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Chain of Command

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Played my first game of Chain of Command today. Finally got to use those G.I.s I painted a few months ago. Bit of a learning curve but a fun and interesting game. My Yanks vs. Chris’ Krauts. The pre-game positioning and movement to contact is very unique and cool. I like the way this game […]

Ep 67 Space Wolves in view

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Welcome to Screaming Heretic Episode 67! Lots of new releases and Gencon is almost here. We cant wait for this years Gencon goodness! If you have topics you would like to hear about or feedback on…

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AE-WWII Rocket Troopers

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I’ve been working with another painter together to paint up a pair of AE-WWII Rocket Troopers.  This is the point that we are at in the stage and we go back and forth and I learn a few new techniques … Continue reading →

The Painting Continues- Hell Dorado Saracen Starter

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I’m still working on that Saracen starter for Hell Dorado slowly but surely.  Below you’ll find some pictures of the leader, Nazir  Ibn Hamid Ibn Hajjad and his trusty sidekick Youssaff. I’ve been painting the entire starter up now …

NEW ADF Reference Charts

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Hey Gamers!   Now that Historicon is over, we’ve just been given the honor of being the first source for some very good additions to the ADF resource library. We have NEW ADF Reference Charts free for you to download! Thanks to John Hill and…

BFG – Tyranid fleet completed

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The swarm is complete – check out their subsite for more details (BFG > Tyranid).

Gamer OCD

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By Jillian Walker I know that many of us gamers have Gamer OCD, I do. I mean I relly really do. Like crazy bad. I go through phases when all I want to do is play all the armies of … Continue reading →

Battlefleet Gothic – Tyranid Commission

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Hey mates, I know it has been quite some time since my last update here. The reason was basically a top-secred Tyranid comission work for Battlefleet Gothic. Being almost done except for some details I would like to show some … Weiterlesen →

Trying a new Warmaster scenario

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Recently, I got together with a friend of  mine and pulled out Warmaster (those of you not familiar with that rules system… It is a Games Workshop Specialist Games publication that was written by Rick Priestly and released in the 1990′s). …

Splintered Light Sale QUICK

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SUMMER SALE!!     Since David can’t make it to HISTORICON this year, he’s offering a weekend sale! All items will be   20% OFF   through Monday July 21, 2014   Just enter the code “summer14″ under coupon…

Blog Post Delayed

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Blog Post Delayed, Investigation Launched! Well it was bound to happen sooner or later but I’ve missed my deadline for this weekends post. It’s not like I’ve had a gaming free week, if anything that’s the problem. My week so &#8…

Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner? A 5150: Fighter Command AAR

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The Captain of the Daedalus carefully place the barely sipped wine glass down on the scuffed surface of the “formal” dinner table at which were seated senior members of the crews of the Daedalus and the Z-Class cruiser Bon Chance. “Captain Avarine, we have reports that Hishen operatives have been attempting to purchase weapon systems […]

Excellent Weird War 2 blog!

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A most excellent gaming blog, featuring NUTS weird war batreps:

A green-ish tide (slight trickle)

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First up, here’s some night goblins I completed last week, these were a mid level commission which needed two of …

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Attack the Darkness Board Game Video Review

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Attack the Darkness is a table-top role-playing game, a deck-building game, and a card-drafting game all rolled into one, with the focus being on fast-paced game play in a humor-infused dark fantasy setting.
Using miniatures in classic table-top style…

Rivet Wars Board Game Video Review

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Rivet Wars is a miniatures boardgame that springs forth from the warped imagination of Ted Terranova – set on a world that never quite left World War I but with crazy technology like walking tanks, diesel powered armor, unicycled vehicles and ar…

Ramblings of a wargaming general -an introduction

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I decided to add a new part of my website. As due to time restrictions last few months were very poor when it comes to reviews, but every time and again I want to share some of my gaming wisdom … Continue reading


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Having painted loads of resin buildings I decided to try scratch-building some of my own.  The walls of the building are made from foamcore stuck together with a hot glue […]

Dystopian Wars – Covenant of Antarctica

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Hey guys, the last days I had some time during the evenings to get some painting experience with my new airbrush as well as some tries on a salt-weathering technique. As I am affright of ruining my formerly converted and … Weiterlesen →

On the workbench: Finished Dark Ages battle debris terrain for DuxB

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After a lag in terrain making, finally got around to finishing off this battlefield terrain piece for Dux Britannarium and other Dark Ages games. This piece uses a combination of salvaged lead and Dark Ages casualties, and bits and pieces from LOTR, beads, and other odds and ends in my bits box. It adds a […]

NUTS Sewer Combat rules

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Greetings, Here is a set of expanded Sewer encounter and combat rules for the NUTS WW2 skirmish system. These rules require the NUTS core rules and the Clash of Titans eastern front campaign book for best use.          

Relics Recap Pt.1

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As I am currently painting my Relics miniatures I thought it wise to have a recap of my Britanan force to date. The poor Troopers take the brunt of everything in my games so it only seems fair to make the first post a tribute to these little guys. Pop back Wednesday when the second […]

Tyranid Haruspex.

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As many of you follow me on Facebook will know, I’ve been tinkering with a tyranid haruspex for a while …

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Epic : Armageddon – House Hawkshroud assembled and base coated

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Hey guys, meanwhile my real life is keeping me busy like hell, I finally managed to convert all my Knights and finally basecoat them. Aside of some casting flash I forgot to scrape off, the new base coat actually covered especially … Weiterlesen…

Getting ready for battle: Deployment

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There is little information about deployment for X-Wing and that makes sense because the deployment area is limited to 2 small ships behind each other and that does not give much room for an elaborate setup. Nevertheless deployment is crucial to maximize your options to win. It will not be rocket science, more common sense

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