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Rescuing Annabelle – Sharp Practice AAR

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After our first test game of Sharp Practice, we wanted to do a proper scenario, so I chose Scenario Six: Rescue Mission from the rulebook. The backstory went like this: A Confederate spy, Annabelle, was apprehended in a farmhouse by a small force of Union soldiers. The Confederates have mounted a rescue mission while the … Continue reading Rescuing Annabelle – Sharp Practice AAR

Epic : Armageddon – Necron Infantry Phalanx support

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Todays addition to the army are some more Warriors. Having had some more games in, proved them to be superior over Immortals, as far as effectiveness vs. list flexibility is concerned. If you have had different experiences, feel free to share them here…

Stay Frosty

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I’ve been slacking this year on the old blogging front, there’s no denying it. Interestingly it’s not been down to hobby fatigue or any of the usual ailments, just simply put a lack of enthusiasm for sitting down in front of a screen on an ongoing basis. My day job …

‘The Black Devils’ film trailer re Dutch marines in 1940

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I found this tantalising trailer for a new Dutch mini-series on YouTube. It is about the Dutch marines in Rotterdam during the German invasion in 1940. Note: After you click on the  above still picture, you will then have to click … Continue reading

Epic : Armageddon – Necron support barges

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Today something that is going to stand in as Triarch stalker or Annihilation barges – time will tell. Actually I just built them cos the parts were kinda left over. I dont even have bases atm, as the round plastic ones seem to be unavailable for now (-ever?). As soon as I get hand on […]

On the Painting Table

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I’ve recently realised that it’s almost a year since I started painting 15mm ACW figures – and I’m still going! If anything, playing Sharp Practice 2 has motivated me even more to add to my forces. Fortunately, there’s enough in the lead pile to keep me occupied for a while. On the painting table (or better, … Continue reading On the Painting Table

Partizan 2016

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For all of you going to Partizan next week. The Ministry shall not be running a game, instead I shall be attending as a punter for a change. It will lovely to have time to have time to mooch around … Continue reading

Epic : Armageddon – Necron Heavy Destroyers

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Today the second part of my Eques, that is Heavy Destroyers. They are brilliant tank hunters, being able to use any portal and therefore striking targets anywhere nearby your Monoliths etc.. They were made from DRM heavy infantry, cut in half and mount…

First Game of Sharp Practice 2

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Last weekend, we had our first game of Sharp Practice 2. Eagerly awaited, the new version of my favourite set of rules had arrived as a bundle containing the printed book and a set of cards. Even though I’ve followed the blog posts and youtube videos, I was still surprised by the amount of changes. To … Continue reading First Game of Sharp Practice 2

Review: Death from the Skies

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Games Workshop, as it is wont to do, has been working on a summer product rollout, with a supplement, some new kits, etc. A few images leak, certain unnamed rumors sites […]

Tribal – best ever rules cover?!

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Tribal, the new skirmish combat game by Mana Press, must surely have one of the most impressive covers for a set of wargaming rules ever! Of course, the news of a set of wargaming rules covering Māori warfare in New … Continue reading

Epic : Armageddon – Doomsday Arks

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Hey guys, today I proudly present some additional long range firepower for my Necrons. The Doomsday arks can now get fielded in formations of five. Giving some more, though not that much staying power. They perform in many ways similar like Space Marine Predators, being in relatively small squads. Usually a single round of fire […]

Napoleon’s dinosaur-mounted carabiniers?

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Stumbled across this book in the Young Adults section of our the local library today.  Could be … interesting … Can’t be any less intriguing than another book about Waterloo I recently got from the same library, The Sage of … Continue reading

Cooperative X-Wing

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Cooperative games are all the rage nowadays. This is understandable as it can be great fun to work as a team against the mechanics of a game. Board games such as Pandemic have shown that cooperative games can be challenging and provide a dramatic narrative. But while a new generation of wargames has adopted several … Continue reading Cooperative X-Wing

North of the Wall

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Well, later today we begin the long trek from Mid-Wales to Falkirk in Scotland. Google tells me it will take six hours, but they have not met the official Ministry driver – Lorna, my wife. There we shall be attending: … Continue reading

New Gear Krieg Graphic Novel!

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Congratulations to John Bell! After a long wait, volume 1 of Alfie’s Tenners is finally out! May 1940, as German panzers and kampfers invade France, one British officer, Second Lieutenant Alphonse March, finds himself separated from the B.E.F. and must lead his walker troop through the countless hordes of the Hun back to the safety […]

Epic : Armageddon – Ghost Arks

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Todays post is all about more Ghost arks. This gives me the opportunity to field two squads of “mobile infantry” at once. I am skeptical if that’s worth it after all, but at least one formation is a decent objective guard and potent backfield unit to keep enemy formations out of your table half. the […]

Building an ACW Tollhouse

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During the Civil War, tollhouses were quite a common sight. There is even an anecdote about General Sheridan being held up by one Charlotte Hillman, the keeper of a tollhouse, who refused to let his army pass. Only after Sheridan promised to send the money the pike was raised. This already shows the potential of … Continue reading Building an ACW Tollhouse

Dropfleet Commander – First plastic sprues

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Just saw it a few minutes ago: Pics of the Scourge plastic cruiser sprue and Flying bases from Hawk wargames. Looks like the amount of detail is great and designing specifically for plastic paid off for the guys at Hawk. I am curious to see if the other sprues will capture the details as well […]

Completed my WW2 colonial French army

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Well, that’s it, I’ve finished painting my 28mm WW2 colonial French army  for Bolt Action wargaming (click picture to enlarge). In the picture above, you can see in the front row: an infantry squad of 6 men (4 rifles, 1 … Continue reading

Scrap Heap Leftovers

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Still playing with the settings on my 3D printer to try and get the best quality out of it. I now have enough calibration pieces to make a model scrap yard

Epic : Armageddon – Necron Destroyers

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One major drawback of Necrons is their massive lack of speed. Just looking at the troop profiles, it won’t seem too dramatic as first, as most units have a speed somewhat around 25cm. Yet it is, when you realise, that Necrons can’t ever take march actions, when you start appreciating every single cm of movement. […]

Waterloo in 15 Minutes

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Originally, I wanted to publish this review last year, what with the anniversary and everything. Everyone seemed to be busy painting hundreds of Imperial Guard miniatures and Waterloo games were all over the place. Even I succumb to the buzz and managed to read two books: The first being the excellent The Battle: A New … Continue reading Waterloo in 15 Minutes

‘Wargames Illustrated’ articles about Chunuk Bair diorama – in full!

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To mark Anzac Day, you can now download two illustrated articles describing the amazing story of last year’s massive Chunuk Bair diorama project for The Great War Exhibition in Wellington. The publishers of Wargames Illustrated have kindly agreed to let … Continue reading

Escenografía: Huerto Frutal

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La escenografía no solo sirve para hacer el juego más interesante una partida a Warhammer Fantasy, si no que también nos ayuda a sumergirnos en la atmósfera y libera nuestra imaginación. Hemos hecho un pequeño huerto con árboles frutal para nu…