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A loft full of lead 2018-07-13 11:21:50

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Jim from Products For Wargamers suggested I make something for the industrial range using the smaller snack size Pringles tube. He even gave me a snack size Pringles tube, but it was empty, which was a bit disappointing, even so, without the prospect of free nibbles, I said I would have a go. Anyway, I … Continue reading

A loft full of lead 2018-07-09 14:32:17

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The big square tower looks pretty good when connected to a double height pringle tower. The angled walkway will support lead figures as long as they are not too top heavy, lighter weight plastic models are more easily balanced. Even my Reaver Titan looks small next to these things. Advertisements

Higher And Higher

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The square Industrial Control Tower can be very tall, as tall as you want to go. It is modular, with most of the bits being interchangeable. One of the ladder sections did not quite work and needed some fixing but generally it looks great with models all over it! There are still some other sections … Continue reading Higher And Higher

Double Height Tower

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I could not resist doing this, a double height Pringle Tower. I just had to design one new level to join the two tubes and a different vertical support for the upper section. It is very big… Advertisements

Detailing The Tower

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In the last mountain of MDF I cut at Products For Wargamers, was various detail components for the Industrial Office Tower. I had a lot of fun making a large extractor fan, the plan being to build it up so it had a nice raised and stepped edge. A more simple piece was this boxy … Continue reading Detailing The Tower

Whats On The Table?

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The painting of the GR-75 transporter is proceeding slowly, it is actually very hard to hold in one hand when painting. I have also built two towers with an interconnecting landing platform but the transporter looks a bit big for it. Of course I could always design a larger landing platform. Advertisements

MDF Mountain

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Following a visit to my laser cutting friend, I have an MDF mountain to deal with. This lot is the second version of another industrial tower I am working on, it is compatible with the Pringle tower, but is a variable height. Advertisements

Industrial Office Tower

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Having designed the Industrial Processing Tower based around a Pringles tube, I thought I would design a Pringle-less tower, something that does not require munching through a pack of snacks (although having a couple of teenage girls around always helps in that respect. This construction, the Industrial Office Tower, uses level at the same heights … Continue reading Industrial Office Tower

Fantasy Style House

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So I have not given up, I am pressing ahead making the stuff I want to use on a table. My next prototype is a fantasy style beamed house. I tried a few different ideas out with this one, some random brickwork on the ground floor, random tiles on the roof, and an unusual roof … Continue reading Fantasy Style House

Finished Ruins

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Using the drawing of the first house I created, I turned it into some ruins. These actually take quite a long time to amend, it may even be quicker to start from scratch, depending on how much of the original building is being retained. These look good, I have created four sections in total and … Continue reading Finished Ruins

Industrial Tower MK2

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The first version of my Industrial Tower was okay to look at, but was very difficult to put together. The MK2 is much easier to build and has way fewer pieces. It still needs some tweaking, in particular, the tread plate pattern looks great but takes ages to cut. I have made several alternative tread … Continue reading Industrial Tower MK2

MDF Frenzy

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To say that I have been busy creating lots of MDF designs would be an understatement. Lots to put together and so little time. Advertisements

Mk2 Two Doors

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I have added double doors to the ground floor of my multi-level building, looking pretty good! Advertisements

Cutting Action

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As I don’t have my own machine and I don’t cut stuff very often, it is still quite fun to see one in action. This video shows some prototype ruins I have been working on. Advertisements

MK2 Stairs

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The second version of the stairs is much better, they do not stick out as far and allows for a few models to be positioned at the entrance. I was not sure about the edging to the stair supporting wall. There were quite a few small pieces needed to trim the edge by the steps, … Continue reading MK2 Stairs

Bigger Buildings

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I liked the idea of a building that could have multiple floors with easy access to allow models to be positioned inside. So I created my own. This building can have as many floors as you want with each one being removable to allow models to be positioned inside. As a first go I think … Continue reading Bigger Buildings

Inking The MDF House

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I have inked my prototype MDF house. Although the final design needs a few tweaks, which have now been done, the prototype was still a usable model, I don’t like waste. It has basically been inked with reds and browns. The first floor is removable, hence the hole for sticking a finger into! I googled … Continue reading Inking The MDF House

Walls And Fences

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Walls are always good and I wanted a 40mm high wall to block line of sight for standard sized models. These sections can be used to make various shapes and there is a gateway section in progress. This next railings section was not as good and needs more design work to make is feasible. I … Continue reading Walls And Fences

Industrial Tower

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Apart from the mdf house I have designed, I am also working on a laser cut industrial complex for sci-fi games. My first piece is a tower using a Pringles container as the core. The idea is to have multiple pieces linking together with walkways and ramps. This first attempt looks okay when put together, … Continue reading Industrial Tower

MDF House

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Over the last couple of months, I have been trying my hand at some laser cut MDF things. I am getting better with the design software and have created my first house! A basic house is easy enough as it is basically a box, but that is not say that there are still some tweaks … Continue reading MDF House

One Down, Three To Go

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The first of the 24″ square boards is finished, plenty of dry brushing has completed it to a suitable standard.

I reckon when all four are done, I may have to touch areas up when they are all laid out together.

Finished Prototype Stairway

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The first of the port stairways is finished, plenty of dry brushing brought out the texture of the wallpaper and it looks quite good. Advertisements

Inking the Cobbles

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I have found some time to splash a bit of ink onto the first of the cobble boards. To give a bit of variation, I have used two different inks and tried to vary the level of cover across the area. Darker than I wanted, but some drybrushing should bring out the look I am … Continue reading Inking the Cobbles

Wallpapering The Stairs

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I decided for a different approach with covering the prototype port stairway, instead of folding paper over the side edges, I trimmer the paper to fit after it was glued. Only the steps had the paper folded over the edge. Will have to see how this looks. Advertisements

Building A Stairway To Heaven

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Well, maybe not quite heaven, just the 8cm up to the cobbled harbour level.
This is the first attempt, 1cm high steps with each step being 3cm wide, enough for most bases. It is now wallpapering time.
I have some plans for more stairways that are a bit…