WotR AAR

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Recently, we had K.’s brother J. and his son over to play a game of medieval Sharp Practice. Some of you might remember that I built a medieval cog once – well, it was time to finally put her on the table! The scenario was set after the Battle of Northampton in 1460, where the Yorkists managed … Continue reading To Catch a Queen – WotR AAR

Gen Con 2015!

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Another Gen Con done and in the books.  Let me tell you this was one of the busiest and best Gen Cons to date. Wednesday had us setting up the booth real early in Africa hot temperatures.  We all must have sweated off 20 pounds or 1.4 stone for our friends across the way.   […]

The Grinning Skull turns 3!!

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I thought it would be a good idea to let everyone know that this blog celebrated it’s third birthday yesterday! I’d like to say thanks to everyone who has read my articles and visited my humble site over the years, also put up with my moaning, divergences and general nonsense! We’ve clocked up over 321,000 […]

Assassinorum: Execution Force

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Super quick post for today, the first two figures from the Execution force game set I’m working on at the moment. …

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Dropfleet Commander – New Scourge ships revealed

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Hey folks, a quick update, after google popped up with some pics of the new Scourge fleet for Dropfleet Commander, coming end of the year. I am super excited about this game, not only because Andy Chambers is involved in rule development, but the models are absolutely marvelous. The UCM fleet is around the web…