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Bat Rep – Adventures with Captain Nemo – Conclusion

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Part OneIt’s now the Deep Ones turn to act. The Leader recovers and the three warriors charge. The Nautilus Crew fires!Two go down but to enter melee.  One crew member goes Out of the Fight and the other Obviously Dead!Both sides take the Will ti …

Bat Rep – Adventures with Captain Nemo – Part One

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Adventures with Captain Nemo is a Steam Punkish/ Victorian Science Fiction game where you try and accomplish nine different Adventures and score enough Promotion Points to command the Nautilus. Here’s one of those adventures.***************************…

Your majesty is not amused

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Your majesty is not amused, bring me my large calibre weapon! Since I discovered Space 1889 all those years ago, I have had a real interest and love for Victorian Science Fiction and steampunk. In terms of gaming, I did play a few games of Space 1889, …

BBC Production of War of the Worlds

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The BBC’s interpretation of the HG Wells 1897 classic will begin filming in spring 2018 and air later on BBC One. Unlike more recent interpretations this will be set in the period it was published, so faithful to the Victorian era. Since the news was a…

IHMN Custom Company: Suicide Squad

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With the upcoming Suicide Squad film based on DC’s long Running comic-book series stirring up a lot of excitement in fans, myself included, and Craig’s great Dark Knight company over on the In Her Majesty’s Name blog I though some of … Continue reading

In Her Majesty’s Name company- Murphy Trading Corporation

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Murphy and co. of Crowblood street is one of London’s most successful trading companies. It runs half of the warehouses on West India Wharf and another dozen on Steam and Orchard Wharves. There warehouses are famous for rigorous security and … Continue reading

IHMN South America List 6: The National Guardia Republique

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At the forefront of Lopez’s war against the revolutionaries that threaten his regime are the tough men of the National Guardia Republique. With the training of the regular army and the loyalty of the Inner Circle, the Guardia are a … Continue reading