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Whats Still On The Table?

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By the time I had finished slapping paint onto the resin Inquisitors car, it was a lot less black and grey than I thought it was going to be. Needs inking. Advertisements

Whats On The Table?

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This resin Inquisitor Car from Wargame Exclusive is a great looking model, another I have been delaying in painting. Being of a Batmobile type design, I thought I would paint it black, but black is such a hard colour to do. So I decided on dark Panzer Grey instead…which is nearly black… Advertisements

Wargame Exclusive Character

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The range of models from Wargame Exclusive is superbly detailed and given that they are on the other side of Europe, postage costs have been okay so far. I wanted an alternative model to lead my Grey Knights and this chap fits the role. There are more models I fancy getting my hands on, but … Continue reading Wargame Exclusive Character

Inquisitors Car

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The second of my Wargame Exclusive models is this Inquisitor car. At the moment, I have no idea what I will use it for, I just really like the model. It has a great Batman vibe going on but the wings and the iconography clearly mark this out as a Warhammer 40K vehicle. The casting … Continue reading Inquisitors Car

Grey Knights Proxy

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I ordered a few models from Wargame Exclusive a couple of weeks ago after spending a week or so drooling over the eye candy on their website. They have now arrived and I have been distracted from the current project. There are several models I like the look of on their website, one of which … Continue reading Grey Knights Proxy