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Black Mamba

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This Black Mamba Allied Dust aircraft was shown in an online magazine some time ago but apparently will not be out for quite some time. Shame really, as it is a great looking plane and this is about the only model left that I would buy from the Dust range, mainly because I have loads … Continue reading Black Mamba

Random Terrain

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One can never have enough terrain. Advertisements

Random Miniatures

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These two came out of a bits box at a recent show. I thought they would be useful in Rogue Stars and Scrappers. No idea who made them, but they are okay and only got very quick paint jobs. Advertisements

Landing Engine Nozzles

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I needed four more rocket nozzles for the transporter landing engines. As I have not been painting much recently, mainly due to building this monster, I have not been accruing very many of the Vallejo/Army Painter paint lids. So instead I have made four larger nozzles from white wood glue containers. Note sure if I … Continue reading Landing Engine Nozzles


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Another cool model from CP Miniatures is this large bruiser type thug, another useful model for Rogue Stars and Scrappers. Advertisements

Port Boards

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The 24″ square foam boards are coming along and are nearly ready for painting. I did not like the first attempt at putting balsa along the waterline , so I removed it and put it along the top edge instead. Much better. The finished edge looks okay. I now need loads of gray and wood … Continue reading Port Boards

He Is Blue

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This is a nice figures from CP Miniatures with a rather impressive gun that can be pretty well profiled up as just about anything. I decided on blue skin as I really don’t have many models that have blue skin. I must try orange or purple sometime. Advertisements

Finished Jetty

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The polystyrene, wallpaper and balsa jetty’s painted up okay. I had to drybrush the inked paper a bit to take the edge off and dull it down a bit. As a prototype piece, it is fine and now the task is to replicate it on four large 24″ square sections. Advertisements

Laser Cutting

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One of the new things I am getting into is designing my own laser cut MDF accessories. I am not ready to start with any large and complex pieces yet as getting to grips with the terrible software used to create the cutting plans is proving to be a challenge. My first bits have been … Continue reading Laser Cutting

Inked MDF Houses

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MDF just soaks up paint, so inking seems to be the way to go. These have been inked with Red Earth ink on the brickwork and Burnt Umber on the roof. A few random bricks were picked out with more ink. I think the painted white window frames work better than the Burnt Umber ink … Continue reading Inked MDF Houses

Mantic Tunneler

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This is the Mantic Veer Myn Tunneler I received a short time back from the 2015 Kickstarter, don’t get me started… Anyway, I will be using this as a Steam Wars Mechanica Tunneler, primarily as a troop transport. There was the opportunity to make the nose removable so weapons could be added. I added a … Continue reading Mantic Tunneler

Stone Jetty

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Recently I had a pile of IKEA furniture to make and it is always supplied with plenty of useful packing material, from polystyrene to hardboard. Being a bit of a hoarder, I tend to keep loads of this stuff for terrain projects, like this:. Using some of the 20mm thick polystyrene, I have made a … Continue reading Stone Jetty

Missing Persons – Part 1

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New Kowloon. 2069 Shenghua Street, District 5. LNK The members of Blue Rose Import/Export were enjoying a meal in the back room of The Osaka Shuffle when a smartly dressed woman approached them. She apologized for interrupting, sat down and explained with great hesitation she needed their help to locate her missing daughter. “It’s been … Continue reading “Missing Persons – Part 1”

Foam Tiles

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Some time ago, I bought some slabs of blue foam, enough to make four 24″ square tiles. The plan is to make these into a harbour and factory complex for several different wargaming genres. The easiest and quickest method is to cover the sections in textured cobble effect wallpaper and then slap some grey paint … Continue reading Foam Tiles

Roboplane Painting

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The Roboplanes for the Steam Wars Mechanica army have been hanging around half painted for quite a few weeks. It could do with some weathering, but that is a painting skill I have not quite mastered, especially on flat surfaces. Fortunately, the cockpit detail is still reasonably visible, although the control stick is not painted … Continue reading Roboplane Painting

Old School Tactical – new arrival, and my first chance to play [Wargame]

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Last Thursday, I cam home, and found a wonderful surprise- the new release from Flying Pig Games- Old School Tactical Volume II!  This volume covers the late war western front of World War II, dealing with battles between the Americans and Germans…

Old School Tactical – new arrival, and my first chance to play [Wargame]

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Last Thursday, I cam home, and found a wonderful surprise- the new release from Flying Pig Games- Old School Tactical Volume II!  This volume covers the late war western front of World War II, dealing with battles between the Americans and Germans…

Landing Engines Installed

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The landing engines have been finished and added to the hull. They needed some intakes adding to the top, so these were made from display bases and plenty of plasticard. Plenty of extra plastic was added to the engines but they still need some rivets. Some old pens were used as the supporting arms of … Continue reading Landing Engines Installed

Blood Angels On The Move

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I can’t remember which edition of 40K I started my Blood Angels army, but it has grown quite a bit over the years. As it has expanded, I have just added more and more figure cases until it was just too many. So recently I acquired a large red Games Workshop carry case, well, red … Continue reading Blood Angels On The Move

Engine Intakes

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The top of the engine casings are a bit plain, so some intake turbines seemed to be a good idea. I removed the center from a display base and backed it with some plasticard. The first attempt was not as good as I had hoped, but the second version had better shaped blades that fitted … Continue reading Engine Intakes

More Engine Work

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These are taking shape, it is quite tricky to make a resilient tube, especially when you drill a 9mm hole in it. It sure is a messy business. Inside the tube, I wanted to make the supporting rods able to turn 90 degrees, so I have over engineered the inside and made a supporting pivot … Continue reading More Engine Work

More Rocket Nozzles

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The last three rocket nozzles for the rear of the transporter have been finished and fixed to the hull. I have added extra plastic in a hope of making it a bit more resilient. From the rear, all of the engines look pretty good, at least they should when they are all painted. Advertisements

Landing Engines

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I am considering mounting four landing engines onto the hull of the transporter. I started by using some deodorant can lids as the engine body, but the plastic proved to be resistant to glue! One alternative was to do it the hard way and make four engine cylinders from plastic card. Sometimes, you just need … Continue reading Landing Engines

Scrappers Gang

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Over the last couple of weeks, we have finally had a few games with the newish Scrappers rules. To try out the rules, I dug up my old Genestealer Cult models (a Necromunda gang) and gave them a quick touch up and inking. Even after such a quick bit of maintenance, they look much better … Continue reading Scrappers Gang

Missile Rack

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I have yet another weapon option for the top of the transporter. Over on the Lead Adventure Forum, a regular poster offered to send me a Taurox missile rack all the way from Finland for no charge, very nice of him indeed. This weapon is nice and low profile and so looks perfect on the … Continue reading Missile Rack