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Video Updates Coming Soon!

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The other thing I got into this week was movie making.A couple of the guys on the paint and chat lines suggested using my Iphone to film updates to my blog. At first I passed it off but then the idea took hold. I decided I could take small snippets of …

Update 2017

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2016 was a good year in some respects. I still have only a limited number of projects I wish to focus my hobby time on. These will be mentioned and updated upon later here later. With a new home that has a large rumpus room and the chance to reorganize…

Update June 2016

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1. NAPOLEONICSThis month saw a lot of activity putting together my sale list of all my 6mm Napoleonics and a sale to a friend of mine of some.Over 20,000 figs in the end. Amazing how a few purchases from time to time and ebay purchases can get out of h…

Khador vs Cygnar battle report

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Unboxing Attunement Servitors

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Painting Syntherion 2

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Painting Syntherion

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Magnetizing the Cyriss heavy vector kit with only 5 magnets

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Comparing Dust Starter Sets

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Building Cyriss warcaster Forge Master Syntherion

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Magnetizing the khador kit pt1

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Cyriss starter

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My new venture into making videos for the spanish speaking gamers.
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Some more red and white tide!

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Yeah, took me a while to edit these. Still a bit blueish but better to post them.
As promised some Khador
Kayazy Assassins


Manowar Drakhun

And the Conquest!!
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At last something to show.

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Playing with the new setup. Can’t say I’m not loving it. So here are some Anima Tactics models from the Black Sun organization.


And finally Styx, the zombie puppy!

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Back, and something going out.

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Hey guys my camera is back to life so it’s finally worth it to update this bastard 🙂 Anyway, while I’m catching up with the backlog of figures to photograph, here’s some models I want to get rid of. If you’re interested just drop me an email at with a price and we’ll talk […]

One more

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Cause why not? And yeah, Ive been playing Saga and its rocking my world.
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Because… yknow… yeah…
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Happy Birthday to us!

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One year ago today, Imaginary Wars opened its doors for business. What can I say? I’m exceptionally grateful to all the people who have helped and supported the store this past year. Without all the awesome people in the community around me, this store would never have come into being, never mind still being here […]


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With the first anniversary of Imaginary Wars Games and Hobbies fast approaching (the first week in April, for those curious), the store’s plate of events is getting more and more full! Today’s post will be focusing on one of the lead-up events to our first-year anniversary: . MARCH 30th We’ll be having members from our […]

Khador Month, week the 1st!

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First weekend of March and it’s time to review the advances on the panting queue set for Khador Month. The way to know if things are going fine is simply to have painted a number of points equal to the day of the month +2, since I set up to do 33 points in a […]

It’s the future. You just can’t see it.

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I have a huge collection of LotR figures from GW. Models from the first wave, till the very last before Finecast. How have I kept myself from jumping on the Hobbit bandwagon? (besides the fact that my whole hobby exists now without any GW items, and playing between 3 and 4 different games on a […]


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Rather than risk boring everyone with my non-stop Heavy Gear updates, I thought I’d take the time to bore people in other ways –namely by highlighting the in-store gaming for this month! Regular In-Store Gaming? Over all my years in hobby retail, I’ve worked at stores that were role-playing games focused, comic-books focused, Warhammer Focused […]

March is Khador Month!!!

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So what is Khador Month? Well it’s my attempt at clearing my backlog of Khador figures that are swamping my painting table. Not only because I spent a lot of money on them and want to finish them up, but also cause I’m a bit hard to get unpainted figures on the table unless it’s […]

A bit sad though.

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40K players convincing themselves for a couple of hours that an outdated, badly designed, completely unbalanced game is still fun.
Never gets old.
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Just a shout out from a few of the things I’m reading around the interwebs. Please be mindful I’m still catching up from my vacation (I don’t touch a computer during vacation). Am I the only one that would just love to see chess being dropped completely from any wargaming related discussion, article, note, ruleset, […]