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Après-Salute 2015: HMS Defender

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    While everyone else went home after Salute, some hardy souls went to see D36 HMS Defender, a Type 45 destroyer that was moored at Greenwich, and open to the public.  On the trip on the Dockland Light railway we passed another warship…

Salute 2015: Excel Centre

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Wings of War with airships, very nice looking game by Aerodrome UK Wing.

Another year, another Salute.  How time flies by.  What doesn’t change are the aspirational nature of the games on show.  Everything is bigger, brighter etc than anything you’ll see on a club night or would normally be able to put on at home.  Unless your name is John Treadaway of course, and then this is all routine.  For the less blessed wargaming souls of this world, like myself, I have to play within my means.  So it’s always good to see the games at Salute.

I, unlike many others, arrived late; at my own leisure so to speak.  I’m old enough, and can remember that my feet hurt from walking around Salute, and standing around in queues only makes this worse.  So I left home at 10.15 and arrived at 11.45, and was so able to walk straight in.  I hear that the queues were a lot less this year, primarily down to having a hall to stand in that had been allocated by Excel who have learnt that a horde of unwashed hairy wargamers lowers the tone of the place (not exactly what John Treadaway said to me, but that seemed to be the gist of it.)  What with the Sherlocked convention going on at Excel alongside the Marathon registration and other stuff, the place was heaving.

Mechworld Development’s Group awesome looking Blood & Steel game.

I’d heard that some German wargamers were coming over with a Battlestar Galactica game called Blood & Steel, and that they were giving away a six page free set of rules based on Full Thrust at the show.  The game was, as you can see, rather stunning.

Yep that’s a destroyed Battlestar in the centre of the table.

More Cylon Basestars than you could shake a big stick at.  A slick looking game, and the crew were very easy to talk to, which given the crowds around their table was nice.

Fl/Lt. Robert N.G. Barlow DFC Lancaster on the Dambusters 617 Squadron raid; all the crew of the real AJ-E died in a crash.

The Peterborough Wargames Club were running their Dambusters Challenge with a 1/72nd scale Lancaster on a fiendish looking remote controlled arm.  The game was simple, but effective and was heaving with people, and lots of people wanting to have a go.

Coming up to the dam with flak all around the Lancaster.  If the player was successful a part of the dam could be removed and replaced to show the damage, and flooding.  Slickly run game that looked like a well oiled machine.

Built to the same scale as Dropzone Commander 10 mm approximately 1/160th scale Avenger class starship.

Hawk Wargames had this rather impressive model, which is now complete.  I saw it last year in its unfinished state, which was pretty epic then.  Totally awesome sauce display, with a big static table showing off their range of miniatures.  The big news is that there is going to be a space game to go with Dropzone Commander, provisional title Dropfleet Commander, which is due out later this year.  The unique selling point being that it will simulate orbital battles around a planet, rather than being a deep space game.

To save you the bother of counting, this ship carries one hundred dropships.

A labour of love, every hanger had a fully painted dropship loaded up with an AFV.

A close up of said dropships from the game in their hanger bays waiting to be dropped.  Oooheey.  The attention to detail borders on obsessive, other than I know that if you want something to look this good then paying attention to the small details is the only way to achieve a good looking end result. So kudos to the crew who made this; BTW the construction uses custom cast parts, which is why everything looks so good.

Illuminated engines.  Not seen from here a colour internal layout diagram of the ship.

Hawk Games are clearly looking at the Star Wars Imperial star destroyers for their inspiration.  For those who are wondering there were miniatures of the ships in a much smaller scale for their future space combat game.  The game sounds interesting in that it deal with planetary invasions with about a dozen ships per side if I’ve understood things correctly.  The model of the UCMS Avenger represents a frigate, one of the smaller ships in the game.

Big Rich caught capturing the hearts and minds of a new generation.

TooFat Lardies were presenting their Fighting Season game this year, which is based on the Chain of Command rules modified to play modern asymmetrical wargames, and I imagine they will also be adaptable to retro-converting Charlie Don’t Surf too, with the caveat that Fighting Season is Section level game, whereas Charlie Don’t Surf is a Company level action.

This photo doesn’t do justice to the terrain of this game, which was lovely.

Spartan Games were demoing their new Halo space game with big spaceships with the largest running at 10 inches or 250 mm for those who prefer metric.

Spartan Games were all about their new Halo line, and telling us about the new 15 mm ground combat game that will be accompanying the fleet action sets.  For Halo fans this is a big, big thing, even if Halo is no longer at the height of its popularity I can’t image the fans not wanting to get this for all the lovely toys.

The fact that there is a space and ground combat game is again I think interesting, and of course this means that Spartan Games will in someways be going up against Hawk Games new Dropfleet Commander will bring some diversity and new blood into spaceship gaming.

Hercules doing a quick touch and go drop.

Wargames’ Illustrated game Cold War Gone Hot caught my eye for the the sheer scale of over the top action, which included what I assume was a Hercules doing a drop and go deployment of an artillery team while the Russians stormed across a damaged bridge.  What I’d call the Warhammer 40K version of the Cold War.

It all looked rather impressive, even if lacking in verisimilitude i.e: broke my sense of disbelief.  Still very pretty and gorgeous to look at.

Star Wars ATATs begin their assault.

The next game I caught up with was the rather more convincing reenactment of the Battle of Hoth from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.  I think the Beasts of War may have run this, but I can’t confirm the details, because the game is not listed in the brochure.

I also missed seeing the Millennium Falcon, because of the crowd of people around this impressive table.  It just didn’t feel it was right to barge in, and disrupt the people playing the game who were clearly having a lot of fun.


Arcworlde had this rather stunning fantasy pirate game complete with zombie whale for bonus points.  I don’t know much about them other than they ran a KickStarter (it seems everyone does nowadays), and can add nothing more than wow it looked stunning.

This photo doesn’t do any justice for how many of these large there ships were, and how big the table was.

However stunning Arcworlde were, the bonkers over the top Essex Gamesters display with 1/56th scale ships using 28mm figures Fort George American War of Independence game blew them out of the water.  Not a lot moving when I saw it, maybe more of a static display, but crazily impressive modelling.  I should have tried to get some more pictures, but there were a row of frigates all in a line down one side of the table.  Needless to say it won the best game of the show award.

Tiger Shark one of two sister submarines that were accompanying Stingray.

As always the South London Warlords were putting on impressive game to their own.  Stingray, where anything can happen in the next half hour.  Cue drums for battle-stations.  Given that Gerry Anderson’s shows were a significant marker of my childhood, the stories depicting the World Aquanaut Security Patrol facing underwater terror were something exciting I looked forward to watching each week.

Terror fish trying to outmanoeuvre Tiger Shark.

I took great glee in seeing this game, and the memories of Troy Tempest, Phones, Marina and Atlanta, and my favourite creepy villain Surface Agent X20 all came back to me.  I believe that the rules for this game will be available, though if you’re like me than perhaps playing it in 1/300th scale will be a bit more manageable.

Awesome paint job on Great Titan’s Terrrorfish.

As you can imagine this table was surrounded by people watching the game being played, and just in case it wasn’t obvious, the show had a real buzz this year.  People were out enjoying themselves and having a good time.

The final game I took a picture of, which I’m featuring last, because it leads into my follow-up blog post, is this rather magnificent model of a Soviet Union Krivak class frigate.  This game was put on by a group calling themselves MDK, and the game was titled Operation Broadsword – The Cold War Went Wet.  A contingent of Royal Marine Commandos and SBS mounting a raid on the ship, all done in 28 mm.

Apposite because after going around the show I went off with friends to see HMS Defender, which you can read about in Après-Salute.

Salute 2015- The Pics…….and there’s a lot of ‘em!

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A few Rejects took that long drive up the A2 and over Dartford Bridge to the Excel centre for our annual trip to Salute! It was a great day and like most at the show I’m bloody knackered!!! I did come back with a large bag of goodies, rather larger tha…

West Midlands Military Show 2015 – The Aircraft

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The final part of my WMMS reports details some of the model aircraft that were on display. The first image shows the cockpit control panel from a ME109.Tony

West Midlands Military Show 2015 – part four

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West Midlands Military Show 2015 – the AFV’s

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West Midlands Military Show 2015 report

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As promised, here is the first of my WMMS photo reports. I hope that you like the images I have chosen.Tony

West Midlands Military Show – Alumwell Wargames 2015

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Sue and I have just returned home after a great day out at The West Midlands Military Show hosted by the Alumwell Wargames Club. This was the first time that I had exhibited my scratch-built terrain models – the ones featured in Building Wargame Terrai…

Cavalier Swag & Bits & Bobs

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Finally got around to posting a few pics of the swag I bought at last months Cavalier show in Tonbridge. Most of my hard earned dosh was lost at the Redoubt stall. Where I bought the Farrier/Blacksmith set, aboveTwo Milkmaids and a MooCow, (a…

Cavalier 2015 – The Pics

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As some of you may already know, the Rejects, (well some of them) headed off to Tonbridge last Sunday to visit the Cavalier Wargames show.Here are some pics from the show.Tonbridge Wargames Club – Stalingrad 1942SEEMS – Border Reivers 1575Friday N…

Cavalier 2015 in Tonbridge anyone???

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Some of the Rejects will be making their annual trip to Tonbridge for Cavalier Wargame Show this Sunday. This is always our first Show of the year, and I guess like the other Rejects I’m quite looking forward to it!I’ve got a few bucks to spend, not su…

West Midlands Military Show 2015

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There is just over one month to go to the Alumwell Wargames, West Midlands Military Show 2015.

Full details of the show can be found here. This year I will be attending as an exhibitor, showing the scratch built models that have featured in Building Wargame Terrain, More Wargame Terrain and here on this Blog. If you are planning on coming, pop by and say hello.

The show will be held at;

Aldersley Leisure Village
Aldersley Road

The shown will take place on;

Sunday 8th March 2015. 
Doors open and 10.00 and the entry fee is £3.00 for adults with concessions for others.


Dragonmeet 2014: Escalation

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   The last official MIB demo game of Ogre/GEV with miniatures at Dragonmeet.  I wore my Steve Jackson fluorescent orange and green Ogre T-shirt for the occasion.  The scenario was one of my own devising, and was designed to be unba…

Warfare 2014: Reading

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Reinforcements for Dragonmeet 2014

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  I shall be running the last official MIB Ogre miniatures event at Dragonmeet, which has moved to Earls Court this year.  Those eagle-eyed and otherwise astute players and readers of this blog will no doubt be wondering why I’m showing …

SELWG 2014 – The pics

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Rejects in the queueFran, Lee, Ian & PostieHad a great day out last Sunday at SELWG, most of the Rejects attended, the show unfortunately did seem to be down in numbers, both traders and visitors, which is a shame because its a damned good show. Fo…

SELWG 2014 Swag

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Most of Posties Rejects (Me, Fran, Postie, Ian, BigLee, Richard and posse and Clint) made the long drive up the A2 to Crystal Palace for SELWG today. I for one enjoyed the show, although it did seem to have fewer traders and visitors than normal. There…

More Pictures of Ogre at Blast-Tastic

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The set up.  North American Combine forces are on the top right of the picture ready to sweep forward, the Pan European Federation bottom left forming a defensive line. This is the basic 16 armour units and 18 infantry platoons, and I should’ve gi…

Ogre at Blast-Tastic! 2014

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  With Steven leaning back as his Ogre prepares to destroy my Command Post.  I was just explaining a rule before he chortled with glee as the Ogre’s missile reduced the target to rubble.Well we got back from Blast-Tastic! pretty much cre…

Blast-Tastic – Sci-Fi Wargame Show

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Will I be the first with a show report?Earlier today Sue and I visited the very first Blast-Tastic, a Sci-Fi Wargame show organised by Angel Barracks and held at the Filton Community Centre, Bristol. We arrived just after 9.15am after a horrendous jour…

Blast-Tastic Next Week

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    Well hasn’t time flown by, next week it’s Blast-Tastic and I shall be taking all my Ogre stuff along to show people.  That means the Big Box of Ogre, and my miniatures you’ve seen me paint here on my blog. So here are a few more …

Blast-Tastic just one week to go

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Just one week to go to the inaugural Blast-Tastic wargame show, Bristol. see you there next Saturday. for full details go to this link.It is my intention to have some spare copies of both Building Wargame Terrain and More Wargame Terrain for sale,…

Skirmish Toy Soldier and Wargame Show Sept 14

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Several Rejects Fran, Postie and me, made the long drive up the A2 to Sidcup, for Skirmish Toy Soldier and Wargame Show, last Sunday, there we met 2 other Rejects BigLee and Mrs BigLee, who can be seen on the left in the pic above and the Newbie Reject…

More Wargame Terrain – sales to date

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Earlier this week book number 75 was ordered and posted. There are now only 25 signed and numbered books left of this limited edition publication. Should you wish to order a copy, please go to this link where you can also read a number of rev…

BLAST – TASTIC less than a month to go

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Less that a month to go before the first ever Blast – Tastic show in Bristol. Full details can be found here.Blast – TasticFilton Community CentreElm ParkFiltonBristolBS34 7PSSaturday 4th October 201410.00 – 4.00Admission £2.00See you there….