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Amber Route Video Review

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Amber Route is a journey to the land of Slavic beliefs, monsters and magic. In this game full of surprises, you will embark on a dangerous adventure, leading your caravan through the uncharted territories. At every step you will face lurking evil creatures, traps, and ancient magic. Plan your moves carefully, protect your ambers, expand …

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Hitman Holiday Preview Video

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From the Creators: Ten assassins gathered in one resort. Only one gets to be called the Number One Killer. Enough said.
Hitman Holiday is game of deduction and strategy where as many as up to 10 players take on the roles of ten of the deadliest assassins mankind has ever known. Gathered at the world’s most …

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Mantic clearance ending soon!

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  The Mantic clearance is ending at midnight on the 1st February! Grab a copy of Mhorgoth Rising! A great 2 player battleset where the mighty Dwarfs battle to smash through the waves of Undead summoned by Mhorgoth! Will they manage to push pack the forces of the Undead or will they be cut down […]

Slow Week

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Well it’s been a slow week so not much to show or tell. Had a great game of Bolt Action down the club, which saw my Americans snatching defeat from the jaws of failure (again!). It was 1000pts of USA vs … Continue reading

Epic Armageddon – battle report DKOK vs. Titan Legion

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Second post for today guys, now it’s a little battle report, the mighty Titan Legion from Thabun versus the Death Korps of Krieg. Rules and army lists are the 2014 versions. This battle report is special in the way we made it. My mate Chris and I decided to play via Vassal and “translate” the…

Epic : Armageddon – Dark Eldar test scheme

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Old Dark Eldar army, sold 2013 Hey guys, first post for today is the Dark Eldar test scheme. So far I am done with the models themselfes, yet the base remains to be painted. Currently I don’t have appropriate colours at my place. I was thinking of a dark blue-grayish soil, to contrast with the…

Facebook organic reach is BS

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A lot of companies and small businesses have Pages on Facebook that they use to communicate and engage with customers. The idea seems simple. People Like your Page and get Notifications that appear in their Facebook News Feed when you post. The reality is quite a ways off from this and we recently had a […]

3D-printed Maori pa pallisades

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Last week I was introduced for the first time to a fellow wargamer who owns Printable Scenery, a company that designs and prints 3D wargames terrain.  I reported on that serendipitous meeting in a previous posting. During that chat, I … Continue reading

Tallarn Valkyrie/Vendetta

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Well, here’s a great big photo dump showing the start to finish WIP on the Valkyrie/Vendetta I built for my Tallarn. The cockpit was fully painted before being put into the fuselage and then masked off, to prime the rest of the model. I also painted the interior of the passenger compartment. You can’t see […]

King of New York Video Review

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There’s always something happening in the city that never sleeps. Maybe it’s the lights, maybe it’s the energy, or maybe it’s the giant monsters trying to demolish the place!
King of New York is a standalone game from designer Richard Garfield that keeps the core ideas of King of Tokyo while introducing new ways to play. …

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Amerigo Video Review by Board To Death TV

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In Amerigo, the players help Amerigo Vespucci on his journey to discover new land. The players explore the islands of South America, secure trading routes, and build settlements.
The actions available to players are determined through the use of a specialized cube tower, which has appeared in the Queen titles Im Zeichen des Kreuzes and Wallenstein. …

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Sir Peter Jackson needs Kiwi wargamers

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Originally posted on DRESSING THE LINES:
Here’s the chance for New Zealand wargamers to volunteer for a massive modelling project to commemorate Gallipoli, led by Sir Peter Jackson and using never-seen-before figures by the Perry twins! Below is an open letter to New Zealand wargaming clubs from Rhys Jones, a fellow wargamer and also the former…

Mayhem ‘refuge’ sale

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It seems that that are quite a few rumors ‘bubbling’ over that the ‘end times’ are about to take their toll on one of the most beloved and established old worlds of fantasy mass battles. While these rumors may or may not be true, I would like to offer a couple of things to those … Continue reading

NEWS: Hoyuk meets Anatolia on Kickstarter!

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The world is moving into a new era, and now more than ever the clans work for the progress and the evolution of their community. Everyone tries to find new ways to improve their lives, new means to grow their lands and new constructions that create an easier life. In Höyük: Anatolia, you must prove your …

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12 Realms return with an expansion entitled Ghost Town!

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The epic journey continues as 12 Realms return with an expansion entitled Ghost Town! A new Realm is now challenging the heroes of the Fairy world and you must be ready to face the dark forces lie hidden in it. In this realm there is no Town because the dark lords cursed it from this …

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I wanna rock a Mantic Open Night…

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and party everyday!  Well everyone, you’ve heard me and Jonny P talk about it on the Mantic North America podcast.  You’ve heard me make mention of it on various other podcasts.  I’m here to tell you that now’s your chance.  Mantic Open Night is coming to Adepticon! The cost for this event will be $20. […]

Quick Hint #101

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As a figure painter I like to add various chemicals to my paints to enhance their flow or stop them drying as fast. These are usually added in small quantities and mixed with water. If you look at the various … Continue reading

Deadzone Campaigns

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So…a start to a new year.  With that comes new things such as new campaigns for Kings of War, Dreadball or Deadzone.  If you’re looking for a new way of running your Deadzone campaign then Jonny P from Mantic North America podcast has a new flavor of running a Deadzone campaign.  Here’s a little from […]

Still Alive

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I have not been gaming for a while :-( as I have moved to a new (old 120 year) house and been too busy renovating.Plus I do not have any room for a table so hard to setup my games. I will be making my games room asap and it will have plenty of natural […]

DreadBall pulls no punches in 2015!

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Now on with the game… By far the most played game Mantic has had so far is DreadBall (I think closely followed by KoW). There is a few reasons for this, but I believe that the main ones are how easy it is to get into, and how quick it is too play. It has […]

Mafia Casino Board Game Video Review

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In the card game Mafia Casino, you want to be the first player to raise $30 million, whether through legal means (such as building hotels or casino resorts to attract clients who deal in pearls and diamonds) or means that fall on the shady side of legal (such as extorting someone or planting bombs in …

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Gothic Invasion Video Review

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Gothic Invasion is a card-driven wargame depicting the Gothic Wars from 377 to 382 A.D. Each player takes the roles of the Goth leaders (Fritigern, Alatheus and Saphrax) and the Roman leaders (Valens, Theodosius I, Gratian and Flavius Richomeres). The Goth player’s objective is to plunder nine cities of the East Roman empire between 377-382 …

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Customer Service at Mantic

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Customer Service at Mantic As a company that prides itself on it every growing, loyal and passionate community, customer service is something that we find incredibly important at Mantic. If we don’t support our customers, our customers do not support us. It’s that simple. Currently we’ve got a bit of a backlog in despatching our […]

Psycho Therapist Video Preview

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A humorous party game for 3-8 players. Players take on the role of a Psycho!Therapist and attempt to treat people with problems ranging from weird to WTF?!
This game is like something out of Whose Line Is It Anyway, and Machine of Death.
Cards: There are a variety of cards in Psycho!Therapist. Each is described below:
TYPE Cards: …

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Happy New Year

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Welcome back and I hope you all had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. It’s been just over two years now since I started Six-D-Six and I’m amazed by the number of followers I have and the number … Continue reading