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Painting “Barbarian” (SBS)

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Almost 3 months have passed since the last blog entry… I don’t hide that I have a huge hobby crisis. At the same time I became interested in the aquascaping hobby, which I devoted a lot of time to. I managed to paint one model. So, I have 37 photos for you from the completed “Barbarian” project. A very nice bust in the 1:12 scale from Nuts Planet. If you have any questions, leave them in a comment. I will try to give exhaustive answers 🙂

Prawie 3 miesiące minęły od ostatniego wpisu na blogu… Nie ukrywam, że mam potężny kryzys hobby. Jednocześnie zainteresowałem się akwarystyką, której poświęciłem mnóstwo czasu. Udało mi się pomalować jednak jeden model. Mam więc dla Was 37 zdjęć z właśnie ukończonego projektu “Barbarian”. Bardzo fajne popiersie w skali 1:12 od Nuts Planet. Jeśli macie jakieś pytania to pozostawcie je w komentarz. Postaram się udzielić wyczerpujących odpowiedzi 🙂


White Tigers in the snow

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Currently continuing on the vehicles for my Winter germans. I started with the Kingtiger with Zimmerit, that will be covered in a review along with the regular Kingtiger, an IS-2 and the Road to Berlin Bolt Action supplement, just as a little teaser for the next weeks. The Tiger II is accompanied by the Opel […]

Painting “Grunt” (SBS)

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25 photos and 2 videos from the recently completed "Grunt" project. Beautiful bust from Nuts Planet. After painting I watched again the "Platoon" movie… If you have any questions, please leave them in a comments section. I will tr…

How to place decals on miniatures?

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Every beginner modeler struggles with the problem of how to put decals on a model. This also applies to miniature painters. In this tutorial I will show you how to correctly place the decals on the figurine or model in six simple steps. For this purpos…

Painting “Yi Sun-sin” (SBS)

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The last SBS in the topic of bust painting I posted 2 months ago. Today I’m catching up. 43 photos and 3 videos from the recently completed “Yi Sun-sin” project. Beautiful bust from Nuts PlanetIf you have any questions, please leave them in a comments section. I will try to give comprehensive answers 🙂

Ostatni SBS w tematyce malowania popiersia zamieściłem 2 miesiące temu. Dzisiaj nadrabiam zaległości. 43 zdjęcia i 3 filmiki z właśnie ukończonego projektu “Yi Sun-sin”. Przepiękne popiersie od Nuts Planet.  Jeśli macie jakieś pytania to pozostawcie je w komentarz. Postaram się udzielić wyczerpujących odpowiedzi 🙂


INBOX072 – Grunt (Nuts Planet NP-i003)

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I’ll show you another bust – “GRUNT” (NP-i003). The bust is manufactured in 1:10 scale and molded in a high quality resin. The bust is from “it bust”, sculpted by Jun Sik Ahn and was released by Nuts Planet.

Pokażę wam dzisiaj kolejne popiersie “GRUNT” (NP-i003). Popiersie jest wykonane w skali 1:10 i odlane z wysokiej jakości żywicy. Popiersie pochodzi od “it bust”, wyrzeźbione przes Jun Sik Ahn i wydane przez Nuts Planet.


From the workshop… #26

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Almost 9 months have passed since the previous entry from the “From the workshop…” series. In recent weeks I have returned to hobby with a lot of energy and this is why I’ve wrote 26 article 🙂

Prawie 9 miesięcy minęło od poprzedniego wpisu z cyklu “From the workshop…“. W ostatnich tygodniach powróciłem do hobby z większą energia i z tego powodu postanowiłem popełnić wpis numer 26 🙂


Painting “Knight of Outremer, 1300” (SBS)

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I’m trying to catch up on my blog. It turns out that I have a lot of photos from old projects that I have not presented you yet. The first of these projects is “Knight of Outremer, 1300” on a 75mm scale from FeR. It was a really difficult figurine. I painted it 1,5 year, or rather 1,5 year it took me to finishe it. I put it on a shelf several times and returned to painting again. Fortunately, I was able to finish this excellent (in my opinion) historical model. All photos in this step by step guide were done at the turn of the 1,5 year. Please excuse so poor quality photos. However, I think it’s good that this “documentation” is not lost.

Ostatnio staram się nadrabiać zaległości na blogu. Okazuje się, że posiadam sporo zdjęć ze starych projektów, których jeszcze Wam nie zaprezentowałem. Pierwszy z takich projektów to “Knight of Outremer, 1300” w skali 75mm od FeR. To była naprawdę trudna figurka. Malowałem ją 1,5 roku, a raczej 1,5 roku zajęło mi jej ukończenie. Wielokrotnie odstawiałem ją na półkę i znów wracałem do jej malowania. Na szczęście udało mi się skończyć moim zdaniem ten doskonały model historyczny. Wszystkie zdjęcia w tym poradniku step by step były wykonane właśnie na przełomie 1,5 roku. Proszę więc o Waszą wyrozumiałość co do jakości tych fotografii. Stwierdziłem jednak, że warto aby ta “dokumentacja” nie zaginęła.


Anti Robot Squad Sergeant

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Today I wanted to show you my latest job. 1:10 bust "Anti Robot Squad Sergeant" from Nuts Planet. WIP photos have been available on my Facebook. I have made all the changes that you wrote in the comments. Working on this project was a real pl…

Adding details to figurines and busts.

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In one of the earlier texts I have already written about adding details to the scenic bases. This guide, however, was based on one particular project. Today I want to write a bit about ideas for adding details to figurines and busts. This is a review o…

Vallejo – Pigment Sets (March 2017)

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March ends so it’s good moment to check out the current Vallejo product catalog released in January this year. Let’s take a look at the new and refreshing positions.
Kończy się właśnie marzec więc to dobry moment aby zajrzeć w aktualny katalog produktów firmy Vallejo wydany w styczniu tego roku. Przyjrzyjmy się nowym i odświeżonym pozycjom.


Experiment: Paint a miniature just by washing…

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…and one drybrush for highlights.So jep that is exactly what I wanted to do today. “Painting” a miniature with only washes and one drybrush step. Why? Because I did read quite a lot of fast painting tutorials who exactly did that for armies like Skav…

Parker, Hasslefree miniature – Juveniles (HFA047) WIP shots

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Hi everyone.This was actually intended as a practice run for the chipping agent, but it didn’t turn out well.  So jumping ahead here this is how it turns out.  See that little bit of silver near the handle, and the little scratch mark near th…

Vallejo – chipping medium (part 2), step by step with acrylic top coat

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Hi everyone,So it appears that product based or brand based posts attract a lot of hits, so to get more hits I will try to do more of these step by step – not that I am good enough to do instructions of how to use a product, but I think it would be use…

Vallejo – chipping medium (Part 1)

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I had been wanting to try this out and wondering if it is worth it to buy it online. Lucky that today i was near to the shop and found this on shelf. This is the only kind that is available here in Hong Kong. Looking forward to try it out tonight… Pe…

Primer primer

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At the risk of repeating myself, a close look at Vallejo surface primer.

Paint-in #6: finishing the Marie Louise

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Completion of the first figure of the BfK Limited Edition set.

Paint-in #5: below the waist

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The latest instalment covers trouser, boots, shoes and the inevitable battlefield mud.