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On The Seven Seas

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So, we tried out On The Seven Seas last night for the first time. It was disappointing. It is a game that I do not think we will be returning to. The basic concept of Greed versus Fear sounded quite good, the side with the higher Greed value goes first and if a crews Fear … Continue reading On The Seven Seas

Aberrant Hammerer

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A good friend at Aberrant Games very nicely let me have a few Rezolution CSO robot models for my Steam Wars Mechanica force. These are CSO Hammerer MIU (Mechanized Infantry Units) models which I will be using as medium support of the Mechanica infantry. I did a bit of trimming of one arm and attached … Continue reading Aberrant Hammerer

Cutlass Games

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Finally got to have a couple of pirate games, the first of which was with the Cutlass rules. My first outing was with a Royal Navy crew, mostly armed with muskets and bayonets, but the second game was with a motley crew of swashbuckling rum swilling pirates. A Royal Navy crew is all well and … Continue reading Cutlass Games

Clockwork Dragon Wings

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A few weeks ago, I started to put together my Reaper Bones Clockwork Dragon. I had to do some boiling water reshaping of the legs to get them all level, but I am getting quite good at that with plastic models. I was not happy with the position of the wings as they stuck straight … Continue reading Clockwork Dragon Wings

Saving ‘Buffy’ Blowhard

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“Mayday! Mayday! This is flight 5W4Nfzzzzttttkk en-route to Hereffffzzzzzkzzfffzzrodrome. We are experiencing difficzzzztties and must make a forzzzd landing. Our co-ordinates are fffffzzzzzzzkkkzzzzkkttzzzkkzzzt”

So the next VBCW Big Game (now under new management) is scheduled for April 1st, but it’s been ages since I played a game, and I’m a little rusty on the ‘Went the Day Well?’ rules. Luckily the chaps at the Hereford Wargames Club, many of whom will be attending the event, decided to have a practice game last night and kindly invited me along.

With an offensive in the offing, General ‘Buffy’ Blowhard, a senior BUF staff officer, is being flown through stormy skies en-route to brief the local Fascist forces when his pilot is obliged to make a forced landing somewhere behind Anglican League lines.

After destroying the plane (and any sensitive documents therein), Blowhard and the aircrew make their way to the nearby village of Much Dribbling. Here they intend to lie low until BUF and Blackshort forces can be mobilised to rescue them. However local Anglican League and Albertine garrisons have also been alerted by the crash, and they too are on their way to investigate.

And so battle is joined! BUF and Blackshort (me) forces hurriedly deploy piecemeal along one side of the table, whilst the rebels do so likewise opposite. I start off with my HQ and tank entering on the road to my right, the Metropolitan Blackshorts infantry section in the centre and the Sidcup Highlanders on the left.

The Metropolitan Blackshorts advance through a cornfield towards the village church – will the fugitives be hiding in there? The HQ section also advances, with the specialists splitting up to support the infantry sections. Signallers and anti-tank rifle team race forward to the church walls in order to get a view of the enemy.

Meanwhile the Sidcup Highlanders search the nearest house for General Blowhard and co. but discover nothing. It takes a turn to search each building and read the small blue piece of paper secreted therein. Meanwhile my BUF compatriots are also moving forward, as do our opposite numbers.

My tank spots a target – believe it or not Zulus?! No doubt rounded up by some zealous Anglican missionary, they are in the open. The tank opens fire and, while dealing little damage, causes the brave, if misguided, warriors to waver.

More scattered reinforcements make their way onto the field. The Ladies’ Fascisti cycle into the fray on my left, just in time to see their battle-hardened Highlander comrades throw themselves to the ground, startled by a backfiring car!

Both sides are now inching closer to each other. The Metropolitan Blackshorts clamber over the church wall and begin to investigate the hallowed building. Along the road opposite, the enemy is struggling to get over the hedges but are nearing some ruined houses.

Suddenly a group of men break cover! As the rebels approach the ruins, General Blowhard and the aircrew race from their hiding place. They quickly cross the road towards the church and the protection of the Blackshorts.

Both sides are starting to get to grips with each other. As Blowhard makes his way through the Blackshorts and back to BUF territory, the forces of order begin to exchange fire with the rebels. On my right, the tank is poised to unleash more terror upon them, but a well-placed shot from an anti-tank rifle disables it’s gun.

My signallers can now see the enemy and are directing mortar fire onto them. They are joined by the largely redundant Blackshort anti-tank rifle team, who are quickly wiped out by enemy HMG fire. On both flanks my BUF allies are pressing forward.

The Metropolitan Blackshorts occupy the church and begin to fire at the enemy, now taking cover in the recently vacated ruins opposite. The BUF artillery truck opens fire on these rebels, but the shot goes astray and lands perilously close to the church.

On the left flank the rebels occupy more ruins and a firefight erupts between them and the BUF, who are soon joined by the Sidcup Highlanders, whilst the Ladies’ Fascisti take up positions in reserve. Among the enemy ranks, cricketers make good use of their bowling arms by lobbing grenades instead of googlies.

The shooting is intense and both sides take casualties, but eventually one section of rebel militia can take no more and makes a run for it, muttering something about a lost scarf. However the triumph is short-lived as rebel armoured cars suddenly appear on each flank. Meanwhile Blowhard and co. are withdrawing through the cornfield behind the church as fast as they can.

By now the Marches Blackshort infantry section has arrived. They make a beeline for the church walls, where the spotting team and runners are holding the line and suffering for it. The rebels cannot hope to catch General Blowhard, so all the Blackshorts and BUF have to do is hold them up long enough for him to make his escape.

On the right flank the BUF exchange fire with the rebels. Again the fighting is deadly to both sides but it does the job of holding up the enemy. By now the hour is late and it is clear that Blowhard and co. will make it off the table safely. The BUF battle plan for the coming offensive is secure…

A fun, and well overdue, VBCW battle! The forces of order took the lion’s share of casualties but managed to rescue the General from rebel clutches. In reality the purpose of the game was to reacquaint ourselves with the rules, and for that it served it’s purpose well. Lots of laughs all round – great stuff!

I Got Lucky

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The weather on Saturday was fine undercoating weather. I also had to chop down some trees and get rid of the waste, but in between hacking sessions, I was able to apply spray paint to plenty of robot infantry and get started on the mdf Aeroneff landing…

If I’m Lucky…

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The weather seems to have picked up and I may just get a chance to undercoat models this weekend. Today my car was telling me it was 16 degrees Celsius. Considering how cold it has been recently, that is positively tropical. I have been busy making sure everything is ready for an undercoating marathon, figures, … Continue reading If I’m Lucky…

Panzer Mech Kickstarter

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I had been doing a good job of keeping away from Kickstarters until a friend sent me a link this morning for one ending in a few hours… This is a West Wind Kickstarter for some great Weird War II Mechs and I can’t resist a good Mech, or three. I like the West Wind … Continue reading Panzer Mech Kickstarter

What About The Weather?

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I don’t like undercoating models when it is cold or raining, the moisture in the air can sometimes react with the spray paint and make the surface very rough. I had this experience once with a very nice resin vehicle and really never want to repeat it. So here I am with a growing pile … Continue reading What About The Weather?

Reaper Clockwork Dragon

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One of the models I picked up on my visit to the USA last year was a Reaper Bones Clockwork Dragon. I had spotted online that a few people had added extra cogs which looked rather cool. So not wanting to let a good idea go uncopied, I decided to unashamedly rip it off. The … Continue reading Reaper Clockwork Dragon

Heavy Weapon Conversion

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I received this Titan Forge Metal Beards bolt thrower as part of a Kickstarter ages ago. It was part of their huge Dwarf army range that included the Ancestral Zeppelins that I painted up for my Prussian Scrunts. I decided I did not want to use it in a fantasy army so thought a steampunk … Continue reading Heavy Weapon Conversion

Objectives And Stuff

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I wanted more objectives for my Steam Wars games but these things will also work for Rogue Stars and any other sci-fi game as well. The first lot were actually sold as custom sci-fi bases, but I thought they were so good that they would work as markers in their own right. The last two … Continue reading Objectives And Stuff

Mechanica Gun Drones

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Another purchase for the Steampunk Mechanica army were some Privateer Press gun robots. These are for one of the newer funny named factions I can never remember, but there are some nice models in the range that I can be tempted with. I think there are meant to be some clear plastic flying supports in … Continue reading Mechanica Gun Drones

Treasure Chests And Stuff

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Hardly worth getting excited over, but while painting some figures recently, I finished some more treasure chests for a soon to be played game of Cutlass. There can never be enough treasure!

Even less exciting are some mdf crates that came with some T…

Rogue Stars Hulk

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Using my really old Space Hulk corridors, we set up a game of Rogue Stars Hulk to explore with a couple of plucky bands of adventurers. As one might expect, in the act of exploring rooms, we uncovered more than a few hostile Genestealers. The old Space Hulk floorplans have not been out of their … Continue reading Rogue Stars Hulk

Dust Axis Lara

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From what I read around the internet, Lara is the best of the Dust Axis characters available and it is pretty easy to see why. Plenty of wound soakage and even more machine guns to add to a unit of Panzers. She is also the only type 3 armoured human available for the Axis, Markus … Continue reading Dust Axis Lara

Dust Axis Faceless Death

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My second unit of Dust Axis heavy infantry are these Faceless Death armed with their heavy lasers.

These should be good at taking down heavy targets, at least I hope they are, the other painted heavy unit is armed with machine guns for taking care of …

Dust Axis Panzers

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The first of my Dust Axis heavy infantry are finished, The Panzers. I have played against this unit plenty of times and know all too well how tough they are. I like the way these models have great big double machine guns and…a knife. They are in the usual boring Axis grey with a few … Continue reading Dust Axis Panzers

Mole Markers

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So far I have used bits of paper to mark where a tunneling model may be in games of Steam Wars. I wanted to make something a bit more interesting so made some sign posts using bits of sprue and plastic card.

King Buggy Weapons

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The nose guns for my two King Buggy conversions have been glued in place and reinforced with some extra plastic. I am going to fit some magnets in the wings to allow various weapons to be slung underneath. I will have to do some trimming on the missile racks as they are a bit long … Continue reading King Buggy Weapons

King Buggy Cockpit

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Over the weekend, I concentrated on making some headway with the cockpit for the Mechanica King Buggy aircraft, which will need a better name… With no real plan, I just added bits of plastic until I looked finished. Using Lego as the cockpit base was definitely the way to go, nice right angles and ready … Continue reading King Buggy Cockpit