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Cantabrum Indoctum Iuga Ferre Nostra

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“Cantabrum indoctum iuga ferre nostra – Cantabria, that won’t bear our  yoke”, Quintus Horatius Flaccus. Continuing the ancient SAGA projects, more cavalry arrived for the Iberians. I had a bit of trouble continuing this part of the SAGA warbands, as Victrix is a bit of a problem to get your hands on. Some sets, like […]

Weekly WIP: The Last of the Saga

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With a game scheduled for Friday I’m scrambling to finish the last 12 miniatures in time to play.

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28mm Greek Mercenary Hoplites

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Here’s a box of 28mm plastic Greek hoplites from Victrix to expand a customer’s Greek army. This is the Mercenary armored hoplite box of 48 plastic figures. Shield decals were from Little Big Men Studios.Close-up of a few figures. The customer requeste…