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Zona Perestrelki – Zone Firefights

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Fast-play war game rules for skirmishing, salvaging, and surviving in the Exclusion Zone.      Sorry no Bat Reps this time. I’m slammed with real life obligations and our Tues night games have been solid but not very dramatic. This past session for example, 4 out of 5 Heroes could NOT roll to get off the … Continue reading Zona Perestrelki – Zone Firefights

Sniper Bot

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This old Games Workshop model is going to be used as a Sniper Bot for my Mechanica force. By adding a Spotter Drone, it will make a sniper team for use in Steam Wars.

The Iron Man

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Being a Marvel fan, I thought I would borrow The Winter Child model from Dust range and paint him up in Iron Man colours for my Mechanica force. I removed the star from his chest and some other unnecessary Soviet iconography. He also has several choices of base, two flying bases and a nearly finished … Continue reading The Iron Man

Steam Wars Game

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We had a game with what should be the final final version of the Steam Wars rules. It has only taken eighteen months to get to this stage, which is not bad for a part time project I guess. I got to use my new TT Combat crane and a new warehouse in a factory … Continue reading Steam Wars Game

Repair Drones

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I picked up these Crooked Dice drones at Salute a few months ago, which should be good as Repair Drones.

Literally painted silver with grey claws and a red dot, then inked.

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Tikki Trolls Tribe Miniatures Mortal Arrow Kickstarter

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I just have to point you to these unique troll miniatures from Mortal Marrow Miniatures. Given a Tiki theme to differate them from the normal trollish miniature offerings that are out there, a full tribe, if not a full war horde of these can be put together with all the individual options available here. I am an avid […]

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Pantheon of Chaos (Chapter 2), 28mm Old Skool Chaos Miniatures

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Ok, my apologies for missing yesterday’s post in this “post a day” month, but things were out of my control. I’ll make up for that today with two posts, the first being this really great looking retro “Realm of Chaos” inspired KS. For those of you old enough to remember GW’s old “Realm of Chaos” stuff […]

Rackham Giant

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I have had this Rackham Giant for quite a few years, languishing in the Loft Full Of Lead in nothing more than undercoat. My Dragon Rampant Dwarf army needed something a bit less stout and a giant fits that role rather well. Plenty of brass used again along with Iron Grey for the helmet, gauntlets … Continue reading Rackham Giant

Rogue Stars Crew

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I enjoyed using this Rogue Stars crew, a Golum, a Zoat, a robot, a Zykhee and an alien of some sort. There is still no substitute for good armour in Rogue Stars, once a model takes damage, its effectiveness reduces very quickly. Apart from armour, the Difficult Target ability is the best defensive protection against … Continue reading Rogue Stars Crew

New Crane Finished

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I finished my TT Combat crane recently and it had its first game recently. I still need to glue some of the bits together but it held together okay for the game. I also need to sort out the lifting mechanism as currently there is a bit too much string. The long planned dock and … Continue reading New Crane Finished

Most Of The Dwarf Army

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This is pretty much most of the infantry for the Dragon Rampant Dwarf army. As ever, there is still more to be painted up…

Crowdfunding Spotlight: 28mm Renaissance Skeleton Army Miniatures Kickstarter

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It might not surprise you that, here at the Grinning Skull, we like all things skeletal. So, it would be rude to not include these babies here in Crowdfunding Spotlight. These figures are brought to you by Skull & Crown, a name that’s apt considering the subject! As you can see the inspired skeleton designs, […]

Khor Warriors

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Fortunately, I only needed four of these stout chaps to finish off a twelve Dwarf infantry unit for my Dragon Rampant army.

I did not think I had enough to make a full 24 point army, but when I started getting them all in one place, I realised I had p…

Boors Warriors

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For a week or so in May, the Dragon Rampant group on Fakebook ran a painting challenge, which was to simply pick a few models and get them done in seven days. A bit of encouragement like that always helps me to get my butt in gear, so I decided to actually finish of a … Continue reading Boors Warriors

Ancestral Zeppelins

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I do like these Titan Forge Ancestral Zeppelins. I have only had the opportunity to use one in games so far. At some stage, when the Teutonic Knights get their second (and third?) unit of Luftlancers, I will get the opportunity to field two or even three. Mr Steinbergs US Navy will also be getting … Continue reading Ancestral Zeppelins

Mechanica Automotans

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Over the last few weeks I have built and painted up twenty more Automotan infantry. That makes a total of lots, with still some more to do. Some of the models will be made as specific crew for some heavy weapons, I think I have four more that can be made without weapons, so can … Continue reading Mechanica Automotans

The Summoning – Chapter One

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A STILLNESS TO THE TREES The Duke of Lorica has requested that you and your companions investigate a simple family matter. His niece, Aolynn, summers at the farmstead of a retired member of the Royal Guard near the frontier town of Dunnhaven. The dispatch rider bearing the weekly correspondence from her is two days overdue … Continue reading The Summoning – Chapter One

King Buggy Slow Progress

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Things have been a bit slow with my King Buggy conversions as I had to find some larger magnets to fix inside the wing section. I have now rebuilt the wings and am pretty much ready to rebuild the fuselage and undercoat them. I may paint the inside of the cockpit before I glue the … Continue reading King Buggy Slow Progress

Sci-Fi Trooper

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The Reaper range of figures covers just about every genre, I have a good few from most of the collections. Their sci-fi range includes some armoured troopers that I have used in several different game systems, most recently in a Grey Knights Retinue an…

Geezer And Arnuld

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I have long been a fan of Kev White’s models and I have had a small band of the Grymn knocking around for ages. They were painted many years ago and could do with being touched up and inked for Rogue Stars. The larger chap here is Geezer, armed with a rather substantial machine gun. … Continue reading Geezer And Arnuld

X-Case Kickstarter Interview with Kenneth Romero of Active Mind Games

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Is the X-Case the missing factor for my miniature storage needs. I interview Active Mind’s Kenneth Romero to learn more.

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Mechanica Shock Gun

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I like the way this has turned out, it will look great in the Steampunk Mechanica force crewed by a couple of Automotans.

The colour scheme matches the rest of the army quite nicely.

Space Marine Hero

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This is a random Dark Angels Space Marine that I picked up out of a bits box years ago with no real purpose other than I liked the figure. I have eventually painted him up to use in Rogue Stars. Armed with a massive two handed and a pistol on his holster, I reckon he … Continue reading Space Marine Hero

Rogue Stars Non-Human Crew

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The first few Rogue Stars games I have played have been using mainly human crews. This was leading me down the route of Space Marines in heavy armour and they all ended up being pretty much the same. I wanted to try a non-human crew and use a different species for each model. My first … Continue reading Rogue Stars Non-Human Crew

“Raven 4 is down!”

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Derek blew off our regular Tuesday game night to celebrate his birthday with his wife. *sheesh* So Matt, John, and I did another ‘one-of’ Rogue Stars game. Each of us controlled two characters. Each crew was secretly tasked with a mission goal regarding a downed recon drone. (variations on a theme: secure intact, destroy, or … Continue reading “Raven 4 is down!”