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Finished Ruins

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Using the drawing of the first house I created, I turned it into some ruins. These actually take quite a long time to amend, it may even be quicker to start from scratch, depending on how much of the original building is being retained. These look good, I have created four sections in total and … Continue reading Finished Ruins

Salute 2018

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Yesterday was Salute at the Excel in London, the biggest UK wargames show of the year. Once again we headed down, this year there really was not much I was intending to buy. But then again I always say that… As it is the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War, there were … Continue reading Salute 2018


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Other Pat is currently running a one-of DnD dungeon crawl for our weekly game night, so the next couple weeks won’t feature many table top photo ops. In the meantime, I managed to get some color on the first of the ZONA ALFA demo figs. A Military crew with a Guide, a Medic, and a … Continue reading “ZONA ALFA Crew”

Industrial Tower MK2

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The first version of my Industrial Tower was okay to look at, but was very difficult to put together. The MK2 is much easier to build and has way fewer pieces. It still needs some tweaking, in particular, the tread plate pattern looks great but takes ages to cut. I have made several alternative tread … Continue reading Industrial Tower MK2

MDF Frenzy

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To say that I have been busy creating lots of MDF designs would be an understatement. Lots to put together and so little time. Advertisements

Mk2 Two Doors

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I have added double doors to the ground floor of my multi-level building, looking pretty good! Advertisements

More Beef

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I have had these two Ogryns knocking around for far too long waiting for some paint. Now they are finished, I can field two units of three beefy Ogryns in my Steam Wars Prussian army. They may even get used in a 40K Inquisition force… Advertisements

Wargame Exclusive Character

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The range of models from Wargame Exclusive is superbly detailed and given that they are on the other side of Europe, postage costs have been okay so far. I wanted an alternative model to lead my Grey Knights and this chap fits the role. There are more models I fancy getting my hands on, but … Continue reading Wargame Exclusive Character

Pix from last night’s game in the new war room.

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A NEW WAR ROOM Moving the hobby game room down into the basement took a while, what with preliminary clean up and then physical transfer of well, everything. But it is more or less complete. I’m pressed for time today but here are photos of last night’s Zona Alfa game in the new digs. Here’s … Continue reading “Pix from last night’s game in the new war room.”


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We had another bash at Gaslands last week with some of my newly designed a laser cut Gates. These are defiantly a better design than my first two attempts and they are much easier to put together. I tried out an unarmed Performance Car for the first time to see if its speed would help … Continue reading Gaslands

Sky Hussars

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I did actually finish these off last weekend during the snowy weekend but I have only just had chance to take a photo of them. I shortened the smoke plume so the models would fit onto a 25mm base and not have to use a large 40mm base. The flame effect is a bit stripey, … Continue reading Sky Hussars

Snow Day

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When it is like this, there is nowt to do but paint… These are the last of my British infantry, at least I hope they are the last and there are no more lurking in the Loft Full Of Lead. Advertisements

A loft full of lead 2018-03-02 12:07:39

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Some time ago I started on a design for an MDF landing craft. This needed to be big enough to take a standard 1/56 scale tank and a 80mm Dust base, two if possible. So after the initial concept test (above), I have now cut a more complete prototype. There is still some work to … Continue reading

Honda S2000

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So it is finished, but I am not happy with it. As a first attempt at a Gaslands car it has given me some food for thought and a few things to watch out for. I think I will take apart the the next vehicle completely to make the conversion work a bit easier. I … Continue reading Honda S2000

Gaslands Honda S2000

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I am having a go at my first Gaslands car conversion, a Hot Wheels Honda S2000 donated by Mr Steinberg for the chop. I started by using some mesh from a garlic bag to make a screen guard, lots of glue used here and it was really messy to stick down. I then basically cut … Continue reading Gaslands Honda S2000

More Navy Marines

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These final four should finish off all the British Navy Marines I need for a crew. I need to do some more able seamen at some stage, dressed in Navy White rather than pirate looking chaps, will have to google some appropriate colour schemes. Advertisements

Meridian Gunbots

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Finished my Meridian Miniatures Gunbots, decided on green, simple really. There is another Steam Wars game coming up so I will have to profile these little chaps up for the British army. I suspect they will be having a small confrontation with the Martians…allegedly. Advertisements

New Arrivals [Tabletop Wargames/Other Boardgames]

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So quite a few random pre-orders and Kickstarters arrived recently, and I figured I’d show and talk about the things I’ve received lately!First up was the new issue of CounterFact magazine, a great magazine covering military history and wargames. I hav…

First Gaslands Game

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Last night was my first attempt at Gaslands, yet another Osprey rulebook in their ever expanding range. The initial impression is good, once you get over the number of counters and dice required to record a vehicles Gear, Damage and Hazard status, it plays quite quickly. The start is pretty chaotic with all the vehicles … Continue reading First Gaslands Game

Whats On The Table?

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Before I allow myself the time to put together any of the new West Wind models received this week, I must clear some of the painting back log. There are four extra British Navy Marines from Black Scorpion, these should give me enough to make two full squads and plenty to crew the British Navy … Continue reading Whats On The Table?

Military Miniatures (Pathe 1966)

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This is a great video from the tail end of the era of the newsreel. And it’s as old as I am!

Inking The MDF House

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I have inked my prototype MDF house. Although the final design needs a few tweaks, which have now been done, the prototype was still a usable model, I don’t like waste. It has basically been inked with reds and browns. The first floor is removable, hence the hole for sticking a finger into! I googled … Continue reading Inking The MDF House

Dust Laser Grenadiers

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I have started moving away from the standard German Grey for my Dust infantry, it was a bit dull. For these Laser Grenadiers (I prefer the original name to the newer Death Masks) I have gone with a Olive base coat and then added camouflage splodges. These guys have quite short range weapons so have … Continue reading Dust Laser Grenadiers

Armed Zombies

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Can anything be more terrifying? Zombies with guns! The camouflage did not turn out too bad on these, just a Field Drab base coat with some green and browns for the detail. In their first game, these terrors performed very well. Advertisements

Whats On The Table?

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I have been speed painting some Axis units for the next game of Dust Battlefield. An entire Zombie platoon seemed like a good idea. I already have plenty of standard zombies, so adding some zombies with guns seemed like an insane thing to do, zombies with guns? The first batch are The Cursed with plenty … Continue reading Whats On The Table?