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Ramshackle Games New post apoc 20mm bikers

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I admit a liking for 20mm stuff, especially the idea of post apocolypse stuff. I could get well into the scale and genre big time, even so it could be tricky, given the limited options available. After spotting this over on frothers, I had to show you lot. Which is why this new release from […]

Latest Game night

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Started a simple three-game linked scenario on Tues eves. We’re using old Cybertronic and Urban War Colonial Marines for the Terran Defense Force, and metal Eldar as off-world mercenary guilds. Both must fend off a generic Xenos invasion. (courtesy of some old metal Nids) It was too dark for in-game shots but here are some … Continue reading

Adepticon Titanicus

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One of the events I watched at Adepticon 2015 was called Adepticon Titanicus. A game with titans fighting titans on a massive scale, it was truly a sight to behold so I hastily shot some video and put this together.

Yan Lo vs Rasputina: 50SS – Two Games

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There’s a tournament coming up in Dublin in a few weeks. It’s fixed Master at 50SS. I’ve decided to take Yan Lo along. He’s great…

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15mm Space Orcs: More and more…

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Well, I’ll start by wishing all those reading, a happy easter, hope you enjoy your choccy eggs! I thought I would start todays blog updates with some extra shots of my 15mm space orc army. If you saw the last post, that just detailed what I had finished thus far. This time, I want to […]

Some pictures and plans

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So my dice luck has changed. Or is has it changed hands? Not only has a new player joined us, but I’ve won the last couple game sessions. Here are some photos from last night’s game set-up. It was a basic scenario: gang meet interrupted by two bounty hunter/vigilante crews. So now that we seem … Continue reading

Y un día, me compré Zombies// And one day I bought Zombies

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Ya el año pasado había empezado a vislumbrar la posibilidad de empezar algún juego de Zombies cuando compré el manual de No more room in Hell  de Iron Ivan Games y me imprimí el manual de survival zombie, el juego argento.
Last year I had already begun to glimpse the possibility of starting a game of Zombies when I bought the manual No more room in Hell of Iron Ivan Games and I have also printed the manual of survival zombie, an argentinian cooperative game made by players and based on Mordheim.

Bueno, resulta que en estos últimos meses me conseguí zombies y sobrevivientes, con lo que estoy por empezar a tener por fin las minis para jugarlo con tranquilidad. Voy a ver si consigo convencerlos a los pibes para jugar. Lo interesante es que puedo jugar bien con la esceno que tenemos inicialmente de infinity. Lo lindo de ambos juegos es que los zombies juegan solos con lo que puede llegar a darse juegos en solitario o jugar en cooperativo.

Well, turns out I got zombies and survivors in the recent months, with this  I’m about to finally start to have the miniatures to play it. I’ll see if I can convince my friends to play. The interesting thing is that I can play well with the scenery we already have for infinity. The beauty of both games is that the zombies play alone so you I can play solo games or play cooperative with friends.

Lo mejor es que de zombies no me gusta casi nada, me parece una temática super explotada y en general mal. Hay cosas que rescato entre tanta basura, Dead Set, me gustó, Zombieland me encantó y la peli creo que se llamaba epidemia (28 dias después se llama), del loco que se levantaba de coma y londres estaba arrasada. El resto son todas basuras, The Walking Dead, no me atrapó. Con lo que no soy un fan de los Zombies Locos ni mucho menos pero me interesan los juegos cooperativos.

And the best thing is that I do not like that much the zomby-craziness, I think it’s a super exploited theme and generally badly exploited. There are things I rescued from so much trash, Dead Set, I liked it, I loved Zombieland and I rescue a movie that I think it was called Epidemia (wrong, its called 28 days later), some of an epidemic of crazy people and a guy comming from a comma in a devastated London. The rest are all rubbish, The Walking Dead as an example, I dont like it at all. Thus I am not a fan of Zombies far but I’m interested in cooperative games.


Tu comentario es siempre bienvenido…

Adepticon 2015 Photos

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Having made another successful trip out to Adepticon this year with my Brother, as usual, I took pictures of all of the things I thought were neat.  They are of course, in no particular order and are all things I walked past and went…whoa, that’s neat!

15mm Space Orc Army: the mob so far…

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Well, I thought I might a well share my progress on my 15mm space orc mob thats finished so far. I still need to get lots more done yet, more mobs of boys including my own lot (from CP models) as well as some GZG ones, more Ogryns, squigs, dreds and vehicles. They’ve ended up […]

WTC 2015 – Accommodation (Video)

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// I made another video for the WTC – this time covering the excellent accommodation players can expect at the Killarney Convention Centre. Until next…

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The Second Battle of Titley Junction – Herefordshire Big Game, March 2015

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The Royalists are on the offensive and the Welsh are digging in as Fascists and Anglicans clash over a vital bridge – yes, it’s time for the next Herefordshire Big Game!

‘The Hill’

Only two tables this time, but with some spectacular scenery, including Roo’s amazing hill, and some brand-new river sections. The table I gamed on (and thus dominates most of this AAR) represented the hill dominating the nearby railway junction at Titley – vital if the rebels were to gain control of the rail line.

Bredwardine Bridge

The other table represented Bredwardine Bridge – one of the few road crossings over the River Wye. Whoever held this crossing would cut off or liberate the Royalist enclave sandwiched between nationalist Wales and the rebel Golden Valley Protectorate.

The other side of the hill

In order to represent the shortages that must have been affecting all sides by now, each player picked an event card before the game started. Some cards inflicted a lack of vehicle fuel or larger calibre ammunition, while in balance others provided a ‘top up’ option.

The King’s Colonials

The Titley table was a continuation of the last big game, which saw the Welsh pushing the Royalists off a portion of the hill, dubbed Big Round Top, while the loyal King’s Colonials held on to Little Round Top. Therefore a platoon of Welsh and Colonials started off on the hill, separated by the road bridge over the railway.

Royalists along the river

Coming up to reinforce the Welsh was an Anglican League platoon, including sections of Chinese missionaries (left stranded in the UK whilst undergoing theological training when war broke out). Coming up to support the colonials were two Royalist platoons, including my reinforced Herefordshire TA.

My Territorials deploying

Eschewing the unreliable militia, this time I opted to field three TA infantry units, one of which was a cyclist section, and a section of mounted Yeomanry. Backing up this force was a Vickers Medium MkII tank, a sniper, Boys anti-tank rifle team and a mortar, complete with motorised armoured spotting vehicle.

Welsh defenders

The Royalist plan was for the Colonials to hold the attention of the Welsh with their artillery, whilst the newcomers would attempt to get around the hill and cut them off before the Anglicans got into gear. To their credit, the Welsh immediately confounded this by making the first aggressive move and taking the fight to the Colonials, advancing an armoured car along the bridge, followed by a section of Welsh infantry.

Welsh A/C advances

They also slowed my advance along the left flank, sending down an armoured car and a team of Morris Dancing tank killers and giving my tank commander pause for thought. Further up the hill the Welsh infantry and an HMG team lay in wait, stubbornly refusing to be rattled by my inaccurate mortar fire that was bursting harmlessly around them.

Morris Dancing tank killers

I was at least keeping them busy while the Colonials dealt with the armoured car menacing them with a well-aimed artillery round. My Territorials also kept the Welsh now lining the bridge occupied. Under enemy fire I had brought up my cyclists and cavalry along the railway line through the centre with an eye to moving under the bridge and appearing at the defender’s rear.

Colonials work their way around the Welsh

However the Anglican reinforcements were getting closer more quickly than anticipated and, while the other Royalist platoon was still crossing the river to deal with them, the Colonials advancing around Big Round Top seemed to have the matter in hand.

Territorial Cyclists and Yeomanry

Therefore my cyclists dismounted to return fire from the Welsh on the bridge and cover the Yeomanry as they pulled back.

My slow advance along the flank

With my tank, mortar and sniper resolutely failing to soften up the Welsh defenders on the left, my veteran infantry section paid a high price for a probing action at the base of the hill, being whittled down to just two men before even getting the chance to shoot back.

Reinforcements square off

I knew I had to abandon any idea of splitting my platoon for fancy flanking actions and concentrate on these defenders, using weight of numbers if necessary. Meanwhile the Anglican reinforcements were grappling with their Royalist counterparts.

Massing for the attack

Therefore the cyclists and cavalry mounted up and retired along the road to join the rest of the platoon, who had at least managed to punish the Morris Dancers for their gaiety, leaving the road clear for the Vickers to roll forward as the Welsh armoured car hastily reversed back up the hill.

Chinese and Welsh under mortar fire

My mortar still failed to damage the dug-in Welsh defenders, but was at least overshooting enough to land shells into the ranks of the Anglican Chinese who had arrived to shore up the defences.

King’s Colonials cross the bridge

With my TA slowly advancing on the left, the Colonials over and under the bridge on the right and the other Royalists making their presence felt along the river, not even the arrival of the Anglicans on the hill could save the position and it was only a matter of time before the Royalists would triumph.

The rebels pull back

The rebels thus decided to retire in good order to Welsh-held Kington while they were still in reasonably good shape. Titley junction was once again safe in Royalist hands.

Vickers and spotter vehicle

Being engrossed in the battle for the hill, I missed most of the action at Bredwardine, but it appeared that the first half of the battle saw both sides jockeying for position. The BUF, supported by the Malvern Hills Conservators (on a rare field trip away from the Malverns) reached the all-important bridge first, and parked their tank on it to make the point.

BUF at Bredwardine

While a platoon of Royalist ladies squared up to Sir Gilbert’s men, the Anglicans attempted to dislodge the BUF with a pincer movement, at one point ramming the MHC’s ‘tricycle of death’. However at the end of the game the BUF (with the aid of a strange mobile pillbox) held on to the bridge and could claim a narrow victory, although this remains open to debate.

Fighting at Bredwardine

So the rebels have been unable to consolidate and move on to capture Titley Junction, while the Royalists bordering the Black Mountains have been given a temporary lifeline for as long as the BUF can hold Bredwardine Bridge. Will the other border parishes swing to the Royalist cause? Has the Anglican’s dream of opening a supply route by rail been dashed? Will the forces of the King be able to maintain momentum? Well, that’s for the next Big Game!

Mobile pillbox!

My platoon didn’t actually advance very far, with the exception of some to-ing and fro-ing in the centre, and most of the time didn’t actually manage to hit anything, but it was still another cracking day’s gaming! The players were gents all round, and much fun was had!

As usual, here is a list of links to the other players’ AARs, which I will update as they come in.

Royalist mobile guns

The thread on the VBCF.
Giles’ accounts – part 1, part 2

Some photos from the end of the game:-

Wars and Battles: Review

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A quick survey of WARS AND BATTLES for the Ipad Continue reading

Cold Wars 2015, the very chilly Cold Wars AAR

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The Author recounts his activities and pursuits at the COLD WARS 2015 convention, held by HMGS Inc. in Lancaster, PA. Continue reading

WTC 2015 – Venue (Video)

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// So, I made a little video to show off the venue for the 2015 World Team Championships of Warmachine and Hordes… Until next time,…

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’38Fest 2015: The Spectred Isle

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For the last year or two, attempts have been made to put on a big VBCW community event, either by holding a series of linked Big Games across the country, or by having a massive get-together at a single venue. Sadly neither have managed to quite work.T…

Lucius and his Lackeys

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 Peter and I played a 50ss game last night and while it was good fun for me, I think Peter felt severely hampered by…

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Ulfberht Sword

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Possibly one of the first examples of copyright, and consequentially copyright violation, the Ulfberht was a much sought after item in the Dark Ages. These…

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Sharpen the Sickle! Scarecrows in the Malverns

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Deep in the heart of Malvern Hills along the Herefordshire/Worcestershire border lies Witches Wood. An area of ill-repute, ancient stones and treacherous undergrowth, Witches Wood is shunned by the superstitious locals who say it is the haunt of ghosts, devils and more recently, the abode of King Twiggy and his legion of living scarecrows.

The militia of the Malvern Hills Conservators have learned that a consignment of arms, bound for the Royalists in Hereford, has gone missing in the area, and rumour has it that it is being stored in Witches Wood by persons unknown. Being a practical bunch, the MHC have been asked to retrieve the crates, ghosts be damned!

Missing weapons cache

For the first time in ages I was able to invite Giles over for a skirmish game using the Brink of Battle rules – once again with a 500 points force apiece. For a change I decided to field a ‘horde’ of Twiggy Mommet rural protesters, who, fed up with the civil war raging through the countryside, have captured the aforementioned arms cache.

My horde of protesters

Fielding a horde gives you larger numbers of low-quality troops, which is useful when casualties start to mount up and rout checks need to be taken, but they are less handy in combat. Plus you need enough action tokens to make full use of them all. With this in mind I gave their commander almost legendary stats, and the ‘Master Tactician’ trait, which gave me extra action tokens each round, alongside the mandatory ‘Commander’ trait. I could thus activate almost all of the models without having figures standing idle. He had obviously been rummaging through the arms cache as he had an SMG and extra ammo in case of those pesky weapon jams.

I also had a veteran with decent stats and the ‘Commander’ trait, allowing me some flexibility in command and giving me a backup leader should the commander get wounded. The rest of the horde had lower level stats and were armed with a mix of rifles, shotguns and improvised weapons. Being dressed as spooky scarecrows, I gave each figure the ‘Savage Aspect’ trait, which gave them a much-needed advantage when charging into close combat (something the scythe wielding protesters would have to do to avoid being shot up).

Witches Wood and environs

My daughter helped me to dress the table to represent the edge of Witches Wood (designated ‘area terrain’ and thus providing concealment but also difficult terrain). Her assistance did come at a cost, for, lacking any livestock models, she insisted I rectify this with some of her toy rabbits – giant bunnies obviously being a speciality of Malvern Hills farmers!

‘Cattle’ enclosure

And so the game began, with Giles’ usual team of MHC militia – well armed, well trained but at a numerical disadvantage – splitting up into three teams and bravely advancing into Witches Wood.

MHC militia advance…

My scarecrow horde also split into three, with the commander and chums making straight for the crates while the others advanced on the flanks. The going was slow due to the undergrowth, but both sides benefited from the concealment this offered.

…as do the scarecrows

Both sides exchanged fire. A scarecrow was wounded on my left flank, causing his mate to fail a panic test. After seeing his pal fall, he turned tail and fled. However the situation was quickly redressed, with MHC militiamen also succumbing to blasts from the scarecrow’s shotguns both on the flanks and in the centre.

Fighting on the flank – note the use of old pennies as action tokens!

With the woodland reducing visibility, the MHC were unable to make use of their longer range rifles and with smaller numbers, they soon hit the 25% casualties required to force a rout check. Alas the dice weren’t in Giles’ favour and the roll failed, causing the MHC to withdraw rather than take any more casualties in the close confines of Witches Wood.

One more victim for the scarecrows!

Plenty of time then for another game! We left the table pretty much the same as before (giant rabbits and all) but this time opened up the wood a little bit with an elevated clearing in the middle. We also changed the axis of advance from the wide edges of the table to moving along the length.

Same table, but with a more open wood

This time we both elected to split our forces in two – one team making for the wood while the other took to the open flank. My commander and those scarecrows with firearms headed for the hill on this flank, while those armed only with improvised weapons, supported by the second in command, sought the cover of the wood.

Mayhem on the flank

As the flanking party reached the hill they received fire from the MHC, similarly advancing along the flank and taking cover in some rough ground beyond the rabbit cattle enclosure. Although one scarecrow was downed, the others held their nerve, returning fire from their vantage point on the hill and bagging two of the three MHC militiamen.

Scarecrows begin their flanking move

While the other MHC chap withdrew, this team descended the hill and into the woodland to outflank the MHC there, who with numbers once again beginning to count against them, lay in wait for the other scarecrows to emerge into the clearing.

Scarecrows come under fire

Despite the cover afforded by the undergrowth, these scarecrows had to reveal themselves sometime, and with the field a little more open, were soon succumbing to MHC rifle fire. A series of poor panic tests saw some scarecrows fleeing from their fallen comrades, leaving only a small number to grapple with the MHC.

Flanking manoeuvre fails thanks to some long-range shooting

With the advance in the wood contained, the MHC were free to turn their fire onto the flanking party, who duly took casualties, including the scarecrow commander, felled by a long-range shot from the remaining MHC militiaman who had withdrawn from the flank earlier and was skulking behind the ‘cattle’ enclosure. The commander’s loss was keenly felt, as his high CMD (command) rating was of great advantage during rout tests and the like. His surviving companion wobbled before bravely continuing to advance, but was soon dispatched by MHC fire.

Casualties mount and scarecrows flee

In the clearing the remaining scarecrows struggled to get within pitchfork-thrusting distance of the MHC firing line, but eventually close combat was achieved. Initially the scary-looking but poorly trained and poorly armed scarecrows had the better of it, but they were no match for the MHC with their rifles and bayonets.

Close combat

By now both sides had taken over 25% casualties but this time it was I who failed – my poor dice roll compounded by the large modifier Giles was able to add to his opposing roll due to the number of wounded in the scarecrow ranks. The scarecrows threw in the towel and withdrew, with honours even after two great games!

Big Dog Support for MOUT Force

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So I am not posting pix of the previous two game nights because my D10s are traitorous little plastic polyhedrals. It’s as if they instinctively know to roll the exact opposite of whatever target number I need in a particular situation. *5 or less? How’s three 10s hit ya? Muwahahahahahha* Bastards have left my forces … Continue reading

Painting WIP: Two headed Troll Sculpt

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So, I’m getting through loads of stuff paintwise, that needs doing, and this has been put off for ages. This is of course, my own two headed troll sculpt thats been waiting for a long time. You’ll have to excuse the shadow on many of these pics due to the lack of natural light and […]

Draxxon Army: Draxxon Power Armor

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I’ve added another addition to my own draxx army, this time its a repurposed Zoids mini-diorama model done in matching colours to my draxx forces. This model I got for a song off ebay quite a while ago. It’s not one of the expensive model kits, nor the old ones from yesteryear, this one is […]

The Next Big Game – Briefings

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With the next Herefordshire VBCW Big Game coming next month, I thought it might be interesting to show you the initial briefing that I send to prospective players.

Hi gents,

Regarding the next VBCW big game – Saturday 14th March 2015 – the usual stuff first…

Cost – TBC (approx. £10-15 per head depending on catering costs) – Includes hall hire and catering (see below)

Venue – Burley Gate Village Hall –

Start/finish time – Start approx 10am, finish no later than 6pm (usually way before then)

Food – Catering will be provided. Depending on how things go you will may asked to choose 2 items from the menu in a future email. Please let me know if you have any dietary requirements.

Rules – ‘Went The Day Well?’ platoon level rules – Don’t worry if you haven’t played these rules before as there will be plenty of players willing to show you the ropes. I will also send a quick reference sheet on request.

Force composition – Please use the attached Platoon Generator guide to build your platoon. Please speak up if you do not have any/enough figures as collectively we should have enough to help you out. We’re pretty flexible with the guide, so please let me know if you have any issues.

Terrain – We should have enough terrain, and will hopefully be dressing the tables the night before (please refrain from adding bits without our say-so). You are however welcome to bring bits along as I’m sure we’ll need extra stuff on the day.

Players – Here’s a list of players who have definitely confirmed attendance, their faction and the battlefield I’ve pencilled you in on. Please let me know if you have any issues, or if I’ve missed anyone out.


(Snipped for privacy)
Please get together, nominate an overall commander for each faction, and by all means discuss your battle plans. Faction briefings will be emailed soon.

Please also let me know if you’d rather be known by your real name as opposed to your forum username, and vice-versa.

Curry! Please let me know if you’re up for the post-game curry (usually ordered for 7pm) at Giles’ house down the road. If you want to stay for the curry, here’s a link for the menu – please let me know if you’re staying, and your menu choice ASAP.

And now, the story so far…


An alliance of Anglican League, Welsh Nationalist and Socialist forces has pushed across the Welsh border to capture the important railway junction at Eardisley, and occupy a strong position to take the strategic Titley Junction – all part of their grand plan to take control of the Hay-Presteigne line and link it up to the Golden Valley Railway, much of which lies under the control of Sir Gilbert. For his part Sir Gilbert has attempted to chasten rival landowners in neighbouring Longtown for daring to oppose his expansionist plans.


However, far from putting the local government forces on the back foot, this advance has galvanised them into action: sending squads of loyal men to secure any neutral parishes along the westbound railway routes from Hereford and Leominster. Those border parishes that were under the sway of the Landowners’ Protection Association have also taken action; realising that banding together for mutual protection is not enough, the local gentry from Longtown to Clifford have declared their estates for the government and the King.


As the forces loyal to the King gather momentum, the anti-government coalition must now brace themselves for the inevitable counterattack. However in addition to weathering the storm there is still scope for an offensive – if the rebels can take the Royalist parish of Dorstone and the river crossing at Bredwardine they will not only cut off the newly declared Royalist border region, but also complete their mastery of the Golden Valley Railway.


The Royalists and BUF remain strong, with reinforcements and supplies coming in from government depots outside the county. The BUF still has scores to settle while the Royalists are also keen to get back on top, buoyed by growing local support from those fearful of a belligerent Wales.


On the other hand the Anglican League has yet to carve out a stable supply route and relies on an increasingly expansionist Nationalist Wales. Their uneasy bedfellows the Socialists at least now have their foot in the door, awarded somewhat begrudgingly by their allies, but will not be content with languishing in an isolated spot in the back of beyond. Sir Gilbert now has Royalists in his back yard and Socialists peering over the fence, but securing Dorstone, the final piece in his jigsaw, will solve all his problems.


Thus the scene is set for more battles along the border…


Looking forward to a good day’s gaming!

There you have it!
At the time of writing there are still some spare places, so if you fancy a trip to the ‘shire then please let me know :-)

Laois Masters

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I mentioned last week that I am attending a tournament at the end of the year called the Laois Masters. This will be its third year to be run. I can’t guess what effect ninth edition will have on the format but the current composition rules are interes…

Troll Tribe: Old School Grenadier War Troll.

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I’ve been turning my hand back to painting up stuff from my lead pile of late, and thought it was about time to start up another unit. Since this old Fantasy Warriors Troll was already undercoated and pre prepared, I thought I might as well get around to it. My trolls are a mixed bunch, […]

The Star Wars-Games Workshop Mashup? Is there any truth to the rumour?

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If you haven’t been living in a cave on Dagobah for the last year or so, you’ll know that Disney/Lucasfilm movie machine is now kicked into gear. The Force Awakens (also known as Episode VII) is set for a 15th of December 2015 release at the cinemas. Great news for Star Wars fans, eager to […]