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Boarboy conversions

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I have loads of Boars and hopefully a load of riders for them. I haven’t dug through the bits box to see exactly what I have yet but there should be some. I don’t really like the old Boars that much so I have decided to make a few changes. As the heads…

Belated Spider Riders

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I finished these models a while ago but I forgot to post them here. I am really glad I got them finished as I was not enjoying painting them. I can’t say that they were particularly hard to do but they just took so long I got bored. I had intended doin…

Game book collection

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Some of the books I am proud to have in my collection…Libros que estoy chocho de tenerlos.Tu comentario es siempre bienvenido…

A third of the way done

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There would seem to be a lot more Night Goblins in my army in comparison to Orcs. I have brough sixty spearmen with me and now I am almost a third of the way through the regiment. Not bad going for ten days painting. I have absolutely no basing materia…

Finland, Finland, Finland

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I have just moved to Finland. A new opportunity for work arose and I went for it. At the moment absolutely no gaming is happening. Not only do I not have any time but I really didn’t bring anything with me. The best I can expect is a few board games or…

A Tale of “X” Gamers – Tyranids 012.

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    Hello!   We’re here with my last article for the “A tale of X Gamers” series created by the “The Painting Frog” blog.   We get now to the end of this journey which has been unfolding for more than a year, during which …

Fall-IN! 2014, another gripping AAR

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In which the author provides another gripping, edge of your seat narrative of the events surrounding Fall-IN! 2014! You will be astounded! Or maybe not, who can tell. Continue reading

Updated Kings of War Magic Item Card Supplement

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After going through and looking things over, we found a few typos, whoops!  Here’s a fixed version.
Version 101 – PDF on Dropbox

Games I Like – All of them! – The Machine Shop Episode 2: Playing to Win

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In Episode 2 I cover playing to win and wargamer psychology.

Cuba, a Splendid Little War: VPG’s other side of the story

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There are a few board wargames of the Spanish American War, but none of them have focused on the Cuban Nationalist insurgent movement.. until now. Continue reading

What does the Foundry look like?

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If you’re involved in historical wargaming at all you probably know who or what the Foundry is.. formerly Wargames Foundry, formerly Guernsey Foundry.  If you’re a Yank like me, you’ve probably got no idea what their headquarter is like.  I … Continue reading

Commander: The Great War, reviewed

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In which the author reviews Slitherine’s new Wargame for the Ipad, Commander: the Great War, and warns his readers– if you want to play, be in it for the long haul! Continue reading

Kings of War Magic Item Supplement

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So after contacting Mantic, they gave Rich and I permission to post the Magic Item Cards that we created.  I have a thread going on Mantic’s Forum (link) with some discussion there.  This document is a PDF that’s ready to be printed on 11…

Spider Riders still

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Finally some progress on these has been made. I don’t think I really like these models much but as I paint them and assemble the regiment they are starting to grow on me. Though I think everyone experiences that as they paint the large regiments in …

Avatar Dropship

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A quick video overview of a Deep Space Shuttlecraft from Fantastic Plastic (from the Avatar Movie).  Details on the youtube video.  It is 1/300 scale (Epic / Battletech), however I think it would work fine for 15mm as a drop ship because it i…

Night Goblin Shaman

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While I should have been painting some Spider Riders I instead got distracted with the Battle for Skull Pass Shaman. I don’t have much painting time, less than the last time I made the same complaint but I am making some very slow progress on this arm…

Rebasing Prepainted Miniatures

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One of the advantages of modern pre-painted miniatures is that there is usually a glut of suitable figures available in the after-market. Right scale, more or less, and covering both the usual fantasy tropes as well as some interesting monsters. Many o…

Omnipotent Fowl

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Last night at Enfield Gamers we kicked off the Britannia Jugula campaign with six newly formed Ludi and their equally green Lanistas (Lanisti?). There was much hamming it up and Spartacus quotes a plenty, especially where Jupiter’s prize male chicken w…

“Taffies sir, thousands of ‘em!”

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Impressive eh?And so the much anticipated day of the next Herefordshire Big VBCW Game dawned. Months of planning, scenario writing, painting, badgering for responses, scenery building (and then some!), hall booking, badgering for responses, rule modify…

Kings of War Custom Magic Card Supplement

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So, we’ve been playing a majority of Kings of War around here (When we’re actually gaming that is, life is a tad busy at the moment!), but one thing at always bugged me in Kings of War was remembering that I took magic items to use with a unit/character.  When I started playing tabletop games, […]

Painting Timelapse of Kings Of War Ogres

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So I’ve been nearing completion on my Ogre army, this is something I’ve never fully accomplished and it’s exciting to be in the home stretch on this project. Here’s a timelapse video I made of me painting 6 Ogre Shooters.

A Tale of “X” Gamers – Tyranids 011.

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    Hello.   Vitor here from the “Vamos Ver no Pano Verde” blog with another article for the “A Tale of X Gamers” (AToXG) project.   This is my one of my final articles about how to collect a 1500 point army for the Warhamme…

Nut and BOLTs

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Evening All,This week I have mainly been playing Bolt Action, thinking about Bolt Action variants and playing what we thought was a Bolt Action variant…..but isn’t!!Tuesday night down at Enfield Gamers myself and Ian got in a game of BA with my Comma…


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Evening All,Myself and Rich have got a decent amount of gaming in this weekend. Firefly, Boss Monster and our most recent kick, Pulp Alley.After having a run out with some Star Wars figures the other week we tried out the campaign rules with a couple o…

Forest Goblin Test

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Here is my test Forest Goblin, I even managed to do the base. I am not 100% convinced yet on the basing. It is more or less what I usually do but so far so good, eh? As for the model itself I am happy. The green is the same as the Night Goblins. With s…