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Preparing for War – Rich

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I picked Ogres for the simplest of reasons, I am not the fastest painter and I do not particularly enjoy painting lots of models, so when the time came to choose an army I quickly bagged these large, brutish chaps. Generally I’ve always been more interested in armies that fit a background or a story […]

Preparing for War – Sunny

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Hey all, this is Sunny from the Mantic team, I’ve joined in this event to make sure the undead don’t go unnoticed! Well I have pretty much spilled the beans on what I have brought, I am bringing the undead to the table! You may ask why, well the reason is easy I love all […]

Wave 7 Preview: Kihraxz Fighter II

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It’s quite normal to compare the Kihraxz to the venerable X-wing fighter: it was modelled after it by TransGalMeg Industries Incorporated, to rival it’s classic design. The result was the fast, sleek, and powerful Kihraxz assault fighter the Scum and Villainy faction will be able to call upon in a few months.    Don’t forget to read…

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Mantic North America Ep. 5: Slam Duh Duh Duuhh, Duh Duh Duuhh!

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00:00:00 Intro to Episode 5: Slam Duh Duh Duuhh 00:02:55 Kings of War 00:29:13 Dreadball 00:59:16 Warpath 01:08:37 Deadzone 01:21:28 Dungeon Saga 01:35:41 Mars Attacks   We are back in the Mantic North America studios with Chopper, Jonny P, and special guest, US Pathfinder extraordinare, Mike “Valdric” Muller. Mike will talk about the Kings of […]

Mantic And Frontline Gaming!

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        Mantic is happy to announce a new partnership with Frontline Gaming! Frontline Gaming is a fantastic supplier of miniatures, gaming accessories and painting services.  They also host two of the larger Warhammer 40K tournaments across the United States, the Las Vegas Open and the Bay Area Open. You will also know […]

Board Game Preview Video: Argonauts

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As the legend goes, Jason was a prince of Iolkos. His father Aeson, the king, was dethroned by Pelias, the king’s brother. The usurper Pelias gave Aeson his word that when Jason will come of age, he will give crown and throne to the young prince, but that was a promise he did not intend …

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Penny Press Video Review

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Set during the tumultuous ‘yellow journalism’ years at the end of the 19th century, Penny Press has players taking on the role of newspaper magnates such as Pulitzer and Hearst as they strive to become the dominant paper in old New York City.
Players move up on the circulation track throughout the game by publishing newspapers, …

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Moving House

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We are moving house, so The Raft takes a short break. Hopefully, the figures are well packed and we can get back to gaming soon!

Forge War Video Review by Board to Death TV

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In Forge War, players will take on the role of blacksmiths in a kingdom rife with marauding harpies, cursed dungeons and fire-breathing dragons. They are charged with gathering ore from the mines, purchasing weapon designs from the market and then using these resources to forge weapons for adventurers who will go on quests to fight …

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Father and son bonding at Waterloo

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Originally posted on DRESSING THE LINES:
What, is it already nearly seven years since my son and  I took part in the re-enactment of the Battle of Waterloo?  How time flies! I was recently browsing though my old Favourites (as…

A Preview of Street Kings by TGN’s Jared Miller – Cool Mini Or Not

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I pulled my car up to the line. The engine roared in my ears as I revved it, tipping my hat to the power under the hood. I saw the other racers’ knuckles whiten. This is it. After all the small time street races and car shows, I was finally one race away from being …

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NADC Updates!

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Hey there Dreadball fans! A quick update that has been happening in the North American Dreadball Circuit. June was a busy month for Dreadball.  Not only was there a regional in England for their circuit, we had two Regionals in the North.  Origenes Cup held at Origins Game Fair and Zlurpcor Intergalactic Cup held at […]

Computer Stops Play!

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So long and short of it is that my external hard drive has started to die and it’s dragging my PC down with it. So right now the pictures to go with this weeks article are on a drive I … Continue reading


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That’s right my friends!  The largest gaming convention in North America is almost upon us and I just want to let you know what we at Mantic have got in store for you!  Come see us July 30th through August 2nd in Indianapolis! Mantic will be at Booth 1637.  Here’s the link to the Exhibitor […]

We need your help in continuing!

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Hello BTD Fans!
We really want to continue bringing you reviews into Season 2016, but without your support we won’t be able to continue.
We have being doing reviews for over 6 years now and we have over 400 videos done for gamers around the world.
Our videos take a lot of work and effort to produce and …

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The Women of Waterloo

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This month we commemorate the Battle of Waterloo, which was fought 200 years ago on 18th June. What would be more appropriate than to also remember the women who fought and died on this day? It’s not very surprising that women should have been present at Waterloo. For a start, there exists a long tradition … Continue reading The Women of Waterloo


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Kickstarter LINK:
Kickstarter LINK:
Ether Wars is a new concept of board game that seeks to capture the essence of mechanics of highly successful videogames like MOBAS or RTS, and mix them with more typical elements of modern board games.
Ether Wars is a strategy board game, based on extraction and resource management as well as in combat …

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Mayhem Battle Reports

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Looking for battle reports, after action reports, armies, lists, and other fine examples of Mayhem in fantasy mass battle action? Well, I’m here to help! Below are a few examples [in no particular order] from around the web. Enjoy! The first report can be be viewed in three parts [see the image links below] on the … Continue reading

new promo image of badass ape

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Epic Armageddon – Ordinatus Majoris and Chaos Squat Leviathan

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Hey guys, this is just a short post about some conversions I did recently (well most of them). The first few conversions are bsed on the new Adeptus Mechanicus Kataphron battle servitors. The tracks and engine parts make perfect war engine sized chassis for super heavy tanks or Ordinatus Majoris. Depending on the scale you…

Epic Armageddon – Dark Eldar army showcase

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Hi guys, second post for today. This time I`d like to show off the actual progress with my Dark Eldar army for Epic Armageddon. As mentioned preciously the entire army is based on Games Workshop DE jetbike kits and Infantry as well as superb Taloi pain engines and Raiders from Onslaught Miniatures. By now most…

Battlefleet Gothic – Adeptus Mechanicus fleet showcase

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Hello fellow readers, allready two weeks since my last post. Even though I got some models done the other days, I did not manage to take adequate pics or videos at all. Therefore I took some army and wip videos from some of my current hobby project (basically just the very tip of the iceberg. Todays…

Rise of the apes

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These Apes really have a “don’t mess with us” vibe now that they have some color! I pologise for not posting for the lady ape as i literally just forgot to take them! she is only small and all you need to know is that red and red blending is the most annoying thing to do in miniature painting, bar painting yellow i guess. so i’m just happy her dress wasn’t yellow.Also the big ape has such a photogenic pose i decided to knock up a new promo image to  for the facebook cover photo.&nbsp […]

First Game of Lion Rampant

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Most of the wargaming stuff is already packed up in boxed for the big house move, but last weekend we nevertheless managed to have a first game of Lion Rampant. K. took El Cid and his retinue while I played the Almoravids. I put together two retinues based on what looked plausible to me and without … Continue reading First Game of Lion Rampant

Transylvania Board Game Video Review

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In the late 19th Century the land of Transylvania fell under a terrible curse allowing Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies to terrorize the citizens. The Governor issued a desperate plea for help. You play one of the best and bravest Adventurers in the world called to Transylvania to break the curse. Your goal is to find …

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