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Dropfleet Commander – 5 days left, close to 16 free ships

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Hey guys, as a backer of Dropfleet Commander and entirely amazed of what we can see so far, I feel it is my duty to promote the kickstarter a little bit on my blog. Today, we are at around 426.000£ backed by more than 2760 hobbyists out there. Aside of plenty of bolt ons, most backers […]

Epic : Armageddon – Chaos Squat infantry I

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Good evening everyone, I hope you had a joyful week so far. The last evenings I managed to get all the stuff for todays post done. These are my Berzerkers and some Warrior formations. I love the Chaos squat models, although I need to admit, that the details are not very crisp, which makes it […]

Christmas Lighting

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Just seen these in Hobbycraft. Small portable daylight lamps, rechargeable by adapter or USB, so no annoying cables on your desk. Like the idea of being able to move them around quickly as I need them while painting. Thought £20 … Continue reading

ACW Terrain II – Scatter Terrain

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It’s no secret that small details can breath life into a wargames table. I’m talking about things that are not really necessary for gameplay, but still add to the atmosphere. So, what would fit into an American Civil War landscape? Every homestead needs a small vegetable garden. Dogs and pigs would be kept out by … Continue reading ACW Terrain II – Scatter Terrain

Introducing: Granny Grating Armies 

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This winter i a have been working hard on a new wargames rule-set. I have written a few sets in my time but i think now that it is time i take it to the public with what is my best so far! This rule set is designed to used Plastic Canvas Mesh (needlepoint mesh) to make armies in 10mm and battle with them on a mass scale! I found the inspiration for the idea in a blog online and i took the idea and harnessed it and ran with it full speed. i hope to be demoing the game at The show […]

Uninvited Dinner Guests by John Ewing

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So after a spell of playing Daisho I thought it was about time we got some of our IHMN figures out at the Falkirk Club. It was also an excuse to give a first outing to my friend Allan’s new … Continue reading


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Looks like i shall be making my first show appearance this weekend! i am very excited and although i do anticipate some difficulty getting my head around it all, i am also very excited and amped to be going to the show with all of the other “Traders” (Is going to be cool to sit with them all.) I can’t wait to meet the lovely guys of Lincombe Barn wargames society (link here for the show and the club – ​Let’s Get prepping! […]

MBS Podcast Coming Soon

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Fellow Naval Gamers, it is with great pride and excitement that I am announcing Man Battlestations will be producing a naval miniatures gaming-themed podcast. The first full episode will be released on 7 December 2015, but in the mean time, … Continue reading

On the desk

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My video about a new NZ flag

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Sorry for those who are bored with the New Zealand flag debate, but as voting starts this weekend, I just wanted to post a video I’ve created about my choice in the referendum (click the above pic to view the … Continue reading

Epic : Armageddon – Chaos Squat Leviathans

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As promised, the painted engines of doom. In game terms, I guess the general opinion varies on if Leviathans are useful or not and I need to agree, that maybe Cyclopses and other war engines might be more useful. On the other hand I found an engaging Squat Leviathan formation quite potent in the first […]

Susan Travers of the French Foreign Legion

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Susan Travers was born into a wealthy English family and spent most of her youth in southern France. After she finished school, she led the life of a socialite, travelling around the world as a semi-professional tennis player. When World War 2 broke out, she wanted to contribute to the war effort. Being able to … Continue reading Susan Travers of the French Foreign Legion

Variance Hammer has a Facebook Page!

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For those who prefer to get their content via Facebook, want another medium to interact with us, or want to keep up with hobby and news related posts that don’t […]

Epic : Armageddon – Scratching the Leviathan

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Before presenting the final results, I wanted to share some pics, revealing more details of how I actually scratched the two Leviathan models, putting an old style Leman Russ aside for size comparison. As you can see, I used just a very few bitz and mostly built the entire model from plastic card, which you […]

Epic : Armageddon – Chaos Squat Overlords

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One of the great units in Squat fluff are Overlord zeppelins and helicopters, although I’ve never imagined them as such. When thinking about the overall look of the larger warped demonic war engines I decided to go for a mix between spaceship and barge design. Just think about temple like arrow shaped constructs that seem […]

Games Workshop announces Specialist Games Design Studio

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It is confirmed: After a few rumours the last days, GW has confirmed the launch of a Specialis Design Studio as can be read here: That is going to be an interesting step, although I am not sure in which way. I never really believed that GW would avoid an additional source of income, especially […]


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Our trip to CRISIS started with a minor crisis, as the airline lost our suitcase and we had to make a quick shopping trip through Antwerp on Friday. Fortunately, Antwerp is a lovely city! This was the first time we actually had the opportunity to see something of the town and we like it very … Continue reading CRISIS 2015

World Championships are over!

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It’s always difficult to write concerning big, premier tournaments. If you have been reading this blog, you might have noticed I’m not a tournament player. Far from it, and it makes it that more difficult to give your own opinion about lists that have been used. But, never the less, there are some pretty good…

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Dropfleet Commander – Thoughts on PHR and general design

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Hey guys, the next update is out and the designs for the PHR Cruiser are public. Time for some pics and thoughts on Hawk Wargames design line. I have been following the general progress of the company for years now, even though it took me some time and money to finally kick off with Scourge […]

Epic : Armageddon – Chaos Squat Land Train

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Something inevitably connected to Squats are land trains. My own version is a bash of leftover parts and some impossible to paint strip rhinos I got from a Friend some time ago. Being of demonic nature, that should not be a problem though as darker powers are warping the metal anyway ^^ have you scratched […]

Flank Attack

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To try out the scenarios in One Hour Wargames, we decided to set up a game of Sharp Practice. Scenario #6, Flank Attack I, sounded interesting, so K. took the French ambushers and I took the British, which deployed in column along the road. For the first two turns, I added a ‘French Initiative’ card … Continue reading Flank Attack

Altos Elfos: Príncipes Dragoneros de Caledor.

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Aunque los dragones se marcharon, los Príncipes de Calendor aún conservan su orgullo. Hemos aumentado el abolengo de nuestro ejército de Altos Elfos para Warhammer Fantasy. Aquí tenéis nuestros Príncipes Dragón de Caledor.
Una unidad más que…

Obligatory Rugby World Cup Post

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New Zealand’s All Blacks have just won the Rugby World Cup for the third time (1987, 2011, 2015).  One of their greatest fans is also someone who they have been using as a motivational speaker for some years. He is our own Cpl Willie Apiata, VC. I like to think that his quiet humility in … Continue reading Obligatory Rugby World Cup Post

Soldiers of the Sun King

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I started painting some of Pendraken’s excellent […]

Day of the Dragon

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The pact between the Elves of the Alandar Mountains and the Majestic Dragons is older than many civilisations of the world. These noble creatures do not suffer themselves to serve lightly, and the relationship between the Dragon Kindred and their steeds is one of mutual respect. Rising on mighty pinions and able to breathe gouts of deadly fire at their foe, Dragons are rightly feared by all sentient creatures, and an Elf Lord riding one is as terrifying to his enemies as he is inspirational to his allies. Made of PVC plastic, the mighty Mantic Dragon stands 175mm tall on a 75mm square base. It features a head and neck unique to Kings of War; with a saddle sculpted around its neck meaning you can attach whatever rider you like. The rider itself is made of metal and armed with a lance and shield. A mighty champion on the tabletop, this hero can lead your Elf army into battle. Elf Armies This army features a hardened core of Spearmen and Bowmen. As skilled with spear or bow, Elves are elite warriors – and the addition of a Lord on Dragon and some cavalry will turn this into a force to […]

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