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Brain Drain and Arvan Sale!

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Sorry, no post this week due to brain drain. I’ve pretty much worked myself to exhaustion trying to write 6 articles, a weekly post, an adventure module, and prepping the material for the Dark Home setting all at once these past few weeks. As a result, I’ve pretty much drained my skull of ideas and […]

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Arvan: Land of Dragons Setting Sale

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40% Off Sale on Arvan: Land of Dragons fantasy setting PDF’s on the OneBookShelf sites! Arvan: Land of Dragons is a high fantasy setting with the feel of gritty sword & sorcery. Set in an age of territorial expansion and the foundation of international trade. This world is rife with ancient caches from the Era […]

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‘Blood and Plunder’ French faction

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I’ve finally finished painting my French faction for the pirate game Blood and Plunder.  Despite the undoubted beauty of these sculpts, this project has been a long one by even my usual slow painting standards. My initial enthusiasm wore off … Continue reading

Free Game!!! Achtung! Cthulhu Skirmish Rule Book

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One thing that I really love is reading through different rule sets for miniatures games. Recently, I received news that
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Sellswords & Spellslinger

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I finally had the chance to play two games of Andrea Sfiligoi’s new cooperative fantasy game Sellswords & Spellslingers. For the first game, Sigur, Daniel, Virago and me met at Virago’s place to try out the second scenario (I chose the…

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28mm paddle gun-boat for colonial New Zealand Wars

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My project to make a model of Her Majesty’s Colonial Ship ‘Avon’, one of New Zealand’s earliest steam-powered warships, is well under way. As mentioned in my previous posting, the basis for this model is a Chinese plastic toy, which … Continue reading

Dungeon of Doom – Warhammer Quest

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Appropriate for my current fantasy mood, Virago invited Sigur, Daniel and me over to play a game of Warhammer Quest, the GW classic from 1995. Daniel took an elf wizard, Virago an elf ranger, Sigur a Bavarian Barbarian and I…

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On the Painting Table

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Recently, I’ve been painting a couple of 28mm figures for our RPG group and to my surprise, I enjoyed it a lot. So I decided to continue. An additional motivation was my discovery of a new game by Andrea Sfiligoi: Sellswords…

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Converting a toy paddle-steamer into a colonial gunboat

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The maritime element of colonial wargaming normally brings to mind armed steamers on the Nile. But people often forget that gunboats were also used in many other theatres during the 19th century. My own interest is the colonial New Zealand … Continue reading

A really tough job getting my basing material

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This New Year it was time to replenish my stock of sand for my figure basing. I use a very specific type of sand that comes from a particular beach in New Zealand. So I drove the 600 kilometres to … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

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2017 was a good year for The Raft. In fact, looking at the statistics, it was the best year ever. Thanks for dropping by and reading, browsing and commenting! It really is very motivating to see that someone else is…

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A wargamer’s pedantic view of the Battle of Ruapekapeka (1845/46)

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As with most wargamers, I am a bit pedantic about the minutiae of military history. So I get peeved when the media or films get some minor detail wrong, even if these are too small and unimportant to affect the … Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

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What you see here is an old miniatures project, hand-made by my girlfriend’s grandfather. It’s a copy of an even older traditional South Tyrolean nativity scene. K. and her siblings dug it out from the attic and put it into…

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What I did during the last weeks…

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Life has been busy, but in a good way. I’ve got a new job and still have to settle into the new routines. I haven’t actually neglected playing games and painting (though it’s going slower), but I didn’t find time…

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Fact & Fiction in Scenario Design

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While I like painting and modelling, what I love most about wargaming is designing and playing scenarios. Now those scenarios don’t necessarily have to be historical – it’s great fun to devise games set in a fantasy or sci-fi world.…

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First Game of Black Powder

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This week, I had my first chance to try Black Powder. Some guys at the club had organised a big multiplayer game and they were kind enough to give me a Union brigade to command. The game was played with…

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My colleague Mr Francis is temporarily finding himself back in the dark ages with no broadband access and limited ability to reply to emails!! He is expecting that normality will be resumed by the end of the week. In the meantime our Christmas sale is still ongoing and he will be keeping his nose firmly […]

Dwarves like it HoTT

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Some time ago, I painted up a 10mm Dwarf army for Hordes of the Things. Last week, I finally got them on the table! We met at Virago’s to try out HoTT and see what we could do with those…

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5150 Fighter Command in the Terran Trade Authority universe

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At the below link are unofficial rules for using 5150 Fighter Command in the Terran Trade Authority universe. The Terran Trade Authority universe is one of the most interesting settings created in science fiction. Launched initially as a series of spacecraft art books in the 1970s, the TTA universe has grown into a rich setting […]

VIVAT 2017

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VIVAT is a local Austrian historical wargames show. I didn’t make it last year due to real life intervening, but I attended this year. Generally, I’m not too happy with the location, as I don’t own a car and it’s…

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The slowest pirates in the world

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This has got to be one of the longest paint-jobs I’ve ever done.  A measly eighteen French flibustiers and militia from the Blood and Plunder range by Firelock Games have taken me months and months to paint. There’s nothing wrong with the … Continue reading

Cardboard Māori buildings and pā

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The Virtual Armchair General from Oklahoma City has just announced a range of easy self-assembly cardboard designs of Māori building designs in 25mm. Sold as a set, by printing as many of the component pages as desired, a complete pā (fortification) … Continue reading

Building a Cotton Press in 15mm

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After building the Southern Mansion, I wanted to add more structures which would have belonged to Civil War plantation complexes. One of the most characteristic landmarks was the cotton press. This large wooden structure consisted of a screw mechanism and…

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Variance Hammer Has T-Shirts

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Pretty much what is says on the tin. And you’d know this if you liked our Facebook page. Or were one of our Patrons on Patreon (who also get a […]

Pre-orders for 28mm Dutch Landsverk armoured car

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The long-awaited Landsverk M36 is on the May ’40 Miniatures website right now!  It’s in the web-shop under the pre-orders section. This model will not only be of interest to collectors of WW2 Dutch armies, but also those who are building up … Continue reading