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Battlefleet Gothic – Dark Eldar Fleet Display

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Today I managed to find some spare time, getting my Dark Eldar fleet for Battlefleet Gothic on celluloid. I would like to take this as starting point for some further blogging about Dark Eldar tactics in our most beloved space battles tabletop game. Supporting the video, here are some great Dark Eldar fleets I have…

NOVA Open Infinity Attendance Update

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We’re about only 40 days out from me going a week without sleep. Here’s a brief update on the number of registrants for Infinity so far. Hunger Games #1: 8 Hunger Games #2: 4 Fireteam Trios: 6 Friday ITS: 25 Saturday ITS: 21 Sunday ITS: 20 We’ve beaten last years numbers for all events so […]

What is missing from IHMN Gothic?

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As many of you know by now Charles and my objectives for the coming twelve months are to complete and publish: 1. Blood Eagle: skirmish wargaming in the legendary Dark Ages, and 2. IHMN Gothic: the third unique supplement for … Continue reading

Mantic Retailer Spotlight

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Knight’s Blade Game & Hobby Welcome to the first installment of a new series on the blog called, Mantic Retailer Spotlight! All across the world we have thousands of retailers who are supporting, demoing and promoting our games and we want you to know where they are! So without further delay, we introduce: 10 Center […]

The Messenger – Lion Rampant AAR

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Don’t kill the messenger, that’s what I kept saying. Would K. listen? No. But let’s start at the beginning. Last weekend we finally inaugurated the old table in the new flat and had a game of Lion Rampant. After having a go at the scenario ‘The Messenger’ with Mick, I decided to introduce it to … Continue reading The Messenger – Lion Rampant AAR

“You wound me, sir…”

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“Nothing is surer in war than losses.” – Common human saying With all of the new models coming out, it’s easy to overlook some of the smaller additions to the game that we’ve made. Also on pre-order this month is a new set of damage trackers for Kings of War. In Kings of War, individual […]

Go-Go-Gadget Golem

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Black stone-giants that tower over the battlefield, these monsters thunder against the enemy under the control of the Iron-casters that animated them. Alongside the Elves release, the darkling hordes of the Abyssal Dwarfs are also gaining huge support. You might even call this a colossal release. Today we look at the model so large that we’re weren’t even […]


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Unstoppable constructs of wood, foliage, mud and stone, these great trees march against the enemies of the Elven realms. Though slow to anger, when awoken they are mighty and determined defenders of their woodland homes. Today’s blog focusses on a new model for not one, but two armies – the Forest Shamblers. These large tree-men are Large Infantry units in […]

Some AE-WWII Painting

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I will be attending Gen Con this year and in anticipation  of a game of AE-WWII I’ve been doing some painting. Filed under: Uncategorized

Visiting a Vauban Fortress

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We’ve been living near some of the most spectacular Vauban fortresses for years and never managed to make the trip. However, the fascinating series of articles on Gravelines by Henry Hyde in Miniature Wargames finally inspired me to rent a car. K. was willing to come along, so shortly before we moved house, we headed for Neuf-Brisach, which … Continue reading Visiting a Vauban Fortress

Squeezed in one last submission for a new New Zealand flag

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The submissions for a new New Zealand flag closed yesterday. In my previous posts, I’ve shown half a dozen flags I’ve submitted.  But I managed to squeeze in the above entry just before closing last night. I like this design … Continue reading

New Patreon Goals

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There have been a couple new goals added to the Patreon campaign, focusing on projects that I think folks might find appealing: an examination of multi-player games, and a campaign […]

Revisiting the Elves…..or an Elvolution.

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We’ve been showing you all of the exciting new stuff but then it occurred to us that Kings of War has been going for quite a while and therefore quite a few of the new members of the Kings of War community may not have seen where it all began. So we are going to […]

Two Player Battle Set Naming Winner

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Hi all, Back on June the 1st we ran a competition to name the new Two Player Starter Set. 278 replies to that post led to a fair amount of debate as to who would win but it eventually became clear that Kharegim won with choice of “The battle for Ironhold Bridge”. Well done, you […]

Desnudando Age of Sigmar: Los motivos del cambio

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Posiblemente nos encontramos ante el cambio más radical de los últimos años en la compañía inglesa Games Workshop, un cambio que amenaza las colecciones y experiencia de juego de miles de aficionados con nombres y apellidos: Age of Sigmar. En est…

My final submission for a new New Zealand flag

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I couldn’t resist one more go at a New Zealand flag design. It is based on a traditional Maori woven motif. In the centre sits our iconic silver fern on a black background. This one uses a different palette from my … Continue reading

Keystone GT Round 4 Pairings/Standings

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Find them here:

Preparing for War II – Ronnie

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We march together… One of the big decisions for me was deciding to put them on unit bases. This was something I had resisted the first time I started painting this army (about 4 years ago when Mantic launched the Dwarfs) – back then I still used 20mm bases for each model. It was about […]

A new national flag for New Zealand

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New Zealand is currently considering a new flag. Well, at least some people are – there is also a large ground-swell to keep the existing flag, either for patriotic or cost-saving reasons. Nevertheless, the government is seeking submissions for a … Continue reading

                            Updates and news

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Hey everybodyi wanted to pop in for those who check the blog and just let everyone know i haven’t dropped off the radar after my last commissions. I have a commission on the table still and thankfully it is a kind and patient client, whom i shall notice soon that work is to re commence!i have had to take a break this last two weeks as i have been dealing with “life stuff” for lack of a better internet term. So i shall soon be back to the gaff!           &n […]

Reenactress: A Documentary

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When film maker J.R. Hardman started as an American Civil War reenactress three years ago, she was not allowed to wear uniform and join the ranks, as females were not supposed to be combatants. Embarking on a journey through books and archives, she discovered that there is lots of historical evidence for women fighting in … Continue reading Reenactress: A Documentary

State of the Variance Hammer: One Year Out

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Variance Hammer is a little over a year old, and I thought it might be worth doing some introspection – seeing how traffic is doing, where people come from, where […]

Epic : Armageddon – Dark Eldar war engines wip

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Good afternoon everybody (at least here in Europe), todays post shows some more work in progress pics from some further war engines I am working on for my Dark Eldar army. First of all I had due to the recent published video one new box of 40k Dark Eldar Hyemshin. Therefore I decided to use…

Preparing for War II – Sunny

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I would like to explain what I expected when I played Kings of War for the first time. Now I am going to be absolutely truthful, my first impressions of the game were not great. Why, you might ask? Well, I thought the game looked far too simple and at first didn’t like the concept […]

Infinity Tables

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I was googling ‘Infinity tables’ for another post and these types of coffee tables instead. First time seeing it myself and thought I’d share as one could make for a great terrain lighting idea to add perceived depth to an actual table for Infinity, such as a large atrium inside a facility or simulating space […]