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Communications Breakdown

Posted on December 3rd, 2017 under , . Posted by

As you will have seen from Phil’s post, we had a rather inconvenient internet failure last week. Apparently when our new router was installed earlier in the year, the engineer left the cable to the old one unterminated, which was causing lots of noise on the system and affecting the rest of the street and […]


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My colleague Mr Francis is temporarily finding himself back in the dark ages with no broadband access and limited ability to reply to emails!! He is expecting that normality will be resumed by the end of the week. In the meantime our Christmas sale is still ongoing and he will be keeping his nose firmly […]

Sale Update

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The sale has gone off with a bang and a veritable Niagara of orders. I’m trying to keep up as best as I can, but at the moment I’m running a couple of days behind. All orders (with a couple of exceptions) to the end of Monday have been completed and I’m roughly halfway through […]

Slammer Update

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So amongst other things, over the past couple of weeks since SELWG I’ve been trying out the moulds for the Hammer’s Slammers models we recently acquired. Some have been fine, while others don’t seem to like our resin too much – it seems to grip the rubber and rip bits off them. This was once […]

Cruiser Reinforcements

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Today we have a couple of additions to our EuroFed spaceship range, replacing another two of the older range of models. These should have been released a week ago, but my broadband went down and I couldn’t upload them… Both are cruisers – the Valmy and Condorcet, medium and light cruisers respectively. Going back many, […]

Under New Management

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We have some very exciting news to announce today. As followers of our Facebook page may already know, we’ve agreed with Ainsty Castings to take over ownership and production of the Hammer’s Slammers range of 15mm vehicles, based on David Drake’s series of SF combat stories. This includes both the Slammers’ own vehicles plus the […]

The Listening Wind

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The very first models released in our Small Scale Scenery range (way back in 2011) were two types of acoustic mirror; a pair of round ‘listening ears’ and a larger sound wall. Both are Great War era structures designed to detect approaching enemy aircraft by the sound of their engines. They also work in Victorian […]

Holiday Time !

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It’s that time of year again when I decamp from Brigade Towers to warmer climes, squeezed in between shows. We’re off to Spain’s east coast, a little bit south of Valencia for a bit of R’n’R for a week. Yesterday I cleared the order queue, so everything that arrived by lunchtime Monday has been packed […]