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Breaking Down the Horus Heresy FAQ

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The Horus Heresy has been in dire need of an FAQ for a long time – while generally a tighter ruleset than 7th Edition 40K was, invariably things come up, […]

So this is what paper soldiers look like en masse?

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I’ve finally finished enough of the Paperboys figures to set up both sides to recreate a battle of the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745/6 – often simply referred to as ‘The 45’. Today I took advantage of the nice weather to … Continue reading

Rearguard Action – a Sharp Practice AAR

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After doing other stuff, I started to crave for a game of Sharp Practice – it seems I can’t go to long without wanting to play what is still my favorite game. Fortunately, Sigur was willing to take command of the Confederates…

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28mm WW2 Dutch army completed at last!

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I’ve finally completed sufficient models to field a WW2 Dutch force for wargaming. The models depict a small mixed force of the Dutch army as it was when the Germans invaded the Netherlands in  May 1940. All but one of … Continue reading

Soul Wars comments

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The Age of Sigmar Soul Wars starter has been released today and as part of our Tale of Three Warlords project I picked up all of the new releases. We got the Soul Wars starter, Malign Sorcery box and the four ‘Easy To Build’ releases. I have the General’s Handbook coming but as the Warlord […]

Test of Honour demo day

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So today was the Test of Honour demo day at the store and it certainly generated quite a lot of interest. In fact I would say that it easily had the most interested gamers of anything we have demoed in the store in several years. And not only interest from miniature gamers but also from […]

Animal House

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Well, well, well – it seems that animal ardor, creature craze, fauna frenzy or even zoological zeal are rampant, at least among my mates, as Sigur and Virago have both bought the new Osprey rules-set Burrows & Badgers. How could…

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Finishing a Corsec 1/56th scale LCVP

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OK, I’m a bit slow on the workbench. A few months back I purchased three 1/56th scale LCVP kits from Coresec Engineering for a D-Day scenario.  The kits are in laser cut MDF and plasticard. The laser cuts are nice and clean, and all the pieces separate easily for assembly. I used LVT crew figures […]

WW2 Dutch and 1745 Jacobites

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It might have been quiet here on the blog for the last week or so, but I have actually been  progressing with all sorts of stuff. My wargaming table is groaning under the weight of several projects on the go! … Continue reading

Protected: Hurricane Season Scenario 4

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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Mars Attack Review- By Drew Wood

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I now have my shiny copy of “Mars Attacks – The Miniatures Game”- here are my initial Thoughts – the Plastic Material – not a fan, it holds the detail ‘OK’ – but not as good as Restic – I … Continue reading →…

Review: WW2 Dutch Landsverk armoured car in 1/56 (28mm)

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“Verdorie! Those are German paratroopers!” shouts the shocked commander of a Dutch Landsverk M36 armoured car as the Germans begin to invade the Netherlands on 10 May 1940. I’ve just completed this 1/56 scale Landsverk model produced by May ’40 … Continue reading

Make it so!

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Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather, so there was not much gaming (or even painting) going on. However, a couple of days ago, we had some friends over and decided to try a game I’ve had lying…

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WW2 Dutch armoured car

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After many many months of anticipation, I’ve finally got my hands on one of May ’40 Miniatures’ Landsverk armoured cars for my WW2 Dutch army. First impression is that’s it a very good model.  I will report more in the … Continue reading

Protected: Hurricane Season Scenario 3

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Five large 28mm regiments in eight days

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Yes, in just eight days I have produced five full units in my experiment with Peter Dennis’s wonderful paper soldiers. My British army already has three large units, and my Jacobites are well underway with two units. That’s less than … Continue reading

Currently Reading

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For our Gettysburg Battle Day, I read a couple of books on the battle. One of them was Edwin B. Coddington’s The Gettysburg Campaign. A Study in Command from 1968. This is, in some ways, a book that shows its…

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Paper Highlanders for “The ’45”

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My paper armies have doubled in two days, with the first Highlander unit to face the regiment of British troops I made up earlier in the week. This Paperboys unit was begun from scratch yesterday, and completed tonight (around 100 … Continue reading

Four hours to make a 112-figure regiment in 28mm!

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Yep, just somewhere between three and four hours to complete a regiment of 112 figures,  from go to whoa, including flags and basing! I posted last week that I was going to try out some of Peter Dennis’s paper figures … Continue reading

I’m going to try out paper soldiers

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I’ve decided to try something different – paper armies! For the last couple of years I’ve been keeping my eye on the rapidly growing range of books that Peter Dennis has been pumping out, each one covering a different campaign … Continue reading

Small Figures, Big Battles

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As you might have noticed, I was quite taken with the 6mm Altar of Freedom game I saw at our Gettysburg Battle Day. I’m usually not interested in big battle games, but this one really impressed me. So naturally, I…

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Two WW2 Dutch farms in cardboard

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This weekend I finished the final two Dutch card model buildings by ‘Gungnir’ that I had bought recently from WargameDownloads. I’ve posted previously about the first four buildings for a small Dutch village. This latest pair consists of two farmhouses. … Continue reading

Wargaming Article Published

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The recent issue of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy magazine contains a special feature on raiding actions during the American Civil War. One of the article was penned by me! It’s on a subject I’ve been interested in for a long…

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Protected: Hurricane Season Scenario 2

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Navy Skyship In The Shed

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Mr Steinberg has completed his Navy Skyship for Steam Wars, just brilliant! The model is from Blotz and is one of a range of steampunk flying ships. Advertisements