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Take that Hill!

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We now feel confident enough with Sharp Practice to try out some additional options. We’ve already had a short game with artillery, which was a bit dull due to the scenario and some really bad dice rolls, so I decided to skip the AAR. Our last game featured cavalry, and this, however, was a blast and … Continue reading Take that Hill!

Epic : Armageddon – Rise of the Silent Legate

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“In a distant dimension, a battle between mighty races is threatening the Galaxy in its very existence. In the end, the war will consume those races and only few will survive. When the time war ended, a single Dalek commander was dragged into the transdimensional space. Captured in a maelstrom of madness, no living creature […]

Starting Epic Armageddon – with Space Marines

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It is time for another “starting Epic Armageddon” post. As Troublemaker Games have finally sorted their business and Vanguard miniatures provides reliable business in Europe, it is about time to focus on an army that is, unlike their 40k counterpart, not too beginners friendly. Apparently I am talking about Space Marines. In Epic they are […]

1860s Māori Wars and WW2 Dutch

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I’m eagerly anticipating two ranges of new figures that are hovering enticingly on the horizon at the moment. Colonial New Zealand Wars of the 1860s A discussion on the Lead Adventures forum has resulted in two different manufacturers expressing a … Continue reading

Epic : Armageddon – Necron Army Display

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Finally it’s done – my entire Necron army painted and ready for display. Next up is a short story and hopefully a battle report in near future. Enough words, enjoy Tagged: Epic:Armageddon, Necron

Deployment Points for Sharp Practice

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A bit similar to Chain of Command, the new version of Sharp Practice uses Deployment Points. These are the places from where you can bring your forces on the table, but they also represent the lines of retreat, so it is important not to lose them. While any markers can be used, it is fun to make … Continue reading Deployment Points for Sharp Practice

Table sizes

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Just a quick thought. As I’ve been recuperating these last few days I’ve been browsing over various old rules sets and have noticed that in general table sizes have been getting smaller over recent years. Not so long ago 6×4 … Continue reading

Epic : Armageddon – Necron Aeonic Orb

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Since January, there were plenty of additions to the legion. Today there is a special piece – the Aeonic Orb. Somewhat more graceful than the Abattoir, I find this the actual supreme piece of the army. Having only one weapon, it’s flexibility is still great. You may choose between a massive barrage weapon, no foe […]

Another Game of Star Wars: Armada

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Virago has recently finished (re)painting another bunch of Star Wars: Armada ships, so we met at his place for a second game. This time, he himself took the Imperials against the Rebels, which were played by me. This was a much larger game than the last: Virago plunked all of his ships on the table … Continue reading Another Game of Star Wars: Armada

Photo book on Dutch WW2 equipment

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With the recent announcement of a new range of 28mm WW2 Dutch miniatures, I’m gathering together some research material for when I start painting. So I’ve ordered a copy of the book Holland Paraat – Equipment of the Dutch Army … Continue reading

Infinity GrimDark – Aegis Defense line & bunkers

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Time to kick off with the first finished set of buildings. I started with painting up a bunch of wall sections, the two defense guns and two watch towers/bunkers. To keep the lot interchangeable between Infinity, Warpath/Deadzone and Warhammer 40k, I opted for not applying any decals, but creating setting specific adverts and posters one […]

Epic : Armageddon – Necron Nightscythes

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I’ve never really liked the flying croissants, GW designed for the Necron. Therefore I built my own based on some Lychguard shields and other bitz from that box. If I wanted, I could field 1000 points worth of fighters and bombers and could not include all of them in an ordinary 3k game In game […]

The Mississippi Marine Brigade for Sharp Practice

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“SOLDIERING MADE EASY! NO HARD MARCHING! NO CARRYING KNAPSACKS! There will be but very little marching for any of the troops. They will be provided on the Boats with good cooks and bedding.” On December 21, 1862, Secretary of War Edwin Stanton gave the approval to recruit for one of the oddest outfits of the … Continue reading The Mississippi Marine Brigade for Sharp Practice

Does the Theme Fit the Mechanics or Do the Mechanics Fit the Theme?

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I’ve played all sorts of games over the years, from the early 80s playing Dungeon and Dragons to contemporary times playing social deduction games like Coup, worker placement games like Lords of Waterdeep, miniature games like Malifaux, Freeblades, and more. … Continue reading

Shootout at the Cemetery

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Having finally painted my American Mercenaries from Pulp Figures, I was keen on having another game of A Fistful of Lead Reloaded. As I’ve also recently finished building a graveyard, we decided that the scenario’s objective would be a cache of gold hidden in one of the graves. K. took the Mexican Revolutionaries, while I assembled my … Continue reading Shootout at the Cemetery

Epic : Armageddon – Necron Wraiths

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Sometimes you feel like, it’s necessary to wipe some enemies out before they strike back, to turn the engagement in your favour. Therefore, and because I had some scarabs left, I built some attack scarab bases to stand in for Necron wraiths. Again, some trash and rusty tanks as bases, adding to the otherwise simple […]

Late Night Exhibition Match

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After a trip to the buffet and shifting my gripes to X-Men Apocalypse (was hoping for a deep moment when Jean Grey read Wolverine’s mind and saw memories of her older self and him from the other timeline, but got only disappointment instead), I was feeling better about Infinity. Enough so to try a solo … Continue reading Late Night Exhibition Match

State of the Variance – Year Two

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Variance Hammer turned two awhile back, and as I did last year, I’m going to indulge in a little introspection. This allows for the opportunity to talk about where people […]

Infinity GrimDark – 28mm Scifi scenery

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Hay there, I hope you guys are doing well. Finally, after three years on the shelves, I spent a couple of days, building a massive lot of Mantic Games Scifi terrain. Playing Deadzone, Infinity and soon Horus Heresy, I intended to build some cityscape terrain, that should fit all settings. As shapes and look of the […]

Rescuing Annabelle – Sharp Practice AAR

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After our first test game of Sharp Practice, we wanted to do a proper scenario, so I chose Scenario Six: Rescue Mission from the rulebook. The backstory went like this: A Confederate spy, Annabelle, was apprehended in a farmhouse by a small force of Union soldiers. The Confederates have mounted a rescue mission while the … Continue reading Rescuing Annabelle – Sharp Practice AAR

Epic : Armageddon – Necron Infantry Phalanx support

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Todays addition to the army are some more Warriors. Having had some more games in, proved them to be superior over Immortals, as far as effectiveness vs. list flexibility is concerned. If you have had different experiences, feel free to share them here…

Stay Frosty

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I’ve been slacking this year on the old blogging front, there’s no denying it. Interestingly it’s not been down to hobby fatigue or any of the usual ailments, just simply put a lack of enthusiasm for sitting down in front of a screen on an ongoing basis. My day job …

‘The Black Devils’ film trailer re Dutch marines in 1940

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I found this tantalising trailer for a new Dutch mini-series on YouTube. It is about the Dutch marines in Rotterdam during the German invasion in 1940. Note: After you click on the  above still picture, you will then have to click … Continue reading

Epic : Armageddon – Necron support barges

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Today something that is going to stand in as Triarch stalker or Annihilation barges – time will tell. Actually I just built them cos the parts were kinda left over. I dont even have bases atm, as the round plastic ones seem to be unavailable for now (-ever?). As soon as I get hand on […]

On the Painting Table

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I’ve recently realised that it’s almost a year since I started painting 15mm ACW figures – and I’m still going! If anything, playing Sharp Practice 2 has motivated me even more to add to my forces. Fortunately, there’s enough in the lead pile to keep me occupied for a while. On the painting table (or better, … Continue reading On the Painting Table