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Sherman Leader Review

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Sherman Leader puts you in command of an American group of tanks, infantry and other units. You have a number of different campaigns to work through from 1942 North Africa to 1945 Berlin.

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Time Baron Review

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Time Travel is a theme in tabletop gaming that never seems to get the love it deserves. I’ll try almost any time travel game because I love the theme. Unfortunately, most either are of dubious quality or have a pasted on theme. Right now, Time Stories …

Warfighter: The Tactical Special Forces Card Game Review

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Games, like many art forms, tell stories. Even a really abstract game such as Checkers or Go tells a story in a binary format as if competing moral forces are adjudicating the world through conflict. Some conflicts are more nuanced and some themes righ…

Rising Sun Review

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CMON Games is a Kickstarter household name. Almost everyone who watches the roll of games disembarking the Kickstarter pledge train has seen big numbers for one or two CMON titles. With our next game up for review, it was a foregone conclusion that the…

Review Models – 1/72 S&S Kraz Truck

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First post for over a year I think, nothing earth shattering, a review of S&S’s Kraz 255.  The 7.5 ton Kraz 214 and 255 trucks provided extreme off-road logistic capacity to the Soviet and Warsaw Pact forces from 1959 through to the end o…

V-Commandos: Secret Weapons Expansion Review

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It’s probably a good bet that none of the SAS or Navy Seals ever asked for more missions to go on. However, expanding a mission based game like V-Commandos seems like a pretty sound trajectory. With a game design that features multiple modular componen…

War of the Ring Warriors of Middle-Earth Review

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Warriors of Middle-Earth is the second expansion for the Second Edition of War of the Ring. It adds factions for the Shadow and Free Peoples players.

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Earlier I posted an image of the new floor in the games room. Now all the painting has been done, new lighting put up, and most of the furniture built and installed. To see the difference I offer up a before and after picture:Before:And after:Off to th…

Israeli Air Force Leader Review

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Israeli Air Force Leader puts you in command of the Israeli Air Force. You must choose and arm your squadrons and pilots to fly selected real and hypothetical campaigns from 1948 to 2020.

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878: Vikings Review

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Readers looking for a quick voice response to the question “When did the Vikings invade England?” should NOT try to dial the number 878-845-4647 (878-VIKINGS). There’s just a busy signal. Probably the lines are clogged with many others desperately tryi…

Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition Review

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Axis and Allies Anniversary EditionIf you are any kind of board gamer, chances are you’ve at least heard of Axis and Allies. This war gaming staple has been gracing gamers’ tabletops since 1981 and has bounced around from a few different publishers, the most recent of which being Avalon Hill. To celebrate their 50th anniversary as a publisher, Avalon […]

Foot notes and a brief hiatus….

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Despite the horrific dice rolling in the last game, I was very happy with the results. As a way to explore the rules, it was a success and I thought that the gatling did exactly what it was supposed to do. However, I now have to pack everything away fo…

ORBAT – Soviet Divisional Units, Part 2 MRD Artillery Regiment

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This post looks at Artillery support within the Division and specifically at the composition of the Divisional Artillery Regiment, how the capability changed over the period and how it might be represented within games and scenarios. The organic compon…

Review – Web Resources, Voroshilov Academy Lectures

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The Voroshilov Academy lectures cover a range of material presented at the Soviet General Staff academy during the 1970s.  The Content was translated in the late 80’s from the Notes of an Afghan Army Colonel who attended the academy. &nb…

Cold War Projects 2017

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Last year was largely a year off from gaming and related activities hopefully this year will see a little more activity on the modelling writing and gaming fronts.  This post really sets out to explain the different projects I am working on and ho…

2017 6×6 Challenge – My List, First 2017 Post, and a house keeping note.

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So 2016 has finally gone, while it had some very good parts, like our trip to Malta, it had it seems more than its share of pretty crappy parts as well; walking out of Rogue One only to find out that Carrie Fisher’s passing had been made public while w…

Dinos on the Dance Floor!

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I had a lot of fun with the dino-hunt back in May so I thought I should paint up some more victims for future such games.  I wanted to avoid the usual green lizard patterns so I just went with whatever I fancied. The sharp eyed will spot one …

ORBAT Soviet Late 80’s Breakthrough Capability, Part 4 Frontal Aviation

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As part of the Breakthrough battle the front could allocate elements of Frontal aviation in support of the depth fire battle enabling the simultaneous engagement of the enemy throughout his depth and to increase the effectiveness of the engagement of t…

Review Book – Abel Archer, Modern Rapid Fire Rules

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Well it’s been a while since I posted. A busy period for family and work – however I was asked a question about the rules I use, and it’s a fairly frequent question so I thought I would knock out a quick post on the subject.  I got hooked on Moder…

TOR games survey

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Via Trouble at T’millTor games has a war gaming survey up which given their product lines has some VSF and Steampunk connections.  Go give it a look.

Wargames Unit – Soviet Late 80’s 2S1 Battalion

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Artillery units are a critical component of any Soviet force and whilst less flexible in terms of coordination of fire and OPs than their western counter parts this was less of a problem than might be imagined as it was nearly always available in overw…

Worth sharing – Pushing Tin’s Colonial campaign

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If you have any interest in colonials (or VSF), go have a look at Pushing Tin – Campaign Anniversary. Stunning game pictures and excellent fluff, it is reminiscent of the Major General’s work – but in 6mm. Inspirational.

Review Model – model collect 1/72 T-72B with ERA

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The T-72 is another of those Cold War Icons, Globally exported its been involved in most of the worlds major conflicts since it appeared on the scene in the late 1960’s.  It was the Soviet Unions low cost alternative to the T-64 and T-80 series, e…

TTP – The Soviet Advanced Guard and March Security

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The Soviet Army had well developed doctrine around march security and transition to battle formations from the line of march, this was critical to acheiving success in the encounter battles they postulated would be the most common form of engagement an…

Review – Book, The Race to The Swift, R Simpkin 1985

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The Race to the Swift by Brigadier R Simpkin recieved rave reviews across a range of professional military journals in America and Britain, for good reason, its an excellent treatise on manouvre warfare, focusing more on the operational rather than the…