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Steam Navy Punk

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So a number of people at the club have the makings of some steampunk fleets. All we need now are some rules to play with.

Matt has discarded the idea of using Dystopian Wars (or its Fleet Action spinoff) despite having plenty of models, and has gone on to designing a heavily modified version of DTS, an in house set of rules that normally got used for Sci-Fi battles.

Fleets were based on DWs Federated States and Blazing Sun models. With two large ‘Squadrons’ in each fleet, one for each player. Numerous big ships on each side, with the Blazing Suns noticeably out-gunning the opposition at long range, and also having deadly short ranged options in torpedoes and cannonades.

Fleet sizes were rather on the large side for a trial game, and this slowed things down a bit, along with the paper shuffling of the ship sheets; each ship having their own deck plans for damage allocation and with multiple classes of ships on each side.

Not much in the way of strange technologies just yet, with rules for flyers still pending. Think Matt is more influenced by the type of tech in the IHMN universe than Dystopians, with ARC cannons and shields.

General behaviour is to pick on opposing ships one at a time. The concentration of fire into a single side or quadrant normally leading to a catastrophic cascade.

Game eventually ends with the two fleets closing on each other and a couple of smaller ships sunk on both sides.

I guess I’d better get a move on painting my newly purchased fleet from Phalanx.

Kas’trum Campaign Pre-season Game one – One of our Ruperts is missing.

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The early morning Sun licked steaming humidity up from the marsh surrounding the canal hamlet of Roogie’s Landing. The adjutant of the Earl of Hereford’s Regiment of Foot (The Hedgehogs) was doing his best to shuffle papers in the marsh reed shack that…

Big Ole GASLIGHT battle

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I need an infusion of Victorian SciFi every few months to function as a human being. Followers of this blog will recognize most of the troops involved. They have long and storied histories. The Rokkitruppen almost always get slaughtered to a man. The L…

Steampunk Village People

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A big (possibly too big) game of ‘In Her Majesty’s Name‘.

A quite English village gets disrupted as nefarious groups from around the world converge to loot it’s treasures. Five factions, and the GM controlled villagers.

Intended as a refresher game to get us familiar with the rules again, it tended to get bogged down a bit with the turn sequence.

The heroic band of the Prince of Wales’s Extraordinary Company.

Heathens looting the church of it’s treasures (a minor victory condition if they could get it off board), and inspecting the noise from the house.

All pile in! Massed combat in the house (but actioned outside on paper floor plan); not the best place for the Dragon Hands spell or flamethrower. This lasted multiple turns due to the fearless nature of the combatants. But broke up before the house burnt down on top of them.

Our Heroes creep around the outside of the Manor House. Nothing to be found inside. Not even in the wine cellar. Four buildings searched without success.
Villagers react to indiscriminate shooting of town folk by indiscriminately shooting at strangers. Turns out the main treasure is in large building on the left. 

Germanic aligned Rabble attack the villagers.
Riflemen keeping an eye out on the left. The marksman failed three consecutive long range shots, before being shot himself.

Time ran out with no treasure getting off the border. Lack of knowledge of the rules lead to a lot of book reading, and the ‘move one’ turn sequence also slowed things down to a crawl.

The dawn attack..

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This is what it felt like to the troops.

British patrol attacked at dawn.

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Here are some pictures of the surprise attack on the patrol.   The attack was launched at dawn.  All full account of this unwarranted attack can be found here :Duplicity-aboundsOne regular unit (yellow) in the middle artillery unit, the far u…

Exploring the Island of Vectis Neulandia campaign continues. The boat patrol

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Having made a the expedition base at the large Port on the west side of the island.  The British forces set forth on exploring the lands by using the rivers.   This decision was made to rapidly explore the land.  Part of the mission was …

Reinforcements from the Queen for Neulandia

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It seems the American have recruited an Auto bod.  The British expedition has requested help. The first will mechanical men is show below.Also there is a request pending addition money from the Parliament to have the below walker be purchased from…

Neulandia British campaign. Part 1

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THE ANCIENT AND SECRETIVE LAND OF MALAGASSY      Founded uncounted centuries ago by the losers of a dynastic struggle on the mainland the island kingdom of Malgassy has long shunned contact with the outside world. The people dis…

Neulandia Campaign has started. Prussian draw first blood

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The campaign has kicked off.   The Prussian had to put down a local Rebellion.  Surprisingly the local rebels put up a good fight.   More can be found here Prussian draw first blood Maybe this will inspire me to get back to paint my…

Copplestone Colonial miniatures

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Copplestone has two lines of miniature that would fit into the MWWBK colonial period.  Darkest Africa and Back of Beyond.   Darkest Africa is the German vs British colonial figures.   While Back and Beyond is Bolsheviks, White Russian, C…

Pulp Figures for use it MWWBK

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Pulp figures makes some miniatures that would be late colonial period.   Early 1900’s to about 1930.  Also I think they would fit into VSF.   Bob Murch is the sculptor and maker of there figures.  The Zepplin crew is nice.   Th…

Victoria Miniature 28mm VSF

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Victoria Miniature has very interesting line of resin figures.  These are a perfect fit for the VSF.  The miniature are based for 40K of Warhammer.   The miniatures are 30mm scale but should fit in with most of the figures I have reviewe…

28mm Colonial Japanese miniature

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I figure that these figures would fit into the MWWBK era.   Oshiro miniature are brand new for this company.  These figures would be in the Boxer Rebellion time period.   Oshiro  Link:Oshiro modelterrrainBac Ninh Miniature &nbs…

Askari 28mmColonial miniatures

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Askari fills in the lessor colonial nations. Russians, Italians, Spanish and Germans.   The period should fit in with MWWBK period just fine.  Let’s face not many manufacturers are making Russians or Italians.  The Miniature are reasonab…

Brigade Games VSF miniatures by Paul Hicks

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Here is another bunch of VSF miniatures.  This time made by Brigade games, by the way gets a lot of my money.   The line is some of the nice sculpts made.   These miniature can be found here. VSF – SteampunkNow for the pictures.Empirical…