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Book Three – where are we and update.

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Images of the completed Damaged Tower House – one of the models to feature in book threeI have agreed to exhibit at the Alumwell or WMMS on Sunday, March 12th 2017 – see this post. Having made this decision it then followed that I would like to have Da…

IPMS 2016 – Pre-WWII Aircraft

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Not as many as in previous years, but still a wide variety of models.Tony

IPMS 2016 – Modern Aircraft

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Part two of my IPMS Scale Model World photo report features modern aircraft from a wide range of different ages, styles and countries. I hope you like them.Tony

IPMS 2016 – Golden Age Jets

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Here is my first report from IPMS 2016 – Scale Model World, Telford and I have chosen jets or aircraft from what I believe to be the golden age – post WWII to the 1970’s. These are aircraft of my youth and in most cases aircraft that I have modelled. I…

Alumwell Wargame Show 2017

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I can confirm that I will be exhibiting at the WMMS – Alumwell Wargames Show on Sunday 12th March 2017. I first exhibited in 2015, see this blog post for further details but took a break this year. I should have new models and am planning tha…

IPMS Scale Model World less than a week to go

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The IPMS Scale Model World – The Worlds Greatest Scale Model Show is less than a week away. For full details of this fantastic day out, see this official link. My plan is to be these on Sunday.This will be the eighth or ninth time I have driven up…

SELWG Swag, better late than never!

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Can’t believe its taken me over a week to get some pics taken of my SELWG Swag!!!
Tut Tut!
The above figure Col Bill’s Moll Cutpurse was a gift from that very nice Fudge
 eater Sir Clint of Gillingham.
She’s a healthy girl that Moll!
Cheers Clint!
A few packs of North Stars 1672 range.
A pack of French Dragoons, King Louis and how could I not resist D’Artagnan!

From Ainsty Castings – Artillery equipment &
Col Bill’s new figures C17th Century Villagers.
So new they’re not even on their website yet!!
Why oh why oh why??
More offshoots for Donnybrook!
Bacon’s Rebellion and King William’s War in America?!?!
Redoubt Indians
These were a must from Col Bill.
From Old Glory English Marines….sigh!

From Foundry….Lazy Luther Road Workers
technically for the SYW, but they’ll do for me as NYW!

 Oh dear…..more Indians!!!
From Foundry

First thing I’ve bought from a Bring and Buy for a while.
Don’t really need it, it just took my fancy??

 Last but not least. More 15mm Essex NYW figures!!!!
Yee haw!!!

SELWG 2016 – The Pics

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The Rejects made our annual pilgrimage to Crystal Place yesterday for SELWG 2016.Its usually our last show of the year, I did fancy going to Warfare in Reading next month as well, but I don’t think the wallet will allow it, after I spent a tad&nbs…

SELWG 2016….Anyone?

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The Rejects are off to SELWG on Sunday.Anyone else going?

Skirmish Sept 16 – Swag

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Just a quick post, showing off the Swag I picked up at Skirmish last Sunday. There wasn’t much and I bought it all from Col Bill.A bit blurry, but here we have Ainsty Castings Jetty Catwalk…….not quite sure why I bought these, but they should …

Skirmish Wargames Show Sept 16

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Myself and Postie made it up to Sidcup this morning to visit the second Skirmish Wargames Show of 2016, the first being back in April. There were several games on show…..Medway Wargames Club – AWIHerne Bay Wargames – Napoleonic’s Priviteers…