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Widgets and Wonders Ep 105 – Pre-Painted Dungeon Walls from Urban Matz!

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  UrbanMatz has got some new pre-painted terrain for you to check out! This modular 40 piece resin wall system lets you build Dungeon terrain for all your Role-Playing and Wargaming needs! Check them out HERE: Advertisements

Widgets and Wonders Ep 99 – Pre-Painted SciFi Terrain by UrbanMatz

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  UrbanMatz has a new set of Sci Fi terrain, painted straight out of the box for all your 6×4′ gaming table needs. Check them out HERE: Advertisements


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Tonights game was a rematch of Batman v the league of Shadows and Batman got his ass kicked in a royal fashion .a pregame auto show -my collection of batmobiles turn 1Green Arrow takes along shot -and misses as he did with every shot he madeBatman…

Penquin v Joker

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A nice small game last night of BMG at sheffield wargames society ,I ran a Penquin gang and John used the Joker around 300pts each in a 4 turn scenario .Our first game in along time aand we made one or 2 errors but we really enjoyed it ,lots of strater…


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Another fantastic game of 7TV at sheffield war games society with the paranormal investigators and some SWAT friends tackiling a few cultists .All was going great until the cultists opened a time gate and a T-Rex set about eating the entire cast of goo…

Bolt Action1000pt game

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Did abig game last night ,basically so we could get used to all the stuff we hadnt used before ,tanks etc ,played length ways on a 10×4 table .Great fun set in early war Med Brits v Germans ,Germans scored narrow victory a replay next week .All the toy…

Ocean and Cobblestone Gaming Mat from Deep-Cut Studio

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Two new gaming mats have arrived for my collection: The ocean mat and cobblestone mat from Deep-Cut Studio.After my great experience with the cobblestone gaming mat from UrbanMatZ I was looking for an appropriate sea mat for playing piratey ship b…

Cobblestone Gaming Mat from UrbanMatZ

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UrbanMatZ produces gaming mats for the tabletop. When I saw the cobblestone mat I immediately ordered one.Until quite recently I had never even considered using gaming mats. I am quite picky when it comes to terrain and building a gaming board. My pers…