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BLAST – TASTIC less than a month to go

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Less that a month to go before the first ever Blast – Tastic show in Bristol. Full details can be found here.Blast – TasticFilton Community CentreElm ParkFiltonBristolBS34 7PSSaturday 4th October 201410.00 – 4.00Admission £2.00See you there….

Blast-Tastic Countdown

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 I have sent off my details for the two passes I need for this show, and as the site shows there is only 96 days until the show.  So I must carry on painting the miniatures for the Ogre/GEV demo game I’m running.I’ve been thinking about how t…

Broadside 2014 – The Games Part 1

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The Rejects made it safe and sound to Broadside to play and display Posties, Russo-Japanese figures. He worked out a fictional game named The Battle of Shaho. The poor lad worked damned hard to get the game ready, also adding loads of extra’s, the scra…

Salute 2014: The Bloggers

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I went again this year, which considering how I felt at the end of last years show that I blogged about here, might come as a surprise, but as they say what a difference a year makes.  Last year I was recovering from not having my contract renewe…

Salute 2014 – The Pics

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First off we have the Bloggers pic pinched from Carl’s blog, with a few more names added in!Apologies if you were eating your dinner!The Blogger meet up was a great success, and it was great to put faces to names old and new!There were some great looki…

Salute 2014

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Just one week to go to the premier UK Wargame Show at ExCel, London. I did not visit Salute last year, and once again I’ll be staying away. I know it’s a great show and there is loads to see (and buy) but the day is far too long for a ‘Grey Beard’ like…

Blast-tastic an update

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There has been a recent update featuring on The Miniatures Page (TMP), see this link for more details.I’ll be there, in fact I’ve been planning it for some time, see this earlier post for info. of my plans to have an exhibition of m…

WMMS 2014 – part six

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Do I really have to have a reason to post an image of an Eagle?Sci-Fi Captain Scarlet and SG1 figures alongside this coool jet. While the rest are ‘what-if’ German jets, more Sci-Fi and some beautifully modelled boats.Tony

WMMS 2014 – part five

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It should come as no surprise that I have taken a number of images of Wargame Terrain. The first seven are of the Grand Manner 40mm range of AWI/ACW resin buildings that I had the pleasure of sculpting for Dave Bodley. They were beautifully painted by …

WMMS 2014 – part four

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Part four features some of the armoured vehicle models that were on display. The first this Char 2C was a huge model, definitely bigger than 1/35th scale and was featured on the IPMS stand.Tony

WMMS 2014 – part three

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This is a model of the Curtis-Wright X19 that I saw at the WMMS this Sunday. At first I thought it was a ‘What-if’ or fantasy plane, but after speaking to the modeller, I was told that it actually existed and flew. For full details go to this Wicki&nbs…

WMMS 2014 – part two

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I’ve started this photo report with images of these 1:1 scale vehicles that were the centre point of the main hall floor. A similar display was here last year, but I only took a couple of photos. This time I got many more. The rest of this post is full…

WMMS 2014

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I have just arrived back home from the 38th West Midlands Military Show which is organised by the Alumwell Wargames Society. I took with me the last two Building Wargame Terrain books (both damaged), hoping to sell them on the bring-and-buy table, but …

Cavalier 2014

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Only 4 days after the event itself but I’m probably one of the last bloggers to post about the show! Anyway some of the Rejects made the short trip to Tonbridge to hopefully spend some of their hard earned dosh!! I bought basically what was on my list …

West Midlands Military Show – Alumwell

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The West Midland Military Show or WMMS will be held at the Alumwell Leisure Village, Aldersley Road, Wolverhampton on Sunday 9th March 2014, for details go to this link.I believe this to be one of the friendliest wargame shows in the UK and would …


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  I had meant to do a couple more posts in January, but for various reasons, like it became February for one, I failed to do so.  First off I would like to announce that I shall be taking my Ogre MIB roadshow to Blast-Tastic, which is a new S…

Blast-Tastic, Bristol

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I will be attending Blast-Tastic on Saturday 4th October 2014 and have arranged to have a display table showing both miniatures and terrain boards for my 40mm Flash Gordon collection. This will be the first time that the whole collection would have bee…

IPMS 2013 – AFV Photos

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A special treat for all Tread-Heads. This fourth photos report features some of the tank and AFV model vehicles on display at IPMS Scale Model World, Telford 2013. I hope you like them.Tony

IPMS 2013 – More Photos

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Part Two. The show is always full of WWII aircraft and tanks, here are some of the model aircraft. Enjoy.Tony

Dragonmeet 2013

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 My second year at Dragonmeet as a MiB demoing Ogre, with an example of the 6th Designer Edition to show on display to overwhelm all those who passed the tables with its sweet Ogre goodness, and by sweet I mean wicked awesome contents.I arrive tot…

IPMS 2013. A Photo Report

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The first of the promised photo reports from IPMS Scale Model World 2013, Telford. Part one a montage of Sci-Fi models, I hope you enjoy them.Finally, I saw these on one of the tables and thought they were worth including – 50th anniversary and all…….

IPMS Scale Model World 2013

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On Sunday 10th November I visited the IPMS Scale Model World show at Telford. This was the fifth or sixth year in a row that I had made the trek up to the international Centre, Telford.I arrived about 10.30 and after paying my £10.00 entry fee went st…

SELWG 2013 Part 2

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Seems I jumped forward in time to 2014 for the last SELWG post, this one is definitely set in 2013????Crawley Wargames Club – Fraustadt 1706 Great Northern WarI mentioned in my last post that I had two favourite games from the show, this is the second …

SELWG 2014 Part 1

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I’m a  bit late posting my SELWG report this year, and I’ve been beaten to the punch by all the Rejects and a lot of other bloggers. I blame work? the kids? Mrs R? bloody computer? camera? and work again?Anyway Four Rejects made it upto a very, ve…

SELWG 2013: Crystal Palace

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      It was that time of the year for me to go again and visit Crystal Palace, a grade two listed building, and take my friend Trevor and his son Oliver to SELWG on what turned out to be a rather wet day.  As you can see Olive…