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Know Your Team Yankee T-55

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Earlier this year Battlefront released the much-anticipated plastic T-54/T-55 tank, one of the most widely used tanks in the world. In Team Yankee you can currently field the T-55AM2 variant with your East German forces in Volksarmee, or the T-54 with …

Pimping ‘Half Moon Jacket’

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I backed the Kickstarter for ‘Full Moon Jacket’ last year. If you aren’t aware, Full Moon Jacket is a boardgame that has US forces fighting Werewolves in Vietnam – if it were a film, imagine Platoon meets Dog Soldiers. Whilst I …

Vietnamese People’s Air Force Museum – on Tour

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Having accidentally found myself in Hanoi with a spare morning, a trip to a military museum was required. Originally intending to go to the supposedly disappointing Vietnam War Museum, my driver ended up dropping me off instead at the Vietnamese People…

Thud Ridge

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A few pics from last nights game at Sheffield Wargames Society (well one of about 7 actually) .A 1/600th game set in the skies above Vietnam with the US Navy aircraft getting to grips with the Migs and Sams of the North Vietnamese ,loads of action with…

Urgent Fury – Preliminary Planning

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Marine Corps Welcoming Committee

Come to the islands!

Some scattered thoughts regarding a Grenada project, you know, that thing called Operation Urgent Fury?  Some years ago I had some 20mm figures for this conflict for skirmish gaming, but as I…

New Vietnam Blog

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A new blog has made an appearance, and in this case the blog is focused on 15mm Vietnam gaming.  I am looking forward to following the exploits over at Boots on the Ground – Eleven Bravo’s in Vietnam,

Proper Charlies

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Time for Keiron to crack out the Charlie Company rules as once more his Aussies make their way through Vietnam. Squads distributed amongst seven players. With Bruce (Martin) commanding, Bruce (Matt) in charge of an SAS detachment, Bruce (Simo…

Adding to the Vietnam Terrain

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I recently took advantage of a deal on The Miniatures Page for some Flames of War terrain that was 33% off retail.  I needed to step up my game a bit for my Vietnam project, knowing that while I had some trees and scrub from my modern desert projects …

Indochina – The North Korean Advisors

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A couple of years ago I picked up a few packs of the Eureka North Koreans for the Korean War as I was, at the time, trying to decide what scale to game the ground war (see blog post).  I have since decided not to game the ground war, focusing on air c…

Indochina – All Based

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I was able to get the Viet Minh based a couple of nights ago (luckily my wife had a tube of superglue since the cap on mine was glued on tight).  I have two groups of Viet Minh, each basically a large or reinforced squad in size.  Each unit consists o…

Indochina – French on Bases

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I received my order from Eureka USA a few days ago, and the figures are very nice.  Of course, once again service from Eureka USA was amazing.  I also received my order from Litko in record time, normally it seems to take two weeks to receive orders f…

Getting Ready – Mounting Some Vietnam Figures

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Platoon HQ – Second in command, RTO, platoon LT

I bought some 15mm Vietnam Americans from a chap some time ago, and left them sit in the box used for shipping until today when I decided to get them mounted on stands.  This of course couldn’t be an …


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Picture from Eureka Miniatures website

As a bit of a sidebar to my Vietnam gaming, I just placed an order with Eureka Miniatures USA for some 15mm French and Viet Minh for Indochina.  For quite some time I have been looking at these figures, and wi…

Full Moon Jacket: Charlie don’t howl…

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Do you remember the film Dog Soldiers? It was the directorial debut of Neil Marshall, who went on to make The Descent and Doomsday, and is directing the Hellboy reboot… The premise of the movie was simple – a squad of British soldiers are dropped on exercise in the Scottish Highlands, and are subsequently attacked by a pack of werewolves. It’s a story that I have always thought would make a great wargame scenario. Take that premise, transpose it to the Vietnam War, and you have basic plot behind a boardgame that is currently being funded on Kickstarter – Full Moon Jacket. The is a co-operative game for 1-6 players. Each player takes a different role in a squad, with your objective to retrieve your Colonel who is lost in the depths of the Vietnam jungle – a jungle that appears to be infested, not with Viet Cong, but with Werewolves! The project is first produced by Strangely Games It is running until the 22nd November 2017, and has a funding goal of £35,000 – it’s around 90% funded at time of writing. The main box game will be due for release in October 2018, and has a pledge coat of […]

Review – Crusaders Over ‘Nam

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Crusaders Over ‘Nam – written by Roxanne Patton.  Published by I-94 Enterprises, March, 2017.  $18.00.

As many of you already know, I like obscure and different periods of history to recreate on the tabletop.  While the Vietnam War is certainly n…

AK47 game.

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The other Friday night we had a game set  during the  Vietnam war. The rules we used were AK 47.I hadn’t read the rules and this was really just a run through to try them out.The Americans were already on the table along with a number of obje…

Taking Advantage, Yet Again

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Over on the Fields of Fire Vietnam forum there was a post from Scale Creep Miniatures about reducing their remaining Flashpoint Miniatures stock.  As I love a sale, I just HAD to take advantage of the 30% off, and added a bit of cool items to my 15mm …

Legion 2012 Photos

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Sunday past saw the fifth year of our local games show Legion and although small it’s both perfectly formed and growing every year. Originally it was just three or four tables squeezed into a tiny room. This year saw the second year at the old Pf…

Good Morning Vietnam

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Some Command figures.M79 Grendiers.US infantry with M14. Painted 32 US troops for Vietnam. All figures from East Riding Miniatures Platoon 20 Range.Still the VC to do as well as adding all the M113s, helicopters etc, etc…..Painted : 138