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West siiiddddeee!

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West coasters!  As the end of the year draws closer so does OrcCon!  This will be Mantic’s first visit to the West side of North America!  To commemorate this we are holding a Deadzone Tournament on Saturday and a Dreadball Tournament on Sunday.  Head to the OrcCon web page for more information. For those of […]

Blurble Video Review

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Blurble is the new, exciting, and hilarious card game that is great for just about any crowd. With 300 different hand-drawn images, you’ll have hours of entertainment every time you play, and the game will never be played the same way twice. Play with a friend while you’re waiting for the bus or invite a …

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Dice Crawl Video Review

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Dice Crawl is a quick, fun dungeon-crawling tile game for 1 to 4 players. Players take on the roles of mercenary captains racing to get their team of adventurers to the center of the dungeon, while other captains try to do the same thing.
Dice Crawl comes with 48 interchangeable tiles, including 4 races, 4 classes, …

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The Council’s hand: Corporation Striders

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Corporation Striders ‘Strider’ is actually a generalised term for any bipedal vehicle employed by the Corporations, but is most often used to describe the GR77 model employed by the Enforcers as a mobile infantry fire support platform. Standing at roughly twice the height of a man, the GR77 is equipped with a Genling 88 HLS-X […]

Dead Apocalypse Video Review

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Dead Apocalypse is one of the first fully cooperative deckbuilding games of strategic survival, set during a present day zombie apocalypse. Staying alive is your only goal in this game, and you must work with your allies to search for human survivors, abandoned locations, and lifesaving equipment to fend off the zombie horde. Teamwork is …

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The Councils Hand: Peacekeepers

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Peacekeepers Designed and built by the forges of the Star Realm, ‘Peacekeeper’ armour, as it has come to be known, is the most advanced and efficient personal armour available to the forces of humanity. Two variants of Peacekeeper armour currently exist. The Mark 22 version, issued only to senior commanders within the Peacekeeper forces, and […]

Last Christmas shipping dates

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Last Christmas shipping dates As we approach the final countdown to Christmas, we don’t want anybody to be disappointed by not receiving their Mantic goodies for Christmas. If your county is not listed below it is because we recommend 28 days for delivery and the time has passed, but there are a few locations that […]

Mantic Open Day round up!

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Mantic Open day round up With the open day being such a great success I’d like to give you an overview of the day and everything that was going on to make the day the biggest thing on this year’s gaming calendar! Right off the bat we had people waiting eagerly to get through the […]

What is Kings of War?

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What is kings of war? I’m sure you’ve seen all the excitement and hype that the Kings of War 2nd edition Kickstarter has created buzzing through the Mantic world. For the people who are already involved in Kings of War, this is a much welcomed revision to the rules and history of a game they […]

Epic Armageddon tournament in Hannover

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Fellow readers, welcome to a brief series of posts dedicated to the lovely Epic Armageddon tournament in Hannover, I have been to yesterday. I would like to start, giving some impressions of the lovely painted armies and some in-game shots I collected …

Hoyuk Board Game Video review

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Imagine yourself some 10,000 years ago in the Middle East.
Your clan has left the ancient nomadic life and settled with four other clans in the valley. The community has repeatedly succeeded in harvesting crops, and some families are getting better at…

Torn Armor Video Review

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TAKEN BY COMPANY: Torn Armor is a fantasy squad-based tactical miniatures board game for 2-4 players. Based in the mythical World of Torn, it presents the lore, races, people, heroes, and history to players through the use of game-play scenarios. The …

The Sealed Ark Video Review

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Christmas and NJE are closing in dramatically fast. Having finished my Titan Legion and moved to the German countryside means that games are getting a bit rare in the next eight months. However I am ready for the next projects to come and here is a lis…

V Commandos Video Preview Co-Op WW2 Game

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Note: the game’s development is nearly completed, we’ve entered the polishing phase. This Kickstarter campaign seeks your help to complete the expansions and produce the game.

Epic : Armageddon – Imperator Titan + AMTL painted

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Finally my efforts paid off. Despite the little accident with break fluid and my resin titans, that almost dissolved my whole Titan Legion, if I had not recognised it in time, the final results after painting please me a lot. There were some minor issu…

Livestock Uprising Video Review

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Livestock Uprising is a tactical resource management game in which you harvest farmland, marshal animal armies, and battle for control of the farm. Each player takes control of one of the four animal factions: pigs, goats, cows, or chickens. Each fact…

The new Mantic Podcast has crash landed now!!!

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The new Mantic Podcast is available for your listening pleasure now! In this episode of the podcast Chris and myself will be talking about upcoming releases that will be available over the next few months, as well as answering quesions that you guys posted on Facebook. Let us know what you guys think about the […]

Conquest of Orion Video Review

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ORION – yours to conquer. Once just a distant constellation, Orion is now being explored and colonized. Will you lead your alliance to victory or suffer defeat at the hands of your enemies?
Conquest of Orion is a team-based card game played over…

Dice Masters Video Review by Board to Death TV

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Marvel Dice Masters: Uncanny X-Men is a collectible dice-building tabletop game designed by Quarriors! creators Michael Elliott and Eric M. Lang.
In this game — which features Wolverine, Magneto, Cyclops, Iceman, Psylocke, the Sentinels and more —…

12 Realms Video Review

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Siegfried, Snow White, D’Artagnan, Red Riding Hood, and the other heroes of the twelve realms are being reunited for one last great adventure. The Dark Lords have joined forces to completely conquer and subjugate all the known Lands, and only th…

1500 point Panzerkompanie

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I am going to slide up to the Dice Dojo today to try to get a game of Flames of War in.  Its been forever since I’ve run a Panzer company, and I wanted something quick and robust after several games with US infantry and Soviet Tankovy.  This li…

Epic : Armageddon – stripping Titan Legion

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Hey mates, finally back to good old Europe I am going to strip my Titan Legion off the annoying pink-ish colour scheme, redo all the bases and give them a proper painting. Two years ago, when I started playing Epic, a whole bunch of titans found their …

Zeppelin Attack Video Review

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Take over the world in Zeppelin Attack, a deck building game set in the world of Evil Hat Productions’ Spirit of the Century. You play villainous masterminds bent on world domination. To win, you must build a powerful deck of Zeppelin cards, wea…

Twas the Month before Christmas

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So Christmas is fast approaching and if your household there is now a moratorium on buying gaming stuff, apparently people want to know what to get me and giving money is frowned upon (hopefully at least one Kickstarter will arrive … Continue rea…