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Salute 2015

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So here they are, pictures of Salute 2015. It was a great day as always and only my great strength of character prevented me going a long way over budget. Dropzone Commander Aliens VS Predator Stingray Antares Batman Wolsung Star … Continue reading

Working on The Bauhaus

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This week i have been pretty busy but i have found time to put some paint to this beautiful model and its counterparts. I thought i would share what i have been able to share more easily on the facebook until now. CHECK OUT THE FACEBOOK HERE FOR MORE REGULAR UPDATES So first thing i did was block out the basic colors. i followed everyone else’s example of regal blue and put some sandy yellow to contrast it. The weapons where a wacky mix of diferent metalics with white and black […]

How to… Make a Beach Mat

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No, not one of those mats you have to drag to the beach, rather a mat that brings the beach into your living room! Or at least a reasonable facsimile you can put tiny figures on. For a long time I’ve been collecting scenarios involving amphibious operations. Some may remember my attempt at scratch building … Continue reading How to… Make a Beach Mat

Custom Gunship Pt 4

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Got a bit more paint on my gunship, added a few little details, I’d say that’s all the base coats except The crew done now. Top view. Side view (UCMC stands for United Corporate Marine Corps) Added various little bits of writing. So that’s it for this update, I’m going to be adding Decals from […]


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Oh joy My copy of Carnevale has arrived. Everything looks fantastic, I’m definitely only ever buying true scale miniatures from now on. Review in the next few weeks

Barnyard Legions – Preview Video

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The Barnyard Legions March to War From the frigid north to the arid Sahara, the Barnyard Legions march forth to claim their place in history. In Barnyard Legions you, the general, have been given a mission to keep the other Legions from ever completing their goal of lining up a proper battle line or two. …

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Epic : Armageddon – Nurgle Titan Legion Plaguedrakes done

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Finally some time to load up the proof of my recent work on the Nurgle Titan Legion. Over all, the green stuff work was completed last week, with finally getting the Plaguedrakes done. I used jaws of spare Tyranid Gargoyle heads and merged them with the more mechanical parts you guys saw in the previous…

Custom Gunship Pt 1

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Well yesterday I was all up for a rant of creativity, then realized I have not successfully “fully” converted much at all, maybe added a few little bits, or done a few bits swaps, so today I decided to go all out with available supplies, including two full models, spare wire, a baked bean can, […]

General Thoughts on the hobby

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So recently I’ve been looking through tonnes of blogs that are successful within the wargaming niche, and I’ve started to notice a pattern, there are tonnes of REALLY successful blogs and an ever greater amount of totally unsuccessful blogs that are (in my opinion) just as good, if not better! This got me thinking, what […]

Generic Sci-fi

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So as any of you who frequent this blog have likely picked up on, I’m a serious cheap skate! And following on from my previous post, I’ve steadily gone off the idea of a halo themed army again, well, almost… Anyway, I’ve decided to try a generic sci-fi army instead, just grabbing some cheap minis […]

Dead Simple 5th Edition – updated draft

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Following some excellent feedback from community members Sean & Josh I have updated the 5th Edition draft. The new draft, called ‘draft 3′ is on the Rules Downloads page right now. You can see the amendments in red. Please let … Continue reading

What’s going on!?

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So recently I’ve (once again) been obsessing with the idea of starting a halo themed army, back to choosing whether to do halo reach/CE Anniversary, or halo 3 themed armies (as in my opinion their the only ‘cool’ looking marines) and began a relentless Google session to find suitable miniatures and/or conversions parts, I’ve seen […]

Gambon Video Overview of Prototype

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GAMBONI is a board game for 3 to 5 players. The game map is a representation of New York City in the 1980’s where five families controlled organized crime. To co-ordinate business and to settle disputes, the “COMMISSION” was formed. Each family is represented by their boss aka “CAPO”. The boss of the most powerful …

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Dreams of Dystopia Overview Video

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Dreams of Dystopia – The Postapocalyptic Deckbuilding Game with a TWIST
In Dreams of Dystopia, set in a distant, postapocalyptic and dystopian future, players assume the roles of mighty “Masters” commanding various “Minions” to compete against each other – choosing between the Divine or Demonic aspect or even trying to tread the perilous …

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Artemisia, a Greek Admiral

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Artemisia was queen of Halicarnassus (today’s Bodrum in Turkey) in the 5th century BC. Her kingdom was subject to the Persian empire, so when Xerxes mounted his invasion of Greece, she contributed a squadron of five triremes (galleys with three tiers of oarsmen and a crew of about 200). Herodotus reports that Artemisia’s squadron was … Continue reading Artemisia, a Greek Admiral

Technical Issues

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Sorry everyone for my serious lack of updates! I’ve had SO much going on, and on top of that, my internet has been down for the past week. But all that aside, I’m back up and running. And to celebrate, a few pics of a Legion of the Damned marine! This dude is still WIP, […]

Why has it been so quiet around here ezpainter? 

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Hey ey’erbody! So sorry i have been so slack with updates! truth is i have been on  a (home city) business trip! Expect some great deals coming soon as a consequence and loads of benefits for everybody! Soon i will be setting up a newsletter so you may choose to keep up to date with some of the coolest updates on the blog from each week. So check back soon and keep your onions peeled!   […]

Mantic Games at Salute 2015

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Salute is the UK’s biggest single day wargaming event showcasing the very best companies in the hobby. Held at the ExCel centre in London on the 25th April, the centre will be flooded with hobby enthusiasts from all around the country (and even overseas) who will be eager to see what is on offer in […]

Tale of a King: Clash of Kings Road Trip Part 9

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Clash of Kings Road Trip Part 9 – Welsh Regional in Cardiff Prepare yourself!! It’s a long pic heavy blog today! And I will also be doing a battle report on Friday on the final game on table 1 between Goblins and Undead. Although you can work out the result below it should still be a […]

No Post This Weekend

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Unfortunately there isn’t going to be any article posted this weekend. My son’s birthday and a deadline on some other gaming stuff I can’t talk about yet is eating every spare minute I have at the moment. Hopefully I’ll be … Continue reading

Take the Plantation!

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Major Horace Turvington had clear orders: Take the de la Bréjaude plantation from the brigands. The manor house had been burned down during that fateful night in August 1791, when the slaves of the Northern Plains had risen in union. However, the Marquis de la Bréjaude was an important ally and it would show good will … Continue reading Take the Plantation!

March of the Ants Board Game Review

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As spring dawns the great thaw begins. Deep beneath the lush meadow grasses the queen stirs in her nest and the colony comes to life. Soldiers venture forth, battling centipedes while clashing with opposing colonies for territory. Workers dig an ever-expanding network of tunnels in their tireless search for food. The first larvae hatch and …

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Battlefleet Gothic – Technocracy Adeptus Mechanicus Battleship

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Hey mates, here is a minor update for this week. Today I got some hours spare time and completed the converted Demiurg Starship which represents a technocratic Battleship, leading my Adeptus Mechanikus themed fleet. By now I am still worrying on where to put the significant white stripes and if they are required after all,…

Review: New Terrain Pictures and Rules

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The blogosphere is exploding today with leaked images of the new terrain that Games Workshop is releasing. With the rumors of the Void Shield Generator from yesterday, it looks like a big terrain push is finally on it’s way. The pictures of the new models are at the end of this post. There are two […]

Broken Contract Kickstarter in its last 48 hours!

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The Kickstarter for ‘Broken Contract’ is in its last two days.  I was lucky enough to play test the game a little and get an opportunity to see behind the scenes of the miniature and component design.  Its a fun game which has a very unique setting and style for the miniatures table top gaming […]