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Finished! WreckAge Slug Lugger

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Again, I have to say that these are probably not the official names of these vehicles but I’m having fun with it. The third and final part of this project, the Slug Lugger. Gallery View

Finished! WreckAge Enforcer

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Another installment from the recent wave of vehicles from WreckAge. I’m not sure of the official names so I’m having fun naming them myself :)Enjoy!Gallery View

Finished! The Green Bastard

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The first on a few WreckAge vehicles I’ve been working on recently. This one is also the subject of an upcoming video with Tabletop minions, more to come on that. Enjoy!Gallery View

Impressions: Empress M-ATV

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One key symbol of the Ultramodern era has been the rise of Mine Resistant vehicles. As improvised explosive device usage increased in both Iraq and Afghanistan, the classic Humvee and Land Rover became unsafe for use by troops on patrol. The MRAP program worked to fix this, creating a selection of vehicles that able to … Continue reading Impressions: Empress M-ATV

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Adeptus Arbites Suppressor ~ WIP

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Hello everyone!Back from the dead once again, and back to Warhammer 40K themes because old habits die hard :PThis time I decided to revisit one of my many projects, my Adeptus Arbites.Some of you may have already seen my Arbites Precinct I have done, t…

Adventures in Airbrushing V – Jedi Starships

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The results of more airbrush practise this week. A couple of converted Jedi Starfighters and some Ainsty containers.Read more »

Drop Pods from Clear Horizon

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Here are the nice new Drop Pods from Clear Horizon Miniatures in the US.   This is a photo heavy posting detailing a couple of progress shots before I got them on the table.The models are resin and are multipart kits.  I had three of them and…