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For our Gettysburg Battle Day, I read a couple of books on the battle. One of them was Edwin B. Coddington’s The Gettysburg Campaign. A Study in Command from 1968. This is, in some ways, a book that shows its…

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Paper Highlanders for “The ’45”

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My paper armies have doubled in two days, with the first Highlander unit to face the regiment of British troops I made up earlier in the week. This Paperboys unit was begun from scratch yesterday, and completed tonight (around 100 … Continue reading

Four hours to make a 112-figure regiment in 28mm!

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Yep, just somewhere between three and four hours to complete a regiment of 112 figures,  from go to whoa, including flags and basing! I posted last week that I was going to try out some of Peter Dennis’s paper figures … Continue reading

I’m going to try out paper soldiers

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I’ve decided to try something different – paper armies! For the last couple of years I’ve been keeping my eye on the rapidly growing range of books that Peter Dennis has been pumping out, each one covering a different campaign … Continue reading

Small Figures, Big Battles

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As you might have noticed, I was quite taken with the 6mm Altar of Freedom game I saw at our Gettysburg Battle Day. I’m usually not interested in big battle games, but this one really impressed me. So naturally, I…

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Two WW2 Dutch farms in cardboard

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This weekend I finished the final two Dutch card model buildings by ‘Gungnir’ that I had bought recently from WargameDownloads. I’ve posted previously about the first four buildings for a small Dutch village. This latest pair consists of two farmhouses. … Continue reading

Wargaming Article Published

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The recent issue of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy magazine contains a special feature on raiding actions during the American Civil War. One of the article was penned by me! It’s on a subject I’ve been interested in for a long…

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Protected: Hurricane Season Scenario 2

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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Navy Skyship In The Shed

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Mr Steinberg has completed his Navy Skyship for Steam Wars, just brilliant! The model is from Blotz and is one of a range of steampunk flying ships. Advertisements

A whole 28mm Dutch village in a weekend

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My WW2 Dutch army isn’t quite finished, as I await the release of the May ’40 Miniatures Landsverk armoured car and a couple of artillery pieces.  So in the meantime I’ve been working on some terrain for them to fight … Continue reading

First Game of What a Tanker!

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Last Friday, I could persuade Sigur and Stephan to set up a game of the new Lardies extravangaza, What a Tanker!, at the local club. They had both played the game a couple of days before, but unfortunately I didn’t have…

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Gettysburg Battle Day

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Some time ago, I proposed a Gettysburg Battle Day to the local wargaming community. Inspired by the yearly Battle Day of the Society of Ancients, the idea was to present different games, all of which dealt in one way or…

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Sights and sounds of the Netherlands in miniature

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Today’s posting has nothing to do with the hobby of wargaming. But if you like terrain modelling, or model railways, or the Netherlands, or video sound-mixing, there’ll be something here for you! Especially if you consider that the above photo … Continue reading

Revisiting a spectacular Battle of Saratoga game

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Some of the games I’ve played over the years really stand out in my memory. From time to time I’ll feature these old games here on my blog.   This particular game stood out because of the amazing terrain and figures.  … Continue reading

Ambush! – A Sharp Practice AAR

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In the latest issue of Wargames Illustrated (#365), there is a rules- and period-agnostic ambush scenario by Mike Bradford. It sounded fun and like it would work well with Sharp Practice, so K. and I set up a quick game.…

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Thursday Night Musings

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Another Thursday, another great turnout for some Malifaux. I was able to bring my latest Lynch list to the table against Mike, who fielded a Perdita crew that I had not faced yet. I have been pretty intrigued by Perdita as a potential master. I’d really like to field a shooty list and she seems…

Gaming Furniture

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In the last years, it seems that (board)gaming furniture has become de rigeur for the urbane and affluent nerd, with companies such as geeknson offering bespoke gaming tables and other appurtenances. Now, I’m not sure how urbane I am, but I…

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Nerdhammer: Resurrected?

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Hey guys! Not sure the appropriate title for this post, but is back! In the past, we brought you tons of content on Warhammer Fantasy Battles. When that game ended, the crew tried Warmachine (lasted about 2-3 months, ended due to lack of a scene in our area at the time), then Kings of […]

A Weekend of Gaming

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I’m very happy that I had several great opportunities for gaming during the last days. The opening was two games of Zombicide I had with an old friend from Germany, who stayed for a couple of days at our place.…

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Fantasy Stuff

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During the last months, I was quite busy painting 28mm fantasy figures and terrain. I mainly orientated myself by the scenarios in the Sellswords & Spellslingers rule book. Fortunately, I already had a bunch of lizardmen which I painted up…

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Blood Bowl

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Let’s get one thing straight: I don’t like sports. I don’t like to do sports, I don’t like to watch sports and I don’t like to listen to people talk about sports. I don’t even like sportswear. So it was…

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Sellswords & Spellslingers Campaign

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A couple of weeks ago, K. and I have started a Sellswords & Spellslingers campaign. We both created two characters. I’m playing Bad Boy, a Dwarf fighter, and Ingwa, a Dwarf inventor with a big handgun. K. is playing Amarantia, a…

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Spotlight on Huron Warrior Miniatures by Crucible Crush (for Flint & Feather)

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In this post, I cast a spotlight on some Huron Warrior Miniatures that I bought for Flint and Feather by
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‘Send a gunboat’ to colonial New Zealand

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When we think of gunboats for colonial wargaming,  we normally picture a chunky  paddle-steamer chugging up the Nile, or a little steam launch chuffing down the Congo. However, few people know that gunboats were also used in New Zealand during … Continue reading

Building a 28mm Barn

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We’ve now played several games of Ganesha Games’ fabulous Sellswords & Spellslingers. The games are linked by a narrative campaign and I’m busy painting figures for the scenarios. I also realised that I lack 28mm terrain, especially buildings. I’ve got a…

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