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Salute Blogger Meet-up 2016

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A bit late but the Blogger meet-up seemed a success?BigLee – – – – http://musingswargameslife.blo…

Salute 2016 part 2

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Right, straight on with some pics from the show……..Oshiro Model Terrain – The Adventures of Paul DrakeMines a pint!Victrix – Spain 1800Beautiful  54mm figures!Not sure who this game was by?Some entries into the painting competitionsNewbury &am…

Finally….Salute 2016 Part 1

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I must be one of the last bloggers to get their Salute post up, time just seems to run by so quickly nowadays???Anyway on with the show…..which started nice and early for me, Postie and Dave. You may have noticed on others blogs that I was given a 2 …

Rejects on Tour – Skirmish April 2016

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Only 2 Rejects made the long drive up the A2, to visit the April show at Skirmish, I bought various bits and bobs but I tried not to spend too much, I was hoping to save my pennies for Salute.Skirmish is now under new management, its now being run by C…

WMMS Alumwell

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Sue and I have just got back from the West Midlands Military Show, Alumwell. I am afraid that there are a lot less images than usual, as I’m still recovering from a very bad head cold and infection. We left earlier than usual and my purchases were mini…

Rejects on Tour – Cavalier 2016

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Me & Postie drove down to Tonbridge last Sunday for the Rejects first show of the year.
There we met fellow Rejects BigLee and Ian.I an then treated us all to a MackieD’s breakie, which set us all up for the day!

Hailsham Wargames Club – Malplaquet 1709

My personal favourite game of the show. I belive they were all old school Les Higgins figures, well they may have been old but they still looked pretty cool!

We met up with loads of blogger, as soon as we walked into the main hall we bumped into 
Dave Crook,centre in the pic above,with Postie and BigLee.

Then not long after we were joined by Henry Hyde and Bob Cordery.
I was pleasantry surprised to be given £5 from Henry as payment for one of my photos he 
had used in Miniature Wargames!
(Pic pinched from BigLee’s blog!)

 North London Wargames Group- Battle of Moncontour 1569

The Bring & Buy

Tonbridge Wargames Club – Chickamauga Day 2

Maidstone Wargames – Road to Homs 1982

Gravesend Gamers Guild – Warmachine

Not too sure who and what this game was?

Southend Wargames Club – Helmund Rescue

Society of Ancients – Trebia

The small hall

The League of Gentlemen Anti-Alchemists – Rommel: Our part in his downfall

Friday Night Firefight – Zulu! 1879

Deal Wargames Society – Prison Break 1945

Crawley War Games Club – Trench Raid

WMMS Alumwell next weekend

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Just one week to go to my local wargame show, The West Midlands Military Show run by the Alumwell Wargames Society and held at the Aldersley Leisure Village, Wolverhampton.The show will take place next Sunday and doors open at 10.00amFor full details s…

Cavalier 2016 Swag

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After getting back from Cavalier in Tonbridge on Sunday, (pics of the show to follow)
I rummaged through my bag of goodies and found this lot!

Some 15mm tents from the Bring and Buy
2 weapons packs from Magister Militum
2 packs of Artizan Moor Cavalry from Col Bill
A Donnington Grand Alliance 15mm artillery piece and limber 
Lots of Gabions!!!

Impulse buy of the day…..En Garde rule set
A few paints
Small tufts from Shellhole scenics a bargain 3 packs for £5
and finally Wargames Illustrated Paints magazine, saw this over on Roundwood’s World, 
young Sidney wrote a rather nice review check it out!
I didn’t realise I spent so much?
Oh well, next stop Salute!