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West Midlands Military Show 2015 – The Aircraft

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The final part of my WMMS reports details some of the model aircraft that were on display. The first image shows the cockpit control panel from a ME109.Tony

West Midlands Military Show 2015 – part four

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In this latest update – I have included the Sci-Fi or Fantasy images. I hope you like them.Tony

West Midlands Military Show 2015 – the AFV’s

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In this update, I bring you the Armoured Fighting Vehicle’s. Take a look at the first image and then take a second close look – that’s right these are card models built to 1/35th scale!The WMMS is not just about wargames, these images show some of the …

West Midlands Military Show 2015 report

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As promised, here is the first of my WMMS photo reports. I hope that you like the images I have chosen.Tony

West Midlands Military Show – Alumwell Wargames 2015

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Sue and I have just returned home after a great day out at The West Midlands Military Show hosted by the Alumwell Wargames Club. This was the first time that I had exhibited my scratch-built terrain models – the ones featured in Building Wargame Terrai…

Cavalier Swag & Bits & Bobs

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Finally got around to posting a few pics of the swag I bought at last months Cavalier show in Tonbridge. Most of my hard earned dosh was lost at the Redoubt stall. Where I bought the Farrier/Blacksmith set, aboveTwo Milkmaids and a MooCow, (a…

Cavalier 2015 – The Pics

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As some of you may already know, the Rejects, (well some of them) headed off to Tonbridge last Sunday to visit the Cavalier Wargames show.Here are some pics from the show.Tonbridge Wargames Club – Stalingrad 1942SEEMS – Border Reivers 1575Friday N…

Cavalier 2015 in Tonbridge anyone???

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Some of the Rejects will be making their annual trip to Tonbridge for Cavalier Wargame Show this Sunday. This is always our first Show of the year, and I guess like the other Rejects I’m quite looking forward to it!I’ve got a few bucks to spend, not su…

West Midlands Military Show 2015

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There is just over one month to go to the Alumwell Wargames, West Midlands Military Show 2015.

Full details of the show can be found here. This year I will be attending as an exhibitor, showing the scratch built models that have featured in Building Wargame Terrain, More Wargame Terrain and here on this Blog. If you are planning on coming, pop by and say hello.

The show will be held at;

Aldersley Leisure Village
Aldersley Road

The shown will take place on;

Sunday 8th March 2015. 
Doors open and 10.00 and the entry fee is £3.00 for adults with concessions for others.


Dragonmeet 2014: Escalation

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   The last official MIB demo game of Ogre/GEV with miniatures at Dragonmeet.  I wore my Steve Jackson fluorescent orange and green Ogre T-shirt for the occasion.  The scenario was one of my own devising, and was designed to be unba…

Warfare 2014: Reading

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  New from GZG, and I saw the first casts of the 6mm Hound Dog’s conversions, which will be available in the New Year.Well we toddled off again this year to Warfare and had a jolly good time talking to friends we met at the show.  In no…

Reinforcements for Dragonmeet 2014

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  I shall be running the last official MIB Ogre miniatures event at Dragonmeet, which has moved to Earls Court this year.  Those eagle-eyed and otherwise astute players and readers of this blog will no doubt be wondering why I’m showing …

SELWG 2014 – The pics

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Rejects in the queueFran, Lee, Ian & PostieHad a great day out last Sunday at SELWG, most of the Rejects attended, the show unfortunately did seem to be down in numbers, both traders and visitors, which is a shame because its a damned good show. Fo…

SELWG 2014 Swag

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Most of Posties Rejects (Me, Fran, Postie, Ian, BigLee, Richard and posse and Clint) made the long drive up the A2 to Crystal Palace for SELWG today. I for one enjoyed the show, although it did seem to have fewer traders and visitors than normal. There…

More Pictures of Ogre at Blast-Tastic

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The set up.  North American Combine forces are on the top right of the picture ready to sweep forward, the Pan European Federation bottom left forming a defensive line. This is the basic 16 armour units and 18 infantry platoons, and I should’ve gi…

Ogre at Blast-Tastic! 2014

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  With Steven leaning back as his Ogre prepares to destroy my Command Post.  I was just explaining a rule before he chortled with glee as the Ogre’s missile reduced the target to rubble.Well we got back from Blast-Tastic! pretty much cre…

Blast-Tastic – Sci-Fi Wargame Show

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Will I be the first with a show report?Earlier today Sue and I visited the very first Blast-Tastic, a Sci-Fi Wargame show organised by Angel Barracks and held at the Filton Community Centre, Bristol. We arrived just after 9.15am after a horrendous jour…

Blast-Tastic Next Week

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    Well hasn’t time flown by, next week it’s Blast-Tastic and I shall be taking all my Ogre stuff along to show people.  That means the Big Box of Ogre, and my miniatures you’ve seen me paint here on my blog. So here are a few more …

Blast-Tastic just one week to go

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Just one week to go to the inaugural Blast-Tastic wargame show, Bristol. see you there next Saturday. for full details go to this link.It is my intention to have some spare copies of both Building Wargame Terrain and More Wargame Terrain for sale,…

Skirmish Toy Soldier and Wargame Show Sept 14

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Several Rejects Fran, Postie and me, made the long drive up the A2 to Sidcup, for Skirmish Toy Soldier and Wargame Show, last Sunday, there we met 2 other Rejects BigLee and Mrs BigLee, who can be seen on the left in the pic above and the Newbie Reject…

More Wargame Terrain – sales to date

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Earlier this week book number 75 was ordered and posted. There are now only 25 signed and numbered books left of this limited edition publication. Should you wish to order a copy, please go to this link where you can also read a number of rev…

BLAST – TASTIC less than a month to go

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Less that a month to go before the first ever Blast – Tastic show in Bristol. Full details can be found here.Blast – TasticFilton Community CentreElm ParkFiltonBristolBS34 7PSSaturday 4th October 201410.00 – 4.00Admission £2.00See you there….

Blast-Tastic Countdown

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 I have sent off my details for the two passes I need for this show, and as the site shows there is only 96 days until the show.  So I must carry on painting the miniatures for the Ogre/GEV demo game I’m running.I’ve been thinking about how t…

Broadside 2014 – The Games Part 1

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The Rejects made it safe and sound to Broadside to play and display Posties, Russo-Japanese figures. He worked out a fictional game named The Battle of Shaho. The poor lad worked damned hard to get the game ready, also adding loads of extra’s, the scra…

Salute 2014: The Bloggers

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I went again this year, which considering how I felt at the end of last years show that I blogged about here, might come as a surprise, but as they say what a difference a year makes.  Last year I was recovering from not having my contract renewe…