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Epic : Armageddon – Dark Eldar Scourges

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Any army needs a leader, so today we take a look at my Archon and some Scourge proxies, as usual from Onslaught Miniatures. The Archon is a slightly converted butcher model, on a base with some Inccubi proxies and a razor spire. An Archon is in my opinion absolutely necessary as you want to make…

Epic : Armageddon – Dark Eldar Vessels of Pain

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If Tormentor Titans are slightly too expensive, then Vessels of Pain are great alternatives. At only half the prize they come quite affordable, yet not worse armed. Two TK weapons, a blast weapon and a few more shots grant you a formidable load out. In engagements though they tend to not deal enough damage on…

Germanic Warrior Women

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For the Romans, ethnographic observations were often a by-product of campaigning. All the more is it noteworthy that Roman historians repeatedly delve into descriptions of the warlike nature of Germanic women. The most common involvement of women in combat seems to have been in the defence of the wagon fort. Germanic tribes used laagers to protect … Continue reading Germanic Warrior Women

Starting Epic Armageddon – with Dark Eldar

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Inspired by some articles on Epic Addiction some years ago (?), I would like to spread some posts about getting started with different armies and costs linked to a buy in / initial purchases. Therefore I am going to create some more balanced lists for all races in Epic Armageddon, providing links to proxies and…

Cheap Toys that are Great for Table-Top Gaming – Part One!

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Originally posted on cloudcraftsite:
The following are just some Cheap Toys I’ve found while browsing the net that I think would have excellent potential for Table Top Gaming, whether it’s just giving them a quick paint job, or Kit-Bashing them to the point where the original model is unrecognizable (or you get the “WHAT THE…

Longstreet 1862

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Our second Longstreet campaign had reached the year 186 […]

New Warband Recruit

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Meet Odin, the latest addition to my Warband. His special skills include sitting on things, rearranging my desk and paints, chewing scenery and stopping me doing anything useful.   Service will (hopefully) be resumed shortly

Warhammer 40k – Forces of Corruption

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Todays topic is not Dark Eldar but some Chaos models I’ve painted up around three to four years ago. I found some pics on an external hard drive and thought I might share it here. The force was meant as traitor Regimental HQ, with Chaos champion counting as Straken. All the models were converted with…

Epic : Armageddon – Dark Eldar Tormentor Titans

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My most beloved models in my Epic Dark Eldar collection were created by accident. Initially I had planned to create a neat force based on barges and aircraft. I ended up with some spare parts, got some spare Tyranid parts from the shelves and all of a sudden I found myself with these two walking…

ACW Riverine Warfare in 1/2400

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The Mississippi played in important role for Union strategy during the American Civil War. Control of the river would split the Confederacy into two while at the same time allowing the federal army to swiftly deploy troops and materiel. Warfare on the river was largely an improvised affair. This is true for the boats, which … Continue reading ACW Riverine Warfare in 1/2400

Epic : Armageddon – Dark Eldar gameplay review

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The weekend is over and with a few days after my two games against Ianden, I had quite some time to spend thoughts about gameplay with the dark kin. Previously I used to play the NetEA list, thus this time I tried the Epic UK one. Both games turned out to be fairly easy wins,…

A Tale of Six Gamers: A Kings of War Blog.

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Gamer #6: Alex Landing I’ve been cleaning mold lines and assembling models for most of the time. The old metal models and hybrids turn out really nice with a bit of extra care with green stuff. As well as contemplating bases and color schemes. I finished my first test models and really needed to see it on at least two different models to know for sure if I was happy. I’m glad to report I think I have a winner. Since I’m going for a fully petrified force I wanted to make each race a different type of rock. I love doing marble so my abyssal dwarves will all be marble. It is tough to get the idea across with one mini but as units I’m sure it will come across. I’ve got a few tricks planned for the basing as well that should sell the concept. Looking at the back of my dwarf tester I think the marble veining shines. The two consistent traits across the army will be the cool green inner glow and orangy red rusted weapons. With the two colors complimenting each other it will leave the rest of the model for me to push the […]

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A Tale of Six Gamers: A Kings of War Blog.

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Gamer #5: Rob Chandler Hello friends! Its update time again.  I’ve been busy the past 3 weeks finishing up my first regiment of Rangers. I must say. I have really enjoyed the 60% rule which has allowed me to create a very dynamic scenic base using only 12 miniatures. I feel for the more hobby minded players this option within the rules really gives me a chance to go all out. I feel it also give the look of the unit a little more flair. Below are the photos of my first Ranger unit. Over the next 4-6 weeks and next two updates. I will be working on a horde of Ironclad. Expect a much larger and even more dynamic layout. I’m aiming to include more than minimum 24 miniature to meet the 60% rule as well as make sure the layout of the caves line up with the Ranger base. My goal is to have all 3 units line up as one solid display when complete. Well I hope you have enjoyed this latest update. Until next time. Stay Mantic my friends!

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Epic : Armageddon – Dark Eldar Bombers & Slavebringer Assault Craft

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Today it’s time for the remaining air support section. First off, let’s deal with bombers. There is a minor difference wether you use Net Epic Armageddon or Epic UK lists. Bombers in first option are armed with slow firing TK lances, meaning you can use them as fighters every other turn. TK weaponry sounds great at…

A Tale of Six Gamers: A Kings of War Blog.

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Gamer #3: Todd Warren As excited as I was to get to painting my new Dwarf army, I had to put them together first! This went very smoothly as most of the models were obvious in the manner in which they needed to be assembled. With the extra bits and pieces on the sprues, you could really have fun with some customization if you wanted! I used cyanoacrylate and an accelerator so there is virtually no dry time for the glue, but I only recommend this to mature hobbyists and it is to be done in a well ventilated area. I also spent some time removing mold lines and carefully trimming the excess flash the models get from clipping them off the sprue. This model prep work can be tedious, but really pays off in the end result. It should not be ignored or rushed. After I got everything assembled, I needed to base them for priming and painting. My plan is to permanently multi-base the models so I stuck all of them to large popsicle sticks in threes and fours using a hobby quality white glue. This allows me to minimize the number of paint brush strokes as I […]

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Review: Galleys & Galleons

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As regular readers already know, I’ve got a long standing interest in naval wargaming. However, one thing that keeps putting me off certain periods is that many naval rules tend towards dealing with tedious amounts of technical details. So it’s no wonder that I got excited when Ganesha Games announced a new naval rule set called Galleys … Continue reading Review: Galleys & Galleons

A Tale of Six Gamers: A Kings of War Blog.

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Gamer #2: Jon Peletis I just found out that I’m “Gamer #2”, sounds like a bathroom code. (Mallrats?) Alright with a plan set (see blog 1), let’s dive in and see what we got in the box. Ax sprue on the left. Trolls unassembled on the right. The Ax, along with the Greatax are hard plastic which means I can use Liquid Cement to assemble (and do some relatively easy conversion work). The Trolls are resin plastic which will require superglue. I’ve begun the assembly process of these but also need a couple other essentials. To do any type of speed painting, you want to start with a base coat, I use Army Painter sprays as they act as a primer and a base coat. I went with Goblin Green.             I also needed to start working on bases. I prefer to build units in Troop format, ie representing 10 models. This allows you to mix and match from using them as Troop, combine with another for a Regiment, or combine with 3 more for a Horde. Also, I can paint a Troop size set of models already glued on the base. I can’t do […]

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A Tale of Six Gamers: A Kings of War Blog

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Gamer #1: Joe Neet It has been a few weeks and the excitement for Kings of War is growing each and every day. I don’t think I have enjoyed a project as much as I have been enjoying this so far. Since my last post I have jumped head long into getting my Ogres assembled, primed and painting under way. I wanted the army to be easy to paint yet still striking on the table top. The colors I went for were a mixture of red, silver and black. These colors work well with the dark shade that I would be applying on the miniatures and together captured the look I was after. The skin is also a big part of the Ogre miniatures but I didn’t want to do the studio color for them so I went for a dark rich brown that was highlighted with a flesh tone. As you can see from the bases I went with a rocky grassland style. I am a true believer that a great base can really help to increase to the overall look of a miniature. Since I was really looking to get this army done and battle ready, I needed […]

Epic : Armageddon – City defences on Indigogo

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Good morning all together, yesterday evening I saw a new crowdsourcing campaign going online on indigogo. The terrain feature is a huge city defence wall with gate section and turrets. I have been watching this project developing on taccom and admire the efforts put into it, so I thought sharing it here might help as well. Just…

Epic : Armageddon – Dark Eldar Razorwing Jetfighters

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The only way of getting proper air protection and imo a big issue in balancing terms, is Dark Eldar aircraft. There are no ground based options for air protection in the entire list, and aside of some aa guns on Slavebringer assault boats, or he never used landing module is getting fighters and bombers into…

Weapons Delivery – Sharp Practice AAR

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It seems that I’m on a journey through history with TooFatLardies: After visiting the Dark Ages with Dux Britanniarum, Sigur Skwarl, Virago and me headed to the 1790s for a game of Sharp Practice. We used my Haitian Revolution figures and rules amendments, so this was a slightly modified version of the rules. As Sigur and … Continue reading Weapons Delivery – Sharp Practice AAR

Battlefleet Gothic – Eldar and Tau proxies

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Once again I’ve found some pics from Tau and Eldar proxies I’ve created to test the respective fleet lists years ago. The conversions were based on a few left over command tank sprues from Games Workshop. The Wraithship and some escorts were made from shuriken weapons and some Dark Eldar bitz. After a quick paintjob…

Decisions, Decisions

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Well this is my Birthday weekend and as usual this raises a number of gaming related issues I need to deal with: Everyone says I should do whatever I want this weekend as it’s my birthday and then turns up … Continue reading

Disappointment and joy about the new New Zealand flag

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New Zealand is currently going through a process to see if we would like to change our national flag. The process is: Submissions of designs from the public. A flag consideration panel chooses four of the submitted designs. The selected … Continue reading

Dutch Nationals: Top 8 Cut

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Here are the Top 8 Players for the Dutch Nationals. These players will go head to head in the Top 8 Cut for three rounds. First round starts at 18:00 Second round starts at 19:20 The Final will be live at 20:40 All times are +2 GMT Amsterdam Time. That’s CET, Central Europe Time Highest Seeding: 5/0/0,…

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