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More Navy Marines

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These final four should finish off all the British Navy Marines I need for a crew. I need to do some more able seamen at some stage, dressed in Navy White rather than pirate looking chaps, will have to google some appropriate colour schemes. Advertisements

Meridian Gunbots

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Finished my Meridian Miniatures Gunbots, decided on green, simple really. There is another Steam Wars game coming up so I will have to profile these little chaps up for the British army. I suspect they will be having a small confrontation with the Martians…allegedly. Advertisements

New Arrivals [Tabletop Wargames/Other Boardgames]

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So quite a few random pre-orders and Kickstarters arrived recently, and I figured I’d show and talk about the things I’ve received lately!First up was the new issue of CounterFact magazine, a great magazine covering military history and wargames. I hav…

First Gaslands Game

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Last night was my first attempt at Gaslands, yet another Osprey rulebook in their ever expanding range. The initial impression is good, once you get over the number of counters and dice required to record a vehicles Gear, Damage and Hazard status, it plays quite quickly. The start is pretty chaotic with all the vehicles … Continue reading First Gaslands Game

Whats On The Table?

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Before I allow myself the time to put together any of the new West Wind models received this week, I must clear some of the painting back log. There are four extra British Navy Marines from Black Scorpion, these should give me enough to make two full squads and plenty to crew the British Navy … Continue reading Whats On The Table?

Military Miniatures (Pathe 1966)

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This is a great video from the tail end of the era of the newsreel. And it’s as old as I am!

Inking The MDF House

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I have inked my prototype MDF house. Although the final design needs a few tweaks, which have now been done, the prototype was still a usable model, I don’t like waste. It has basically been inked with reds and browns. The first floor is removable, hence the hole for sticking a finger into! I googled … Continue reading Inking The MDF House

Dust Laser Grenadiers

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I have started moving away from the standard German Grey for my Dust infantry, it was a bit dull. For these Laser Grenadiers (I prefer the original name to the newer Death Masks) I have gone with a Olive base coat and then added camouflage splodges. These guys have quite short range weapons so have … Continue reading Dust Laser Grenadiers

Armed Zombies

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Can anything be more terrifying? Zombies with guns! The camouflage did not turn out too bad on these, just a Field Drab base coat with some green and browns for the detail. In their first game, these terrors performed very well. Advertisements

Whats On The Table?

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I have been speed painting some Axis units for the next game of Dust Battlefield. An entire Zombie platoon seemed like a good idea. I already have plenty of standard zombies, so adding some zombies with guns seemed like an insane thing to do, zombies with guns? The first batch are The Cursed with plenty … Continue reading Whats On The Table?

One Down, Three To Go

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The first of the 24″ square boards is finished, plenty of dry brushing has completed it to a suitable standard.

I reckon when all four are done, I may have to touch areas up when they are all laid out together.

New Terrain and ZP pictures

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Coming off the holiday break, last night’s game session was more shooting the breeze than miniature foes. Everyone was more intent on hanging out and chatting than getting serious about a game. That said we did a quick brawl that let me put two new terrain pieces on the table: a ruined apartment building and … Continue reading “New Terrain and ZP pictures”

Finished Prototype Stairway

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The first of the port stairways is finished, plenty of dry brushing brought out the texture of the wallpaper and it looks quite good. Advertisements

Inking the Cobbles

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I have found some time to splash a bit of ink onto the first of the cobble boards. To give a bit of variation, I have used two different inks and tried to vary the level of cover across the area. Darker than I wanted, but some drybrushing should bring out the look I am … Continue reading Inking the Cobbles

Wallpapering The Stairs

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I decided for a different approach with covering the prototype port stairway, instead of folding paper over the side edges, I trimmer the paper to fit after it was glued. Only the steps had the paper folded over the edge. Will have to see how this looks. Advertisements

Games that stick.

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I’ve been thinking about games that have durability, replay-ability, longevity. As anyone familiar with hobbyists and the hobby industry knows, “Shiny” comes and goes. Indeed the hobby industry is built on ‘shiny’ and every gamer worth his salt has a lead/plastic pile that bears mute witness to the fickle siren song of new figs, a … Continue reading “Games that stick.”

Building A Stairway To Heaven

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Well, maybe not quite heaven, just the 8cm up to the cobbled harbour level.
This is the first attempt, 1cm high steps with each step being 3cm wide, enough for most bases. It is now wallpapering time.
I have some plans for more stairways that are a bit…

Dust Zombies

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Things have been a bit slow here for the last few weeks due to some real life stuff going on. It has also been damn cold, so no chance to do any undercoating outside. So the only painting in progress has been some Dust Zombies so I can finally get my Axis on the table. … Continue reading Dust Zombies

Black Mamba

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This Black Mamba Allied Dust aircraft was shown in an online magazine some time ago but apparently will not be out for quite some time. Shame really, as it is a great looking plane and this is about the only model left that I would buy from the Dust range, mainly because I have loads … Continue reading Black Mamba

Random Terrain

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One can never have enough terrain. Advertisements

Random Miniatures

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These two came out of a bits box at a recent show. I thought they would be useful in Rogue Stars and Scrappers. No idea who made them, but they are okay and only got very quick paint jobs. Advertisements

Landing Engine Nozzles

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I needed four more rocket nozzles for the transporter landing engines. As I have not been painting much recently, mainly due to building this monster, I have not been accruing very many of the Vallejo/Army Painter paint lids. So instead I have made four larger nozzles from white wood glue containers. Note sure if I … Continue reading Landing Engine Nozzles


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Another cool model from CP Miniatures is this large bruiser type thug, another useful model for Rogue Stars and Scrappers. Advertisements

Port Boards

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The 24″ square foam boards are coming along and are nearly ready for painting. I did not like the first attempt at putting balsa along the waterline , so I removed it and put it along the top edge instead. Much better. The finished edge looks okay. I now need loads of gray and wood … Continue reading Port Boards

He Is Blue

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This is a nice figures from CP Miniatures with a rather impressive gun that can be pretty well profiled up as just about anything. I decided on blue skin as I really don’t have many models that have blue skin. I must try orange or purple sometime. Advertisements