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Epic : Armageddon – Ghost Arks

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Todays post is all about more Ghost arks. This gives me the opportunity to field two squads of “mobile infantry” at once. I am skeptical if that’s worth it after all, but at least one formation is a decent objective guard and potent backfield unit to keep enemy formations out of your table half. the […]

Building an ACW Tollhouse

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During the Civil War, tollhouses were quite a common sight. There is even an anecdote about General Sheridan being held up by one Charlotte Hillman, the keeper of a tollhouse, who refused to let his army pass. Only after Sheridan promised to send the money the pike was raised. This already shows the potential of … Continue reading Building an ACW Tollhouse

Dropfleet Commander – First plastic sprues

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Just saw it a few minutes ago: Pics of the Scourge plastic cruiser sprue and Flying bases from Hawk wargames. Looks like the amount of detail is great and designing specifically for plastic paid off for the guys at Hawk. I am curious to see if the other sprues will capture the details as well […]

Completed my WW2 colonial French army

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Well, that’s it, I’ve finished painting my 28mm WW2 colonial French army  for Bolt Action wargaming (click picture to enlarge). In the picture above, you can see in the front row: an infantry squad of 6 men (4 rifles, 1 … Continue reading

Scrap Heap Leftovers

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Still playing with the settings on my 3D printer to try and get the best quality out of it. I now have enough calibration pieces to make a model scrap yard

Epic : Armageddon – Necron Destroyers

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One major drawback of Necrons is their massive lack of speed. Just looking at the troop profiles, it won’t seem too dramatic as first, as most units have a speed somewhat around 25cm. Yet it is, when you realise, that Necrons can’t ever take march actions, when you start appreciating every single cm of movement. […]

Waterloo in 15 Minutes

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Originally, I wanted to publish this review last year, what with the anniversary and everything. Everyone seemed to be busy painting hundreds of Imperial Guard miniatures and Waterloo games were all over the place. Even I succumb to the buzz and managed to read two books: The first being the excellent The Battle: A New … Continue reading Waterloo in 15 Minutes

‘Wargames Illustrated’ articles about Chunuk Bair diorama – in full!

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To mark Anzac Day, you can now download two illustrated articles describing the amazing story of last year’s massive Chunuk Bair diorama project for The Great War Exhibition in Wellington. The publishers of Wargames Illustrated have kindly agreed to let … Continue reading

Escenografía: Huerto Frutal

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La escenografía no solo sirve para hacer el juego más interesante una partida a Warhammer Fantasy, si no que también nos ayuda a sumergirnos en la atmósfera y libera nuestra imaginación. Hemos hecho un pequeño huerto con árboles frutal para nu…

Review of Neucraft Models Renault R35 tank

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The latest addition to my 28mm WW2 colonial French army is this diminutive Renault R35 light tank. This resin model by Neucraft Models is a little beauty. This was a relatively well-armoured infantry support tank, but slow (only 12mph) and lacking in good … Continue reading

Epic : Armageddon – Necron Abattoire

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As promised, today we go big. The Abattoire is an incredibly large and fragile model. Actually putting it on the table always makes me shiver, hoping for the harvesting arms not to break of. Just taking the fotos actually caused one of them to break. Two more broke off while painting that beast. I have […]


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All the armies of the Mexican Revolution were accompanied by women. As no side had professional support units, the work of female camp followers was vital to provision the troops and to provide logistical support. Many women, however, also took up weapons and joined the fighting. According to one newspaper reporter, in 1913 there were … Continue reading Soldaderas

Salute 2016

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Ladies, Gentlemen and you at the back. The great pilgimage to Salute 2016 begins here. I have been up since oh-six-hundred printing, cutting, laminating, packing, checking the checklist Charles thoughtfully sent me because he knows me so well, breathing in … Continue reading

The World of Tomorrow Today

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Well I now have a 3D printer, only a small desktop one but fine for making gaming pieces. Just running a test piece now and it’s definitely more fun than watching paint dry. I’ll post some pictures once I have … Continue reading

MBS Podcast Episode 5

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For Episode 5, Greg and Andy talk about all things Adepticon! They start off discussing the organized play events they participated in, and then move on to the pick up games and all the awesome sights and sounds of the … Continue reading

Epic : Armageddon – Necron Infantry

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Finally – more killer robots😉 These guys add a significant amount to my consisting army, which brings me to 20 stands of warriors. Additionally, this is the first set of Ghost arks. I am always amused, that most models GW releases today have existed for Epic ages earlier – more or less. The Ghost arks […]

On the Painting Table

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I’ve now pre-ordered Sharp Practice 2, so naturally I want to bolster my ACW forces with additional troops. On the painting table right now are two units of Union skirmishers, again from the 2nd South Carolina Volunteers. You can also see two dismounted cavalry officers, a spare Union artillerist and a Confederate bugler. While the … Continue reading On the Painting Table

Are Later Tournament Games Closer?

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So after reaching out to the good folks over at Frontline Gaming, I have indeed gotten some more detailed data from the Las Vegas Open. One of the analyses I […]

Spanner in the Works

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Our centrifugal casting machine uses air pressure to clamp the moulds together, supplied by a compressor. It keeps a supply of air in a tank and regularly refills when the pressure drops below a certain level. On Friday morning I went into the workshop to fill orders and stock up for Salute, switched it on […]

Sharp Practice 2 is coming!

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Some of you might already have heard that TooFatLardies have announced a second edition of their Sharp Practice rules. As those are my favourite set of rules, I’m pretty excited. From what I’ve read on their blog and heard on the Meeples & Miniatures podcast, this will be a real treat: It sounds like they kept everything … Continue reading Sharp Practice 2 is coming!

4Ground’s Middle Eastern house kit

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The sleepy oasis of Sheesh-ki-Baab is disturbed by the rumbling of engines as a French motorised column passes through. Painting of vehicles for my WW2 colonial French army has paused whilst I’ve concentrated on starting some desert scenery for them … Continue reading

Epic : Armageddon – Necron Legions

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I technically lied last week, as today’s post is about Tomb Spiders, which are an integral part of infantry formations, increasing the amount of warriors resurrected if you marshal. Yet, they are armoured vehicles, as far as game mechanics are concerned. The models themselves are Forgeworld scarabs and I have never seen any model worse […]

Odd goings-on in the Orient

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Zac, of the Pile of Dice blog, and his friends have started a six-week campaign using some very interesting forces. Their first set of battle reports are now on the blog and can be viewed by following this link: In … Continue reading

WW2 colonial French ‘Dodge Tanake’

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The latest addition to my WW2 colonial French army is a Dodge Tanake, seen here leading an unlikely column along a road somewhere in North Africa (‘unlikely’, as some of these vehicles never saw concurrent service with each other in … Continue reading

Epic : Armageddon – Monolith madness

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Todays update contains eight more Monoliths, leaving me with 12 in total – assumably more than I will ever need. Non the less they are an integral part of the fluff and gameplay and just look fantastic all together, hovering slightly above the metal legions of the unliving warriors of the stargods.   Next week […]